Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 14
  1858 (Mar 22) Stampless entire letter from Cape Town to Lea & Perrin in London endorsed "Pr. Bosphorus", containing an account for eight cases of Worcester Sauce, with blue "CAPE PACKET / DEVONPORT" c.d.s and a "6d" charge mark, backstamped at Cape Town and London. £120-150
  1858 Entire letter from Montpellier to Cape Town and redirected to Burghersdorp bearing France imperf 80c (three margins), and two 1859-60 stampless entires from Holland to the Cape both prepaid in cash, all sent via England and carried on ships of the Union Steam Ship Co., the first with a little staining at lower edge, otherwise fine and unusual. (3). £150-180
  1858 Entire letter posted unpaid from Cape Town to Lisbon, carried on the Union Steam Ship Co. steamer "Norman" with "CAPE PACKET / DEVONPORT" arrival backstamp, a black "1d" handstamp indicating postage due to the Cape. The letter was detained in London and handstamped "Returned for / 2/3 Postage", being forwarded six days later once the 2/3 postage was received, probably from Portuguese Embassy in London. The letter from the Portuguese Consulate in Cape Town concerns seamen from the Cape Verde Islands who were paid wages of just $5 a month when discharged at Cape Town by Captain Morgan of the U.S Whaling Ship "Laurence", who claimed their monetary wages were far exceeded by the amount of clothing supplied to them during the voyage. An unusual item. £150-180
  1858-62 Entire letters, entires and covers, all carried by ships of the Union Steam Ship Co. under the terms of its first packet service contract, letters all charged at 6d per 1/2oz, comprising stampless entires from London (2) and cover franked 6d from Tunbridge Wells carried to the Cape on the "Norman" or "Dane" (2), or franked 6d from Natal (corner fault to stamp) or the Cape (2, both with 6d triangular, one with three margins) carried to London on the "Cambrian", "Athens" or "Dane". Mainly fine, the three incoming covers all with "PAID / DEVONPORT / CAPE PACKET" c.d.s. (6). £160-200
  1862-76 Covers from Lewes to the Cape, the first carried by the Union Steam Ship Co. Steamer "Athens" franked 6d, the second carried by the Donald Currie Line "Edinburgh Castle" franked 3d + 1d with red "2" handstamp, an attractive pair. (2). £100-120
  1863 Covers carried on the "Briton" from Devonport (Feb 4) with Cape arrival c.d.s (Mar 12), or on the return journey from Cape Town (Mar 18) with London arrival c.d.s (Apr. 29) both franked 6d. The Union Steam Ship Co. signed a new packet contract in February 1863, the letter rate remaining at 6d per 1/2oz until the end of March when it was increased to 1/-. The G.B cover with flap missing and Cape cover with repair at upper right corner, the 6d triangular badly cut into, nevertheless two scarce covers from this second Union Steam Ship Co. contract during the short period the rate remained at 6d. (2). £120-150
  1863-1975 Entire letters, covers and cards with mail carried by or posted on Union Steamship Co. or Donald Currie 'Castle Line' ships, also postcards of various ships, includes Paquebot mail, ships cachets, mail to ships, 1863 entire letter from Cape Town to Durban per "R.M.S Norman" bearing Cape triangular 6d, various Cape rates to Europe, U.S.A, Mexico, etc., 1887 telegram form + cover charged 6d porterage to the "Hawarden Castle" at Cape Town Docks, covers from G.B to South Africa, 1884 cover to London franked 1/6 postage + 1/- late fee, 1902 cover from St. Helena bearing two 1/2d stamps, postcards to Ascension and St. Helena, O.R.C V.R.I 1s. surcharge with "1" omitted on 1908 cover, etc. (183). £400-500
  1864-68 Entires or covers (5) and a front and part cover all sent by Union Steam Ship Co. steamers at the 1/- per 1/2oz rate with entires from Holland or Hamburg (side flaps removed) sent on the "Athens" or "Cambrian" and a cover from St. Albans franked 1/- sent on the "Roman", covers from the Cape bearing 6d triangular pair (both touched or very close on one side) or 1/- rectangular, both carried on the "Saxon", etc. (7). £200-240
  1864-71 Covers from the Cape sent by private steamer at the 4d ship letter rate, with 1864 cover franked 4d triangular (cut into) backstamped "PLYMOUTH / SHIP LETTER" c.d.s (Rob. S9, MY 20 1864, four years later than recorded); and 1871 cover endorsed "per private steamer "Sprite"" of the Cape & Natal Steam Navigation Co, carried to Gravesend franked 4d with red "PAID / LONDON SHIP LETTER" c.d.s (Rob. S53), two unusual covers. (2). £180-200
  1864-67 Covers carried to England by the Diamond Line, the first from Cape Town (22 Dec '64) sent during the brief period when the Diamond Line carried mail at the packet rate, carried on the "Kaffraria" franked 1/-; the second from Port Elizabeth (8 Sep '67) franked at the 4d ship letter rate, carried on the "Florence". Also 1867 Diamond Steam Navigation Co receipt for a box of silk forwarded from Cape Town to Algoa Bay. Mail carried on the Diamond Line is scarce. (3). £180-220
  1867 Entire letter from Haddington franked 1d, endorsed from "J.C Brown, late Colonial Botanist" to "R. Southey, Colonial Secretary, Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope, care of Colonial Office, London". Also 1889 cover from Wimbledon franked 1 1/2d to "Hampden Willis, Under Colonial Secretary, Colonial Office, Cape Town, c/o Colonial Office, Downing Street, London S.W" and endorsed "For Cape Colonial Office Bag"; the enclosed letter mentions laying the submarine cable direct to Cape Town and enclosed a note for someone in Mowbray, and another cover to be posted in the Cape (for which he does not know the address, but for which he enclosed English stamps!). Two unusual covers sent to South Africa by diplomatic bag and therefore with postage paid at the G.B. inland rate only. (2). £160-180
  1868-71 Covers from Great Britain to Cape Town both sent by Union Steam Ship Co. steamers at the 1/- rate but underpaid with boxed "DEFICIENT POSTAGE / BRITISH SHARE OF FINE" handstamps, the first from Newtown Stewart, Ireland, franked 6d (stamp faults) with circular framed "1/-" charge mark showing the amount due to G.B, charged 1/6; the other to Saul Solomon only franked 1d, charged 1/11. The 1868 cover with fine "CAPE PACKET / DEVONPORT" c.d.s on reverse, opening tear at lower left corner, the other with the flap missing, otherwise a fine pair. (2). £150-180
Click to view full image... 1868-81 Covers carried by the Union Steam Ship Co. including 1868 stampless prepaid cover from Germany to the Cape sent via London with arrival datestamp of Bedford; 1869-70 covers from G.B franked 1/- (2); 1875 cover from Cape Town with 4d strip of three paying the 1/- rate; and 1877-82 covers sent under the third Post Office contract, from the Cape franked 6d or from G.B franked 6d or 1/- (2), also an 1882 cover from London bearing six 14 dot 1d lilacs, but overweight so handstamped "3d" (British share of the fine) obliterated in Cape Town, and a "1/-" charge mark applied. (9). Photo on Page 100. £200-240
  1871-74 Covers despatched from Plymouth by Union Steam Ship Co. steamers, the first from Hertford franked 1/- with "CAPE PACKET / PLYMOUTH" c.d.s on reverse; the other from Birmingham endorsed "Per Supplementary Mails via Plymouth" franked 1/- pair (possibly 1/- postage + 1/- late fee?). (2). £100-120
  1874-1901 Covers sent by Donald Currie & Co steamers including 1874 cover from Namre to London "per S.S Edinburgh Castle" franked 4d; 1878 cover franked G.B 6d from St. Austell to the Transvaal sent on the "Dublin Castle"; 1879-87 covers from the Cape franked 6d to England (3), 7 1/2d to USA or 4d to Mauritius; and later covers franked 2 1/2d from G.B to the Cape (4) or Cape to England, or sent at the 1d Imperial rate (3) from England to Cape Town. (15). £160-200
  1876 (August) Covers sent in both directions between London and Port Elizabeth during the three month "inter-contract" period when mail was carried at the 6d ship letter rate, the Cape cover redirected locally in London free of charge with "R" handstamp. The third Union Line contract began on October 1st, and confirmed the 6d per 1/2oz rate. (2). £100-120
  Cape Colony Ocean Post Office. 1893-1911 Covers and cards all with "CAPE COLONY / OCEAN POST OFFICE" single ring cancellations, includes 1893 (Oct 31) cover with c.d.s in first month of use, 1896 c.d.s in violet, 1896 arrival c.d.s on cover to the S.S "Norman", disallowed G.B stamp, a good number of pre-1900 cancels, mainly fine, some written up on pages with some cards of ships. (71+). £200-240
  Sea Post Office Datestamps. 1912-14 Picture postcards (19) and a front with "UNION OF S. AFRICA / OCEAN P.O" datestamps (16), small size without number or larger size c.d.s numbered 1 (2), 2 (3), 3 (2), 4 (2), 5 (3) or 6 (3); and scarce "UNITED KINGDOM & S. AFRICA SEA P.O" c.d.s. code "S" (4) numbered 1 (front + card), 2 or 9. (20). £250-300
Click to view full image... 1914 (Aug 4) Picture postcard of Madeira with G.B 1/2d cancelled "UNITED KINGDOM & S. AFRICA SEA P.O / S / 3" c.d.s, handstamped octagonal framed "T / U.K. - S.A. / SEA POST" and London I.S 1d charge mark, a 1d postage due stamp applied at Helston. A fine example of the very scarce U.K. - S.A. Sea Post postage due handstamp used on the R.M.S "Balmoral" on the final sailing of the Sea Post Office, this card illustrated in "The Union Castle Ocean Post Office" by P. Cattell. Photo on Page 100. £200-250
The Union-Castle Mail Steamship Co. Ltd steamer "Mexican" left Cape Town for Southampton on April 4th 1900. Eighty miles from Cape Town she collided in dense fog with the transport ship S.S "Winkfield" and sank in the early hours of April 5th. Passengers and crew were taken aboard the "Winkfield", the recovered mails being sent to England on the "Tantallon Castle", and dealt with in London or Germany. 42 Letter bags were lost, as were most of the printed matter and parcel bags.671 <\i>) <\i>1900 (Mar 28) Covers from Point to G.B franked Natal 1d or Cape Town to a soldier in Gibraltar franked Cape 1d both handstamped red "RECOVERED FROM / WRECK OF MEXICAN", and 1900 (Apr 3) Cape 1d postcard from Cape Town to London endorsed on reverse by the recipient "Came by the Mexican which was wrecked". The cover to Gibraltar with flap missing, otherwise fine. (3). £150-180
  World War Two - Naval/Military and Paquebot Mail. 1942-46 Covers and cards written up in two albums including various anonymous type "PAQUEBOT" handstamps (38), "Maritime Mail" and "Fleet Mail Office", "B.T.A" cachets (British Troops Africa), "On Naval Service / Official Free" cachets, Robben Island c.d.s, etc. An interesting lot. (68). £220-240

Wreck of the "Mexican"

Click to view full image... 1900 Cover from Point to G.B with a Natal 1d washed off and reaffixed, reverse with a large "FOUND OPEN AND OFFICIALLY CLOSED IN G.P.O" seal, the cover front and seal on reverse both with red "RECOVERED FROM / WRECK OF MEXICAN". Photo on Page 100. £100-120
  1900 (Mar 23) Cover from the Cape to Berlin, the stamps washed off, reverse with arrival c.d.s (Apr 30) and four line cachet "Aus dermit dem / uniergegangenen Dampfer * Mexican * / beforderter Post aus Capstadt / Bahnpostamt No.15", this uncommon cachet only used on mail addressed to Germany. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1900 (Apr 4) Picture postcard from Cape Town to Germany franked Cape 1d, octagonal framed "T/15c", arrival c.d.s at Bingen (Apr 30), water damage explained by the four line cachet in German (as previous lot but first line with "der mit" shown as two separate words), fine and uncommon. Photo on Page 100. £180-200
The Union-Castle Steamship Co. Ltd liner "Kenilworth Castle" sailed in convoy from the Cape to UK on May 2nd 1918. Early on June 4th whilst in the English Channel she collided with an escorting destroyer about 20 miles south of the Eddystone Lighthouse, setting off two depth charges. The ship was towed into Plymouth Sound and beached. 15 Lives were lost, the damaged mails being salvaged on and after June 6th.
Click to view full image... 1900 (Apr 4) Picture postcard from Lady Grey Bridge to Germany franked Cape 1/2d, two other stamps washed off, arrival c.d.s of Neubrandenburg (Apr 30), water damage explained by the four line cachet in German (as previous lot) applied to both sides, fine and uncommon. Photo on Page 100. £180-200

Wreck of the "Kenilworth Castle"

  1918 Covers from South Africa to G.B (3), France or Switzerland handstamped "NAUFRAGE", "ACCIDENT DE SERVICE", boxed "DAMAGED BY IMMERSION / IN SEA WATER", violet "SALVED LETTER" or "DAMAGED BY SEA WATER", most showing a little water staining. Also a cover from Japan to London possibly carried on the ship, handstamped "RECEIVED AT LIVERPOOL / DAMAGED BY SEAWATER". A useful group showing six of the seven cachets recorded on mail from this incident. (6). £350-400
  1918 (Apr 24) 1d Envelope from Johannesburg to a soldier in the B.E.F "in hospital", water stained, backstamped "D.A.L.O / LONDON" c.d.s (June 10) and violet "R.E. Postal Section London N.W.1 / Damaged by immersion / in sea water". £100-120
  1918 G.B Registration envelope from Birmingham to a soldier in hospital in South Africa but returned unknown, water stained and the flap (with embossed stamp) washed off, handstamped boxed "TO BE TREATED AS / UNDELIVERABLE / R.E. (S.R.) A.P.S", reverse with "D.A.L.O / LONDON" c.d.s (June 8) and violet "R.E Postal Section London N.W.1 / Damaged by immersion / in sea water". £120-140
Click to view full image... 1918 (Apr 22) 4d Registration envelope to G.B endorsed "Posted out of course" and bearing an "Officially Sealed in the Returned Letter Office" seal, three 1d stamps tied by "RETURNED LETTER OFFICE / NATAL" datestamps with violet "R / R.L.O, NATAL", water stained and two further stamps washed off, handstamped large boxed "DAMAGED BY SEA WATER". Very unusual, this cachet not recorded by Hoggarth & Gwynn on "Kenilworth Castle" mail. Photo on Page 106. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1918 (Apr 25) 4d Registration envelope from Yeoville to U.S.A, stained and the stamp washed off (with another 2 1/2d stamp adhering to reverse) bearing the explanatory label "This piece of mail / was damaged by sea water / while en route from Africa / to England", with the enclosed letter regarding war stamps. Also 1918 "Registered Matter, Damaged, Unsealed or without cover" ambulance envelope with explanatory endorsement "Damaged by Sea Water" used to forward this item from New York to Milwaukee and on to Ohio, New York datestamp (June 29), wax seal and Milwaukee backstamp. Very unusual, the only example of this label recorded by Hoggarth & Gwynn being this very cover. Photo on Page 106. £200-240

Orange Free State

  1854 Entire with Colesberg datestamp endorsed "Winburg prepaid 4d" and "to pay 6" (severe faults but scarce); and 1890-1905 stamped covers (6) and postal stationery postcards (7) with covers to Europe franked 3d, 3 1/2d, 4d or 7 1/2d, large "S.O BETHANY VILLAGE / O.R.C" c.d.s, etc., a few faults. (14). £180-200


  1885-1900 Covers, postcards and wrappers with 1885-88 covers franked 9d to Holland or 10d to Germany, 1d postcard to Germany uprated 4d, 1889 private postcard to the Cape franked 1d, 1900 wrapper to Lourenco Marques with 1/2d tied by blue Lourenco Marques Ambulante c.d.s, etc., a couple with faults. (6). £140-160
  1906 Cover to France bearing KEVII 2 1/2d + 6d tied "TRANSVAAL T.P.O / EUROPEAN MAIL" c.d.s, a good example of the scarce 6d T.P.O late fee. £80-100

Union of South Africa

Click to view full image... 1925 (30 Apr) Picture postcard franked 1 1/2d from G.B to Port Elizabeth, a few minor signs of singeing mainly to the picture side, with a Capetown c.d.s (June 3) and violet boxed bilingual "DAMAGED BY FIRE". Recovered from the special European Mail train which was found to be on fire upon arrival at Kruidfontein on May 18th. Once extinguished the fire damaged rail truck was returned to Cape Town where the mails were salvaged and processed, but 197 mail bags (including 139 from the UK) were totally destroyed. Photo on Page 106. £150-180
  P.O.W Mail. 1943 Air Mail cover franked 9d to occupied France, from the French Captain of the vessel "Le Calvez" in the French section of Koffiefontein Internment Camp. Only a small number of French Vichy internees were held in South Africa, most of whom were taken during the Madagascar campaign. Very unusual. £80-100

(Also See Lots 256-261, 1202)

  British Consular Office, Cadiz. 1845-48 Entire letters with differing circular framed "B.C / CADIZ" handstamps (the second with fleuron below), one charged 2/2 to London, the other to Oporto with blue boxed "P. BRIT" and "120" charge, both very fine. (2). £100-120
  Spanish Civil War. 1937-38 Covers (3) and cards (2) from French (4) or Dutch volunteers in the International Brigade, the two cards with Valencia meter marks, and a cover posted in Spain to a French International Brigade volunteer at Albacete. Also 1937 cover with cachet of the German Mission in Spain and cancel of General Franco's H.Q. The Dutch International Brigade card with the address erased and reinstated, the others fine. (7). £140-160
  Spanish Colonies. 1908 Picture postcard from Rio de Oro bearing 1908 10c on 50c; c.1917 picture postcard with Spanish Guinea 1917 15c tied violet "EBOBEY"; and 1948 first flight cover from Santa Isabel, Fernando Poo, bearing Spanish Guinea stamps. (3). £100-120

(Also See Lots 4, 9, 13, 58/9)

Click to view full image... 1885 (May 13) Cover to England with G.B 2 1/2d lilac cancelled "BRITISH ARMY POST OFFICE / EGYPT" c.d.s, reverse with recipients endorsement "Suakin", fine. Photo on Page 106. £150-200
  1885 Stampless cover to England endorsed "Nile Expedition No stamps" with Dongola c.d.s (Mar 19) and 2 1/2d charge mark, and 1896 India 1a Soldiers and Seamans envelope cancelled Base Office c.d.s (Nov 12), some edge faults, the first also with some creasing. (2). £200-240
  1894 Egypt 5m envelope to Italy franked 5m cancelled at Sawakin; and two 1898 Soudan 1pi envelopes both cancelled "TRAVELLING POST OFFICE / S.P.S" c.d.s, a little very light staining, otherwise fine. (3). £180-220
  1897-1928 Postal stationery covers (13, one a front) and postcards (2), and other stamped covers (2), various cancels including T.P.Os, skeleton datestamps, Halfa-Kerna (1903), Debber (1899), Berber (1901), 1904 cover with enclosed letter on illustrated "Khartoum-Uganda Service, Sudan Govt Steamer" notepaper written on the "Abbas Pasha", etc., a few faults. (17). £280-320
  1915-17 Covers with enclosed letters written by Capt. Irwin of the Egyptian Army to his mother in Ireland, written from Yambio, Roseires or Kirnuk near the border with Ethiopia, cancellations comprise Mvolo (2) and Roseires (13), also a photo of Capt. Irwin. An interesting correspondence, the Mvolo cancels very scarce. (15). £200-240


  1914-32 Covers with South Africa stamps cancelled at Mbabane, four differing cancels, various stamps including 1929 air post 1/- and 1931 2/6 official pair, three registered. (6). £120-150

(Also See Lots 777/8)

Click to view full image... 1866 Cover from Stockholm to The Hague bearing 1858-62 5ore green (2), 9ore violet and 30ore brown each tied by neat Stockholm c.d.s, boxed and unframed Franco handstamps, backstamped on the Stralsund-Berlin T.P.O and upon arrival. Flap with opening tears, otherwise superb, an exceptionally fine looking small size cover with enclosed letter, with 1971 Per Sjoman certificate. Photo on Page 106. £400-500
  1868 Entire to Copenhagen with Sweden 1866 17ore red-violet cancelled upon arrival with "1" numeral and blue "FRA SVERRIG" c.d.s, arrival backstamp, a little staining around the stamp, a scarce item of ship mail. £200-240


  1913-2011 "Pro Juventute" stamps and 1938-2011 "Pro Patria" stamps complete mint, with some miniature sheets including Pro Juventute 1941 sheet. S.G. £1,700 (approx). (713). £120-150
  War Board of Trade. 1919 10c Postal stationery envelopes with bilingual printed heading of the "Division de L'Economie Industrielle de Guerre", both uprated with 5c "Industrielle Kriegs-Wirtschaft" overprint, posted from Berne. A scarce official issue on cover. (2). £120-150


  Photographs. 1909 Pages from an album bearing 61 amateur but well taken photographs of villages, scenery and people in Tibet, including the garrisons at Yatung or Gyantze, fort at Gyantze, Gangtok bazaar, the photographers caravan and dancers at a rest-house, the town of Gyantze, playing Polo, Yatung bazaar, Gau village, etc., the photos taken by an army officer, most approx. 12x10cm with some a little larger. (61). £250-300


  1919 Cover to France with 2d cancelled by "HAAPAI / TONGA M.O.O" c.d.s, backstamped at Vavau and in France. A scarce M.O.O datestamp. £80-100


  1928-49 Covers with cancels of "H.4" (2, used at the pumping station on the oil pipeline at Jafour, scarce), Irbid (3, one a formula registration envelope), El Zarqa (2) or El Ajlun (2), two censored, three registered, all fine. (9). £240-280


Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
Details: VIEWING:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for full Viewing details
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