Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 4
  1925-48 Covers and cards including 1930 picture postcard to France franked 40p with fine "LANDIKHANA / INDIAN EXCHANGE OFFICE" c.d.s alongside, 1925 1p postcard with India 1/2a cancelled at Landikhana (vertical fold), 1939 cover to Germany sent via Russia, 1948 cover bearing 35p orange pair with variety imperf between, etc. (5). £150-180


Click to view full image... Foreign Post Offices. 1908-17 Postcards from the Austrian Post Offices at Scutari (2) or Durazzo, or the Italian Post Office at Scutari with Italian P.O in Scutari 20pa, and a 1917 registered cover from Argirocastro with Italy 25c pair, boxed censor cachet of Valona. (5). Photo on Page 26. £180-200
  1913-22 Covers and a postcard bearing 1914 issue definitives (2 covers), 1921 "Besa" overprints, or unpaid with 1914 "Takse" overprint postage due stamps. (4). £100-120
  Italian Occupation. 1941-43 Covers and forces postcards from Italian forces with various "Posta Militaire" datestamps, many bearing Italian stamps to pay for air mail, one stampless cover sent by air mail with the fee collected upon arrival by postage dues, all fine and commercial. (59). £240-300


  1907-09 British Antarctic Expedition. 1907 Picture postcard from Christchurch to King Edward VII Land franked 1d, endorsed "per S.Y Nimrod", the reverse with "BRIT. ANTARCTIC EXPED / N.Z" arrival c.d.s (Feb 3 08) applied at the expedition base at Cape Royds, carried back on the Nimrod with red octagonal "CHRISTCHURCH / 11 MAR 1908 / UNCLAIMED", creased but unusual. £200-220
  Admiral Byrd. 1928-35 Covers and cards including First Antarctic Expedition covers with cachets and cancels of S.S City of New York (2) or S.S Eleanor Bolling (2); Second Antarctic Expedition covers with Little America cancels of Jan. 31 1934 (4) or Jan. 30 1935 (11, two signed by Byrd) or S.S Jacob Ruppert duplex (2), expedition picture postcards with Jan 30 1934 Little America duplex and S.S "Bear of Oakland" cachets signed by the Captain (3), a real photo of Byrd, cover with enclosed letter from the Postmaster James Farley, etc. Also 1947-48 Antarctic Expedition cover with U.S.S Edisto duplex. (44). £120-150
Click to view full image... Bouvet Island - 1934 Visit of H.M.S Milford. Cover to Surrey bearing Norway 10ore and 20ore overprinted "BOUVET / OYA" both tied by "CAPE TOWN / PAQUEBOT" c.d.s (Feb. 28), with enclosed letter written by C.P.O Francis Henry Hare headed "Mess 3, H.M.S Milford, c/o G.P.O London 23/2/34", which includes "today I can write to you from Bouvet Island and send the letter in the first mail that has ever left this isle. Keep the stamps for they will be worth about £5 each when they reach England". Also nine original photos taken by Hare depicting Vice-Admiral Evans and crew on H.M.S Milford, the ship in rough seas off Bouvet Island, views of Bouvet Island (2) and icebergs (3); a lady's compact with enamelled top bearing the badge of H.M.S Milford, and a Christmas and New Year card containing a photo of H.M.S Milford off Bouvet Island. The cover a little roughly opened with two tears of approx. 12mm and 33mm at upper edge and central vertical fold, the stamps fine and scarce, just 305 10ore stamps and 261 20ore stamps postally used. An interesting group. (12). Photo on Page 26. £350-450
Click to view full image... Bouvet Island - 1934 Visit of H.M.S Milford. Cover to Surrey bearing Norway 5ore pair (one with a few perf faults) and 10ore (2) overprinted "BOUVET / OYA" the stamps tied by two strikes of "CAPE TOWN / PAQUEBOT" c.d.s (Feb. 28), the cover with a little edge wear, 10mm tear at upper edge and 20mm tear at right. Also a Christmas and New Year card containing a photo of H.M.S Milford off Bouvet Island. A scarce franking, just 268 5ore stamps and 305 10ore stamps postally used. (2). Photo on Page 26. £350-450

(Also See Lots 19, 66, 73, 863)

  New South Wales. c.1845 Sydney 2d Post lettersheet with embossed seal of the colony, addressed to Castlereagh St., not cancelled and probably hand delivered, the inside with printed address of the Australian Assurance Office in George St., light horizontal fold, otherwise fine and a good example of this scarce early postal stationery lettersheet. £150-200
  Tasmania - Cancellations. 1899-1911 Pictorial issue with selected c.d.s cancels, a large quantity arranged in alphabetical order in a stockbook, also numeral cancels or boxed "LOOSE SHIP LETTER" on the 1899-1911 pictorial issue or 1870-99 definitives. (Many 100s). £200-250

(Also See Lots 231, 396, 490/2)

  French Occupation of Trieste. 1811-13 Entire letters to Venice or Pirano both with red "P.P / TRIESTE / ILLYRIE", one on official printed notepaper. Trieste was occupied by the French from 1809 until 1814. Very fine. (2). £100-120
  Maritime Mail. 1900-12 Picture postcards, cancels include named "OE LLOYD" datestamps for the "AUSTRIA" (in red), "BOHEMIA", "GALICIA" and "IMPERATRIX", "LLOYD AUSTRIACO / IV" used on the "Cleopatra", "ALEXANDRIEN-TRIEST", "BREGENZ-KONSTANZ" and "KONSTANZ-BREGENZ" used on Lake Constance, etc. (10). £150-180


Click to view full image... 1844 Entire letter from Nassau to Providence, Rhode Island prepaid 1/- with red "PAID / AT / BAHAMAS" crowned circle, red New York c.d.s and "BAHAMAS" double arc datestamp on reverse. S.G. £2,250. Photo on Page 26. £550-650


Click to view full image... 1687 (May 28) Entire letter from Thomas Horner in Barbados to "Madam Barbara Newton to be left at ye house of Mr John Easton mch. in London" and endorsed "P. Capt. Edwd. Hill Q.D.G", charge increased from 3d to 6d, reverse with "JY / 13" Bishop Mark. A very early and scarce letter from Barbados. Photo on Page 32. £1,400-1,600
Click to view full image... 1882 1/2d Postcard stamp Die Proof in black on white glazed card, 92x60mm, stamped "AFTER HARDENING" and dated "3 May 82", very fine. Photo on Page 38. £170-200


  1893 Cape of Good Hope 1d envelope to Germany bearing two 1d stamps, each cancelled by "210" numeral with fine "MOHALESHOEK / BASUTOLAND" c.d.s alongside, light vertical fold, otherwise fine and attractive. £100-120

(Also See Lot 44)

  Picture Postcards. c.1905-14 Picture postcards, various views of villages, natives, etc., twenty on 5c postal stationery cards, thirty cards postally used to Wales, a few faults, the majority fine. (58). £100-120

(Also See Lots 123, 628)

  c.1874 Cover to Hamilton with 1d rose tied by first type numeral "4" of Mangrove Bay, fine. £180-220

(Also See Lot 1085)

Click to view full image... c.1851-1948 Covers (4) and a postcard with c.1851 entire bearing 1850 30r block of four pen cancelled and tied by a Rio c.d.s; 1870 cover to Portugal bearing 1866 10r and 50r with "PERNAMBUCO / PAQ. FR. J. No. 2" c.d.s; 1884 cover to Denmark with 1887 50r printed matter stamp tied fancy "DIRECTORIA GERAL DOS CORREIOS" seal type handstamp, backstamped at Bahia and Copenhagen, etc. (5). Photo on Page 32. £300-350


Click to view full image... 1942 M.E.F Overprints (type M1) on G.B 1d, 2d, 2 1/2d and 5d in mint blocks of nine, the central stamp within each block with the variety "sliced M", the blocks mounted on the upper central stamp only with the variety unmounted. This variety only occurs on these four values. S.G. M1/3a, 5a, £718. (4 blocks). Photo on Page 54. £200-240
  1943-51 Covers and a card with M.E.F or B.A Tripolitania stamps, mostly from Libya with cancels of Garian, Homs (2), Tripoli, Castel Benito, El Mara or F.P.O 534 (located at Castel Benito), also a cover with M.E.F 6d cancelled at Carpathos, the postcard with "A.V.2" cachet. (8). £180-220
Click to view full image... Somalia - Refugee Mail. 1948 (Jan 29) Stampless cover from an Italian Refugee in Mogadishu, to Italy with violet "AIR MAIL" and "SERVICES DES POSTES", blue triangular "SINISTRATI / RIFUGIATI / 1948 / SOMALIA / FRANCHICIA POSTALE" and a "Mogadishu R" c.d.s. Following rioting against Italians in Mogadishu in 1948 the British organised an emergency air service for victims to send letters to relatives in Italy free of charge. Minor corner crease, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 32. £150-180
  1944-48 Covers with M.E.F stamps cancelled at Decamere, Eritrea (3) or Villabrussi, Somalia, all commercial air mail covers, the Somalia c.d.s scarce. (4). £150-180


Click to view full image... 1901 India 1/2a stationery envelope uprated 1/2a to England, both stamps cancelled by "B" within circle of bars, backstamped "ZAILA / B.O / SOMALI COAST" (Feb 2) and at Aden and Macclesfield. Opened out, the reverse shortened by 6mm (with no loss to any postmarks), an attractive cover that displays well. Photo on Page 32. £250-300
  c.1903 "Map of British Somaliland Protectorate", also showing parts of the French and Italian Protectorates, published by Edward Stanford of London. A fine hand-coloured fold-out map mounted on linen, the open map 68x92cm, scarce. £100-120


Click to view full image... 1931 Registered cover to the USA bearing 1924-37 2c (2), 5c and 8c each with central "TUTONG" c.d.s, bearing a Tutong registration label, backstamped at Brunei, Singapore, New York and Tacoma. A scarce datestamp. Photo on Page 32. £160-200


  1889 Covers to Constantinople franked 1882 5s pair + strip of three tied by T.P.O datestamps, or 25s with c.d.s cancel and T.P.O transit datestamps, arrival handstamps including blue seal type handstamp. (2). £160-200
  1894-1921 Postcards (3) and newspapers (2) including 1896 commemorative postcards to France or registered to Constantinople, 1894 and 1903 newspapers each franked 1s, etc. (5). £100-120


Click to view full image... Akyab. 1852-56 Entires to Amsterdam all prepaid in cash, backstamped red boxed "AKYAB / PAID" (3) or double ring "AKYAB / P.O", all with addressees name removed and reinstated, otherwise fine, two of the boxed Paid handstamps very clear strikes. (4). Photo on Page 32. £350-450
Click to view full image... 1854 Cover to England endorsed from Asst. Surgeon N. H Rean, backstamped fine double ring "RANGOON / 1854 / MARCH" with manuscript "Pd 1a ship" and "Paid 8 annas", transit datestamps of Calcutta and London and boxed "INDIA / PAID", very fine. Photo on Page 32. £200-250
  1857 Entire letter from Meeaday to Calcutta franked 1854 1/2a, faint octagonal cancel and backstamp; and a piece bearing 1854 1/2a vertical pair cancelled by diamond of dots with red "SHOAYGYEEN / POST OFFICE" double ring datestamp below. (2). £150-180
  Rangoon. 1858-85 Covers and cards, cancels include "B/156" (7), "Rangoon 156" duplex, diamond of bars (2), "R-1" obliterator, "R" in circle of bars or "Rangoon R" duplex (2), five with boxed registration handstamps, three with boxed "RANGOON / SHIP LETTER / PAID", a few faults though most are fine, a good lot. (14). £400-500
  1858-61 Covers (2) and fronts (2) with octagonal "B/5" cancels of Akyab (3) or "B/121" of Moulmein, the Moulmein cover franked 4a to Scotland with red "(crown) / REGISTERED" (faults), the Akyab cover franked 1a to Calcutta backstamped fine boxed "INSUFFICIENT" and double ring "AKYAB / P.O" c.d.s. (4). £200-240
  Sawawah. 1861 Cover to India franked 4a tied light octagonal "B / 165", reverse with red double ring "SAWAWAH / POST OFFICE", transit and arrival datestamps and scroll type "TOO LATE". A reasonable strike of this very scarce Sawawah c.d.s. £180-220
Click to view full image... Kyaukpyu. 1873 1/2a Postal stationery cover to Calcutta franked 4a, each cancelled slightly unclear octagonal "B/108" with fine red boxed "REGISTERED" alongside, the place name and date in manuscript, backstamped "KYOUKPHYOO / P.O" double ring c.d.s in red. Also a single 1/2a stamp with fine "B/108" cancel. Minor flap faults and the 4a damaged before use, otherwise fine and very scarce. (2). Photo on Page 32. £200-250
  1875-89 Registered covers all with diamond of bars cancels and boxed registration handstamps of Moulmein (3) or Prome (2), a few faults. (5). £220-260
Click to view full image... 1876-78 Covers all with "R- " numbered duplex cancels from Akyab R-2 (2), Bassein R-3, Henzada R-4 (with boxed "TOO LATE"), Prome R-11 (2), Thayetmyo R-15 (3) or Tounghoo R-16 (2), a few faults though most are fine, a scarce group. (11). Photo on Page 36. £500-600
  1880-89 Covers (20) and postcards (2) all with diamond of bars cancels from Akyab (3), Bassein, Mandalay (2), Moulmein (3), Myanaung, Pegu (2), Prome (4), Shwegyin, Thayetmyo (4) or Toungoo, one card bearing "Unclaimed letter - Free, To Shwegyin Post Office" label, a few faults though most are fine, a scarce large group. (22). £1,000-1,200
  c.1880 Covers with diamond of bars cancels, one to England franked 1/2a + 4a with "PANTANOW" backstamp, the other a 1/2a envelope with "AMHERST" backstamp. The first a little soiled and second with edge tears though both still very reasonable appearance, two very scarce offices. (2). £160-200
  Rangoon Cantonment/Secretariat. 1882-85 Cover with diamond of bars cancel and "RANGOON C.R.H" c.d.s on reverse, and cover and card cancelled "CANTONMENT / RANGOON" c.d.s, also 1896 card cancelled "SECRETARIAT / RANGOON" double ring c.d.s. (4). £130-160
  1885-95 Postcards (5) and covers (3) all cancelled by single ring datestamps with the place name horizontally across the circle, comprising Hlehgoo, Moulmein (on unpaid cover), Myanoung, Padoung, Sandoway (2, one an arrival c.d.s), Tharrawaddy and Toungoo, four with some faults. (8). £200-250
  1885-1910 Covers (13) and a postcard all cancelled by "R" within a circle of horizontal bars, with datestamps of Ela, Kyeikpie (2), Kungyangon (2), Minbou, Mindat-Sakan, Moulmein (2), Myingyan (with registration handstamp), Pyinyaw (2), Thayetmyo or Toungoo, a few minor faults though most are fine. (14). £350-450
  c.1885-1937 Covers and cards in a stockbook with various Burma cancels, mainly KEVII and KGV period but some earlier, some scarce, including fine double ring datestamps of Kyonmanga Tel. and Tiger Camp, 1935 Jubilee Fund handstamped slogans of Maubin and Mandalay, etc, also some pieces and stamps, some faults but many fine. (97 covers + 40 pieces/stamps). £600-700
  1886-95 Covers (6) and postcards (2) all with small single ring datestamps of Kyaiktu (3, two arrival datestamps, one on an underpaid letter from G.B charged 7a), Minbou, Yenangyaung, Yemethin (2, one an arrival c.d.s) or Yeu, all fine. (8). £240-280
  1892-1911 Covers (25) and postcards (7) with single ring datestamps of Ela, Haka (with registration handstamp, to Fiji), Hsipaw (transit c.d.s, also Lashio and Maymyo datestamps), Holderness, Kalewo, Kyidaunggan, Lashio, Launglon, Loilem (2), Lugaungyun, Magwe (2), Meiktila (2, one with Kyaiklat c.d.s), Mohnyin (2, one with registration handstamp), Myaungmya (2), Mupun (with registration handstamp), Myingyan (2), Neikban, Okiwin (with registration handstamp), Pyinywa, Sadon (2), Samalauk, Takaw, Thayetmyo (2), and Wakema (2, one an arrival c.d.s, the other with Henzada and Bassein c.d.s), a fine lot, some very scarce. (32). £650-750
  1893-1902 Covers all with squared circle datestamps comprising Fort Stedman (unusually also with single ring c.d.s), Monghye, Monywa (2), Tavoy, Tigyaing or Yandoon, mainly fine. (7). £250-300
  1897-1923 Covers (15) and a postcard all with double ring datestamps comprising Bhamo (on red band envelope), Fort Dufferin, Kengtung (4), Kawkareik, Loikaw (2), Moulmein, Papun (with registration handstamp), Pyu (2), Shwebo Cant. (2) or Yenanggyat, all fine, a good lot. (16). £400-500
Click to view full image... Burmese Field P.O. 1885 Cover from Munich to Mandalay franked Bavaria 20pf, backstamped Sea Post Office and "BURMESE FIELD / SUB P.O No. 1" (Apr 4) single ring datestamps, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 36. £200-250
Click to view full image... Burmese Field P.O. 1885 Cover from Munich to Rangoon and redirected to Mandalay franked Bavaria 20pf, backstamped "SEA / POST OFFICE / B", "RANGOON" (2 types) and scarce "BURMESE FIELD / SUB P.O / No. 2" (Dec 13) datestamps, very scarce. Photo on Page 36. £300-350
  Experimental Post Offices. 1901-40 Covers with Experimental P.O datestamps, numbered R-1, 13, 16, 26, 47 (5), 50, 56, 60, 71, 108, 265, 514 (2), also 1933 unpaid cover from Natogi with Experimental P.O Due handstamp, and 1943 Japanese occupation card with bilingual Experimental P.O 34 c.d.s. (19). £350-400
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
Details: VIEWING:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for full Viewing details
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