Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 18
  1925-39 Covers from France (3), Belgium (4) or Netherlands (3) all with boxed "EXPRESS FEE PAID 6D" applied in London, various types of handstamp, one 1927 Belgian cover with "PAR AVION" handstamp, two French covers sent by air mail franked 6f.50 or 8f.55, also another express cover from France without any British handstamps. (11). £240-260
  1928 Cover from Italy franked 1.25L + Express 2.50L and 1938 cover from Germany franked 90pf, both to London with boxed "EXPRESS FEE PAID 6D" applied upon arrival, both then redirected by express with a G.B 6d applied, fine and unusual. (2). £100-120
  1930-40 Covers (8) and postcards (2) from Germany (2), Italy, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Czechoslovakia, Palestine or Denmark all with boxed "EXPRESS FEE PAID" handstamps without any value shown applied in London. Also 1940 (June 12) express cover from Switzerland to London backstamped in 1945 (Apr. 16) with boxed explanatory handstamp "DETAINED IN FRANCE / DURING GERMAN / OCCUPATION", two vertical folds but unusual. (11). £200-250
  1948-69 Covers and cards all with boxed or unboxed "EXPRESS FEE PAID" or oval "EXPRESS" handstamps applied upon arrival, most probably applied in London, many differing cachets on items from all over the world including Saar, Jordan, Israel, Vietnam, Liechtenstein, Malta, Kenya, Colombia, Algeria, Guatemala, Japan, Tunisia, Monaco, Indonesia, UN, etc. A fine lot in an album. (117). £450-550
  1958-61 Covers or cards from Iceland, Italy (3), U.S.A, Australia, Poland or France all handstamped "EXPRESS FEE PAID 1/-", five differing handstamps including boxed cachet with "GW" applied at Glasgow on the cover from Iceland. Very few Express cachets were made incorporating the 1/- fee when rates rose in 1956; Wellsted only recorded two examples in her book "Express Service 1891-1971". (8). £120-150
  Underpaid Mail. 1958-84 Covers from Italy (9) or Switzerland with boxed or unboxed "EXPRESS FEE PARTLY PAID / Charge of .....d to be Collected on Delivery" (8), or boxed "EXPRESS / FEE PARTLY / PAID / TO PAY" (2), three with postage due stamps. Also Malta cover handstamped "INSUFFICIENTLY PREPAID / FOR TRANSMISSION BY EXPRESS" and sent by ordinary letter post. (11). £120-140
  1962 Express Forms E.E, used for items arriving from abroad to be delivered by express at the request of the addressee, all bearing Wilding definitives tied by London E.C c.d.s, applied to pay for the requested internal express delivery. Very unusual as these forms were supposed to be destroyed. (3). £120-140
  1930-2007 Covers from many countries to G.B, mainly 1970s-1990s, also a few express covers sent between foreign countries. (119). £100-120


  1765-1839 Entire letters and entires (41) and a front mostly written up on pages, showing various Free handstamps including types L765, 767 (4), 770, 770b, 776b (2), 776c, 776e, etc., a few faults, the majority fine. (42). £250-300

Maritime Mail
(Also See Lots 354, 510, 610, 613, 624, 626, 630, 635/6, 650, 934, 958, 1080/3, 1088-1172, 1202)

Click to view full image... Bervie. 1798 Entire letter to Glasgow, written from Cape Town by Robert Scott, a midshipman on an East Indiaman bound for India, carried back to Britain on the chartered East India Co. ship "Albion" which sailed around Ireland and onto Aberdeen, mail being landed by the ships boat at the village of Bervie. Handstamped "BERVIE" with manuscript "Ship Letter" above, charged 6d, later increased to 9d. Bervie never had a ship letter handstamp and just two manuscript ship letters are known from this tiny port, both on letters landed from the "Albion" on this one occasion in 1798. A manuscript Ship Letter rarity. Photo on Page 132. £1,000-1,200
  Liverpool. 1860-95 Covers from Canada with Paid Liverpool "Col. Packet" (2) or "U.S Packet" datestamps, the 1860 cover from Glenallan bearing pen cancelled 12 1/2c green. (3). £100-120
  Liverpool. 1855-56 Entire letters from Melbourne franked Victoria 6d, endorsed by the ships "James Baines", "Champion of the Seas" or "Royal Charter", all with red "AUSTRALIAN / PAID / LIVERPOOL / PACKET" c.d.s. (3) £150-180
  Queenborough. 1822 Entire letter from Marseille to London "P. Samuel", disinfected at Stangate Creek with three chisel slits, backstamped red "QUEENBOROUGH / SHIP LETTER" (Rob. S4). £280-320
  Queenborough. 1831 Entire letter from Hamburg to London with Hamburg Schiffsbrief c.d.s, disinfected at Hamburg with rastel holes, and again at Stangate Creek with chisel slits and splashing by vinegar, backstamped "SHIP LETTER / QUEENBORO" (Rob. S5) partly overstruck by London c.d.s, vertical file fold, otherwise fine. £240-260

Scotish Steamer Mail

Click to view full image... Lord of the Isles. 1879 (Aug 16) Cover with "GLASGOW & INVERARAY STEAMBOAT COY / LORD OF THE ISLES" and the company flag and Prince of Wales feathers printed on the flap, addressed to Paisley bearing a 1d red cancelled at Greenock, handstamped with a fine upright strike of the scarce "POSTED ON BOARD / LORD OF THE ISLES / STEAMER" cachet in magenta, a little very minor edge soiling and 2cm closed tear at upper edge not affecting the cachet or cancels, otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 132. £200-250
Click to view full image... King Edward. 1903 (July 23) Picture postcard of Inveraray with KEVII 1/2d cancelled at Glasgow, the picture side with circular "TURBINE / "KING EDWARD" / STEAMER" cachet in violet, fine and scarce. Also a 1905 picture postcard of the "King Edward" steamer with KEVII 1/2d tied by Greenock & Ardrishaig Packet Iona c.d.s code B. (2). Photo on Page 132. £150-180
Click to view full image... Marchioness of Breadalbane. 1904 (Nov 24) Picture postcard of Carrick with KEVII 1/2d cancelled at Greenock and violet double oval cachet "CALEDONIAN STEAM PACKET CO / LIMITED / PS / "Marchioness of / Breadalbane", fine and rare. This vessel was listed in the book "British Pleasure Steamer Cachets" as probably having had a cachet but no examples had yet been recorded. The first example we have seen, possibly unique. Photo on Page 132. £600-700
  Juno/Duchess of Hamilton/Duchess of Rothesay. 1905-07 Postcards cancelled at Ardrossan (2) or Rothesay all with dated oval "P.S JUNO" cachets (one faint, another incomplete at left), and 1912-13 postcards cancelled at Ardrossan with oval Caledonian Steam Packet Co. cachet of the "Duchess of Rothesay", or cancelled at Girvan with similar "P.S DUCHESS OF HAMILTON" cachet, this last card also with "AILSA CRAIG" cachet on the picture side. (5). £160-200
  Greenock & Ardrishaig Packet. 1880-97 Covers and cards with various cancellations or backstamps, cancels on stamps comprising Columba Steamer 163 first type duplex (small c.d.s with side arcs) code "B" (2) and second type (larger c.d.s) codes A and B, Iona Steamer 163 duplex code A and B (3) and double circle code B (2). Backstamps comprise Columba Steamer first type c.d.s code B, Iona Steamer single ring c.d.s code A or B (2) and double circle code A or B (2), Grenadier Steamer double circle code B. Also cancels on pieces (4) including rare Chevalier code B c.d.s. A few faults, some very fine, three addressed abroad. (18 covers + 4 pieces). £700-800
  Greenock & Ardrishaig Packet. 1899-1909 Official cover and picture postcards, the 1899 cover with "The Royal Route / David MacBrayne / Glasgow & Highland R.M Steamers" printed on the flap, bearing a 1d lilac tied by Columba Steamer 163 first type duplex code B; and 18 official MacBrayne postcards (four differing type), unused (2), with ordinary Scottish cancels (2), or tied by double ring datestamps "GK & ARDRISHAIG PACKET / COLUMBA" code A (8) or B (2), similar "IONA" c.d.s code A or narrower type "IONA" c.d.s code B on a card written on the Grenadier, or "GREENOCK & ARDRISHAIG PKT / COLUMBA" c.d.s code B (2). Also postcards of steamers or related views (9). Two official cards with faults, otherwise generally fine. (28). £300-350
Click to view full image... Greenock & Ardrishaig Packet. 1905 (Sep 21) Picture postcard to Ormskirk with KEVII 1/2d cancelled by "GREENOCK & ARDRISHAIG PKT / (crown)" intaglio mailbag seal handstamp, presumably used as a cancellation in error. Just one other example of this mailbag seal cancel is known, on another card from the same sender to the same address posted at the same time as this card (this second example sold in the 2014 Roger Hosking auction for £1,600 + premium). An exceptional and very rare Greenock & Ardrishaig Packet cancel. Photo on Page 132. £1,200-1,500

Military Mail
(Also See Lots 352, 958, 963, 1250, 1252, 1272-1302)

  Soldiers 1d Rate. 1817-35 Entire letters sent at the soldiers 1d concession rate, the first from Inverness to "Serjt James McPherson, 92 Regt Recruiting, Thurso", the enclosed letter from Capt. McPherson of the 35 Regt sending £10 (contrary to regulations, enclosures not permitted in soldiers letters); the other from Brighton Barracks to Middlesex headed "From Thomas B. Tracy Serjeant, No. 87 Kings Dragoon Guards" and countersigned with red crowned "To be / delivered / Free". This last letter with faults including vertical fold and soiling, the Inverness letter largely fine. (2). £100-120
  Soldiers 1d Rate. 1829 Entire letter written at Ardeonaig, posted from Killin to "John McEwen, Private 71 Regt, Fort Pitt, Chatham" prepaid at the 1d soldiers rate, "KILLIN" handstamp and Paid datestamps of Edinburgh and London. A fine ingoing soldiers letter, showing a considerable saving in the usual postage on a letter from Scotland to Kent. £70-80

Missent Mail
The Michael Goodman Collection

  Bath. 1835-64 Items comprising 1835 entire handstamped "Mis-sent / to / Bath", 1845 entire with "Missent to / Bath" and 1864 cover with "Miss-directed / Bath", all fine. (SO 154, 157). (3). £120-150
  Birmingham. 1810-50 Items with Missent to Birmingham handstamps comprising three line handstamp on 1810 free entire letter, double oval handstamp in red on 1839 free front and unframed circular handstamp on 1850 entire, and an 1844 cover bearing two 1d reds with "MISSENT TO" applied alongside a Birmingham datestamp, all fine. (BM 164, 170, 173, 174). (4). £130-150
Click to view full image... Bristol Station. 1850 Entire letter from Kingsbridge to Wellington franked 1d, handstamped "MISSENT-TO / BRISTOL-STATION" (BS 180), matching Bristol Station backstamp, minor staining mainly on reverse. Photo on Page 134. £100-120
  Derby. 1829-63 Entire and covers with 1829 boxed "MISSENT TO / DERBY", similar unframed handstamp of 1863, and 1847 blue "Missent to / Derby R.O" (Railway Office), a little creasing to the two covers, otherwise fine. (DY 163, 164, 165). (3). £110-130
  Exeter. 1829 Entire letter from Neemuch, India, to Devonshire backstamped circular "P.O / Meywar / F. Force" with manuscript date used by the army at Gwalior, and red framed "INDIA LETTER / FALMOUTH", the front with "MISSENT / TO / EXETER" (DN 638), small opening tear at upper edge, otherwise fine and scarce. £200-250
Click to view full image... Gloster & Tamworth T.P.O. 1851 Entire letter from Bradford to Welshpool franked 1d, handstamped "MISSENT TO GLOSTER / AND TAMWORTH / R.W.P.O", backstamped at Bradford, Leeds, London and Welshpool. A clear and easily readable strike of this very scarce T.P.O missent handstamp. Photo on Page 134. £300-350
Click to view full image... Huddersfield. 1847 1d Pink stationery envelope franked 1d, from London to Horbury, Wakefield, with superb boxed "MISSENT / TO / HUDDERSFIELD" with chamfered corners (YK 1518) in blue, Horbury undated circle on reverse, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 134. £150-180
Click to view full image... Hull. 1844 Entire letter franked 1d from Gainsborough to Knottingley with superb "Missent to" handstamp alongside a "HULL" double arc datestamp (code B) both in green, a further Hull code A backstamp also in green. Small file hole at base of address panel, otherwise a fine looking entire. (YK 1605, only listed in blue in the county catalogue). Photo on Page 134. £150-180
Click to view full image... Leicester/Loughborough. 1846 Cover and entire letter both with "MISSENT TO / LEICESTER / 97" in blue, one also with green boxed "MISSENT TO / LOUGHBOROUGH", the other with Oakham Christmas day datestamp. A fine pair, the double missent letter very unusual. (LC 69, 103). (2). Photo on Page 134. £200-240
  Liverpool. 1836-41 Entires with boxed "MIS-SENT / TO LIVERPOOL" in black or red, one also with "Flint" and "Northop / Penny Post" handstamps, and 1824 free front with double oval "MISSENT / TO / LIVERPOOL". (LL 225, 231). (3). £100-120
  London. 1838-45 Entire letters with sloping italic "Missent / TO / London" (L 235), or black "Missent to / London", both very fine. (2). £120-150
  Lynn. 1860 Cover from London to Horsey near Great Yarmouth handstamped "MISSENT TO / LYNN", an unusual handstamp with the first line in sloping seriffed letters but Lynn in upright unseriffed lettering. £100-120
  Manchester. 1840 Front with lower flap from Blackburn to Preston bearing a fine 1d black, QJ plate 2, four margins, tied by red Maltese Cross with red "MISSENT / TO / MANCHESTER" handstamp. £100-120
  Newport, Shropshire. 1841 Entire letter from Whitehaven to Newport bearing 1d red pair, handstamped "MISSENT / to / NEWPORT S." (SH 380), endorsed "try Monmouthshire". £100-120
  Oakham. 1856 Cover to Wellington with 1d cancelled by Leicester sideways duplex, handstamped blue "MISSENT TO / OAKHAM", a scarce Rutland handstamp. £100-120
Click to view full image... Portsmouth. 1846 Entire from Petersfield to Winchester franked 1d, with superb boxed "MISSENT TO / PORTSMOUTH" (HA 1054), backstamps of Petersfield, Portsmouth and Winchester, all very fine. Photo on Page 134. £100-120
Click to view full image... Stratford on Avon. 1824 Entire letter from Birmingham to Stoney Stratford with superb oval "MISSENT / TO / STRATFORD AVON" (WA 77, twelve years earlier than listed), exceptionally fine. Photo on Page 134. £150-180
Click to view full image... Tunbridge. 1842 Entire letter from London to Tunbridge Wells with superb oval unframed "MISSENT / - TO - / TUNBRIDGE" (KT 1255), very scarce so fine. Photo on Page 134. £120-150
Click to view full image... Wellington, Shropshire. 1842 Entire letter from Worcester to Warrington franked 1d with superb small "MISSENT TO / Wellington, Sp." (28x8mm), backstamps of Worcester, Wellington Salop and Warrington, this handstamp unrecorded in the county catalogue. Photo on Page 138. £120-140
  York. 1830-62 Items comprising unframed "MISSENT / TO / YORK" on 1830 front, small boxed "MIS-SENT / TO / YORK" on 1842 entire letter from Drogheda to Derby, and fine "Missent to / York" on 1862 cover from Preston to Leeds. (YK 3372/4/6). (3). £150-180
  Shropshire. 1830 Entire from London to Market Drayton with superb boxed "MISSENT TO / SHREWSBURY" (SH 692), and 1851 long cover from Stourbridge to Corwen bearing 1d red strip of six handstamped blue "MISSENT / TO / OSWESTRY" (SH 465, only listed in black for 1846), faults but scarce. (2). £100-120
  Wiltshire. 1846-49 Entire from London to Newbury with "MISSENT / TO MARLBORO" and entire letter from Wincanton to Yeovil with "Missent to / Chippenham", both fine. (WL 177, 458). (2). £130-150
  Yorkshire. 1827-70 Items comprising small boxed "MIS-SENT / TO / SHEFFIELD" on 1827 entire letter from Sidmouth to Settle, blue "MISSENT TO / SHEFFIELD on c.1855 front + flap, 1851 entire letter from Bradford to Welshpool handstamped "Missent" alongside a Barnsley datestamp, 1858 cover from Leicester with "MISSENT / TO / ROTHERHAM", and 1870 1/2d postcard from Wakefield to Settle and redirected to Lancaster with tiny 20x3mm "Misdirected to" alongside a Settle c.d.s (YK 123, 2444, 2672, 2675). An interesting group, the Rotherham cover with opening faults at upper edge, otherwise largely fine. (5). £240-280
  Scotland. 1820-53 Entire letters and covers (8) and a front with framed Missent handstamps of Aberdeen, Dunblane, Berwick, Glasgow (two types), and unframed handstamps of Berwick (in blue), Dumfries (on front), Perth or Wick, mainly fine. (9). £240-280
  Ireland - Cork. 1861 Entire letter franked 1d from Ballymena to Fermoy handstamped "MISSENT / TO / CORK", Cork and Fermoy backstamps. Seal removed, otherwise fine and scarce. £120-150
  Ireland - Derry. 1863 Cover franked 1d from Sheffield to Llandovery handstamped "MISSENT FROM / to / DERRY", backstamped at Derry, Carmarthen and Llandovery. Horizontal fold but still a good example of this scarce handstamp. £100-120
  Ireland - Dublin. 1838 Free front from London to Portpatrick with unframed script type "Missent to / Dublin", and 1851 entire franked 1d from Manchester to Dalkeith handstamped red "MISSENT / TO / DUBLIN" with curved upper line, backstamped at Manchester, Dublin, Edinburgh and Dalkeith. (2). £120-150
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
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