Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for Viewing details
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Auction Lots - Page 11
Head plate in green and duty plate in brown, large part original gum, hinge remainders, otherwise fine and very scarce. S.G. £7,000. Photo on Back Cover. £1,800-2,200
Head plate in purple and duty plate in brown, large part original gum, hinge remainders, and a few slightly clipped perf tips at the sides, otherwise fine and scarce. S.G. £7,000. Photo on Back Cover. £1,800-2,200

10d Colour Trial, Perforated 14 on Coloured Watermarked Gummed Paper

Produced in 1892 as trials for the 41/2d value
Head plate in purple and duty plate in blue-green on yellow paper with margin at top, watermark inverted, full original gum, some splitting to the perfs separating the margin and stamp strengthened by a small piece of hinge, superb and a stunning looking colour trial, very scarce. S.G. £6,500. Photo on Back Cover. £2,200-2,600

Imprimaturs and Specimens

4 1/2d Green and carmine imperforate imprimatur with margins at top (showing interpanneau marking) and right, with green corner marginal rule, full original gum, the stamp unmounted. Just 29 imprimaturs removed, only one being row 1 stamp 5 of a right pane - head plate 1 and duty plate 8, H pane. A unique positional stamp. S.G. £800+. Photo on Back Cover. £500-600
2d, 2 1/2d, 3d, 4d, 4 1/2d and 6d all handstamped "SPECIMEN" (type 9), the 2d and 3d lightly mounted, the others all superb unmounted. S.G. £890. (6). Photo on Page 77. £300-350

Issued Stamps

1887-1900 1/2d - 1/- Set of 14 mint, the 2 1/2d and 1/- green lightly mounted, the others all apparently unmounted, also additional 4 1/2d green and dull scarlet shade unmounted, very fine. S.G. £932. (15). £200-250
1900 1/2d Blue-green watermark inverted, superb unmounted mint. S.G. £75. £30-40
1 1/2d Pale dull purple and pale green with watermark inverted, superb unmounted mint. S.G. £1,500. Photo on Page 77. £500-700
2d Yellow-green and carmine with watermark inverted, mounted mint, fine. S.G. £1,100. Photo on Page 77. £350-450
2d Green and scarlet superb unmounted mint, a scarce shade. S.G. K30 (1), £550. Photo on Page 77. £200-250
2d Green and scarlet with double frame line at left (head plate 5, R20/12), margin at right, superb unmounted mint and very scarce. Not listed by S.G. on this scarce shade. S.G. K30(1)b. Photo on Page 77. £500-600
2 1/2d Deep purple on blue paper block of 12 with interpanneau margin at top, folded along left vertical perfs, otherwise superb unmounted mint. S.G. K31(3), £1,020+. Photo on Page 83. £300-400
4d Green and purple-brown with watermark inverted lightly mounted mint, very fine. S.G. £1,500. Photo on Page 77. £600-700
4 1/2d Green and deep bright carmine, upper right corner marginal single, superb unmounted mint, a scarce shade. S.G. K34(3), £1,000+. Photo on Page 85. £500-600
4 1/2d Green and deep bright carmine with variety dot between "4" and " 1/2" in N.W value, superb unmounted mint, not listed by S.G. on this scarce shade. S.G. K34(3)f. (£1,000++). Photo on Page 77. £500-600
4 1/2d Green and carmine, complete pane of 20 with marginal rules (pane A), a few marginal perfs split and strengthened with hinges, the stamps unmounted, very fine. S.G. £388+. £200-250
5d Die II Dull purple and blue or dull purple and bright blue shades, the second with margin at base, both superb unmounted mint. S.G. £120. (2). £40-50
9d Dull purple and bright blue with margin at base superb unmounted mint. S.G. K38(2), £220. £70-90
9d Dull purple and blue, complete pane of 20, setting 3 with marginal rules (pane A), light marginal crease, the stamps superb unmounted. S.G. £2,340+. Photo on Page 83. £1,200-1,400
10d Dull purple and scarlet with upper margin showing marginal rules, superb unmounted mint. S.G. K39(3). £170. £70-90
10d Dull purple and deep bright carmine with margin at left showing marginal rules, the stamp showing major damage to the lower triangle, superb unmounted mint. A scarce shade, this variety unlisted by S.G. Photo on Page 77. £500-700
10d Dull purple and carmine in a complete pane of 20, setting 2 with horizontal marginal lines (pane A), light staining and gum crease affecting the reverse of two stamps, unmounted and superb appearance. S.G. £1,900+. Photo on Page 85. £700-900


1896 Printed advertising envelope for Dalukola Tea superbly printed in red and blue with an Indian man selling tea and holding a picture of a Chinese lady, sent at the 1/2d printed matter rate from London to Cawston. Photo on Page 75. £150-180
1895 Registered cover from London to France bearing 1887 4 1/2d and 1/- green, a very unusual combination of stamps. Also 1902 KEVII 1d envelope bearing 1887 2d, sent registered within London, the stamp and envelope each cancelled by North Finchley c.d.s. (2). £100-120
1899 Registered cover to "P.L Raeburn, Imperial Maritime Customs, Shanghai, China" with 1887 1/2d and 4d each tied by "REGISTERED / ABERDEEN" c.d.s, a red Registered London hooded circle datestamp below and violet "R / FEE PAID". Backstamped with Union Street, Aberdeen and Hong Kong single ring datestamps and a fine "REGISTERED - SHANGHAI" squared circle. An attractive registered cover to an unusual destination with a scarce arrival squared circle. Photo on Page 75. £200-250
1901 2d Registration envelope to Germany bearing 1900 1/2d blue-green and 1/- green and carmine each tied by "72 WARWICK RD / EARLS COURT S.W" c.d.s. A most attractive use of the bicoloured 1/- which is rarely seen on cover and a most unusual combination of both 1900 values. Photo on Page 75. £350-450

Other G.B. Stamps

Charles Whiting embossed presentation page from the June 1848 Art Union Monthly Journal with reprints of four of his essays submitted for the 1839 Treasury Competition in the centre, an embossed surround and green printed border, the reverse with a further essay "For Protection Against Forgery". A few very minor edge faults but an unusually fine example of this attractive page, the majority of which are found foxed or stained. £120-150
1d Black "Old Original" Die Proof with blank lower corner squares, reprint on white gummed paper printed from the original plate in 1966 upon the opening of the National Postal Museum. Only a small number printed, for presentation to dignitaries at the opening ceremony of the museum. £200-250
1840-1936 QV-KEVII mainly used collection in a S.G. Windsor album, very mixed condition but containing some useful stamps including 1d blacks (11, five fine), 1840 2d blue, various surface printed with 1867-80 2/- milky blue, 1867-83 10/- (2, both watermarks, faults) and £5 orange (central c.d.s, clipped perfs at left), 1883-84 5/- (2) and 10/- (3, one fine, another apparently cobalt, faults), 1884-88 £1 brown watermark Imperial Crowns (faults) or watermark Orbs (heavy cancel but otherwise sound), 1891 £1 green (light staining), KEVII 1902 and 1911 £1 green (both fine), KGV Seahorses with Waterlow 5/-, 10/- and £1 (2, one fine), De La Rue 5/- and 10/- (2), etc. (100s). Photo on Pages 55 & 73. £1,200-1,500
1840-1948 Mainly used collection in an S.G. Plymouth album including 1d blacks (3, faults), 1912-24 1 1/2d brown variety "PENCF" within a mint marginal pair, watermark varieties, also covers including 1900 cover with 1d I.R Official and France 30c postage due, 1911 London to Windsor Aerial Post emergency printing envelope in brown, 1951 (May 3) plain F.D.C bearing 2/6 - £1 high values and Festival of Britain pair, etc. £200-250
1840-1970 Mint and used collection in two albums including 1d black, 1887-1900 1/2d - 1/- (both colours) fine mint, 1902 KEVII 1/2d - 1/- mint, 1912-34 KGV definitive sets to the 1/- mint, 1918 Bradbury Wilkinson 2/6 mint, 1951 2/6 - £1 unmounted mint, the QEII issues virtually complete mint (almost all unmounted) including phosphors. (100s). £200-250
1840-2000 Mint and used collection in five albums or stockbooks including 1d blacks (2, poor), 1883 3d lilac fine used with part 1885 Inventions Exhibition c.d.s, much decimal postage, booklets with 1935 KGV Silver Jubilee 3/- booklet edition 295, May 1953 5/- booklets with mixed KGVI and QEII issues (4, two printing dates shown as 'May, 19'), decimal prestige and greetings booklets. Also a worldwide collection in S.G. Ideal album, India 1934 1r booklet (S.G. SB21, two panes remaining, covers very fine), etc. £300-400
1840-2008 Mint and used collection in eight albums or stockbooks, including 1d blacks (4), 1929 P.U.C £1 fine used, much mint decimal postage, etc. Photo on Page 85. £500-600
1840 1d Black, HL plate 7, large to huge margins, superb used with a neat black Maltese Cross. An exceptional stamp, printed on experimental thin paper. S.G. £450. Photo on Page 73. £160-200
1840 (Oct 6) Long entire letter from St. Albans to London bearing a 1d black, PD plate 6, small to large margins, unusually tied by four red Maltese Crosses. Photo on Page 87. £160-200
1841 (Mar 25) Entire to Monmouth with a red arrival datestamp on the front, bearing a 1d black, RH plate 5 with four margins, tied by a black Maltese Cross. A fine 1d black on entire, with R.P.S Certificate (2012). Photo on Page 87. £150-200
1841 (Mar 23) Entire to London bearing a 1d black plate 5 (four margins, light staining and crossed by light file fold) tied by a black Maltese Cross, a Maidstone c.d.s and boxed "No 8" of Charing on the front. £70-80
1840 2d Blues used with red (3) or black (5) Maltese Crosses, one very fine with good margins, two others just with four margins but very close on one side, the other five with three margins. (8). Photo on Page 73. £600-700
1841 1d Red and 2d blue both with solid centre Maltese Cross of Welshpool, both four margins, the 1d with small corner fault and light crease, small thins. A good looking pair, the 2d unpriced by S.G. with Welshpool cross. (2). Photo on Page 73. £100-130
1850 Entire letters to "George Ballard, care of Messrs Borradaile, Thompson & Pillars, Cape Town", the first from Harrogate franked by 2d blue irregular block of four tied by "338" numerals (with horizontal sideways bars), charged 4d upon arrival, redirected to Wynberg. The second cover written from St. Boswells, Scotland, inscribed "pr Tudor" and addressed "or care of A.G. Fort Esq. on board Tudor", endorsed in red ink "Taken out of a cover addressed Lt. A.G Fort, Passenger on board the Tudor, Passenger on board the outward bound ship Tudor sailed, Postmaster, D.L.O, 2-Sep. 1850". Posted the next day, presumably by the Post Office, franked by 1d reds (2) and 2d blues (3, single + pair) each cancelled by London numeral "2" and tied by a "SHIP-LETTER / LONDON" c.d.s (Sep 3), also backstamped in London on the same day, charged 4d in the Cape. Two exceptional imperf frankings paying the 8d rate to the Cape; who paid the 8d postage on the letter found enclosed within another in the Dead Letter Office is not clear. (2). Photo on Page 87. £3,000-3,500
1855-57 No corners letters, used selection comprising 4d (5) with all three watermarks; 6d (5), one on thick paper, another with inverted watermark; and 1/- (5), two apparently on azure paper. A fine group, the 1/- azure paper scarce. S.G. £5,000. (15). Photo on Page 73. £350-450
1856 Cover to South Australia "By Donald McKay via Liverpool" franked perf 14 Large Crown 1d single, pair (one with fault) and strip of three tied by Penrith 606 sideways duplexs and "G.P.O / ADELAIDE S.A" arrival c.d.s, backstamped with Paterdale undated circle and Liverpool c.d.s; and 1874 cover from Ramsgate to Hill End, Jambaroora, N.S.W franked 1873 3d + 6d, handstamped red "ADVERTISED / UNCLAIMED". (2). £100-120
1858-79 1d Rose-red, AK plate 171 imperforate imprimatur, top margin showing part inscription, fine and scarce. S.G. £425. Photo on Page 55. £130-160
1858-79 Line engraved issues with plate numbers mint or unused comprising 1/2d plates 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 14 and 19, 1d with 95 differing plates between 71 and 224, 1 1/2d plates 1 and 3, and 2d plates 8 (very fine) and 13, the majority fine. S.G. £11,000+. (106). Photo on Page 73. £1,200-1,400
1859-92 Entire letters addressed abroad, various surface printed frankings, includes 1855-57 4d, 6d (3, to India, Jamaica or Switzerland with a Hotel cachet applied upon redirection) and 1/- (to USA); 1862-64 6d or 1/- both to Sicily; 1865 entire letter to Constantinople franked 1d + 6d with British P.O arrival c.d.s; 8d orange on 1878 cover to Victoria; 1882 entire letter to Jamaica with 4d brown plate 17; 1885 cover to "Emgwalier Mission Station, King Williams Town, South Africa" with 1d lilac + 5d green, backstamped at Dohne; 1887 (Jan 6) entire letter to Mexico with Jubilee 4d (very early use on sixth day of issue), etc. (19). £300-350
1860 Covers from Scotland to Mrs J.C Constable in Rome franked 1d + 1855-56 4d + 6d (3 covers, one redirected to Dublin), or to Paris franked 1855 4d (9 covers), condition rather mixed. (12). £120-150
1862-64 Small corner letters, 3d, 4d and 1/- (2, one with inverted watermark) unused with little or no gum, 6d and 9d mint, possibly regummed, the 3d a little rubbed, otherwise all attractive looking examples. S.G. 77, 80, 84, 87, 90, £16,200+. (6). Photo on Page 77. £500-600
1868-74 Covers from Beauly, Scotland to P.A Fraser, a railway engineer, in Germany (6, franked 1867 6d or 3d pair), Mexico (10, franked 1867 1/-, 1/- pair, 1/- + 1d or 3d strip of three) or to Barbados (9, franked 1872 6d pair or 1873 1/-). The covers to Mexico all with handstruck "1", "2", "3" or "4" applied upon arrival, one 1867 1/- marginal with part inscription, the covers to Barbados all with code "1" arrival c.d.s, three redirected to St. John with a code "5" Barbados c.d.s applied. An interesting correspondence, mixed condition but some fine. (25). £350-400
1870 1/2d Mint and used selection on pages with plate 3 mint strip of three showing the complete watermark, plate 3 used singles with inverted and reversed watermark (2), plate 10 mint and plate 14 used from the 'X' column both imperforate at right, plate 6 HX-IX vertical pair used perforated at right, and other used singles (12, plate 1-8, 10-14, 19) and pairs (3, all plate 5), mint stamps with usual gum creases, otherwise mainly fine. S.G. 48, £1,600. (27). Photo on Page 77. £160-200
1870 1 1/2d Rose-red plate 3 mint, large part original gum, fine. S.G. £500. Photo on Page 73. £80-100
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for Viewing details
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