Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
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Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 12
  1946-64 Covers including 1945 Kuching c.d.s on Australia 3d, 1946 unframed three line Sibu datestamps (3, also two stamps), Mukah and Bintulu datestamps, etc. (8 covers + 2 stamps). £240-280
  Kuching Paquebots. 1928-47 Covers all with differing "PAQUEBOT" handstamps of Kuching (Proud SL 4, 5, 10), all fine. (3). £200-250
Click to view full image... Bintulu Paquebot. 1931 Stampless official cover to Kuching with fine Bintulu c.d.s and violet "PAQUEBOT", arrival backstamp, very scarce. Photo on Page 84. £150-180
Click to view full image... Niah Paquebot. 1931 Stampless official cover to Kuching with fine boxed "PAQUEBOT", backstamped at Niah, Miri and Kuching, very scarce. Photo on Page 84. £140-160
  Paquebots - Sibu/Simanggang. 1935-37 Covers, the first with 2c + 3c tied by Sibu c.d.s and handstamped "PAQUEBOT", the others with 5c cancelled "PAQUEBOT" and backstamped at Simanggang, or tied by a Simanggang c.d.s and backstamped with the "PAQUEBOT" handstamp, all fine and scarce. (3). £200-250

(Also See Lot 132)

  1917 Cover to "H. St. J.B Philby, c/o Polital Department, Basra"; Philby was then serving in Saudi Arabia, the cover presumably being forwarded under cover or by diplomatic bag. Also ten unused c.1910 picture postcards of Saudi Arabia views, some duplication. (11). £200-240

(Also See Lot 24)

Click to view full image... 1893 15 Cents surcharge on 16c, die 1, variety surcharge double, mint pair with upper and right margins, mounted in the margin only, the stamps unmounted. S.G. 18b, £2,600. Photo on Page 56. £500-700


  Japanese Occupation. 1942-43 Stampless forces postcards from Japanese soldiers serving in Thailand, all with translations. (4). £80-100

(Also See Lot 60)

Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1893 Half Penny on 1 1/2d lilac, the fine exhibit written up on 32 pages with major and minor varieties (some constant), blocks, strips and pieces, including watermark Crown CC single mint, "HALF / IENNY" mint (2), "EAIF" variety within a mint pair, missing "HA" and "PE" within a mint block of four (faults), "HALF / PFNNY" mint (8, three within blocks of four or nine, one block of four also with additional overprint bar) and used (2, one in a block of four, the other in a pair used on piece with 1/2d green (2) and 6d), missing "LF" and "NNY" within a used pair, "HALF / PENN" mint (B.P.A Certificate), inverted surcharges mint (2, one showing distinct doubling) and used (7, with three pairs), misaligned surcharges, misplaced overprints with some divided between two stamps, additional bars through value, bars at top or at both the top and base of the stamp, broken lettering, underinking, piece bearing strip of six, two pieces bearing six stamps in strips or pairs both with 1d Stamp Duty overprinted for Postage, block of twelve with plate number and other blocks, off-set, etc. Also a few earlier issues mint including 1874 6d and 1876 2d. S.G. 38/9. (130 + 12 other stamps). Photo on Pages 48 & 54. £1,200-1,400
  1865-1913 Covers and cards with 1865 covers from G.B to Sierra Leone franked 6d (2, faults), the others all with village datestamps including Bangajuma, Clive Town, Kaballa, Mano Salija, Waterloo, etc., six registered. (12). £250-280

(Also See Lots 10-32, 47/9, 56/7, 166, 387/8, 694)

  1867-1906 Covers and cards including Cape stationery cancelled at Walfish Bay (3), 1877 cover to USA with Natal 1d pair + 6d tied by numeral "4", etc., some faults, the Natal cover torn and repaired. (7). £100-120

Cape of Good Hope

Click to view full image... Fifth Frontier War. 1819 Letters written by a conscript, Ernst du Toit, serving on the Eastern frontier, both written from "Grijhamstad" (Grahamstown), July 30 and September 11, the second addressed to Kleinbosch in the Drakenstein Valley with the address panel signed and underlined by Du Toit to ensure free postage. In April 1819 10,000 Xhosa had attacked Grahamstown but were repulsed by the garrison of 350 men. Also an 1848 War Office enquiry certificate concerning a man who had served in the Cape. Two interesting 1819 frontier war letters which talk of the various Burghers then serving against the natives, the postally used item fine and very scarce. (3). Photo on Page 84. £400-500
  c.1820 Entire headed "On H.M Service" and endorsed "Customs", addressed to "His Excellency Major General Sir Rufane Shawe Donkin K.C.B, Acting Governor & Commander in Chief". Donkin was acting Governor from January 1820 until November 1821; mail to Donkin during this period is scarce. £150-180
  c.1827-42 Entires with boxed "TO PAY" (3, two types) or "POST PAID" (7), three also with Post Office "Crown" handstamp of Uitenhagen, Caledon or Worcester, the last sent locally and unusually endorsed "returned not residing in this district". (10). £200-250
Click to view full image... Slavery. 1822-33 Entire letters (2) and entires (3) comprising 1826 entire letter from Uitenghage to "G.T Rogers Esq., Chief Guardian of Slaves, Cape Town" concerning the writers 10 year old slave girl who found some clothing but was then sentenced to three months solitary confinement for theft in a trial the writer considers to have been unfair; c.1830 O.H.M.S. entire from the Secretary's Office, Stellenbosch, to "G.T. Rogers, Inspector, Cape Town"; 1833 entire letter from George prepaid 9d to C. Zaastron, Controller and Registrar of Slaves in Cape Town; c.1830 O.H.M.S entires endorsed from the Office for the Enregisterment of Slaves at George or Graaf Reinet, four with Post Office "Crown" handstamps. Also an 1822 certificate of registration for an infant called "January" born to a slave mother, registered as the property of the widow of the late Jacob van Reenan. An interesting and scarce group. (6). Photo on Page 84. £700-800
Click to view full image... Free Mail. 1828-40 Entires both with crowned "POST OFFICE / CAPE / TOWN / FREE / GENERAL" second type free datestamps, the first to "The Honble Lieut. C. Bell, C.B, Acting Secty to Government, Cape Town" with "POST OFFICE / WORCESTER" Crown handstamp, the other to "A. Stockenstom, Commisaris Generaal, Grahamstad" and redirected to Cape Town with Crown handstamps of Uitenhagen and Grahamstown. The 1828 entire with two repaired edge tears, otherwise fine. (2). Photo on Page 84. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1837 Entire to the Wesleyan Mission House in London with "POST OFFICE / (crown) / SOMERSET", crowned oval "GENERAL POST OFFICE / CAPE OF GOOD HOPE" datestamps (10 JU), reverse with red boxed "INDIA LETTER / DEAL" and a London c.d.s. Both Cape handstamps remarkably fine, exhibition quality. Photo on Page 84. £150-200
  1843 Entire letter from Belvidere, Knysna, to London endorsed "Postage Paid at Knysna 1/3", with Cape Town datestamp and "POST OFFICE / (crown) / GEORGE", charged 8d with Ship Letter backstamp. £100-120
Click to view full image... c.1850 Entire to "J. Stuart, Master of the Supreme Court, Cape Town" prepaid 4d, with octagonal framed "12" handstamp of Paarl, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 90. £300-350
Click to view full image... c.1850 Entire to J. Stewart, Master of the Supreme Court in Cape Town, prepaid 4d, with octagonal framed "19" handstamp of Clan William, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 90. £250-300
  Official Mail. 1854-62 Stampless entires and a cover all endorsed "On Service", comprising 1854 entire to the Colonial Office in Cape Town with oval "BURGHERS DORP" datestamp in red; 1862 Colonial Secretary's Office cover to Beaufort West and redirected to Cape Town signed by R. W. Rawson with oval backstamps of Cape Town and Beaufort; and 1855 entire with red oval "PIQUETBERG" datestamp addressed to "E.L Layard, Curator of S.A Museum, Capetown" and containing the intriguing part message "I will wait on an answer from you in what state the eggs arrived" - natural history specimens could be sent to sanctioned museums free of charge if sent in the form of a letter packet. (3). £200-250
Click to view full image... Convict Mail. 1860 (Oct 20) Entire letter to "Charles Pritchard Esq., Beaufort", the address panel headed "Convict letter" and signed "R. Merritt, Matron House of correction" with red Cape Town backstamp, no other datestamps, possibly returned to the writer as it was posted unpaid contrary to regulations. The writer Maria Marais asks for a few pounds as she has no money, has not heard from her children, and hopes for a mitigation of her sentence and to be free by January, but will then need money for the steamer to Mossel Bay. An unusual and scarce convict letter, a couple of internal tape stains, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 90. £280-320
Click to view full image... 1861 (Oct 28) Cover from Cape Town to "His Excellency Rear Admiral Sir B. Walter, Admiralty House, Simons Town" bearing 1853 4d deep blue on deeply blued paper with three large margins, well tied by triangular obliterator. Recipients endorsement shows the sender to be the Bishop of Cape Town. Rear Admiral Sir Walter was Commander-in-Chief of the British fleet operating from the Cape, aboard his flagship the frigate "Narcissus". A fine example of the first 4d triangular (S.G. 2) on cover. Photo on Page 90. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1862 (Nov.) Page from the Captains log book of H.M.S "Severn" recording the ships arrival at Simons Bay and a visit to Simons Town, with four unused Perkins Bacon 1d Cape triangular stamps attached (S.G. 5b, £1,200 each mint), all two margins, an unusual and attractive page and an early example of stamps being bought as souvenirs rather than for use. Photo on Page 88. £300-400
  1866-1912 Covers and cards (31), stamps and pieces (27), various selected cancels, the covers including "KING WILLIAMS TOWN" double arc datestamp, triangular "CGH" obliterators (8), barred oval numerals (17), skeleton datestamps (3, Mossel Bay, Stellenbosch and Graaf Reinet) and violet "BEDFORD / C.G.R" rubber c.d.s, also a stampless O.H.M.S cover with Mossel Bay c.d.s sent to "Post Office Agent, Ruyterbosch" then redirected to "Thunes Van der Wats, Telegrams, This reply to be sent to him", single stamps with cork cancels including various cross and grid types (25), etc. (58). £350-400
Click to view full image... Returned Letter Office. 1871-1909 Cape Town Returned Letter wrapper and covers (4) comprising 1871 wrapper (side flaps removed) sent within Cape Town charged 4d, handstamped "TOO LATE" and "ADVERTISED / AND / UNCLAIMED"; 1878 printed "to Pay" cover to Hendriks Kraal charged 4d, oval "HUMANS-DORP" datestamps; 1882 Paid letter envelope registered within Cape Town, RLO wax seal on reverse; 1906 cover to East London; and 1909 unpaid letter envelope to Bedford with "3d" charge mark and "CHARGE CLERK" c.d.s. A unusual group, the unpaid letter envelopes scarce. (5). Photo on Page 90. £280-320
  Griqualand. 1872-1906 Covers and cards including 1872 registered cover to Cape Town franked 4d pair with "HOPE-TOWN" double arc datestamp, 1893 Douglas c.d.s with "8" numeral cancel, "1903 SCHMIDTS / DRIFT" c.d.s, and Kimberley items (4), two with boxed "POSTED LATE". (7). £140-160
Click to view full image... Second Korana War. 1879 (Aug 29) Stampless entire to "The Post Master General, Cape Town" endorsed "On Active Service" and endorsed "Gower, Adjutant, Hankeys Rangers", datestamps of Kenhardt, Victoria West and Cape Town. Slightly reduced at left (with loss of first three letters of "Hankeys"), otherwise fine and a very scarce soldiers cover from this little known campaign against the Korana leader, Klaas Lukas and his band of followers who were involved in cattle rustling from farmers along the Orange River. Internal O.A.S. soldiers letters could be sent free of charge during this campaign. Photo on Page 90. £300-400
  Postage Due Mail. 1882 Cover from Belfast to "Commanding Officer, Colonial Volunteers, King Williams Town, South Africa" franked G.B 2d, a "3d" charge mark (indicating "half fine" of 3d due to G.B) obliterated in Cape Town with numeral "1", charged 8d; and 1882 cover from George franked 1d pair to "F. Kinto, Inspector of Stores, King Williams Town" charged 4d, both covers handstamped oval "AUDIT OFFICE / ORIGINAL / 6 DE 83 / CAPE OF GOOD HOPE". Both with a few faults though a very unusual pair. (2). £150-180
Click to view full image... 1888 Cover to Scotland bearing 4d with "G" overprint (S.G. 26), originally issued for use in Griqualand, cancelled by a superb Grahams Town hooded circle datestamp, very fine. Photo on Page 92. £180-220
  1891 Cover to Cape Town with Cape 1d tied by superb "ROBBEN ISLAND" c.d.s, exhibition quality. £100-120
  1891-1906 Printed advertising covers, the first for "Baldwins Butterfly Company" with a picture of a butterfly, registered from Somerset East to England bearing 4d + 2 1/2d on 3d pair; the other for the ostrich feather merchants J. Friedland & Co. depicting an ostrich, registered from Cape Town to Luderitzbucht, German South West Africa, bearing KEVII 1/2d + 2d strip of three. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1d Naval Concession Rate. 1895 Cover to England headed "From J. Blainey, Seaman, HMS Philomel, Simons Bay, S. Africa" and initialled by the Commanding Officer, with Cape 1d tied by Simons Town hooded circle, Plymouth arrival backstamp. Light horizontal fold, otherwise extremely fine and an uncommon example of the 1d sailors concession rate. Photo on Page 90. £150-180
  Postage Due Mail - Refused. 1897 Postcard requesting a free sample tin of Dr Tibbles Vi-Cocoa, sent from Bedford to Cape Town, franked by a 1/2d stamp as stated in the terms printed on the reverse, despite this with "CHARGE CLERK" datestamps and a "1d" charge mark, and a small "REFUSED" handstamp. Vertical fold, otherwise fine and very unusual, this "Refused" handstamp not recorded by Goldblatt and the first example we have seen. £100-120
  Parcel Post / P.O.W. Mail. 1900 (Jan 15) Tie on parcel tag bearing a complete parcel post label showing the parcel contained cutlery, franked 4d from Wellington to "Mr R.J.L Tindall, Prisoner of War Simons Bay, c/o the Deputy Asst. Adjt. Genl., Castle Barracks, Cape Town". An unusual and early P.O.W item from the Boer War. £150-180
  Explanatory Handstamps. 1906-08 Picture postcards comprising 1906 card from Tasmania to Cape Town franked 1d on the picture side, the address panel handstamped "T", "2d" and "UNCLAIMED / AT PRIVATE BOXES" with "Returned L.O Cape Town" and "Cape Town P.B.S datestamps; 1906 card from Kimberley to King Williams Town and redirected to Umtata with violet "O/R KING WILLIAM'S TOWN"; and 1908 card from London to Herschel and redirected to Cathcart with violet straight line "OFFICIALLY REDIRECTED". Three unusual and scarce explanatory handstamps. (3). £160-200


  1855 (Dec 1) Entire letter from the "Grahams Town Namaqualand Mining Co" offices in Grahams Town, addressed Robert Moffat Junior at Cape Town franked 4d triangular, redirected to "Springbok, Namaqualand" and endorsed "per overland route" with a further 4d prepaid in cash, backstamped at Cape Town and Grahams Town, the 4d stamp tied by two differing "CGH" obliterators. Robert Moffat Junior (son of the missionary Robert Moffat and brother-in-law of David Livingstone) was hired in 1854 for two years to survey Namaqualand for copper and other possible minerals; in 1855 the price of copper dropped and the company lost interest in Moffat's venture. This letter was written to Moffat accepting his compromise solution to end his contract in return for £125, the larger wagon, 12 oxen and two horses; all reports and papers were to be sent to the company's Cape Town agents and company stock in Namaqualand was to be sold. The company had already paid £76.18.6 on behalf of Moffat Junior including £20 sent to his father. The stamp has been cut from the letter and replaced with some other folds or tears strengthened internally, nevertheless an historic letter. £160-200
  1871-1913 Covers and cards with cancels of Steinkopf (2), Lily Fountain (2, oval datestamps of 1877-93), Komaggas (2, with "557" BONC), Van Rhyn's Dorp (with "253" BONC), Nieuwe Rust, Garres (2), Springbokfontein (2, one with "24" BONC), Concordia (2, one with "440" BONC), Pella (2, with "303" BONC), Riebeck Kasteel, three registered, a scarce group. (16). £280-320
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Kommaggas. 1876 Cover to Wellington with 4d blue cancelled manuscript "Kommaggas, 24/6/76", a Wellington arrival c.d.s (July 7) on the front. Also a single Cape 1d with similar manuscript cancel dated 23.6.82. Komaggas had a c.d.s and numeral cancel by 1888 (see previous lot). A fine and rare manuscript cancel. (2). Photo on Pages 48 & 90. £400-500
  O'Okiep. 1868-1906 Covers and cards, various cancels including "200" barred oval numeral (3), "O'OKIEP", "OOKIEP / CAPE COLONY" and "OOKIEP / C.G.H" single ring datestamps and scarce 1908 skeleton c.d.s, also 1868 cover with letter written at O'Okiep but posted at Springbokfontein and cancelled "24". (11). £180-200
Click to view full image... O'Okiep. 1884 1d Postcard to Cape Town cancelled by triangular "CGH" obliterator in red, O'Okiep and Cape Town datestamps on the front, a very unusual red cancel, exhibition quality. Photo on Page 92. £120-150
  Port Nolloth. 1899-1910 Covers and cards with Port Nolloth datestamps, two registered, one to Sweden, one 1901 cover censored. (8). £120-140
  Namaqualand Field Force. 1900 (Dec 28) Budrick's of Cape Town printed pictorial envelope with various Cape or Boer War views, the illustrated upper portion of enclosed notepaper endorsed "Namaqualand Field Force", the cover endorsed from "Corpl. J. Oakes, C.S Artillery" with Cape 1d tied by O'Okiep c.d.s. Also a complete sheet of the Budrick's illustrated notepaper written from Green Point. An unusually fine example of this envelope. (2). £150-180

Registered Mail

Click to view full image... 1852 Entire from Colesberg to the London Missionary Society endorsed "Registered" and prepaid 1/6, charged 2/6 in London, with red "(crown) / REGISTERED" handstamp and a London c.d.s. The earliest known registered letter from Cape Colony prepaid 8d inland postage + 4d port charge + 6d registration, the internal British registration charged to the addressee. The first recorded reference to registration of letters found by Trotter appeared in 1854 Cape Almanacs, though a 6d fee for providing a receipt existed since 1846; however this letter proves that a formal registration system existed since at least 1852. Horizontal fold and a little minor edge staining, otherwise fine and an important postal history item, which was written up by John Dickson in the "Cape & Natal Philatelic Journal" (vol. 14, no. 3, p. 99). Photo on Page 92. £600-800
  1855 Upper portion of a Registered Letter wrapper containing the complete signed Postmasters receipt for the letter, which was sent from Burghers Dorp to Grahams Town; 1870 printed O.H.M.S wrapper with "Application for Registered Letter Receipt" sent from Cape Town to Swellendam with datestamps of both places; and registered letter receipts with datestamps of Willowmore (2, 1891-92) or Calvinia (1910). (5). £200-250
Click to view full image... 1856 Entire letter from George to Cape Town endorsed "Money letter", bearing a 4d triangular (two margins) tied by "CGH" obliterator, backstamped at George and Cape Town. The writer was sending a cheque for £1.7.8. A system existed in Great Britain for letters marked "Money Letter" which were entered on a form when posted and received a receipt upon delivery; however no similar system existed in the Cape and this letter was sent by ordinary letter post at the usual 4d rate despite the endorsement. An unusual item. Photo on Page 92. £180-220
A fine collection containing ship and packet letter mails from and to the Cape, from the Dutch period until World War One with many scarce and short lived rates and packet services, many items accompanied by detailed research notes. Also see lot 861.
  1897 Cape of Good Hope AR form for a letter from New York to Cape Town, signed by the recipient and Postmaster with a Registered Letter Office Cape Town datestamp applied, presumably returned to New York and then apparently forwarded to Dayton, Ohio. Very unusual and scarce. £120-150

Cape of Good Hope & South Africa Maritime Mail

Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1806-1963 Maritime Mail, collection largely written up on 49 pages including 1813 entire from Mauritius with Cape Ship Letter handstamp, 1815 entire from India to Cape, 1850 London forwarding agent cachet on 1850 Ship Letter from Amsterdam, 1862 London G.P.O Official letter to the Cape Postmaster-General, Union Line covers bearing G.B 1/- (2) or prepaid in cash, 1873-74 Donald Currie "Castle Line" covers bearing G.B or Cape 4d, 1871 cover to Madeira franked 1/5, 1878 G.B 8d rate to Natal, 1883 6d rate to South Australia sent by "Star of Scotia" sailing ship, 1898 Customs Parcel Docket, 1899 cover to P.O.W on H.M.S "Penelope", German Seaposts, explanatory handstamps, mail to ships, Paquebots, 1939 Danzig Free State card posted at the Polish Port of Gdansk and charged 3d as an unpaid card, 1910 4d late fee to USA, dock and pier cancels, Shipping Postmaster cancels including red oval Cape Town handstamp on 1928 Ocean Letter, Cape Colony Ocean P.O, Union of S. Africa Ocean P.O (4), United Kingdom & S. Africa Sea P.O (2), naval mail, etc. (90). Photo on Page 92. £1,400-1,600
Click to view full image... c.1731 Cover from Batavia addressed to Arnoldus Koevoet at the Cape of Good Hope with a fine endorsement on the front indicating carriage by the sail maker Piter van Rijk on the ship "Prattenburg" together with a package marked "A.K". Koevoet was born a slave of the Dutch East India Co. in Cape Town in 1697, obtained his freedom in 1731 and died in 1735. A fine early letter, with research notes on Koevoet and a copy of the original contents of this cover. Photo on Page 92. £250-300
Click to view full image... 1736 (June 1) Entire from Westerhof, Holland, addressed to Joachim Nicholas von Dessin, Assistant to the Secretary for Justice serving the Company at the Cape of Good Hope. Endorsed for carriage on the "Magdalena" by Chief Helmsman Gerret Rijnders, together with 100 Silver Ducats for delivery to Von Dessin. The "Magdalena" left Texel on May 6th 1735 and arrived at Cape Town nearly five months later on September 27th, thirteen sailors having died on the voyage. A long note written and signed by Von Dessin within the entire confirms delivery by Rijnders but alleges he received no ducats from Rijnders, nor from anyone else associated with the "Magdalena". A few flap faults, otherwise fine, an early and interesting letter from Holland to the Cape, with a fine wax seal. Photo on Page 94. £300-350
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
Details: VIEWING:
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