Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for Viewing details
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Auction Lots - Page 17
1891 1d Pink lettersheet containing 21 differing adverts for businesses in or near Bradford including bird cages, a leather merchant, a shoe maker, auctioneer, etc., published by The Anglo-Colonial Letter Co. Ltd of Liverpool (issue Br 2, dated 31st Jan. 1889, 10,000 stamped at Somerset House) and sold for 1/2d. Posted from Bradford to Glasgow, unusually fine for one of these scarce lettersheets. Photo on Page 123. £350-450
QV Printed to private order envelopes, values up to 1/-, some compound printings, all fine unused. (14). £100-120
1904 KEVII 3d Registration envelope size H2 with "ADMIRALTY OFFICIAL" overprint below the stamp, sent to a Naval ship in Malta uprated by KEVII Admiralty Official 1d, both stamps tied by "CHATHAM DOCKYARD B.O / CHATHAM" c.d.s with a third strike below. Horizontal fold, otherwise fine and attractive. A scarce Official envelope used, especially uprated with the Admiralty Official adhesive. Photo on Page 117. £300-350
Mint and used postal stationery, mainly KGVI and pre-decimal QEII envelopes and postcards, also a few QV - KGV items, many printed to private order with some compound printings of two of three stamps, scarcer envelopes noted include S.T.O QEII 9d olive-green used, 4d blue + 4d blue used, etc. (122 + 6 bands). £300-400
KGVI 5 1/2d Registration envelopes unused (5) and used (9), all 1941 printing by McCorquodale & Co including size H (2) and K unused. (14). £80-100


KGVI and QEII Aerogrammes unused and used including scarce 1943 KGVI 6d purple on grey paper with solid address lines both used and unused (AP2), 1953 Coronation 6d first day uses (2) and unused with curved edges to flaps (APS2b), P.T.P.O Forces aerogrammes, a few Paquebot uses, etc. (77). £100-120
1957 6d Aerogramme (AP7, format AF3a) with doctor blade flaw resulting in two large red vertical lines across the address panel, extending into the stamp. £90-110
1963-69 Aerogrammes overprinted "Specimen" or "Cancelled" comprising AP14a (4), APS4, 5, 6, 8 (two differing types of "Cancelled"), 12 (2), 13 (3), 14 (2), 15 (3), 16, 17 (2), all fine. (22). £600-700
1966 9d Aerogramme (AP13), the upper half of the 9d carmine stamp having entirely failed to print. An unusual and spectacular error. £200-250
1967 Christmas 9d aerogramme only with the pink and grey printed, all other colours omitted in error, unfolded. Also the correct aerogramme with all colours handstamped "Specimen". A scarce pair (2). £240-260
1982 24p Aerogramme (AP32), the blue printing virtually omitted from the upper half leaving just the merest trace of the 24p stamp and the "By air mail / Par avion / Aerogramme" wording from the upper left corner, the instructions "To open slit here" entirely omitted from the upper flap. Very unusual. £170-200


(Also see lots 571, 666, 667, 874, 895, 896)

Railway ephemera mainly from the Hull & Barnsley Railway, 1913 Cambrian Railways one week holiday contract ticket, a few railway parcel or newspaper stamps, parcel waybills, station and R.S.O cancels, modern railway letters including two 1960 covers bearing Talyllyn 1/- on 11d stamps, various commemorative covers and cancels, also a few other G.B covers with 1940 (May 30) Field Service postcard posted at Ashford by a soldier returned from Dunkirk, etc. (100s). £100-150
Railway Letter Stamps from English, Scottish or Welsh companies, about 60 different lines represented including East London 2d rose imperf, also S.E.C.& D.Rly red Farm Produce stamp used, a few 3d or 4d surcharges, oval and straight line cancels, eight on piece. (127). £250-300
Railway Letter Stamps - Ireland. 41 Stamps from 25 different lines including Cork & Macroom Direct Rly 2d blue block of eight, Waterford & Central Ireland Rly 2d red, Londonderry & Lough Swilly Rly Co. 2d red essay, etc., two on piece. (41). £150-200
Railway Letter Stamps - Ireland. Railway letter stamps in complete mint sheets of 24 comprising 1891 West Clare Rly Co. 2d green, and 1920 Cavan & Leitrim Rly Co. Ltd 3d red or 4d red, the West Clare sheet with some marginal staining, the others superb. (3 sheets). £120-150
QV 1d - 5/- Postage stamps (also a Telegraph 1/-) all with circular, oblong or diamond framed numeral cancels, used at railway stations on telegrams, a couple on pieces. (29). £120-150
1853-1968 Covers and cards including 1853 "Blackwall Ry" handstamp, 1911 Central London Railway pictorial advertising cover, 1884 Skelton R.S.O duplex on a registered letter, G.W.R Air Service covers (2), etc. (10). £100-120
1856 Long cover from Fawley to Hereford endorsed "Carriage Paid, Per H.R & G. Railway Comp:- 9.50 train, to lie till called for", the reverse bearing a large blue Great Western Railway carriage paid label of Fawley. Some edge faults and tears, the label across the flap torn through upon opening. An early railway "parcel", carried by the G.W.R to Gloucester and then by the Hereford, Ross & Gloucester Railway. £100-120
1891 (Feb 10) Cover from East Croydon to Budleigh Salterton endorsed per "L.B & S.C Rly & S.W Rly", bearing a 1d lilac and L.B & S.C.R 2d letter stamp each cancelled straight line "EAST CROYDON", the reverse with the scarce and unusual boxed handstamp "L & S.W. RLY. / TRANSFERRED / AT / CLAPHAM JUNCTION / AND TO BE SO ABSTRACTED". Backstamped at Exmouth and Budleigh Salterton with two sides bearing Officially Sealed labels (one with a Exmouth c.d.s), the reverse also endorsed "no post out until 10.30 am". Opened out with a few minor edge faults but an exceptional item, transferred between railway companies on just the tenth day of the railway letter service. Photo on Page 123. £300-350
1894-1923 Commercial railway letters comprising 1894 cover to Norwich with 1d lilac and G.N.R 2d stamp tied Spalding squared circle; 1905 cover to Watford with KEVII 1/2d pair and G.E.R 2d stamp all tied violet circular "FELIXSTOWE / TOWN / 12 JAN 1905 / CANCELLED"; 1922 cover to Liverpool with KGV 1/2d (4) tied Newcastle-on-Tyne datestamps and N.E.R 4d stamp tied by oval Newcastle datestamp"; 1922 cover with KGV 2d tied Cardiff c.d.s, bearing G.W.R 4d stamp, both cancelled violet boxed "G.W.R / MAY 10 1922 / PADDINGTON / G.W1"; and 1923 cover to London with KGV 1 1/2d and Caledonian Rly 4d stamp each tied violet "GLASGOW (Central) / Booking Office", all fine. (5). £250-280
1895 1/2d Brown postcard bearing an L.S.W.R 2d letter stamp both cancelled by London S.E squared circles with a London scroll cancel below, the railway stamp also tied by two violet straight line "OAKLEY" handstamps. Vertical tape mark, which just crosses the 2d stamp, otherwise fine and an attractive and very unusual commercial use on a postcard. Sent to a legal chambers, the message reading "Yes, E.R.K". Photo on Page 123. £140-180
1896 Cover with a 1d lilac and North Eastern Railway 2d letter stamp both tied by a Harrogate 338 arrival duplex, the railway stamp also cancelled by violet "G. LANGHORN / N.E SALTBURN" guards handstamp, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 123. £200-250
1896 Cover to Hastings with 1/2d vermilion vertical marginal pair and a South Eastern Rly 2d letter stamp both tied by "HASTINGS / STATION OFFICE / 342" duplexs, the 2d stamp also pen cancelled, fine and attractive. Photo on Page 123. £100-120
1901 Cover from Clitheroe to Glasgow endorsed "To be Posted. Express Delivery" bearing a 1d lilac and Lancashire & Yorkshire Rly 2d letter stamp, both stamps cancelled violet circular "CLITHEROE / 2 JUL. 1901 / L. & Y. RY." and with a Glasgow c.d.s, endorsed "3d to pay" (express delivery charge). Central vertical fold, minor soiling and opening tear at upper edge, an attractive and early commercial railway letter delivered by express delivery. Photo on Page 123. £150-180
1901 Cover to Hounslow bearing a 1d lilac and Metropolitan Rly 2d red letter stamp both tied by a London N.W squared circle, the 2d stamp also pen cancelled, backstamped at Hounslow, very fine. Also 1921 cover with Metropolitan Rly 2d red stamp surcharged by violet "3", pen cancelled, and KGV 1/2d strip of three cancelled upon arrival in Manchester, faults but a scarce 3d railway letter stamp on cover. (2). £120-150
1902 Cover to Poplar endorsed "Express delivery", bearing Metropolitan Railway 2d red letter stamp tied by straight line "CHORLEYWOOD" and centrally cancelled by a London N.W squared circle, backstamped London E. c.d.s. An unusual early railway letter delivered by express delivery, the express postage being applied to the express form rather than the cover. Photo on Page 123. £180-220
1905 Cover to London bearing KEVII 1d and S.E & C.R 2d letter stamp both cancelled by large violet boxed "L.C. & D.R / EYNSFORD / STATION" and a London S.W machine, backstamped at Paddington. A few tiny opening tears at upper edge, otherwise fine and attractive, an unusual use of a "L.C & D.R" cancel on a "S.E. & C.R" stamp. £100-120
1911 Cover to France bearing KEVII 2 1/2d and L. & S.W.R 2d letter stamp both cancelled by oval "SUNNINGDALE / STATION / L. & S.W.Ry", the postage stamp also cancelled by a London S.E machine, backstamped at Cannes. An attractive and unusual commercial railway letter addressed abroad. Photo on Page 125. £160-200
1911 Cover from Kineton to Cirencester marked "Express", franked KEVII 4d tied by "KINETON / WARWICK" c.d.s (a further strike on reverse) and bearing Stratford-Upon-Avon & Midland Junction Rly 2d red on yellow letter stamp cancelled by oval "KINETON / STATION / S. & M.J. RY" (not tied but clearly belongs), with a red label "EXPRESS / To be handed to / POST OFFICE MESSENGER / at (Cirencester) Station.". Light stain spots, but a scarce railway stamp on cover, particularly unusual sent by express delivery. Photo on Page 125. £200-250
1917-65 Commercial covers (7) and a picture postcard sent as railway letters, all unusually bearing railway parcel stamps, with 1917 cover bearing L.N.W.R 2d stamp cancelled violet oval Birmingham handstamp and tied by a London N.W machine; 1929 picture postcard with KGV 1d and L.M.S 3d stamp from Bridge of Allan both tied by London N.W machine; 1933, 1941 and 1955 covers from Scotland bearing L.M.S 3d, 4d or 9d stamps tied by London N.W or Oxford machines; 1949-65 Express covers with L.N.E.R 5d or 6d, or British Rail 1/3 stamps, all fine. (8). £180-220
1923 Express cover to London bearing KGV 1 1/2d and 1/- each tied by Tunbridge Wells c.d.s and a S.E & C.R 4d letter stamp tied violet "S.E & C.R / TUNBRIDGE WELLS / PARCELS DEPOT", with oval framed "EXPRESS" handstamp. A scarce commercial use of the 4d railway letter rate on an express cover. Photo on Page 125. £180-220
1924 Cover to Brighton with KGV 1 1/2d and an L.B & S.C.R 3d letter stamp surcharged "4d" in violet both tied by circular violet "PARTRIDGE GREEN / 2 NOV. 1924 / SOUTHERN / RLY", a Brighton (Nov. 3) arrival c.d.s on the front. A fine and attractive cover, the L.B & S.C.R stamp still being used by the Southern Railway. £100-120
1940 (Apr 9) 1 1/2d Postal stationery envelope to John Moss in Kent bearing Mersey Railway 3d Paid parcel stamp of Birkenhead Central tied by boxed "MERSEY RAILWAY / 9 APR 1940 / BIRKENHEAD CENTRAL", the cover cancelled at Liverpool. Philatelic but very scarce. £100-120

Registered Mail

(Also see lots 298, 349, 872, 904-906, 921)

Money Letters. 1804 Entire letter from Dorchester to North Petherton charged 1/-, endorsed "17th Nov. put into the Dorchester Office. Money letter", and 1812 entire from Marlow to Carshalton endorsed "P1/6, Cash letter" in red. Also 1899-1908 printed O.H.M.S "Money letter" envelopes to Sub-Postmasters used (4) and unused (3), very unusual. (9). £180-220
Ireland. 1827 Entire letter from Bray to an M.P in Downpatrick with a fine red Dublin "FREE" datestamp and "REGISTER'D" c.d.s. The first British Registered datestamp (the internal registration system only operating in Ireland at this date) and an exceptional use on a Free entire. Photo on Page 125. £400-500
1838 Entire letter from Mannheim to London with two differing "CHARGE" handstamps, a red inspectors crown cancelling out a foreign charge and scarce large "REGISTERED / (crown)" (Jay 1127a) applied, charged 2/8 postage + 2/6 registration. Only mail from abroad could be registered at this date, the internal service not commencing until 1841. Scarce and very attractive. Photo on Page 125. £300-350
1846 Green printed wrapper, "REGISTERED LETTER. / Addressed to (Thos Ashworth Esq.) / To the Postmaster of (Ripon)", paid 1/- with red "LIVERPOOL / PAID" datestamp, backstamped at Ripon. Fine and scarce, few of these green wrapper, used to enclose registered letters, now survive. Photo on Page 125. £500-600
1847-51 Inland covers and entire letters with 1847 entire letter entirely prepaid 1/2 in cash (2d postage + 1/- registration fee), the others with postage paid by stamps and the registration fee of 1/- (2) or 6d (3) paid in cash. Includes 1847 entire letter franked 2d blue pair and 1848 1d pink postal stationery envelope uprated with a 1d stamp both with 1/- registration fee. (6). £160-200
1844-65 Covers and entires with various types of "(crown) / REGISTERED" handstamps in red including London handstamps on stampless covers from Germany or Italy to G.B or London to Belgium, 1860 cover from Scotland to India franked 1/- and on 1864 1d pink envelope uprated 4d from Dartmouth; Liverpool handstamp on 1860 entire franked 8d to London; and scarce Dover handstamp on 1865 cover to London franked 5d. (7). £220-260
1853 Entire letter registered to Trieste franked by an imperf 2d blue strip of three (faults), five datestamps or handstamps on the front all in red including "(crown) / REGISTERED" of London and boxed "Recomandirt", an attractive item. £100-120
1856-58 Entires from London sent stampless to Denmark, or inland franked 8d or 10d, with large unframed oval "REGISTERED / G.P.O" datestamp in red or black, or smaller datestamp in red, also 1860 entire franked 10d with red "R5" code c.d.s of Lombard St. (4). £100-120
1862-66 Registered covers sent inland franked 6d or 10d with red boxed "LOMBARD STREET / REGISTERED LETTER" (2, codes "A" or "B"), or franked 8d to Denmark with unusual interlocking circle "REGISTERED / PD / A / 2 AU 66 / LONDON" in red. (3). £120-150
1863 Royal Gazette newspaper addressed to Edinburgh, unusually registered with 1d + 4d each tied by numeral "14", red Registered London datestamp and boxed "LOMBARD STREET / A / REGISTERED LETTER". Also 1887 registered citations from the Court of Sessions in Edinburgh franked 3d or 3 1/2d, all returned as undeliverable. (15). £140-160
London "R" Numerals. 1868-85 Covers (27), stamps and pieces (35) with single oval obliterators having "R" above a number, the fine study of these uncommon cancellations numbered from "1" to "35", covers include "R/3" and "R/21" in blue, and scarce "R/35" in red. Four covers with German Bahnpost registration labels, one with unusual straight line "REGISTERED" handstamp of Lombard St. (62). £500-600
1863 Cover to Bombay franked 1d pair, 3d and 1/- each cancelled "L.S/E.C" obliterator and 1870 cover to Scotland franked 6d tied by "L.S/V.1" obliterator, also other examples on piece or stamps (3). Two scarce cancels, only used on registered mail at Lombard Street. (6). £100-120
Scroll Cancels. 1890-1941 Study of the Registered hooded circle datestamps used at various London offices or in Birmingham, on covers and cards (37), pieces (29) or Certificates of Posting (4), includes 1897 cover from New Zealand franked 1/2d + 5d, 1904 cover to India with boxed SEA P.O registration handstamp, etc. (70). £200-250
London Datestamps. 1876-1950 Covers and cards (22) and pieces (16) with various Registered datestamps including red 1893 "LONDON / R.L.D" c.d.s, 1876 "REGISTERED / S.E.D.O" c.d.s with 1d and 4d stamps tied by bars, oval types with some huge sizes, double oval and boxed types from the Western District Office, etc. (38). £120-150
Belgium Registered. 1869 Cover from Ostende to London franked Belgium 30c and 40c pair (small faults) with fine red oval "REGISTERED-LONDON / 30 JY 1869 / FROM / BELGIUM", scarce. Also similar Denmark datestamp cut to shape on piece. Photo on Page 125. £200-250
Denmark Registered. 1871 Entire from Odense with Denmark 1864 16sk (2) and 1870 4sk each cancelled "51", with fine oval "REGISTERED-LONDON / 21 JY 1871 / FROM / DENMARK" in black. Light horizontal fold and a little staining to the stamps, scarce. Photo on Page 125. £300-350
France Registered. 1865 Cover from Paris with two 80c pairs, handstamped superb red "FRANCE / (crown) / REGISTERED", part of the reverse removed, the handstamp scarce so fine. Photo on Page 129. £150-180
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for Viewing details
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