Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for Viewing details
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Auction Lots - Page 14
1895 (June 12) Bournemouth Parcel Post label with "Showyard" added in manuscript, used with a Bournemouth c.d.s, faults at left edge, laid on card, very unusual. £100-120
1900 (Sep 12) Parcel Post label without any printed office name bearing QV 3d tied by a roller cancel, and fine "BRADFORD / B.A" skeleton datestamp, used at the 70th meeting of the British Association, unusual and scarce. Pearson 41. Photo on Page 79. £200-250
1904 (Nov 19) Plymouth Exhibition picture postcard with KEVII 1/2d tied by "TRADES EXHIBITION / PLYMOUTH" c.d.s, scarce. Pearson B52. £100-120
1912 (May 23) KGV 1/2d Postcard sent within London cancelled by "ROYAL HORTICULTURAL X / SW" skeleton datestamp with the "E" (from "EX") misplaced upside down between the first two words. A scarce postal use, most examples of this skeleton found on unaddressed C.T.O cards. Pearson 82. £120-140
1925 (Aug 22) Long registered cover with B.E.E 1 1/2d vertical strip of three each tied by the B.E.E Palace of Industry c.d.s, backstamped by four further strikes and the oval "BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION / REGISTERED" datestamp, bearing the very scarce blank type emergency registration label with manuscript "British Empire Exhibition", vertical fold, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 99. £300-350
1929 (July 1) Stampless "U.P.U London 1929" crested cover with oval "POSTAL UNION CONGRESS / LONDON" official frank cachet, the Congress double ring c.d.s and a red Official Paid c.d.s, very fine, a scarce official cover. Photo on Page 99. £250-300
1935 (May 13) Registered Rotary International cover with 1935 Silver Jubilee 1/2d, 1d, 1 1/2d (2) each cancelled by "ROTARY CONFERENCE / MARGATE" skeleton, a further three strikes on front and reverse. Also a postcard of the addressee of the cover, J. Ireland, with 1935 1/2d cancelled to order by the conference skeleton. A scarce cancel, only recorded on this one date. Pearson 218. (2). £120-140
1934 (Nov 2) H.M Postmaster General crested cover to King Edward Building with 1934 1 1/2d tied by the slogan "OPENING OF MOUNT / PLEASANT SORTING / OFFICE BY T.R.H. THE / DUKE AND DUCHESS OF YORK" with a further impression in the left corner, the stamp overstruck by a London E.C c.d.s. The enclosed card shows Mount Pleasant Sorting Office, and states "this card was passed through the postage stamp cancelling machine by H.R.H the Duchess of York on the occasion of the opening of the reconstructed Sorting Office ....". Only about 400 items sent to V.I.Ps, scarce with the card still enclosed. Pearson 216. (2). £200-240
1935 (July 18) Registered cover franked at the 5d rate with four photogravure stamps, with five strikes of scarce "I.C.S.M. / CENTRAL HALL SW1" skeleton datestamps, used at the International Conference of Scientific Management. Pearson A230. £80-100
1937 (Nov 17) Cover with KGVI 1/2d, 1d cancelled by three strikes of scarce "BIRMINGHAM / DOG SHOW" skeleton datestamps. Pearson E255. £100-120
1938 (Oct 21) Notepaper of the 85th Session of the Governing Body of the International Labour Office held at Burlington House, bearing KGVI 1/2d, 1d, 1 1/2d and 2d each cancelled scarce "GOVERNING BODY / I.L.O LONDON W.1" c.d.s, a fifth strike below. Pearson A274. £100-120
1945 (Oct 29) Stampless official registered cover from G.P.O Headquarters in London S.W to the International Telephone Conference at St. James Square, with G.P.O cachet and scarce "LONDON S.W1 / C.C.I.F." c.d.s applied upon arrival. Pearson 298. £100-120
1948 (June 22) Imperial and International reply coupons both with "ALL ENGLAND LTC / WIMBLEDON SW19" skeleton datestamps. Pearson 313. (2). £80-100

Express Mail

(Also see lots 824, 826, 829, 831)

1786 Account for £6.11.00 paid to Lt. Col. William Brown for carrying an urgent message (sent by Governor Tonyn) from the boat in Portsmouth to Lord Sydney in London by Post Chaise, unusual. £100-120
1892-1964 Inland and incoming Express mail, the interesting old-time collection on pages including 1894 22 page booklet giving Express regulations; 1892 and 1900 covers from Maidenhead to London or Ilminister to Taunton franked 4d and an 1895 stampless cover sent within London all with first type red "POST OFFICE / EXPRESS" labels; many other stamped and stampless inland covers showing various rates and labels with 1899 and 1901 covers franked 4d from London to Brighton both showing second type "M. - No. 55 / POST OFFICE / EXPRESS" labels; studies of the Express labels and handstamps; underpaid mail; 1897 Express Delivery Service notice; Official mail; incoming mail from overseas; also 1842 incoming letters from Europe endorsed "Par Estafette" (2, "ESTAF." handstamps) or "P. Courier Post" (2), and 1667 entire letter from Hill to Doncaster endorsed "post pd 2d". (86 + labels/pieces). £1,000-1,200
1913 (Dec 19) Express cover from Berlin to London franked 40pf, the front with rare violet boxed "EXPRESS FEE PAID 3<+Uz8>D<$z$>/ L. & F.S.C." applied on the London & Folkestone Sorting Carriage (Wilson 515b), Paddington backstamp (Dec 20). Wilson states "this rubber handstamp was issued on 24 November 1913 but has not been recorded used". An exceptional discovery example, used just 26 days after issue. Large repaired opening tear at upper right corner, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 99. £200-250
1913 (Dec 31) Picture postcard from Bremen to London franked 10pf + 25pf with a red "Express" label applied, violet boxed "EXPRESS FEE PAID 3D_ / L.& D.N.M." (Wilson 504b) used on the London & Dover Sorting Carriage (Night Mail) and a Twickenham (Jan 1) arrival c.d.s, endorsed "By 21.45 dely". Wilson states "the Express Fee Paid handstamp was issued on 24 November 1913 but has not been recorded used". An exceptional item, used just 38 days after being issued, forming a remarkable pair with the similar L.&F. handstamp in the previous lot. Photo on Page 99. £250-300


(Also see lots 234, 722, 724, 728, 835)

1715 Entire letter from Scotland "To the Right Honorable The Earl of Lowdon at London near Whitehall" with "6" charge crossed out and endorsed "Free", backstamped with small red oval "JY/19" Edinburgh Bishop Mark and a "25/JY" London Bishop Mark. £100-120
1722-85 Entire letters (7) and fronts (2) with 1722 entire letter signed "fr. Sam Bracebridge" from Lindsay to London with "3" deleted and manuscript "P", and 1765-85 items with red circular framed "FREE" handstamps including scarce first type with large "F" on an entire letter to the Bishop of Durham, various size handstamps, one 1772 entire letter headed from "Joes" (Coffee House). (9). £220-260
1787-1807 Entire letters (16) and fronts (13), a study of the various Free datestamps, entire letters including Jay types 770, 772a, 772d, 774, 776, 776e, 782, 786, 788, 792, etc, mainly very fine strikes. (29). £350-450
1798-1839 Entire letters (3) and fronts (6), various unusual frees including 1839 cover from Dublin to London then redirected to Woolwich with London and Dublin Frees and crowned oval "To be / delivered / FREE" (Jay 717); part entire signed "Lichfield" (Postmaster General) with crowned octagonal framed "To be / delivered / Free" (Jay 716); 1836 entire endorsed "wrong dated" and charged; 1835 front to Sierra Leone with boxed Foreign Branch Free (Jay 848); other fronts with scarce "WATERLOO / SUBSCRIPTION" (Jay 838) or "ABOVE / NUMBER", etc. (9). £250-300
1807 Entire letter from Middleton, Ireland, to Viscount Middleton in London (redirected to Godalming), with a Dublin Free c.d.s, but twice handstamped "Above Privilege" in London (Jay 820) and charged 2/-, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 102. £140-160
1807-40 Entire letters (36) and fronts (87), a detailed study of the crowned "Free" datestamps (Jay types 799-801f) with printed envelopes (including one headed "On the Business of the Collection for the Purposes of Enlarging and Building of Churches and Chapels in England and Wales), printed English Agricultural Soc. lettersheet sent 7 Jan. 1840, fronts sent 5 Dec. 1839 or 9 Jan. 1840 (2, one with 10 Jan. Free datestamp), "O" code forgeries (5), date omitted (2, one also with dated Free), 1823 entire with five different Free datestamps, etc. An interesting lot, in an F.G. Warwick album. (123). £500-600
1832 Entire from London to Newmarket with "2" local post charge cancelled out by an obliterator handstamp and charged 8d, twice handstamped "ABOVE / NUMBER". £80-100

Late Fees

1861-1914 Covers comprising 1861 "L/OC 18/61" c.d.s in red, 1879-81 octagonal "LI" duplexs of Mark Lane (2) or Lombard St., 1889 Lombard St. "L.S/2" duplex, and 1913-14 "L1D" hooded circle cancels (2, one with red German label advising delivery must be between 7-10am), also stamps (26) and pieces (9) with various London late fee cancels. (41). £100-120


Rideouts. Machine number "1" with code "HS", type 1 machine with eight vertical bars above the centre diamond on 1858 (Feb 10) cover bearing a 1d red and July 16 piece bearing a 1/- green, and type 2 machine with seven vertical bars above the centre diamond on 1859 (Apr 18) cover bearing a 1d red, also 1859 (June 4) 1d red on piece tied by number "2" machine with scarce reversed "RC" code, all fine. (4). £130-150
Newspaper Branch Hoster. Newspaper wrapper to Burton in Kendal bearing 1883 1/2d blue (perfin) tied by the undated "LONDON / NPB" hoster, extremely scarce and very fine. Photo on Page 102. £350-400
Ethridge Trial. 1887 (Feb 19) Cover with a 1d lilac tied by Ethridge machine, time code "ZE", fine and scarce. Photo on Page 102. £180-220
International Trial. 1893 (Aug 23) Cover bearing a 1d lilac tied by superb International machine with time "- 11 -". Possibly the first day of this machine, trialled in London for approximately 23 days in August and September. Small tear at top edge, otherwise fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 102. £200-250
Bickerdike. 1897 (Nov 24) 1/2d Postal stationery envelope tied by the first trial machine with large seriffed "VR" and year in full, time "6PM", fine and scarce. Photo on Page 102. £200-250
Bickerdike. 1899 (Sep 25) Piece with a 1d lilac (perfin W&Co) tied by the third trial machine with "VR" in large san-serif lettering, larger crown and die head, the central bars shaped to the letter "V" but straight at right. Very rare, just one other piece recorded. £100-120
Bickerdike - Liverpool. 1899-1904 "VR" Machines with number "1" (4 covers/cards + piece) or number "2" (cover + 3 pieces) and "ER" machines with number "1" (4 covers/cards + 2 pieces) or number "2" (5 covers + piece), all fine. (21). £240-280
Columbias. London machines with six or seven straight line or five wavy bars, the detailed study on covers, cards and pieces in three F.G Warwick albums with machines from London, the W.C, N, NW, SW, SE, E, W and E.C district offices, Mount Pleasant, St. Martins Place, Paddington, Kilburn, South Kensington or West Kensington. Includes red Paid machines, triangular dies with telegraphic codes for use on printed matter, errors including inverted dies and many varieties, also town dies only used as arrival marks. (912). £900-1,100
Columbias. 1902-06 Covers and cards (27) and pieces (23) with London E.C or Mount Pleasant machines all with six wavy lines segmented into three sections, the London E.C machines with circular town dies without number or numbered 1, 2, 3, 15 or 58 or with the very scarce four line town die (4 covers/cards + 2 pieces) and various types and sizes of bars including "3" in central bars with horizontal bars above and below (2 cards + piece) or without the horizontal bars (very scarce). The Mount Pleasant machines include red Paid machines and triangular office die. A good study. (50). £240-280
Columbias - Provincial Offices. The detailed study in two F.G Warwick albums, arranged by office from Aberdeen to York, on cards, covers and pieces including red Paid machines, triangular dies, inverted dies and other varieties, "Buy War Bonds Now" slogans, etc. (469). £450-600
Hey-Dolphins. 1902-03 London trials (3 covers + 4 pieces) and 1911 (Nov/Dec) London E.C trials (2 covers + piece) all with "1" and "C" within seven wavy lines, fine. (10). £170-200
Krags (Continuous Impressions). 1906-11 Covers, cards and pieces with circular town dies for London E.C (17 covers/cards + 5 pieces), Chelsea S.W (7 covers/cards) or London F.S (3 covers/cards + piece), mostly with six bars but including very scarce five bar variety from London E.C (2 covers/cards + 2 pieces) and missent machines without bars (6), various size town dies. (33). £100-120
Krags. London and provincial Krags from 1907, the detailed study on covers, cards and pieces in two F.G Warwick albums, with straight line and wavy bars, red Paid types, triangular dies with telegraphic codes, arrival dies with bars removed, London districts within wavy bars, three wavy bars only, red London NW1 Paid machine with "British Goods Are Best", errors including inverted or missing dies, etc. (270). £350-400
Sylbe machines. 1907-08 Picture postcards (2), cover and a piece all with the uncommon London E.C Sylbe machine with the town die in four lines (including the number "9") and six horizontal bars, all fine. (4). £70-100
Pitney Bowes. 1927-31 Covers (8) and pieces (3) precancelled in black with the Leicester machine letter "A" (4) or "B" (7) used by Arthur Wheeler & Co., mostly on postal stationery envelopes, one cover and a piece unusually bearing adhesive stamps. Also 1923-30 covers (3) with the same Leicester machine in red with 1/2d Postage Paid within the bars, and an unused Arthur Wheeler & Co KGV 1 1/2d printed to private order lettersheet. (15). £200-250
Other Machines - London. A detailed study in two F.G Warwick albums of the various types of machine used at named offices within London from 1905, including Krags, Hey Dolphins, Columbias and Universals, with red Paid machines, triangular dies with telegraphic codes, etc. Many differing offices including Cricklewood, Hampstead, Kilburn, Hendon, Kentish Town, St. Johns Wood, etc. A fine lot, on covers, cards and pieces. (620). £700-900
Slogans. c.1967-79 Slogans, proof impressions of the slogan dies only contained within three G.P.O diaries, including "SALVAGED / MAIL", maritime mail types, some unused experimental or test slogans, a few town dies and much earlier slogans, also some proof impressions of special event and First Day handstamps, A very unusual lot. (600++ impressions). £300-400
Postal Mechanisation. 1935-63 Covers and cards with Brighton transormas with small and large letters and numbers; 1935 uses (6); 1945-46 "U" (2), "P" (2) and "W" in black ink, etc. (48). £80-100

Maritime Mail

(Also see lots 39-100, 158, 176, 193-195, 218, 230, 235, 341-350, 382, 383, 385, 445, 780, 791, 793, 834, 880-882, 907-923, 929-931)

Ship Letters & Paquebots

Brixham. 1843-1959 Covers and cards with 1843-51 Ship Letters (Rob. S4 & S6), 1859 entire letter from Buenos Ayres posted at Brixham franked by a 1d red, and 1952-59 Paquebots (5), mainly fine. (8). £120-140
Dover. 1810-37 Entire letters with various Ship Letter (3) or India Letter (5) handstamps, including 1832 entire letter from Singapore, condition a little mixed. (8). £100-120
Falmouth. 1809 Entire letter from Cadiz to Redditch with "FALMOUTH / PACKET-LETTER" in black (Rob. P2 only recorded in black in 1809), carried on the Manchester Packet. Photo on Page 102. £200-250
Falmouth. 1813 Entire letter from Cadiz to Lancashire with red "CADIZ" handstamp and green dated "CADIZ/F" applied at Falmouth, charged 2/2. The writer reports his arrival after a 15 day passage from Cork and four days stuck on the ship in port due to the strict quarantine laws. Photo on Page 102. £200-250
Grangemouth. 1861 Cover to Glasgow with two 1d reds cancelled at Falkirk, a boxed "SHIP LETTER" (Rob. 53, recorded 1861-68) alongside, charged 1/-. Backstamped at Grangemouth and Glasgow and marked "Not paid. Will be paid next delivery". This scarce ship letter handstamp thought to have been applied on mail from Scandinavia brought by fishing boat to Grangemouth (then a sub-office of Falkirk). Photo on Page 105. £400-500
Leith. 1906 (May 22) Iceland 10aur postcard from Reykjavik to Copenhagen cancelled by Leith c.d.s and handstamped "PAQUEBOT" (Hosking 317, rated G - extremely rare). £100-120
London. 1782 Entire letters from Jamaica to William Perrin in London both endorsed by the "Resource" with "2/DE" Bishop Mark, one charged 5d with straight line "SHIP LRE" (Rob. S34 without hyphen), the other charged 9d with scarce two line "SHIP/LRE" (Rob. S34a), an unusual pair. (2). £180-220
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for Viewing details
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