Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 11
  E.E.F Stamps used in Syria/Lebanon. 1919 Covers all with E.E.F stamps cancelled at Aleppo (4, two registered), Damascus, Homs (2), Beyrout or Zahle, a few faults, most fine. (9). £220-260
  1919-48 Covers and cards (20) and Red Cross enquiry forms (5), including skeleton datestamps of Tiberias O.E.T, Jerusalem Jaffa T.P.O Down, Tel Aviv (on 1928 USA reply card), Rehaviabo Jsm, "Mahne Yehuda / Jerusalem O", Tel Aviv MC (used at 1936 Medical Congress); 1925 stampless official cover from Ber Yacob; 1944 R.A.F Honour Envelope from F.P.O 148 bearing M.E.F stamps; 2m wrapper with "SPECIMEN" handstamp posted at Tel Aviv; 1940-42 stampless internee covers (2, one with oval "FARM LABOUR CAMP / ACRE" and "INTERNMENT SECTION"); 1929 cover with Palestine stamps tied by "PFO GRAZ / LLOYD TRIESTINO" datestamps in blue; 1948 covers with "BRITISH FLEET MAIL / 12" c.d.s of Haifa (4, two with G.B stamps, two stampless), etc. An interesting selection. (25). £450-550
  Postal Stationery. 1923-26 G Size formula registration envelopes all used to Europe, franked 13m pair (2 covers) or 13m + 2pi, one with Registered Haifa skeleton datestamp. (3). £100-120


Click to view full image... 1948 Doar Ivri 3m very pale orange on thin yellow paper perf 10 x imperf, block of forty comprising rows 5-8 from the unique sheet of 100, the sheet originally numbered 5887 in group 5, which is the rouletted group! A little marginal toning, otherwise superb unmounted mint. The original sheet was divided into six blocks of six, six blocks of four and this block of forty. A unique block, sold with a colour copy of the original sheet, unlisted by Bale. Photo on Page 76. £5,000-6,000


Click to view full image... 1884 Covers franked India 1/2a tied "BUSHIRE / 26" duplex with boxed "BUSHIRE / P.O / BEG 1 ANNA" and "INSUFFICIENT", or tied by "BUSHIRE / B" duplex; 1908 cover franked India 1/2a cancelled at Bushire with scarce violet "Paquebot" and "T"; also KGV India 1/2a Service block of seven cancelled by scarce "BUSHIRE CAMP" datestamps. A few cover faults, the first with piece torn from upper left corner. (4). Photo on Page 56. £200-250
  1895-1917 Covers (4) and picture postcards (3), various cancels and stamp issues including provisional surcharges, etc. (7). £120-140


  1932-59 Covers (8) and a front including 1932 first flight from London to Sharjah, 1938 first "all up" 1 1/2d air rate from G.B to Muscat, 1944 stampless forces air letter to Australia with Indian F.P.O R22 of Bahrain, British Postal Agency in Eastern Arabia surcharge issues on covers from Kuwait and Muscat, and covers bearing Bahrain overprint issues on G.B (with scarce Muharraq c.d.s) or India (3, one a front), largely fine. (9). £200-250


Click to view full image... 1940-2000 Mint collection in two albums complete with many plate blocks and varieties, most unmounted, including 1940-51 set with additional shades and plate varieties, 1946 Victory 3d flagstaff flaw, 1957-63 set with additional shades, 1964-65 8d with pale blue on beak omitted (S.G. 42a), many other constant varieties throughout, inverted watermarks, 1986 Adelaide Stamp Exhibition booklet and Frama, etc. A fine collection well written up. (100s). Photo on Page 56. £400-450


  1948-54 Polish Forces in Italy, stamps in complete sheets comprising 1946 first issue 45g, 1z, 2z sheets of fifty, and "1944-54" overprints with 55g part sheet of 46 (folded over with the two halves adhering to each other) and 2z sheet of fifty overprinted in black, 45g vermilion overprint sheet of fifty and 1z carmine overprint sheet of fifty (Sassone Polish Corps 1, 3, 4, + Polish Government in London 1, 3, 6, 7), and one other sheet of 1947 50g + 50g stamps apparently unlisted by Sassone. Also a few other stamps including red circular "C.1.H.S" overprints of Upper Silesia on Germany 5pf, 15pf, 20pf, 40pf, 75pf and Weimar Assembly 15pf (mentioned by S.G. as a footnote to Upper Silesia O1/24, offered "as-is"), and an 1883 stampless official cover from Warsaw. The Polish forces stamps with partial to substantial gum loss, also some perf and other minor faults but considerable catalogue value, the six sheets (excluding the folded part sheet) priced in Sassone at €29,100. £400-500


  British Packet Office, Lisbon. 1824 Entire letter, the largely printed contents headed "PACKET OFFICE, Lisbon", acknowledging receipt of a letter enclosing two other letters to be forwarded to England, signed by the Packet Agent T. Shiffner with his charges for postage and paper shown. Addressed to Oporto with oval framed "LISBON" and a "40" charge mark. An unusual item. £100-120
  1860-1915 Covers and cards including 1860 entire letter from Oporto to Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, with Figueira forwarding agents endorsement, 1871-73 covers franked 80r to Brazil or 80r pair to USA, 1908 Lisbon 10th Telegraphic Conference c.d.s, etc. (6). £120-140
  WW1 - P.O.W Mail. 1916-19 Covers and cards from German P.O.Ws, comprising stampless covers from Lourenco Marques (2, one to another P.O.W in South Africa), or postcards from Angra do Heroismo in the Azores (2, one a special Red Cross card, the other card stained), all with oval camp cachets and censor marks. (4). £180-220
  Portuguese Colonies. 1886-1941 Covers and cards from Azores (4, with oval Villa da Povoacao, Angra and Lagens das Flores datestamps, and bisect used on 1894 postal gazette), Cape Verde (7, with 1894 Praia S. Thiago c.d.s, 1894 20r postcard uprated 10r), Portuguese Nyassa, Angola (1891 cover from Benguela to Canada, faults), Timor, Lourenco Marques (2), or Portuguese India, a few faults. (17). £300-350


  1843-44 Entire letter to London and entire to France both with "MADEIRA" double arc datestamps of the British Post Office, and "SHIP-LETTER" in red or black, one with red boxed "COLONIES / &c. ART. 12". (2). £80-100
Click to view full image... 1869 Entire from Funchal to Portmedway, Nova Scotia, bearing Madeira 1866 imperf 100r and 1868-70 perforated 120r each cancelled "51", with black "PD", Funchal c.d.s, red "3d" and "PAID / LONDON SHIP LETTERS" c.d.s all on the front, arrival backstamp. Addresses name partly removed and reinstated, vertical file folds and minor staining, still a very scarce combination of imperf and perf stamps to an unusual destination. Photo on Page 79. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1873 Cover from Funchal to Hamburg bearing 1872 80r orange pair each cancelled "45", black "PD" and Funchal c.d.s, red "PAID / LIVERPOOL / SHIP" datestamp and "SHIP LETTER / PAID / LONDON" c.d.s, arrival backstamp. A little light staining, otherwise fine, an attractive and scarce franking. Photo on Page 79. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1876-78 Covers to Switzerland (pin holes at left edge) franked 1872 50r green or to London with two 50r green stamps (one with corner fault), all cancelled "45", the cover to Switzerland with Le Havre entry c.d.s and triangular framed "T", two attractive covers. (2). Photo on Page 79. £240-280
Click to view full image... 1877 Cover from Brazil to Madeira backstamped with "LIVERPOOL / BR. PACKET" and Funchal datestamps, handstamped "T" and "300" charge (crossed out when paid upon arrival), reposted to Lisbon franked 25r irregular strip of three (one with fault at left) each cancelled "45", Funchal and Lisbon datestamps. A few minor faults, an unusual and attractive cover. Photo on Page 80. £250-300
Click to view full image... 1879 Cover to Constantinople bearing two 25r pairs each cancelled "45", Funchal c.d.s, red London and British P.O Constantinople backstamps. Flap missing, otherwise a fine and attractive cover to an unusual destination. Photo on Page 80. £400-500
  1879-80 Covers all franked 50r blue, one to New York with stamp tied by unclear numeral and red "SHIP LETTER / PAID / LONDON" transit c.d.s, the other two to London cancelled oval "CORREIO / FUNCHAL" datestamps, one with violet oval "FORWARDED BY THE MANAGER / MILES HOTEL / MADEIRA", a few faults, the first with stamp crossed by vertical crease. (3). £160-180

Portuguese Nyassa

Click to view full image... 1899 Nyassa 20r postal stationery postcard franked by first issue Nyassa overprint 10r, posted from Ibo to an officer on the German ship "Sultan" at Zanzibar with French P.O arrival c.d.s, reverse with Christmas and New Year greetings. A fine commercial use of the first issue of Nyassa. Photo on Page 80. £200-250
Click to view full image... Nyasaland Field Force. 1918 Nyassa 20r, 25r, 100r and 200r each with central "NYASALAND / FF2" squared circle dated JY 3. The Nyasaland Field Force entered Portuguese Nyassa in November 1917 to pursue the retreating German forces, who finally surrendered in November 1918. During this period British forces could send mail free, but had to use Portuguese Nyassa stamps for payment of registration fees or parcel postage, and four sheets (200 stamps) of each value of the 1911 Nyssa stamps were supplied to the office at Mtengula for the use of the Nyasaland Field Force. (4). Photo on Page 56. £120-150
Click to view full image... Nyasaland Field Force. 1918 (July 4) Registered cover to Natal bearing Nyssa 2 1/2r, 5r, 75r, and 500r each cancelled "NYASALAND / FF2" squared circle with manuscript "R. Mtengula P.E.A", endorsed by the sender "On active service" and "No. 1388 Sgt G. Jones, S.A.S.C Supplies". Only about six covers recorded with Nyassa stamps tied by Nyasaland FF cancels. Very rare. Photo on Page 80. £700-800

(Also See Lots 14, 19, 28, 50, 53, 95, 96)

Click to view full image... 1896-97 Large Arms issue, nineteen page display collection including Specimen overprints (43), shades, multiples, the die I, die II and re-engraved sets complete mint and used (a few revenue cancels including 1897 £1), also 1892-93 £2 red fiscally used. S.G. £1,500++. (198). Photo on Page 48. £450-550
Click to view full image... 1898-1908 1/2d Green horizontal pair, variety imperf vertically, mint part original gum, reverse with some hinge remainders and paper adhering, good colour and fine appearance, a scarce variety. S.G. 75aa, £850. Photo on Page 48. £180-220
Click to view full image... 1898-1908 1/2d Green horizontal pair, variety imperforate between, fine used, each with a Mazoe c.d.s (AP 16 05). A rare variety, unlisted by S.G. who only list the imperforate between variety on a vertical pair, S.G. 75var. Photo on Page 48. £600-800
Click to view full image... 1910-24 Mint selection comprising Double Head 1d - 6d (with additional 2 1/2d shade) and 10d, and Admiral issue (26) including die II perf 14 1/- - 5/-, die II perf 15 7/6, die III perf 14 3/- and 5/-, etc., mainly fine. S.G. £1,400+. (35). Photo on Page 48. £250-320
  1937-80 Mint and used collection of Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia, Rhodesia & Nyasaland or Nyasaland issues with some covers, varieties, coil stamps, booklets, postage dues, also earlier revenue issues of Nyasaland, Northern & Southern Rhodesia, KUT, Uganda, Bechuanaland, etc., in four albums or stockbooks. (100s). £150-200
  1894-1912 Covers and cards including 1894 1 1/2d postcard uprated 1/2d to London cancelled "827" numeral of Salisbury, 1899 cover with B.S.A Police crest to London bearing six 1d stamps, 1902 cover from Filabusi charged 3d, 1908 Victoria Falls letter card posted at Gatooma, arrival datestamps of Matopos and Arcturus, etc., also 1905 Nyasaland postcard from Fort Johnston. (9). £120-150
  1901-46 Covers or cards with 1901-05 datestamps of Fife, Macheke or Kopje, 1934 Christmas Pass c.d.s, and 1946 air mail cover from Norton Internment Camp to Germany franked Southern Rhodesia 3d, 8d and 10d. (5). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1913 (May 16) Cover to Germany bearing Double Head 2 1/2d pair each tied "ELDORADO MINE / S. RHODESIA" c.d.s, a fine double rate cover. Photo on Page 80. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1913 (May 16) Cover to Germany bearing Double Head 1/2d, 1d pair and 2 1/2d each tied "ELDORADO MINE / S. RHODESIA" c.d.s. A very unusual franking paying the 5d double rate. Photo on Page 80. £500-600
Click to view full image... Northern Rhodesia. 1950 (May 1) Cover from Pretoria to Chingoal franked 1/2d + 1d, circular framed "T/1d", the charge collected using a vertically bisected 2d postage due stamp tied by Chingoal c.d.s (May 9). A few minor edge creases, otherwise a fine commercial use of this bisected postage due stamp. S.G. £900. Photo on Page 80. £400-500
  Southern Rhodesia & East Africa. 1948 "Southern Rhodesia Post Office Guide", 204 pages, listing all post offices, postal and telegraph regulations and rates. Also c.1928 maps of individual routes in Uganda or Kenya published by the Royal East Africa Automobile Association (10), and a Stanford map of East Africa Protectorate. (12). £80-100

(Also See Lot 402)

  1840-76 Prestamp and stampless entire letters, various handstamps including Gallatz Austrian P.O c.d.s, two line Jassy datestamp, etc., three disinfected. (11). £180-200
  1912 Postcard with Egypt 5m tied by "ALEXANDRIA - CONSTANTA" c.d.s, and 1934-36 card and registered cover to Egypt both with "BIR. AMB. / MARITIN / CONSTANTA / ALEXANDRIA" transit datestamps. (3). £80-100

(Also See Lots 111, 129, 227/8, 403, 496, 1278)

  1854-1929 Entire letters, covers and cards with prestamp letters; 1871-74 stamped letters to France, Denmark or Constantinople; 1900 Red Cross postcard; c.1900 USA newspaper wrapper with circular censor (?) cachet; 1910 7k lettercard disallowed with "O" handstamp; 1907 Perm River Steamer cancel; 1929 registered cover from Alma-Ata to France, etc. (13). £250-280
  c.1903 "Map of the Siberian Railway" published by Edward Stanford of London. A fine hand-coloured fold-out map mounted on linen showing virtually the entire Russian Empire, the open map 76x114cm, very scarce. £180-220
  1918-22 Covers bearing stamps of Ukraine, Georgia or the Far Eastern Republic, the last cover torn though still an attractive use of imperf 2k block of ten, the Georgia cover with some faults to the reverse. (3). £120-140
  Postage Dues. 1925 Stampless official cover to Moscow with violet oval postage due cachet, reverse bearing 1925 14k on 35k postage due (S.G. D407) tied by Moscow c.d.s, opening tears at upper edge and stamp crossed by light vertical fold but a scarce stamp on cover. Postage due stamps only used in Russia from 1924 until January 1926 (and this value not issued until 1925). £100-120
  1956-2002 Postal history in 18 volumes with many illustrated postal stationery covers and New Year postcards, special cancels, F.D.Cs, two volumes of post-1990 covers with unusual Ukraine including local issues and handstamps, etc. Also Russian thematic collections with stamps and covers, some photos, postcards and ephemera, on the themes of Lenin (9 volumes), World War Two (4 volumes), 1917 Russian Revolution (2 volumes), Heroes of the Soviet Union (3 volumes), Russian shipping history (4 volumes) and sailing ships, and worldwide thematic collections of sailing ships (6 volumes) and lifeboats. An extensive lot in several boxes. (48 albums). £350-450

Russo-Japanese War

  1904-05 Stampless picture postcards from soldiers, all with regimental cachets, several written and posted on the Trans-Baikal or Trans-Siberian Railways with T.P.O cancels, cachets include "157th Infantry Regiment, Imeretinskogo"; "214 Infantry Reserve Regiment Mokshanskiy" with 5th Siberian Army Corps F.P.O c.d.s; 13th Detachment of the Siberian Military Okruga" (on postcard of Harbin); "1st Infantry Division" with "Samara 64 Ryazhsk" T.P.O; "2nd Battalion, 20th Galitsky Infantry Regiment" from Syzran; 22nd Infantry Division, Machine Gun Company" with Postal Wagon 138 c.d.s ; "2nd Battalion, 11th Infantry Regiment" with Postal Wagon 121 c.d.s; "219 Reserve Battalion, Echelon 730" (2, one with Bada Station, Trans-Baikal Railway c.d.s); "Habarovsk Reserve Battalion" with Habarovsk c.d.s; "148th Caspian Infantry Regiment" with Postal Wagon 124 c.d.s; "157th Imeretian Infantry Regiment"; "120th Regiment of Serpukhov" + "10th Company, 120th Regiment of Serpukhov" with Postal Wagon 124 c.d.s, all fine. Also picture postcards of Harbin, Lake Baikal and the Baikal Railway. (16). £300-350
Click to view full image... Maria Feodorovna Hospital Barge. 1905 (Feb 1) Stampless postcard with red cachet "Barge, Her Imperial Highness Empress Maria Feodorovna" (with a Red Cross and initials of the Empress) and Harbin c.d.s, pre-addressed to the Empress at Anitchkov Palace, St. Petersburg, from a soldier in the 124th Veronezh Regiment thanking the Empress for her gifts. The Maria Feodorovna barge was one of 17 hospital barges, partly financed by The Red Cross, which were based at Harbin and used for evacuating sick and wounded from north of Harbin down the Sungari River. A fine and scarce card and cachet from this barge, which was sponsored by and named after the Tsar's mother. Photo on Page 80. £140-160
  Hospitals/Red Cross. 1904-05 Stampless postcards with cachets of hospitals at Irkutsk, Eugenevka or Omsk, or "The Chief Representative of the Russian Red Cross Society of Chita"; picture postcards of hospital barges or ships on the Sungari River (5) or the Hospital Ship "Orel", also a 1913 card written on the "Kostroma" (which served as a hospital ship during the war). (11). £150-180


Click to view full image... 1914-15 Covers to England with 1899-1908 4c tied by Sadong datestamps, one in violet. (2). Photo on Page 84. £200-240
  1918 Covers franked 1918 2c pair or 4c and 1921 4c postal stationery postcard, all to Malaya, cancelled by datestamps of Simanggang, Sadong or Mukah, scarce. (3). £300-350
  1928-34 Stampless official covers to Kuching with datestamps of Bintulu, Kapit, Lawas, Limbang, Oya or Sadong (2), and a 1938 stampless cover to England with Pusa c.d.s and a Kuching backstamp, strangely posted unpaid but delivered without any charge being raised or collected. A fine group. (8). £350-450
  1928-32 Covers bearing 1928-29 issue stamps with datestamps of Kuoming (registered cover with boxed registration handstamp), Bintulu, Mukah, or with 1932 issue 2c + 4c with Miri c.d.s and "T" handstamp. Also ten stamps with village cancels including Limbang on 1929 5c plate number strip. (4 covers + 10 stamps). £220-260
Click to view full image... 1930 15c H Size registration envelope to Kuching, uprated by 1928 4c (2) tied by Lawas datestamps with fine boxed "R / LAWAS / No." registration handstamp, an attractive and scarce cover. Photo on Page 84. £220-260
  1936-41 Covers bearing 1934-41 issue stamps with cancels of Simanggang (3, two air mail rate, two with boxed registration handstamp), Bintulu, Miri (2, both censored), Oya, Saratok, Sarikei, Sibuti or Oya. (10). £500-600
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
Details: VIEWING:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for full Viewing details
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