G.B. & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 43)
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Date: 1st March 2019 Time: 11:00AM
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Auction Lots - Page 13
Click to view full image... Basutoland - Gun War. 1880 Stampless cover to Rosebank, headed "On Service" and countersigned by the Adjutant of the Duke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles, delivered free of charge, with datestamps of Cape Town and Rosebank (both Jan. 1 1881). 298 Soldiers of the D.E.O.V.R served in Basutoland during the Gun War. Flap missing, otherwise fine and rare. Photo on Page 120. £700-800
  Sudan. 1884-85 Covers from G.B franked 2½d to Captain Gordon of the Royal Marines or Lt. Sandbach (3), all at Suakin (one Sandbach cover redirected from Cairo); and an 1886 (May 30) O.H.M.S cover hand delivered to "Captain H.M Sandbach, Royal Artillery" and signed "F.E Allsopp, Lt + Adjt R.A, S.F.F" with enclosed letter headed "S.S Queen off Suez en route to Alexandria" which includes "most people have left Suakin except transport & the permanent garrison that is to be. All officers have to report arrival at Suez". (5). £350-400
  Sudan. 1896 (Aug 6) India 1a Soldiers and Seamens Envelope sent from Souakin to India with "BASE OFFICE / B" c.d.s, left edge trimmed upon opening, otherwise fine. £100-120
  Sudan. 1896-97 Covers from Charles Ferguson both with "WADI-HALFA / CAMP" datestamps, the first a stampless cover to Scotland endorsed "Field Service, no stamps obtainable, C. Ferguson Bim., 10th Soudanese" with 18 Nov. 1896 c.d.s and boxed "T", marked as a double weight letter with "5d / F.B" charge mark, Cairo and Scottish backstamps, opened on three sides with a few edge faults; the second cover to London with Egypt 5m pair tied by 5 Jan. 1897 datestamps, a third datestamp below, Cairo and London backstamps, this cover very fine. Sir Charles Ferguson served in the Grenadier Guards and then the Egyptian Army from 1896 until 1907; he was later Governor General of New Zealand. (2). £130-160
  Gold Coast - Ashanti Wars. 1901 (Jan 22) G.B 1d Lettercard, altered for use as a postcard with message on the reverse which includes "I am now in charge of garrison here ..... hope to go up the Gambia next month with the Expedition", written from Prahsu by "A.J.M.D". Addressed to Melbourne, Victoria, endorsed "On special service, A.F.F" with datestamps of Prahsu and Cape Coast, a Gold Coast stamp unfortunately removed but a very unusual home made postcard, apparently from an Australian serving with the Ashanti Field Force. £100-120
Click to view full image... Niger Coast. 1901 Cover to Canada endorsed "P. Master Old Calabar please stamp, Capt. Carstairs, Officer commanding troops Cross River Division, Umwana, Southern Nigeria", two Niger Coast 1d stamps added in transit by the Old Calabar Postmaster and tied by Oct. 14th datestamps, backstamped at Toronto. Captain Carstairs joined the newly formed Southern Nigeria Regt (crest on envelope flap) from the Canadian Militia in 1901. An exceptional campaign cover sent whilst on active service in the interior, carried by runner to the coast where it was stamped and posted. Photo on Page 124. £500-600
  British Somaliland. 1903 (July 28) Cover to England with India QV 1a tied by "F.P.O No 6" double ring c.d.s, used at Upper Sheikh, backstamped "BASE OFFICE / BERBERA" c.d.s and at Aden, recipients file note, otherwise fine. £200-240
Click to view full image... Natal - Bambata Rebellion. 1906 (June 22) Stampless picture postcard to Beaumont endorsed "On Active Service" and signed by Lt. B.W Martin of the Natal Carbineers at Stanger, with datestamps of Stanger and Camperdown, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 124. £200-250

Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902
(Also See Lots 1109, 1130, 1193)

  1900 (Jan 17) Captured red "O.H.M.S / REGISTERED / S.R FRENCH / Post Office" envelope sent to Jagersfontein, headed "Veld Dienst" and endorsed from Colesberg O.V.S, with O.F.S 1d tied by "COLESBERG / C.G.H" squared circle, a second finer strike on the front. An attractive cover sent during the Boer invasion of the Cape. £100-120
  1900 (Aug 29) Cyclostyled envelope entitled "Trek", depicting a fleeing President Kruger being chased by six bulldogs representing the British Isles, Navy, Volunteers, India, Canada and Australasia, posted from Cape Town to England franked ½d pair, unusually fine condition. £80-100
  Ladysmith Siege. 1900 (Jan 30 - Feb 28) Ladysmith Siege postcards to England all with a Ladysmith c.d.s and circular framed "10c" charge mark which has been obliterated by an "FB" handstamp in the London Foreign Branch, two with red London Paid datestamps (Mar 25), a couple of very minor edge faults though generally fine and attractive. (3). £120-150
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Rhodesia. 1900 (June 8) Cover with "67th Company / Imperial Yeomanry / (Sharpshooters)" printed on the flap, franked by ½d pair tied by Umtali datestamps (June 8), and a stampless cover with "T" handstamp and Bulawayo c.d.s (Oct 30), both covers endorsed "From Corporal T. Hefferman, 12467, 67 Co. I.Y, Sharpshooters" and countersigned for the 1d concession rate, both addressed to the actor H. Beerbohm Tree at Her Majestys Theatre in London, the stampless cover delivered free of charge with a red London E.C Paid c.d.s applied. The stamped cover with vertical central fold and stampless cover with unobtrusive opening tear at upper edge, otherwise a fine and attractive pair. (2). Photo on Page 124. £300-400
Click to view full image... Rhodesia. 1900 (July 12) Cover to England headed "From W.N Clark Lieut. 70th (S.S) Coy I.Y Fort Charter" and countersigned by another Lieutenant, franked Rhodesia 1d tied by "274" obliterator with datestamps of Charter and Southampton Packet Letter on the front, backstamped at Bulawayo. A fine cover from an officer incorrectly accepted at the 1d soldiers concession rate. Photo on Page 124. £150-200
Click to view full image... New Zealand. 1900 (Sep 3) Printed pictorial envelope "New Zealand to the Front!" depicting a Maori holding the New Zealand flag standing alongside Britannia, designed and printed by J. Hooker of New Plymouth, posted within New Zealand bearing 1d pair. A little very minor staining, otherwise fine, a scarce and attractive cover. Photo on Page 124 £150-180
  Kruger Postcards. 1900 Postcards from Germany or Switzerland to President Kruger, sent to show support for the Boer cause, comprising a handwritten card sent within Cologne and redirected to The Hague; scarce card depicting Europe's leaders cheering Kruger and the British protagonists hanging from gallows, with printed Pretoria address; card showing the figure of peace, with printed Berlin address; card showing a family cheering Kruger with printed Paris address, and a similar card unusually posted after the war in 1902 from the Cape Verde Islands to England. (5). £100-120
  Picture Postcards. German, French, Dutch, Belgian or Austrian propaganda postcards with pro-Boer or anti-British sentiments, including British prisoners, satires on King Edward VII or Chamberlain, the capture of Ladysmith, heroes of the Transvaal, Chamberlain surrounded by skeletons or massacred civilians, etc., a fine carefully selected group all written up on pages. (23). £240-280

World War One 1914-18
(Also See Lots 62, 208, 293, 743, 881/4, 918, 1028, 1099, 1104, 1127)

  Martin-Leake, Double V.C Winner. 1914 (Dec 31) Censored cover with A.P.O 51 c.d.s, signed by A.M Leake, addressed to his mother in Ware, piece torn from upper edge; and a two page letter from Brindisi (8 Jan 1916) written and signed by Leake, also to his mother. Lieut Arthur Martin-Leake was awarded the Victoria Cross during the Boer War, and was awarded a clasp to the V.C in 1914 for bravery and devotion to duty in rescuing a large number of wounded lying close to the enemy trenches while exposed to constant fire. Only three men have been awarded the V.C. twice. (Cover + letter). £150-200
  1914-18 G.B Covers and cards returned by the censor or because the service was suspended due to war, including 1914 cover to Russia intercepted by the German and returned in 1920 (March 20 backstamp), 1916 cover to Switzerland intercepted by the Germans and returned via France, and picture postcards to USA or Switzerland with boxed "Picture Post-cards addressed to / neutral countries are returned / by the Censor" or "Picture Post-cards / are returned / by the Censor". (9). £100-120
  1914-18 Covers all with explanatory slips enclosed from the British censor, comprising 1914 cover from Italy (letters should be short and clearly written) and 1918 P.O.W lettersheet from Germany (British censor not responsible for mutilation of letter), and four G.B covers returned by the British censor (printed papers not allowed without permit; pictorial illustrations not allowed (2 versions, one also with "letters for enemy countries cannot be forwarded") and printed publications must be despatched by publisher or bookseller authorised by the War Office). Also picture postcards to USA or Switzerland with boxed "Picture Post-cards addressed to / neutral countries are returned / by the Censor" or "Picture Post-cards / are returned / by the Censor". (8). £130-160
  Elisabethville. 1916-17 Stampless covers to London endorsed "S.M" and "Exp de Jules George, soldat-belge, Elisabethville" both with "ELISABETHVILLE BIRTLEY / Co DURHAM" double ring c.d.s. Elizabethville was built as a munitions factory and village for Belgian refugees. (2). £70-80

Hospital Ships

  1915-19 Stampless O.A.S picture postcards all from the same writer (also see lot 655), the first with violet oval "No. 3 AMBULANCE SHIP / 3 JUL 1915 / ST. PATRICK" and A.P.O 3 machine of Boulogne, the other three all 1919 cards, from Salonica with circular "AMBULANCE TRANSPORT / P.C / 20 / R.A.M.C", or with similar No. 3 cachet of the "Glengorm Castle" (2) sent from Salonica or Constantinople, the two Salonica cards with London Received from H.M Ship machine marks, the Constantinople card with F.P.O SY4 skeleton c.d.s. (4). £140-160
  1916-19 Covers (7) from hospital ships (all former Union Castle liners) with cachets, comprising stampless items handstamped circular "INDIAN HOSPITAL / SHIP / GLENGORM / CASTLE" (1916, A.P.O S7 c.d.s of Marseille), circular "HOSPITAL SHIP / P.C / 22 / R.A.M.C" used on the "Guildford Castle" (2, 1918, Southampton datestamps), oval "HOSPITAL SHIP / GLENART CASTLE" (1916, B.A.P.O Z of Alexandria) or oval "AMBULANCE TRANSPORT / GLOUCESTER CASTLE" (1919, London Received from H.M Ship machine); cover franked 1d with "PASSED BY CENSOR" and "Hospital Ship No (2) / M.F.A GARTH CASTLE"; and 1916 philatelic cover from Southampton with a pair of 1/- stationery cut-outs and triangular "CENSORED / H.M.H.S 602 / MASTER" used on the "Braemar Castle". Also picture postcards of various hospital ships (9), one posted by a wounded soldier at Exeter. (16). £250-300
  1915-18 Stampless cover or cards, with hospital ship cachets comprising "Passed by Censor / Head Wardmaster" on 1915 card from M.F.A "Maine" with A.P.O 78 c.d.s of Dunkirk; circular "INDIAN HOSPITAL / SHIP / GLENGORM / CASTLE" on cover to India; oval "H.M HOSPITAL SHIP "NEVASA" / 26 JUN. 1917" on cover from Bombay (part reverse missing); and "PASSED BY CENSOR / HOSPITAL SHIP. E 0126" signed by R.G McLaren, Chief Engineer, on P&O crested cover with London Received From H.M Ship machine. (4). £120-150
  1918-19 Stampless covers and cards with circular "HOSPITAL SHIP / P.C / R.A.M.C" numbered cachets, comprising number 20 on a card from Aix, and cards from Salonica with numbers 25, 26 (previously unrecorded, with Base A.P.O X c.d.s) or 29 ("Dunluce Castle"), two with London Received From H.M Ship machines. (4). £110-130
  Australian Hospital Ships. 1916-17 Stampless picture postcards from Egypt with Base A.P.O Z c.d.s and violet oval "H.M.H.S / WARILDA" cachet, or A.P.O SZ24 skeleton c.d.s of Suez and violet oval "No. 2 AUSTRALIAN HOSPITAL SHIP / KANOWNA". (2). £120-150

Australian Forces

Click to view full image... Troopship Mail - Ceylon. 1918 Picture postcard of Colombo posted from a troopship to Victoria with Ceylon 6c tied by Melbourne "A.I FORCES / POSTAGE FREE" machine (June 25), circular violet "TRANSPORT / CENSOR / COLOMBO", redirected within Victoria but unknown so returned to Ceylon with boxed "UNCLAIMED AT / ST KILDA" and "INCONNU / (NOT KNOWN)" and datestamps of Dead Letter Office Melbourne, D.L.O Bombay, D.L.O Madras and Colombo Returned Letter Office, where the card should have been destroyed as it bears no senders address. Very unusual. Photo on Page 124. £100-120
Click to view full image... Naval Mail - Antigua/Barbados. 1916 Picture postcards to Adelaide, from the same sailor on H.M.A.S "Melbourne", the first a card of Belem bearing an uncancelled Brazil 100r and Barbados 1d tied by c.d.s (May 21), the second an Antigua card bearing Antigua 1d tied by "A.I FORCES POSTAGE FREE / VIC" c.d.s (July 4) with violet boxed "PASSED BY / NAVAL CENSOR", both very fine, unusual and attractive. (2). Photo on Page 124. £180-220

The following four lots are all addressed to General William Birdwood, Commander of the ANZAC forces in Egypt, Gallipoli, and then in France, before becoming Commander of the 2nd army, and then the reformed 5th army. Also see lots 977, 1120.

Click to view full image... 1915 (Sep 28) Long cover with printed and wax Governor-General seals, initialled by the Governor-General Sir Ronald Munro-Ferguson and addressed by him to "General Sir William Birdwood G.O.C, Australian Army Corps, The Dardanelles, Turkey" bearing KGV 1d + Kangaroo 2d both with "OS" perfins, tied by Melbourne c.d.s, unusual. Photo on Page 126. £150-200
  1915 (May 13) Large O.H.M.S cover with printed and wax Governor-General seals, addressed to "General W.R Birdwood, Australian Imperial Force, Gallipoli, Turkey" with Kangaroo 2d perfined "OS" cancelled at Melbourne, minor edge faults, unusual. £120-150
  1917 (Mar 10) Large registered cover with large red Fremantle registration label franked Kangaroo 6d, to "General Birdwood, Commandant A.I.F, France", directed to "HW1", backstamped "AUSTN IMP FORCES / REGD / BASE POST OFFICE" and F.P.O H.C.1 datestamps. £140-160
  1882-1938 Covers and cards to Birdwood including 1918 cover from India to "Australian Corps, B.E.F, France" with "AUSTN IMP. FORCES / BASE POST OFFICE" backstamp, and stampless cover signed by Admiral J.M de Robeck (who commanded naval forces at Gallipoli) to "Commanding 5th Army, B.E.F, France" with naval security cancel and censor and F.P.O A5 c.d.s. Also earlier items to Birdwood (2, one an 1882 Egypt card from his mother at Alexandria, to Clifton College) and postwar items (9) with 1920 Australia 1½d envelope to Government House, Wellington, 1932 cover addressed "Please Mr Postman deliver me to General Birdwood who is visiting Western Australia", covers to India (5, one from Birdwood, S. Australia, renamed after Birdwood in WW1) or Peterhouse College Cambridge (2, one redirected to Deal Castle), and a 1938 card from Peterhouse College written and signed by Birdwood. (14). £280-320

Chinese Labour Corps

Click to view full image... Unused Red Band envelopes for use by the Chinese Labour Corps, comprising unused large size envelope (102x154mm) for use from China with "British Wei Hai Wei Government Chinese Labour Recruiting Office" printed in Chinese, and two smaller envelopes (142x70mm) which were sent out in the larger envelopes, intended for the reply from France back to China with address in Chinese "Shantung Province, Wei Hai Wei", fine and scarce. (3). Photo on Page 126. £400-500
Click to view full image... c.1917 Cover addressed in Chinese between two labourers in the Chinese Labour Corps in France, from number 69292 of 96th Co. to Mr Chao Kwang-chu, number 69309 of 122nd Co., with two boxed "C.L / 4" cachets, fine and rare, ex George Crabb collection. Photo on Page 126. £300-400

Air Mails

Click to view full image... Bulgaria. 1918 (Nov 6) O.A.S Postcard from W. Vonberg R.E at Sofia with censor cachet No 474, flown by R.A.F air service to Salonica where it received the F.P.O GX c.d.s. In October 1918 the R.A.F commenced a biweekly air service from Sofia to Salonica, the flight taking 2 hours when a road and rail journey took 3 days; ten flights were made in each direction before the service ceased in December. A rare card, carried on the fourth flight of the first regular British air mail service, just three other flown cards recorded. Photo on Page 126. £250-300
  Germany. 1919 (June 25) Stampless cover with F.P.O H.6 c.d.s, endorsed "Air Mail", flown by R.A.F air service from Cologne to Folkestone, fine and scarce. £80-100

Travelling Post Office

Click to view full image... Egypt. 1917 (May 28) 2d Forces registration envelope with the stamp and blank type registration label both with large size "LAK / TPO" skeleton c.d.s., used on the T.P.O from Kantara to Deir El Belah. A fine and rare registered cover, to the pioneer T.P.O collector C.W Ward. Photo on Page 126. £100-120
  Egypt/Palestine. 1916-18 Stampless covers (2) and a card with large size skeleton datestamps "RAK / TPO" (Kantara to El Arish, addressed to Australia, written by the famous aviator Ross Smith) or "LAP / TPO" (Ludd to Jerusalem) or small size skeleton "CAT / TPO" (Cairo to Port Said), and 2d registration envelope with small "TAC / TPO" skeleton c.d.s applied in transit on the front. (4). £160-200


  Bulgaria. 1919 Stampless Cardiff Evening Express Tobacco Fund cards written from "Balkans" with Army Post Office R26 skeleton c.d.s (Jan 14) used at Varna, or written from Bulgaria with Army Post Office R27 skeleton c.d.s, used at Ruschuk in Silistria (which was restored to Roumania in 1919), very scarce. (2). £120-150
  Yugoslavia. 1919 (Mar. 14 - April 3) Greek 5L or 10L postal stationery picture postcards both with Censor No. 390 and F.P.O W2 datestamps, used at Skopje (Uskub), both from Pte L.G Day, R.A.S.C. Fine and scarce. (2). £100-120
  Roumania. 1917 (June 13) Printed Red Cross envelope with "Commissioner / for Roumania" violet cachet (signed "Arthur Dukes"), censored, a G.B 1d cancelled in London (June 23), presumably carried by courier or army bag. The enclosed letter written by Lt. Griffith Evans, R.N.V.R, talks of arriving from Tiraspol, knowing a Roumanian Princess and meeting the Queen. Very unusual. £80-100
  Serbia. 1915 Stampless O.A.S postcard with circular "STOBART DISPENSARY / SERBIAN / RELIEF FUND / VITANOVATS" cachet, and Serbia 10p stationery card with oval "2nd British Farmers Hospital / Posharevats / S.R.F" cachet, both censored, fine and scarce. (2). £140-160
  Serbia. 1915 Cards from British aid workers (4), one with light Stobart Dispensary cachet, one written at Uskub but posted in London; and cards to France sent from the Danish Ambulance at Nisch, or with scarce violet "MISSION MEDICALE FRANCAISE / EN SERBIE / SECTEUR DE ZAYETCHAR", a couple with faults, an interesting and scarce group. (6) £140-160


Click to view full image... 1918 (Oct.) Civilian mail posted at A.P.O SZ8 in Beirut prior to a civilian Post Office being opened, the first to London with the A.P.O SZ8 skeleton c.d.s (Oct 20), delivered free of charge; the second to Alexandria with G.B 2½d applied and tied by the A.P.O SZ8 skeleton c.d.s (Oct 28), both censored at Port Said with blue censor seals and circular "PASSED BY CENSOR / No. 10", the stampless cover with a large closed tear through the address panel, the stamped cover with a small tear at upper edge but otherwise fine. Firebrace records eleven items of civilian mail posted at Beirut in October/November 1918 and handled by A.P.O SZ8, four of which were allowed free of charge, four had G.B stamps applied while three bore E.E.F stamps. Very scarce. (2). Photo on Page 126. £300-400
Click to view full image... 1918 (Nov 9) Turkish postal stationery postcard from Damascus to Cairo with "DAMAS" c.d.s applied away from the stamp, handed over to the British Army Postal Service and cancelled by F.P.O SZ62 skeleton c.d.s, an E.E.F 4m stamp applied over this in transit at Port Said and cancelled by the Base A.P.O T skeleton c.d.s (Nov 16). Firebrace recorded eight items posted at the civilian office at Damascus in October/November 1918 prior to E.E.F stamps being available and handed over to A.P.O SZ62, four of which had G.B stamps applied at that A.P.O while four others had E.E.F stamps applied in transit at B.A.P.O T at Port Said. Fine and rare. Photo on Page 130. £300-400

West Africa

  Cameroun/Northern Nigeria. 1916 Stampless O.A.S cover to London endorsed "From Lt. J Routledge, Banyo Base, W.A" (in Cameroon), posted in Northern Nigeria with Ibi c.d.s (Feb 28), backstamped at Naraguta (Mar 16) and Lagos. Scarce. £100-120
  Cameroun. 1916 Stampless covers to Scotland with "DUALA / CAMEROUN" c.d.s, or to France inscribed "F.M" and endorsed from a French soldier at Duala, both with circular "TRESOR ET POSTES / AUX / ARMEES" in black or violet, scarce. (2). £160-200

East Africa - World War One

  1914 Martial Law notices printed in Mombasa concerning fixed or maximum selling prices of food (2), boats must show a light and have a pass to land, sale of alcohol to Indian soldiers and followers is prohibited, the Marconi wireless station cannot be used without sanction of the G.O.C and the wireless station at Kilindini must not be approached. Also 1919 (May 19) special supplement to "The East African Standard" giving full details of the peace terms. (6). £120-150
  1915-16 Stampless O.A.S postcards to the Rev. Fr. Johanny at St. Georges College, Bulawayo (also see lots 651, 659, 669), six from the Western Front in France (four on Field Service postcards), two from East Africa with Indian F.P.O. 343 datestamps, the other card from South West Africa with blank type No. "5" A.P.O datestamp. Two cards have interesting messages referring to life in the trenches, one stating "a bullet passed through may cap while I was sticking my head over the trench a few days ago", the recipient having written "His last note. He was killed on May 11th 1915 very shortly after despatching this". An interesting correspondence and an unusual destination for forces mail from France, three of these with arrival machine marks. (9). £180-220
  1916 (Feb 12) Cardiff Evening Express Tobacco Fund postcard with Indian F.P.O 73 c.d.s of Mbuyuni, the reverse headed from "Naval Gun Detachment, BEA". In January 1916 a force assembled at Mbuyuni to recapture Taveta; this force included naval armoured cars, this card probably from one of these vehicles. Light folds but very rare, the first item from naval armoured cars in East Africa we have recorded. £120-150
  Portuguese East Africa. 1918 (Mar 8) Cardiff Evening Express Tobacco Fund postcard with message "cigarettes arrived with me in Portuguese East Africa a few days ago", and Indian F.P.O 25 c.d.s of Port Amelia, Portuguese Nyassa. £100-120
G.B. & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 43)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 1st March 2019 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for full viewing details
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