Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
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Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 6
  1795-1815 Official letters mostly with printed contents or letterheads and franking handstamps including "Com. de l'org. et du mouvt / des armees de Terre", "Etat Major de la Place de Paris", Baradere, Commissaire des Guerres with the Armee d'Italie, etc. (19). £200-250
  1796-1811 Entire letters with long 1796 letter written in French posted from London to Jersey; 1803 entire letter from Lintz to Vienna, the address panel endorsed "de Lintz"; 1803 entire written and addressed in Russian, large wax seal impressed with the Russian double headed eagle; and 1811 entire letter from Copenhagen to an Officer in the Uhlan Corps at Hiortespring. (4). £100-150
  1814-16 Letters and documents all dated after Napoleon's abdication in April 1814, some dating from the "100 days" period between his return in March 1815 and the Battle of Waterloo in June, a few relating to allied forces in France, with letters signed by Marshal Suchet, Duc D'Albuferra (2) or the Duc D'Otrante, several postally used with official cachets (3), entire letter from a wounded soldier in hospital at Nancy, etc., also printed "Overture from Napoleon presented to Parliament, May 1815" and 1816 "Papers relating to the residence of Napoleon Bonaparte at St. Helena". (34). £300-400
  Army of Holland. 1798-1805 Entire letters with red "HOLLANDE / TROUPEE FOISES" on 1800 letter from The Hague written on printed notepaper of Capt Prean, 54th Demi-Brigade; black "DON C HOLLANDE / TROUPES FOISES" on c.1800 letter from Terver (staining and faults, probably disinfected); and similar red "DON B" handstamp on 1805 letter written on the ship "Brutus" at Texel. (3). £180-220
  Germany. 1804-14 Entire letters with handstamps comprising red "BAU GL / ARM. D'HANOVRE" on 1804 letter from Hannover; "No 1 / ARM. D'OBSERVATION / DU RHIN" in red on 1809 letter from Mittelneissuach; "No 3 / ARM. D'ALLEMAGNE" on 1811 letter from Micleburg (faults); also 1813 letter on printed 148th Infantry Regt. notepaper posted from Munster to another soldier at Cologne, 1813-14 letters written by soldiers at Frankfurt or Schelestatt, and 1793 entire with "ARMEE DE LA MOSELLE" handstamp. (7). £200-250

Army of Spain

  1808-11 Entire letters with red "Intendant general / de l'armee d'Espagne" on the front and circular "INTENDANCE DE L'ARMEE" Eagle handstamps on the flap, the first sent within Madrid to the French Governor, the second from Madrid to St. Sebastien with black "No. 27 / ARM. FRANCAISE / EN ESPAGNE". (2). £200-240
  1810-13 Entire letters with "No -- / BAU PRINCIPAL / ARM. D'ESPAGNE" handstamps comprising No. 3 on 1813 letter from Barcelona; No. 6 on 1813 letter from Burgos; and No. 7 on 1810 letter from Gironne, the first two disinfected, the first with light tape mark, otherwise fine. (3). £220-260
  1808-12 Entire letters with "No -- / ARM. FRANCAISE / EN ESPAGNE" handstamps comprising No. 7 on 1812 printed letter from Benaventes concerning a soldier taken prisoner in 1810; No. 10 on 1808 letter from Madrid; No. 14 on 1809 letter from "Camp Royal d'Emoral"; and No. 17 on 1811 letter from Lerida with oval Lerida handstamp, two disinfected. (4). £320-360
  1809-13 Entire letters with "No -- / ARM. FRANCAISE / EN ESPAGNE" handstamps comprising No. 24 on 1809 letter from Burgos; No. 26 on 1813 letter from St. Sebastien; No. 34 on 1810 letter from Segovia; and No. 43 on 1811 letter from Santander, two disinfected, all fine. (4). £360-400
Click to view full image... 1810-13 Entire letters from Pamplona, the first with "No. 37 / ARM. FRANCAISE / EN ESPAGNE" in green (previously unrecorded in that colour), the letter on printed notepaper of General George Joseph Dufour; the second with "P.P No. 31 / ARM. FRANCAISE / EN ESPAGNE" in black, both very fine. (2). Photo on Page 44. £200-250
  1809 Entire letter from Madrid with "P.P. No. 27 / ARM. FRANCAISE / EN ESPAGNE", addressed to a sailor on a frigate at Toulon; and 1808 entire letter from Madrid with "BAU GAL 2ME / CORPS D'OBSERV. / DE LA GIRONDE", staining due to disinfection. Also a series of ten 1809 letters from Spain to a Captain Benoist in Avignon, four with address panels written from Valladolid (2), Madrid or a "Chateau en Espagne". (12). £220-260

Grande Armee

  1806 Entire letters from Colonel Barrois of the 96th Regt., to his wife in Paris all with red "GRANDE ARMEE" handstamps including No. 24, the other two a little unclear; 1811 entire letter from Cassel to Madame Barrois, and 1806 entire letter from Paris to Col. Barrois at Dusseldorf. (5). £160-200
  1807-08 Entire letter with red "No -- / GRANDE-ARMEE" handstamps comprising No. 10 on 1807 letter from Arentsdorf, and No. 16 on 1808 letter from Javer, Silesia, both fine. (2). £200-240
  c.1808 Entire letters with black "No -- / GRANDE-ARMEE" handstamps comprising No. 21 on undated letter from Munich and No. 30 on 1808 letter from Goldberg, Silesia, both fine. (2). £200-240
  1806-12 Entire letters all with "No -- / GRANDE-ARMEE" handstamps comprising No. 14 in red on 1806 letter from Roth to Grande Armee 1st Corps Paymaster at Aussbach; No. 16 in red on 1812 letter from Langun; No. 31 in red on 1808 letter from the environs of Kraipitz in Silesia; and No. 48 in black on 1808 letter from Vittime, a few faults, all reasonable strikes. (4). £200-240
Click to view full image... 1807 Entire letter written in Italian from Stettin to Saluce "par Berlin, Paris, Turin" with black "No. 93 / GRANDE-ARMEE", reverse with double ring "PLACE DE SCHWENT / ARMEE / FRAN / CAISE" cachet and a straight line handstamp ("SERES"?), tiny tear at upper edge, otherwise very fine, this No. 93 handstamp not recorded in "Franzoische Armeepost" by A. Reinhardt. Photo on Page 44. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1808 Entire letter from Neu Cuppin with red "No. 88 PORT-PAYE / GRANDE-ARMEE", fine and scarce, this handstamp not recorded in "Franzoische Armeepost" by A. Reinhardt. Photo on Page 44. £150-200

Ballon Montes
(Also See Lots 1255-1263)

  1870-71 Entire letters to Tours, all franked 20c with datestamps of Paris R. du Pont-Neuf and Tours arrival backstamps, dated 8 Oct 70 with 17 Oct arrival c.d.s flown on the "Washington" or "Louis Blanc", 24 Oct 70 with 4 Nov arrival c.d.s flown on the "Vauban", or 10 Jan 71 with 16 Jan. arrival c.d.s probably flown on the "Kepler". A good correspondence, all three fine. (3). £240-280
  1870 (Dec 8/9) Printed "Gazette des Absents" No. 14 dated 7 Dec., two examples both to London flown on the "General Renault", one franked 30c (faults), the other franked 40c orange (overpaid 10c), the first with the printed supplement of 8 Dec. enclosed, the other with the message including "I send you a letter marked B for Metz. Kindly enclose it in another envelope with the same directions, do your possible to send the letter at any cost. I think through Germany or Belgium you may be able to do it". The first with a few faults mainly to the upper flap, the other fine. (2). £160-180
  1870-71 Ballon Montes sent within France with Oct. 25th printed lettersheet franked by two 10c stamps flown on the "Vauban", the other three all printed "Gazette des Absents" franked 20c comprising No. 14 posted on Dec. 10th with red c.d.s flown on the "Ville de Paris", No. 16 posted on January 3rd flown on the "Newton" and No. 20 posted on Dec. 28th flown on the "Bayard". A few small faults though all largely fine. (4). £320-360

French Colonies

  1866-1943 Covers and cards from Madagascar (7), Senegal, Algeria, Comoro Islands, French Oceanic Settlements, Reunion, Syria (2), Guadeloupe, French Congo (3), Upper Senegal & Niger (1907 card to a prison superintendent at Devils Island, French Guyana), or French Occupation of Fezzan, an unusual group, some scarce cancels. (20). £400-500
  French Sudan/Djibouti/Somali Coast. 1897-1930 Covers and cards with 1897-1904 stampless soldiers covers from French Sudan (4); 1899-1902 covers, cards and a wrapper front with French Somali Coast stamps (5, two cancelled by octagonal La Reunion A Marseille sea post datestamps); and 1930 Djibouti to Addis Abeba second flight cover, a few faults. (10). £220-260
  Indo-China/Cambodia. 1902-39 Covers and cards with 1904 official free card with incorrect "Haiphong A Hanoi" T.P.O c.d.s crossed out and replaced by "Hanoi A Haiphong" c.d.s; 1907 Tourane Paquebot handstamp; 1907 card with Indo-China 5c pair tied Savan-Nakhet, Laos c.d.s; 1902-07 cards from Cambodia with datestamps of Kratie, Stung Treng (2) or Angkor - Les Ruines; 1902 French Colonial issue postage dues used at Saigon; and 1939 cover with Indo-China postage dues. The last two a little stained, otherwise fine. (9). £220-260
  Madagascar - P.O.W Mail. 1915 Stampless cover from Lubeck, sent via the Bureau International de la Paix in Berne, to a P.O.W at Fort Duchesne, Antananarivo, with arrival c.d.s and censor cachet, very scarce. £100-120
Click to view full image... New Caledonia. 1917-18 Printed patriotic envelopes depicting flags of the allies or the French flag with "Vive la France, let it Flourish", both posted from Bourail to France, fine and attractive. (2). Photo on Page 44. £120-150
  Senegal. 1860-65 Stampless entire letters (2) and a cover with blue Goree or St. Louis c.d.s, or circular "DIRECTION DE LA POSTE AUX LETTRES / ST. LOUIS / (SENEGAL)", all fine. (3). £140-160

(Also See Lots 220, 255, 262/7, 277, 383/4, 494/5, 706, 841, 958, 1251, 1293/9)

  1855-67 Stampless entire letters and covers from or via Germany, all to the U.S.A, with Hamburg Packet datestamps (4, one depreciated currency type) or Aachen datestamps in red or black showing paid or unpaid amounts in cents (5), one with stamps removed, otherwise fine. (9). £180-220
  1872-1959 Mint and used collection mounted in an old ledger with some useful 1922-23 inflation period issues including 1923 "Miners" 50m blue used (S.G. 256), 1923 (Oct.) 800 Tausend on 200m carmine used (S.G. 296), 1923 (Oct.) official issue 10M grey, 200M yellow-brown and 5Md brown and yellow all used (S.G. O342/3/5), 1923 (Nov) 5Md on 2M purple used (S.G. 343), etc. Also various empire and foreign stamps including an album of Ireland, G.B QEII commemoratives in mint blocks, etc. (100s). £160-200
Click to view full image... 1923 (Oct 1) 800 Tausend on 500m yellow-green used on the day of issue with Hamburg machine datestamp, fine and scarce. S.G. 300, £2,500. Photo on Page 48. £400-500
Click to view full image... 1933 Welfare Fund miniature sheet containing the four 5pf - 50pf stamps each with "1923-1933" overprint, unmounted mint, the sheet 184x146mm, reduced in size from approx 209x148mm, otherwise fine and rare, with R.P.S Certificate (2007). S.G. MS525a, £8,500 (and £2,250 as single stamps). Photo on Page 46. £500-600
  1933-45 Third Reich postcards and postal history, collection in two albums with various propaganda postcards (52, mainly postal stationery, some with special cancels), cards to Polish undercover addresses in Portugal (2), Feldpost cards with imitation stamps depicting caricatures of Chamberlain or Churchill, exhibition cancels, 1943 lettersheet posted from Gusen Concentration Camp, 1944 parcel card to Dera Concentration Camp, propaganda forgeries of the 5pf Hitler Head definitive and G.B 2 1/2d with "Liquidation of Empire / Barbados" overprint, G.B 1/2d with "Jersey 1940" and Swastika overprint (fault at right), also a few WW1 P.O.W covers, etc. (87). £300-400
Click to view full image... 1940-45 Stampless forces mail with Afrika Corps cover bearing palm tree and Swastika cachet, card from the Arctic raider "Komet", official cover from Dachau Concentration Camp with Waffen SS cachet, official covers from Goering's office (2), a cover believed to be from the Channel Islands, also a special express postcard sent from Dresden after the bombing in February 1945 to report ones survival to a relative. (7). Photo on Page 44. £220-260
  East Germany - Air Mails. 1956-91 First and special flight covers (387), also various ephemera, the collection well written up in four albums. (387+). £100-120

(Also See Lots 465/7)

  1851-1938 Covers and cards (11) and a piece including 1855 cover with "6" charge mark and "GIBRALTAR / 27 MR 1855 / SHIP LETTER", 1915 registration envelope cancelled scarce oval "REGISTERED / GIBRALTAR NORTH DISTRICT" datestamp with a finer strike on the reverse, 1916 postcard from Switzerland with "INCONNU" and Gibraltar Returned Letter Office c.d.s, 1896 Gibraltar 10c cards posted in Rabat or Tangier, 1882 G.B 1/2d postcard from Gibraltar to Spain (staining), 1938 cover with Gibraltar 6d cancelled "SHIP LETTER / TANGIER", 1937 Official Paid c.d.s in black, etc. (12). £400-500
  c.1940 Stampless air mail covers to England both with circular violet "POSTAGE PAID / 4d" and "PASSED BY CENSOR", both initialled by the Postmaster. (2). £100-120


  QV-KGVI Stamps and covers in a stockbook including 1913-21 KGV £1 used (2), 1923 3d postage due mint block, village and maritime cancels, also covers and cards (35) with QV or KEVII covers from Cape Coast, Abokobi, etc. (100s). £280-350

(Also See Lot 401)

Click to view full image... 1864 Cover from Piraeus to Paris bearing Hermes Heads 1L, 2L, 5L, 20L and 80L (2), first and second Athens printings, four stamps cut into on one side, two vertical folds clear of all stamps, an attractive five colour franking. Photo on Page 52. £400-500
  Olympic Games Issues. 1896 and 1906 Covers to Constantinople, the first from Athens bearing 1896 Olympics 10L and bisected 40L to pay the 30L letter rate, vertical fold and flap faults but very scarce; the other registered from Piraeus bearing 1906 Olympics 50L, a few faults. (2). £200-250


Click to view full image... 1784 Entire letter (with a Bill of Lading enclosed for 25 hogheads of Muscovada sugars shipped on the "Mary" from St. Georges to Greenock), to Glasgow backstamped with a fine "Grenada" (Proud PS2, only recorded 1784-85), "DOVER / SHIP LRE", London "13/SE" and Edinburgh "SE/17" Bishop Marks, charged 1/-. Vertical file fold, otherwise a fine letter, the very scarce first type Grenada handstamp unusually clearly struck and displays well. Photo on Page 52. £250-350
  1894-1946 Covers and cards all with village cancels comprising St. Patricks, Grenville, Crochu, Concord, Petit Martinique, Piedmontagnes, Birch Grove, St. Paul, Snug Corner, Union, Hermitage, Grand Roy, Happy Hill and Mt. Rose, most philatelic, twelve registered. (14). £300-400


  1780-81 Entire letter to Port Au Prince with curved handstamps of "CAP", "LACQUEMEL" (2), "ST MARC" or "JEREMIE", all fine. (5). £300-350


  1888 "Map of Hong Kong with British Kowloon" published by the Proprietor of The Hong Kong Almanac. A fine hand-coloured fold-out map by Stanfords of London, mounted on linen, the open map 44x72cm, very scarce. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1862-63 2c - 96c Set of seven without watermark all fine used with "B62" cancels, the 2c also with "SHANGHAI" c.d.s (MR 2, 63, an early use of the c.d.s + "B62" cancel). S.G. 1/7, £1,300. (7). Photo on Page 48. £300-350
  QV Watermark varieties comprising 1863-71 30c orange-vermilion with "S1" cancel and 1900-01 2c dull green with red "IPO" tie-print and Victoria c.d.s both with inverted watermarks; 1863-71 6c mauve and 1891 10c purple on red both with reversed watermark, all used. S.G. 10x, 15w, 38x, 56w, £780. (4). £160-180
Click to view full image... 1870 4c Slate perf 12 1/2, watermark inverted, used with "B62" cancel, fine and scarce. S.G. 9fw, £900. Photo on Page 48. £300-350
  QV-KGV Issues used all with minor varieties identified, also 1921-27 25c with broken flower variety within a mint strip of three. (68). £120-150
Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... QV-QEII Stamps mounted on individual cards and sorted by subject in a small file box, includes QV stamps with 1891 Jubilee 2c used, etc., misplaced watermarks, pairs and blocks, cancels with sub-offices, Hong Kong University Post Office (2), "62B" (10), parcel post, IPO tie-prints, Customs Pakhoi or Kowloon, and many treaty port cancels with D27, A1, F1, S1, Y1 and datestamps of Amoy, Chefoo, Foochow, Hankow, Hoihow, Liu Kung Tau, Ningpo, Swatow, etc. (100s). Photo on Pages 48 & 56. £600-700
Click to view full image... QV-KGV Stamps with various maritime or used abroad cancels including French sea post datestamps (3) or anchor in retta cancel, German Seepost (3), "B12" mailboat cancel, Canton (17), Singapore, Macau, San Francisco, Japanese datestamps, etc., also a few Hong Kong datestamps on stamps of other countries. (54). Photo on Page 48. £100-120
  Perfins/Security Overprints. QV-KGVI Stamps with perfins (143) or various senders security handstamps (105), many differing companies. (248). £150-180
Click to view full image... Revenues. Various QV-QEII revenues including QV 3c with Hong Kong c.d.s, 2c dull purple with "B62" numeral (S.G. F8, £45), perf 15 1/2x15 $2 green and $3 violet both with Shanghai c.d.s (S.G. ZF874/5, £140), also Stamp Duty stamps on entire revenue documents or receipts (6, two also with China revenues) and an unused document pre-stamped with two KGV 5c Stamp Duty stamps. (103 Stamps + 7 documents). Photo on Page 56. £150-180
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
Details: VIEWING:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for full Viewing details
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