Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 3
  Germany/France - British Army T.P.O. 1919 Stampless O.A.S picture postcards with datestamps of the B.E.F Main Line T.P.O Down, used on the army T.P.O between Cologne and Boulogne, comprising large 36mm skeleton c.d.s, smaller 30mm skeleton c.d.s with code B, double ring c.d.s with short side arcs (code A) and similar c.d.s but with longer side arcs (2, codes A & B), all very fine strikes, one card with a few faults. (5). £180-200
  Turkey - British Army T.P.O. 1919-20 Stampless forces covers or postcards all with "ARMY POST OFFICE / TPO 1" skeleton datestamps used on the Army T.P.O from Haidar Pasha, initially to Konia (one example dated 2 MR 19, the only item from this first service?) and later to Eskishehr (3, 17 DE 19 - 25 AU 20), also a card from Spain to Lt.-Col. Smith, Director of Railways, GHQ, Constantinople. A scarce group, one cancel incomplete and one a little faint in places, two fine. (5). £220-260
Click to view full image... Turkey - British Army T.P.O. 1920 Stampless O.A.S cover and a 2d forces registration envelope both with fine "ARMY POST OFFICE / T.P.O 1" skeleton datestamps, used on the Army T.P.O from Haidar Pasha to Eskishehr, the registration envelope bearing a blank type registration label also with the c.d.s (28 FE 20), the stampless cover the latest recorded use of this datestamp (22 OC 20). A fine and scarce pair, the registered envelope possibly unique. (2). Photo on Page 22. £220-260
  Great Britain real photo picture postcards of soldiers or nurses, apparently all given to a World War One nurse in Carmarthen, Fleet or London. (57). £80-100
  Hospital Ships. 1915-19 Stampless covers or cards sent from former Union Castle Line steamers whilst serving as hospital ships in World War One, comprising 1915 postcard of "Gloucester Castle" with Valletta c.d.s. sent by a soldier wounded at Gallipoli who writes "I have been in hospital for a few days but have left the Peninsula now, they sent me away on a minesweeper for a day, they treated me alright then in the evening was put on this hospital ship"; 1916 cover endorsed "On active service, from L.Y Parkinson, Lt RAMC, HMHS Gascon" with Base A.P.O X c.d.s of Salonica; and 1919 postcard of H.M.H.S "Dunluce Castle" with circular "HOSPITAL SHIP / P.C. / 29 / R.A.M.C". (3). £100-120

World War Two - P.O.W & Internee Mail
(Also See Lots 393/4, 453, 685, 708, 1299-1302)

  1941 (Jan.) Great Britain stampless covers endorsed "Internees Mail" from Camberley to "H. St J.B. Philby, Room A, 005 Internment Camp, Ascot". Philby was briefly interned in 1940-41 due to his political views. He led a mission to Ibn Saud in 1917, becoming Head of the British Secret Service in Palestine in 1921; his eldest son was Kim, the double agent who defected to Russia in 1963. (2). £100-120
  1941-45 Covers to or from Pte. George Prescott, Loyal Regt., captured at Singapore and held as a P.O.W in Changi and Jinsen, Korea, comprising 1941 cover to Prescott returned with violet "Addressee / Reported Missing"; 1942 telegram from Prescott in Singapore (a P.O.W by the time it was received on Feb. 19th); 1945 (May 28) airgraph from All India Radio in Simla confirming Prescott was held in Jinsen and a message to him from his wife would be broadcast on June 6th; American Red Cross cover from Prescott on Hospital Ship U.S.S "Mercy" (stamps removed); 1945 (Oct 15) stampless cover from Manila endorsed "Liberated P.O.W" with "AUST. ARMY P.O 241" c.d.s, letter enclosed. (5). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1945 P.O.W lettersheet and postcard from Germany both with "RECOVERED P.O.W MAIL / FROM EUROPE / RECENTLY RECEIVED / BY BRITISH P.O.", one the usual large size cachet, the other in a much smaller type (the only example recorded by us); and 1946 (Sep 11) cover from London to Kendal franked 2 1/2d cancelled by a London machine with this same "Recovered P.O.W Mail" cachet inserted as the slogan in error. Also two 1946 R.C Alcock letters regarding this extraordinary slogan machine error, and a proof strike of the large size cachet. (4). Photo on Page 22. £200-240
  1945 Covers from P.O.W repatriation ships comprising stampless cover from Australia to "Capt F.F Elliott, Liberated Aust. Prisoner of War, c/o P.W & I. Reception Group, Army Base P.O, Melbourne" redirected to the hospital ship "Wanganella"; stampless cover to USA endorsed "Via air mail - Internees Mail" with red "Post Office Maritime Mail" machine, from "Irene Noon, H.M.A.S "Oxfordshire", Colombo"; stampless air letter from Trooper A. Robinson, Recce Corps, to his wife in England, written on the S.S "Empress of Australia" shortly after leaving Colombo (having sailed from Manila), with "No.11 R.A.F / POSTAL H.Q" c.d.s of Aden; and cover from Montreal franked 3c with violet "VILLE DE STRASBOURG / MESSAGERIES MARITIME" (employed in repatriating Canadian forces from Europe). Also 1942 (Aug 29) menu from the Japanese Red Cross ship "Kakamura Maru", then engaged in a mission exchanging diplomatic personnel. (5). £120-150

(Also See Lots 315/6, 705, 776, 1266/9, 1286)

World War One

  1914-18 Covers and cards from G.B to Germany (5), Austria, Syria or Belgium, France to Switzerland, Austria to USA, etc., all returned with various cachets, also G.B cover to Holland with "Undeliverable" cachet crossed through and delivered. (13). £120-150
  Russia. 1917-18 Covers and a front from G.B (8), USA (4) or from a Russian P.O.W in the Quarantine Camp at Enschede, Holland, all to Russia but returned with Service Suspended cachets or labels. (13). £180-200

World War Two & Post-War

Click to view full image... 1939-45 Covers and cards all returned with various Service Suspended cachets or labels, comprising items from Estonia to Latvia, Madagascar to France, Cuba to Belgium, South Africa to Belgium or China, Belgium to Belgian Congo, Palestine to Java, Lebanon to Palestine, sent between occupied and Vichy France (5), France to Holland or Morocco, Switzerland to France or Canada, Portugal to France, New Zealand to Yugoslavia, Italy to Morocco, Australia to Java, Malaya or Poland, Colombia to France, India to Italy or Burma, a good lot with many unusual items. (26). Photo on Page 22. £350-400
  1940-43 Covers and cards from the USA all returned with various Service Suspended cachets, mainly to Europe but including items to Guam, Philippine Islands (10), French Sudan, etc. (74). £450-550
  1940-44 Covers from G.B, all returned with "No Service" or "Service Suspended" cachets, mainly to Europe but including items to Netherlands Indies (3), Malaya and Tunisia, one 1944 cover to France unusually missent to Canada with Ottawa Dead Letter Office machine backstamp. (17). £150-180
  1950 Cover from USA to Korea handstamped "Returned to sender / Mail Service Suspended"; 1950 registered cover from Australia to Japan handstamped "NON TRANSMISSABLE / (NON SERVICE)" with manuscript "Registration" added; and c.1946 address portion from a registered parcel from G.B to Austria endorsed "no registered service" and handstamped "POSTAGE REFUNDED". (3). £80-100

(Also See Lot 64)

World War One

  1914-17 Covers and cards all detained during the war, comprising 1917 Dutch postcard to London captured by the Germans and delivered in 1919 with "AANGEHOUDEN DOOR / DUITSCHLAND 1916/17 / TERUG' AFZENDER"; covers to USA or Europe from various countries with boxed "RELEASED BY THE / BRITISH MILITARY AUTHORITIES" (14, four with 1919 backstamps); and 1917 cover from Holland to USA with "DETAINED DURING THE WAR BY THE / CENSORSHIP BOARD UNDER THE / PROVISIONS OF THE TRADING WITH / THE ENEMY ACT. (1).". (16). £200-240

World War Two

Click to view full image... 1940 Covers to Europe, all detained and delivered after the war, comprising 1940 (Apr./May) covers from Brazil or Australia to Holland both with March 1948 arrival datestamps and bearing the label "Amsterdam Maart 1948 / Door oorlogsomstandigheden / met vertraging ontvangen"; and 1st June 1940 cover from G.B to the Red Cross in Geneva with April 1945 arrival backstamp and red "Parvenue en Suisse: Avril 1945" cachet. The Brazil cover torn and the Australia cover with piece cut from the reverse, otherwise fine and unusual. (3). Photo on Page 22. £140-160
  1940-45 Covers from G.B all bearing labels "RETURNED TO SENDER / BY THE CENSOR / FOR REASON EXPLAINED IN / MEMORANDUM ENCLOSED / IN THIS COVER" printed in green (15) or black, one crossed through and sent to USA but returned as not known, one a P.O.W lettersheet to Germany, four with censor forms or slips enclosed giving the reason for returning as printed matter sent without a permit, re-used envelope, letter refers to mines, or contains more than one item. (16). £150-180
  1941-43 Covers and a front from USA to Europe returned with attached censor forms stating "addressed to an enemy or enemy occupied country" (3), no return address (3), contains stamps (4); also cover to New Zealand with enclosed form "This cover was open when it reached the censor"; and covers from Europe to USA with enclosure "The U.S Censor is not responsible for the mutilation of this letter" (2, one from Liechtenstein with "Service Suspended" cachet crossed through). (13). £130-150
  1941-45 Covers to or from the USA, all detained by the U.S Censors for the duration of the war, including 1941 (Oct 7) covers with U.S.S Algorab first day cancels (6) and other covers (2) all handstamped "RELEASED / BY O.N.J" and "SEP 5 1945" or "SEP 7 1945"; and covers to the USA from Senegal, Sweden, Barbados, Brazil, Belgium, Turkey, Italy, Denmark, Mexico, Spain, USA to Mexico or Sweden, or Alaska to mainland USA, all handstamped "THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN HELD / BY THE OFFICE OF CENSORSHIP" (various types), six with 1945 backstamps. (21). £400-500
  1942-43 Covers from USA all bearing "RETURNED / TO SENDER / BY CENSOR" labels, destinations include Cuba, Mexico, etc., two with "THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN HELD / BY THE OFFICE OF CENSORSHIP", one with Service Suspended label and cachet. (10). £100-120
  1940-43 Covers, various origins and destinations, all detained by the British censors and released in 1946 with "RELEASED" handstamps, four also handstamped "CONDEMNED" (in three types), three covers to Germany bearing labels "Zuruckgehaltene Post von der Zensur freigegeben", one philatelic Yugoslavia cover with explanatory censor form enclosed, five covers with 1946 backstamps. (14). £300-350
Click to view full image... 1940-41 Registered covers from France (4) or Algeria to the USA, all detained until 1950 by the British censor in Bermuda, all backstamped at Hamilton Bermuda (3 Feb 50) and New York (Feb. 10) and handstamped "Released by / Prize Court", unusual. (5). Photo on Page 26. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1941-43 Covers from France (3), Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden or G.B all to the USA, or from Mexico to France, all handstamped violet two line "HELD BY BRITISH CENSOR / RELEASED JANUARY 1946", seven also handstamped "RELEASED", one with a "CONDEMNED" handstamp crossed out, very unusual. (8). Photo on Page 26. £240-280
Click to view full image... 1941-42 Covers from Morocco, Poland, Italy (2), France (4), Portugal or Germany (2) all to the USA, handstamped violet "HELD BY BRITISH CENS / RELEASED JAN 1946" (5) or "HELD BY BRITISH / CENSOR RLD JAN 1946" (6), nine also handstamped "RELEASED", six with New York backstamps of Feb/March 1946, very unusual. (11). Photo on Page 26. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1941-42 Registered covers from Italy (2), Morocco, Portugal, Hungary or France all to USA, all handstamped violet "HELD BY BRITISH / CENSOR / RELS'D JAN 1946" and "RELEASED", one with a "CONDEMNED" handstamp crossed out, all with 1946 New York backstamps. (6). Photo on Page 26. £180-220


  Winston Churchill. Large and comprehensive Churchill collection in 18 albums albums, with many hundreds of stamps, blocks, miniature sheets and First Day Covers, including a thorough study of the 1966 Churchill Omnibus and 1974 Churchill Centenary issues. The stamps include imperforate and other varieties, and many unusual items such as artwork from the Congo 1965 Air stamp issue. Also a 1960 letter from Lady Clementine Churchill at 28 Hyde Park Gate to "Lettice"; 1945-55 covers addressed to Churchill (17) from Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Greece, Italy, New Zealand, Syria and G.B; and collections of World War Two newspapers and 285 cigar bands. A remarkable assembly; viewing recommended. (100s). £850-1,200
  Winston Churchill - World War Two Propaganda Cards. A fascinating group of 21 propaganda cards most of which feature Churchill comprising three so called "Clap Cards" which open up (one from Germany, two from Italy); a rare Italian card featuring Churchill and Roosevelt with guns and "they take the blame" (in Italian) over the ruins of buildings and war victims; and a selection of 17 cards from Holland (5), France (4), Portugal (3), Germany (2), Italy (2) and Belgium. (21). £350-450
  Olympics. 1980 Olympics, collection in four albums with Russian and overseas stamps, postal stationery, covers, F.D.Cs, special cachets, Roumania Nadia Comenici stamp on maximum card signed in ink by Comenici, some ephemera; and an album on Soviet achievements at the Olympics of 1956-76. (5 albums) £60-70


Click to view full image... 1840s -1870s Mint and used collection in an 1862 first edition Lallier stamp album, the album with binding broken and one page loose but otherwise unusually fine and a rare example of the worlds first stamp album. The collection formed shortly after the publication of the album in the 1860s with further stamps added in the 1870s, a few stamps removed though apparently largely untouched since the 1870s, usual mixed quality but some fine and useful stamps included, unused stamps mostly mounted with large paper hinges leaving part original gum. Contents largely comprising European countries, the principal value in France, German States, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland, including France 1849 15c, 40c and 1f used, 1862 1c, 5c and 20c unused, 1863-70 1c - 40c unused, 1870-71 Paris printing 20c unused and 4c - 80c used, 1870 Bordeaux printing 1c unused, 1871-76 1c - 5c unused, 1873 15c unused (thick figures of value), 1876-85 type I 20c and 40c unused, type II 3c, 10c green and 25c bistre unused; Belgium 1866-67 perf 15 2c and 5c unused, 1869-80 5c, 8c, 20c, 30c, 40c and 1f unused; Italy 1863-65 5c and 10c unused, 1867 20c unused, 1879-82 10c, 20c and 25c unused, also Papal States, Tuscany, Sardinia with 1861 3L unused; Switzerland with Zurich 1843 4r black unused (vertical red lines, no margins or gum, thins, S.G. Z4, £22,000), 1851 5r Rayon 1 unused, 1862-64 2c, 60c and 1f unused, 1867-78 40c unused; German States with scarce Hamburg 1864-65 9s used, Bremen 1856-63 5gr used, Brunswick, Wurttemberg, Bavaria; Netherlands, Austria, etc; and some G.B, Commonwealth and foreign, with G.B 1858 2d blue plate 15, 1870 1 1/2d, 1875 3d plate 17 and 1/- plate 12, 1877 2 1/2d plate 6 and 4d sage-green plate 16 all unused, Cape 1d triangular unused, Samoa 1877-80 1/- fine used, Natal 1869 "Postage" 3d (S.G. 286) used, New Granada (Colombia) 1p rose used, useful USA with 1869 15c and 30c used, etc. Also various loose stamps, many from France including 1870-71 5c (4) and 10c (8) used, etc. An interesting classic collection in the worlds first stamp album. (100s). Photo on Page 48. £1,800-2,200
  Empire and foreign collection mounted in eight ledgers, some useful earlier issues from South America, Europe, etc. (1,000s). £300-400
  Middle East. 1910-75 Mint and used stamps, mainly Saudi Arabia including 1916 perf 12 1/2pi, 1925 red Hejaz Government, 4th October 1924 overprints on 1916-17 roulette 13 1pa - 1/2pi and 2pi (S.G. 66/8, 71, 74), and blue overprints on 1921 1/2pi or 1pi dull violet both also with 1340 Hashemite Kingdom overprints (S.G. 84/5) all used, and 1968-75 3p light grey and vermilion unmounted mint (S.G. 887, £600). Also Army fund obligatory tax stamps from Lebanon (4, including 5p on 30c red-brown unused without gum, S.G. T289, £600) or from Syria (7) and India 1854 4a used, cut to shape and rebacked. S.G. £2,200. (61). £180-220

Covers & Postal History

  Europe - Early Letters. 1637-1707 Entire letters from Cologne to Antwerp (1637), Brussels to Italy (2, 1694-98, both endorsed "cito") or Amsterdam to Genoa (1707), all fine. (4). £100-120
  Europe & Colonies. 1820-1949 Entire letters, covers and cards from Switzerland, Estonia (1809 "LIBAU" handstamp), Greece (1915 card from internee on the Turkish torpedo boat "Timur Hissar"), Serbia, Spain, Monaco, Germany, Heligoland, Belgian Congo, with prestamp letters, military mail, etc. (29). £320-360
  Scandinavia. 1825-1944 Entire letters, covers and cards with 1872 Norway cover to Denmark franked 1867 1s + 4s, 1917 postcard from a British Naval Internee in Norway, etc. (9). £150-180
  Asia & Pacific Islands. 1848-1983 Covers and cards from Labuan (1897 registered "Reeves" cover franked 12c + 18c), Philippines (1945 ex P.O.W air letter from Manila, Aust. Army P.O 243 c.d.s), Siam, Cambodia, Ceylon (3, with QV 1d envelope used), Cook Islands (1895 1d postcard to Germany uprated 1 1/2d), etc. (14). £240-280
  Latin America. 1874-1914 Entire letters, covers and cards from Bolivia (2), Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador (6), Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico (2), Paraguay, Peru (5) or Uruguay (3, two with octagonal Montevideo French Packet Agency datestamps in red or black), many unusual stamps and cancels. (24). £400-500
  Latin America. c.1820-80 Prestamp and stampless entire letters and covers from Argentina, Bolivia (1865 undated circular "LAMAR / FRANCA" in green), Brazil (3), El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico (3, one with two forwarding agents cachets), Peru (1858 Tacna c.d.s and Arica British P.O datestamp), and Uruguay (3, one with octagonal Montevideo French Packet Agency datestamp), a few faults, most fine. (14). £220-260
  G.B and Foreign covers with G.B prestamp, 1953 Calcutta "Comet" crash cover from Singapore, etc. (79). £80-100
  1857-1938 Covers and cards to France, a correspondence to Grenoble or Lyon including Morocco cards with 1899 Mazagan 20c local post card posted into the French P.O with "T" handstamp but no postage due collected (central vertical fold) and postcard with Morocco Agencies 10c posted into the French P.O at Tangier so charged 20c, 1900 cover from Bangkok with Siam 12c removed in transit then reapplied tied by Ligne N datestamp, 1894-1903 covers from Indo China (11, one with Hanoi A Haiphong cancels), 1900 cover from German P.O in Tangier franked 5pf, 1878 Italy formula postcard posted unpaid handstamped "Francatura obligatorni" reposted franked 5c with the handstamp crossed through, Austria 1910 5h wrappers with "Deutschen und Osterreichischen Alpen Vereines" precancels (3), items from Funchal (2), Senegal, Beyrout, etc., a few faults. (160). £200-250
  c.1890-1970 Covers and cards with various explanatory handstamps including stamps lost in transit, Malaya "TRAIN LETTER" (2), Late Fees, Damaged by cancelling machine, damaged in transit, c.1970 wrapper from Hong Kong to USA with "Mail delayed in / delivery due to / West Coast dock strike", etc. (28). £120-150


  British Africa. QV-KGVI Mint selection including Zanzibar 1895 1r slate, KUT with 1896 1/2a - 2r, 1904-07 2r and 3r, Zululand 1888-93 1/2d, 2d - 5/- (the 5/- with gum toning and minor soiling) and 1894-96 1/2d - 6d and 2/6 (also 1/- and 4/- faded), Bechuanaland 1888 (Jan) 3d - 1/-, Sierra Leone, St. Helena 1938-44 set, Egypt 1888 2m - 2p postage dues (5m thinned), Sudan with 1897 5m block of 24 comprising four columns each showing the six overprint varieties, and official stamps with 1901 1m, 1927-30 set of seven (gum toning), 1948 set of 16. S.G. £2,400+. (114). £380-420
  British Africa. 1888-1964 Covers and cards (21), a front and pieces (2), from Ascension, Basutoland, Bechuanaland, British Somaliland, Cameroon, Gambia, Gold Coast, Mauritius, Nyasaland, Morocco Agencies, St. Helena, Seychelles, South West Africa or Zanzibar, various cancels, explanatory marks, etc. (24). £350-400
  British Asia. Mint selection including Straits Settlements 1879 7c on 32c, Sarawak with 1899 $1, Brunei Malaya-Borneo Exhibition 1922 set, Maldives 1906 15c, Ceylon 1895 On Service 1r12c, Transjordan 1927-29 500m and 1000m, also Ceylon 1857 2d green used, mainly fine. S.G. £1,230. (28). £180-220
Click to view full image... British West Indies. Mainly mint QV selection including Montserrat 1884 2 1/2d red-brown (2, shades), St. Lucia, Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Grenada, Tobago with 1896 1/2d on 4d fiscal stamp variety space between " 1/2" and "d", etc. S.G. £1,470. (24). Photo on Page 48. £220-260
  British West Indies. 1884-1947 Covers and cards (10), fronts (2) and a part cover, from Bahamas (3, with "UNCLAIMED" and "ADVERTISED" handstamps on a 1912 cover), Barbados 1900 coloured postcard, Bermuda (2), St. Kitts, Trinidad (3), Turks Is. (2) or Virgin Islands. (13). £200-240
  Commonwealth collection in three albums and on pages including Canada, Australia, India with 1854 4a (2, cut to shape), Indian States, Pakistan, etc. (100s). £120-150
  Australia 1913-65 mint and used stamps including 1934-48 no watermark 1/6 mint, 1948-56 5/- - £2 mint, etc., (270). Also 1836-88 G.B covers (10) with frees and transatlantic mail, and 1835 entire letter from India to USA with Boston "Ship" handstamp. (270 + 11 covers). £100-120
  South Africa collection in album and stockbook with many useful pairs and blocks, also Egypt, Omnibus issues, some decimal G.B, etc., in six albums or stockbooks. (100s). £100-120

(Also See Lot 246)

  1870-1959 Covers and cards including 1870 cover with six India stamps cancelled by the rare "Post Office Aden" seal handstamp (four other stamps unfortunately removed), 1906 "TOO LATE" handstamp, 1904 Aden postcard with KEVII 3p tied by Yokohama A Marseille French Sea P.O c.d.s, 1915 O.A.S postcard with Base Office A and Aden datestamps, 1938 Bombay Paquebot c.d.s on Aden stamps, 1944 U.S A.P.O 663, etc. (11). £200-250


Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
Details: VIEWING:
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