Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for Viewing details
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Auction Lots - Page 4
South Arabia, Quaiti State in Hadhramaut. 1966 International Cooperation year 35f with new blue (face value) omitted, unmounted mint, gum blemish, otherwise fine. S.G. 85a, £375. £60-70


1890-1974 Covers and cards including KGV (5) and QEII (11, four size K) registration envelopes, earlier postal stationery postcards and wrappers, aerogrammes (10), WW2 censor cachet, 1938-39 covers from USA or Antigua to Barbuda with arrival datestamps, village cancels, etc. (105). £130-160


1907-14 Pieces (17) bearing G.B KEVII 1d (24) or 2d (6), or KGV 2d and 3d, also a single KEVII 1/-, all cancelled by Ascension c.d.s, strikes ranging from largely fine (10 pieces + 1/- stamp) to barely readable (7 pieces). (33 stamps). £160-200
1922-85 Used collection on pages, complete except for the 1933 1d grey-black and bright blue-green shade, a few dubious cancels, otherwise fine. S.G. £1,700+. £400-500


(Also see lots 19-25, 39-60, 63, 64, 76, 77, 109, 542, 758)

New South Wales. 1880 4d Size G postal stationery envelopes with "McCorquodale & Co Patentees" imprints under left flap, various setting of the printed instructions on the front, unused (2) or used (2), one sent to Tangier in 1888 franked 1/- with oval registered datestamps of Gibraltar and Tangier British P.O on the front, a little light staining. (8). £150-180
Queensland - Moreton Bay. 1846 Cover from Scotland prepaid 1/- to Brisbane, Moreton Bay, New South Wales backstamped with blue "STRATHDON" and a Ship Letter Sydney c.d.s (Dec 23) with Aberdeen and London Paid datestamps. Flap missing and a few minor faults, an attractive cover to the Moreton Bay District. £100-120
Queensland. c.1900 4d Red rouletted parcel stamp issued by "The City & Suburban Parcel Delivery Dryce Ltd" of 134-136 Adelaide St., Brisbane, used with blue crayon cancel, minor creasing and thins, a good example of this scarce carrier stamp. Photo on Page 37. £80-100
Victoria. 1853 Stampless cover from Scotland to Melbourne endorsed "p. Great Britain, ship letter" with Stranraer and "SHIP LETTER / AU 5 / 1853 / LONDON" datestamps, prepaid 8d, charged 3d upon arrival. Carried on the second of three return voyages made between Britain and Australia by the S.S. "Great Britain" under the ownership of Gibbs, Bright & Co. of Liverpool. £100-120
Victoria. 1855 Large part entire from the Post Office at Portland concerning applications for unclaimed letters, addressed to A. Langston, Secretary at the Melbourne G.P.O with red "SHIP LETTER / FREE / G.P.O VICTORIA" backstamp and matching red "48" butterfly handstamp, which was used as a receipt mark on mail addressed to important Post Office officials. Hinge stains at left edge, otherwise fine and very unusual. Photo on Page 35. £350-400
Machine Cancels. 1902-1919 Covers and cards (68, also two further 1930-31 covers) with various type machines all written up on pages, various offices and states, comprising N.S.W (21), Queensland (7), South Australia (8), Tasmania (4), Victoria (26) and Western Australia (4), includes scarce 1913 English Mail N.S.W continuous Krag, 1901 N.S.W 1d reply card used from Sydney to Melbourne with the attached half used back to Sydney, etc. (70). £250-300
1915-27 10/- - £2 Watermark narrow Crown over "A" all fine used C.T.O, 10/- with one short perf, a few minor gum marks, otherwise very fine. S.G. 43/5, £4,600. (3). Photo on Page 55. £1,000-1,200
1918 5/- Grey and yellow Kangaroo with narrow Crown watermark fine mint. S.G. 42, £225. £60-70
1923-24 6d - £1 Watermark multiple wide Crown over "A" all fine used C.T.O, the £1 exceptionally well centred. S.G. 73/5, £358. (3). Photo on Page 55. £100-120
1936 (Sep 21) Cover from Birmingham to Sydney franked G.B 3d + 1/-, the edges fire damaged, enclosed within a Sydney Dead Letter Office 'Re-enclosed letter' ambulance envelope with red "DEAD LETTER OFFICE / SYDNEY, N.S.W" c.d.s (Oct 9), with a printed Sydney G.P.O letter of October 8th explaining the enclosed article was damaged when the airliner "Athena" was destroyed by fire at Delhi on 29th August (altered to 29 SEP. 1936 with a red handstamp). £150-180
Postal Stationery. 1946 "Myers Emporium Ltd" 5/10 blue gift parcel labels used on piece from Melbourne to Scotland or Northern Ireland, minor faults, good examples of these uncommon postal stationery labels. (2). £250-280


1942 5/- Dull rose-lilac and blue on thin striated paper used on piece, small fault to lower left corner perf, otherwise fine and scarce. With B.P.A Certificate (2012). S.G. 156a, £700. Photo on Page 55. £130-150
Postal Stationery. QV - QEII Mint, used and specimen postcards (27, including scarce KGVI 2d on 1 1/2d brown card unused), reply cards (15, all but one complete with reply halves), registration envelopes (13) and an aerogramme, mainly very fine. (56). £200-240


(Also see lot 548)

1873 5/- Dull rose mint, large part original gum, light stain at left, an attractive example of this stamp. S.G. 64, £950. Photo on Page 55. £150-180


1880 Stampless cover to Mowbray headed "On Active Service From L. Corporal G.G Mann D.E.O.V.R" and countersigned by an Officer, backstamped at Cape Town (Nov 13). Slightly shortened at left upon opening, otherwise fine. A scarce Gun War soldiers letter delivered free of charge. Photo on Page 35. £550-650


1847 Entire letter franked 2d from London to "Mr R. Moffat, Revd J.C Bruces, Percy St., Newcastle-on-Tyne", written by James Vavasseur (son-in-law of Robert Moffat of Kuruman) to his brother-in-law Robert. Vavasseur reports his wife Helen's refusal to allow him to proceed to South Africa as a missionary or colonist, and encloses a letter from Mrs Moffat in Kuruman (the letter no longer present), some staining. £70-80
1885-1966 Mint and used duplicated range in a stockbook including 2c on 2d postage due mint sheet of sixty with listed varieties and one stamp showing vertical bar to the left of the surcharge, also various Basutoland including 1938 KGVI marginal set unmounted mint with part inscription, and a few Swaziland stamps, much duplication, mixed condition. (100s). £200-250
1888 1/2d - 1/- "Protectorate" overprints and surcharges, also red 4d surcharge, all fine used. S.G. 40/46, 51, £935. (8). Photo on Page 73. £250-300


1906 1/2c - $1 Set of twelve mint, the 2c, 3c and 16c stained, otherwise mainly fine. S.G. £600. (12). £100-120


1918 (Oct 11) Stampless cover (opened out) to Switzerland with typed inscription "On Prisoners of War Service, Postage Free", endorsed "Passed by Censor" and signed by the Commanding Officer of Shwebo P.O.W Camp, backstamped at Shwebo and St. Gallen, very scarce. Photo on Page 35. £260-320


(Also see lots 2, 104, 233, 788, 796)

Newfoundland. 1857-64 Imperf issues comprising 1857 thick handmade paper 5d brown-purple mint and 8d scarlet-vermilion used, and 1861-64 6 1/2d rose-lake used, all fine with four large margins. S.G. 5, 8, 21, £1,475. (3). Photo on Pages 55 & 73. £350-400


(Also see lots 48, 49, 71, 72, 76-78, 88, 98)

1822-25 Entire letters from London to "Lt. Colonel Hardy, Deputy Quarter Master General, Ceylon" (8, one addressed to Point de Galle), all prepaid as Ship Letters, handstamped with red oval "POST PAID SHIP LR / (crown) / LONDON", Rob. S46 (7) or black "SHIP LETTER / (crown) / LONDON", Rob. S22, most very fine strikes. Also a few other letters, hand carried or without address panels. (15). £200-250


(Also see lots 93, 98, 388, 525)

1854 (July 13th) Cover to Guernsey with enclosed letter written by John Markham from "British Consulate, Foochowfoo", the first letter written by Markham after his arrival at the Consulate, sent on the steamer "Eamont" to Hong Kong and then by diplomatic bag to London, the cover initialled "JM", with "codeless crown" c.d.s of London (used on official and diplomatic mail, see lot 618), charged 2d as an unpaid inland letter. The letter includes "I am at Foo-Chow-Foo....let me begin in the first place about Sir John Bowrings Ball which was a very grand affair, every lady in Hong Kong was there and nearly every lady in Canton also. ..... I met Medhurst, the Secretary to the Plenipotentiary, & he told me that I had been ordered to Foochowfoo ...... (I had to) look out for a passage in one of the opium clippers, which I was lucky enough to get, in a schooner called the "Eamont", we had to touch in at every port so I must tell you all about the passage up. The first port was Swatow, which is almost 100 miles from Hong Kong; there are only two ships there and no residences on shore. The next place is Amoy which is a beastly dirty hole & I am very glad that I have escaped going there as it is most unhealthy. The next place is Chinchew, exactly like Swatow & the next place is Foochowfoo, which is the most healthy port in China. We stayed at Swatow 3 days, at Amoy 2 days, & at Chenchew 1 day, we were 15 days altogether on the passage & had nothing but hard gales all the way. The clippers are all very fast, they are schooners of about 120 tons and are exactly like the "Merlyn". The Consulate is inside the city & the houses are on a hill, we have each a nice garden, stable & farmyard, as we are obliged to keep our own cows, pigs, fouls &c ...... the only draw-back to the place is that you have no one to talk to, there are only two of us in the Consulate, Mr Gingelle Offg. Vice Consul, & myself. ...... Sir John has gone up to Shanghai, with the intention I believe of going over to Japan & opening a port there ..... The worst of this place is that you cannot get your letters often, & you can never be sure that your letters will get to Hong Kong in time for the mail...... This will become a place of great importance shortly I think, as it is a great Tea district, there are about 10 foreigners, English & American, here at present, but there are more coming I believe, but even these live such a way from the Consulate that you very seldom see them. I am writing this in great haste as the "Eamont" will start as soon as the tide is favourable, & I have to send this letter along way down the river, as she is lying some distance down.". Webb recorded just one earlier letter from Foochow, sent to the USA in 1848; and then two other letters from Markham to his mother in Guernsey sent through Hong Kong in 1855 and 1856. A rare and exceptional letter and cover. Photo on Page 35. £1,000-1,200
1942 8c Green Sun Yat-Sen postal stationery postcard uprated with 10c green (S.G. 92), the card and stamp both overprinted for North China and surcharged in Chinese with half their original value, commercially used from Tientsin to Shanghai. Scuff at base, otherwise fine, a scarce Japanese Occupation postal stationery card. £120-140
1967 Thoughts of Mao Tse-tung 8f set of eleven used, C.T.O with Peking datestamps, the Mao text stamps with red and gold frames both in se-tenant lower right corner marginal strips of five, each strip folded along the vertical perforations between the final two stamps, otherwise superb. S.G. 2343/53, £1,860. Photo on Page 37. £500-700
Deluxe Presentation books issued for Beijing 2008 Olympics with various 1985-2006 issues including sheets; Gardens of Suzhou containing 1983-95 issues including miniature sheets (with MS3383, 3596) and sheets; and 2003 100th Anniversary of Flight. (3). £100-120
Russian P.O. 1903 Registered front to London with Russia 14k tied by Hankow Russian P.O c.d.s, a second strike below, bearing the Russian P.O registration label, with a Hankow Chinese P.O c.d.s and boxed registration handstamps of the Chinese P.Os at Hankow and Shanghai. £100-120
U.S Post Office. 1920 Cover to Tokyo bearing USA 1c pair and 'Shanghai 6c China' surcharge on 3c all tied by U.S P.O Shanghai duplex, an unusual commercial combination of the Shanghai overprint issue and unoverprinted U.S stamps. £230-250
Manchukuo. 1932 Set of 18 fine mint. S.G. 1-18. £100-120


1905-63 Covers and cards including two 1923 covers to Colombia franked KGV 2 3/4pi or 1pi pair + 30pa all tied by Kyrenia single ring c.d.s, 1905 postcard with KEVII 1pi tied by Polymedia single ring c.d.s, 1962 stampless official air mail cover with F.P.O 168 c.d.s, etc. (8). £160-200
1926 (Aug 7) Cover from London to Famagusta franked KGV 1 1/2d + 3d, marked "Par avion via Paris" and bearing a blue "By Air Mail" label, backstamped at Famagusta (Aug 19). Sent at the 3d per 1/2oz + 1 1/2d Imperial postage rate to Marseille, to connect with the P.&O. service to Cyprus. Believed to be the only recorded example of this airmail acceptance; there was no corresponding rate published in Cyprus. Photo on Page 35. £200-250
1928 50th Anniversary of British rule 3/4pi - £1 set of ten mint. S.G. 123/132, £300. £100-120
1937-62 Commercial covers, various destinations and rates, including airmails, registered, etc. (44). £80-100
1937-2010 Large mint and used accumulation including Firsts Day Covers and year packs containing specimen overprints, 1955 and 1960 sets to £1 used, also some earlier issues and various foreign, much duplication. (1,000s). £200-300
Sperati Forgeries. 1903 KEVII 18pi (type 'D') and 45pi (type 'A') forgeries both 'used'. The 18pi type 'D' forgery unrecorded in the original B.P.A work but shown in the 2001 update by Lowe and Walske, who recorded seven examples. Fine and scarce. (2). Photo on Page 73. £200-250


1897 Cover to "The Honble The Treasurer, Roseau" bearing Leeward Islands Sexagenary overprint 1d tied by Portsmouth c.d.s, with Dominica arrival c.d.s alongside. A little light staining, but a scarce local commercial use of the Sexagenary overprint issue. £100-120


(Also see lots 26, 27)

French Occupation. 1800 Entire letter from a French artillery officer in Alexandria to General Songil in Cairo with "Alexandrie" handstamp, charged 10 decimes, fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 39. £700-800
French Occupation. 1801 Entire letter with printed heading of "Le Commissaire Ordonnateur en Chef SARTELON" sent free of charge from Cairo to Seuimenod with "LE CAIRE" handstamp, small and insignificant hole to upper right corner of address panel, otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 39. £600-700
British Occupation. 1801 (July 6) Printed letter from the Office of Ordnance acknowledging receipt of disbursements, addressed to "Thos. Jos. Rutter Esq., Ordnance Paymaster serving with the army in Egypt". Prepaid 8d with oval "Ship Letter / (crown) / LONDON" (Rob. S7) and "Post Paid Ship Lre / (crown) / LONDON" (Rob. S41). An unusual combination of Ship Letter handstamps and a scarce ingoing campaign cover. Photo on Page 39. £300-350
British Occupation. 1801 (Oct 6) Entire written by Lt. de Havilland of the Engineers from "Camp near Alexandria", to Guernsey addressed via the London forwarding agents Messrs Brock Le Mesurier. Handstamped oval "Ship Lre / (crown) / PORTSMOUTH", charged 1/8 to London (paid by Brock Le Mesurier) and 1/6 from London to Guernsey. Written shortly after the French surrender following the British siege of Alexandria, de Havilland reports "the whole of the French are now nearly embarked, as soon as they are we engineers will go into Alexandria immediately to make our plans ....". A fine and scarce 1801 campaign letter. Photo on Page 39. £600-700
British Occupation. 1801 (Nov 29) Entire letter from Guernsey to "Mr Thomas Fiott de Havilland, Lieut of Engineers in the Honorable Companys army commanded by General Baird in Egypt or elsewhere. To the care of Paul & Havilland Le Mesurier, London", charged 1/- to London (paid by the forwarding agents Paul & Havilland Le Mesurier), then prepaid 8d as a ship letter. Handstamped oval "Ship Letter / (crown) / WEYMOUTH" and "Post Paid Ship Lre / (crown) / LONDON". An unusual destination and combination of ship letter handstamps. Photo on Page 39. £400-500
British Occupation. 1807 (May 20) Entire letter from Alexandria to London (redirected to Eltham) written by Capt. J. Herries shortly after the disastrous second Battle of Rosetta, with excellent content including "I shall only mention the loss of our regiment - 2 Capt., 2 Sub., 4 Sgts., 1 drum and 117 rank and file killed and missing. 1 Capt. and Sub. taken prisoner with 80 men, 32 of which are wounded. The Sub. taken prisoner has been sold as a slave .... every one of their soldiers wears a long knife only for cutting off the heads which is the fate of all the wounded that cannot march ...." Posted in Malta with two superb curved boxed "MALTA" handstamps, charged 3/-. A fine and scarce 1807 campaign letter from Alexandria, which was occupied by the British from March until September 1807. Photo on Page 39. £700-800
British Occupation. 1807 (May 30) Entire letter from Alexandria to London (redirected to Eltham) written by Capt. J. Herries shortly after the second Battle of Rosetta, with excellent content including "our Regt alone lost 2 Capt & 2 Subs killed, 1 Capt & 1 Sub prisoner, out of 204 men we have 150 killed, wounded & missing and about 60 at Cairo prisoners". Posted in Malta with a fine curved boxed "MALTA" handstamp, disinfected with two chisel slits, charged 3/-. A fine and scarce 1807 campaign letter from Alexandria, which was occupied by the British from March until September 1807. Photo on Page 39. £700-800
1845-1968 Entire letters, covers and cards (215) including Posta Europea handstamps (4), prestamp letters with British, French or Italian P.O datestamps (9), WW1 and WW2 forces mail, British forces letter seals, hotel cancels, postal stationery, 1931 Zeppelin cover bearing 50m and 100m Zeppelin surcharges, etc., also a few foreign covers and cards including Western Australia postal stationery, 1852 registered entire letter from Melbourne to London sent per the S.S "Great Britain" (staining), some covers with water damage, the majority fine. (270). £300-350
P.O in the Levant. 1875 Cover (with enclosed letter) to Cairo bearing Egypt 1874-75 20pa and 1pi each tied by "V.R POSTE EGIZIANE / CONSTANTINOPOLI" c.d.s, a third strike on the front, backstamped at Alexandria. Flap missing, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 39. £200-280


South Georgia. 1911 (Dec. 8) QV 1d Postal stationery postcard (no message) to a crew member of the German research ship S.S. "Deutschland" at Grytviken, the stamp cancelled "SOUTH / GEORGIA" c.d.s code "C" with small "South Georgia" imprint below, very scarce on a postal stationery postcard. Photo on Page 42. £2,200-2,400


(Also see lots 63, 67)

Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for Viewing details
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