Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 7
  Treaty Ports. 1865-1909 Covers and cards including 1865 covers from Shanghai (2, stamps unfortunately removed, both with enclosed letters from a missionary in Peking), 1909 postcard with KEVII 1c (4) each tied "HANKOW" c.d.s, 1907 cover from Canton to Canada bearing 2c pair, 1907 cover from Amoy to Germany franked 10c, etc. (7). £160-180
  1894 (Sep 19) Piece bearing two 2c stamps, a third stamp washed off, endorsed "In wreck of Wairarapa", with arrival date shown as Dec. 4th. The "Wairarapa" was sailing from Australia to New Zealand when it ran head first into a cliff on Great Barrier Island on the morning of October 29th with the loss of over 120 lives. The only item from this wreck originating in Hong Kong that we have recorded. £100-120
  1894-1945 Covers and cards with 1894 3c card to Java, 1900 cover franked 10c to Persia, 1907 postcard with KEVII 1c tied scarce Victoria c.d.s without side bars, 1922 postcard with KGV 2c tied Wan Tsai c.d.s (creased), etc. (6). £250-280
  1895-1940 Covers and cards all sent to or via Hong Kong including "SINGAPORE TO HONG KONG" c.d.s (3), 1895 postcard from G.B to Chefoo, 1940 Canada AR card with Canada 10c tied by Duncan B.C c.d.s and bearing arrival c.d.s of Hong Kong (27 Sep 40), etc. (13). £200-240
  1901-46 Covers including registered mail, covers to Czechoslovakia, Philippines, Canada, etc., 1914 "4" in circle handstamp, Graca & Co. stamp dealers advert covers (2), 1938 (Jan 19) local cover bearing Stamp Duty 5c, 1946 (Sep. 28) Victoria and Kowloon datestamps used on the first day of the reopened post offices, etc. (31). £200-250
  Kowloon. 1905-26 Picture postcards, the first from G.B to Kowloon with "SINGAPORE TO HONG KONG" transit c.d.s and "HONG KONG / K.B" arrival c.d.s, the other card to Bahamas and redirected to USA with KGV 4c tied "HONG KONG / KOWLOON BRANCH" c.d.s, Nassau arrival datestamps, an unusual destination. (2). £100-120
  1929-38 Covers from USA or France to Hong Kong (the second with Air France Hanoi-Hong Kong first flight cachet) both with Returned Letter Office Hong Kong c.d.s and boxed "RETOUR", the first also with boxed "INCONNU / NOT KNOWN", the second with boxed "UNCLAIMED / NON RECLAME". (2). £100-120
  1935 Cover to Canada written on R.M.S "Empress of Japan", bearing 1935 Silver Jubilee 3c (2) + 10c each cancelled by Vancouver B.C c.d.s, an attractive commercial Silver Jubilee issue cover. £100-120
  Air Mails. 1936-49 First flight covers comprising 1936 Imperial Airways London to Hong Kong or Hong Kong to Penang (2, addressed to G.B or Australia), 1937 Macao to Hong Kong, or 1949 Vancouver to Hong Kong (3), all fine. (7). £100-120
  Air Mails. 1937-49 Commercial air mail covers from Hong Kong to USA (2), G.B (2), Canada (2) or Australia, and 1938 cover franked 4/3 from Australia to Canada with Hong Kong transit c.d.s, including registered 1940 cover to USA franked $11.45 (with $2 red-orange and green block of five), 1941 cover franked $3 to Australia endorsed "By Air Mail to Rangoon to connect with British Overseas Airways", 1948-49 covers to USA or Canada flown part of the way with Air Mail etiquettes then obliterated by red bars, etc. (8). £150-180
  1940-41 Air Mail covers from India to USA (9) or China to Canada (2), nine with triangular "PASSED / CENSOR / HONGKONG" numbered "9" (7) or "20" (2), another with triangular "PASSED / CENSOR / 4". (11). £150-180
  Air Mails. 1937-51 Air Mail covers from China to USA (4), Newfoundland, Germany (2), G.B (2) or Switzerland all routed via Hong Kong, two with bars obliterating the air mail etiquettes, the others all with cachets comprising "By I.A.L" (2), "VIA HONG KONG AND BY I.A.L", "From Hongkong / by U.S Air Service (3), "Via Hongkong & by U.S Air Service" or bilingual "Via HONGKONG". Also 1940 Netherlands Indies cover to Canada with red "TRANSPACIFIC / AIRROUTE / VIA HONGKONG / AND ONWARD / AIRTRANSMISSION". (11). £180-220
  1940-41 Covers (12) and a postcard to Canada, USA (10), Grenada or Australia, the last with inverted triangular "PASSED / BY CENSOR / 113", the others with boxed "NOT OPENED / BY CENSOR" (9) or triangular "PASSED / CENSOR" numbered 4, 7 or 20, three also with square boxed numbers in violet, one cover with Sham Shui c.d.s. (13). £170-200
  A.V.2 & Air Transit Mail. 1941 Registered cover from Shanghai to USA with circular violet "AIR TRANSIT / 6" and cover from Florida to China with circular "A.V.2", both with Hong Kong censor seals; and covers from India to USA (5) all with circular violet "A.V.2" and boxed "NOT OPENED / BY / CENSOR", a few faults. (7). £200-240
Click to view full image... 1941 (Dec 6) Air Mail cover to Vancouver franked 25c pair + $1 + $2, handstamped boxed "RETOUR" and violet "NO SERVICE" with "V / VICTORY" cachet, the reverse with boxed "DETAINED IN HONGKONG / BY JAPANESE / FROM DECEMBER 1941 TO SEPTEMBER 1945". Front with small piece cut from upper right edge, otherwise fine, a good example of this uncommon detained cachet. Photo on Page 52. £300-350
  Service Suspended. 1941 (Oct/Dec) Covers from USA (5), Australia (2) or Canada all to Hong Kong but returned with various "Service Suspended" cachets. (8). £140-160
  Air Mails. 1946-48 Air Mail covers from Hong Kong (8), China or Macao, to USA (6), Canada (3) or Lebanon, all with explanatory handstamps applied in Hong Kong comprising "BY AIR TO OFFICE OF EXCHANGE ONLY" (5, three types) or "BY AIR TO LONDON ONLY (5, three types), three with air mail etiquettes obliterated by bars, the Macao cover also with boxed "PAR AVION / de HONG KONG a LONDON". (10). £200-250
  Japanese Occupation. 1942-44 Stampless Japanese forces postcards from Hong Kong, most with translations, two with corner faults, otherwise fine. (7). £250-300
  Picture Postcards. c.1900-30 Picture postcards including Shanghai Local Post card with a coloured view "Hafen von Hong Kong", double length panorama card of Hong Kong town and harbour, etc., eleven cards posted from Hong Kong or Shanghai. (16). £140-160

(Also See Lots 67, 77, 150, 174, 179-203, 348, 505, 964, 1086)

  Literature. Various books mainly on postal history including "British India Stamps Used Abroad" by W. Renouf, 1920, + 1923 supplement; "The Post Office of India in the Great War" by Lt.-Col. H.A Sams, 1922; "Indian Air Mails" and "Indian Air Mail Postage Rates to 1956" both by J. Brown; "Catalogue of Handstruck Postage Stamps of India" by D. Hammond Giles; various books on India used abroad by Jal Cooper, Tonkins, Robson Lowe, Dastur, Parsons and Donaldson, etc. (34). £200-250
  Literature. Various books including "The Post Office of India and its History" by G. Clarke, 1921; "Catalogue of the Handstruck Postage Stamps of India" by D. Hammond Giles; "The Post Office of India in the Great War" by Lt.-Col. H.A Sams, 1922; "India Used Abroad" by Jal Cooper, 1950; two privately printed Post Office Guides for Burma, Ceylon, Malaya and India (1919 & 1927), etc. (25). £160-200
Click to view full image... 1852 1/2a White Scinde Dawk with retta of dots cancel, on a small part cover to which it does not belong, tear at upper right corner clear of design and a little close at upper edge, otherwise apparently fine with four margins and good embossing. Also a forgery of the unissued 1854 1/2a vermilion 9 1/2 arches. S.G. S1, £2,500. Photo on Page 56. £200-250
  1854 1/2a, all three dies, and 2a (2), used, all four margins. S.G. £344. (5). £80-100
Click to view full image... 1881 1/2a De La Rue Die Proof in black on white glazed card, dated "19 MAY 81" and stamped "BEFORE HARDENING" with "Punch No 44" written in red ink, a couple to tiny surface marks, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 38. £160-200
  1823-41 Entire letters including 1841 letter from Bombay to a missionary in Agra with unusual circular handstamp containing a cross, etc., a few faults. (4). £100-120
  1845-47 Entire letters (2) and covers (3, two with flaps removed) all sent as unpaid soldiers letters to a Mrs Fraser in Inverness and charged 2d, four from Edmond Fraser who inscribes the letters as a Gunner in the Bengal Artillery (one endorsed "Ship Queen off Salor Island), Assistant Teacher at the Artillery Regimental School, Dum Dum, or as Assistant Overseer 7th Division Public Works Cawnpore; the other cover from Sgt. Ogle, Expense Magazine, Dum Dum. (5). £150-180
Click to view full image... Indian Mutiny/G.B Used in India. 1858 (Ap 25) Cover from Plymouth addressed to "Lt. Col Radcliffe, H.M 20th Regt, Expeditionary Force, Bengal, India" franked on the reverse with G.B 1d red block of eight + single, the stamps overlooked in England and left uncancelled, all then cancelled upon arrival in India with diamond obliterator "52" of Benares and tied by a Benares c.d.s. Directed to Benares, Lucknow and finally Calcutta the cover has a "ST BG / As 6" charge mark applied and crossed out, and datestamps of Bombay Paid (May 27) and Lucknow (June 10). Small part flap missing, otherwise fine, an exceptional use of Indian cancels on G.B 1d reds, on a cover sent to India during the mutiny. Photo on Page 52. £300-400
  Indian Mutiny. 1858 Stampless cover to London with double circle "LUCKNOW / P.O" in black with manuscript date, boxed "INDIA UNPAID", charged 6d, unusually containing a watercolour painting of troops resting under trees, the address panel a little reduced at upper edge; and cover franked 1a from Calcutta to an Officer in Lucknow with fine "LUCKNOW / P.O" arrival datestamp in red. An unusual pair, the two Lucknow handstamps with differing side ornaments. (2). £120-150
  1879-1953 Covers (11) and a postcard including 1908 cover with Kalimpong c.d.s (Bhutan) and "TOO LATE", 1879 cover to an Officer in Afghanistan, 1913 Bombay-Karachi Sea Post Office c.d.s, 1920 Karachi to Bombay flight covers with Air Post c.d.s (2), 1881 On Postal Service postcard to Nepal with "AST" instead of "EAST" in the printed heading (vertical fold, the message referring to the printing error), etc. (12). £280-320
Click to view full image... 1907-12 Postcards and a cover all with boxed "RECEIVED BY / - STEAMER / BOMBAY" datestamps, comprising Italian Steamer (1912 card with G.B 1d cancelled "B-1" and handstamped Paquebot), Austrian Steamer (3, two with German Seepost c.d.s, the other with G.B 1d cancelled at Aden and Paquebot handstamp), or French Steamer (6, one exceptionally cancelling a French stamp, two with French stamps cancelled "B-1" and handstamped Paquebot, two from Indo-China or Guadeloupe). An exceptional lot of these uncommon handstamps, its use as a cancel on a French stamp probably unique. (10). Photo on Page 52. £300-350
  French India. c.1880-1907 QV 1/2a Envelope and 1/4a postcard cancelled "MAHE" c.d.s or duplex, and KEVII 1/2a envelope registered with KEVII 3p (4) and 1/2a all cancelled "PONDICHERRY / REG." c.d.s, boxed Pondicherry registration handstamp. (3). £150-180
  French India. 1884-1923 Covers (7) and a front with French Colonies stamps (4) or French India issues (4, including 1903 5c surcharge on part revenue) with cancels of Chandernagore (5), Pondicherry (2) or Karikal. (8). £280-320
  French India - Paquebots. 1928-30 Picture postcards (2) and a cover all with French stamps cancelled in Pondicherry and handstamped "PAQUEBOT", fine and scarce. (3). £150-180

Indian Convention and Feudatory States

  c.1880-1948 Postal stationery cards and stamped covers and cards from feudatory and convention states, also a few India covers. (131). £120-150
  Feudatory States. 1897-1951 Covers and cards including 1897-99 covers bearing Indore 1/2a (4, one in combination with India 1/2a, faults), other covers with India stamps in combination with Jaipur, Hyderabad (2), Indore, Travancore Anchal (4), 1937 Bhopal official postal stationery picture postcards (2), 1941 Barwani and Bundi covers, etc., also a Travancore postcard overprinted for use as an official post office card and used in 1976 as a test letter. (21). £350-450
Click to view full image... Chamba. 1942-47 King George VI 25r overprinted "CHAMBA", fine used with 1946 datestamp. S.G. 107, £1,500. Photo on Page 56. £600-700
Click to view full image... Charkhari. 1940 1a on 1r Chestnut, variety surcharge inverted, fine mint, scarce. S.G. 55a, £475. Photo on Page 48. £200-250
Click to view full image... Cochin. 1946-48 Unissued 1a3p magenta in a superb block of four, no gum as printed. S.G. £600 (see footnote below S.G. 101/8). Photo on Page 54. £200-250
Click to view full image... Cochin. 1946-48 Unissued 6p on 9p ultramarine in a superb block of four, margin at right, no gum as printed. S.G. £600. (See footnote below S.G. 119/26). Photo on Page 54. £200-250
Click to view full image... Idar. c.1935 Registered cover from Himatnagar franked on the reverse by three pairs of the first issue 1/2a light green tied by violet datestamps, a scarce commercial use on cover. Photo on Page 52. £200-250
Click to view full image... Jaipur. 1928 1/2a Pale ultramarine overprinted "Service", variety overprint double in both red and black, used, large thin and tear at right, still a reasonable example of this very scarce variety. S.G. O2d, £1,100. Photo on Page 48. £200-250
Click to view full image... Jind. 1941-43 King George VI 2r - 25r overprinted "JIND", all fine used. S.G. 132/6, £1,000. (5). Photo on Page 56. £300-350
Click to view full image... Jind. 1939-43 King George VI 10r overprinted "JIND / SERVICE", unmounted mint block of four with margin at left. S.G. O86, £900+. Photo on Page 54. £300-400
Click to view full image... Nabha. 1891 QV 1a6p sepia with overprint variety "ABHA" for "NABHA" mint, small thin and gum a little toned, good appearance and a scarce variety. S.G. 18a, £450. Photo on Page 48. £150-200
Click to view full image... Nabha. 1893 QV 1r green and carmine with overprint variety "N BHA" for "NABHA", mint, reverse toned, good appearance and a very scarce variety, unpriced by S.G. S.G. 30a. Photo on Page 48. £450-500
Click to view full image... Patiala. 1885 QV 1r slate with red two line Puttialla State overprint, variety "AUTTIALLA" for "PUTTIALLA", mint, heavy toning to reverse, good appearance and a scarce variety. S.G. 10a, £750. Photo on Page 48. £200-250
Click to view full image... Patiala. 1885 QV 1a brown-purple with black two line Puttialla State overprint, variety overprint double, in a mint block of four, mounted on the two right stamps, margin at base, minor gum toning, otherwise fine and scarce. S.G. 11c, £1,300. Photo on Page 54. £450-550


  1903-19 Covers and cards (14) and a front with stampless official cover bearing boxed "AMARA", stampless O.A.S cover and card with c.d.s of Magil or Amara (written on paddle steamer 59), cover from Baghdad with I.E.F stamps, the others all bearing Indian stamps with cancels of Baghdad (4), Amara (2, one a late use of an Indian stamp in 1919) or Busra City (5), eight registered. (15). £320-360
  Air Mails. 1923 (Oct 18) G.B. Stampless O.H.M.S cover from Uxbridge to R.A.F Hinaidi originally endorsed "Posted in the box unpaid origin unknown", crossed out and replaced with "By air mail, Certified Official, R.A.F Depot" and signed, red London Official Paid c.d.s and a Baghdad backstamp. Also 1927 G.B 1 1/2d cover to India bearing a blue air mail label but handstamped "INSUFFICIENTLY PAID FOR / TRANSMISSION BY AIR MAIL". The O.H.M.S cover with vertical fold reinforced internally and a little split but an unusual official cover carried by the R.A.F air service from Cairo to Baghdad. (2). £80-100
  Air Mails. 1924 (May 22) Cover from USA to an R.A.F Flight Lieutenant at Hinaidi, franked 5c + 6c, endorsed "Air Mail via Cairo", Baghdad backstamp (June 20). An uncommon rate from the USA, the 6c stamp paying the Cairo to Baghdad air fee. £80-100
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
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