G.B. & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 43)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
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Date: 1st March 2019 Time: 11:00AM
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Auction Lots - Page 20
  1935 (Aug 8) Registered covers from Reykjavik to England bearing Iceland stamps totalling 3kr 30a, both handstamped "Solbergs - flug / 1 agust 1935", backstamped at Bergen and Birmingham. Thor Solberg flew from New York to Bergen following the route taken by Leif Eiriksson, stopping at Montreal, Newfoundland, Labrador, Greenland and Iceland. Two fine covers, one bearing 1929 Air 50a. (2). £120-140
  1939-90 First flight covers to or from Iceland including 1939 first Icelandic glider flight from Sandskeid to Reykjavik, 1947 Reykjavik to Stavanger, etc. (47). £70-80

World War Two

  1940-46 Covers including covers to G.B (6), USA or Denmark with British censor labels, 1944 cover to Switzerland with British and German censor labels, 1944 Thingvellir F.D.Cs to R.A.F Chittagong (probably sent under cover) or to the USA with a U.S censor label, 1946 air mail cover from Seydisfjordur to England franked 45a pair endorsed "On Active Service", etc. (13), £80-100
  Naval Mail. 1943-44 Stampless O.A.S covers to England with naval censors, two with enclosed letters from H.M.S "Baldar", the other with return address of H.M.S "Baldar II", with black "RECEIVED FROM / H.M SHIPS" or red "POST / OFFICE / MARITIME / MAIL" machines or red "OFFICIAL PAID" skeleton c.d.s, and 1944 cover franked 25a from Reykjavik to "H.M.S Baldur II, Reykjavik". Also five other naval covers with no obvious Iceland connection. (4+). £100-120
  R.A.F Mail. 1942 Stampless O.A.S covers with R.A.F censors and red Post Office Maritime Mail machine or datestamps of F.P.O 306, 307 or 526, all fine. Facit 1,300 SKR + F.P.O 307 (unpriced with R.A.F censor). (4). £100-120
  R.A.F Mail. 1943-44 Stampless O.A.S covers with single ring "R.A.F POST OFFICE / 001" c.d.s (4, one with letter enclosed) or similar "002" c.d.s, the last scarce. (5). £100-120
Click to view full image... R.A.F Mail. 1943-45 Stampless O.A.S covers from Camp Cook, four from the W.M Houston correspondence with red Maritime Mail or Official Paid machines (three on Honour Envelopes with R.A.F Censor 245), the last with very scarce "R.A.F P.O / 005" double ring c.d.s. (5). Photo on Page 176. £150-180
  1940-42 Stampless O.A.S covers with datestamps of F.P.O 2, 3, 304 (2, one with enclosed letter), 305, 306 (3, two with enclosed letters), 307 or 308; 1941 cover from London to an army Chaplain at No 30 General Hospital Iceland and redirected to 146 Brigade at Akureyri with F.P.O 306 c.d.s; Forces Christmas cards from Iceland (6) and "A Handbook to Iceland for Servicemen"; and well taken amateur photos (12) of troops, visit of Winston Churchill (5, one with Roosevelt), etc. Facit 4,450 SKR. (11 covers + 19 cards/photos). £220-260
  1941 (Aug 2) 3d Forces registration envelope cancelled by F.P.O 89 c.d.s, a second strike alongside and triangular army censor 3259, the blank registration label handstamped "T.49", unusual and scarce. F.P.O 89 used by 49th Div. H.Q at Reykjavik, unpriced by Facit. £80-100
  1941 (Aug 20/25) Stampless Honour Envelopes with F.P.O 306 datestamps and violet "SALVED FROM THE SEA" or boxed "DAMAGED BY SEA-WATER". (2). £100-120
  U.S Forces. 1941-44 Covers with handstamps of First Marine Brigade (3), A.P.O 5, 610 (2) or 810, machine cancels of A.P.O 5, 810 or 860 (2); cover from USA to A.P.O 860; V. Mail form from A.P.O 610 with delivery envelope cancelled at New York; also 1954-64 covers with A.P.O 81 machine (2) or U.S Navy 17067 Br. handstamp. Facit 5,000 SKR. (16). £140-160

Postal Stationery

Click to view full image... 1879 Postcard proofs, one missing the violet border, inscription, address lines and letter "B" in the upper left corner as well as the stamp (small hole upper right corner), the other just missing the 5a stamp, also the issued 5a card unused. (3). Photo on Page 176 £150-180
  1880-1935 Postcards unused (30) or used (16), complete reply cards unused (8) and a used outward half, and printed matter cards unused (3), many written up on pages, the used cards all apparently commercial, includes cards uprated with stamps (5), "I GILDI" overprints (4, one used), 1916 card to the Faroe Islands, 1934 Siglufjordur c.d.s, etc. (58). £450-550
  1900 5a Reply postcard, the outward half (Facit 4b) commercially used from Seydisfjordur to Siglufjordur, cancelled by fine "SEYDISFJORDUR" c.d.s (Apr 21), with two "AKUREYRI" transit backstamps (Apr 24 & May 1); and 1905 10a lettercard (Facit 4) commercially used to Reykjavik, cancelled by "ISAFJORDUR" c.d.s, both fine. (2). £120-150
Click to view full image... 1903 (May 4) 5a Postcard (Facit 19) commercially used from Bildudal to Budardal, Dalasysla, cancelled by fine "ARNARFJORDUR" crown and posthorn handstamp, fine "DALASYSLA" arrival backstamp (May 12), attractive and scarce. Photo on Page 176. £150-200
  1905-36 Lettercards unused (16) or used (7), the unused items all superb with full borders, the used items all commercial with the borders removed upon opening, two uprated with stamps, cancels include Blonduos and Borgarnes datestamps. Also 1949-63 air letters (9) including 1957 issue 175a commercially used. (32). £200-250

(Also See Lots 109/10, 290-343, 365, 375, 385, 392, 582/4, 587, 603, 607, 727/45, 836/44, 863, 997, 1039, 1097-1102)

Click to view full image... 1856-64 2a Yellow-green used with octagonal "B/1" cancel of Calcutta, perfs trimmed off at the top and right, and few also trimmed at the upper left side, nevertheless very scarce. This 2a green was prepared for use but not issued, though a few are known postally used. S.G. 50, £4,000. Photo on Page 140. £80-100
Click to view full image... 1860 8p Purple on bluish paper, fine mint, large part original gum. S.G. 51, £600. Photo on Page 140. £180-220
Click to view full image... 1882-90 4a Slate-green with watermark inverted, fine used. S.G. 96w, £375. Photo on Page 140. £120-140
  2009 Jayadeva and Geetagovinda 5r, marginal vertical strip of three with Sanskrit inscription omitted in error, commercially used on piece, light vertical crease, also a normal mint pair for comparison. S.G. 2608, var. £100-120
Click to view full image... Officials. 1883-99 1a Brown-purple "On H.M.S" overprint (type O9), variety overprint inverted, fine used with Alleppy c.d.s. S.G. O40a, £900. Photo on Page 140. £350-400
  Reply Coupon. 1909 First type 3a International Reply Coupon with red "LAHORE / MONEY ORDERS" c.d.s (Feb 6), very fine and surprisingly scarce from India. £100-120

Used Abroad

Click to view full image... Afghanistan. C.1875 Small cover bearing Afghanistan 1875 1sa brown-violet (dated "1292") with circular ink cancel and a piece torn away, in combination with India ½a blue tied by "BHERA / L-2" duplex, datestamps of Jhelum, Rawalpindee and Peshawur, address panel with three small holes and minor edge faults, the reverse bearing the stamps and cancels attractive. Photo on Page 158. £150-180
  French India. 1874 Cover to Paris bearing 4a green, 2a orange and 8p mauve tied by two "PONDICHERRY / M-19" duplex datestamps, "PD" handstamp, small tear at upper edge, otherwise fine and attractive. £300-350
  Nepal. 1928 Cover from H.R.H The Maharaja of Nepal to General Sir William Birdwood, Commander-in-Chief in India, the reverse with a large and superbly embossed and coloured crest of the Maharaja, oval framed "KATMANDU" and three India 1a stamps tied by "NEPAL" datestamps, bearing a Nepal registration label. £100-120
Click to view full image... Tibet. 1904 (Sep 18) Cover to England bearing KEVII 1a tied by "LAHSSA" c.d.s, backstamped at "BASE OFFICE" (Sep 30) and upon arrival at Witham, small part lower flap missing with minor faults at lower corner, otherwise a fine cover from the 1904 Younghusband Expedition. Photo on Page 176. £240-260
  Tibet. 1904 (Sep 4) QV ¼a Service postcard cancelled to order with "LAHSSA" c.d.s, some overall toning. £100-120
Click to view full image... Tibet. 1908 (Aug 19) Picture postcard to Germany bearing KEVII ½a tied by "FIELD P.O No. 81" single ring c.d.s used at Pharijong (recorded 1904 and 1907-10), partial Base Office transit c.d.s, two vertical creases, attractive and scarce. Photo on Page 176 £300-350
  Zanzibar. 1884 (June 1) Small cover bearing ½a blue pair on the reverse tied by a fine "ZANZIBAR" squared circle, arrival datestamps of Mandvi Cutch and Mundra, minor toning, a neat little cover. £100-120

Covers & Postal History

  1798-1830 Entire letters from India to Scotland or G.B to India (3) with 1798 letter from William Adam (politician, later Attorney-General and Privy Councillor) to his son John Adam (private secretary to Marquis of Hastings, later acting Governor-General of India) in Patna, privately carried to Calcutta where it was posted; and two 1830 letters to The Countess of Dalhousie in Calcutta, one redirected to "Commander in Chief Hd Qrs" with boxed "KEDGREE / POST OFFICE / SHIP LETTER" written by her son J.A Ramsey (later first Marquis of Dalhousie, Governor-General of India) whilst at university. (4). £200-250
Click to view full image... 1817 Printed Bill of Exchange for £103.2.4 signed by the Accountant General at Fort William, and on behalf of the Secretary to the Government, addressed to London with red boxed "KINGS SEA / POSTE PAID / CALCUTTA" (Giles SD5), "SHIP LETTER / GRAVESEND" (Rob. S7) and boxed "MORE TO PAY" of London (Jay 1098), charged 6d. A little creased but very unusual and scarce. Photo on Page 180. £500-600
  1825 Entire letter from London to William Fraser in Delhi, reverse with Portsmouth forwarding agents endorsement and boxed "KEDGREE / POST OFFICE / SHIP LETTER", forwarding a plan of the travels in Tunisia by Roland Wilson, private secretary to the Marquis of Hastings at Malta. The enclosed well drawn map shows the route he travelled from Utica to Carthage and Tunis, into the desert to various wadis and old ruins, and back to Tunis via Sfax and Monastir. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1870 Cover to Wales bearing 8p mauve + 8a rose tied by undated "WORKING PARTY / 313" Punjab type duplex, a few minor nicks to lower edge, otherwise fine and rare, the only example of this cancel we have recorded. Photo on Page 180. £250-300
  1877 Cover franked 1876 6a, from Meerut to "H.M.S Encounter, Bermuda, West Indies", red London Paid transit c.d.s, backstamped with "A UP" T.P.O and Bombay datestamps, small tear at upper edge, otherwise generally fine, a very unusual destination from India. £100-120
  T.P.Os. c.1860-1933 Covers and cards (26, nearly all QV or KEVII), also a few stamps and later items, with various T.P.O cancels, on album pages. (26+). £100-120

Air Mails

Click to view full image... 1911 KEVII ½a Envelope uprated ½a to London, endorsed "Aerial Post" and cancelled by the "FIRST AERIAL POST / 1911 / U.P EXHIBITION ALLAHABAD" handstamp in violet, a further strike on the reverse in black, also backstamped with the Allahabad c.d.s (Feb 18), a London arrival machine on the front. Opening tears at upper edge and both sides, rather crudely repaired with three large hinges mainly on the reverse (all clear of the Aerial Post backstamp), still an unusual and rare example of this handstamp in black ink, only used in that colour on a small number of V.I.P mail items. With R.P.S certificate (2012). Photo on Page 180. £1,600-1,800
  Pigeon Post. 1931 (Dec 31) Small printed Hazaribagh to Calcutta pigeongram envelopes, one with enclosed pigeongram carried by "Black Prince", the other with the pigeongram (no longer present) carried by "Kingsford Smith", both with KGV ½a tied by red Park Street Calcutta c.d.s, both envelopes with a few small worm holes. (2). £180-200

Indian Convention States

  1885-1900 Mint selection comprising Faridkot postage issue 2a, 4a, 6a (both shades), 8a mauve and 1r slate, Official issue 8a (both colours) and 1r (both colours); Gwalior 1885-97 type 1 overprint 1a, 6a, 8a and 1r (Hindi inscription 15½mm); Jhind 1885 type 1 overprint 1a, 2a and 4a, mainly fine. S.G. £1,325. (17). £180-220
Click to view full image... Chamba. 1887-98 ½a Blue-green with Service overprint, variety "CHMABA" for "CHAMBA", mint, minor toning to reverse, good appearance and scarce. S.G. O1a, £500. Photo on Page 140. £200-220
Click to view full image... Chamba. 1887-98 1a Brown-purple with Service overprint, variety "CHMABA" for "CHAMBA", mint, heavily toned but a very scarce variety. S.G. O2a, £800. Photo on Page 140. £250-300
Click to view full image... Patiala. 1885-90 ½a Blue-green with Service overprint type O2 in red, mint, a little toning on reverse. This stamp was prepared for use but not issued; it is mentioned (but not priced) by S.G. in a footnote to S.G. O4/7. Photo on Page 140. £100-120

(Also See Lots 291, 296, 306, 357, 375, 1097)

Air Mails

  Baghdad - Cairo R.A.F Air Service. 1922-26 Covers comprising 1922 covers from Baghdad to London franked 9a, G.B to Baghdad franked 9d, or USA to Baghdad franked 15c and inscribed by air mail but with this crossed out and diverted to surface mail (piece torn from right edge), 1923 cover from Heliopolis to Baghdad franked Egypt 10m block of four with bilingual "AIR MAIL" handstamp, and 1923 covers from G.B to Baghdad franked 5½d (3, one returned to G.B via the Air Ministry) or 6d, or from G.B to India franked 7½d. (9). £150-180
  1922-27 Covers comprising 1922 registered covers franked 13a from Baghdad to Cairo or franked 8½d from G.B to Teheran both carried by R.A.F Cairo to Baghdad air service; 1927 (Jan.) Imperial Airways Cairo - Basrah air service first flight covers from G.B (2), and a cover from Karachi to G.B with red "AIR MAIL SERVICE / BASRA - CAIRO / (KARACHI G.P.O)". (5). £100-120
Click to view full image... R.A.F Emergency Air Service. 1923 (Oct 1) Stampless postcard to "F/O Whitehead, No 84 Squadron R.A.F, Shaibah" and endorsed "By Official Air Mail, Baghdad - Shaibah 1.10.23", signed by Pritchard and the pilot A.C Harrison, handstamped oval "AIR MAIL CENTRE / ROYAL AIR FORCE / 1 OCT 1923 / HINAIDI". A scarce R.A.F flight which only carried a handful of official letters and cards. Photo on Page 180. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1927 England - India Record Flight Attempt by F/Lt Carr & F/O Gilman. Long cover "From Gibbon & Co, London" to the company's representative in Calcutta, endorsed "Per favour of Flight. Lieut R.H Carr R.A.F By Air England - India" with G.B 2d cancelled at Cranwell and Iraq 3a cancelled upon arrival at Lower Baghdad (June 1), backstamped at Baghdad and Calcutta, with "non-stop record flight attempt 1927 (only 3 letters flown)" written in pencil by Francis Field. Ft/Lt Carr and F/O Gilman left Cranwell on May 20th with the intention of flying non-stop to India, but were forced down near Bandar Abbas on May 21st due to a shortage of petrol, having covered 3,415 miles in 34 hours 37 minutes. Two vertical folds, otherwise fine and very rare, just three covers carried. Photo on Page 180. £1,400-1,600
Click to view full image... 1934 (Oct 21) Air Mail cover to London with 5f + 10f + 20f tied by superb violet oval "BAGHDAD AIRPORT POST & TELS OFFICE" bilingual datestamp, used at the temporary post office at Baghdad Airport during the MacRobertson air race from England to Australia. The enclosed letter includes "I am posting this at the airport. Got to bed at 4 this morning, saw the Mollisons, Scott and the Dutch machines arrive. There is a ball at the airport tonight". Very fine. Photo on Page 180. £150-180


Click to view full image... Ship Letter - Newport. 1817 Entire letter from New York to London "per ship Glenthorn", handstamped "NEWPORT MAYO / 122" with manuscript "Ship Letter" below and a faint Dublin Ship Letter datestamp, initially charged 1/5, altered to 2/7. Robertson did not record any ship letters from this port, and this is the only item recorded by Tabeart, illustrated on page 234 of "Robertson Revisited". A unique ship letter. Photo on Page 180. £2,200-2,600
Click to view full image... 1841 Unpaid entire letter from London to Belfast charged 2d, Belfast Late arrival backstamp (Apr 3) and red "Not Known", fine and scarce. Photo on Page 182. £150-200
  Ship Letter - Dublin. 1857 Entire letter with Cape Town backstamps, prepaid 6d in cash to England, with a Dublin Paid c.d.s and scarce small "DUBLIN / SHIP LETTER" (Rob S6). The letter is written on a farm 25 miles from the nearest shop, and includes "there is a bill passed for emigration to this colony so that anyone wishing to come out will do so very cheap by applying to the emigration office". A little soiling but scarce. £150-180
Click to view full image... T.P.O. 1873 (July 22) Cover to Belfast with 1d red cancelled by "190" numeral in a diamond, backstamped superb "DUBLIN & BELFAST / R.P.O" c.d.s. The 1874 list of P.O numbers shows this numeral allocated to the T.P.O, but it was unallocated in the subsequent list of 1892. A rare cancel, only one example recorded by Wilson. Photo on Page 182. £250-300
G.B. & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 43)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 1st March 2019 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for full viewing details
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