Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for Viewing details
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Auction Lots - Page 18
France Registered. 1871 Cover from Paris to London franked 30c pair, with fine red oval "REGISTERED-LONDON / 16 MR 1871 / FROM / FRANCE", a couple of light creases and minor soiling. Also 1870 front with similar oval datestamp in black. (2). £200-250
Hamburg Registered. 1860 Stampless cover to Scotland paid in cash, red Hamburg and London Paid datestamps and scarce red "HAMBURG / (crown) / REGISTERED". £150-180
Prussia Registered. 1858-71 Entire letters from Germany to London with red circular "PRUSSIA / (crown) / REGISTERED", red oval "REGISTERED-LONDON / 20 JA 1871 / FROM / PRUSSIA" or black "PRUSSIA / REGISTERED" c.d.s, two with red "(crown) / REGISTERED", two with file folds crossing the stamps, the other stampless. (3). £120-150
Sardinia Registered. 1866 Cover from Naples to London franked 2L vertical strip of four and 40c, with fine red "SARDINIA / (crown) / REGISTERED". Cover faults with some edge tears and minor soils and a piece torn from the upper right corner, nevertheless a very scarce handstamp. £150-180
1853-76 Covers with locally made straight line "REGISTERED" handstamps of Leamington (1853, franked 1d + 2d single and pair), Manchester (1855, 1d pink envelope with cut to shape 6d embossed) or Chester (1876, 1d + 4d), also boxed "REGISTERED / YORK" on 1853-56 entire letter (some stamps removed) and piece. (5). £140-160
1871 Registered cover to France franked 6d (faults) tied by Bute Docks D57 duplex, red "P.D" and oval Registered datestamps of Cardiff and London, with straight line "CHARGE" and a boxed handstamp "CPB" showing the French weight and charges on the reverse, two wax seals each impressed "POSTES CALAIS / A / PARIS (1°)" applied on the Calais to Paris T.P.O. £120-150
1877 Registered cover from Norwich to Paris bearing 1877 4d sage-green plate 15 (S.G. 153) and 2 1/2d rosy-mauve plate 7 each tied by "575" numeral, London and Norwich Registered datestamps and "ANGL. AMB. CALAIS" transit c.d.s. An unusual franking. £100-120
1881-1905 Provincial Registered datestamps on covers and cards (13) and pieces (6) including unusual double oval "REGISTERED / APR 19 81 / BIGGLESWADE" in blue (corner fault), oval Chichester datestamp incorrectly cancelling a postcard franked 1/2d, 1881 blue "BIRMINGHAM / REGISTERED" c.d.s, etc. (19). £100-120
Liverpool. 1871-1901 Covers (7, also two pieces) with scarce 1880 "W/466/W" obliterator in blue, large double ring "E. LOW-HILL / REGISTERED" c.d.s, segmented double ring datestamps of Liverpool N.D, S.D or E.D, oval Liverpool N.D datestamp with "REGISTERED" horizontally across the centre, etc. (9). £130-150
Glasgow. 1849-1920 Covers (18) and pieces (7) including 1849 "REGISTERED AT GLASGOW" undated circle, crowned oval datestamps in red or black (3), crowned c.d.s in blue (2), 1884 c.d.s in blue, distinctive Waterloo St., Hope St and Howard St. datestamps, 1893 oval "Registered 2d" cancellation in red, also a proof impression of the rare oval "Coin" datestamp on piece. (26). £200-240
Scotland. 1857-1904 Entire letters and covers (12), also a front and pieces (3), with Registered cancels of Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee or Inverness, including 1857 red two line "Registered / EDINBURGH", etc. (16). £140-160
"R" and "Fee "Paid" Handstamps. 1891-1916 Covers (14), a Parcel Post label, stamps and pieces (4) including "R" or "R/Fee Paid" marks used as cancellations, various "Registered 2d" handstamps, unusual "FEE / PAID" of Sheffield, 1918 cover with London P.C registration label, etc. (19). £130-160
Registration Labels. 1877-1933 Covers with red "REGISTERED" label on 1877 cover from Torquay, and 1907-13 3d registration envelopes with blank type labels handstamped undated "HEYWOOD / M.O & S.B" (Feb 19 1907, second day of labels), violet two line "LYMINGE / FOLKSTONE" or fancy straight line "West Didsbury", the last Posted Out of Course upon redirection and charged 2d. (4). £150-180
Jury Summons. 1877-1916 Jury Summons all sent at the 3d rate (6), also an unstamped 1936 duplicate summons. (7). £140-160
Returned Mail. 1920-47 Covers comprising 1920 A.R cover from Paris to Batoum with violet boxed "REGISTERED SERVICE / SUSPENDED" applied in the London Returned Letter Section; 1926 cover to Smyrna with "RETOUR" cachet and label "RETOUR A CAUSE DE SON / CONTENU DE VALEUR"; and 1947 cover to the Russian Zone of Germany with violet boxed "NO REGISTERED SERVICE". (3). £130-160
Compulsory Registration. 1863 Cover from Clifton to London franked by four 1d reds, charged 8d, with scarce red boxed "REGISTERED. C / 2 MR 1863 / LONDON E.C" datestamp, only used on compulsory registered mail containing coins. Photo on Page 129. £150-180
Compulsory Registration. 1882-1976 Covers all compulsory registered with various explanatory "Caution" labels applied, the 1882 cover charged 8d. Also three Returned Letter Office explanatory labels for use on returned compulsory registered letters charged 2d. (14). £180-200
Posted Out of Course. 1889-1957 Covers all with various "Posted Out of Course" handstamps, some charged. (13). £130-150
Certificates of Posting. 1844-1914 C.O.Ps for registered letters, also three rural postmen C.O.Ps, all different. (19). £100-120

Returned Letter Office / Dead Letter Office

1797-1831 London Local Post returned lettersheets with the Local Post regulations printed inside, the 1797 lettersheet headed "Penny-Post-Office" with C. Walcott shown as the Comptroller; the others headed "Two-Penny Post-Office" with E. Johnson, Comptroller (used 1824) or T.M Musgrave, Comptroller (3, used 1825, 1826 or 1831). The 1797 lettersheet stained and with holes and tears, the 1825 item reduced in size (but with no loss of text), the 1826 item with the original undelivered letter enclosed showing nine different backstamps. The 1825 and 1826 items identical, otherwise all different, a scarce group. (5 + 1 enclosure). £450-550
1821-87 Returned Letter Office lettersheets or envelopes (15) including 1821 lettersheet with "Free. / F. Freeling" imprint and a red Free datestamp; blue Circulation Department envelopes (3, one headed "Returned Paid Letter / On Her Majesty's Service" with "R.L.B. fo." printed at left, another for unpaid mail with a four line warning about not paying the charge); 1887 Returned Redirected Circular envelope with a " 1/2d" charge mark, etc. Also later R.L.B bundle labels, explanatory labels, pieces, other official Post Office envelopes, etc. (34). £300-350
1863 Blue Returned Letter Branch Circulation Department envelope to Sunderland with scarce two line "R.L.B. / REGISTERED" handstamp in red, tears at left edge, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 129. £150-180


1828-1960 Entire letters, covers and ephemera, the interesting selection including 1828-31 entire letters from Basel to Carl Mench, Musician to His Majesty the King of England, at Windsor (2) or Brighton; cover and front both signed "The Queen" and addressed by Queen Victoria to Her Majesty Queen Adelaide or H.R.H Princess Sophia; 1902-60 covers with various Royal Cypher or Privy Purse cachets (22); 1903 KEVII menus from Vice Regal Lodge (2); 1911 KGV menu from Holyrood Palace; unused Kings Flight notepaper (2) and 1936 Court Postmaster compliments slip; souvenir tissue handkerchief for the visit of the King of Italy; 1902 document bestowing a Prussian Order on J.T Warren of Sandringham; photo of King Albert; proof impressions of Privy Purse or Lord Chamberlain official cachets on two sheets of notepaper, etc. (46). £250-300

World War One

(Also see lots 119, 120, 889, 890)

1916 (Mar 21) Cover from Gloucester to a Petty Officer at No 13 Kite Balloon Section, R.N.A.S, Port Said, the stamp washed off, repaired with an Officially Sealed label and handstamped boxed "DAMAGED BY IMMERSION / IN SEA WATER" in violet. Recovered from the L.B & S.C.R steamer "Sussex" which was torpedoed between Folkestone and Dieppe on March 24th. Photo on Page 129. £120-150
1917-18 Stampless picture postcards from British forces in Italy with A.P.O or F.P.O datestamps (mostly F.P.O 144). (14). £80-100
1918-20 Stampless forces covers and cards to a Miss Martin in England, most from her cousin Lieut. Sidney J. Travers including a picture postcard of Skutari and two covers with enclosed letters headed from "B. Coy, 1/6th Gloucester's, I.E.F, Scutari, Albania" or "British Legation, Cetinje, Montenegro" all with A.P.O S.100 c.d.s, another letter containing three picture postcards of the British Detachment in Scutari, and other covers from France, Italy or Egypt. Also a few other covers to Miss Wood including 1918 cover with London Paquebot handstamp and violet "CENSORED / PURSER" and "Hy. H. Bush". Mail from the small British Detachments sent to Albania and Montenegro is very unusual and scarce. (30+). £150-200
WW1 Cards and covers from British P.O.Ws in Germany (67, mostly Altdamm or Munster camps) thanking the addressee for parcels. Also a few stampless covers and cards with F.P.O datestamps. (88). £80-100

Channel Islands

1851 Stampless entire letter to Denmark with blue Jersey double arc datestamp, rated 6d and 45sk in red, backstamped in London and the Danish Post Office in Hamburg. £80-100
1862 Cover to Canada franked 1856 6d tied by "409" numeral, backstamps include Jersey c.d.s and "NANTICOKE / U.C" arrival handstamp with manuscript date in the centre. £100-120
1863 Entire letter from Jersey to St. Malo, posted into the Boite Mobile, with G.B 1862 4d tied by large "3734" numeral within a diamond of dots, partial octagonal red "ANGL. B.M / ST MALO" datestamp, fine. Photo on Page 129. £150-180
Jersey Mobile Box. 1869 Entire letter from St. Malo to Guernsey bearing a 1d red which has been left uncancelled, handstamped with the very scarce "8" charge mark (composed of two separate circles, few examples recorded) and octagonal framed "JERSEY / FRANCE / MB / OC 26 / 69" (Rob. MB1) with a Guernsey backstamp the following day. Exceptionally scarce and exhibition quality. Photo on Page 129. £1,800-2,200
1904-07 Picture postcards from Jersey to France posted into the Boite Mobile to St. Malo or Granville, with G.B 1/2d or 1d cancelled by St. Malo c.d.s and double ring "ANG. B.M / ST MALO" or single ring "ANG. B.M / SAINT-MALO" c.d.s. alongside, or G.B 1d tied by Granville c.d.s (on the picture side) with octagonal "ANGL. B.M / GRANVILLE" datestamp. The Granville card also handstamped "T" with a 15c postage due stamp applied. (3). £100-120
WW2 Correspondence with 1943-44 postcards and a lettersheet from a Channel Islands internee in Biberach (21); P.O.W lettersheets from a Guernsey soldier in Stalag XXB to his parents in Guernsey (3, one sent Oct. 1944 during the Fortress period); 1940 card to J.M Trotter informing him he has been selected for the local Guernsey Volunteer Defence Force and 1944-45 forces mail from C.M Trotter; other 1939-40 forces covers to Guernsey (also one to Sark) with various F.P.O or H.M Ships cancels, 1943 identity card, etc. (c.120). £150-200


1709 Entire letters to London charged 3d, both with "DERBY" handstamp (DY 116b, recorded as seen in archives only in the new Midland's county catalogue), one very overinked, the other clearly readable, scarce. (2). £140-160


1795-1952 Covers and cards including Penny Posts, numerals, duplexs, various datestamps, slogans, registration envelopes, camp cancels, etc. (164). £200-250

Isle of Man

1828-78 Entire letters, covers and a card comprising 1828 entire letter written at Ballaugh but posted at Workington; 1841-47 entires with boxed "Ramsey / Isle of Man" and "Isle of Man" double arc datestamps (3); 1872 cover franked 1d red strip of three and 1878 1 1/4d postcard (faults) both to France; and 1863 cover (flap missing, mourning card enclosed) to USA with 1862 1/- cancelled "466" of Liverpool, backstamped by "Peel, Isle of Man" c.d.s. (7). £140-160

Isle of Wight

(Also see lots 707, 726)

1843-1921 Covers and cards with handstamps of Carisbrooke (8) including undated circles (3, differing colours) and a skeleton c.d.s, or of Chale (6) including 1859 undated circle (with a Godshill undated circle alongside). (14). £170-200
Ryde. c.1785 Entire letter sent locally to Gatcombe, charged 1d, with straight line "ISLE OF WIGHT. R" handstamp, not recorded in the County Catalogue, probably predating the first recorded Ryde handstamp of 1788. £100-120
P.O.W - S.S Canada. 1915 Stampless Prisoners of War envelope to London, endorsed from a P.O.W on S.S "Canada" at Ryde, with circular violet "RYDE / 24 Feb. 1915 / PRISONERS OF WAR", circular framed "P.C." in violet and a Ryde c.d.s. Very scarce, only this one example of the Ryde cachet recorded in "Prisoners of War in British Hands during WW1" by Graham Mark. Photo on Page 129. £150-180
c.1916 Stampless picture postcard of Ryde, sent to New Zealand with red boxed "ON ACTIVE SERVICE / N.Z Hospital Ship / "MARAMA"." and black "RECEIVED FROM / H.M. SHIP / NO CHARGE TO BE RAISED". Message reads "had a good time at Cowes". A fine card, unusual from the Isle of Wight. (See lot 317 for another card from the same correspondence). £100-120
Ventnor. 1851 Pictorial lettersheet with a fine engraving of St. Catherine's church at Ventnor, posted from Ventnor to Cambridgeshire prepaid 1d. £100-120


(Also see lots 230, 623, 682, 714, 791, 837, 859, 944)

1726 Entire letter to Milnhead endorsed "via Kendale" charged 4d, backstamped by two line "LEVER / POOLE" (BCC 13, 20x10mm), an exceptionally fine strike of this very scarce early handstamp. Photo on Page 129. £200-250
1807-1955 Covers and cards in an album including spoon cancels (10), 1906 and 1907 "XMAS" cancels used on mail posted in advance for delivery on Christmas Day, postage due and charge marks, 1830-34 "PAID AT / LIVERPOOL" handstamps (4), various district office c.d.s or duplex cancels, a few surface printed covers, etc. (87). £250-300
1830 Entire letter from the Liverpool Post Office with printed contents sending the compliments of the clerks of the Liverpool Post Office, and enclosing the annual statement of the arrival and despatch of mails with postal rates and times of receipt or despatch (the statement no longer present). Simply addressed "Thos Crook & Son" with scarce oval framed "Paid 1" handstamp (BCC 152). Light folds but very unusual. £160-200
Railway Numerals. 1839 Entire letter to Manchester with red handstruck "5", applied to the top letters in bundles sent by railway from Liverpool to Manchester, recorded 1837-41. £80-100
Railway Numerals/1d Black. 1840 (Dec 18) Entire to Manchester bearing a 1d black HG plate 7, four large margins tied by a red Maltese Cross. Backstamped with red Liverpool datestamp and handstruck "6", (recorded 1839-41), horizontal file fold, otherwise very fine. Photo on Page 133. £250-300
1d Black. 1840 (Sep 2) Entire to London bearing a 1d black PF plate 6, four large margins, tied by a red Maltese Cross, very fine. £180-220
1d Black. 1841 (Feb 27) Entire letter to Ballymoney bearing a 1d black BB plate 9 with four large to huge margins tied by a black Maltese Cross. An exceptionally fine example of a plate 9 1d and an early use of the black Maltese Cross. Photo on Page 133. £240-280
2d Blue. 1841 (Oct 5) Entire letter to Halifax bearing an 1840 2d blue GC plate 2, four good margins, tied by a black Maltese Cross, light central vertical file fold, otherwise very fine. Photo on Page 133. £400-500
Mulready. 1841 (Feb 25) 1d Mulready lettersheet stereo A26 to London with straight line "Birkenhead" handstamp and a black Maltese Cross alongside Britannia, reverse with minor toning, otherwise fine and attractive. £80-100
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for Viewing details
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