Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
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Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for Viewing details
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Auction Lots - Page 13
Norfolk. 1589 Entire letter from Louis Cantin in Norwich to Bartholomy Corsini in London, concerning current prices for various merchandise in Norfolk. A fine letter, written and addressed in French. £300-350
Ireland. 1591 Entire letter written in Italian by Guglielmo Petala from Dublin, addressed to "Alli molto Magci ssrs Filippo Corsini, Vincentio della Barne in Londra". Petala reports a good harvest, with 2000 barrels for sale at Waterford, and says he sent his previous letter about the cargo of last year's wheat on the "White Lion". A fine letter, the Corsini correspondence contained just eleven letters from Ireland, all written by Petala, eight being sent from Dublin. Photo on Page 93. £1,600-2,000
Ireland. 1591 Entire letter from Guglielmo Petala in Dublin to Filippo Corsini and Vincentio della Barne in London, the contents comprising copies of three letters concerning the export of grain and wheat from Ireland, all certified as copies by Richard Henneage (nephew of Sir Thomas Henneage, Vice Chamberlain to Queen Elizabeth). The original letters were from Thomas Norris, Vice President of Munster; William Fitzwilliam, Lord Deputy of Ireland", and Queen Elizabeth I, this letter headed "Elizabeth Regina by the Queen" and written from Wentworth Castle in Yorkshire. An important historical letter from Ireland, one of just eleven Corsini correspondence letters from Ireland, eight being from Dublin. Photo on Page 93. £2,000-2,500
Kent. 1595 Entire letter written in French by Gilles Ente from Sandwich, addressed to "A monsieur et bon amy Bartelmeus Corsynes marchonet a Londres un fer deux de grogrein", with accounts for selling grosgrain. The Corsini correspondence only contained six letters from Sandwich. Photo on Page 93. £350-400
Kent. 1595 Similar entire letter from Gilles Ente in Sandwich, one of just six Corsini correspondence letters from Sandwich. £350-400
1600 Document (no address panel) from Paulyven, agent for the Corsini family in La Rochelle, advising Corsini that he had received the 768 ecus and credited them to Sieurs Chenamy and Sisty, with Corsinis answer concerning the money written at the base. An interesting financial document, personally endorsed by Filippo Corsini. £150-180
Royal Messenger Account. 1621 Receipted quarterly bill for £11.15.00 paid to William Milnes, one of the Kings messengers, including payments for three specific journeys, signed by Milnes, O. Cromwell and five others. A rare document. £1,000-1,200
1677 (May 23) Handwritten summons to attend King Charles II, addressed "To ye Honble Sir Francis Radcliff Barrt att the Postmasters of Newcastle these present, Newcastle Upon Tyne" charged 3d, with a "MA/23" Bishop Mark. The interesting letter includes "A message from ye King Commanding ye House to attend him immediately in ye Banquitting House", Radcliff's presence being required to consider the proposed alliance with the Spanish Netherlands "against ye posture & growth of ye French King". File folds and two edge tears to the address panel but an interesting letter regarding matters of state sent on behalf of the King. £200-300


1854-93 Covers, pieces and stamps, mostly with machine cancels including Azemars (front + cover), Rideouts (cover + 6 pieces, also "HS" code single ring backstamp on cover), etc. (29). £100-120
c.1860-1912 Single ring datestamps with the place name in a straight line, the interesting collection on pages comprising covers and cards (63), Parcel Post labels (9), stamps and pieces (16), including Arva on stampless 1864 cover to the War Office with red Official Paid c.d.s, Benson on local stampless cover delivered free of charge, Formby on blank type registration label on 1909 cover, undated Fulford cancelling a 1d red on local cover with a further strike on reverse (staining but very scarce), etc. (88). £280-320
1868-1904 Covers with cloth covered datestamps, including duplex cancels of Bristol, Penrith, Boston and Northampton and various backstamps including boxed London datestamp with chamfered corners, Portadown & Derry S.T Night c.d.s, etc. (36). £180-220
1884-1934 Covers and cards (24) or pieces (10) showing various unusual types of single ring datestamps (9, all covers and cards, including partly or wholly missing circles, altered dates, etc.) or rubber datestamps, including fine "BARKSTON" rubber on 1886 C.O.P and "BUCKLAND MONACHORUM / PLYMOUTH" rubber on 1894 registered cover, greatly distorted rubbers on postcards (6), also London E.C Bag Room handstamps (3), etc. (37). £100-120
1889-1925 Covers and cards with circular datestamps showing cuts to the inner or outer circles including a detailed study of the double ring datestamps of Battersea (26), single circles form Bristol (3, one in blue), Belfast, Epsom, etc. (36). £80-100
Duplex and Squared Circle cancels on covers and cards (98), pieces and stamps, in two albums. Also 17 private post covers from the 1971 postal strike. £100-120
Numeral Cancels. Two albums containing duplex or single numeral cancels on stamps or pieces, each album mounted in number order from "1" to K91", some late uses and scarcer numbers. (100s). £300-350
Duplex Cancels. Four large stockbooks containing duplexs, all complete on piece, arranged in number order from "1" to "K68", most numbers represented, some late uses, a little duplication. A large and fine lot, the result of many years study and collection. (Approx 3,100 pieces). £600-800
Duplex Cancels. 1874-81 Covers with duplex cancels showing splits in the bars, from Watford, London N, SE (3), W (10) or S.W, a scarce group. (16). £200-250
Codeless Crown datestamps. 1841-58 Entire letters and covers showing these unusual datestamps in red or black, used on mail to or from Government departments, Parliamentary mail and diplomatic bag mail, including 1843 entire letter "To Her Majesty Queen Victoria, Horse Guards, London" with "2" charge mark of Derry, other letters to Chelsea Hospital or East India House, 1854-55 entire letters from the British Consulate at Boulogne sent by diplomatic bag and posted in London charged 2d or franked 1d, 1847 covers from the Duke of Wellington (2), 1855 cover franked 1d with wax seal of the British Foreign Legion presumably from the Crimea, etc. An interesting study

(Also see lot 177). (36). £350-450

Newspaper Precancels. 1895-1909 QV 1/2d and KEVII 1/2d or 1d newspaper wrappers all cancelled by the unusual double ring datestamp with an "S" in diamond above the date, no town shown but known to have been used at Dublin as a precancel on newspapers from W.H. Smith & Son or Eason & Son, also a part strike on a single QV 1/2d vermilion. (4). £130-160
Roller Cancels. QV-KGVI Covers and cards (5), Parcel Post labels (4), stamps and pieces (51) with various roller cancels including Hull, Bradford, "XOF" (Southampton) and Portadown Depot on parcel labels, red Stoke on Trent Paid on an express parcel tag, various London types, etc., a scarce lot. (60). £200-250

Scroll or Hooded Circle Datestamps

"Stamford Mercury 742" precancels including an unusual use on a c.1890 wrapper to Downham without an imprinted stamp, an unused QV 1/2d wrapper, used KEVII and KGV wrappers and unused KGV wrappers (2), and later KGVI or QEII wrappers (11). Also forgeries on a 1d red and QV wrapper and other genuine pieces (4). (18 wrappers + 5 pieces/stamps). Photo on Page 93. £280-320
London. 1884-1936 Study of the various hooded circle datestamps on covers and cards (24), Parcel Post labels (10), pieces or stamps (43), Certificates of Posting of parcels (2) and a parcel "Free" label. The fine lot includes 42 items showing Parcel Post Depot datestamps from Waterloo Sta., Paddington Sta., Paddington, G.P.O London, London (Chief Office) E.C, London Bridge or South West District, two Parcel Post labels with boxed "POSTED OUT OF COURSE / DEFICIENT POSTAGE / FINE / TOTAL TO PAY / TRANSFERRED TO PARCEL POST". An interesting and scarce group. (80). £300-400
Liverpool. 1882-1921 Study of the various hooded circle datestamps on covers and cards (42), stamps or pieces (14) including 1882 first type with central "466" in bars (on single 1d lilac, rare) and second type with the date in central bars and "466" above (cover + stamp), sub-office marks for "Liverpool. S" (6), "E. Low Hill. D" (15) and the very scarce "V. Liverpool. S" of Victoria Street (cover + piece), etc. A fine lot. (56). £320-380
Ireland. 1882-94 Hooded circles from Cork (5 covers and cards + 3 stamps or pieces), Limerick (6, all stamps or pieces), Londonderry (6 covers or cards + 3 pieces) or Waterford (cover + piece), a fine and scarce lot. (12 covers/cards + 13 stamps/pieces). Photo on Page 93. £350-400

Skeletons and Travellers

1838-52 Covers or entire letters with unframed Traveller datestamps (Frost/Awcock types 1 or 2) comprising "LICHFIELD / 4" or "DURHAM / 4" in red, "NEWPORT MON / 2" or "MACCLESFIELD / 1" in blue, "FARNHAM / +", STAFFORD / +" or "NEWTON ABBOTT" in black, also unusual "JA 4 / 1848 / 2" traveller without town name applied upon arrival at Whitehaven. (8). £200-240
1844-53 Covers and entire letters with large framed skeletons (Frost/Awcock types 3 or 4) comprising "TAUNTON / 7", "ABERGAVENNY" or "SUNDERLAND / *" in blue, "WELLINGTON / S.O" or "WELLINGTON / SOM" in black, and "NEWTON ABBOTT" in yellow. (6). £160-180
1869-1964 Covers and cards (38), pieces (6) and a C.O.P, including scarce 1869 Evesham skeleton, 1905 registered insured cover to Egypt with KEVII 1/- tied scarce "REGISTERED / LEEDS" skeleton, pre-1900 covers from Arundel, Epsom and Uttoxeter, 1908 registered cover with undated Usk skeleton on blank type registration label, Rogate with reverse spelling, also examples of spelling errors, missing letters, missing circle, etc. (45). £340-380
London. 1900-27 Covers and cards (11) and Parcel Post labels (4), including scarce "SWDO / PP DEPOT" on 1900 Parcel Post label (endorsed "Redirected 3d to Pay"), 1909 scarce "CENTRAL TELE OFFICE" on Post Office O.H.M.S cover with violet cachet "COPIES OF TELEGRAMS / DELIVERED BY TELEPHONE", registered mail, sub offices, etc. (15). £250-280
Scotland. 1850-1920 Covers and cards with ten 1850-82 skeletons including 1872 Dumfries cancelling a 1d red and 1882 Cupar Fife cancelling a 1d lilac, etc. (14). £240-260
Ireland. 1849-1910 Covers and cards (12) and pieces (2) with large 1849-58 single ring skeletons of "ARDARA", "KANTURK / A" and "CARRICK ON SUIR / 8", 1889 registered cover with four strikes of small double ring "KELLS", etc. (14). £200-240
Ireland. 1906-07 Postcards with single or double ring "ELLY BAY / C G STN" skeletons, used at the Coast Guard Station, unusual. (2). £60-80
Paid Skeletons. 1905-36 Covers and cards (6) and pieces (21) with various Paid skeletons in red (24) or black (3), scarce. (27). £100-120
Rubber Skeletons. 1905-44 Covers and cards (65), pieces (18) and Parcel Post labels (2) all with rubber skeleton datestamps (with the place and date set horizontally across the circle), includes "John Bull" type handstamp of Clawton, Irish uses (14, six used in the Irish Republic after 1922), etc., a fine lot of these scarce cancels. (85). £1,400-1,800

Harbour, Dock & Pier Cancels

Docks - Wales. 1850-1985 Covers and cards (90), stamps and pieces (52), with cancels of Barry, Penarth, Bute, Newport, Swansea, Llanelly or Pembroke Docks, includes undated circles, duplexs, squared circles, numerals, parcel cancels, 1863 registered entire from Bute Docks, Pembroke Dock sideways duplex and Parcel Post label, etc. (142). £500-600
Docks - England. 1795 - 1970 Covers and cards (93), stamps and pieces (55), Parcel Post labels (5), etc., with cancels of Tyne Docks; Northumberland or Albert Edward Docks at North Shields; Sunderland; Victoria, Royal Albert or St. Katherines Docks in London; Wyke Dock, Fleetwood; Alexandra Docks in Lynn or Hull; Gloucester; Dagenham; Bridgewater; Quayside, Newcastle; Grimsby Fish Docks; Wet Dock, Ipswich; Woolwich Dockyard; Widnes; Immingham; Plymouth; Portsmouth; Chatham; Portland; Glasson; Tilbury or Southampton Docks. An interesting collection in an F.G. Warwick album. (153). £600-800
Harbours. 1894-1995 Covers and cards (27), pieces (2) and Parcel Post labels (8) with cancels of Seaham, Courtown, Richmond (Longford), Rye, Shannon, Larne or Portland Harbours, includes skeletons (7), 1844 straight line "COURTOWN HARBOUR", 1918 Naval censor from Larne Harbour, etc. (37). £200-250
Piers. 1849-1940 Covers and cards (10) with 1849 "GRANTON PIER" undated circle; 1859 blue "THE PIER" single ring undated circle of Margate; 1872 Gravesend Pier on a single 1/-; West Pier Brighton c.d.s and duplex, also cancels of Bournemouth (2), Carradale (2), Lochboisdale and Douglas (Greenock). £120-140

Cross-Channel Mail

Kent. 1640 Entire letter from Dover to Antwerp endorsed "Pga", charged "3sch." upon arrival, very fine. £160-200
1649 (Sep 11) Entire letter from the Royalist James Heath in Calais to his brother in London, simply addressed "For Mr Ed. H." with a 4d charge, presumably smuggled into England, the 4d being the private charge. A scarce civil war period letter. Photo on Page 93. £500-600
1675 Entire letter from London to Livorno, the reverse with light "Franches" handstamp. £120-150
1788-1838 Entire letters from England to France or Italy with various "ANGLETERRE", "ANGLETERRE PAS CALAIS" or "ANGLETERRE / PAR BOULOGNE" handstamps, one endorsed "Par Estafette". (10). £100-120
1813 (Feb 17) Entire letter from Paris to London privately carried by the noted Parisian beauty Mme Recamier and then handed to F. de Tastet & Co., who posted it into the London 2d Post, the reverse endorsed "London, 4 June 1813, Recd & forwarded by your most ob. serv. F. de Tastet & Co.". The letter includes "I had the pleasure of writing to you yesterday by an opportunity that M. Tessier had. Today it is I believe by Mme Recamier who will carry this letter". £160-180
1815 (July 18) Entire letter from Hamburg to Bordeaux sent via London, the reverse endorsed "Forwarded by your obedt servts Cross & Blohm, London 26 July 1815" prepaid 1/2, with "ANGLETERRE" handstamp. £100-120
1838-75 Entire letters and covers all prepaid between G.B and Europe with various "P.P" (4), "P" (2), "P.D" (17), "P.F" (2) or "FOREIGN PAID" (4) handstamps, includes Dover "PD" handstamps in red, black (2) or blue, octagonal and double circle framed "PD" marks of Hull, 1859 entire letter from London with 1856 4d (faults, cut out by scissors) cancelled solely by red oval framed "PD", etc. (29). £300-350
1840 (Jan 6) Entire letter from Leamington to Paris sent during the 4d Post Period, prepaid 2/3 with "P-D" and manuscript "Pd 1/5 British, 10d Foreign, 2/3 (total)". £80-100

Exhibitions & Special Events

1854 (June 5) Handwritten letter (no address panel) from the Crystal Palace at Sydenham, to Sir Augustus Clifford (Usher of the Black Rod) inviting him to the opening of the Crystal Palace by Her Majesty the Queen, for which places have been reserved for the principal officers of the two Houses of Parliament and their families, signed by Sir George Grove, Secretary at the Crystal Palace. £100-120
1886 (July 2) Cover to USA with 1883 2 1/2d tied by South Kensington duplex, backstamped "COLONIAL & INDIAN EXHIBITION / S.W" c.d.s code "B", redirected within the USA with a US 2c cancelled at Ithaca. Part flap missing, otherwise fine and scarce. Pearson 10. £250-300
1891 Royal Naval Exhibition, long pictorial advertising envelope depicting H.M.S "Victory" and "Benbow", with a 1d lilac cancelled Chelsea duplex. A few small opening tears at upper edge and light vertical folds but an attractive cover. Photo on Page 99. £200-250
1891 (June 1) Parcel Post label without any printed office name bearing fine "ROYAL NAVAL EXHIBITION B.O / S.W" c.d.s, very unusual and scarce. Pearson 30. Photo on Page 79. £250-300
1891 (June 9) 1/2d Newspaper wrapper to Beverley cancelled by Earls Court duplex with "GERMAN EXHIBITION B.O / S.W" c.d.s with sideways code "C" on the front, very fine, a scarce commercial use on a wrapper. Pearson 28. Photo on Page 99. £200-250
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for Viewing details
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