Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for Viewing details
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Auction Lots - Page 12
1880 2/- Brown LD, wing margin at right, used with "R/1" registration numeral of London, blue crayon mark at lower left, otherwise fine and an attractive example of this uncommon stamp. S.G. 121, £3,800. Photo on Page 73. £300-400
1884 Imperial Crowns £1 brown used, a little heavily cancelled and a tiny surface rub, otherwise largely fine. S.G. 185, £2,820. Photo on Page 77. £250-300
1902 KEVII £1 Dull blue-green used on piece with oval London Registered datestamp, a little light staining. S.G. 266, £800. £80-100
1910 KEVII 7d Grey-black block of six superb used, each with a Guernsey c.d.s. £80-100
1912-24 2d Bright Orange (die 1) unmounted mint part pane of 75, margins on three sides, lower margin with control "J17", minor gum faults to about a dozen stamps, otherwise fine. S.G. 369, £600+. £200-240
1924 Block Cypher watermark paper, a complete sheet endorsed "SPECIMEN C" in ink and "17 1/2 - 22 1/2 - 15 1/2" in pencil, central vertical and horizontal folds, otherwise very fine and unusual, 45x57cm. £500-600
1924 Block Cypher watermark paper overprinted with 70 impressions of type 28 "CANCELLED", horizontal fold between the lower two rows of overprint and two corner creases affecting four overprint impressions, otherwise fine and very unusual, 22x16cm. £400-600
1935 2 1/2d Prussian blue superb unmounted mint, full original gum, well centred with 1945 H&A. Wallace letter of authenticity and B.P.A Certificate (2013). S.G. 456a, £17,500. Photo on Back Cover. £7,000-8,000
1952-2000 QEII Mint collection in thirteen albums and stockbooks, predecimal commemoratives apparently complete including all phosphors and some minor varieties, extensive decimal issues including Greetings and other booklets, year packs and presentation packs, all commemoratives and some definitives (total face £500+), also regionals and Channel Islands, some predecimal postage dues, various sheets and blocks, some used, commemorative covers (including two illustrated 1969 Doncaster Grammar School Centenary covers with special cancels), F.D.Cs, etc. £400-500
1979 Year of the Child 11p block of four with sheet value in left margin, imperforate between stamps and margin, fine unmounted mint. Circa 10 examples recorded. Pierron GBR2186a, £900. £200-250
Decimal Presentation Packs, booklets and year packs, much face value with stamps to £5 values, also stockbooks and albums with mint Channel Islands and Isle of Man (including booklets), USA and UN, etc. £120-150
Regionals. 1958 Illustrated First Day Covers of the six 3d stamps and three plain registered F.D.Cs of the three 6d and 1/3 stamps, all fine. (9). £70-80
Booklets. 1935 3/- Booklet edition 319 containing panes of the KGV photogravure 1/2d, 1d (inverted watermark) and 1 1/2d (3, one inverted watermark), very fine. S.G. BB29, £525. £150-200

G.B. Used Abroad / British Post Offices Abroad

(Also see lots 153, 220, 273, 287, 324, 880, 882)

1841-83 Issues cancelled in France, including 1841 1d with fine small "1533" numeral of Hyeres; later 1d reds with large "549" numeral, octagonal "ANGL. B.M / LE HAVRE" datestamps (3) or "ST MALO" c.d.s (2); 2d blue with small "1441" numeral of Granville; and surface printed with large "549" on 1862 1/- (corner fault), "ML2" T.P.O lozenge on 1870 4d plate 12, large "1769" of Le Havre on 1868 3d plate 5 or 1875 3d plate 18, "GRANVILLE" c.d.s on 1883 2 1/2d, etc., a few faults. (17). Photo on Page 85. £200-250
Corfu. c.1850 Entire letter written and addressed in Greek, with superb "PAID / AT / CORFU" crowned circle and a Corfu c.d.s. Photo on Page 87. £220-260
Constantinople. 1867 5/- Rose plate 1, watermark Maltese Cross, DJ used with central "C" cancel. Photo on Page 55. £140-160
Chile. 1870 Entire to New South Wales bearing G.B 1858 2d blue plate 9, 1868 3d plate 5 and 2/- blue all cancelled "VALPARAISO / C30" British P.O duplexs. Endorsed "via Panama and England, Marseille route" with red London Paid transit c.d.s and Sydney arrival backstamp. Folded and staining affecting all the stamps, nevertheless a very scarce destination from a British P.O in South America. Photo on Page 87. £250-350


1871-1954 Covers with 1871 cover from London bearing a 1d red with "EUPN / MAIL" perfin; QV postal stationery with perfins (9) comprising 1/2d violet postcard, 1/2d brown postcards (3), 1d postcards (3), 1 1/4d postcard and 1/2d brown newspaper wrapper; and 1926-54 covers or address labels bearing Stationery Office perfins (6); also various single stamps (14) and a piece. (16 covers + 15 stamps). £200-240
Stamp Distribution Co. 1d Lilacs perfined "SDC" and sold in booklets, a mint single (staining) and a single used on 1894 cover from London S.W, very scarce. (2). £150-180
Stamp Distribution Co. 1893 2d Registration envelope sent within London, bearing 1887 1/2d and a 1d lilac perfined "SDC" from booklets sold by the Stamp Distribution Co., both stamps tied Registered S.W.D.O c.d.s. Central vertical fold, otherwise fine, scarce on cover. £150-180
Railway Perfins. 1870-1977 Covers and cards (163), stamps and pieces (127) with railway company perfins including Irish companies, London Underground, railway official postcards, a few pictorial envelopes, perfins from Canadian railway company offices in G.B, also tramways and shipping companies, postal stationery, stamps to the 2/6 value, extensive studies of G.W.R. A fine study on pages, covers and cards include Brecon & Merthyr, Caledonian (2), Canadian Pacific (7), Cambrian (5), Cork, Bandon & South Coast, Furness (3), Grand Trunk of Canada, Great Central (2), G.E.R (13), G.N.R (6), Great Southern & Western (3), Great Southern, G.W.R (38), Neath & Brecon, L.B.& S.C.R (8), L.N.E.R (13), L.S.W.R (13), London, Tilbury & Southend, Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire (3), Midland Great Western, N.E.R (2), S.E.R (3), S.E & Chatham (4), Southern (2), Taff Vale (8), Underground (3), etc., also a few related cards, ephemera, etc; in two F.G. Warwick albums. (Approx 300). £1,400-1,600

Telegraph Stamps

Post Office Telegraph Stamps, 1/2d - £1 mainly used selection including 5/- (34) and £1 brown used with Manchester York St. c.d.s and boxed G.P.O cancel, fine. Also two receipts for money paid to forward telegraphs, each bearing 1d telegraph pair tied by circular framed "1439" (as used at railway station telegraph offices, see lot 816) or Temple Bar B.O c.d.s (99 stamps + 2 receipts). Photo on Page 77. £350-450
Post Office Telegraph Stamps. 1885 Cover sent within Birmingham franked by a 1d Telegraph stamp, an unusual postal acceptance. Photo on Page 87. £200-250
Private Telegraph & Telephone Stamps. Mainly mint selection with issues from Bonelli's Electric Telegraph Co. Ltd (7), British & Irish Magnetic Telegraph Co. Ltd (11, mostly imperf remainders), The Electric Telegraph Co. (7), London District Telegraph Co. (12), The English & Irish Magnetic Telegraph Co. (5), United Kingdom Electric Telegraph Co. Ltd (7) or Universal Private Telegraph Co. (22), also National Telephone Co. stamps (64) with 1d and 1/- sheets of 12 and other multiples. (135). £250-300
Army Telegraphs. 1884-1900 Issues mint, used or specimen, comprising 1884-85 Military Telegraphs 1d - £1 set of eight overprinted "SPECIMEN" (3d, 1/- and 10/- creased, £1 stained); 1895-1900 Army Telegraphs issues mint (3) or used in South Africa (8, including two pieces), some staining; and 1896 1/2d vermilion and 1900 1/2d green overprinted "ARMY / TELEGRAPHS" in blocks of six mint. (31). £150-180
Military Telegraphs - Sudan. 1884-85 Military Telegraphs stamps used in Sudan with violet "FIELD TELEGRAPHS" cancels, comprising 1d single or strip of three on two pieces, 3d on piece, 6d pair and a single on piece, 1/- (3, one on piece) and 2/-, cancels include code "QI" of Quarantine Island on five stamps and code "SK" of Suakim on six stamps, an uncommon group. (12). Photo on Pages 55 & 77. £250-350


Parcel Delivery Co. carrier stamps comprising Globe Express Ltd from Liverpool (3) and Leeds (5), Sutton & Co. issues for Manchester (6, one bisected) and London (2), Liverpool Parcel Delivery Co. (13), Fosters Parcel Express (2), Bristol Parcel Delivery Co, Carter Paterson (11), Express Parcels Delivery Co. (3), Manchester Parcel Delivery Co. (7), also seven other stamps or labels. Mixed condition but many fine, a scarce group. (60). £400-500
Parcel Delivery Co. carrier stamps comprising Marshall Bros. Parcel Express of Leeds 2d stamps (2, one with "CITY" added above central design); Atlas Express Co. 2d; M.H & Co. Parcel Express Service for N.B Rly, not exceeding 112lbs; Wigan Goods & Parcel Delivery Co. Ltd. 1d; Williams & Son Local Parcel Express of Liverpool 3d; Bradford Parcel Delivery Co. 1d and 2d; Sutton & Co. Edinburgh & District Parcel Delivery 2d used with oval "Bell & Co. Contractors" handstamp, all mainly fine, a very scarce group. (9). Photo on Pages 55 & 85. £240-300
London Parcel Delivery Co. Ltd, large c.1850 carriage prepaid black on lilac stamp with signature of Chas Norman, Secretary, also three later stamps, two "L.P.D.C Rails Charges Paid" labels and three "L.P.D.C Ltd Paid" handstamps. (8). Photo on Page 83. £140-160
Tramway/Carrier Stamps. 1941 Cover sent within Reading by Corporation Tramways, from the Borough Accountant, bearing "R.C.T Parcels Express On Corporation Service 1d" stamp, with the cachet "SAVE FUEL / WIN THE BATTLE / FOR FUEL", roughly opened with the corner of the stamp torn through, scarce. Also c.1950s parcel address labels to Hove with "CARTER PATERSON & Co., LTD., / PAID / CITY BASIN." cachet or sent within Edinburgh with 6d E.C.T Parcels stamp, etc. (5). Photo on Page 87. £130-160
Circular Delivery Co. Stamps, mainly mint selection with some forgeries, includes Metropolitan 1/4d rose-carmine used with part double oval cancel showing central shield, in red (a few small faults but scarce), etc. (81). Photo on Page 55. £100-120
Circular Delivery Co. Stamps. Mint selection on pages and stockcards, nearly all genuine, includes London 1/4d blue vertical pair and strip of three imperf horizontally (both unfortunately torn apart and rejoined, faults), various Edinburgh & Leith or Clark & Co. issues in blocks, etc., mainly fine. (149). £150-200
College Stamps/Postal Stationery. Keble College 1879 1/2d ultramarine (2) and 1882 1/2d ultramarine without imprint (104, including two complete sheets of 48 each in two panes, one with faults); Hertford College 1/2d postal stationery envelopes with the stamps in blue or mauve (three differing sizes, one with "College Notice" printed heading), and Merton College 1/2d blue postcard. (106 stamps + 5 covers/cards). £130-160


1822 Stamp Office Horse Mileage ticket, printed for 4 horses but altered in manuscript for one horse travelling six miles from Lymington to Beaulieu. Small tear at top and a couple of light folds, scarce used and unusually fine. Barefoot 4. £80-100
c.1915 KGV Key Plate revenues without inscription, imperforate proofs on unwatermarked green paper, probably printers waste, comprising 4d purple block of 48, 2/- purple block of 12, 2/- green block of 47, 7/6 green block of 20 and £1 purple block of 26, very unusual. (153 proofs). £300-350


1637-1852 Letters including 1637 letter from Alresford and c.1630s letter concerning lands in Bedfordshire and Huntingdonshire; 1852 letter from the Royal Commissioners of the 1851 Exhibition to Col. Maberley advising that the Exhibition Commissioners have moved their offices to Marlborough House; 1813 letter from Lord Tavistock recommending Thomas Poole of Pavingham as a mail coach guard; 1822 entire letter to Perkins & Heath regarding an order of 5000 £1 notes; 1833 entire letter with a long report on the discovery of a drowned infant; also photos of John Bright and Richard Cobden, Lord John Russell, William Howard Russell of "The Times", etc. (14). £200-250
c.1700-1950s Entire letters, covers, postcards, photos, ephemera, etc., in three albums and loose, including ship letters and transatlantic mail, a few European letters, many 1d red covers, a few free franks, 1841 entire letter to Guernsey franked 1d with red "Paid Ship Letter London" datestamp, letter concerning the Bonaw Postmaster written on the reverse of an unused Penny Post form, 1843 printed letter to the Bonaw Postmaster asking if the time-bill from Oban was presented at his office, 1843 Money Order remittance acknowledgement, newspapers reporting the Battles of Waterloo and Trafalgar and the death of Nelson, 1794 act on rates of postage to the Channel Islands, printed returns of transports and provisions sent to the Crimea, etc. (c.250). £350-400
1746-1848 Entire letters, mostly prestamp and stampless letters but a few with 1d reds, including 1810 entire letter endorsed on reverse "from Girard Heartlas seaman on bord of his magesty ship the Elizabeth" and countersigned, sent at the 1d sailors rate from Portsmouth to Beverley (corner fault), 1793 entire letter to Andertons Coffee House, some interesting content with various letters to Huth & Co or Cobb & Co in Margate, 1827 entire letter from Wick to Langwell endorsed "with 2 Jars Butter per mail", etc. (95). £170-200
1784-91 Entire letters to Patrick Campbell in Scotland with various Naval related contents, one written by Lawrence Campbell upon his arrival in Jamaica endorsed "Pr Ship Hester Lindo, Captn Robertson, Q.D.C" with "DOVER / SHIP LRE" handstamp, others handstamped "BODMIN" or "55 PETERS / FIELD", or posted in London with the local post receivers handstamps "CADE" or circular "STATIONER / ALLEN". Also 1863 cover endorsed from a seaman on H.M.S "Topaze" at Valparaiso, countersigned for the 1d rate, marked "MORE / TO / PAY" and charged 1/1, unfortunately with the 1d stamp removed. (6). £140-160
1791-1899 Entire letters and covers, mainly prestamp letters with various handstamps including 1824 "GUERNSEY" scroll, 1791 handstruck "4" of Reading, 1835-41 red boxed "PAID AT / HOWDEN" (2), 1827-32 circular "PAID / AT / GLOUCESTER" (2), 1844 "Prepaid" of Norwich, inspectors crowns, Ship Letters, also a few stamped covers with 1878 red boxed "Not / Known" of Cheltenham, 1899 cover franked 1/2d but endorsed "liable to letter rate" with a "1d" charge, etc. (92). £250-300
1840-91 Covers in a Prinz cover album including 1840 entire letter from London to Pembroke bearing a 1d black plate 6 (four margins, close at left) tied by a red Maltese Cross, 1853 entire letter with a fine four margin 1841 2d, 1870 circular franked 1/2d but sealed so charged 1d with a Leeds "1d" charge mark, etc. (19). £150-180
1906 Picture postcard franked KEVII 1/2d, sent from Scole, Norfolk to London, with Finsbury Park machine cancel applied upon arrival in 1921, 15 years in transit, very unusual. £50-70
1936-37 King Edward VIII postal history, the extensive collection in four albums including "ERI/VIII" royal cypher on covers from Sandringham (2); mixed QV-KGVI five reign frankings (2); pictorial envelopes (7); London "Tempy. Office" or "Home District" machines (5); Field Post Office c.d.s from Palestine (2); First Flights (27); airmail test letters (6), Mobile Post Offices (2), H.M Ship duplexs used at the 1937 Coronation review (9); Shanghai A.P.O (2); meter marks (6 covers + 33 pieces + 3 proof pieces, also Neopost advertising leaflets); F.D.Cs; special event cancels (18, including 1937 Royal Show Wolverhampton skeleton); explanatory handstamps; a good range of commercial airmail covers, etc. (169 Covers, also some pieces and stamps). £700-800
Cranmere Cachets. 1915-81 Covers and cards including first type single ring cachet cancelling KGV 1/2d on 1915 postcard with Prince Town c.d.s, 1921-33 double ring cachets in violet and blue, etc. (7). £60-70
Forwarding Agents. 1855-81 Entire letters with various London or Liverpool "Forwarded By" cachets, some senders cachets, others proper Forwarding Agent uses. (13). £100-120
Islands. 1898-1984 Covers and cards (15), pieces (10) and Parcel Post labels (2) with items from Canvey Island (including a P.P.C of the Post Office), Piel c.d.s on 1906 postcard and 1929 cover, Barrow Island c.d.s on 1939 registered cover, Whale Island, Isle of Dogs Parcel Post labels (2), etc. (27). £70-100

Early Letters

1558 (Oct 2) Entire letter addressed "To the right honorable Sir Thomas Cornwallis Knight, Comptroller of Her Maj. Household" written and signed by William Cordell, Solicitor General, Master of the Rolls and Speaker of the House of Commons. Cordell writes of his daughter's sickness and death, " ..... the sickness of my little girl has so troubled me that I have had no mynde of anything ..... the last night God hath called her oute of his life to his Mercy". A fine personal letter between two leading Elizabethan statesmen. Cornwallis escorted Princess Elizabeth to London in 1554 and was commissioner at the trial of Thomas Wyatt, treasurer of Calais 1554-57 (supposedly selling Calais to the French) and became Comptroller of the Royal Household in 1557. Photo on Page 93. £500-600
1571 Long entire letter, apparently from Calais to Filippo Corsini in London endorsed "Pqa", the contents including two merchants guild signs, very fine. £180-240
Venice - Guild Sign. 1571 Entire from Alfonzo & Roberto Strozzi in Venice to Filippo Corsini in London with the Strozzi family guild sign on the address panel, very fine. Photo on Page 93. £250-350
Norfolk. 1586 Entire letter from Louis Cantin in Norwich, written and addressed in French to Bartholomy Corsini in London. The letter concerns current prices for various merchandise in Norfolk, and includes "I am sending you a packet of 28 pieces of bays numbered 1, which is marked with the mark of your house". £300-350
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for Viewing details
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