Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
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Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 5
  Travelling Post Offices. c.1900-37 Covers and cards with T.P.O datestamps of R-1 (21), 2 (18), 3 (4), 8 (7), 9, 10 (8), 11 (used on S.S Nepaul), 25 (2), 27 (2), 29 (2), 30 (9), 31, 33 (3), 34 (2), also Mandalay 2nd Train Late and Railway Station datestamps and 1912 postcard with scarce Rangoon R.M.S machine, a few with "Posted in Wrong Train" or "Late Fee Not Paid Detained" cachets, a few faults though most are fine. (86). £600-700
  Andaman Islands. 1879-80 Covers from Port Blair with "R-10" duplex cancels (also a piece with similar cancels) or a diamond of bars cancel and Port Blair backstamp; and 1929 3a stationery stamp with 1a pair on piece cancelled by a very scarce Bonnington double ring c.d.s. The 1879 Cover with central fold and 1880 cover with minor staining, still two attractive and uncommon covers. (4). £180-220
  Overland Route via China. 1916-32 Covers (5) and a wrapper sent from Bhamo to Tengyueh (4), India to Tengyueh via Bhamo, or from Luadung in China to USA posted at Namkham, all sent by the overland route, the five to Tengyueh all with arrival backstamps, all fine and scarce. (6). £300-350
  Picture Postcards. c.1902-25 Picture postcards (69) including views of Port Blair (9), also 1904 cards from G.B to Toungoo but returned to sender with boxed "REEXPEDIE" (2), 1917-18 Christmas card from the Rifle Brigade at Port Blair, c.1890 photo and a watercolour painting of Yandaboo dated 1879 (228x139mm). (74). £150-180
  1938-48 Covers with Burma stamps in a stockbook, cancels include Exptl. P.O (10, numbers 2, 3, 7, 12, 15), Base P.O, boxed "D.L.O Rangoon Free" datestamp, also a few F.P.Os. (51). £200-250
  Japanese Forces. 1943-44 Japanese forces postcards from soldiers in Burma (7, four from the Nicobar or Andaman Islands), also a 1943 cover from Japan to Rangoon but returned with Rangoon D.L.O datestamp and two Japanese Officially Sealed labels, edge faults but unusual. (8). £150-180
  Japanese Occupation - Postal Stationery. 1942-43 KGVI 1a stationery envelopes handstamped with a peacock within circle in black (H&G 3a) or with a red cross with Burma State Government crest at left (H&G 10), each envelope in a complete bundle of 16 with the wrapper band. (32). £140-160

(Also See Lots 91/2, 511, 515, 628, 862, 958)

  1906-49 Mint selection comprising 1930-31 set of 16 (20c stained), 1942-48 war effort set of 14, 1949 postage 1c - $1 with O.H.M.S overprints unmounted, postage dues with 1906-28 1c, 4c, 10c and 1933-34 1c - 10c set of four, mainly fine. S.G. £817. (46). £120-150
  1852-1908 Covers (3) and cards (3) with prestamp and stampless letters, one bearing red "CANADA / &c. ART. 12", 1885 1c postcard to Surinam with printed message from the office of "The Philatelic Courier" stating Capt. Hechler is away with his Company at the front helping to quell the Indian Rebellion in the North West Territory, 1905 metal postcard franked 5c to Scotland despite the printed heading that the card must be sent under cover only, etc. (6). £120-150
  1861-99 Covers, stamps include 1859 5c (3 covers, one cancelled "ST THOMAS / U.C" double arc datestamp) or 10c, 1868-71 3c, etc. (7). £180-200
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Air Mails. 1919 (Aug 25) Cover from Toronto to New York franked 2c + 1c War Tax stamp, the reverse bearing "Toronto-New York $1 Aero Club of Canada first International Aerial Mail Service" stamp tied by blue boxed "AERIAL MAIL / AUG 25 1919 / TORONTO, CANADA", fine and scarce. Photo on Page 36. £380-420
Click to view full image... Newfoundland - Airmails. 1922 (Feb 12) Cover from Hilliard, Florida to Harbour Grace franked US 2c, light Harbour Grace arrival c.d.s (Feb 23) and endorsed "Received by aeroplane Feby 23rd 1922". Carried by Cotton on his February 23rd flight from St. Johns to Harbour Grace. Minor opening tears at upper edge, otherwise fine and very scarce, just one other cover recorded from this flight with U.S stamps, ex Cyril Harmer collection. Photo on Page 36. £350-380

(Also See Lots 97-99)

Click to view full image... 1842 Entire letter from Trincomalee to England headed "From Thos Schofield, Corpl. 98th Regt Trincomalee, 11th Dec. 42, Ceylon" and countersigned by an Officer, reverse with red boxed "TRINCO / PAID / 11 DEC 11" datestamp and arrival datestamps, carried free within Ceylon, a "2" charge mark applied in London. A little soiled but a rare soldiers rate letter from Ceylon, ex. Gerald Sattin collection. Photo on Page 36. £420-460
Click to view full image... 1878 2r.50 De La Rue Die Proof in black on white glazed card, dated "Nov 27, 1878" and stamped "BEFORE HARDENING", 92x60mm, very fine. Photo on Page 38. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1885 1r.12 De La Rue Die Proof in black on white glazed card, dated "7 AUG 85" and stamped "BEFORE / HARDENING", 92x60mm, very fine. Photo on Page 38. £150-180

(Also See Lot 203)

  1908 "Atlas of the Chinese Empire" prepared by Edward Stanford for The China Inland Mission, a fine and useful atlas containing 22 detailed maps and an index, some manuscript notations of province names in the margins of the maps, otherwise fine. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1894 Dowager Empress 60th birthday, 12ca brown-orange first printing, mint with large part original gum (a little unevenly distributed), very fine appearance with R.P.S Certificate (2016). S.G. 23, £850. Photo on Page 48. £280-320
Click to view full image... 1912 1c Ochre with red Republic of China overprint, unused inter-panneau block of 16 with overprint misplaced sideways resulting in four stamps having the overprint omitted (the overprints being in the inter-panneau margins), part original gum (patchy and missing in places) and a couple of minor tone marks, still an attractive and scarce block. S.G. 193d, £3,000+. Photo on Page 46. £500-600
Click to view full image... 1989 (June 1) 40th International Children's Day, the four stamps in a se-tenant vertical strip, error imperforate between upper stamp and sheet margin. Very scarce, one sheet discovered producing seven such strips, signature in reverse lower margin, otherwise superb unmounted. Photo on Page 54. £400-500
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Boxer Rebellion - German Hospital ship "Gera". 1900-01 Picture postcards depicting the ship with "Kaiserl. Marine Lazarethschiff "Gera"" overprints (2) and a 5pf card with a pencil drawing of the ship, all three endorsed "Feld - Postkarte" and posted on board with "KAIS. DEUTSCHE / MARINE / SCHIFFSPOST / No. 6" c.d.s, one written from Taku, Peking. Also picture postcards of the ship or visit of the Empress to the ship prior to its departure for China (3), and a Norddeutscher Lloyd postcard with "Marine Lazarethschiff "Gera" den 25 Mai 1901" imprint originally produced as the upper portion of that day's menu. (8). Photo on Page 36. £350-400
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1900 (Sep 20) Registered cover from Bridport to "J.M Reid, China Inland Mission, Shanghai" franked G.B 2d + 2 1/2d, backstamped at Hong Kong, redirected to Chefoo with a violet handstamp, backstamped upon arrival (Nov 3) and endorsed "Received open at this office, officially sealed here". All four sides are resealed with white paper tape bearing two chinese characters and tied by three red boxed Chinese cachets and four wax seals each impressed with bilingual "POST OFFICE / CHEFOO". The cover was again redirected back to Shanghai, backstamped "REGISTERED - SHANGHAI" squared circle (Nov 9), and finally redirected to Yokohama with two arrival datestamps on the front. Opening fault at lower right corner and a couple of small opening tears but in unusually fine condition for such a well travelled cover, a remarkable item with the rare Chefoo Officially Sealed cachet and seals, possibly the only surviving example of these seals. Photo on Page 44. £1,200-1,500
  1901-16 Postcards and covers including 1916 stampless cover from the Japanese P.O in Shanghai to a German P.O.W in Japan, 1901 stampless cover with French forces in China datestamps and cachet, 1903 German P.O postcard with Tsingtau-Weihsien T.P.O cancel, cards with France or French P.O stamps in combination with China stamps (3), and a card with triple combination of China, French P.O and Japan stamps. (7). £250-350
  1911 Printed report, "China Imperial Maritime Customs, Report on the Imperial Post Office" printed in both English and Chinese, yellow covers, published by the Inspector General of Customs and Posts in Shanghai, 72 pages. A rare and informative report which includes a large fold-out postal map of China. Front cover with 1911 handstamp of 'The Royal Statistical Society', otherwise unusually fine. £150-200
  1919 "South Manchuria Railway, Manchuria Line, Handbook of Information", sixty pages, with detailed information on the various train services, many colour illustrations and a pull-out map of the railway network, the cover illustrated in colour with a pagoda and elephant statue. A few minor edge faults to the cover, otherwise fine and very scarce. £120-150
  1919-66 Covers including 1919 cover from Sweden to Hankow with boxed "RELEASED BY THE / BRITISH MILITARY AUTHORITIES", c.1938 cover to USA with violet boxed "AIRMAIL SERVICE IN CHINA ONLY", 1936 to Navy Y.M.C.A at Shanghai with "UNCLAIMED FOR / AT NAVY Y.M.C.A", and four 1966 covers to Canada bearing various 1965 stamp issues. (15). £180-220
  British Forces. 1927 Covers (4) and pieces (2) with G.B stamps cancelled A.P.O 1, F.P.O 1 (Tifeng Rd, Shanghai) or F.P.O 3 (2 covers + 2 pieces, Hyams Camp Shanghai), and 1936 postcard with F.P.O 4 c.d.s. (Shanhaikwan) a few cover faults, F.P.O 3 and 4 very uncommon. (7). £150-180
  Russian P.O. 1903-17 Postcards (6) and covers (2) with 1905 card bearing Russia 2k tied by F.P.O No. 3 c.d.s used at Shanhaikwang, stampless 1917 postcard with F.P.O and Hankow Russian P.O datestamps, the others all bearing Russian P.O in China stamps cancelled at Hankow (4), Shanghai or Tientsin. (8). £240-280
  Russia - Chinese Eastern Railway. 1908-12 Picture postcards with Russian stamps, all posted in Manchuria with oval Vladivostock to Harbin T.P.O (7) or station datestamps (2), also four other Manchuria postcards, one with a Russian army cachet, another with Russia 1k and 3k cancelled at Harbin. (13). £220-260


  1845-76 Stampless entire letters and covers including 1835 entire letter from Carthagena to France, internal letters with red oval "RIO-NEGRO / FRANCA" or "BOGOTA / FRANCA", 1871 entire letter to Spain with "SANTA MARTHA" British P.O datestamps (3, two with "T/1-10") or octagonal French Packet Agency datestamps (2), a few small faults, most very fine. (9). £300-350
  1883-1932 Covers (4) and postcards (5) including "Servicio Postal Ferreo" 5c envelope to U.S.A, 1883 card with octagonal "SAVANILLA / PAQ. FR. A. No. 2" datestamp, 1884 cover (part reverse missing) to France bearing 1883 10c, 1932 picture postcards of Zeppelins bearing express railway stamps as well as postage and air issues (3), etc. (9). £180-220


  Austrian P.O. 1865 Stampless entire letter to Trieste with fine "LARNACCA DI CIPRO" c.d.s. £180-200
  1947 Covers to Palestine, endorsed from Jewish detainees in detention camps 64 or 66, both with 2pi tied by "XYLOTYMBOU / CYPRUS" skeleton datestamps. Also 1938 Misr Airways Larnaca to Cairo first flight cover with 1/2pi and 3/4pi each cancelled "LIMASSOL CYPRUS / AIR MAIL" c.d.s. (3). £180-220


  1918-20 Covers and a postcard comprising cover sent within Prague bearing 20k red Scout Post stamp tied by circular "N.V" cancel; cover to Irkutsk with Czech Legion 25k tied by double ring "POLNI POSTA" cancel, a further strike on the reverse; and stampless postcard to France with violet "MISSION MILITAIRE FRANCAISE / PRAGUE / LE / VAGUEMESTRE". (3). £160-180

(Also See Lots 20, 169)

  1863 Entire to USA bearing 1854-57 2s, 4s and 16s pair, Hamburg and "N. York Hamb. Pkt" Paid datestamp, stamp faults, the entire soiled and repaired though scarce; and 1892 cover to Holland bearing 1891 100ore, a fine and scarce single franking of the top value in this issue. (2). £200-250

(Also See Lots 1-4, 45)

  1854-1903 Entire letters or covers (7), fronts (2) and a postcard including 1854 entire letter with Posta Europea Cairo handstamp and Alexandria French P.O c.d.s; 1858-76 French P.O in Alexandria covers (3, two in combination with Egypt stamps) and a front; 1877 cover franked 20pa + 1pi; 1869 cover from G.B to Alexandria with red boxed "UNCLAIMED" of the British P.O; front with 1pi cancelled at Metelino; 1898 5m soldiers rate cover from Sidi Gaber to G.B; and India 1a postcard posted at Port Said, disallowed and charged with "O" handstamp. Most have faults, still a useful and interesting selection. (10). £400-500
  British P.O. 1870 Cover to Malta bearing G.B 2d blue plate 13 (2) each with light numeral cancel, "ALEXANDRIA" c.d.s alongside, arrival backstamp. £100-120


  c.1940-41 Aerial Propaganda leaflets dropped by allied forces over Ethiopia, printed in amharic (13) or Italian (4), some a little stained though a scarce group, all different. Also 1942 press photo of Emperor Haile Selassie signing the Anglo-Ethiopian agreement. (18). £280-350
  1941-43 Covers comprising 1941 cover from "Ethiopian Refugee Camp, P.O Taveta" to 21st Brigade HQ at Nairobi with South African A.P.O 22 and violet "PASSED BY CENSOR" (apparently unlisted by Colley), reposted from Taveta to 24 Bde (Gold Coast Brigade) at Nairobi franked 10c pair; 1943 stampless cover to Palestine and air mail cover to G.B bearing G.B 1d + 9d both with E.A A.P.O 77 c.d.s used at Addis Ababa, enclosed letters headed from 5th Ethiopian Battn, or Friends Ambulance Unit. (3). £100-120


  1929-41 Covers comprising 1919 cover from G.B to Thorshavn and redirected to Reykjavik with KGV 2 1/2d cancelled Thorshavn c.d.s and handstamped "FRA ENGLAND"; c.1940 cover from Leith to Thorshavn with KGVI 3d cancelled octagonal "PASSED / P.189"; and 1941 printed matter cover sent within Thorshavn franked 1940 Denmark 15ore on 10ore, all fine. (3). £100-120

(Also See Lots 2, 161, 330/3, 394, 398-400, 493, 685, 708, 1124-1172, 1192-1249, 1253-1270, 1301/2, 1356)

  Literature. "La Poste Maritime Francaise", volumes I - IX by Raymond Salles, the original volumes published between 1960 and 1975 with all addendums, also "Catalogue de Marques de Passage 1815-75" volume 1 by J. Van der Linden (1977 edition). A classic set of books detailing all French maritime datestamps, entry marks, consular agency datestamps in the Americas, "F" and "Fr" accountancy handstamps, in fine condition. (10). £150-180
  c.1700-1840 Letters and documents including revenue stamped paper (12), 1746 postal documents (11) and 1782-91 printed proclamations regarding the postal service (3), 1771 map of France, a few postally used letters with 1764 entire letter from the Citadel of Lille to an army Captain at Carpanburg with "LILLE" handstamp, 1762 entire letter to a soldier with "DE / TOULOUSSE" handstamp, 1765 manuscript "d'avignon", also a twelve page handwritten document in Spanish headed "Don Philippe" apparently signed by the King and others, 1840 letter signed "Louis Philippe", etc., and a bound volume "Lettres de William Mackenzie a sa femme" containing 1836-71 letters including thirteen 1870-71 letters written from St. Germain en Laye during the Franco-Prussian War. (48 + book). £250-300
  Military Mail. 1803 Entire letter and covers with 1803 "ARM. D'ITALIE" (stained, probably disinfected), stampless covers with "30" charge marks and datestamps of "ARMEE D'ORIENT / 2E CORPS" (1855, enclosed letter from Camp Chassara, Crimea), "CORPS EXPEDITIONNAIRE D'ITALIE / 1E DIVISION" (1857) or "CORPS EXP. MEXIQUE / BAU A" (1864), and an 1866 cover bearing 10c + 40c each cancelled "CEM A" in retta with the Mexico c.d.s alongside, the last with part reverse missing. (5). £150-180
Click to view full image... 1853 Cover to Harburg bearing 1853 1fr lake strip of three each tied by "DS2" in retta, the stamps crossed by horizontal crease and all torn into or very close at top, the cover with edge faults and fold at base (with some tape repairs to reverse), but a very scarce franking. Photo on Page 44. £400-500
  Accountancy Marks. 1859-70 Stampless entire letters and covers all from or via France with accountancy handstamps comprising "F/27", "F/33" (2, to Finland or Russia), "F/36", "FR/1F78c" or "FR/2F", some scarce. (7). £100-120
  1867-96 Covers (5), postcard and a front, including 1867-75 entires franked 80c to Montevideo, 1f to Tampico or 1f.60 to Vera Cruz, 1875 unpaid entire from India to Paris with French arrival c.d.s of 1 Jan 76 and "T" handstamp (first day of French entry into U.P.U, so presumably the first day of use of the French "T" handstamp?, faults), 1896 Visit of the Tsar postcard, etc. (7). £180-200
  1873-74 Covers from Boulogne to Aden franked 25c pair + 80c both with "ADEN STEAMER POINT" arrival backstamps. (2). £100-120
  Military Mail. 1919-22 Stampless covers and cards with French army or naval post office datestamps from Zagreb (2), Constantinople (3), Upper Silesia (1922, A.P.O 184, used by forces overseeing the plebiscite), Thrace (2), Hungary or Albania, scarce. (10). £150-180
  1936 Air 50f Ultramarine, lower left corner marginal, lightly mounted mint. S.G. 541, £1,000. £100-120

1791-1815 Revolutionary & Napoleonic Period Postal History

  1791-1814 Documents and letters on various military, revolutionary or administrative matters with many printed letterheads and signatures of military figures or officials, printed notices and proclamations, certificates for wounds, army service, military discharge, etc., military letters, letters from occupied territories and various armies, documents from Army of Egypt and "armee d'angleterre" noted, 1800 Spanish passport, printed letterheads of Jerome Napoleon, Joubert, Fririon, Druion, Moreau, Colle, Willot, Milei-Mureau, Ernouf, Balland, Rey, Berra, Jourdeuil, Demauelle, Petiet, etc., a few postally used. An extensive lot that could repay careful viewing. (c.160). £1,000-1,200
  1793-1815 Entire letters written by soldiers (18), handstamps include Gand, Bruges, Arm D'Italie (2), three on printed notepaper (including General Francois Parra and Col. Meuniev of 9th Infantry Regiment); letters to soldiers (2, one to a Corporal, 1st. Co., 1st Battalion of Miners on service in Corfu); and a wrapper to the Minister of War in Paris with red "DON C. ARMS DU NORD", a few faults. (21). £280-320
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
Details: VIEWING:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for full Viewing details
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