Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
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Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
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Auction Lots - Page 15
London. 1815 (May 16) Entire letter from Danzig to Bordeaux, privately carried to London because of the war, endorsed on the reverse by the London forwarding agents Riemer Gebruder, prepaid 4d as a Post Paid Withdrawn Ship Letter and despatched by private ship. Handstamped "ANGLETERRE / PAR CALAIS" in red and charged 19 decimes, with "POST PAID WITHDRAWN SHIP LETTER / LONDON" c.d.s (June 3) across the flap. An unusual cross channel routing. £200-250
London. 1839 Entire letter from London to Aberdeen endorsed "Nov. 23 pr Aberdeen Steamship" charged at the 8d ship letter rate, backstamped red "SHIP LETTER / LONDON" datestamp. A fine example of the coastal steamer rate, a saving of 6 1/2d over the rate by road. £100-120
London. 1831 Entire letter from Lt. George Fraser in Meerut, to London, backstamped oval "MERUT / Pt. Pd." (Giles 2) and a Calcutta datestamp, handstamped with the very scarce double ring "INDIA · SHIP · LETTER / 4 / LONDON" (Rob. In3), a little ink offset from other postmarks, otherwise very fine and attractive. Most of the very few examples recorded of this India Ship Letter "4" handstamp are on soldiers letters; why this handstamp was issued but then used so infrequently is still not known. Photo on Page 105. £1,000-1,200
Lymington. 1775 Entire letter from St. Ubes to London endorsed "By the Charlotte, Capt Bebell, Q.D.C", backstamped "LYMING / TON", treated as a consignees letter and only charged inland postage of 4d; and 1795 entire to London, known to have been carried on the ship "Factor" from Philadelphia, with superb "LIMINGTON / SHIP LRE" (Rob. S1), charged 6d. A fine pair. (2). Photo on Page 105. £600-700
Lymington. c.1777 Entire to London endorsed "p. Capn Reid, Nov. 19" charged 9d, backstamped with superb "LIMINGTON / SHIP LRE" (Rob. S1, recorded 1777-97). Photo on Page 105. £500-600
Plymouth Dock. 1810 Entire letter from Corunna to London with fine oval "Ship Lre / (crown) / PLYMOUTH DOCK" in red (Rob. S2). £160-200
Ryde. 1849 Entire from Mauritius to Bordeaux endorsed "P. Canada" with fine "RYDE / SHIP LETTER" in blue (Rob. S5) and red boxed "COLONIES / &c. ART. 13", datestamps of Mauritius, London, Route No 10 Paris and Bordeaux, unusual and very attractive. Photo on Page 105. £300-350

Mailboat Numeral Cancels

1861 Cover to England with enclosed letter from Halifax, Nova Scotia, the cover headed "From G. Emerton R.M, H.M Ship Nile, Halifax, North America Oct 18 61" and countersigned, franked at the 1d concession rate by a 1d red tied by fine "A98" numeral, applied by the British mail sorter on the Cunard steamer "Niagara", with an arrival backstamp (Oct 29). An unusually fine mailboat numeral, unusual on a Royal Marine 1d rate concession cover from Nova Scotia. Photo on Page 105. £700-1,000
1862 Cover to England via Marseilles, endorsed from H.M.S "Surprise", franked 1856 6d pair each cancelled by "A88" numeral, used by British mail sorters on P&O mailboats to the Mediterranean and Far East. One cancel rather overinked and smudged, the other unusually clear, a scarce cover with Dec. 31 arrival backstamp. Photo on Page 105. £350-450
1864 Cover from Portsea to the USA franked 1862 1/-, carried on the Cunard steamer "Asia" from Liverpool to Boston, handstamped red "21 / CENTS" in London in error (this being the correct accountancy mark had the letter been carried by U.S Packet), the error noticed on the "Asia" where the British mail sorter obliterated it with his "A02" numeral. A "5/CENTS" handstamp and "Boston Br. Pkt" c.d.s applied upon arrival. An exceptionally unusual use of the scarce "A02" mailboat numeral, identifiable as used on the "Asia". Photo on Page 105. £500-700
Stamps, pieces and a front all with mailboat numeral cancels, used on transatlantic Cunard steamers, or P&O mailboats to the Mediterranean and Far East, comprising 1d "stars" with A82, A85, A91, A93 (on piece), A95, A98, A99, B57 and a strip of three with A90; 1d red plate numbers with A83, A99, B56 and a strip of three with A88; 1869 4d plate 11 with B03 cancel, 1862 6d with A97 cancel; 1865 6d lilac plate 5 with A81, B12 or B56 (on front); 1869 6d mauve plate 8 on piece with A86 cancel; 1865 1/- plate 4 with A96 cancel; also Canada 1859 10c with B29 cancel (corner fault but very rare). Some faults, 12 stamps fine. (Front + 24 stamps). Photo on Page 77. £400-500

Greenock & Ardrishaig Packet

1901 (Oct 7) Illustrated David MacBrayne notepaper with two impressions of the "GK & ARDRISHAIG PACKET / B / IONA" c.d.s applied by favour, very unusual. Also the similar c.d.s tying KEVII 1/2d to piece unusually with an inverted "8" code instead of "B", and the narrower type Iona c.d.s on stampless 1910 piece with code "A" or two stamped 1910 pieces with code "B". (5). £140-160

Transatlantic Mail

1839 Entire letter and an entire from the USA, both endorsed by the Steamer "British Queen" and carried on the second return voyage of the steamer from New York to Portsmouth with 16 Oct. London arrival backstamps, one with red "SHIP LETTER / PORTSMOUTH" (Rob. S15, probably applied in London), the other with red "SHIP LETTER" of London (Rob. S35), an unusual pair. (2). £200-240
1843-74 Covers and entire letters on pages, principally a study of the various "Cents" accountancy handstamps applied in G.B in red or black, ranging from "2/Cents" (on 1872 entire from Bombay to New York franked India 8a and 8p pair) to "84/Cents" (on 1861 cover franked 1/- strip of four with Liverpool P.L.O backstamp), includes U.S depreciated currency marks, "21/Cents" deleted by red "466" numeral of Liverpool, 1864 cover franked 1/- with unusual circular framed "21/CENTS" and "CHICAGO. AM. PKT / 24 PAID" c.d.s, etc. Also 1858 stampless cover from France with framed "Br Service" in red; 1843 entire letter with red "1/-" charge mark; 1851 stampless cover with fancy "3" charge mark of London in black, charged 24 cents; and 1866-72 entires from Manchester to Mexico franked 1/- with differing "PP" marks in red. A good lot. (36). £350-450

Military & Naval Mail

(Also see lots 193-197)

Sir Cloudesley Shovell. 1689 Letter (no address panel) to the Clerk of the Chequer at their Majesties (Naval) Yard at Woolwich, appointing Charles Yates Master Carpenter of H.M Ship "Crown", "together with such allowances of wages & vituals for himself and servant as is proper and usual for His Majesties Carpenter of the said ship". Signed by Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell who had a distinguished Naval career, but was famously murdered in the Isles of Scilly after surviving the wreck of H.M.S "Association" in 1707 and was buried in Westminster Abbey, also signed by Admiral Sir Richard Haddock and two others. A fine example of Shovell's autograph. £200-240
1712 Contemporary copy of the warrant pardoning Captain Lt. John Sinclair of the Regiment of Foot commanded by Brigadier Preston for the crime of murdering Captain Alexander Shaw of the Regiment of Foot commanded by George, Earl of Orkney, at the camp at Rouselar in Flanders on October 13th 1708; Sinclair was tried by a Court Martial held by John, Duke of Marlborough, four days after the crime and sentenced to death. An interesting document, the original having been signed by Viscount Bolingbroke and Queen Anne. £150-180
1743-44 Entire letters from Lt. Philip Brown serving with the British forces during the War of the Austrian Succession, written from Ghent or Brussels, both to his brother in London charged 10d, with Bishop Marks on the reverse. (2). £300-350
P.O.W Mail. 1744 (Sep 15) Entire letter from Captain Ducrabon of "La Gaillarde" (captured by an English frigate near Gijon), written from Totnes to Bordeaux, sent via forwarding agents in London and Rotterdam where it was then posted, with a "D'HOLLANDE" handstamp and a 23sch charge. The reverse endorsed "par l'adresse de v.t.h J. Rouge, Londres le 30 8bre 1744" and "Sous couvert de vos tres humbler serviteur, p. Jean Cossart et Bouwen, Rotterdam 16 9bre 1744". Address panel with piece torn from right edge upon opening, otherwise fine, an exceptionally unusual and scarce P.O.W letter from the War of the Austrian Succession. Photo on Page 109. £400-500
c.1747 Entires from London all addressed to "Mr Douglas, Major to Lieutenant Gen. Howards Regiment at Gertrudenberg, Holland" (2, one with edge tear) or to "Major Robert Douglas of ye Hon. Gen. Charles Howards Regiment at Oudenbosch near Breda, Holland", concerning the death of an Officer in Holland. Endorsed "England" or "Engelant" (2) on the reverse with red crayon rates, one also rated "12". Unusual ingoing campaign letters during the War of the Austrian Succession. (3). Photo on Page 109. £400-500
1747 (July) "Account of 1075 Guilders received by Major General Huske from John Luke Nicol Esq., Dpy Pay Master General at Rotterdam, on acct. of Contingent expenses for the Publick Service", listing expenses for postage on letters and messages sent by express, including "to Mr Sutton Post Master of the army for letters & express as p. receipt 16.15.0". An interesting document. £250-300
P.O.W Mail. 1760 Entire letter from London to "Mr Joseph Fournier, Prisoner of War, Winchester" with a "13/SE" Bishop Mark. A scarce letter to a P.O.W during the Seven Years War. Photo on Page 109. £200-250
1804 Entire letters from a soldier in Windsor to Croydon, the first sent as an ordinary letter and charged 4d; the second prepaid at the soldiers 1d concession rate signed by a Major in the Horse Guards with red "To be / delivered / Free" handstamp. However this letter was found to contain an enclosure (explained within the letter by the note "I shall enclose you a two pound note") and is endorsed "More to pay 7d". An unusual pair. (2). £160-180
1806 Entire letter from Henry Mackinnon serving in the British army in Germany, to his wife in England endorsed "via Cuxhaven". The letter refers to the recent Battle of Austerlitz, reports of the Prussians entering Wurtzburg, and warns communication with England might be cut off due to the freezing of the Elbe. £150-180
1809-15 Entire letters to Mary Chamberlain in London all prepaid at the 1d seamans rate, from her brothers Thomas on H.M.S Warrior at Deal, or from William on H.M.S Gladiator at Portsmouth, the third written by another seaman on behalf of William, from H.M.S Gladiator at Portsmouth. Two with red crowned "To be / delivered / Free", all with some light soiling or staining and the occasional edge fault, three uncommon sailors concession rate letters. (3). £280-320
1811 Entire letter from London prepaid 2/- to "Lieut Kneller, 1st Foot Guards, Isla de Leon, Cadiz" redirected to "Orderly Room Horse Guards" with oval "SHIP / (crown) / LETTER" (Rob. S11). £130-150
1812 Entire letters to the Hon. Hugh Clifford serving with the British army in Spain, one from London addressed "care of His Excellency Sir H. Wellesley, Cadiz, if not there to be forwarded to Palermo, by favour of Col. Silvertopp", hand carried (seal stain); the other posted at Cowes to "Post Office, Cadiz" marked "Paid" by the sender but endorsed "not paid" and "opened for the Postage and forwarded" with a red G.P.O wax seal. (2). £100-120
1813 Entire letter from Capt. Young of the 52nd Regt to "James McCarty, formerly Private 52nd Regt, Chelsea" prepaid at the 1d soldiers rate, with "FOLKSTONE / 79" and red crowned "To be / delivered / Free". Young confirms that McCarty went voluntarily into action three or four times, displaying gallantry and courage, losing his hand in battle. An unusual example of the 1d rate to a former soldier in Chelsea Hospital. £160-180
1832 Entire letter prepaid at the 1d soldiers concession rate to "James Smith, Royal Waggon Train Regiment, Croydon Barracks, Surrey" with boxed "Reading / Penny Post" and red crowned "To be / delivered / Free" (Jay 715). £80-100
1894 Cover from Watford to a soldier in India franked at the 1d soldiers rate by a 1d lilac, with arrival datestamps of Ahmednagar and Purandhar. £160-180

Mulreadys & Caricatures

(Also see lots 900, 936)

1840 (May 6) 1d Envelope posted on the First Day of Issue from London to St. Johns College, Cambridge, cancelled by a red Maltese Cross with "T.P / Old Broad St" below, left flap with a fine "C / MY - 6 / 1840" datestamp. Some restoration and strengthening of folds but still a very reasonable looking First Day use. With R.P.S Certificate (2012). S.G. £18,000. Photo on Page 109. £1,000-1,200
1840 (May 9) 1d Envelope stereo A146 used to Little Oakley, Essex, cancelled by a red Maltese Cross with "Bishopsgate S.With." handstamp below, a clear London May 9 c.d.s on reverse. A fine early use, with R.P.S Certificate (1978). S.G. £2,600. Photo on Page 109. £500-600
1840 (June 3) 1d Lettersheet with a Worthing backstamp and red Maltese Cross cancellation, sent to "Miss Mary Sandham, Mrs Warren's, Miss Marshall's House, Totness, Devon", light vertical file fold, otherwise very fine and attractive. £100-120
1d Mulready lettersheet to Honiton with an undated circle on the front, uprated with an 1840 2d blue (four margins, creased before use), underpaid by 1d so charged 2d postage due, the Mulready and stamp both cancelled by a red Maltese Cross. Minor faults and the stamp not well tied and may not belong, therefore offered "as-is". £80-100
1840-42 1d Mulreadys used comprising lettersheet stereo A54 used within London on May 9th 1840 with red Maltese Cross alongside Britannia, vertical and horizontal folds but an early use; envelope stereo A156 used within London cancelled by red Maltese Cross and "T.P / Highgate"; and lettersheet used in 1842 from London to Chippenham, a little minor staining. (3). £150-200
1842 1d Lettersheet stereo A225 with Atlas Assurance Co. advert, used from London to Colchester, small fault to lower left corner of address panel, also unused 2d lettersheet stereo a203 (some staining) and 2d envelope stereo a98, fine. (3). £100-120
A finely hand drawn copy of the 1d envelope, addressed to "Messrs Johnston & Son, Orange merchants, Bosolph Lane, Lower Thames Street, London", removed from an album with paper adhering to the reverse, very unusual. Photo on Page 109. £100-150

Southgate Caricatures

1843 (Sep 19) Caricature envelope No. 2, "Ladies School", used from London to Hornchurch, Essex, paid 1d in cash, cancelled by red two line "1d PAID" handstamp and tombstone "PAID" datestamp with red octagonal "PD" datestamp on the front. Seal removed with the loss of part of the lower flap (the wording on flap complete) and a few minor stains, otherwise fine and an attractive example of this scarce caricature. The latest of twelve used examples recorded in "British Pictorial Envelopes of the 19th Century", ex Meroni Collection. Photo on Page 111. £700-900
1840 (Sep 1) Caricature envelope No. 3, "Peg-leg Sailor", hand coloured, sent from Greenwich to Canterbury prepaid 1d, unusually cancelled by a red Maltese Cross and "Greenwich / 1 Py P. PAID". Dispatched by the London Cross Post, backstamped with red "GREENWICH / EV" c.d.s, "SHOOTERS HILL" double arc datestamp and a Canterbury arrival c.d.s. A fine and very scarce coloured caricature, very unusual with the Maltese Cross cancel, which did not need to be applied to a caricature envelope as it had no postal validity in its own right. Just ten other used examples recorded in "British Pictorial Envelopes of the 19th Century", none of which were hand coloured. Photo on Back Cover. £1,500-1,800
1840 (Nov 2) Caricature envelope No. 6, "Papal", used from Gravesend to Fleetwood on Wyre near Preston, a red Maltese Cross applied and then crossed out, presumably because the Post Office realised this was a caricature and not a proper Mulready, a "2" postage due charge then written in ink. Backstamped at Gravesend and London. Seal cut from the reverse with some loss to the flaps (the wording intact) and an ink doodle drawn inside the envelope (visible from the front), addressees name neatly erased. Still an attractive caricature, most unusual with the erased Maltese Cross, ex Meroni Collection. Photo on Page 111. £600-800

Spooner Caricatures

Caricature envelope No. 2, "Deliveries", addressed to "Lieut. E. Ironbridge, H.M.S Benbow, Malta", presumably delivered by hand. A little light creasing, unusual and attractive. H.M.S Benbow was in the Mediterranean until 1842. Photo on Page 111. £300-350
1840(?) Caricature envelope No. 3, "Letter speculating", used from Birmingham to Wortley, Sheffield, prepaid 1d in cash, with red Birmingham datestamp (July 9) on the front and manuscript "1", a little staining at base and some peripheral creasing and small tears. An attractive example of this scarce caricature, just ten examples of which are recorded used, ex Shaida. Photo on Page 111. £600-800
1894 Late use of caricature envelope No. 7, "Musical", from London to New South Wales, the original stamp removed and replaced by an 1881 5d (which does not belong), extensive soiling and other faults. Nevertheless very rare, two examples recorded used in 1840-41, this overseas use undoubtedly unique. £80-100
1841 (Feb 9) Caricature envelope No. 8, "Babies, Albert Rocks the Cradle", sent from Chatham to Southsea prepaid 2d in cash ( 1/2-1oz weight) with red Chatham backstamp, the front with red "PAID" tombstone datestamp applied in transit in London ("FE" inverted) and manuscript "2". A little light creasing, unusually fine for this caricature and exceptionally scarce, seven used examples believed to have been recorded. Ex Grunin. Photo Inside Back Cover. £1,500-2,000
1840 (Sep 17) Caricature envelope No. 10, "Shooting", used from London to Northampton, bearing a four margin 1d black, TE plate 6, the stamp cancelled by two Maltese Crosses in differing red shades, one of which seems to tie it well to the envelope; the stamp however may not belong, the cover therefore offered "as-is". A few minor edge tears and creases, an attractive example of this scarce caricature, the earliest of eight recorded used examples. Photo on Page 111. £1,200-1,500
1841 (Mar 22) Caricature envelope No. 12, "Hunting", used from Chatham to Southsea, unusually weighing over 1oz so prepaid 4d in cash, the front with red "PAID" tombstone datestamp applied in transit in London and manuscript "4", backstamped at Chatham and Portsmouth. A few very minor edge creases and small repair to upper left corner, an unusually fine and attractive example of this very scarce caricature, of which only six used examples are recorded. Ex Grunin. Photo Inside Back Cover. £1,500-1,800

Other Caricatures

Fores's Comic Envelope No. 1, proof on thick paper, an early impression, the printing a little weak in places, 227x183mm. A very scarce proof, just four other proofs being recorded in "British Pictorial Envelopes of the 19th Century". A few insignificant tone marks, otherwise very fine. Photo on Page 113. £400-500
Fores's Civic Envelope No. 8 fine unused, scarce. £120-140
"HCK" Caricature envelope, the design very similar to the Mulready but with the elephants and llamas wearing spectacles, a few light tone marks, otherwise fine, unused and very scarce. Two examples in the Grunin collection were described as the only known examples, though six or seven are now believed to exist. This envelope ex Yates (Robson Lowe 1949), Dale (S.G. 1969) and Shaida. An unusually fine example of this very scarce and attractive caricature. Photo on Page 111. £600-700
R.W Hume comic envelope No 2, "Balloon Mail", state 1 fine unused, scarce and attractive. Photo on Page 113. £600-700
Menzies caricature envelope proof, identical to the issued envelope but without the publishers imprint. Just two examples recorded in "British Pictorial Envelopes of the 19th Century", with the comment "it is conceivable that this is not a proof, but rather an intermediate printing for Laurie & Knight before that firm added their name and advertisement". Small corner faults and light folds to the two side flaps, otherwise fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 111. £400-450
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for Viewing details
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