Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for Viewing details
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Auction Lots - Page 5
1897 1 1/2d Lettercard franked 1d, 2d and 2 1/2d, sent from Suva to Germany, arrival backstamp. £120-140


T.P.O Datestamps. 1866-1925 Issues including 1866 8p and 40p (S.G. 43, 47) all with numbered T.P.O datestamps (138) or "H. Fors - St. P. Burg" c.d.s (34, also a Russia pair), mounted on four album pages. (174). £90-110


(Also see lots 41, 80, 93-97, 105-107, 191, 192, 415, 564, 638-645, 850, 851)

1867 Cover to England franked at the 40c rate by 1862 1c vertical pair, 10c and 20c, and 1863-70 4c vertical pair each cancelled by large "2782". Horizontal and vertical folds all clear of the stamps and minor staining at right edge but a most unusual four colour mixed issue franking. Photo on Page 42. £100-120


1771 Entire letter from St. Pierre to Marseille, landed at Bordeaux, with fine fancy crowned "B/COLONNIES" handstamp (recorded 1763-71), charged 16 sols. An attractive and scarce letter, with Robineau Certificate (2003). Photo on Page 42. £300-350
1781 Entire letter to Rennes with curved "COLONIE PAR / ROCHEFORT", charged 18 sols, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 42. £300-350
1783 Entire letter from Fort Royal to London charged 24 sols, with superb "COL. PAR / BREST". Photo on Page 42. £200-220
1794 (Apr 1) Printed letter from St. Pierre, "We have been induced by the present state of the colony, now under a British Government .....", sent to New York with a 4 cents ship letter charge. Vertical filing folds, otherwise fine, a scarce letter sent just nine days after British troops occupied the island for the second time. £500-600
1815 (May 5) Entire letter from St. Pierre to Havre charged 8 decimes, with boxed "COL. PAR CHERBOURG". Sent in the six month period between the end of the British Occupation in 1814 and their reoccupation of the island in May 1815. Photo on Page 42. £200-220
1826 Entire letter from St. Pierre to Graveline charged 10 decimes, with superb "COLONIES PAR / BREST", disinfected by slitting and staining. £150-180
1828-30 Entire letters from St. Pierre to France both with boxed "PAYS D'OUTREMER / PAR NANTES" and disinfection slits, the 1828 letter also handstamped "MARTINIQUE". (2). £200-250
1860-64 Entire letters to France all sent by British Packet, with large "ST. PIERRE MARTINIQUE" (2) or smaller "MARTINIQUE / ST. PIERRE" datestamps, and "6", "8" or "12" decimes charge marks. (3). £120-140
1896-1936 Picture postcards (43), postal stationery postcards (8) and a lettercard, all used, cancellations include French Sea Posts (6), Marseille Paquebot, village datestamps with Ducos, Vauglin and Balala, also unused stationery (4) and postcards (2), two cards with foreign postage dues. (59). £150-200


(Also see lots 9, 143, 836, 852, 853, 877)

German States, mint and used selection on old album pages and stockcards, many with faults and some forgeries, but with some fine genuine stamps noted including Mecklenburg Schwerin 1856 1/4s blocks of four superb used, etc., also a few other early European including Romania. (150). £150-180
Postal Stationery. 1873 (Nov) 1gr lettersheet containing 29 various advertisements, published by J.J Schreiber and sold for 2pf, superb condition and very scarce. £150-180
Machine Cancels. 1881-1909 Covers and cards with various machine cancels including scarce 1902 (Oct 30) International machine trial with seven wavy bars and 1904 (Feb 15) Ruettger machine trial with downward sloping bars, both from Berlin; also Columbia machine trials from Hamburg, Berlin and Leipzig; other Columbia machines with flags; Bickerdikes and Krags with "D (crown) R" within bars or with flags; Haller machines applied upon arrival, etc. (49). £600-800

German East Africa

1893 Germany 10pf postal stationery postcard written at Kisnani, probably carried by runner to Tanga where it was put into the post, cancelled by a fine "TANGA" c.d.s, lower left corner with two heavy folds, clearly done whilst the card was in transit, the Berlin arrival c.d.s across the folds, very unusual. Photo on Page 42. £160-200
1913 (Mar 22) Stampless "Feldpostbrief" cover to Morogoro with fine "TAVETA / DEUTSCHE / FELDPOST" c.d.s and Morogoro arrival backstamp (Apr 5), a scarce commercial soldiers cover, light vertical folds, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 42. £160-200


(Also see lots 282, 283, 286, 288)

1855 Entire letter from Gibraltar to Holland backstamped at Gibraltar, London and Arnhem, unusually handstamped "U.S. PKT". Very unusual on a letter not sent from the USA, possibly carried on a U.S Packet from London to Holland, or simply applied in error. £150-180
1866 Cover from Southampton to Newcastle franked 1d, redirected to Gibraltar charged 6d and handstamped upon arrival with boxed "TO / PAY", returned to England with the charged increased to 1/-, finally sent to the original Newcastle address but marked "Refused", very unusual. Photo on Page 44. £180-240
1875 (July 8) Cover to USA with G.B 2 1/2d rosy-mauve plate 1 on blued paper tied by Gibraltar A26 duplex with a superb handstruck "T" alongside, possibly applied in error, a red "New York / Paid All" c.d.s struck upon arrival. The earliest recorded use of this Gibraltar "T" handstamp and of the 2 1/2d stamp used in Gibraltar, just one week after the introduction of U.P.U rates and regulations (including the use of 'T' handstamps on postage due mail). Photo on Page 44. £600-650
1889-1951 Mint and used selection in a stockbook and on pages including 1889 40c - 75c surcharges mint, 1889 (Oct) 1p bistre, 2p and 5p mint, 1898 1/2d - 1/- set mint, 1904-08 2 1/2d - 2/- mint, 1921 - 27 1/- - 8/- mint, 1925-32 10/- used, 1938-51 set mint, 1948 £1 Silver Wedding mint, mainly fine. S.G. £1,800+. (282). Photo on Page 49. £300-350
1894 (Jan 30) G.B 2 1/2d Postal stationery envelope to England, cancelled by Gibraltar A26 duplex, with red manuscript "Paquebot". The earliest recorded Paquebot from Gibraltar, in the first month of use of the word "Paquebot" on mail posted at sea (the U.P.U instruction being issued to London on 9th January, to take effect from 17th January); the first Gibraltar "Paquebot" handstamp recorded from February 1894. Photo on Page 44. £600-650
1914 (Sep 4) Stampless postcard to Germany, from a German internee, with Gibraltar c.d.s and circular "PASSED CENSOR / 4-SEP. H4 / GIB.", a very early internee card, very fine. £180-220
1914 (Sep 17) Stampless postcard to Germany, from a German internee in South Barracks, with Gibraltar c.d.s, red circular framed "P.C" and circular "PASSED CENSOR / 17 SEP. C4 / GIB", several words erased by the censor. An early internee card, very fine. Photo on Page 44. £180-220
1914 Stampless cover from an Austrian P.O.W to Switzerland with scarce violet two line "MAIL / CONTROL", red circular framed "P.C." and red crayon "C". A red London F.S Paid machine (Nov 20) applied in transit, backstamped at St. Gallen, very fine. £180-220
1915 (June 6) KGV 2d F size postal stationery registration envelope uprated 1d to London cancelled by two partial strikes of the very scarce oval "REGISTERED / GIBRALTAR NORTH DISTRICT" datestamp, a further fine complete strike on the reverse, London backstamps, bearing a red registration label. The North District Post Office only open 1912-16, very few examples of the datestamp being recorded. Photo on Page 44. £320-380
c.1940 Stampless air mail cover to England with Naval "Passed by / Censor" cachet and violet double ring "POSTAGE / PAID / 4d", used in 1939 and early 1940 on forces mail paid for air mail, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 44. £240-260
Sperati Forgeries. 1886 Gibraltar overprint on Bermuda 1/- and 1887 1/- both 'used', both with "SPERATI / REPRODUCTION" handstamped on the reverse, the first with major faults, the 1887 1/- fine. (2). Photo on Page 73. £100-120


1891-1959 Covers and cards including QV postal stationery cards (6), numeral cancels, 1905 picture postcard franked 2 1/2d to Australia, 1907 Abosso c.d.s, 1916 registered cover with Obuasi c.d.s and boxed registration handstamp, 1915 registered cover franked KGV 2/6, many other registered covers, etc. An interesting lot. (35). £350-400
1896 1d Reply card (reply half only) written from Cape Coast Castle to Jamaica, presumably posted at sea, the stamp cancelled "PAID / LIVERPOOL / BR. PACKET / 19 FEB. 96" c.d.s in black, with arrival c.d.s of Kingston and Cold Spring. Minor corner wear, unusual. £100-120
1900 (Nov 18) Stampless cover to Scotland endorsed "On Field Service, Ashanti" with "CAPE COAST / GOLD COAST" c.d.s and handstruck "T", a "1d/620" charge mark applied at Plymouth. The enclosed letter from a Major in the West Africa Regt. (headed from "Sierra Leone") requests a price list of bagpipes, "as we intend introducing these to the Rgt". A fine Ashanti War campaign cover. Photo on Page 44. £300-350
1928 1/2d - 5/- Set of ten mint and an additional 5/- corner marginal block of four unmounted mint, a few gum marks. S.G. 103/112, £340+. (14). £100-120


1937 (Aug 24) Cover to Canada bearing KGV 50c and $1 tied by Victoria datestamps, water stained and a third stamp washed off, handstamped "RECEIVED IN DAMAGED / CONDITION AT VANCOUVER, B.C". £100-120


(Also see lots 28-30, 68-83, 113, 119, 121, 362, 703, 729, 798)

Clive of India. 1773 (May 22) Entire letter transcribing Burgoynes motion, as voted for the previous day in the House of Commons, accusing Clive of abusing his power as Commander in Chief in India, in obtaining donations totalling £234,000 from Myr Jaffir in exchange for installing him as Nawab of Bengal, and an account of the ensuing debate, the house finally rejecting Burgoynes motion and instead thanking Clive for his "essential & meritorious service to the East India Company & to this country". The letter written in a secretarial hand, but then signed "yours sincerely, R. Clive", a further six line postscript then added in Clive's own hand. Posted as a free frank to Derby, the address panel signed by John Carnac (an abuse of his free frank, Clive presumably sending more free letters on this day than he could personally sign), with red "FREE" and "22/MA" Bishop Mark. An interesting and scarce letter signed by Clive, who committed suicide the following year. Photo on Page 44. £400-500
1816-17 Entire letters from Scotland to the traveller and writer James Baillie Fraser in Calcutta, with "INDIA SHIP LETTER / G.P.O / LONDON" c.d.s (Rob. In 1) or crowned "INDIA PACKET LETTER / G.P.O / LONDON" (Rob. In P3) both with boxed "KING'S POSTE / Cos INLD do." applied upon arrival at Calcutta. (2). £240-300
1817-37 Entire letters comprising 1817 entire letter from Calcutta to London with red octagonal framed "KINGS. SEA / POSTE PAID / CALCUTTA" (Giles SD5) and boxed "MORE TO PAY" applied in London, charged 3/8, edge faults; 1825 entire letter to London with fine boxed "Poorneea / Sa. Wt / Post Paid / Rs As (6) / (12 March) 18(25)" (Giles 1); 1827 entire letter from Moarshedabad to Calcutta with two line "BERHAMPORE / Post Paid" (Giles 3); and large part 1837 entire letter to Scotland with circular red "NAGPORE / POST / PAID" (Giles 2), endorsed "Nagpore Residency Post Office, 9th April 1837, Double P.P 1-8-0". (4) £200-250
1819-41 Entire letters sent to, from or within India, most to the traveller and writer James Baillie Fraser, includes two entire letters from the artist William Havell in Madras, entire letter to Calcutta and redirected to Delhi endorsed "Free C. Grant" with boxed "POST FREE", 1840 entire letter with boxed "RG HOUSE / No 1" of Royapettah and a Madras datestamp, etc., various British India Letter marks. (11). £250-300
1855 Partly printed invoice sent from Bombay to Sattara bearing 1855 1/2a die III (3 margins) tied by "1" numeral, backstamped by red boxed Bombay and Sattara Paid datestamps. £100-120
1856 Stampless entire from Calcutta to England "Per Hindostan via Southampton" with red boxed "INDIA" and matching "CAL. / G.P.O" backstamp, with an unusual fancy black "6d" charge mark probably applied at Southampton. £100-120
1857-58 Covers posted during the mutiny, the first from Benares to Scotland franked 1a (cut out by scissors and much reduced) with two differing "INDIA UNPAID" handstamps, "1d" and "1/-" charges; the second a stampless soldiers cover from Allahabad to England headed "From Allison Clark, E. Troop, Rl. N. Artillery" and countersigned, again with two differing "INDIA UNPAID" handstamps and a "2" charge mark (unpaid soldiers rate), flap missing, otherwise fine. Also 1859 cover franked 1/2a from Dhurrungaum to Asseerghur with red boxed Paid backstamps of both places. (3). £200-240
India used in Singapore. 1861 Cover to the USA franked 1855 8a and 1856-64 1/2a, 1a, 4a black each with an unclear octagonal numeral cancel, backstamped by red "SINGAPORE / P.O" c.d.s (Feb. 23) and oval "FORWARDED BY / BOUSTEAD & CO", "London Paid" (Mar 28) and "BOSTON / AM. PKT / 5" (Apr. 8) datestamps, charged 5c inland U.S postage, with red "16 / CENTS", the amount due from G.B to the USA. An attractive Transatlantic cover from Singapore. Photo on Page 47. £300-400
1911 Cover addressed c/o Postmaster, Allahabad, bearing 3p slate-grey (2) tied by superb violet "FIRST AERIAL POST / 1911 / U.P EXHIBITION ALLAHABAD" pictorial cancel, with three Allahabad backstamps (18/19 Feb). An unusually fine Allahabad flight cover. Photo on Page 47. £600-700
1919 1/2a Postal stationery envelope cancelled by "PEACE EXHIBITION P.O / CALCUTTA" c.d.s (Dec 20), Ballygunge arrival backstamp. A scarce cancel, not recorded in "Slogans and Special Postmarks of India" by A. Bayanwala. Photo on Page 47. £150-200
1926-33 1/2a Green block of four and 1a chocolate vertical strip of four mint, both with margin at left showing additional misplaced perforations within the margin, extending into the 1/2a left vertical pair or into all four 1a stamps, two unusual varieties. S.G. 202/3var. £60-80
1929 (Jan 3) Cover to Karachi with Iraq 1 1/2a and 3a tied by boxed "IRAQ TO INDIA / By Light Aeroplane / with Vct. and Vctess / J. de Sibour", backstamped at Karachi (Feb. 5). Fine and scarce, 50 flown. £150-170
1933 (July 10) Imperial Airways First Flight covers from Calcutta to Vienna (2), Bucurest (2), Czechoslovakia or Italy all handstamped "T", five bearing postage due stamps of Austria (2), Romania (2) or Czechoslovakia. (6). £150-200
1936 (Dec 21) Printed letter from the Chief Scout for Bengal sending greetings from Government House, flown by rocket in 1937, with the cachet "ALL INDIA BOY SCOUTS JAMBOREE / ROCKET / DESPATCH / 1 FEB / DELHI / 1937", the reverse signed by Stephen Smith and endorsed "200 carried". £70-100
1941 KGVI 3a Bright violet, litho printing, watermark inverted, in an unmounted mint block of four, blunt corner perf at upper right, otherwise very fine. S.G. 271aw, £440. £120-140
Bhopal. 1937 2a Brown and blue with 11mm Service overprint, variety overprint inverted, superb unmounted mint. S.G. O337b, £300. Photo on Page 73. £150-180
Pakistan overprints. 1947 KGVI Issues of India to the 5r with various Pakistan handstamped overprints, the majority used. (138). £80-100


(Also see lots 31, 602, 603, 624, 630, 631, 672, 790, 814, 815, 835)

Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for Viewing details
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