Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for Viewing details
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Auction Lots - Page 16
Menzies caricature envelope state 1a with 43mm inscription unused, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 111. £200-250
Menzies caricature envelope, state 1a with 43mm inscription, a few minor tone spots mainly on reverse, otherwise fine unused. Also a Deraedemaeker reprint of the envelope. (2). £160-180
William Thackeray caricature lettersheet, proof impressions from the original plate on India paper, 255x230mm, and from the defaced plate on laid paper, 198x148mm, with two 1907 articles regarding these caricatures. An unusually fine example of this original proof, only 120 of which were printed, most of these being foxed or damaged. A fine pair. (2). Photo on Page 114. £350-450
Thomas White small size caricature envelope unused, horizontal and vertical folds, still an attractive example of this very scarce caricature. Photo on Page 117. £200-250
Thomas White large broadsheet caricature unused, hand coloured, central vertical and horizontal folds and the edges folded over the card backing, an attractive and very scarce coloured caricature. Photo on Page 114. £700-900
Deraedemaeker reprints of caricatures by Menzies (2, one postally used in 1929), and Fores (4), Ocean Penny Post envelopes by Valentine and Myers, and the Maine Law envelope by Valentine, also five recent copies of Deraedemaeker envelopes. (14). £130-160


(Also see lots 619, 621, 843)

1852-55 Printed prices current (3), all with 1d newspaper stamps printed on the outside, two sent stampless to France or Denmark, the third sent from Newcastle to Holland franked by a 1d red (four margins), with triangular "1 1/2c / ROTTERDAM" handstamp. Also printed newspaper stamps on pieces mounted on album pages, and on entire newspapers. £150-180
c.1858 Address piece cut from the "Morning Advertiser" newspaper, addressed to "Thomas Jarman, Letter Carrier, Post Office, Melbourne, Port Philip, Australia" and endorsed "per Lightning", with a red newspaper stamp and a 1d red tied by London "58" numeral. Very unusual. £100-120

Parcel Post

(Also see lots 366, 649, 651, 652, 928)

1883 First type Parcels Post label for Blackman Street, London S.E, with 1883 3d on 3d pair each tied by a barred oval obliterator. £140-160
1883 (Oct 19) First type Parcels Post label for Burnham, bearing 1883 6d on 6d tied by "BURNHAM, SOMERSET" c.d.s, a second strike alongside the stamp. A very fine and early example of this scarce label. Photo on Page 79. £160-200
1886 (June 15) Blue third type Parcel Post label for "Royal Crescent, 7 Union Place", bearing 1883 1/2d blue and 4d dull green each tied by "ROYAL-CRESCENT / NOTTING HILL. W." c.d.s, a third strike in the date stamp box, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 79. £140-180
1888-1912 Parcel Post labels unused (2) and used (22), eleven bearing 1887 issue stamps, various rates and types of label, including single 9d (2) and 10d frankings for parcels of 7lb or 8lb. Also four pieces with boxed or oval Parcel Post handstamps. (28). £150-200
1894-96 Type four Parcel Post labels for 89 Chancery Lane (blue, Mackay H3) or Old Town, Eastbourne (Mackay I6) both franked 1887 1 1/2d and 1/- green, the rate for a parcel of 8-9lb, both fine. (2). £100-120
1895-1901 Type five Parcel Post labels, the first without any town name shown (Mackay I1) bearing 1887 1 1/2d and 6d each perfined "SUTTON / READING" tied by "READING / PARCEL DEPOT" datestamps. The other for "LLOE" (Mackay I10), the printed name crossed out and altered in manuscript to "Glanidon", the office stamp box having manuscript "Glan y Don, Sept 2 / 1901" with 1d lilac + 1887 3d pair tied by two unusually large triple ring "HOLYWELL" parcel cancels. Two unusual labels, Glan y Don apparently having no datestamp on this date. (2). £100-120
1901 (Nov 19) Type seven Parcel Post label for Notting Hill, High Street B.O, bearing 1883 2/6, 1887 5d and 1900 1/- green and carmine paying 3/6 postage + 5d insurance, each stamp tied by "HIGH ST / NOTTING HILL. W." c.d.s. A very unusual franking, the 1900 1/- and the 2/6 both scarce on Parcel Post labels. Photo on Page 79. £300-400
QV-KGV Pieces (and a few later) all with rectangular boxed London Parcel Post datestamps, various offices and datestamp types, many bearing stamps. (302). £200-250
QV-KGV Stampless pieces with oval Parcel Post datestamps inscribed "Paid" or "Prepaid in Money", from various London offices. (165). £160-200
1910 (July 12) Piece with a proof strike of a "PARCEL POST / London SW / (SOUTH WESTERN DISTRICT OFFICE)" roller cancel, very unusual, possibly never put into use on actual mail. £100-120

(Also see 8 lots comprise QV-KGV Parcel Post labels from London sub-offices. Virtually all are used, a reasonable number bearing stamps. There is some duplication, though many are from differing offices. Nearly all are in fine condition.

S.W District, labels on white paper (215) or blue paper (108), some stamped, an extensive lot. (323). £400-500
E.C District, labels on white paper (70) or blue paper (24), some duplication, many stamped. (94). £120-150
W. District, labels on white paper (248) or blue paper (67), some stamped, an extensive lot. (315). £400-500
S.E District, labels on white paper (117) or blue paper (21), some stamped. (138). £180-220
N.W District, labels on white paper (55) or blue paper (19), some stamped. (74). £100-120
W.C District, labels on white paper (56) or blue paper (14), a few stamped. (70). £100-120
N. District, labels on white paper (44) or blue paper (32), some stamped. (76). £100-120
E. District, labels on white paper (39) or blue paper (11), also N.E District labels on white paper (11) or blue paper, some stamped. (62). £90-110

Parliamentary Mail

1826 Entire letter from Lord Cork, posted within the London 2d Post with small red "H.P" handstamp (Jay 560) used at the receiving office at the Houses of Parliament, horizontal file fold, otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 117. £300-350
1840 (Jan 18) Houses of Parliament One Penny envelope used to Grimsby with red crowned "PAID" datestamp, reverse with "Library House of Commons" wax seal, a few very minor creases but unusually fine for this scarce envelope, sent on the third day of issue. S.G. PE2, £18,000. Photo Inside Back Cover. £5,500-6,500
1842 Cover sent within London franked by a 1d red (four margins) tied by black Maltese Cross with large red "H.P" handstamp (Jay 560a, 19x9mm) alongside, used at the receiving office at the Houses of Parliament. Seal removed, otherwise fine and scarce, very few examples of this larger handstamp recorded. Photo on Page 117. £600-650
1859 Cover with 1d red tied by "H.P / 1" numeral, backstamped "HOUSES - OF - PARLIAMENT / S.W" c.d.s, scarce. £250-300

Pictorial Envelopes

(Also see lots 441, 523, 648)

Myers & Co. Ocean Penny Postage envelope state 1 without imprint, addressed to Newcastle on Tyne, bearing a 1d red which is not tied and probably does not belong, no datestamps, probably delivered by hand. Repaired tear at upper left corner and horizontal fold at top, an attractive example of this very scarce envelope. Also Valentine's envelope state 1 unused, rather soiled. (2). £160-200
1850 (Sep 30) Valentine Peace envelope, first design, state 2, used from High Wycombe to Devonport bearing a four margin 1d red tied by "241" numeral, High Wycombe, London and Devonport backstamps. Various faults including central stain, causing loss of part of the address, lower flap missing. £120-150
1853 (May 27) Bradshaw & Blacklock Ocean Penny Postage envelope (state 4) posted within London franked by a 1d red, addressed to "Miss Hill, Bruce Castle, Tottenham" (niece of Sir Rowland Hill), with enclosed letter on illustrated Ocean Penny Postage notepaper, written and signed by Elihu Burritt (who campaigned for cheap ocean postage, writing various pamphlets on the subject); Burritt writes that he sent two tickets for the anti-slavery service. A little light staining to the envelope address panel, more extensive staining to the reverse and the second page of the letter (clear of all writing). An attractive envelope and lettersheet which display well together, most unusual from Burritt to Rowland Hill's niece at the famous Bruce Castle address; the first example of this notepaper we have seen. (2). Photo on Page 117. £500-600
1872 (Aug 2) Full size copy of the cover of "Punch" magazine entirely hand drawn in ink (signed H.G Lavie) and posted from Worcester to Badulla, Ceylon with a 1d red pair each cancelled by "918" vertical numeral. A couple of small insect holes (one through one stamp), otherwise fine, very well drawn and exceptionally unusual. (229x276mm). £200-250
1877-1905 Covers (2), fronts (2) and a postcard with 1877 and 1905 hand illustrated fronts postally used franked 1d; an unused envelope hand illustrated with various comic scenes in colour; and an 1898 postcard posted from Bridgewater to London superbly hand drawn with two frogs, sending Christmas and New Year greetings. Also an unused envelope with a printed picture of two mail coaches. (5). £100-120
1899 (May 9) Cover from London to Mlle. A. Sponza in Montreuil S/ Bois, France, franked 1887 2 1/2d tied by a London W. squared circle, superbly hand illustrated in colour with a murder scene from Othello. An unusually fine hand drawn cover illustrated on page 142 of "British Pictorial Envelopes of the 19th Century" by Bodily, Jarvis and Hahn. Photo on Page 119. £500-600
1899 (June 20) Cover from London to Mlle. A. Sponza in Montreuil S/ Bois, France, franked 1887 2 1/2d tied by a London W. squared circle, superbly illustrated in colour with a highlander playing the bagpipes, another highlander (holding a Dewars Scotch Whisky bottle) and a dog performing a highland dance. An attractive and unusually fine hand drawn cover. Photo on Page 119. £500-600
1899 (Dec 11) "Hands Across the Sea, A Penny all the Way" envelope by Beeching, commemorating the Introduction of Imperial Penny Postage on Christmas Day 1898, state 1 of the envelope sent from Hull to Canada franked 1d, arrival backstamp of Montreal. Minor creasing and part of the address erased. £70-80

Postage Due Mail

(Also see lots 219, 239, 347, 348, 384, 413, 447, 722, 866-868, 939)

1836-73 Covers from France to G.B, France to Italy or Germany both redirected to G.B, or from G.B to France and redirected back to England, all with boxed or unboxed "BRITISH / FOREIGN" in black (2) or red (2), one with "5" charge mark, one with red "PD" cancelled out by "303" numeral of Folkestone. (4). £120-140
1840-72 Transatlantic mail landed in Ireland with Dublin charge marks, comprising 1840 stampless entire letter with red "STRATFORD / U.C" datestamp and "8" charge, backstamped in Dublin, and 1872 stampless entire with distinctive large "6d" of Dublin. (2). £150-180
1856 Stampless entire letter from San Francisco to Ireland with "1/2 1/2" charge mark of Liverpool (1/- packet charge + 2 1/2d for transit across the USA in closed bag), backstamped green "ART-5 / B.R PKT." (Rob. M6, 11x36mm, torn through upon opening) and matching "America / Liverpool" c.d.s. £140-160
1856-81 Covers and cards sent unpaid or underpaid from Europe with 1 1/2d, 4d, 6d (2), 8d, 9d or 1/- charge marks, also an 1840 entire letter written in Hamburg but posted unpaid in London with a "4" charge mark. (8). £150-180
1858-81 Transatlantic mail with 6d or 1/- (3) charge marks on stampless letters from the USA, circular framed "1/6" charge mark on stampless 1875 entire letter from Peru and scarce "2/-" charge mark on stampless 1872 entire letter from Havana via the USA. Also 1881 US 2c stationery envelope with "2d" charge mark. (7). £150-180
1861-73 Covers to France handstamped "Insufficiently Prepaid" in red or black, all with "PD" obliterated by the London Inland Section numeral "50" in red (2) or black, or the scarce diamond shaped handstamp consisting of vertical and horizontal bars (on a 1d postal stationery envelope). (4). £100-120
1875 (July 5) Cover from London to Berlin franked 3d but over the single weight, marked "2" (2 rates) in the upper left corner and "30" (30c paid) below the stamp, handstamped "T". A very early use of the "T" handstamp and centimes rate, both introduced by the U.P.U on July 1st, no charge apparently collected in Germany, perhaps because the U.P.U rules for underpaid mail were still not understood there. Very unusual. Photo on Page 117. £320-360
1876-78 covers sent during the G.P.U period, from G.B to Canada with "7 1/2d" charge mark crossed out and charged "15", or from Sweden to London franked 12ore with "3 1/2d" charge mark. (2). £100-120
1879 Cover from Durban to Ireland franked 6d with manuscript "3" crossed out and a circular framed "1/-" charge mark applied at Plymouth. Also 1863 cover from London to Natal with unframed "1/-" charge mark of Plymouth, altered in manuscript to "1/6", some staining. (2). £120-150
1880 Cover from Bombay franked India 1/2a blue single + block of eight, handstamped "T" with small "11d" charge mark. £80-100

Postal Reform

1843 12 Page Parliamentary return, "copies of any correspondence which may have taken place relative to Mr Rowland Hill's appointment to, and removal from, the situation recently filled by him in connexion with the Post Office", posted within London, address band and stamps removed, together with a contemporary photograph of Rowland Hill. (2). £100-150

Postal Stationery

(Also see lots 222, 286, 327, 568, 619, 621, 650, 680, 730-736, 778, 821, 900, 936)

1841-94 1d Pink envelopes used, including Maltese Cross cancels (21), sideways duplexs, undated circles, etc. (138). £100-150
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for Viewing details
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