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Auction Lots - Page 26
Click to view full image... P.O.W Mail. 1810 (Apr 13) Entire letter from John Clague, a prisoner at Verdun, to his wife in Guernsey, with oval "TRANSPORT OFFICE / (Crown) / G.R / PRISONERS OF WAR" and London backstamps (June 11). The letter includes "Having the present opportunity by an English lady of the name of Mrs Oakley who intends to go towards England tomorrow I embrace the said opportunity to inform you of my being in good health ..... Mr Gibson & all the other Guernsey men are transferred to the Depot of Auxonne ..... I was yesterday at the funeral of a young man of High Street in Guernsey named Wm Priaulx ..... a brother of his sailed with me many months ago in "The Love & Unity" ..... the Guernsey men remaining here are Messrs Marche - Chimants - Priaulx & Self". Fine and scarce to Guernsey. Photo on Page 188. £200-250

Franco-Prussian War

  1870 (Nov 17) Entire letter from Philip Barbier, ship broker in Jersey, to Mr Level in St. Malo explaining the difficulty of shipping arms because of Britain's neutrality in the war, bearing 1d red strip of three tied Jersey 409 duplexs with black "PD" and red "ILES-C / GRANVILLE" c.d.s. £80-100
  1871 (Feb 3) Entire letter from Paris to Rennes franked 20c, sent by the first restored mail service after the surrender of Paris, redirected to Jersey with datestamps of Guernsey (Feb 13) and Jersey (Feb 14), charged 4d. The letter included "Plus de Ballon pas encre au service regulie de la Poste". £80-100

Ballon Montes to Guernsey

Click to view full image... 1870 (Nov 19) Printed "Lettre-Journal de Paris" No. 9 posted on the day of issue to St. Martins, Guernsey "via angleterre" franked 40c well tied by numeral "2", Paris R. St. Lazare c.d.s, red "PD" and a fine Guernsey arrival backstamp (Nov 25), flown on the "L'Archimede". A few very minor edge faults with small tear at upper edge, generally fine and attractive and very scarce to Guernsey. Photo on Page 188. £400-500

Ballon Montes to Jersey

Click to view full image... 1870 (Sep 29 and Oct 18) Lettersheets endorsed "Par Ballon Monte", written by the same person to their mother, Madame Bazire in St. Helier, red "PD" and Rue Dierchiel datestamps. The first with two 20c stamps cancelled numeral 4, flown on the "Le Celeste", Oct 14th arrival backstamp; the other with 40c cancelled "4", flown on the "Victor Hugo", superb Oct. 22nd arrival backstamp. The first with small hole near lower edge, otherwise both fine. (2). Photo on Page 192. £350-400
Click to view full image... 1870 (Oct 5) Entire letter to St. Helier endorsed "Par Ballon Monte" franked 30c (corner fault) tied by R. Cardinal Lemoine c.d.s, red "PD" and a fine Jersey backstamp (Oct 19), flown on the "Armand Barbes". Photo on Page 192. £180-220
Click to view full image... 1870 (Nov 6) Printed "Lettre-Journal de Paris" No. 4 dated 1st November with the enclosed supplement, addressed to Laval franked 20c tied by star cancel, R. St. Lazare c.d.s on the front. Redirected to St. Helier, Jersey with boxed "AFFRANCHISEMENT / INSUFFISANT", datestamps of Laval (9, 10 & 11 Nov), Paris A Calais, Brest (?), London (Nov 13) and Jersey (Nov 15), charged 2d. Flown on the "Gironde". Fine and very unusual. Photo on Page 192. £250-300
Click to view full image... 1870 (Nov 15) Entire letter endorsed "Par Ballon Monte" franked 30c tied by numeral cancel, Paris c.d.s and red "P.D" on the front, superb arrival backstamp (Nov 24). The letter begins "Vivent les pigeons ..... le premier numero du journal de la photographic microscopique ...". Vertical fold, otherwise fine, flown on the "General Ulrich". Photo on Page 192. £180-220
Click to view full image... 1870 (Dec 15) Printed "Par Ballon Monte" lettersheet to St. Helier franked 30c (small corner fault) tied by numeral "6", red "PD" and Paris Senat c.d.s, unusually backstamped by a Jersey 409 duplex (Jan 1). Flown on the "Le Parmentier", very fine. Photo on Page 192. £220-260
Click to view full image... 1870 (Dec 20) Printed "Lettre-Journal de Paris" No. 17 dated 17 December, franked 30c tied by numeral "18", red "PD" and R. D'Amsterdam c.d.s, unusually backstamped by a Jersey 409 duplex (Dec 27), light vertical crease and two mounting tape stains on upper flap, otherwise fine. The writer includes the instructions to "send letters addressed to me put in another envelope addressed to Cadou, a Tillieres-Sur-aure, Eure". An attractive Ballon Monte flown on the "Le Lavoisier". Photo on Page 192. £180-220
Click to view full image... 1870 (Dec 21) Entire letter endorsed "Par Ballon Monte" franked 10c + 20c tied by numeral "2", red "PD" and R. St. Lazare c.d.s, arrival backstamp (Dec 27), flown on the "Le Lavoisier", fine. Photo on Page 192. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1870-71 Ballon Montes from A. Hardon to his mother at Poste Restante, Jersey, each franked 10c + 20c (the first three 1863-70 Napoleon issue, the last two 1870-71 Paris Ceres issue), all cancelled "3" or "34", endorsed "Ballon Monte" with datestamps of Pl. De La Madeleine (4) or Avenue Josephine, all with "PD" and arrival backstamps. A fine group comprising Oct. 29 (arrival Nov. 5) flown on the "Fulton"; Nov. 2 (arrival Nov. 8) flown on "Le Ferdinand Flocon"; Nov. 4 (arrival Nov. 10) flown on the "Ville de Chateaudun"; Dec. 1 (arrival Dec. 13) flown on the "Franklin"; and Jan. 9 (arrival Jan. 20) flown on the "Gambetta", with Paris A Calais T.P.O c.d.s of Jan. 17. (5). Photo on Page 192. £1,000-1,200

Boules de Moulin from Jersey

Click to view full image... 1870 (Dec 26) Entire letter written in Jersey, addressed to Paris endorsed "Par Moulin Allier" and posted in Granville, backstamped at Granville and Granville A Paris T.P.O (Jan 1), the stamps washed off, minor water staining though the letter is still clearly readable. Very scarce from Jersey. Photo on Page 194. £400-500
Click to view full image... 1871 (Jan 16) Entire letter written at St. Helier, Jersey, addressed to Paris endorsed "Par Moulins", posted at Chateauroux on January 24th franked imperf Bordeaux issue 20c + 80c (2 or 3 margins) paying the special If rate, tied by retta cancels, never sent by "Moulin" despite the endorsement as the Siege of Paris ended just four days after posting, delivered after the siege with Feb. 12th Paris arrival backstamp. Reverse with two stains from mounting tape, otherwise fine and very unusual. Photo on Page 192. £400-500

Delayed Mail to Paris & Reims

  1870 (Oct 8) Entire from Jersey to Reims with 3d tied "409", black "PD", most unusually with red octagonal "ANGL. B.M / GRANVILLE" datestamp probably applied in error for the "Iles-C" c.d.s., backstamped Granville A Paris (Oct 9) and upon arrival at Reims (Mar 29). Unusually detained due to the Siege of Paris and then apparently overlooked as it was not delivered until two months after the siege ended. A couple of minor stains, otherwise fine. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1870 (Oct 14) Small entire letter from Jersey to Paris franked 3d, black "PD", backstamped Brest A Paris (Oct 18) and Paris (Feb 25), delayed due to the Siege of Paris, finally delivered four weeks after the siege ended. Addressees name removed and a little reduced at upper edge, otherwise fine, a scarce item that displays well. Photo on Page 194. £160-200
  1870 (Oct 23) Small entire letter from Jersey to Paris franked 3d, black "PD" and red "ILES-C / ST MALO" c.d.s, backstamped Calais A Paris (Feb 24), having been delayed due to the Siege of Paris and finally delivered four weeks after the siege ended, fine and scarce. £160-200
Click to view full image... 1870 (Oct 16) - 1871 (Jan 11) Small entire letters written at St. Helier, Jersey, to Mr Delapalme in Paris, all carried to France and posted franked 20c (4) or 10c, the first two endorsed "par ballon monte" or "Par Ballon" in the hope that they could be flown into the city, all five however detained and delivered after the siege had ended. The letters comprise Oct. 16, posted at Le Mans with "2188" cancel, no datestamps; Oct. 27, posted at Lille with "2048" cancel and Feb. 23 arrival c.d.s; Oct. 28, posted at Tours after the siege with Feb. 3 c.d.s. and "3097" cancel, endorsed as received on Feb. 19; Oct. 21, posted in Paris after the siege with star cancel, no datestamps but endorsed as received on March 2; Jan. 11, posted in Paris after the siege with 10c (corner fault) tied "35" star cancel and Paris Ministere De Finances c.d.s of Feb. 3 (the first day of renewed postal services after the siege). A rare correspondence (also see lot 1265). (5). Photo on Page 192. £800-1,000

Air Mails

Click to view full image... 1918 (May 6) Stampless picture postcard of Guernsey endorsed from a member of the French seaplane squadron, addressed to Cherbourg endorsed "Service Air" with violet circular "ESCADRILLE D'AVIATION MARITIME DE GUERNESEY / (anchor)", almost certainly flown to France in one of the squadron's aircraft. Fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 194. £150-200
  1935-75 Covers and cards written up in three albums and loose, including 1935 (June 26) Plymouth to Jersey experimental flight by Whoopee Sports Ltd, 1937 Jersey Airways first flights (5), 1939 Guernsey Airways first flights (8), 1945 (Sep 10) resumption of air services (3, one with "GUERNSEY CH. IS. / PARCEL DEPOT" c.d.s), 1946 (June 19) Alderney to Guernsey first flight (40 flown), 1953 BEA first flights (15), 1954 Herm Island feeder service, 1954 BEA increased rates (2), 1964 Cambrian Airways first flight (2), 1965 first helicopter flights (2), etc., also a few hovercraft covers, commemorative and R.A.F covers, postcards, etc., some pilot signed. (233). £400-500

Forces Mail

Click to view full image... Guernsey - 1d Soldiers Rate. 1797 (Aug 4) Entire letter from Maria Maclean addressed to "Hector Carvy Soldier 2nd F. Regt at Lochley, Achnacraig by Edinburgh" and signed "Chas Maclean Lt. Col. 1st. B.F", prepaid at the 1d soldiers concession rate, with curved first type "GUERNSEY" and a red London Paid datestamp. An early and very scarce 1d soldiers rate letter from Guernsey. Photo on Page 194. £300-350
  Guernsey. 1794-95 Entire letters both with fine curved first type "GUERNSEY", the first from John Smith, Light Company, 60th Regt. at Fort George, sent to his brother in Scotland detailing his 400 mile march from Dumfries to Southampton completed in 41 day, a further 25 days spent on the "Minerva" transport at Spithead and three day voyage to Guernsey, the address panel endorsed "Missent to Dumfries", some soiling. The other from Captain Lombard of the 94th Regt. stationed at Rocquaine. (2). £180-200
  Guernsey. 1799-1805 Entire letters (4) and an entire comprising 1799 entire letter from Captain Campbell of the 79th Grenadiers prepaid to the mother of his servant making her a monthly allowance of 7/6, with curved "GUERNSEY"; 1800 entire letter from the Southampton forwarding agents Seward & Pipon to "Capt Brown, 93rd Regt., Guernsey" regarding a trunk shipped on the "Vigilant"; 1805 entire letter from Major Charles Bruce, 39th Foot, with faint Guernsey handstamp; 1801 entire letter from a soldiers widow, written from H.M.S "Sandwich" at Gillingham where she worked as a servant, to "Major Johnston, Royal Invalids, Guernsey"; and 1801 entire to "Lieutenant Cole of the Royal Invalids, Castle Cornet or Elsewhere in Guernsey", the last with a few faults, otherwise fine. (5). £220-260
  Guernsey Militia - Despatch Rider Mail. 1797-99 Entire letters, both headed "On Service" and carried by military despatch rider, both from Head Quarters, the first from Major Wm. Green to "Thomas Sausmarez, Deputy Judge Advocate, Guernsey" telling him the General Court Martial is to hold itself in readiness to meet as soon as Capt. Kelly arrives from Jersey; the other to "Colonel Popetin, Army of the North Regt", telling him awkward men and boys are to be assembled for exercise at least once a week, signed by Inspector T. Sausmarez. (2). £120-150
Click to view full image... Guernsey Militia - Despatch Rider Mail. 1800 Entire letter concerning a reported fire, the address panel headed "H.M. Service" and addressed "Lt Gen. Sir John Doyle Bart. &c., Dispd from Richmond Bks at 1/4 part Eight O'Clock P.M Dec. 13th 1810 Wm Sonelt Brigade Major", the reverse endorsed "Received at 10 O'Clock P.M", fine and scarce. Photo on Page 194. £120-150
  Guernsey & Jersey Militias. 1810-1909 Entire letters, covers, a postcard and documents, with 1810 document appointing Elias Guerin a Captain in the Guernsey Militia, signed by Earl Pembroke (Governor of Guernsey) and T. Sausmarez; 1822 printed orders to assemble at Fort George, addressed to "Captn D Sausmarez, 6th Compy" and 1840 entire letter from Government House concerning promotions, to "Capt & Adjt Elias Guerin, Capt. Charles Guerin & Lieut John Collings Guerin, 1st Royal Guernsey Militia" (both privately carried, possibly by despatch rider); 1851 War Office entire letter to Guernsey concerning payments for militia service; 1872 stampless O.H.M.S cover with letter to Peter Duzuemin 2nd Rifles, carried by military messenger; 1884-1901 covers to Royal Guernsey Militia or R.G.L.I; 1908 postcard franked 1/2d with violet "MEDICAL CORPS / (cross) / THE ROYAL MILITIA OF GUERNSEY"; and 1909 Guernsey Militia identity card. (9). £200-240
  Russian Troops. 1799 Entire letter from Lord Loftus, which includes "Six Thousand Russian troops are expected here immediately to garrison this island and every British Regt moves away except the Wexford's who are in such high fever that the Governor has applied for our being kept here", with straight line "JERSEY" handstamp; and 1800 (Apr 24) official letter from G. Walker, military commissioner with the Russian troops, to the Governor of Guernsey requesting £166.9.9 to defray contingent expenses. Two divisions of Russian troops who had been engaged in the ill-fated Dutch expedition were landed in Guernsey and Jersey in late 1799; they were conveyed back to Russia in June 1800. (2). £120-150
Click to view full image... Jersey - 1d Soldiers Rate. 1817 Entire letter to Bristol headed "From Jervis Jefferies Private 55th Regt" and countersigned by the Commanding Officer, prepaid at the 1d concession rate, with "JERSEY" scroll handstamp. He requests letters to be directed to "Jervis Jefferies, Capt Friends Company, 55 Regt of Foot, Saint Peters Barracks, Jersey or elsewhere". A very scarce 1d rate soldiers letter from Jersey. Photo on Page 194. £300-350
  Jersey. 1797-1821 Entire letters with 1797 letter from Capt. McDonald to "Lieut Colonel M. McLain, Dumbartonshire Fencibles, Guernsey" concerning a visit from the regiments stationed in Jersey to those in Guernsey, with "JERSEY" handstamp; 1809 letter from Wm. Ward, 34th Regt. at "Princes Reserve Camp, Lisbon", formerly stationed in Jersey, who acknowledges "your former letter addressed to Jersey which has come to hand"; and 1821 letter with fine "JERSEY" scroll, from Lt. Hawkins concerning a possible promotion at the time of the Coronation. Also 1831 official letter from Government House concerning movements of two soldiers. The Lisbon letter with edge fault, otherwise fine. (4). £100-120
  Naval Mail. 1800-14 Entire letters with 1800 letter from H.M.S "La Desiree" at Sheerness, to Jersey; 1805 part letter from H.M.S "Strenous" to H.M.S "Irresistable" at Sheerness with "JERSEY" handstamp (faults); and 1814 printed O.H.M.S Victualling Office letter from London to the owners of the sloop "Enterprise" in Guernsey requesting £10.14.9 1/2 for bread and beef supplied by H.M.S "Imogen" to the "Enterprise", endorsed "Not Known" and returned. (3). £80-100

World War One

  1914-19 Covers and cards including 1914 postcards from a soldier both with violet "WESLEYAN SOLDIERS INSTITUTE / JERSEY" (2), 1914 unpaid postcard to Jersey from a French soldier in France charged at the single 1d rate with 1d due tied "ST OWENS" c.d.s, 1917 cover with enclosed letter with "OFFICE OF THE / TRIBUNAL / GUERNSEY" cachet, censored covers to Holland, forces mail to Guernsey, etc. Also an unused card "Unsere Burg - Camp Jersey" showing a hut at the P.O.W Camp, printed from a drawing made by a P.O.W, H. Muller. (16) £80-100
  P.O.W Mail. 1915-17 Stampless P.O.W envelopes (2) and a photographic postcard of a P.O.W, all sent from the camp, one with superb red "JERSEY / P.C / CHANNEL ISLANDS" and a St. Peters c.d.s (opening faults with piece missing at upper left corner), the other two with "POST FREE / P.C / PRISONERS OF WAR"; and three postcards from Germany to P.O.Ws in the camp with the Post Free P.C cachet (2) or "P.C". Also two unused printed cards copied from drawings by a P.O.W., H. Muller, showing a camp hut or a panorama of the camp. (8). £200-250

World War Two Postal History

  Various ephemera including "Authority to Circulate" cards (2), "Ausweis" permits (7), 1942 States of Guernsey 6d, 1/3 and 2/6 banknotes, propaganda leaflets dropped by the R.A.F (5), "Funeral Ceremony of nineteen Naval ratings from H.M.S Charybolis interned at the Foulon Cemetery on November 17th 1943", post-war Guernsey travel permit and ration book, newspapers with 2 May 1945 "Deutsche Guernsey Zeitung" announcing the death of Hitler, etc. (40). £150-250
  1939-45 Covers and cards to Guernsey (49) or Jersey (2), with 1939 pre-occupation items (22) including censored covers from Malta (2) or Bermuda (4), British forces mail from Egypt (2), Palestine (3), Malaya, etc., and French forces mail (4), also a cover of June 25 from G.B (just five days before the occupation); covers and cards sent during the occupation from France (18, one card from the Irish Legation in Vichy), Germany (3), Belgium (2) or Holland, several registered, five censored by the Germans; and 1945 F.P.O covers sent after the liberation (5). (51). £200-250
  1940 (June/July) Covers comprising cover from London to Guernsey marked "Gone Away" and reposted for return to London but detained during the occupation, reverse endorsed as received in London on 16 May 1945; June 28 cover from Jersey to London endorsed "No Postal Service" and returned; June 29 and July 1st covers from England to Guernsey returned with boxed "Service Suspended" or "NO SERVICE / RETURN TO SENDER" in violet. Also 1940 (Sep 1) cover with an uncancelled 3d stamp to "The British Vice-Consul, Washington D.C, U.S.A" endorsed "Cannot be forwarded to destination" with violet "UNDELIVERED FOR REASON STATED / RETURN TO SENDER", the enclosed letter asking him to forward news that all the family were well to an address in New Zealand. Very unusual. (5). £160-180
  Ireland. 1940 Stampless cover to Justice Hanna in Dublin endorsed "c/o An Das Deutsche Rote Kreuz" and "Croix Rouge Allemane Centralisalens Paris 7" with Granville datestamps (8 & 9 Nov), endorsed "inadmis" and "retour Jersey"; and 1940-41 covers from Dublin to Dr Hanna in Jersey all censored, one with "NO SERVICE / RETURN TO SENDER" crossed out and delivered (despite mail from Ireland to the Channel Islands not being allowed at this date), another franked 8d for air mail with boxed "Retour-Zuruck / Service postal suspendu / Postverkehr eingestellt". Unusual. (4). £120-150
  1940 (Dec 27) - 1941 (Feb 21) Covers and cards (16), a front and pieces (3) posted in Guernsey all bearing bisected G.B stamps comprising KGV 1912-22 2d (3), 1934-36 2d (cover + front, both window envelopes), KGVI 1937-47 2d (4 + 2 pieces) or 1940 Penny Postage Centenary 2d (8 + piece), two A.R.P postcards heavily creased, many philatelic though some appear to be commercial. (20). £160-200
  Postage Due Mail. 1941-43 Covers and cards with 1941 forms sent within Guernsey franked 1d (2) or bisected G.B 1940 Penny Postage Centenary 2d, all three handstamped "UNDELIVERED FOR / REASON STATED / 1d POSTAGE / DUE FOR / RETURN / TO / SENDER" and endorsed "evacuated"; covers franked Guernsey 1d pair or 1/2d + 1d with "Liable to Letter Rate / 324" and charged 1d; underpaid items with Jersey stamps and 1d charge mark, or Guernsey stamps and 1d, 2d or 3d charge marks. The Jersey card with faults, otherwise fine. (9). £150-180
  1942-45 Covers with 1942 cover to France franked Germany 5pf + 20pf tied "FELDPOST / 9" c.d.s, reverse with red "Dientstelle Feldpost"; philatelic covers bearing German stamps with Feldpost and Jersey datestamps (4, two with added Jersey stamps); cover with G.B 1 1/2d + Guernsey 1d; G.B postal stationery (5, four uprated by G.B or Guernsey stamps); Paid datestamps of Jersey or Guernsey (4, two on gas ration card or card authorising a daily cooked meal); and a Guernsey Paid machine. (17). £160-200
  1944-45 Covers to Oslo with enclosed letters from O.F Mourant, Head Postmaster in Jersey, the first dated 19 May 1944 sending mint stamps, the cover with Germany 25pf tied by Feldpost c.d.s with "Ab" censor; the 1945 (Aug 13) cover with letter stating the British P.O do not comply with requests for stamps and returning the senders reply coupons. An unusual pair - German authorities would sell mint stamps to collectors, but the British would not! (2). £100-120
  Liberation. 1945 (May-July) Covers and cards including stampless covers with F.P.O 138 c.d.s. used on Guernsey (2), Reoccupation of Channel Islands Official Paid postcards issued by the C.I Refugees Committee (4, one unused), various Liberation postcards (5, three designs, two used), also photo, royal visit postcard, etc. (16). £160-200

German Feldpost

  Guernsey. 1941 Cover bearing Guernsey 1/2d + 1d pair tied by St. Peter Port c.d.s, addressed to "Hans Pilgrim, Company No. 1, Feldpost 30613B, Les Buttes, Guernsey". An unusual commercial cover from a civilian to a German soldier. £80-100
  Guernsey. 1942-44 Stampless Feldpost covers to Germany, from German soldiers in Guernsey, with Feldpost datestamps "e" (3) written from FP No. 47768 (319th Infantry Division), 27183 (583rd Infantry Regt., 319th Infantry Div.) or 41645B (4th Battery, 604 Marine Artillery Regt), or Feldpost c.d.s code "g" from FP No. 24200 (319th Infantry Div. HQ). (4). £150-180
  Jersey. 1942-43 Commercial covers to France both with return addresses of civilians in Jersey, franked by Germany 10pf + 15pf or 5pf + 20pf stamps tied by "FELDPOST / g" datestamps. (2). £150-180
  Jersey. 1943-44 Stampless covers from (2) or to a German soldier, Heinz Hoffmann at Feldpost 24200 in Jersey, the first to his wife in Germany with "FELDPOST / b" c.d.s (28 Mar 43); the second with "FELDPOST / g" c.d.s (31 Jan 44) and "Zuruck" with an arrow pointing to the Feldpost return address and "Jersey" written alongside; the third from his wife in Marienberg (25 Aug 44) to Feldpost 24200 but handstamped "Zuruck" and "Postbeforderung / nur fur neuere Feldpost / Falls Inhalt Wichtig / bitte neu aufgeben!". Very unusual, the last posted after the islands had been cut off from occupied Europe. Also a pink censor label of Feldpost 08416 (possibly forged). (4). £120-150

Red Cross

Click to view full image... 1940 (Aug 8) Red Cross form from England to Jersey, the reply dated 15th January 1941 (the first week answers were permitted) with large circular "DER BAILIFF VON JERSEY" cachet with central Red Cross in red. Very scarce, this cachet only used for a few days before being withdrawn. Photo on Page 194. £250-350
  1941-44 Red Cross forms (14) including forms from the South African Red Cross and Ceylon Red Cross (2, one delivered in August 1944 during the fortress period), delivery envelopes (7), Bradshaw advice cards (2), forces air letters to the Channel Islands Section of the Red Cross (2), and slip reading "Bailiff of Jersey's Enquiry and News Service. This is a reply to your enquiry and you may keep the form". (26). £200-250

Internee & P.O.W Mail

  1942-44 Stampless Internee or P.O.W lettersheets or postcard from Channel Islands internees in St. Denis (4, all to Jersey, one with "Einheit der Feldpost Nr / 01818" cachet), Kreuzburg (2, both to Guernsey), Wurzach (to Jersey), Laufen (9, four to Guernsey, one to Jersey, also three photos) or Biberach (17, five to Guernsey, one to Jersey, also a 2 1/2d lettersheet from G.B into the camp). Also items from Channel Islanders serving in the British army, held as P.O.Ws in Germany (7, three to Jersey or Guernsey). (44). £300-400
Click to view full image... Isle of Man. 1942-44 Lettersheets from Mrs Hachlander interned in "Y" Camp, Port Erin, Isle of Man, all to Catel, Guernsey, cachets include boxed "WOMEN'S / INTERNMENT CAMP / ISLE OF MAN" (2) and oval "MARRIED ALIENS INTERNMENT / HEADQUARTERS / CAMP, PORT ERIN" (2, two others under censor labels), one with red Douglas Paid machine cancel with Victory Bells slogan, one with Madrid transit datestamp. A few faults but very unusual and scarce to the Channel Islands. (6). Photo on Page 194. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1942 (May 12) Cover endorsed from "James Gibson, Lager 22 Stube 132, Watenstedt uber Braunschweig" to Rev. Father O'Dwyer in St. Helier, Germany 25pf tied by Watenstedt c.d.s, German censor seal and cachet. A rare cover from a Jersey civilian interned in this camp. Photo on Page 204. £150-180
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