Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
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Auction Lots - Page 20
  Shipping. c.1900-50 Picture postcards (and a few photos) of Channel Islands ships and shipwrecks, also some more recent cards and photos and reproductions of earlier photos, and a few items of ephemera including 1906 poem on the wreck of the "Courier", written up in three albums and loose. (200+). £300-350

Early Letters and Documents

  Guernsey. 1645 and 1662 Legal documents written in French, on vellum, the second with wax seal impressed with the arms of Guernsey and signed by Jean de Quetteville, Bailiff of the Island of Guernsey and Elizee de Sausmarez, Auditor to the Royal Court. (2). £180-220
Click to view full image... Guernsey. 1592 (Feb 2) Entire letter addressed "To his loving frend Mr Leonard Mesurer in gerensey geeve this", the address panel with some staining and a small central hole but very early and rare, probably the earliest known letter sent within Guernsey. Photo on Page 148. £240-300
Click to view full image... Guernsey. 1687 Entire letter from William Priaulx in Guernsey, written in French, addressed "For his honoured Brother Mr Peter Priaulx att Mr Huntons hous near ye Sugar Loaf in gravell lane in London DD"; and 1734 entire letter from Nicolas Corbin, also written in French, addressed "La Presente Soit Donnee au Sr Jean Corbin Proche du Coudrel a St Piere du Bois Guernesey". The 1687 letter with minor faults and soiling. Two rare early letters, both privately carried. (2). Photo on Page 148. £150-180
The Sausmarez family were prominent in Guernsey affairs for several centuries; Matthew Sausmarez made a fortune as a merchant in the early 1700s and his son John became Procureur-General, the senior legal officer on the island. This position was then held by John's eldest son Matthew, and when he died unmarried and without children the position was inherited by John's second son Thomas. A third son, Durell, joined the army and served in North America in the 1770s and 1780s. A cousin, James, joined the Navy where he also served with distinction in America and the West Indies during the American Revolutionary Wars and later against the Dutch and French; in 1794 he thwarted the French invasion of the Channel Islands, served at the Battle of St. Vincent, was second in command to Nelson at the Battle of the Nile and in 1808 took command of H.M.S Victory in the Baltic. James retired as an Admiral and was made 1st Baron Sausmarez in 1831. John's second son Thomas Sausmarez married Martha Dobree with whom he had seven children including Harriet; after Martha's death he remarried Catherine de Havilland (sister of his son-in-law!) with whom he had 17 further children including Durell (who joined the Navy), George (who joined the army, serving in India, Singapore, Hong Kong and China), Havilland (who went into the church), James, Anne and Rose, all of whom feature in the following lots of letters. Also see lots 1032-1035, 1177/8, 1182, 1185, 1188/9, 1194-1196, 1331/2.
  Jersey. 1738 (Sep 7) Entire sent as a free frank, addressed "For the Lady Carteret att Jersey, by the way of Southampton" and signed "W. Bladen", the reverse with fine "PENY / POST / PAID / G / TH" Dockwra handstamp of the London General Office, "7/SE" Bishop Mark and the receivers signature "Edwards", the letter missing but containing the postscript "I am now at Coll Bladens in the country" (who provided the free frank signature), and the date. 2cm tear at upper edge, otherwise largely fine and a rare early free franked letter to Jersey, carried by private ship from Southampton as the post office packet service was not established until 1794. £150-180

Guernsey - Sausmarez Family Correspondence

  John/Matthew Sausmarez. 1719 Entire letters from London to Matthew Sausmarez in Guernsey, or from Guernsey to Matthew at his house in London, both privately carried; and 1768-69 entire letters from Poole to John Sausmarez in Guernsey both addressed via Southampton, with "POOL" handstamps and endorsements of the forwarding agent William Seward. A few faults, the 1768 entire letter with the forwarders endorsement partly torn away, but scarce early letters all prior to the start of the packet service to the islands. Also two documents. (6). £160-200
Click to view full image... Durell Sausmarez - American War of Independence. 1777 (April 10) Entire letter from Durell Sausmarez, Ensign in the Kings or 8th Regiment at Niagara, addressed to Thomas Sausmarez in Guernsey "to the care of Mr Seward Merct. Southampton" handstamped "CORK" and "SHIP" (Rob. S1), Dublin "JY/1" and London "8/JY" Bishop Marks, the reverse endorsed by the forwarding agent Mr Seward. His first letter home for six months due to the St. Lawrence freezing so no vessel could leave for England, Durell describes the fort, the waterfalls and the local Indians. Also 1778 entire letter from London to "Ensign Sausmarez of the 8th or Kings Regt, Niagara" privately carried with a box sent via Le Marchant & Gill of Quebec, the flap endorsed "rec. 1st July 78 & forwarded by Sir your mo. ob. servt. Le Marchant & Gill"; and 1784 (Aug 13) entire letter from Durell (now a Second Lieutenant) at Niagara to his brother, privately carried. A few edge faults to the ingoing letter, otherwise generally fine. An exceptional trio from the American revolutionary wars, the first with a scarce Cork Ship handstamp. (3). Photo on Page 148. £650-850
  Thomas Sausmarez. 1793 Entire from Sir James Sausmarez endorsed "Postage 2d" and 1793 entire letter from Jersey both to Thomas in Guernsey, with a bill from Ann Watson, the Guernsey Postmistress, for delivering letters to T. Sausmarez in 1793, both these letters presumably included on that bill. (3). £100-120
  Thomas Sausmarez. 1794-1832 Entire letters (10) and entires (3) to Thomas in Guernsey, six endorsed via Weymouth, one via Southampton with partial forwarding agents endorsement, one privately carried. Also 1805 and 1814 bills from Ann Watson, the Guernsey Postmistress, for delivering letters to T. Sausmarez. (15). £120-150
  Thomas Sausmarez. 1796-1822 Entire letters (3) and entires (3) all sent as free franks from London (5, all with Free datestamps, the last a printed Admiralty-Office O.H.M.S entire) or from Newport, all to Thomas in Guernsey. Also 1796 and 1822 bills from Ann Watson, the Guernsey Postmistress, for letters delivered to T. Sausmarez, both bills including one of the letters in this lot, showing Watson charged 2d for delivering a free franked letter in 1796, but had reduced this to 1d by 1822. A scarce group, free letters very unusual to the Channel Islands. (8). £200-250
  Admiral Sir James Sausmarez. 1810-13 Entire letters posted from Cheltenham, Portsmouth or London all to Thomas Sausmarez in Guernsey; and 1811 (May 15) letter from "Victory in Wingo Sound" to Sir Francis Freeling at the General Post Office, acknowledging receipt of letters for the fleet sent via Harwich and telling Freeling he will collect and forward the foreign postage which is due, signed by Admiral Sausmarez (no address panel). (4). £160-200
  Durell Sausmarez. 1813-40 Entire letters from Durell Sausmarez written whilst serving on various naval ships to his family in Guernsey (29), or from Guernsey to Durell (31), many of these to naval ships. The letters from Durell include items headed from H.M.S "Pyramus" (2), "La Ville de la Orient" (a French privateer captured by the "Pyramus"), H.M.S "Queen Charlotte", "Prince" (3), "Amphion" (4, one at Bermuda), "Tagus" (7, at the River Tagus, Naples, Malta and Algiers), "Hind" (4), "Alligator", "Zebra", "Hoogley", postmarks include green dated "LISBON / F" and "MALTA / F" of the Falmouth Packet Office, ship letters of Portsmouth and Penzance, India Letters of Deal and Devonport, one letter with a Naples forwarding agent's endorsement. Letters from Guernsey to Durell include items addressed to H.M.S "Vengeur" (2), "Tagus" at Malta (3), "Hind" (5), "Salisbury" at Bermuda (11, one redirected to the "Argus"), "Argus" at Halifax Nova Scotia, "Britannia" and "Alligator" (2). Handstamps on outgoing letters from Guernsey include Guernsey scrolls (14, many poor), St. Malo, and ship letters of Weymouth (2), Plymouth, Portsmouth and London. Also two folders containing transcriptions of these letters and many others by Durell or other members of the Sausmarez family. An interesting correspondence. (60+). £1,200-1,500
  George Sausmarez - India & the Far East. 1837-71 Entire letters (5) and covers (14) with 1837-46 entire letters from George in India (3) or Singapore; 1846 entire letter from London to "Lt Geo de Sausmarez, Adjt. 21st Madras N.I, Singapore"; and covers to Sausmarez comprising 1861 G.B to Hong Kong (2, franked 6d), 1861 stampless O.H.M.S cover from Calcutta to "Colonel De Sausmarez, Comd 21 Madras N. Inf with the China Forces, Singapore" and redirected to Hong Kong, 1861 cover from India to Singapore, 1869 cover from G.B to India franked 6d and redirected with India 1a, 1865-69 internal India covers franked 1/2a or 1a (3), stampless internal O.H.M.S India covers signed by Lord Napier (C. in C., India) or Lord Roberts (Adjutant General, winner of the VC during the Indian Mutiny, later C. in C. during the Boer War), 1871 covers from Burma with India 1/2a pair, 2a or 4a tied by "RANGOON / 156" duplexs, and 1871 cover from G.B to India franked 1/-. (19). £500-600
  George Sausmarez. 1841-42 Entire letters from Guernsey to George Sausmarez at Madras, endorsed "via Southampton" or "per private steamer via Southampton" both with Guernsey c.d.s and differing "SOUTHAMPTON / SHIP LETTER" handstamps, various Indian datestamps. Unusual examples of Channel Islands mail directed by private steamer via Southampton, to an overseas address. (2). £120-150
  1798-1848 Entire letters (18) and entires (2) from or to Havilland, George, Matthew, Harriet and other family members, including letters from Guernsey (7) or to Guernsey (4), others sent within England, one 1824 entire from Cape Castle to Guernsey, handstamps include "GUERNSEY" scrolls (4, all good strikes) and Southampton Ship Letter on entire letter from Sausmarez Manor. (20). £180-200

Handstamps and Cancellations

  c.1859-1986 Covers and cards in six albums and loose, mainly QEII period with studies of Jersey and Guernsey machine cancels and slogans, also special event cancels, etc. £200-300
  1876-1977 Covers and cards (50) including perfins with "DE G" on 1876 1d red, "LSWR", "GWR", "WCA", also 1971 strike posts, 1938 registered FDC from Guernsey to New Zealand damaged in transit with violet "RECEIVED IN DAMAGED CONDITION / EX FLYING BOAT CALPURNIA" and a New Zealand ambulance envelope, etc. Also many cancels on single stamps, some surface printed issues. (50 + stamps). £150-200


  1795-1808 Entire letters (2) and entires (3) all with curved "GUERNSEY" comprising 46mm first type, 49mm second type (3) and 37mm third type, fair to fine strikes, one entire to Jersey. (5). £200-240
  1810-20 Entire letters showing the two types of "GUERNSEY" scroll handstamps, both exceptionally fine strikes. (2). £180-220
  1810-28 Entire letters (7), entires (6) and a front all with "GUERNSEY" scroll handstamps, comprising first type used 1810-17 (7) and second type used 1817-30 (7), fair to fine strikes. (14). £450-550
  1816 Entire letter from a Swedish ship owner in Guernsey, prepaid 2/1 to France with a fine first type "GUERNSEY" scroll, and 1825 entire letter from Rio de Janeiro to London carried on the Hamburg ship "Wilhelmina" to Guernsey where it was illegally posted as an inland letter, with second type "GUERNSEY" scroll handstamp. (2). £120-150
  1827-35 Entire letters from Guernsey to Perkins & Heath, Perkins & Bacon or Perkins, Bacon & Heath in London, two with Guernsey scroll handstamp or double arc datestamp, one with blue boxed "SHIP LETTER / SOUTHAMPTON", the others posted in Southampton or London, all with interesting contents concerning the printing of Guernsey banknotes. (5). £150-180
Click to view full image... 1830 (June 7) Entire letter from New Town, Guernsey to London backstamped by superb circular double arc "GUERNSEY" with the date omitted, used in its first week of use, very scarce. Photo on Page 148. £180-220
  1832-39 Entire letters (8) and an entire with Guernsey double arc datestamps, one 1832 entire letter from Buenos Ayres to London illegally posted as an inland letter in Guernsey. Also 1844 piece and 1849 cover with differing double arc datestamps both showing an inverted "7" instead of a "4" in the year date. (11). £100-120
  1845-1904 Entire letters, covers and cards in an album and loose with double arc or single ring datestamps, duplexs and squared circles. (60). £180-220
  1854-98 Covers all addressed abroad with stampless 1854 cover prepaid 8d to Brazil endorsed "Per Steamer via Liverpool", the Guernsey double arc datestamp in yellow; 1857-59 covers to China franked 8d (3, all reduced at right with a third stamp probably removed, also three other covers or fronts with stamps cut out); 1861 cover to New Zealand franked 6d; 1880 cover to S.S "Pekin" at Malta franked 2 1/2d, handstamped "T" and charged 5d; 1890-98 covers franked 2 1/2d to Constantinople, USA or Queensland all with Guernsey squared circles. (12). £160-200
Click to view full image... 1869 Cover with a nine line extract from the state penal code relating to the unauthorised opening or the suppression of letters printed in the upper left corner, sent to Plymouth with a 1d red tied by Guernsey duplex, very unusual. Photo on Page 148. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1872-85 Covers to the Murray family in India all with surface printed stamps tied by Guernsey 324 duplexs, frankings include 1867-80 9d pale straw (2 covers), 1/- green, 1876 8d orange (3 covers), 1880 2 1/2d blue x 2, 1880 1d x 5, 1880 1d + 4d grey-brown, 1881 5d indigo (3 covers), 1d lilac x 5, 1884 5d green, some faults. (14). Photo on Page 148. £400-500
  1904-c.1909 Picture postcards with KEVII 1/2d tied by "GUERNSEY / M.O.O" c.d.s or undated Guernsey parcel handstamp, the latter used in error during the busy Christmas period. Also a 1927 wireless receiving licence bearing the Guernsey M.O.O c.d.s. (3). £80-100

Guernsey Sub-Offices

Click to view full image... Catel. 1859 Cover to Hong Kong franked 6d tied by Guernsey 324 duplex, backstamped by a fine "CATEL" undated circle, London and Hong Kong datestamps, very scarce. Photo on Page 148. £200-250
Click to view full image... Catel/Market Place - Parcel Post. 1905 Catel and c.1918 Market Place Parcel Post labels each with c.d.s of the office, the first bearing KEVII 2d pair tied by Guernsey parcel cancels, the Market Place c.d.s with year date omitted. Scarce. (2). Photo on Page 200. £140-160
Click to view full image... Cobo. 1911-32 Picture postcards (5) and a cover all with Cobo rubber datestamps, four clearly different types including a very large (38mm) datestamp on 1918 stampless cover to a P.O.W in Germany but returned with yellow "Retour" label and "UNDELIVERABLE" cachet. (6). Photo on Page 150. £130-150
  Forest. 1905-26 Postcards (6), cover and a front all with Forest rubber datestamps, with "Guernsey" or "Channel Islands" at the base. (8). £140-160
Click to view full image... St. Martin's. 1858 Cover to London with 1d red tied by Guernsey 324 duplex, backstamped superb "ST. MARTIN'S" undated circle in blue, very scarce. Photo on Page 148. £200-240
Click to view full image... St. Sampson's. 1856 Cover to Scotland franked 1d tied by an unclear numeral with fine "ST-SAMPSON'S" undated circle in green on the front, scarce. Photo on Page 148. £160-200
Click to view full image... St. Sampson's. 1858 Cover to London with 1d tied by Guernsey 324 duplex, backstamped superb "ST-SAMPSON'S" undated circle in blue, scarce. Photo on Page 148. £150-180
  St. Saviours & St. Peters - Post Boxes. 1855 (Oct 22) Letter from F. Hill at the G.P.O to S. Priaulx at St. Peters refusing an application for an additional letter box or receiving house at St. Peters; 1856 (June 5) G.P.O letter to Admiral Mansell at St. Saviours again refusing a request for a Pillar Letter Box; and 1859 (July) letter to Rowland Hill signed by five inhabitants of St. Peters and St. Saviours again requesting a Pillar Box in the area. A unique group. (3). £100-120
  St. Saviours. 1907-27 Picture postcards (6) and a cover all with St. Saviours rubber datestamps, three differing types, with "Guernsey" or "Channel Islands" at the base. (7). £130-150
  1859-1974 Covers and cards (182, also stamps, pieces, P.O and telegraph forms, C.O.Ps, a few prints, photos, etc), the written up collection in four albums with covers and cards from Braye Rd (3), Catel (21, with 1859 undated circle on part cover to Hong Kong and 1899 c.d.s), Cobo (11 with three WW2 covers), rare Collings Rd skeleton c.d.s on 1974 registered cover and C.O.P, Forest (5, with two WW2 covers), Les Brassieres on C.O.P, Les Graves (6), L'Islet (12), Market Place (13, with three WW2 covers), rare Pleinmont Rd c.d.s on 1958 registered cover and C.O.P, Quay (5), St. Andrews (23, with 1899 c.d.s), St. Johns (4), St. Martins (23, three with "Cow Lane" Bazaar cachets), St. Peter in the Wood (11), St. Sampsons (27, with two WW2 covers), St. Saviours (6, with three WW2 covers), The Vale (6), Torteval (3), Vale Rd (8), Ville au Roi (4), a fine collection. (182++). £1,000-1,200


Click to view full image... 1795 Entire letter written and signed by Lt. Col. Philip Fall, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey, to London with very fine curved "JERSEY", two small mount stains on reverse flap, otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 150. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1796 Entire letter prepaid 1/7 from St. Ouens to Germany with curved "JERSEY", a Paid datestamp applied in London and small "D'ANGLETERRE" applied upon arrival in France, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 150. £160-200
Click to view full image... 1801 Entire to London with first type straight line "JERSEY", scarce so fine. Photo on Page 150. £150-180
  1806 Entire and 1830 entire letter both to London showing the two types of "JERSEY" straight line handstamps, both good strikes. (2). £200-240
  1808-10 Entire letters (5) and entires (3) all with second type straight line "JERSEY" handstamps, poor to good strikes, one entire letter from St. Servan in France, three items to Guernsey. (8). £300-350
  1810-17 Entire letter and entires (5) all with first type "JERSEY" scroll handstamps, mainly fine strikes, five to Guernsey. (6). £240-300
Click to view full image... 1813-19 Entire letters with unusually fine examples of the two types of "JERSEY" scroll handstamps, the second truly superb. (2). Photo on Page 150. £200-240
  1817-21 Entire letter and entires (3) all with good to fine second type "JERSEY" scroll handstamps, two addressed to Guernsey. (4). £160-200
  1821 Entire letter prepaid 3/1 to Spain, backstamped with a fine second type "JERSEY" scroll, unusual on a letter addressed abroad. £100-120
  1824-28 Entire letter and entires (2) all showing the re-use of the first type "JERSEY" scroll handstamp, one unusually with two strikes. Three fine examples of this re-use, which occurred in 1822-30. (3). £150-200
  1830-51 Prestamp and stampless entire letters (8) and an entire all with Jersey double arc datestamps including 1834 entire letter written in St. Servan, France; 1838 entire letter prepaid 1/3 to Mauritius with red London Paid Ship Letter datestamp; 1847-48 entire letters prepaid to Oporto or Spain both with a red Jersey datestamp on the front; 1851 entire prepaid to Malta with the rate altered from 1/3 to 1/- and a blue Jersey datestamp obliterating the incorrect 1/3 rate, etc. Also two locally addressed 1839-41 entire letters delivered by hand. (11). £180-220
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
Details: VIEWING:
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