Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
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Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 8
  1927-33 Covers with 1927 cover bearing 6a tied by boxed "IRAQ to INDIA / By Light Aeroplane / with Messrs Stack & Leete", 1928 covers with interesting letters from L/Ac Cox serving in the desert based at Ur during the campaign against the Wahabres (2), 1931-33 covers (one reduced at right) with India or Iraq stamps cancelled at Basra both with scarce "PAQUEBOT" handstamp. (5). £160-180

(Also See Lots 60, 899-901, 958, 1081, 1287)

Click to view full image... 1d Soldiers Concession Rate. 1800-01 Entire letters sent from Jane Fraser (using the nom de plume "John Sinclair") in Tuam to her cousin Ann Campbell (using the nom de plume "Donald Davidson" or "John Robertson") in Scotland all endorsed "A soldiers letter, paid 1 penny" and signed by the senders father James Fraser, all accepted at the 1d soldiers rate, a saving of 2/- postage on each letter. Also the book "His Majesty's Fraser Fencible Regiment of Foot 1794-1802" by Firebrace & Rawlings which details fourteen letters (including these three) from this correspondence, all deliberately sent as soldiers letters to defraud the Post Office. Another letter from this correspondence, charged because it was posted unpaid, sold in our September 2017 auction (lot 736, sold for £270). A remarkable series of letters showing a deliberate, prolonged and successful abuse of the 1d soldier's concession rate. (3 + book). Photo on Page 52. £500-600
  1942-45 Covers to Ireland including stampless forces mail, all with bilingual Irish censor cachets. (12). £100-120
Click to view full image... Wreck of the "Princess Victoria". 1953 (Jan 30) Postcard from London to Portadown with 1 1/2d Paid machine and violet "DAMAGED BY / SEA WATER", recovered from the British Railways Stranraer to Larne ferry which sank during a storm on January 31st with the loss of 134 lives. Horizontal fold, otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 52. £240-280

(Also See Lots 151, 154, 161, 497, 509)

  1864-1940 Covers and cards including 1880 cover with 20c tied fancy "Attigliani", 1869 cover with 20c tied numeral "250" handstamped "Como" and "COMO-COLICO / NATANTE No. 2" steamer c.d.s, 1903 cover to Paris with large "ESPRESSO" label, 1940 official stampless cover with "COMMISSIONE DI ARMISTIZIO CON LA FRANCIA / PORT VENDRES" cachet, etc. Also 1899 cover bearing San Marino 20c. (9). £200-240
  Italian Post Offices in the Aegean. 1912-35 Covers with registered 1912 cover bearing Egeo 25c (2, one with corner fault) each tied rubber c.d.s of Piscopi, 1925 cover from Kalymno and 1935 cover from Lero Porto Lago. Also 1936 postcard with Rhodes stamps unusually cancelled upon arrival at Dresden. (4). £120-140
  Italian Post Office in Tunisia. 1866-95 Covers comprising 1866 and 1870 covers with Italy stamps cancelled boxed "235" and 1882 entire with "Estero" 20c tied oval type "235" all with "TUNISI / POSTE ITALIANE" datestamps, and 1895 Italy 5c postcard cancelled "TUNIS" squared circle, the 1870 cover with faults, otherwise fine. (4). £120-140
  Eritrea. 1895-1923 Covers and cards with cancellations of Adi Ugri, Keren (2), Adi Caie, or with an Italian Sea Post c.d.s, the last on an 1896 card to Triest franked Eritrea 10c and bearing Austria 6kr postage due pair. (5). £120-140


  1837-53 Entire letters, handstamps include "CARTHAGENA" fleuron applied at Kingston, albino "CLARENDON" and "MILE GULLY", Rodney Hall and Savannah-La-Mer datestamps, one 1853 letter to San Francisco via St. Thomas. Also 1864 part letter bearing first issue 2d with "A71" cancel of Rodney Hall, 1891 1d postcard with numeral cancel and Blue Mountain Valley c.d.s, and 1912 cover with Golden Grove c.d.s. (9). £220-260


  Photographs. c.1900 Photos of the ruined and flooded city of Kobe clearly taken after an earthquake or tsunami, one showing trains in a flooded station, another showing sailors in boats amongst the rubble, very well taken, each 265x205mm. (3). £80-100
  1914 (Oct 3) Stampless picture postcard written on HIMJS "Suoh" off Tsingtao with Fleet P.O No. 6 c.d.s; and 1938 air mail cover from Osaka to Bolivia inscribed "Via Seattle per S.S "Herau Maru"" franked 30s (4) + 1y, two fine and unusual items. (2). £150-180

Russo-Japanese War

  Literature. "The Russo-Japanese War, British Officers Reports" published by H.M Stationery Office, 1908, three volumes of text + two volumes of maps, fine and a scarce detailed work. Also "With the Russians in Manchuria" by M. Baring, 1905; A "Staff Officers Scrap Book" by Sir Ian Hamilton, 1906; "The War in the Far East" by The Times Military Correspondent, 1905; "Japan's Fight for Freedom, The Story of the War between Russia & Japan" by H.W Wilson, 3 volumes, 1904-06; and "Cassell's History of the Russo-Japanese War", special edition in 4 volumes. (15 vols). £220-260
  1904-05 Stampless army lettercards, the first (20 Oct 04) from a soldier in the 2nd Army with red cachet of 2nd food column, 3rd Division, describes the Battle of the Shaho; the second (7 Jan 05) with 1st Army F.P.O 1 c.d.s sent to an English couple in Tokyo with enclosed letter in English written from "The Mountains Wai-to, Man-ju". Also a 1904 postcard sent to "Commander-in-Chief Lt. Teraoka" of the 50th Regt. (3). £140-160
  Liaotung/1st & 4th Armies. 1904-05 Stampless postcards (5) and covers (3) with datestamps of 1st Army F.P.O 5 at Shihotei or F.P.O 10 at Laoyang; 4th Army in Manchuria with F.P.O 2 at Ta-pao or Meichiasai, F.P.O 6 at the GHQ Japanese Manchurian Army at Lyaoyang; Liaotung Commissariat F.P.O 1 at Dairen; Liaotung Logistics relay station 14 c.d.s at Tsaohekow; or Liaotung Garrison F.P.O 11 at Liaoyung. (8). £160-180
  2nd Army. 1904-05 Stampless postcards (3), covers (4) and a lettersheet, with datestamps of F.P.O 1 (2, one with letter telling of embarking from the "Kaga-Maru", the F.P.O probably at Dairen, the 2nd Army then engaged in the siege of Port Arthur); F.P.O 2 at Guozhangbo in Manchuria; F.P.O 3 (2) at Koryoho or Hung-ling-pao; F.P.O 8 at Hsiao-pei-ho in Manchuria; F.P.O 11 (2) at Guozhangzi in Hebei Province, north-east China. Also a picture postcard showing the 2nd Army disembarking. (9). £160-180
  3rd Army - Siege of Port Arthur. 1904-05 Stampless postcards (3) and covers (4) with datestamps of F.P.O 1 (3), 2, 3 (2) or 6, also a cover from Japan to a soldier in the 3rd Army. (8). £140-160
  3rd Army. 1905 Stampless postcards (4) and covers (9) from the 3rd Army sent on their move northwards into Manchuria, with datestamps of F.P.O 1 (2) at Hushuzi or Ku-shu-tzu, 3 (2) at Fort Lyuishun or Hsiao-pei-ho, 4 at Fa-kw-men, 5 at Tung-chiang-kou, 6 at Sanmeusen, 12 at Kungchuling or scarce 3rd Army commemorative c.d.s in violet, also four covers without F.P.O datestamps or with indistinct c.d.s, and a cover from Japan to a soldier in the 3rd Army. (14). £200-240
  Kwantung & Yalu River Armies. 1905-06 Postcards or covers, from the Kwantung Army (7) with datestamps of Kwangtung F.P.O 1 at Dairen, 4 at Port Arthur (from an engineer engaged in refloating Russian warships damaged or sunk in Port Arthur harbour before the Russian surrender), 11 at Lyaoyang (2) or datestamps of Kwangtung relay station 1 at Huranten (with F.P.O 3 at Wafangtien), 22 at Beichingduizi or 23 at Sindaizi; or from the Yalu River Army with F.P.O 2, or F.P.O 7 dated 5 Sept. 1905 applied in red to commemorate the peace treaty signed that day, also a cover and card both from Japan to soldiers in the Yalu River Army in Manchuria. (11). £220-260
  War Correspondents. 1904 Picture postcard sent from Chemulpo by H.H Cook (probably a War Correspondent, possibly a Canadian Military Observer), to his wife in Canada franked Korea 4c; and cards from Reginald Bray, the self-styled "Autograph King" to the War Correspondents George Lynch of the "Daily Chronicle" or E.J King of the "Daily Mail" in Japan, both signed and returned under cover to Bray in London. Also 1904 letter written and signed by the "Scottish Samurai" Thomas Blake Glover. (4). £180-200
  Hospitals/Hospital Ships. 1904-05 Stampless postcards from unnamed hospital ships written whilst at anchor at Ujina, or from a Pharmacist on a ship off the west coast of the Korean Peninsular with Naval Postal Agency No. 14 c.d.s applied in the fleet communications ship "Keijo Maru"; card from Lyuishin Logistics Hospital with Liaotung F.P.O 4, and a card from the hospital for the light railway unit at Liaotung with Kwangtung F.P.O 1. Also propaganda postcard to Belgium published by the newspaper L'Asahi and sold to provide funds for the Red Cross, and Japanese Red Cross postcards (3) showing the Hospital Ship "Kakuai Maru". (8). £240-260
  Hospital Ship "Doyo Maru". 1905 (June 3) Stampless lettersheet containing a picture of a Japanese lady reading and geese, written by a nurse on the ship whilst anchored at Yongampo, Korea, to a surgeon with the 3rd Army. She tells him the ship has taken in many wounded, it is a pleasure to rest on land again, but she hopes to return to the battlefront, and includes "off Tsushima Island we met HIJMS Chinen and received information we might run into enemy ships .... so we returned. Soon we saw five or six ships to our north .... at 2.10pm we heard the sound of guns, and also when we arrived at Rokurento. There we stayed for two days. It was a splendid victory with thirteen ships sunk and six captured". A good account of the battle of Tsushima, the climax of the war. One flap detached, otherwise largely fine and scarce, with red cachets of "Military Mail" and "Army Hospital Ship Doyo Maru". £120-140
Click to view full image... Hospital Ship "Kichiso Maru". 1905 (Feb 8) Stampless army lettersheet written from the ship whilst at Ujina, Hiroshima, with Ujina and arrival datestamps, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 62. £110-130
  Hospital Ship "Kobe Maru". 1905 Stampless picture postcard of Admiral Togo written on the hospital ship, with "Military Mail" and censor cachets both in red, partial "Naval Review 1905 Navy Post Office No. 1" datestamp applied on the "Taichu Maru" to mail from ships in Tokyo Bay. Fine and scarce. £100-120
Click to view full image... Hospital Ship "Koun Maru". 1905 (Oct 26) Stampless picture postcard from a nurse with 103rd Saving Party, written on the ship whilst anchored at Yongampo, North Korea, with Liaotung Logistics F.P.O 12 c.d.s of Dandong and red "Military Mail" cachet, fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 62. £110-130
  Occupation of Korea/Sakhalin. 1905-06 Stampless postcards (2) and covers (3) all handstamped or marked "Military Mail" with civilian cancels of Hanhang, Heijo, Turajima, Hohei or Pusan, one to another soldier in Manchuria with red censor cachet. Also card with red "Military Mail" and censor cachets and c.d.s of Otaru, posted on the obsolete armoured cruiser "Ariake" whilst returning from Sakhalin Island, having been chartered for the war and used to carry coal during the Sakhalin expedition. (6). £160-180

(Also See Lots 5, 19, 21, 24, 33-43, 51, 62, 724)

  1918 20r Purple and blue on blue paper, probably reperforated at the base; and 1938 KGVI 50c perf 13x11 3/4 marginal block of four, the lower left stamp with rope not joined to sail, both mounted mint. S.G. 60, 144/a, £944. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1933 Essays for three Air Mail stamps by Vic Groves, designed for the 1933 competition for the new stamp set inscribed "Kenya, Uganda & Tanganyika", each essay featuring birds, animals and an aeroplane, superbly drawn in black ink, two with the head of King George V and crown cut from current Tanganyika stamps, the essays each 70x42mm on thin card (144x118mm) endorsed "Design for air mail stamp 1933" in pencil. Also a G.P.O Nairobi letter of May 9th to A.V Groves acknowledging receipt of one entry in the stamp design competition, which did not win a prize, and an article by Eric Coulton on these essays and other artwork by Vic Groves, who was a Postmaster in Tanganyika and a talented artist. The rules for the 1933 KUT stamp competition did not allow designs to incorporate the words "Air Mail" which is probably why these three designs were not submitted, but clearly Vic Groves did a fourth design which was entered into the competition. Three attractive and unique essays. (3). Photo on Page 60. £500-600
  Uganda. 1901-10 Stamps and pieces with Uganda Railway cancellations comprising Experimental P.O c.d.s (12) or Escarpment squared circle (4); and covers or cards (5) with cancels including Nimuli (2, one a registered Book Post wrapper), Fort Portal and Hoima, two with a large Mombasa skeleton applied in transit. (5 covers + 16 stamps/pieces). £240-280
  1903 "Map of the Mombasa-Victoria Railway", showing the route from Mombasa to Kisumu on Lake Nyanza and including much of Uganda and German East Africa. A fine map originally produced by the War Office in 1899 and revised in 1903, published by Edward Stanford of London, mounted on linen, the open map 48x75cm, very scarce. £100-120
  1905-22 Covers (10), cards (7) and a front including skeleton datestamps of Yala River (2), Molo, Mombasa, Fort Hall, Kiambu, Eldoret, Moshi; G.E.A stamps (5, one cover with stamps cancelled upon arrival in India); WW1 O.A.S covers (3); green "Opened Under Martial Law" seal; card with Belgian Occupation of G.E.A 10c tied by Belgian F.P.O, etc. (18). £300-400
  1930-58 Covers and cards including skeleton cancels, many KGV covers from Tanganyika to Germany, etc. (50). £150-200
  1930-50 Covers and cards including 1950 cover from Kigoma posted on Lake Tanganyika with KGVI 20c cancelled at Albertville and boxed "PAQUEBOTS"; 1940 air mail cover from Daressalaam Internment Camp; 1943 air letter with red 25c meter type stamp from E.A. A.P.O 53 at Diego Suarez; 1948 air letter from Polish Refugee Camp, Marindi; various cancels including Telegrams Narok (3), Biharamulo, Mwakete, Kinyangiri, Ruiro, Lupembe, Kampi-ya-Moto, etc. (21). £350-450

World War One

  German East Africa - Forces Mail/Censors. 1914-16 Covers and cards including stampless Feldpost mail sent within German East Africa (5), stamped mail sent within GEA (5), or to Germany (2) or Austria, these last three with circular "Zensur Passiert / Deutsch. Ostafrika", two endorsed via Portuguese Packet to Lisbon, also a Feldpost card to Germany without postmarks. Four cards with file holes, otherwise fine. (14). £300-350
  German East Africa. 1915-16 Cover, postcard and newspaper wrappers (2, one a front only with address label) all prepaid in cash at Tanga due to a shortage of stamps, three with violet "2 1/2 Heller Frei laut/ Ein. Nachw. in Tanga", the cover with violet "7 1/2 Heller" and boxed "Fr. H. Einn / Nachw. in / Tanga", all with Tanga datestamps. Also a 1915 newspaper wrapper with Dar-es-Salaam c.d.s. and red "2 1/2 H. Frei lt. Ein. Nachw. / in Daressalam". (5). £200-250
  Kenya. 1914 (Sep 28) Stampless O.A.S cover to Australia with large "MAGADI JUNCTION / EAP" skeleton c.d.s and "T" handstamp, backstamped at Mombasa and Aden. A very early forces cover with a scarce cancel and to an unusual destination. £100-120
  Forces Mail. 1915-16 On Active Service covers and cards including 1915 (July 13) cover from B.S.A Police on duty in the Caprivi Strip (stained but very rare, the only cover recorded by Drysdall); 1915 KUT 18c registration envelope size H with Base Office registration label and "BASE OFFICE / E / REG" c.d.s; 1915 cover from London to a British soldier in East Africa with "BASE OFFICE / DELY / E" backstamps and violet boxed "NOT WITH / I.E.F (B)"; 1916 cover from Kisumu to Jinja with circular violet "STAFF OFFICE / 10 DEC 1916 / KISUMU"; 1916 cover endorsed from the Reuters Correspondent with Indian F.P.O 24 c.d.s; 1917 Nyasaland Field Force "FIELD POST OFFICE / 9" c.d.s used at Zomba, etc. (16). £320-360
Click to view full image... South African Aviation Corps. 1915 "Hall Line" picture postcard of a ship, written by a member of the South African Aviation Corps whilst on board ship at Southampton, the stampless card to South Africa endorsed "On Active Service" with a Southampton c.d.s (Dec 26) and violet oval "South African / 26 DEC 1915 / Aviation Corps" cachet on the picture side. The message reads, "my new address will be East African Expeditionary Force, c/o Base Postmaster". Minor creasing, otherwise fine and scarce; we have only recorded two other cards with this South African Aviation Corps cachet. Photo on Page 62. £180-220
  South African Forces. 1916-18 Stampless covers and cards from forces in South Africa or East Africa (8), and a cover from G.B to East Africa, includes card with scarce violet oval "South African / 6 AUG 1916 / Base Post Office", card with Indian F.P.O 71 c.d.s and scarce straight line "CENSORED", cover with Indian F.P.O 73 c.d.s and boxed British army censor 3318, 1918 cover from Nairobi to another British Officer in Amara, Mesopotamia, with violet "O.C CARRIER DEPOT HOSPITAL / NAIROBI", etc. (10). £200-240
  Hospital Ships. Stampless O.A.S postcard to Southern Rhodesia, written from Dar-es-Salaam (crossed through by the censor but still readable) handstamped violet "CENSORED / H.M.H.S - G601" and "GUILDFORD CASTLE"; and 1916 O.A.S postcard with Durban c.d.s and violet oval "HOSPITAL SHIP "EBANI" / 25 OCT 1916", this second card a little stained at left edge, otherwise both fine and scarce. (2). £120-150
  Censor Seals. 1915-18 Covers with "OPENED BY CENSOR / UNDER / MARTIAL LAW" seals (12), various colours and imprints comprising green on white paper (3, one with imprint of "Leader, Nairobi & Mombasa"), black on blue paper (2), black on grey paper (2), red on white or green paper both with imprint "The Standard P. & P. Works, Nairobi", black on yellow paper (2, imprints of "Leader, Nairobi & Mombasa" or "G.P.P. Nairobi - 2164/2/15 - 3m") or black on white paper with imprint of "The Standard P. & P. Works, Nairobi". Also covers with censor cachets of Dar-es-Salaam, Entebbe, Mombasa or Kampala. (16). £500-600
Click to view full image... Tanganyika. 1917 Piece from a parcel bearing a complete address label to Amani with I.E.F 1/2a tied Indian F.P.O 304 c.d.s and blue "MAIL AGENCY / No. 1" arrival c.d.s (May 23), a little doubled but still very clear and rare. Proud only recorded a single example of this Mail Agency c.d.s, also used in May 1917 at Amani. Vertical fold, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 62. £200-240

World War Two

  Forces Mail. 1940-45 Covers and cards with various East African, South African or British F.P.O or A.P.O datestamps, includes various Honour Envelopes (12), boxed "O.H.M.S / No.― / MILITARY / FRANKED" handstamps (2, one on KUT 30c registration envelope with violet "E.A.A.P.S / NAIROBI / REGISTERED" c.d.s.); registered cover to Nigeria Regt. HQ in Lagos with KUT 15c strip of three + 50c tied by similar violet "E.A.A.P.S / REGISTERED" c.d.s without any place name shown, E.A A.P.O datestamps from Burma (4, three on captured Japanese forces postcards) or Somaliland (2), cover from E.A A.P.O 88 with 70c on 1/- pair including "Crescent Moon" variety, etc. (31) £260-300
  P.O.W / Internee Mail. 1939-45 Stampless lettersheets or covers from P.O.W Camps 360 at Ndarugu or 365 at Londiani (unusually from a German seaman), or to Camps 356 at Eldoret (with two Italian partisan censors and various "NO RECORD" cachets), Camp 365 at Londiani or Camp 370 (redirected to Camp 360, Red Cross cachet, creased but rare, Camp 370 unrecorded). Also cover to Camp 360 and reused with official camp cachet, and cover from London to Lady Farrar in charge of the Internment Camp at Mau Summit. (7). £100-120
Click to view full image... P.O.W Mail - Vichy Prisoners. 1942-44 Postcard and lettersheet both from French Vichy P.O.Ws in Camp 368 at Makindu or Camp 365 at Londiani, both to Madagascar. A small number of Vichy forces were captured during the campaign to capture Madagascar and sent to camps in East or South Africa. Fine and very scarce. (2). Photo on Page 62. £200-250

(Also See Lots 487-496, 519, 703/7, 720, 1087)

  1821-60 Entire letters and covers comprising 1821-23 entire letters (3) from Smyrna to Aberdeen, one with Liverpool Ship Letter, the others carried overland and disinfected with rastel holes (one with Semlin cachet); 1847 cover with letter from Constantinople to Amsterdam, privately carried, bearing Semlin disinfection cachet; 1848-57 entires from Constantinople to G.B, Greece or Italy or from France to Constantinople all with Constantinople French P.O c.d.s; and 1860 stampless covers (3) prepaid to G.B with "SMIRNE" Austrian P.O c.d.s. (11). £150-180
  Austrian P.O. 1865-1914 Covers and cards with stampless covers bearing datestamps of Seres or Constantinople, stamped covers with cancels of Rettimo, Janina, Rhodes, Metelino (1865 entire from Greece franked 20L with Austrian Levant 10s added in transit at Metelino), Salonica (Registered), 1905 long six section postcard sent as printed matter from Constantinople with 20pa stamp sealing the card, 1914 parcel card from Scio franked 1pi, and postal stationery cards from Gallipoli (3, one with AR form attached), Alexandrette or Rustchuk. A few faults though most are fine, an interesting group. (14). £400-500
  British P.O. 1876 Cover to USA with 2 1/2d cancelled "C" and 1890 sample post envelope sent at the 1d sample rate from Smyrna to Austria, also 1920 G.B Seahorse issue 2/6 (2), 5/- and 10/- with British A.P.O Constantinople or Army Post Office S.X3 datestamps. (2 covers + 4 stamps). £100-120
  French P.O. 1834-1911 Entire letters, covers and cards with prestamp entire letters from Smyrna (2, one with forwarding agent endorsement of St. Escalon) or Constantinople (disinfected), 1862 stampless cover posted at Constantinople with enclosed letter written in Greece, stamped items from Vathy, Tripoli, Constantinople (with Paquebot and BM handstamps), Smyrna (army c.d.s), Rhodes, Kerassunde, Samsoun, Dardanelles (2), Salonica (4, one with army c.d.s), and a 1909 cover from France to Constantinople handstamped "T" with 10c postage due strip of three applied and cancelled upon arrival, a few faults, most fine and an interesting group. (18). £300-350
  French P.O. 1862-69 Entires comprising 1862 entire to Italy with 1860 imperf 80c tied small "3709" of Smyrna, 1864 entire to France with 1862 10c + 40c tied large "5098" of Mersina, and 1869 entire to Spain with 1863 20c singles (2) + strip of three tied large "5095" cancels of Salonica. (3). £150-180
  French P.O. 1916 Stampless cover from a French sailor, sent from Rouad Island to Madagascar, with "ILE ROUAD / POSTES-FRANCAISES" c.d.s, arrival datestamps and violet "MARINE FRANCAISE / (anchor) / SERVICE A LA MER", a few edge faults, unusual and scarce. Also 1923 cover with France 20c + 30c cancelled at Rhodes. (2). £100-120
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
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