Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
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Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
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Auction Lots - Page 19
1845 Entire letters (4) and a cover with two 1855-57 entire letters from Demerary both with unusual dotted double arc Liverpool datestamp, 1845 entire letter from Brazil posted as an inland letter at Liverpool with "2" charge mark, 1853 cover with green boxed "LIVERPOOL / SHIP" datestamp and an "8" charge mark, and 1867 entire letter from New York with "1/-" charge mark. (5). £120-150
1848 Cover franked by a 1d red pair, from London to P.O Liverpool but handstamped with black "Not called for" between bars, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 133. £120-140
Landing Stage. 1899-1948 Covers (2), pieces (3) and stamps (2) all with Liverpool Landing Stage cancels, comprising 21mm c.d.s (1905 piece with KEVII 1/- and five 1d stamps), 25mm c.d.s with Liverpool at top (QV 1/- stamp) or with Landing Stage at top (KEVII 1/- and 1915 KGV 3d registration envelope); "Landing Stage B.O Liverpool 3" c.d.s on 1948 cover; or rare "Late Fee" c.d.s (2 pieces, one also with the very rare roller cancel). A scarce group. (7). £200-250

Registered Mail

1843 Registered entires franked 7d or 8d by imperf 1d (7, with two strips of three), 1d + 2d strip of three or 1d (2) + 2d strip of three, many stamps cut into, three unusual imperf issue frankings. (3). £200-250
1848-1904 Registered covers including 1848 cover paid 1/2 in cash, 1856 cover franked 1d + embossed 6d (faults) each cancelled by "LIVERPOOL / REGISTERED / 466" spoon, 1865-75 covers franked 5d or 6d (8), 1862 Notice of Objection franked 3d with red boxed "NOTICE", 1850 Certificate of Posting, 1878 Certificate of Posting with embossed 1/2d pink stamp used with blue Liverpool Exchange c.d.s, etc. (19). £250-300
1859-66 Entire letters franked 5d or 7d, with "(crown) / REGISTERED" handstamps in black or red, the first with "EDGE HILL / R.O" single ring undated circle, the other with Castle St. c.d.s, a fine pair. (2). £130-150

Transatlantic Mail

1839 Entire to Norwich "By Packet of 7th from New York to Liverpool" backstamped "LIVERPOOL / SHIP LETTER" with red boxed "MIS-SENT / To Liverpool". Presumably missent from the Ship Letter Office to the ordinary Liverpool office instead of direct to Norwich. Very unusual. £150-180
1840 (Aug) Entire letter from New York to England with "LIVERPOOL / SHIP LETTER" backstamp and "8" charge mark, interesting contents include "I congratulate you upon the introduction of the penny post in your county". £80-100
1840-74 Entire letters and covers sent from or through Liverpool, sent to the USA (13) or Canada (3), or from the USA (4, two to France, one franked U.S 3c pair tied by N.Y Foreign Mail fancy cancel with "6d" charge mark and "INSUFFICIENTLY / PAID"), all but three items stampless, most endorsed with named ships. Handstamps include "2" charge marks of Dublin (2) or Liverpool applied in error, red boxed "PACKET LETTER", and "Too Late" on 1849 entire letter endorsed "Consignees for Europa" but actually carried on the "Cambria". (20). £220-260
1841 Stampless entire letter from Aberdeen to New York prepaid 1/-, backstamped with fine dotted datestamp "D / OCT 3 / 1841" (Tabeart M22), scarce. Photo on Page 133. £200-240
1842-58 Entire letters with Liverpool "L" datestamps including scarce octagonal datestamp (Tabeart M24) on 1842 entire letter to USA and oval datestamps on 1843-46 entire letters to Bermuda (3, one an officially paid O.H.M.S letter from the Admiralty). Also inland letters with diamond shaped "L" lozenges (3), and 1881-91 covers to Liverpool with unusual diamond framed date applied upon arrival (3), one with "LIVERPOOL / R.L.O" c.d.s. (11). £150-180
1846 Entire letter from Natches, Mississippi to Bordeaux endorsed by the S.S "Great Britain", with framed "13 AUG 1846 / LIVERPOOL / SHIP" backstamp and red boxed "COLONIES / &c. ART 13". Carried on the penultimate transatlantic voyage of the S.S "Great Britain"; the ship ran aground off Ireland on her next voyage in September. £120-150
1846 Entire letter prepaid 1/2 in cash from St Leonard's on Sea to Dundas, Canada West, endorsed "Per Caledonia to Boston 4th Aug.", with oval "L / JA 31 / c" Liverpool datestamp (Tabeart M26) cancelled by "466" numeral and replaced by oval "L / JY 31 / h" (the month corrected), unusual. £100-120
1848-58 Entire letters and covers sent to (10) or from (7) the USA by Liverpool Packet, various charge marks and Liverpool Packet datestamps, one entire letter bearing embossed 1/- green, also other entire letters from Liverpool to Italy (4, one with enclosed letter from USA), etc., and 1908 postcard with "TRANSATLANTIC POST OFFICE / 4" c.d.s used on R.M.S "Oceanic". (24). £180-240
Restored Rate. 1848 (Dec 29) Entire letter from Dublin to New York prepaid 1/- with Liverpool (Dec 30) backstamp, charged 7c in New York, carried on the "America", the first of four sailings from Liverpool to the USA during the restored rate period, fine and attractive. £120-150
Restored Rate. 1849 (Jan 26) Entire letter to New York "Pr. Niagara via Boston" prepaid 1/- in cash, charged 7 cents (5c inland postage + 2c ship charge) with red boxed "PAID AT / LIVERPOOL" datestamp and red "1/-" and "7" charges. Sent on the third of just four sailings from Liverpool to the USA during the restored rate period, fine and attractive. £100-120
1852 Stampless entire letter from San Francisco to Scotland charged 1/2 1/2 (1/- packet rate + 2 1/2d US transit in closed bag), backstamped fine "ART - 5 / B.R. PKT" (Rob. M6, 11x31mm) and "America / Liverpool" c.d.s, small central hole to the address panel, explained by the endorsement "This letter became mutilated by having adhered to the seal of another, P.O Liverpool 11/7/52", very unusual. Photo on Page 133. £180-220
1852 Cover endorsed "Per Steamer Northern & New York" to England charged 1/2 1/2, backstamped "ART-5 / B.R. PKT" (Rob. M6, 11x31mm) at Liverpool, the charge paid and the cover then redirected from Bedford to Emberton franked by an imperf 1d red tied by "61" numeral. An unusual redirected cover, the Art-5 mark used on mail carried within the USA in closed bag, charged 2 1/2d U.S transit postage + 1/- packet postage. The flap a little torn, otherwise fine. £180-220
1857 Double rate stampless cover to London charged 2/5, backstamped with the larger size "ART-5 / B.R. PKT" (Rob. M6, 11x36mm) partly overstruck by America/Liverpool c.d.s, fine. £180-220
1857 Cover to Prince Edward Island franked 1856 6d and 1/- tied by scarce "466" roller cancel, backstamped "LIVERPOOL / F.R.H" and "PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND" backstamps, this roller cancel presumably used at the Floating Receiving House. Photo on Page 133. £300-350
Registered Mail. 1864 Registered cover to New York franked 2d blue plate 9 strip of three and 1862 1/-, endorsed "p. China via Queenstown" with N. York Br. Pkt Paid arrival c.d.s, very attractive. £80-100
Depreciated Currency. 1864-69 Stampless covers to the USA with N.Y Br. Pkt arrival datestamps showing charges on 24c or 48c in U.S Notes, 24c or 45c in U.S Notes, 24c or 51c in U.S Notes, 48c or 63c in U.S Notes, or "NEW YORK / 21 U.S NOTES". (5). £100-120
Virgin Island Mails. 1806 Entire letter from Liverpool to "Capt. Thos Walters, Tortola" inscribed "P. Pacquet, Two Enclosures pd", prepaid 8/4, charged 1bit upon arrival. £70-100

Other Foreign Destinations, Forwarding Agents, Packet & Ship Letters

1867-81 Entires from Liverpool to Batavia franked 1/- with red "12 1/2/CENTS"; to Peru franked 2/- blue with red oval "PAID/A"; to La Guaira franked 4d with red oval "PAID/B"; or to St. Croix franked 1/- with red oval "PAID/C", all fine. (4). £120-140
Forwarding Agents. 1841-54 Entire letters from Manchester, Leghorn or St. Ubes (Portugal) to England, or from USA to Spain, with Liverpool Forwarding Agents endorsements (2, E. Garston or C.L Mendes & Co) or cachets (2, Charles Humberston or Manuel Blandin), one returned to the sender with the cachet "SENT BACK TO ENGLAND / WITHOUT A REASON / FOR NON-DELIVERY" in red. (4). £200-240
Spain/Portugal. 1816 Entire letter prepaid 2/8 to Madeira; 1843 and 1861 stampless entire letters to Portugal charged "160" (the latter endorsed "Consignees pr Corinthian"); and 1858-69 entires to Spain franked 6d (4), 8d (1858 cover with 4d rose pair, Liverpool "POSTED SINCE / 8.30 LAST NIGHT" datestamp on reverse), or 1/6 (6d strip of three). (9). £150-180
Egypt/Russia/Turkey. 1844-61 Stampless entire letters prepaid in cash to Egypt (2, one with Alexandria British P.O double arc datestamp), Constantinople (with red British Post Office Paid datestamp) or St. Petersburg, another stampless entire letter posted unpaid to St. Petersburg, and 1866 large part cover from the British P.O at Alexandria to Liverpool with 3d pair each cancelled "B01". (6). £100-120
Sierra Leone/Parcel Post. 1894 Sierra Leone Parcel Post Customs Declaration form with a Freetown c.d.s bearing the label "W.C of Africa, Foreign and Colonial Parcel Post, Parcel Passing through the Post Office, Liverpool", vertical fold, otherwise fine and very unusual. £80-100
Ship Letters. 1798-1866 Entire letters (6), entires (2) and a front with various Ship Letter handstamps, including 1839 entire letter from Demerary to Liverpool endorsed "Consignees letter p. Kelsick Wood" with two light "LIVERPOOL / EXEMPT SHIP LR" handstamps and a Ship Letter backstamp delivered free of charge, 1850 entire from Belfast to Manchester franked 1d endorsed "p. Private Ship" with fine "SHIP-LETTER / LIVERPOOL" c.d.s on reverse, etc. (9). £150-180
Packet/Ship Letters. 1882-1910 Covers and cards from abroad (mostly from West Africa) with Liverpool transit datestamps including red "PAID / LIVERPOOL / BR. PACKET" (15) or "PAID / LIVERPOOL / COL. PACKET", black "LIVERPOOL / COL. PACKET" on an unpaid cover, red or black "LIVERPOOL / SHIP" c.d.s, also 1882 and 1886 cards from Germany to Gold Coast with quartered "L" datestamps in red or black, and a 1926 registered cover from Liberia with unusual "LIVERPOOL / 3 / 13 AUG 26" double ring backstamp. An interesting lot with items from Liberia (5), Sierra Leone (5), Gold Coast (3), Gambia (2), Lagos, etc. (25). £320-360
1894 Cover bearing a G.B 1887 2 1/2d, clearly previously used with a large part "498" numeral, nevertheless accepted as valid upon arrival at Liverpool and cancelled by "PAID / LIVERPOOL / BR. PACKET" c.d.s in black, with "PAQUEBOT" alongside. An unusual cover and an early use of the Paquebot handstamp. £100-120


c.1671 Entire to Chipley near Taunton endorsed "Post pd 3d" backstamped with scarce "2 / Off" (Jay 65a, recorded 1671-74) and a "MA/5" Bishop Mark. £180-220
1700-1847 Prestamp and stampless entire letters and entires including early Bishop Marks, Dockwra handstamps (3), local post handstamps, Frees, 1700 entire letter from Messina, 1802 "Foreign Office" c.d.s without inner circle (Jay 1004a), boxed "MISSENT TO / LONDON", red curved boxed "FOREIGN PAID", 1840 unpaid entire with "4" charge mark, etc. (32). £200-250
1708 Entire letter from Nottingham to London charged 3d with a fine "JY/14" Bishop Mark, then redirected to Kentwell Hall near Sudbury endorsed "With a Box by Mr Firmans Waggon". An unusual letter showing delivery by both the post and a private carrier, folded to display both address panels. £180-240
c.1709 Entire to Rutland charged 3d backstamped with an "AV/12" Bishop Mark and the very scarce "ORMOND / STREET" (Jay 1428), used at an illegal receiving office, possibly at the Ormond Street Coffee House. "Letter Receivers of London 1652 to 1857" by Hugh Feldman shows a similar letter, and speculates that this might have been a receiving office for Charles Poveys illegal 1/2d local post which operated in 1709-10, the same recorded period of use of this handstamp. Photo on Page 137. £600-700
Barnes. 1725-1963 Postal history collection on pages including 1725 entire letter written from Barnes with Dockwra Penny Post handstamp (Southwark Office); 1800-42 Penny or 2d Post Paid or Unpaid handstamps (7) with 1800 oval "Barnes / Unpaid / Penny Post"; 1812 entire letter from Lombard Street to Mortlake endorsed "Missent to Barnes H. Hyde"; Castelnau undated circle or straight line handstamps; an 1840 1d Mulready lettersheet produced by William Gilling with various adverts inside printed in blue (minor edge tears, scarce and an attractive address panel with "T.P / Barnes" struck below Britannia); "Barnes / Castelnau Terr." undated circle; 1892-1919 Parcel Post labels from various Barnes sub-offices (31, sixteen stamped); also various picture postcards, etc. An interesting collection. (55). £350-400
1794 (Mar 27) Entire letter from Tean Dale to London prepaid 5d, with light Cheadle handstamp and fine boxed "POSTAGE / PAID" datestamp (Mar 29) in red (Jay 96), only used in March 1794, extremely scarce. Photo on Page 137. £700-900
1794 (June 27) Entire letter from Gillingham, Dorset to London prepaid 10d with red octagonal framed "POST / PAID" datestamp (Jay 97), used April - July 1794 (replacing the previous boxed datestamp). £120-150
1811 Entire letter posted within the London Local Post prepaid 2d, with fine circular framed "More / to Pay / 1d" (Jay 694), scarce. £120-150
1816 Entire letter from Cologne to Scotland backstamped with scarce circular framed "SS", not listed in the London county catalogue but believed to have been applied in the Foreign Branch, its meaning unknown. £150-180
1817 Entire letter to Hampstead, written at Farlington near Havant but posted at Camden Town with flat topped "3" charge mark (Jay 620, only used on bye letters), "Two Py Post / Unpaid / Hampstead NO" and a large Camden Town c.d.s on reverse. Small hole at upper edge and fold at base, writing on reverse, still a good looking example of this scarce "3" charge mark. £60-70
1839 Entire letter from Clapham Common to Brighton prepaid 8d, with "Clapham Comn / 3py P. Paid" applied in error, crossed out and replaced by "T.P / Clapham Comn". Carried by Cross Post to Croydon with green "Croydon / Penny Post" and "No 1", very unusual and attractive. £100-120
1839 Entire letter from Santiago to London charged the triple rate of 6/6 but returned to the Post Office for a rebate, the charge reduced to 2/2. Endorsed "Only double, Fred Huth & Co" with red oval "REBATE / FOREIGN OFFICE" datestamp (Jay 298d, only recorded 1839-40), scarce. Photo on Page 137. £300-350
1839 (Oct 12) Entire letter from Liverpool to London charged the double rate of 1/10 but returned to the Post Office for a rebate, the charge reduced to 11d, with red "REBATE / L.S.B.O" datestamp applied at Lombard Street (Jay 298, recorded 12-22 Oct. 1839), the datestamp a little doubled but easily readable and very scarce, only recorded used over an 11 day period. £300-350
c.1860 Illustrated address label from John Alvey Turner, Music & Piano Forte Warehouse, sent from London to Westmoreland franked by a 1d red, handstamped with two line "POSTED IN STANDARD / BOX (DETAINED)". A few edge tears, otherwise fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 137. £150-200


(Also see lots 629, 668, 698, 702, 712, 860, 861)

Peter Williamson's Penny Post. 1777-84 Entire letters sent within Edinburgh both with circular "E. PENNY POST NOT PAID.", the first containing the date "April 29", the other undated. A few faults, the handstamps fine. (2). £200-250
Additional 1/2d. 1814-39 Entire letters with various " 1/2" handstamps, some coloured, including handstamps applied in Manchester (in red), Newcastle, Carlisle, Berwick, etc., all fine, on album pages. (17). £100-120
1840 (Feb 18) Entire letter weighing over 1oz sent from Haddington to Edinburgh, prepaid 4d in cash, with the Uniform 4d Post period "4" struck in red alongside the Haddington c.d.s. An exceptional item, the only recorded use of a Scottish "4" handstamp originally from the 4d Post Period struck in red ink as a prepaid handstamp after the introduction of Penny Postage. Also an 1847 entire letter showing the same "4" handstamp in black ink, used as a postage due charge mark, the stamp unfortunately removed. (2). Photo on Page 137. £1,000-1,200
Local Handstamps. 1845-60 Covers and entire letters with various Scots local backstamps (also type V "UNION STREET" used as a cancellation), includes six offices each with two differing types of handstamp, all fine. (19). £250-300
Cancellations. 1856-1938 Covers and cards (36) and pieces (2) including green boxed "DUNOON" datestamp cancelling a 1d red on 1856 cover (a little overinked but scarce), Ayr "straight line" experimental type c.d.s used as a cancellation or as backstamps (2), double ring Edinburgh datestamps with cuts to the inner bars (22), 1912 postcard cancelled by "EDINBURGH / TEL. COUNTER" c.d.s, 1938 registered cover with Parliament House B.O Edinburgh c.d.s, etc. (38). £250-300

Scottish Islands

Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
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Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for Viewing details
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