Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 10
  1921 Cover to Seremban with Straits Settlements 6c tied bilingual "TRENGGANU" double ring c.d.s, further strike alongside. £100-120
  1936 Cover to England franked on the reverse by Trengganu 1c vertical pairs (4), the eight stamps all tied by bilingual "DUNGUN" datestamps. £80-100

Japanese Occupation

Click to view full image... Forces/P.O.W Mail. 1943-47 Japanese forces postcards, three sent by Japanese forces in Malaya during the war, another sent by a Japanese P.O.W at Rempang Island in 1947, the card headed "Mail of Disarmed Military Personnel" in English and Japanese with a U.S Army censor cachet. Mail from Japanese P.O.Ws is scarce. (4). Photo on Page 70. £180-220

(Also See Lots 105, 1057, 1222, 1251)

  1780-1856 Entire letters or entires with 1780 entire letter from Rome to Malta, 1854 entire letter from Alexandria to Marseille with fine oval "PASOLE APAP & FIGLI / MALTA" forwarding agents cachet in blue, 1840 entire from Constantinople with "11. Feb. 1d", and 1856 entires to France prepaid in cash with a Paid datestamp and circular "PD" (2) or franked 4d with oval "P-D". (6). £160-180
Click to view full image... 1848 G.B 1d Pink stationery envelope cancelled "325" at Guildford, a "2" charge crossed out and replaced by "Paid 10", addressed to "Capt. Henderson R.N, H.M Steam Frigate Sidon, Mediterranean", with blue oval "G. GRANT / MALTA" forwarding agents cachet showing his charge of 1/9 for forwarding the cover. Closed tear at upper edge, otherwise fine and an unusual use of a Malta F.A.C on a G.B stationery envelope to a naval ship. Photo on Page 70. £200-240
  1900-26 Postcards (5) and covers (2), four underpaid handstamped "T" (2) and circular framed "CENTIMES / 5" or "4d", or binoculars type "T / CENTIMES / 15" (2); 1924 postcard with boxed bilingual "Postage Stamp lost / in transit"; 1922 red Official Paid c.d.s; and 1926 registered cover with oval framed "A.R". (7). £160-180
  Maritime Mail. 1901-12 Picture postcards with QV 1d cancelled "AMB. SIRACUSA-REGGIO-CALABRIA" squared circle, or KEVII 1/2d cancelled at Tunis with oval framed "BM" alongside. (2). £100-120
  Village datestamps. 1903-08 Postcards with Birchicara or Misida c.d.s, and 1918 censored cover to Switzerland with partial Zabbar c.d.s. (3). £100-120
  P.O.W Mail. 1915-29 Covers (4) and a front with stampless covers from the "Bureau International de la Paix" in Berne or the Red Cross P.O.W Agency in Geneva both to the Officer Commanding P.O.W Camps in Malta; cover to the Berne P.O.W Bureau with circular "FROM PRISONER OF WAR / PC / MALTA / FREE" and "BERN-TRANSIT / Kriegsgefangenenpost" (large tear to address panel); 1920 registered cover with G.B 2d, 2 1/2d and registration label all with British A.P.O Constantinople c.d.s, to "Soudy Bey, Wardella Camp, Malta" with straight line "PASSED CENSOR", etc. (5). £140-160
  Postage Due Mail. 1925-26 Covers, two sent unpaid within Valetta bearing first issue 1/2d or 1/2d + 2 1/2d postage dues, the others both USA 2c envelopes charged 3d with first issue or second issue 3d dues, light staining. (4). £150-180

(Also See Lot 52)

  1838-1901 Entire letters (4) and covers (2) including 1838 entire letter to France with forwarding agents endorsement, 1852 entire letter from India with "Ship Letter", 1866 entire letter from France with "1/8d / TO PAY", 1901 1/2a envelope from India with "6c / TO PAY", 1865 cover to G.B franked 1d + 9d with red "9d" (faults), etc. (6). £240-260
  1879-97 Postal stationery postcards (8) and a cover all with village cancels, with numeral cancels 12 of Riviere Seche, 15 of Union Vale, 23 of Petite-Riviere, 29 of Bambous, 38 of Midlands or B47 of St. Julien (all with village c.d.s on the front, Union Vale on formula card bearing 2c surcharge), or cancelled by c.d.s of Chemin Grenier in red, Souillac in blue or Pamplemousses, mainly fine, some very scarce. (9). £300-350
  1944 Air Mail letter card with unusual small "Mauritius" handstamp on the front, to England bearing Mauritius 5c + 12c tied E.A A.P.O 73 c.d.s, violet boxed "PASSED BY / WAR / DEPARTMENT / CENSOR" and "PASSED BY / BASE / CENSOR / E.E" (Colley EAB 7/10). An unusual provisional Mauritius air letter with two uncommon censor cachets. £100-120


  1893 10n Postal stationery envelope registered from Cetinje to Hungary franked on the reverse by three 7n stamps; and 1894 Holland 5c reply card commercially used from Cetinje to The Hague, light staining but very unusual. (2). £100-120

(Also See Lot 140)

Click to view full image... Gibraltar used in Morocco, the collection on pages including 1886-87 1/2d (2), 1d (2), 4d and 6d used in Tangier, 1d, 2d and 2 1/2d used in Casablanca, 2 1/2d used in Mogador; 1889 5c on 1/2d used in Tangier or Casablanca, 10c on 1d used in Tangier, 25c on 2 1/2d used in Rabat or Casablanca (3); and 1889-96 Spanish Currency issue used in Tangier (50) with 10c and 20c blocks of four, 20c and 50c blocks of six, 75c, 1p bistre, 2p (2), 5p (2), used in Fez (10) with 25c (3), 40c (2), Laraiche (2), Casablanca (12), Rabat (10) with 50c, Saffi (7) or Mogador (8) with 20c green (unlisted by S.G.) and 1p. Also 20c, 40c, 50c and 1p cancelled at the French P.O in Saffi and 10c cancelled at the French P.O. in Tangier, and a piece bearing two postal stationery cut-outs cancelled at Tangier. S.G. £4,600+. (121). Photo on Page 48. £700-900
  Gibraltar used in Morocco. 1893-98 Covers, wrappers, postcard and a front all bearing Gibraltar stamps cancelled at Casablanca or Tangier (12), includes 5c printed matter rate (3) and registered cover franked 95c, some faults. (13). £300-350
  Gibraltar Postal Stationery used in Morocco. 1888-97 Stationery posted in Casablanca or Tangier (8) comprising scarce first issue Gibraltar overprint 1d postcard, second issue 1d postcard, 5c wrapper, 5c postcards (3, all uprated 5c, one from Casablanca), 5c reply card uprated 5c, and 10c postcards (2), also 1894 5c card from Gibraltar South District to Tangier with arrival c.d.s, a couple of cards with faults though most are fine. (10). £300-350
Click to view full image... 1898 Pieces bearing Morocco Agencies overprint issue and unoverprinted Gibraltar stamps all used in combination at Tangier (4 pieces), one bearing Morocco Agencies 5c with inverted "V" for "A" variety. Also Morocco Agencies 25c block of four with Tangier cancels dated 1 JU 98, the first day of issue. An unusual group. (5). Photo on Page 56. £120-150
  Postal Stationery. 1898-1910 Morocco Agencies specimen, mint and used postcards, reply cards, wrappers and registration envelopes including 1898 card used from Saffi, 1903 card with stamps and cancels of the British, German, French and Spanish Post Offices, etc. (30). Also French P.O stationery (7) all used from different offices including Laraiche. (37) £300-350

(Also See Lots 254, 599-607, 618)

  1945 Cover with the stamp washed off, water damaged and stained, bearing a label explaining that it was recovered from the S.S "Groningen IV" that sank in the Ijsselmeer in 1944. The ship actually sank in January 1945, the mail being recovered when it was raised 20 months later in September 1946. £80-100
  Netherlands Indies. 1818-c.1860 Stampless entires (2, one with upper and lower flaps removed) and a red band envelope with red boxed "FRANCO", blue boxed "SALATIGA / ONGEFRANKEERD" or oval framed "ONGEFRANKEERD / ZEE BRIEF / RIOUW". Also 1919 cover from a German sailor at Makasser (probably an internee) and an 1889 Surinam cover with the 25c stamp tied by the "Suriname via St. Nazaire" routing handstamp. (5). £100-120
  Netherlands Indies. 1941-47 Covers and cards including 1941-42 stampless forces postcards with Veldpost handstamps (3), unused Japanese Occupation 4c postcards (2), 1946 souvenir cover from Indian F.P.O 122 at Makassar, 1947 parcel card (reduced at left) with 20c tied boxed "VELDPOST / DISTRIBUTIEKT. 17" and bearing a Veldpost label, etc. (8). £140-160


  1857-1981 Used collection in an album including 1857-73 Chalon Heads (18, seven imperf), Officials, Health stamps with 1931 smiling boy pair, etc., some staining. (100s). £200-240
Click to view full image... 1884 Cover to Herbertville, New Zealand bearing G.B 1883 6d green tied Crook Log, Bexley Heath c.d.s, reposted several times within New Zealand with "2" charge mark, 1d pair tied by Christchurch c.d.s and 2d tied by manuscript cancel of Mackaytown, opened out for display and flap missing, very unusual. Photo on Page 79. £350-380
  Meter Marks. 1907 Cover to USA with circular "WELLN N.Z / 1d /10 / POSTAGE PAID", disallowed on international mail, a 1d stamp therefore applied over this by the N.Z Post Office (stamp partly lifted to show the meter mark); and 1917 cover (reduced at left, vertical fold) to Samoa with boxed "POSTAGE / PAID / AUCKLAND / 4 / 1 1/2d", Auckland c.d.s and boxed Samoa censor cachet No. 3. (2). £100-120

(Also See Lots 1-3)

Click to view full image... 1884-1904 Mint selection comprising Lagos 1884 4d pale violet, 1904 1/2d, 2 1/2d - 6d and 10/-, Southern Nigeria 1901-02 1/2d - 6d, 5/- and 10/-, also Niger Coast 1892-94 1/- used. S.G. £840. (14). Photo on Page 48. £160-200
  1895-1903 Niger Coast 1d postcards (2) and a cover franked 1d to London, with datestamps of Baguma, Sombreiro River or Idah (written at the Mission Station at Agenegbode), and a 1912 picture postcard with Northern Nigeria 1d cancelled at Naraguta. (4). £100-120


  1892-1939 Covers (5) and postal stationery postcards (2), cancels include Tawao (4) and Beaufort, a few faults, the Tawao datestamps scarce. (7). £220-260
Click to view full image... 1903-06 "LABUK & SUGUT" datestamps on 1894 $1 (fault at base), 1901-05 1c pair on piece, or 3c (small fault at base), a very rare c.d.s even on single stamps. (3). Photo on Page 56. £120-150
  1913-30 Covers (4, one registered) and a postal stationery postcard all with Lahat Datu datestamps, a few faults. (6). £180-220
  1945 Australian F.P.O covers comprising F.P.O 037 (located at Labuan) on cover franked Australia 3d, Aust. Unit Postal Stn 446 on stampless cover and 447 on philatelic cover bearing North Borneo BMA stamps and Australia 1d. (3). £100-120

(Also See Lots 55, 522/3)

  1895 Map of British Central Africa Protectorate, published by the Royal Geographical Society based on a drawing compiled by the War Office, printed by Stanfords, coloured, paper laid on thin cloth. Repaired split and small tear at right, an attractive map, 346x690mm £100-120
Click to view full image... 1897-1907 Issues mint comprising 1887-1900 1d, 2d, 6d and 10/-, 1903-04 4/- and 10/-, 1907 1d, all fine. S.G. £690. (7). Photo on Page 56. £140-160


  1947-79 Mint and used collection on pages, also some Bahawalpur. £70-80
  1948-67 Mint and used collection in an album including 1948 Service set of 13 mint, 1962 First Karachi-Dacca Jet Flight 13p on 2 1/2a surcharge used with variety surcharge on the reverse of the stamp (unlisted by S.G.), 1963 Service 1r mint variety overprint double, etc. (100s). £100-120
  1948 (Sep 7) Air mail cover to G.B with postage paid by ten 6a meter impressions of Karachi each of which bears a violet "PAKISTAN" handstamp. Also two 1947-49 12a on 14a air mail postal stationery envelopes each overprinted "PAKISTAN", used to USA (with "T" handstamp) or G.B. (3). £100-120


Ottoman Period

  1893-1915 Covers and cards comprising 1893 cover to Jerusalem with French P.O 1pi tied by Jaffa c.d.s and handstamped oval framed "BM", 1898-1906 postcards with Turkey stamps tied by "Bon Samaritan" or "Bur. Amb. Jerusalem-Jaffa" c.d.s, and a c.1915 page from a Post Office book of registration receipts bearing Turkey 1pi strip of six tied by Jerusalem datestamps, all fine. (4). £120-140
  1894-c.1916 Covers and cards (56), posting receipts (2), stamps and pieces (9) and a front, the entires including arabic seal type cancels of Jaffa and Ramle, various bilingual c.d.s cancels of Acre (2), Bethlehem (2), Beni Saab, Bon Samaritan (2), Gaza (2), Haiffa (3), Hebron, Jaffa (6), Jerusalem (9), Jerusalem Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem Station, Jericho (2), Nablus, Nazareth (6), Safed (3), Tiberias (3) and F.P.O 42, octagonal bilingual datestamps of Jaffa, Jerusalem (6) or Eriha (3, one with stamp removed), 1898 Camp Imperial Jerusalem, also Egypt Interpostal seals of Jaffa on white or pink paper, and related picture postcards (12). A good collection on pages, mainly fine strikes, some coloured. (82). £1,400-1,600
  Jaffa to Jerusalem T.P.O. 1899-1906 Picture postcards franked 20pa to England cancelled by bilingual "BUR. AMB. JERUSALEM - JAFFA" or "JAFFA - JERUSALEM" datestamps. (2). £100-120
  Austrian P.O. 1882-1914 Covers and cards (17), stamps and pieces (11) with cancels of Jaffa or Jerusalem including 1902 registered cover bearing 10pa (5) + 1pi pair with Jaffa c.d.s and registration label, 1912 registered cover franked 2pi with Caifa c.d.s and registration label, 1911 postcard with boxed "AUS JERUSALEM / OSTERR. POST", "T" handstamps of Jaffa and Jerusalem, "BETLEEM" handstamps of 1899 (2, blue and violet) or 1900, etc. (28). £300-350
Click to view full image... Austrian P.O. - Nazareth. 1907-08 Picture postcards franked 20pa to England cancelled by violet "Nazareth / 22.4.07" (with side ornaments) or "NAZARETH / 25.3.08" and Jaffa datestamps, both fine and scarce. (2). Photo on Page 79. £400-500
Click to view full image... Austrian P.O. - Jaffa Paquebot. 1904 Picture postcard of Jerusalem sent to England franked G.B 1d cancelled black "COL VAP. DA" with matching Jaffa c.d.s below and violet "PAQUEBOT" (Hosking 2981). We know of one other virtually identical postcard with these same markings, landed on the same day from the S.Y Argonaut" (sold in the Roger Hosking sale, lot 867). Very rare, these two cards possibly the only existing examples of these two handstamps. Photo on Page 79. £180-220
  French/Italian P.O. 1901 Registered cover unusually bearing France 15c + French P.O 1pi and 2pi all cancelled at Jerusalem with "CHARGE" handstamp, and 1901-08 picture postcards cancelled at the French P.O at Jaffa (4). Also 1911 postcard to Jerusalem with Deutsche Seepost cancel and "GERUSALEMME / UFF. POSTALE ITALIANO" squared circle applied upon arrival. (6). £140-160
  German P.O. 1904-12 Picture postcards cancelled at Jaffa (3, two with violet "Aus Ramleh / (Palastina.)" or boxed "Aus Jerusalem / Deutsche Post", or at Jerusalem (4), and a 1904 piece with 20pa pair cancelled at Jaffa and scarce violet oval "TEMPEL-KOLONIE / HAMIDIJE- / WILHELMA / DEUTSCHE POST / JAFFA" alongside, also three related picture postcards. (11). £200-240
  German Forces Mail - World War One. 1916-17 Stampless picture postcards to Germany with bilingual "FELDPOST / MIL. MISS" datestamps of Bir-Es-Seba or A.O.K.4, and similar Jerusalem datestamps tying 10pa and 20pa stamps on a cover sent within Jerusalem. Also two related picture postcards. (5). £120-150
Click to view full image... Russian P.O. 1902-13 Postcards (5), cover and pieces (2) all with Russian Levant stamps tied by "ROPIT" datestamps of Jaffa (cover + C.T.O postcard), Haifa (1908 postcard, very scarce) or Jerusalem (3 postcards + pieces, one card C.T.O). (8). Photo on Page 79. £300-350

Palestine Mandate

Click to view full image... World War One - Italian Forces. 1918 (June 20) 2d Registration envelope to Egypt with A.P.O SZ34 skeleton datestamps, from Captain Bellantoni with red "Distaccamento Italiano in Palestina / COMANDO", boxed "VERIFICATO PER / CENSURA" and "CENSORE No. 2". Also a postcard with Palestine 1m and 2m tied by A.P.O SZ44 skeleton, from an Italian in Jerusalem, to "Cap. Domenico Bellantoni, Italian Palestine Detachment, Junction, EEF". (2). Photo on Page 79. £140-160
  O.E.T.A. 1918-20 Covers and cards with O.E.T datestamps including G.B 2d forces registration envelope bearing blank registration label both with "NAZARETH / OET" skeleton c.d.s; two covers from G.B with large "OETA EEF / ACRE" skeleton backstamps, one also with "HAIFA / OET" skeleton (T inverted); stampless forces postcards with skeletons of "OETA EEF / JERUSALEM" (2) or "OETA PP / JERUSALEM" (unlisted by Proud, rare); Palestine stamps with cancels of Meo Sheorim, Jaffa or Jerusalem (3); and a G.B forces registration envelope from Haifa. (12). £240-280
  O.E.T.A. 1919-20 Covers including "TIBERIAS / OET" skeleton on a stampless O.A.S cover and a registered cover franked 1pi pair and 3m pair, Jerusalem cancels (5, two registered), also a 1920 wrapper from Egypt to Jerusalem with "T" handstamp. (8). £100-120
  E.E.F Stamps Used in Syria/Lebanon/Turkey. 1918-20 Covers and cards including a parcel card with 10pi tied arabic Adana 3 c.d.s; Turkey postal stationery envelope to Sudan franked 1pi tied "HALEP / 3" c.d.s; postcard with 5m tied by "BAALBEK" c.d.s; and a cover with 1pi tied "BEYROUTH" c.d.s. Also two pieces bearing 2m (stained) or 1pi both cancelled by bilingual "FEKE" c.d.s (17.3.20), octagonal arabic handstamps applied to the 2m or the margin on the 1pi, the 2m piece with another c.d.s alongside, the only date recorded by Firebrace for Palestine stamps used in Feke. (6). £180-200
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
Details: VIEWING:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for full Viewing details
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