Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
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Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 19
  1831-59 Entire letters and a cover with manuscript "Missent to" alongside undated "o PENRYN o" (mileage removed, 1831), green "CHELTENHAM / JA 23 / 1848 / 3" skeleton datestamp or 1859 Topsham c.d.s, all fine. (3). £100-120
  1814-64 Entire letters and covers (20), fronts (2) and a piece with unframed Missent handstamps of Bristol, Brighton, Chertsey, Bury St. Edmunds (in red, front), Corwen, Devonport (red), Exeter, Taunton, Weymouth, Worcester, Wrexham (front), Rugby & Newcastle R.P.O, Nottingham, Newnham (blue), Northampton, boxed handstamps of Chester, Warwick, Worcester (red), oval framed handstamps of Gloucester, Leamington (blue, on piece), Wolverhampton (red), and straight line "MISSENT TO" alongside datestamps of Tamworth or Milnthorpe. A good lot, mainly fine. (23). £800-1,000

(Also See Lots 1041-1045)

Click to view full image... 1d Mulready envelopes in a complete uncut sheet of twelve, forme 4, a few light vertical and horizontal folds with a heavier fold through stereos A174/177/189, a few stains on or near stereo A189 and a few marginal faults near stereo A174 (not affecting the printed envelope), an attractive and scarce complete sheet, much finer than most of the few recorded sheets. S.G. £7,500. Photo on Page 212. £1,600-1,800
Click to view full image... 1841 (Nov 4) 2d Mulready lettersheet stereo a104 sent from London to Leeds, cancelled by black Maltese Cross with Leeds arrival c.d.s on the front and a London backstamp. Recipients note at left edge and 5mm tear at base, otherwise an unusually fine 2d Mulready. Photo on Page 138. £250-300

Parcel Post
(Also See Lots 982, 1019, 1020, 1067-1077)

Click to view full image... 1884-1913 Parcel Post labels comprising scarce 1884 (Mar 31) first type "Parcels Post" label for Hastings (minor faults) bearing 6d on 6d, 1898 white label without office name bearing violet oval "RAILWAY / BORNE" and Catford Brownhill Rd c.d.s, 1900 Guildford label with 6d tied Guildford M.O.O c.d.s, 1909 blue Eaton Terrace, London SW label bearing 1909 KEVII 4d brown-orange (S.G. 239, £140 used), and 1910 white Wightman Rd, N (Hornsey) label on piece with KEVII 1d + 7d actually tied by Hornsey Hampton Rd c.d.s and red boxed "COACH / ROAD - BORNE / S.E". (5). Photo on Page 120. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1895 "Egerton Burnett's Special Private Post Office, Jubilee Royal Serge Warehouse, Wellington, Somerset", parcel post label on pink paper, used with QV Jubilee 3d perfined "EB" tied by Wellington c.d.s. A scarce private parcel post label, most unusual on pink paper which was contrary to Post Office regulations. Photo on Page 112. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1898 "Knight's Hill Road, Norwood, London S.E" Parcel Post label on orange paper, franked 3d. Orange labels were used for parcels carried on the London to Brighton parcel coach, upon which the Post Office did not have to pay any charges to the railway companies. Very scarce. Photo on Page 120. £200-240

Postal Reform

  1834 Pamphlet "Speech of Robert Wallace Esq., M.P, in The House of Commons on Thursday June 26 1834 on moving for a commission to inquire into The Management of the Post Office and Packet Service", printed by the proprietor of "The Mirror of Parliament", 44 pages. The first example recorded by us, very scarce. £100-120
  1838 First and Third "Reports from the Select Committee on Postage", the first report with additional four page "Reduction of Postage" circular from the Mercantile offices summarising the benefits of reduced postage bound into the front, well hardbound with leather spine, manuscript pencil note inside "this book belonged to the late James Chalmers, bookseller Dundee, of postage stamp fame"; and third report with original blue paper covers bearing Bellamy Philatelic Library cachet. (2). £400-500

Postal Stationery
(Also See Lots 455, 923, 926, 1101)

Click to view full image... 1859 1d Pink envelope from London to Calcutta franked 6d + 2d plate 8, endorsed "Overland via Marseille", an attractive and very unusual uprated stationery envelope to India. Photo on Page 138. £380-420
  QV (and one KEVII) Printed to Private Order envelopes with compound dies, the used group including six items listed as "Not Recorded" by Huggins & Baker (ESC 215, 223, 239, 264, 278, 290), another three items listed as "very rare" or "no pricing possible" (ESC 250, 325, 686), all fine. (20). £1,000-1,200
  Registration Envelopes. 1961-70 1/9 - 3/5 Mint and used registration envelopes, comprehensive collection on pages with many K size envelopes, wrapper bands, F.P.O uses, 1967 3/4 size G (RP 88) with albino stamp, 1967-68 3/4 size K (RP 89) with a second stamp impression printed in error, etc. (131). £150-200

(Also See Lots 779, 805/6, 825, 843, 846, 877, 880)

Click to view full image... 1833-41 Entire letters (3) and entires carried on the Liverpool & Manchester Railway each with a red handstamp "2" - "6" applied at Manchester to show which train the letters were carried on, number "2" the earliest recorded example of these handstamps (Sep. 7 1833), number "3" bearing a fine four margin 1d black (BF plate 9), number "4" with 1d black (3 margins), number "5" sent during the 4d Post Period. Six trains ran daily between Liverpool and Manchester, but handstamp number "1" has not been recorded. The relative scarcity of these marks suggest they were only applied to the top letter in each bundle. A scarce group. (5). Photo on Page 138. £750-850
Click to view full image... 1848 (Nov 13) Entire letter sent as a railway parcel from Knaresborough to York endorsed "To be delivered immediately", the reverse with large white "East and West Yorkshire Junction Railway Down" parcel stamp showing prepayment of 5d. This 15 mile railway opened on October 30th 1848 (just two weeks before this letter was sent) and merged with the York and North Midland Railway in May 1852. A fine, early and rare railway parcel, possibly unique from this line. Photo on Page 138. £300-350
  c.1850 Cover to Devizes endorsed "Carriage Paid", the reverse with large pink "Great Western Railway, Hungerford to Devizes, Carriage Paid" parcel label (piece torn away at left with no loss of wording), early and scarce. £100-120
Click to view full image... Northern Towns Train Late Fee. 1866 Entire letter from Leeds to Saxony franked 6d postage + 2d late fee, endorsed "Per early mail via Belgium", blue Aachen transit c.d.s dated the following day. In 1861 an additional train from Bradford, Halifax, Leeds and Huddersfield was provided to allow letters to reach London in the evening; to offset the additional cost a late fee of 2d was introduced for letters sent by this train. The PMG Report for 1861 showed an average of just 14 letters a day sent by this service, which ceased in 1867. Small corner fault to 2d, otherwise an unusually fine example of this rare late fee for this special train service. Photo on Page 138. £300-400
  1869 Entire to Paris bearing 3d pair tied by "N.W.R.P OFFICE / LIVERPOOL / 466" duplex, paid 4d postage + 2d late fee. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1871 Electric Telegraph Company envelope with enclosed telegram addressed to Linlithgow, the envelope sent as a railway parcel from Edinburgh, the reverse bearing large yellow "Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway, Edinburgh to Linlithgow" parcel label showing an unpaid charge of 3d, opening tears with flap glued down, otherwise fine and a scarce example of a telegram sent as a railway parcel. The Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway had been absorbed into the North British Railway in 1865, but was evidently continuing to use up old stocks of parcel labels six years later. Photo on Page 138. £220-260
Click to view full image... 1879 Cover to Cullompton endorsed "10.30am from Hemyock - 18/2/79", sent as a railway parcel, the reverse bearing a Bristol and Exeter Railway parcel stamp on green paper, showing 4d due for carriage from Exeter to Cullompton. The Bristol & Exeter Railway amalgamated with the GWR in 1876 but was clearly still using up old stocks of parcel labels three years later. A fine and scarce cover. Photo on Page 140. £240-280
  Station Cancels. 1888 1/2d Postcard from Chelmsford to Dalmore with superb "TARBOLTON STN" single ring backstamp (listed as "unseen" by Pipe), and 1912 unaddressed cover with KEVII 1/2d pair each cancelled to order by "LIVERPOOL / LIME ST STN BOX" double ring c.d.s, two scarce cancels. (2). £130-150
  1891 Northampton & Banbury Junction Railway, 2d yellowish green railway stamp in a mint sheet of twelve, three minor tone spots, otherwise fine and a scarce sheet, this first printing consisting of just 240 stamps. £120-150
  1894 1d Pink postal stationery envelope to Wardie, Edinburgh, bearing North British Railway 2d letter stamp, both stamps cancelled by manuscript cross and an Edinburgh c.d.s. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1898 Cover to H.B Brown in Salisbury endorsed "By N.E Ry Post at Kings Cross London" bearing 1d lilac tied London N. c.d.s and North Eastern Railway 2d letter stamp tied by two violet "N.E Guard / EDINBURGH" handstamps. Photo on Page 140. £200-220
  1898 Railway letters to London, one with return address of Northwood bearing 1d lilac and red Metropolitan Railway 2d letter stamp both cancelled by manuscript cross, the 1d lilac also cancelled London N.W c.d.s; the other with return address of Derby, endorsed "Per M.R Passenger Train" with 1d lilac pair and Midland Railway 2d letter stamp, all cancelled in manuscript and by London N.W squared circles. (2). £120-150
Click to view full image... 1901 1/2d Postcard to Oxford cancelled by London S.E squared circle and bearing London Brighton & South Coast Railway 2d letter stamp just tied by oval "DORMANS / STATION / L.B&S.C. RY", arrival c.d.s the same day, fine and unusual on a postcard. Photo on Page 140. £150-180
  1901 Cover to USA handstamped "LATE FEE PAID" bearing QV 1 1/2d + 3d (perfined "SM / & Co" for Samuel Montagu & Co) each cancelled "K48" with "LONDON & HOLYHEAD / T.P.O / UNITED STATES MAIL" c.d.s alongside, posted into the late fee box at Euston; and 1909 picture postcard to Brussels posted in the late fee box at Charing Cross with three KEVII 1d stamps each cancelled "CONTINENTAL NIGHT MAIL / C.X" c.d.s, both items paid a late fee of 2d. (2). £140-160
Click to view full image... 1901 Cover to Dublin bearing 1/2d + 1d, to include a late fee of 1/2d, and London & North Western Railway 2d letter stamp all cancelled by Dublin c.d.s, the railway stamp also cancelled violet diamond framed "EUSTON / 25-9-01". An unusual railway letter to Ireland. Photo on Page 140. £220-250
  1905 Post Office telegraph form with a message to Little Eaton, bearing KEVII 1 1/2d (2) + 3d tied by two strikes of oval "UTTOXETER / STATION / N.S. RY", the only such form with postage stamps cancelled by an oval Station handstamp that we have seen. Very unusual. £180-200
Click to view full image... 1906 Picture postcard to Willesboro near Ashford bearing KEVII 1/2d and South Eastern & Chatham Railway rouletted 2d letter stamp each tied by Ashford c.d.s, the railway stamp also cancelled oval "WYE / STATION / S.E RY". An unusual commercial use on a picture postcard. Photo on Page 140. £180-200
  London & North Western Railway prepaid newspaper parcel stamps, mint and used 1d - 6d green stamps with large control number at top (6), "A" in upper left corner and large controls at top (4) or "A" in upper left corner and small control in the centre (3), mainly fine. (13). £160-180

Uniform 4d Post
(Also See Lots 627, 1028/9)

Click to view full image... Scotland. 1839 (Dec.) Entire letters with black handstruck "4" of Aberdeen or Stonehaven, or from Edinburgh handstamped "Above / 1/2oz" and charged 8d, the last with light horizontal fold, otherwise all very fine. (3). Photo on Page 140. £400-450


Isle of Man
(Also See Lot 1300)

  1839 Printed lettersheet headed with a somewhat unusual royal arms and "MONA'S HERALD and Isle of Man General Advertiser, Top of Post Office Lane, Douglas" advertising the fact that Robert Fargher has acquired the newspaper and printing business, within a fine patterned border, printed by Fargher, posted from Liverpool to Cockermouth. An attractive and unusual item. £90-110

(Also See Lots 884, 887, 914, 918)

  1784 Entire letter from Jamaica to London handstamped "LIVERPOOL / SHIP LRE" and backstamped superb "LIVER / POOL", an unusual combination of handstamps. £160-180

(Also See Lots 885, 1058/9, 1173)

  1793 Entire letter written from the Liege area to London, with "JU/6" Bishop Mark and "P.P" (Jay 1024), used on letters transferred from the Foreign Office to the London Penny Post for delivery. A scarce handstamp. £180-200
  Cross Post. 1837-39 Entire letters from Richmond to Reading with Richmond c.d.s and boxed "Hounslow / Py Post", or to Paris with red Peckham c.d.s and "Shooters Hill / Penny Post" in black, both largely fine. (2). £70-80


Click to view full image... Squared Circles. 1881-1913 Display collection on 49 pages, covers and cards (68), pieces or stamps (97) from 26 differing offices, entires include Arundel on 1893 telegram, Billingshurst (1882 cover, rate "450" by Cohen with only 4-5 recorded), Bognor 1899 card with Barnham Junction c.d.s, Brighton offices comprising H.P.O (two 1893 covers franked 1/2d I.R Official both with Brighton Station R.L c.d.s), Cannon Place (2, scarce, earliest & latest known uses, Cohen "375"), College Road (2, Cohen "325"), Kemp Town (1889 cover, very scarce, Cohen "425" with 4-5 recorded), Old Steine (3) and Western Rd (4, one a parcel label), Etchingham (Cohen "375"), Gensing Station Rd Hastings, Heathfield (3, pieces only), Lindfield (2), Newhaven with scarce first type (3, one on underpaid 1/2d card redirected to Denmark, another on registered cover to Denmark franked 2d + 2 1/2d), Polegate, Robertsbridge, etc. A good lot showing the various new and recut hammer types, many highly rated by Cohen. (165). Photo on Page 140. £500-600
  Burgess Hill. 1845-c.1980 Covers and cards (35) including undated circles of Burgess Hill and St. Johns Common, "C90" vertical oval obliterators (2), 1881 single ring c.d.s used as a cancellation, 1875-76 duplex covers to Spain and Italy, 1920 Church Rd registered cover, etc., also some stamps and pieces. (35+). £100-120
  Crawley. 1841 Cover from Crawley to Berkshire bearing a 1d black, PF plate 7 (three margins, touched at upper right) tied by a black Maltese Cross, reverse flap with superb Crawley double arc datestamp in blue which displays well when the flap is opened out. £100-120
  Cuckfield & Lindfield. 1790-1990s Covers and cards with prestamp mail including Cuckfield mileage marks (2), mileage removed (2) and Penny Post, 1809 entire letter written at Lindfield with Uckfield mileage mark, undated circles of Lindfield (3), Bolney, Hapstead, Balcombe (2), Hand-Cross, 1829 Money Letter, "232" vertical oval obliterators (2), etc., also various pieces and stamps. (50++). £100-120
  Hassocks & Henfield. 1847-c.1980 Covers and cards from Hassocks and district (20) or Henfield and district (42) including undated circles of Ditchling and Henfield (3), "E52" vertical oval obliterators (2) and duplexs, cancels of Ditchling, Keymer and Poynings, "Mobile Post Office" c.d.s used at Sussex Agricultural Show (1949 & 1956), etc., also two Henfield Turnpike Road receipts and various stamps and pieces with some rubber cancels. (64+). £100-120
  Haywards Heath & District. 1875-1970's Covers and cards including skeletons datestamps of Haywards Heath (10) and Balcombe, 1967-76 Mobile Post Office c.d.s used at Ardingly South of England Show (9), 1968 Martlet Down Expo c.d.s (2) and Mobile P.O, also many C.O.Ps, pieces and stamps with skeletons and rubbers, village cancels on blank type registration labels, etc. (87+). £100-120
  Hurstpierpoint. 1840-1920 Covers and cards including undated circles of Hurstpierpoint (2), Ditchling (3), Henfield, Albourne (2), duplexs, 1840 letter from Ditchling sent through Lewes (prior to Ditchling becoming a sub-office of Hurstpierpoint), etc., also various stamps and pieces. (44+). £100-120
  Petworth & District. 1813-1959 Covers and cards including prestamp mail with mileage marks (2), mileage removed, straight line or horseshoe (2) types, U.P.P handstruck "1" in red (3), undated circles of Duncton, Easebourne and Lodsworth (2), etc., also some stamps and pieces. (43). £100-120
This remarkable collection was formed with care and knowledge over more than fifty years, and is probably the most extensive Channel Islands collection in terms of both quantity and breadth of subject to have ever appeared at auction; as such it offers a unique opportunity for collectors to acquire many rarely seen items of postal history. The collection covers every aspect of the postal history of all the islands, as well as occupation period and more recent stamps. Sections of particular note include the distinctive Channel Islands Maltese Cross, ship letters and Mobile Box/Boite Mobile mail, forwarding agents, mails sent to and from France, Ballon Montes, and the occupation period which includes the unique Guernsey stamp essay.
  Shoreham. 1780-1948 Entire letters, covers and cards, useful prestamp mail with 1780 "SHORE / HAM. S", 1798-99 horseshoe type (2), two line mileage marks (5), circular mileage mark (2) and mileage removed, Penny Posts (12, two types) with receiving house number 1 of Lancing (2), 2 of Sompting, 3 of Findon (2), 5 of Portslade (2) or 6 of Washington (3), also numerals, duplexs, misspelt "SHORCHAM CAMP" skeleton c.d.s, etc., also some stamps and pieces, and a photocopy of 1894-1920 returns of letters posted and delivered at Shoreham in specific weeks. Three Penny Post entires with side portions removed and a few other faults though most are fine, one 1824 letter to Serles Coffee House in London. (40+). £200-240



Documents, Maps, Prints, Ephemera.

  Box containing antique prints (c.26, some reduced in size), 1837 "Penny Magazine" supplements about the islands (2), c.1900 book "Gems of the Channel, Guernsey, Alderney and Sark" published by the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce (47 pages + adverts), eighteenth and nineteenth century legal documents and official documents (approx 40), a few postal history books, letters, newspapers, reproduction maps (two framed) and prints, etc. £200-300
  Maps. Various seventeenth and eighteenth century maps (9, seven hand coloured), also three early prints of Elizabeth Castle (2) or St. Helier. (12). £180-220
  Pictorial Notepaper. c.1840-60 Unused lettersheets all headed with prints of Jersey or Guernsey views. (20). £120-150
  Shipping. 1800-1903 Bills of Lading for goods shipped to Guernsey (10), prints of shipping, wrecks or harbours (8, four hand coloured), 1831 Quarantine notice printed in French, 1800 document selling one sixteenth of a ship for £600, 1826 advert for the "Sir Francis Drake" steam packet, 1856 notice for a ship sailing from Bridport to Guernsey and Jersey posted at Bridport (faults), etc. (27). £150-200

Picture Postcards

  c.1901-35 Picture postcards (with a few later cards) including cards by "LL", 1910 cards with amateur but well taken photos applied (36), etc. (c.233). £250-300
  Advertising cards & ephemera. Advertising postcards (some with the adverts printed on the reverse) for hotels, shops, plays, excursions, etc., also cards with hotel cachets, earlier business cards including Larbalestier's Eau de Cologne, Royal Yacht Club Hotel, price lists for excursions and carriage hire, 1884 Royal Victoria Hall season ticket, 1890 Grand Hotel Jersey invitation to the laying of the commemoration stone, letterheads, cabinet photos by Jersey photographers, etc. An interesting lot, some mounted in an album. (115). £250-350
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 41)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 9th March 2018 Time: 10:30AM
Details: VIEWING:
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