Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 17
  1904-10 Covers with KEVII stamps paying the 4d rate comprising 4 x 1d from Colwyn Bay to Manchester, 1/2d (2) + 3d from Bath to Weston Super Mare, 1d + 3d from Woking to a passenger on the Hamburg - America Line steamer "President Lincoln" at Plymouth, 4d from Lyndhurst R.S.O to Tottenham or from St. Margarets, Twickenham to Brixton. The first four bear large red "M.-No. 55 / POST OFFICE / EXPRESS" labels, the last has the smaller "POST OFFICE / EXPRESS / (M.-No. 55)" label. A fine group, the use to a ship unusual. (5). £350-450
  1905-41 Covers all showing unsuccessful attempts at delivery by express messenger, with 1905 cover franked 1/2d + 1d (4) paying 1 1/2d postage + 3d express fee from Market Harborough to Glasgow, endorsed "Closed Against Delivery" and "Express service performed L.C.O for disposal" with large red Express label crossed out; 1940 cover from London to a soldier in Oswestry with "Addressee Reported / Prisoner of War" and "OFFICER i/c PERSONNEL / R.A.S.C (E.F.I) / MIDDLE EAST AREA", returned to sender; and 1941 cover from Shrewsbury to Worsley and redirected to Bradford. (3). £120-150
  1908 Stampless "E" form with Lewisham, Lee Bridge S.E c.d.s, for a postcard paid 1d postage + 3d express fee. The original postcard, addressed to Shell Rd, Lewisham, was posted at 10·10am and received by 10·25am. Small piece torn from upper left of form, otherwise fine and a rare item to have survived. Ex Vivien Sussex collection. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1909 Cover from Lincoln to London franked 4d + 1/- (1d postage + 1/3 express fee) and bearing a Great Northern Railway 2d parcel stamp (folded over the flap, pen cancelled), to pay for railway letter service to London, endorsed "1/3 express fee paid, to be handed to Post Office Express Messenger at Kings Cross", bearing red "M.-No. 55 / POST OFFICE / EXPRESS" label and "EXPRESS / To be handed to / POST OFFICE MESSENGER / at Kings X Station" label. The cover was redirected to Brighton and reposted at Paddington franked 3d, to pay for new express delivery within Brighton. An exceptional cover showing payment of two differing express fees and the railway letter service unusually paid for using a parcel stamp. Ex Vivien Sussex collection. Photo on Page 122. £500-600
Click to view full image... c.1909 Long KEVII 1d stationery envelope to Norwich endorsed "Express Delivery" and handstamped red "EXPRESS", sent as a railway letter on the South Eastern & Chatham Railway to Cannon St., express messenger to Liverpool St., again as a railway letter on the Great Eastern Railway to Norwich, and then delivered by express messenger, with two "EXPRESS / To be handed to / POST OFFICE MESSENGER / at ....... Station" labels for Cannon St. and Norwich. Endorsed "Collect 7d from addressee, charges due incurred in London, Booking fee 2d, waiting fee 2d, express fee 3d, total 7d" in red ink, and "1/- to pay" in black ink, the final charge including an extra 5d for express charges incurred in Norwich, the envelope and both railway letter stamps cancelled in manuscript. A remarkable cover showing railway letter services by two differing railway companies and express fees (including booking and waiting fees) collected upon delivery from the addressee. Ex Vivien Sussex collection. Photo on Page 122. £900-1,200
Click to view full image... 1910 Cover from Smithfield Market to Muswell Hill handstamped "EXPRESS", carried entirely by express messenger, the 1/6 rate for a distance of six miles paid by KEVII 1/2d, 1d, 2 1/2d + 7d pair all tied by Smithfield Market B.O c.d.s. A very unusual franking. Photo on Page 124. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1912 Cover bearing Federated Malay States 4c tied by fine "BATU GAJAH" squared circle with a second strike alongside, addressed to Hampton, Middlesex, redirected to Bournemouth by express delivery franked KEVII "Harrison" 3d, with red "POST OFFICE / EXPRESS / (M.-No. 55)" label. An attractive and unusual redirected cover from Perak. Photo on Page 124. £200-250
  1912-29 KGV Lettercards sent by express delivery, with 1912 1d card franked KEVII "Harrison" 3d sent within Worcester, tied by Broad St. c.d.s and bearing large red "POST OFFICE / EXPRESS" label; 1913 1d card franked 3d from London W. to Luton with red "POST OFFICE / EXPRESS / (M.-No. 55)" label; and 1929 1 1/2d card franked 6d from London S.W.1 to Shanklin, Isle of Wight, with unusual small oval framed "EXPRESS" handstamp. (3). £180-220
  Underpaid Mail. 1915-36 Covers and a card all underpaid and charged upon arrival, with 1915 cover from Glasgow to Bridge of Allan franked 1d + 3d, oval "EXPRESS" handstamp, endorsed "3d to pay, over 1 mile"; 1917 picture postcard from West Runton to Blickling, Aylsham franked 1d pair bearing red "POST OFFICE / EXPRESS / (M.-No. 55)" label and endorsed "Collect 2d more on delivery"; and 1936 cover from Greenock to Edinburgh franked 1 1/2d + 6d with red Express label, handstamped "Express Fee partly paid / Charge of 6d / to be collected on Delivery". Pre-war underpaid internal express mail is rarely seen. (3). £200-250
  1917-38 Covers (8) and a picture postcard all with KGV stamps comprising 1917 postcard sent within London S.W franked 1/2d + 3d; 1917 cover from Kensington to Hailsham franked 4d; 1924 cover to London franked 1 1/2d + 6d express fee + 1/2d late fee all tied by "GALLOWAY SORTING CARRIAGE" c.d.s; 1933-35 covers franked 1 1/2d + 6d (4); 1936 4 1/2d registration envelope from London to a passenger on the C.P.R Liner "Duchess of Atholl" at Glasgow franked 6d; and 1938 cover franked KGVI 1 1/2d from Lancaster to Daventry then redirected to Birmingham by express delivery franked KGV 6d. The T.P.O cover a little stained, otherwise fine, various differing express labels. (9). £240-280
Click to view full image... 1924-39 Stampless express covers, the postage having been affixed to an "E" form, the first sent within Bromley with the very unusual handstamp "SPECIAL DELIVERY / PAID" between horizontal bars, endorsed "not known here" and "gone away", Bromley c.d.s; the second to Southsea with Portsmouth c.d.s and oval "POST OFFICE / EXPRESS / DELIVERY", endorsed "1 shilling stamp affixed to E form". A few minor stains, otherwise fine and the only example of the Bromley "Paid" handstamp we have seen. (2). Photo on Page 124. £160-200
  Underpaid Mail. 1938-78 Covers with 1938 registered express cover franked 1/2, handstamped "3d To Pay Posted Out of Course", crossed out as the cover was already overpaid 3 1/2d; 1956-74 covers all with framed or unframed "EXPRESS FEE PARTLY PAID / Charge of ........d to be / Collected on Delivery" handstamps (8, three with postage due stamps); 1963 express cover franked 9d, manuscript "6d More To Pay Express Fee P.O.O.C" with 6d due tied Douglas, Isle of Man c.d.s; and 1978 cover from London to Liverpool franked 9p, strangely bearing express, special delivery and air mail labels, boxed "EXPRESS FEE / NOT PAID / 60p TO BE / COLLECTED / ON DELIVERY" with 10p + 50p dues. A scarce group, underpaid express mail rarely seen. (11). £300-350
  1939-52 KGVI Covers including 1939 (Sep.) O.H.M.S "Urgent Mobilisation" cover sent Official Paid but franked 6d for express delivery; 1940 censored express cover from Belfast to Scotland franked 2 1/2d + 6d with scarce small "EX" label and the usual red Express label; 1945 Official Paid cover franked 9d for express delivery tied by Ballykinler Camp datestamps; 1946 cover franked 9d to include 1/2d late fee; 1946 5 1/2d size H registration envelope franked 6d; and other covers franked 8 1/2d (5, one with pair of scarce small "EX" labels) or 1/2 1/2d. (11). £200-250
Click to view full image... 1942 Cover from Milebrook, Plymouth to Brownhills near Walsall franked 2 1/2d + 6d, with red Express label, the reverse with red "EXPRESS / To be handed to / POST OFFICE MESSENGER / at Brownhills Bus Station" label and bearing three County Borough of Walsall Transport Department 1d bus parcel stamps. A remarkable cover, believed to be the only known express cover despatched upon arrival by bus, opened out for display. Ex Vivien Sussex Collection. Photo on Page 124. £280-350
  1946 Tie-on parcel tag with printed address "The Principle, Bill Office, Bank of England, London E.C.2" with red Express label, the reverse with 2d pair + 3d pair + 2/6 tied by Registered Edinburgh datestamps; and an undated stampless tie-on parcel tag to Midland Bank in Leicester with red oval Express cachets and an unusual unframed "EXPRESS" handstamp with large first "E". (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1951 Express Service "E" form bearing KGVI 7d + 2/6 + 5/- tied by N.W District Office c.d.s, 9/- prepaid for a message carried the 18 miles to Hatfield by P.O Messenger (at 6d per mile) of which 11d was applied to the letter and 8/1 to this E form. A scarce item as these forms were supposed to be destroyed. Photo on Page 124. £240-280
  1953-65 QEII Covers with various express handstamps or labels, including 1953 parcel front franked 2/2, Official Paid covers (3), 3d lettercard franked 1/-, also 21 other covers franked at eleven differing rates between 8 1/2d and 3/5, two covers with small "EX" labels, a QEII 1/- P.T.P.O postal stationery postcard with red Express label printed in the upper corner, and a mint sheet of forty Express labels. An interesting lot, two covers showing late use of the "Express" labels after "Special Delivery" labels had been introduced for use on internal mail. (28). £200-250
Click to view full image... 1954-55 Stampless registered covers both addressed by Prince Philip to "Frank Carr, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London S.E.10" and initialled "P" in the corner, with enclosed letters written and signed by Prince Philip on Buckingham Palace or Sandringham notepaper, the first concerning the "Cutty Sark" that is now safely in dry dock, the second McAlpine's help with the mast of the "Victoria & Albert". Both covers have circular "EIIR" cypher cachet, the first with Sandringham registration label, red Express label, red Sandringham Official Paid c.d.s and "SANDRINGHAM / NORFOLK" double ring backstamps; the other with violet oval "POST OFFICE / EXPRESS / DELIVERY" and "REGISTERED / BUCKINGHAM PALACE S.W.1" datestamps with London S.W.32 registration label. (2 covers + 2 letters). Photo on Page 124. £450-550
  1963-70 Predecimal covers with green "Special Delivery" labels including 1963 (May 7) first day use of the Special Delivery label on a Postal Conference Centenary F.D.C, 1967 AR form, 1965 boxed handstamp, covers bearing Castles issues (4), Official Paid covers (4), Recorded Delivery and registered mail, etc. An interesting lot, various rates from 1/3 to 6/-, also an unused sheet of 36 labels. (38). £350-400
  1971-80 Covers with Special Delivery labels including registered and Recorded Delivery mail, various rates with some first day uses, 1980 (July 26) last day of service, incorrect use of "Express" label, etc. Also 1975 Brighton "Speedpost" experiment F.D.C. (45). £200-240
  1980-93 Royal Mail Special Delivery covers including 1980 (July 28) first day of service cover with C.O.P, incorrect use of obsolete "Express" labels (2), official mail, various rates with some first day uses, P.O training school cover, sheets of unused labels, cachets including "LATE ACCEPTANCE / NO REFUND / TO BE MADE" (2), "E.C.D.O / POSTED OUT / OF COURSE / NO REFUND DUE", 1990 "Enter the Special Delivery New York Jet-Away Competition" special C.O.P, T.P.O late fee use, refund letter for late delivery, label for redirected M.Ps mail, official cover with "ER" royal cypher cachet, registered and Recorded Delivery mail, etc. (62+). £350-400

Express Mail to Overseas Destinations

Click to view full image... 1898 1/2d Newspaper wrapper bearing three 1d lilacs each cancelled oval "GLASGOW / P.B" datestamps, to Berlin, endorsed "Express Delivery" and handstamped red oval "EXPRESS" to both sides, arrival backstamp. An exceptional early express use of a newspaper wrapper. Photo on Page 126. £250-300
Click to view full image... 1899 1 1/2d Yellow + 3d P.T.P.O postal stationery envelope franked 1d and 2 1/2d, addressed to Germany with oval "EXPRESS" handstamp, the four stamps each cancelled superb Leicester c.d.s, arrival backstamp. Minor toning, otherwise fine, an attractive and early express cover to Germany. Photo on Page 126. £180-220
Click to view full image... 1903 Cover to Berlin endorsed "Express, Durch Eilboten bestellen", posted into the Continental Night Mail Late Fee posting box at Cannon Street Station bearing 1/2d + nine 1d stamps, paying 2 1/2d postage + 3d express fee + 4d late fee, the stamps each cancelled "CONTINENTAL NIGHT MAIL / C.S" c.d.s, handstamped oval "EXPRESS". Photo on Page 126. £180-240
Click to view full image... 1904-12 Express covers to Germany (3) or Austria, the 1910 cover to Austria franked KEVII 7d cancelled at Manchester and simply endorsed "Express"; the covers to Germany comprising 1/2d + 2 1/2d pair on 1904 cover from Southampton and 1905 cover from London bearing 1/2d + 1d (6) paying 1d late fee + postage and express fee, both with red "M.-No. 55 / POST OFFICE / EXPRESS" labels, and 1912 cover from London to Hamburg franked KEVII 5d + KGV 1/2d handstamped violet "EXPRESS" and "Durch Rohrpost nach Hamburg" upon delivery in the Pneumatic Post. A fine group, the 1905 cover from "The Times" with both stamps perfined "TT". (4). Photo on Page 126. £300-400
  1906-10 Covers to Portugal or Italy franked at the 5 1/2d rate both with red "M.-No. 55 / POST OFFICE / EXPRESS" labels, the first from Newmarket franked 1/2d + 5d, addressed to a passenger on the S.S "Cap Blanco" bound for Buenos Ayres, at Lisbon, inscribed via "France & Spain"; the other from London to Italy franked 2 1/2d + 3d with red "Espresso" cachet applied upon arrival. Two fine covers, the first ex Vivien Sussex collection. (2). £180-220
Click to view full image... 1912 Cover from Eastbourne to Sweden franked KEVII "Harrison" 2 1/2d + 3d, an Express label applied but then partly torn away and defaced in crayon when it was realised that no express service existed to Sweden. An unusual Post Office error. Photo on Page 126. £120-150
  1914-17 Censored express covers to Holland (3), Denmark (2), or Switzerland (2) franked 3d express fee + 2 1/2d postage, and a 1919 1d postcard to Switzerland with a 3d stamp to pay the express fee, all with red Express labels, one cover to Holland unusually bearing 5c postage due strip of three applied and cancelled upon arrival at Aardenburg. (8). £240-280
Click to view full image... Express Censorship. 1917 (June 21) Long cover to Denmark franked 1/2d + 2 1/2d + 4d + De La Rue 2/6, paying 4d postage + 3d express fee + 2/6 for express censorship, all tied by London F.S c.d.s, with a red Express label and censor seal, endorsed "Urgent". Arrival backstamp of July 7th, the cover taking 16 days to get to Aarhus despite the extra 2/9 paid for express censorship and delivery. An unusually fine example of this scarce express censorship rate. Photo on Page 126. £400-500
  1921 (July 8) Cover to France with red Express label, franked 9d agate tied by London W.C c.d.s, Paris arrival c.d.s dated the following day. A good example of the 3d postage + 6d express fee rate of 1921-23, ex Vivien Sussex collection. £100-120
Click to view full image... Air Mail Express. 1921 (July 21) Cover from Middlesborough to Switzerland franked 2d + 9d agate with Express handstamp and label and a blue "By Air Mail" label, paid 3d postage + 6d express fee + 2d air fee from London to Paris, from where the cover would have been sent by surface mail. An early airmail express cover sent during the 1921-23 3d postage rate period. Photo on Page 126. £120-150
  1924-31 Covers (7) and a postcard all sent by air mail to Germany, all with red Express labels, the covers franked 10d (3), 10 1/2d, 11 1/2d (2) or 1/-, the postcard franked 9 1/2d, four with "Mit Luftpost befordert" cachets of Berlin, Cologne, Wiesbaden or Hamburg. (8). £250-300
  1924-36 Air Mail covers franked 10 1/2d to Sweden, Belgium, or France, 11 1/2d to Czechoslovakia, 8 1/2d to Finland, and covers to France or Belgium franked at the 8 1/2d surface rate, includes 1928 telegram envelope to Prague, 1930 cover with the usual Express label applied over the scarce small red "EX" type, 1930 cover to Brussels franked KEVII 2 1/2d + KGV 3d (2) with bilingual "Return, Address Insufficient" label, etc. (7). £160-180
  1928 Covers from Warwick or Leamington Spa to California both franked 1/4 1/2, comprising 1 1/2d postage to U.S.A, 6d express fee and 9d for internal U.S air mail from New York to California, handstamped oval "EXPRESS" and bearing Express and Air Mail labels. (2). £80-100
  1928-37 Covers to Switzerland all with Express labels, four sent airmail franked 10d (3) or 10 1/2d, two sent at the 8 1/2d surface rate, one 1937 cover with KGV 6d + KGVI 2 1/2d. (6). £120-150
  1936 Covers (3) and a postcard all bearing KEVIII stamps, comprising a postcard to Austria franked KGV 5d + KEVIII 1/2d (4) and 1 1/2d; Imperial Airways test letter to Brindisi franked KGV 2d pair + KEVIII 1d pair + 2 1/2d; cover to Germany franked KGV 1 1/2d + 2 1/2d (3) + KEVIII 1d; and cover to Geneva sent at the 4d airmail rate (with KEVIII 1d block) unusually delivered by Express upon arrival with a red "Expres sans taxe" label. (4). £100-120
  1940-63 Covers with KGVI stamps including 1940-43 air mail covers to France franked 1/2, to Egypt franked 1/9, or to Canada franked 1/9 or 3/- (with bilingual "Please return this / Cover to Postmaster" cachet), censored cover to Ireland, post-war covers to Germany (2), Italy, Holland (with small "EX" label), or Switzerland, and a 1963 registered air mail cover to Chile bearing a single KGVI 5/- definitive. (11). £130-160
  1953-70 Predecimal QEII covers, many different destinations and various rates, including Seahorse frankings to the 10/- value (12), underpaid mail, registered, postcards, handwritten Express label made from stamp selvedge, small "EX" label, incorrect use of inland "Special Delivery" label, undelivered mail, parcel despatch notes (2), etc. (62). £400-500
  1971-80 Decimal QEII covers, various destinations and rates from 14p up to £2.64, includes cover to Ireland with both Express and Special Delivery labels, P.O training school cover, etc. (34). £120-140

Express Mail from Abroad

  1898 Front and 1902 cover both franked 45pf from Germany to London handstamped red oval "EXPRESS" and framed "EXPRESS FEE PAID 3D", cover with small opening tear at upper edge, otherwise fine, two attractive early incoming express items. (2). £100-120
  Unpaid Express Mail. 1902 Postcard from Germany to London franked 30pf, endorsed "Per Eilboten" with an orange cross to indicate express delivery, but handstamped violet boxed "EXPRESS FEE NOT PAID / EXPRES NON AFFRANCHI"; and 1925 cover from Belgium to London franked 1f50 and marked "Express" but handstamped violet boxed "EXPRESS FEE NOT PAID" (two strikes), both delivered as ordinary mail, very scarce. (2). £120-150
  London & Dover S.C. 1904-12 Postcards from Belgium franked 40c or Italy (card creased) franked 40c and a cover from Austria franked 55h, all with London & Dover T.P.O Night Mail (or Night Mail Up) transit datestamps and violet boxed "EXPRESS FEE PAID 3D", the two postcards also with violet oval framed "EXPRESS", the Express handstamps possibly applied on the T.P.O (and later replaced by the scarce boxed handstamps - see lot 846). (3). £150-180
  1906-20 Picture postcard from Belgium franked 40c, postcard from Holland franked 20c, censored cover from Holland franked 27 1/2c and a cover from Switzerland franked 55c, all handstamped boxed "EXPRESS FEE PAID 3D" in London, the 1906 card also with oval framed "EXPRESS", all fine. (4). £130-150
  1911-18 Covers from Italy all bearing Express 30c stamp + 25c or 50c postage all with differing boxed "EXPRESS FEE PAID 3D" handstamps applied in London, one also with oval framed "EXPRESS". (5). £150-180
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... London & Dover/Folkestone T.P.Os. 1913 Cover from Berlin franked 40pf and picture postcard from Bremen franked 35pf, both to London with red Express labels applied, the postcard with violet boxed "EXPRESS FEE PAID 3D / L.&D. N.M.", the cover with similar boxed "EXPRESS FEE PAID 3D / L.&F. S.C.", the cover with upper right corner torn, otherwise fine and a rare pair. Both handstamps were issued in late November 1913; neither was recorded in use by Harold Wilson in "The T.P.Os of G.B & Ireland". (2). Photo on Page 132. £400-500
Click to view full image... Air Mail Express. 1920 Air Mail covers and a card from Brussels or Paris to London, with cover from Brussels franked 1f.30 handstamped red "AIR MAIL / EXPRESS", covers from Paris franked 2f.90 or 3f.25 and a postcard franked 2f all with boxed "EXPRESS FEE PAID 3D", one cover with this charge altered to 10d, the postcard with the 3d charge altered to "1 franc". A few minor faults, an interesting group, the airmail postcard very unusual. (4). Photo on Page 132. £220-260
  1923-36 Covers all with boxed "EXPRESS FEE PAID 6D" applied in London with 1934 cover from Brazil franked 8r.10, 1923 cover from Poland franked 4000m with oval "EXPRESS" cachet, 1926 registered cover from Yugoslavia franked 12d, other covers from Czechoslovakia, Sweden and Yugoslavia. (6). £150-180
  1923-38 Covers (13) and postcards (2) from Italy (5), Switzerland (3) or Germany (7) all with boxed "EXPRESS FEE PAID 6D" applied in London, the Germany items including 1922 cover to a passenger on S.S "Aquitania" at Southampton but returned handstamped "Not Claimed", 1923 (Nov 8) inflation period cover franked 14 Milliarde Marks, printed Exchange Telegraph Co. "Rohrpost Zum Flughafen, Mit Luftpost Express" envelope with Rohrpost label, 1924-25 postcards, the Italy items all bearing Express stamps (one to the Captain of the S.S "S. Michele" at Cardiff"). A fine lot, various types of Express Fee Paid handstamps, one also with oval "EXPRESS". (15). £300-350
  1924 Cover from Cologne to Osborne, Isle of Wight, with G.B 1/- tied by Army Post Office S.40 c.d.s and oval "British Army of the Rhine" dated cachet, red "Post Office Express" label. Central vertical fold, otherwise fine and very unusual. £80-100
  Underpaid Mail. 1924-39 Covers comprising 1924 cover from Belgium with boxed "EXPRESS Fee Prepaid 4d / Deficiency ....d to be / Collected on Delivery", 1930 cover from Luxembourg with boxed "EXPRESS FEE PARTLY PAID / Charge of 1/2d to be / Collected on Delivery", 1934 and 1939 covers from Italy or Czechoslovakia with similar unframed handstamps both showing a charge of 1d. Pre-war underpaid express covers are uncommon. (4). £200-240
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
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