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Auction Lots - Page 10
Click to view full image... 1921 (Dec 3) Printed "Jas. A. Dimmitt Ltd" cover with advert for Castrol motor oils and grease on the flap, posted from Perth to Derby inscribed "Aerial Mail" and franked 5d, with the special "PERTH DERBY / WA / AERIAL MAIL" skeleton c.d.s on the front and a Derby backstamp (Dec 20). Flown on the first WAA aerial post to Geraldton, where one of the three aircraft crashed, the mails then returned to Perth in the other two planes and despatched on the S.S "Bambra". The enclosed letter advertises the air service and Castrol motor oil which is used to lubricate the planes. A fine cover and letter, with R.P.S certificate (2000). E56a, $1,100. Photo on Page 88. £300-400
Click to view full image... 1921 (Dec 5) Cover from Geraldton to Derby franked 5d, endorsed "By Geraldton to Derby First Australian Aerial Mail Service Dec 5th 1921", backstamped by Derby c.d.s (Dec 20). This cover was intended to go on the first flight to Derby but was only flown the few miles to Murchison House Station where one of the three aircraft crashed; the flight was then abandoned and the mail flown back to Perth and then sent by sea on S.S "Bambra". A fine cover. E56b, $1,100. Photo on Page 88. £300-400
Click to view full image... 1921 (Dec 9) Cover from Broome to Perth inscribed "Aerial Mail to Perth", franked 5d, carried on the first Derby to Perth southbound WAA flight piloted by Major Brearley and Charles Kingsford Smith. The mails were flown 70 miles from Broome when engine trouble forced the plane to land at Cape Latouche Beach and the flight was abandoned; the mails were returned to Broome then carried on S.S "Bambra" on her return voyage to Perth. Very fine and scarce, with R.P.S certificate (2000). E57b, $1,250. Photo on Page 88. £300-400
  1922-35 Commercial covers flown by WAA on the Perth to Derby route, three 1922 covers franked 5d, eleven 1923-28 covers franked 4½d (also a 1935 cover franked 5d), one 1926 cover from Broome with unusual large black on orange "BY AIR" vignette, three others with private Aerial Mail cachets. Six covers bear large boxed "FORWARDED / BY AIR MAIL" cachets containing datestamps of Broome (2), Carnarvon, Derby, Perth or Port Hedland, and a 1928 cover from Carnarvon has straight line "FORWARDED BY AIR MAIL". (15). £200-250
  1922 (Dec 12) Picture postcard of a Western Australian Airways plane at Carnarvon with imprint of N. Glaris of Carnarvon, posted to Perth franked 5d, cancelled at Geraldton, endorsed "Per Aerial Mail". An unusual card, probably handed to the pilot at Carnarvon and put into the post upon arrival at Geraldton, then carried by rail to Perth. £80-100
Click to view full image... 1924 (Jan 15) "On Airways Service" cover franked 4½d, from Broome to Perth, flown by WAA on the first flight to Perth (replacing Geraldton as the southern terminus of the north west air mail service), with Perth arrival backstamp, very fine. E69a, from $450. Photo on Page 92. £120-150
  1930 (July 13-16) WAA extension of the Perth - Derby route onto Wyndham, first flight covers (all but two registered) flown from Derby (2), Perth (2), Roebourne, Port Hedland, Fitzroy Crossing, Geraldton or Whim Creek to Wyndham, Broome to Halls Creek, Derby to Fitzroy Crossing, or flown on the return flight from Wyndham (2), Fitzroy Crossing (2) or Halls Creek to Perth. E164/5a, $1,460. (16). £200-250
  1934 (Oct 3-9) Extension of the Perth - Derby service to Daly Waters, flown by MacRobertson Miller Aviation, first flight covers flown from Perth to Ord River, Victoria Downs, Onslow (pilot signed), Geraldton, Port Hedland, Noonkanbah (flown to Broome) or Daly Waters (3), Roebourne to Daly Waters, Carnarvon to Broome, or on the return flight from Daly Waters to Perth or Broome, Wave Hill to Perth, or carried on the spur route on October 8th from Ord River to Wyndham or Wyndham to Ord River. E428/31, $2,400. (16). £350-400
  1934-35 Covers comprising 1934 cover to Sydney with "VICTORIA RIVER DOWNS" cachet and the date on the reverse, the stamps then cancelled at Daly Waters; and 1935 (July 9) first flight covers carried on the new Ord River to Wyndham service operated by MacRobertson Miller Aviation Co and Australian Aerial Medical Services, comprising cover flown from Wyndham to Ivanhoe (2) or Ord River, or from Ord River Station (violet cachet on reverse) to Wyndham cancelled on arrival. E512/3a, $360+. (5). £100-120
  1935 (Dec 9-12) Perth to Wiluna service by Airlines (WA) Ltd, first flight covers from Cue, Meekatharra, Wiluna, Leonora or Mount Magnet to Perth, all with flight cachet and signed by the pilot C.W Snook; and first flight covers carried on the first regular air service in 1936 (Feb 17-21) flown from Perth on the entire circular route back to Perth, or from Perth to Wiluna, Mt. Magnet to Perth or Kalgoorlie, Wiluna to Mt. Magnet (2) or Southern Cross (flown to Kalgoorlie), Kalgoorlie to Wiluna or Mt. Magnet. E567, 583/91, $750+. (14). £250-300

Queensland & Northern Territories Routes

  1921 Leaflet (16½x26½cm) printed in gold on green paper, advertising the commencement of passenger operations between the railheads of central west Queensland, headed "Aeroplane Passenger Services, Northern Territory and Queensland Aerial Services Ltd". An historic leaflet, the Qantas name incorrectly described. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1922 (Nov 2) Qantas experimental air service from Charleville to Cloncurry, cover posted at Red Hill (Oct 30) franked Queensland ½d + 1d and Australian 1½d brown + 1½d black, addressed to S.H Sheard (Chairman of the Queensland Air Mail Society) at the Post Office at Charleville and redirected to Cloncurry, inscribed "By Air Mail, Charleville - Cloncurry". An exceptionally rare cover carried on the first air mail flown by Qantas, piloted by P.J McGuinness from Charleville to Longreach and Hudson Fysh from Longreach to Cloncurry. The Australian Air Mail Catalogue states 106 covers were flown but only about 15 exist today, some of which are in museums. E66c, $7,500. Photo on Page 92. £2,000-2,400
Click to view full image... 1922 (Nov 11) Printed "Post Office Hotel Cloncurry" cover with enclosed letter on headed notepaper, written by Hudson Fysh to his fiancée Miss W. Dove in New Zealand, the cover endorsed "For Aerial Transmission" and signed "Hudson Fysh, Pilot", franked KGV 5d cancelled at Cloncurry. The two page letter tells of the heat, the flight from Longreach in the DH4 which arrived on time, and the abilities of the aeroplane. A unique cover and letter from the pilot Hudson Fysh (who later became Managing Director of Qantas) carried on the second flight from Cloncurry to Charleville, cover with small opening tears at upper edge, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 92. £1,000-1,200
  1923-33 Covers (15) and a front carried by Qantas on the Charleville to Cloncurry route (5, franked 4½d, 5d or 7½d), Charleville to Camooweal route (7, franked 4½d), Normanton to Cloncurry route (2, franked 4½d or 5d) or the Brisbane to Charleville route (2, franked 7½d or 4½d and charged 6d postage due). All covers bear Air Mail labels comprising Frommer types 7 (2), 9, 10 (2), 13 (8), 15, 32, and 36; six covers also have boxed "FORWARDED / BY AIR MAIL" cachets of Camooweal (2), Charleville, Normanton (2) or Cloncurry. A good group, the type 7-10 air mail labels uncommon on cover. (16). £300-350
  1927-41 Covers including 1929 (Apr 17) Qantas Brisbane - Charleville route first flight covers from Charleville (2), Brisbane (2), Toowoomba or Normanton (flown from Charleville); 1932 Qantas 10th Anniversary flight from Brisbane to Charleville; 1941 Cloncurry to Longreach first flight, pilot signed, etc., also more recent covers, photos, etc. Five covers bear boxed "FORWARDED / BY AIR MAIL" cachets of Camooweal (2), Charleville (2) or Normanton, air mail vignettes include Frommer types 13 (6), 14, 19 (3), 20 (2), 39 and 57. E132/3, 294, 919a, $1,175. (13+). £160-200
  1927 (July 1) Qantas Cloncurry to Normanton service, "Davis" first flight covers flown from Cloncurry to Normanton signed by the Postmaster (2, one also signed by the pilot Hudson Fysh), another possibly commercial first flight cover from Charleville to Normanton sent between Burns Philp & Co offices bearing three 1d stamps perfined "BP", and Normanton to Cloncurry first flight cover; two with type 16 air mail labels ("visit Normanton"), three with "FORWARDED / BY AIRMAIL" cachets of Cloncurry (2) or Charleville. Also two covers carried on the second flight from Charleville or Normanton, one with blue A.A.S Aerial Mail label and "FORWARDED / BY AIR MAIL" cachets of both Charleville and Melbourne Ship Mail Room. E106/7, $1,050+. (6). £220-260
  1930 (Feb 19/21) Camooweal - Daly Waters service by Australian Aerial Services, first flight covers flown from Alexandria to Daly Waters or Camooweal, violet "ALEXANDRIA" handstamps applied to the reverse and below the stamps which are cancelled upon arrival. Very few covers were flown from intermediate stops on this first Camooweal to Daly Waters service. E152a, from $800. (2). £150-180
  1930 (Feb 19) Camooweal - Daly Waters service by Australian Aerial Services, connecting with the Qantas services to provide a direct link from Brisbane to Darwin. First flight covers flown from Daly Waters to Camooweal or Camooweal to Daly Waters (6) including covers addressed to Darwin delayed by floods between Daly Waters and Darwin (3) and a registered cover from Melbourne to Daly Waters franked 9½d with boxed "LATE FEE"; and a cover from Darwin intended to be carried on both first flights but actually carried on the second flights due to an error by the Darwin Post Office who despatched the mail too late to connect with the first flight. E151/2, $2,150. (8). £250-300
Click to view full image... 1930 (Feb 19) Camooweal - Daly Waters service, registered cover from Brisbane (with George St. registration label handstamped "Markets Brisbane") franked 10½d, bearing Qantas and A.A.S air mail labels, flown on the first flights from Camooweal to Daly Waters and back to Camooweal. Fine and very scarce, 30 covers flown from Camooweal and 50 from Daly Waters with very few of these carried on both flights. E151/2, $650. Photo on Page 92. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1930 (Feb 19) Cover from Darwin flown by Capt. Murray Jones to Daly Waters and then carried on the Daly Waters to Camooweal first flight by Australian Aerial Services. Due to an error at the Darwin Post Office mail intended for the first Daly Waters - Camooweal first flight was despatched too late. Capt Jones, Inspector of Aerodromes, offered to fly the mail to Daly Waters but this declined as the mail bags were sealed and contracted to go by rail to Birdum; he did however fly just 14 covers, which did then catch the first flight. A rare cover, with Melbourne backstamp (Feb 26) applied by favour. E153, $600. Photo on Page 92. £180-200
Click to view full image... 1931 (Dec 3) Birdum to Daly Waters first flight by Qantas, cover signed by the pilot Joseph N. Wilson, franked 5d, small opening fault at top edge, otherwise fine and scarce, just 20 covers carried few of which were signed by Wilson. Ex John Sussex collection. E228, $850. Photo on Page 92. £240-280
  1934 (Dec 19) Extension of the Qantas England - Australia route, covers from Darwin to Brisbane, Roma, Tambo, Brunette Downs (2), Katherine, Winton or Toowoomba, Newcastle to Brisbane, Brunette Downs to Daly Waters (with oval violet Brunette Downs cachet, stamps cancelled upon arrival), Normanton to Longreach or Brisbane to Darwin, very little mail carried on some legs. Also December 10th covers carried on the Butler Air Transport Service Cootamundra to Charleville service which connected with the new Qantas route, comprising first flight covers flown from Cootamundra to Charleville (2, one carried on first regular flight to G.B) or Bourke, Narromine to Bourke or Charleville, Bourke to Charleville, or Charleville to Cootamundra. E471/4, $820. (19). £200-240
  1934 (Dec 21/22) Special Christmas mail flights, covers flown from Narromine to Sydney by New England Airways (47 covers carried), or Cootamundra to Melbourne by Butler Air Transport (just 20 covers carried), scarce. E480, 482, $500. (2). £100-120

Brisbane - Sydney - Melbourne Route

  1930-31 Australian National Airways Ltd Sydney to Brisbane service, covers carried on the January 1st 1930 first flight flown by C. Kingsford Smith and C.T.P Ulm in "Southern Cloud" from Sydney to Brisbane (180 carried) or Brisbane to Sydney (2, the plane making a forced landing at Kyogle, the 379 covers then taken by rail to Ballina and flown the next day by E.H Chaseling); January 3rd cover with unofficial "KYOGLE 2-1-30" cachet probably applied by the recipient and actually carried on the third flight; and later covers (4) franked 8d or 5d, six with air mail labels, types 21, 26, 27, 29 or 34. E148/9, $700+. (8). £150-180
  1930 (June 1) ANA First flight covers from Sydney to Melbourne (2) or Melbourne to Sydney (2); 1931 (Mar 19) First Day Covers of the Kingsford Smith stamps bearing the set of three (2 covers) or 2d + 3d (2), two of these flown on Melbourne to Sydney special flight by Kingsford Smith in "Southern Moon" (one signed by Kingsford Smith), and two other F.D.Cs posted at Brisbane, one of these to New Zealand unusually with a "WELLINGTON / PACKET BOAT" arrival c.d.s. Also a fine press photo of Kingsford Smith, G.U Allan and crew of "Southern Cross" who were involved in the search for the Sydney to Melbourne flight that went missing on 21st March 1931. E161/2, 180/1, $875+. (9). £150-180
  1934-38 Covers comprising 1934 (Feb 4/5) Adastra Airways Sydney to Bega or Bega to Sydney first flight covers both pilot signed; 1935 (Oct 7) Holymans Airways first flight covers from Melbourne to Sydney (2, one pilot signed) or Canberra (2), Sydney to Melbourne or Canberra, Canberra to Melbourne; 1935 (Jan 29) New England Airways Toowoomba to Sydney first flight; 1938 (Mar 13) North Western Airlines Moree to Sydney via Tamworth survey flight, pilot signed, and May 23rd first regular service covers flown Sydney to Moree, Tamworth to Moree or Sydney, or Moree to Tamworth all pilot signed, also a commercial 1933 Brisbane to Sydney cover. E353/4, 486, 536/7a, 798b, 805/6a, $765. (16). £150-180

Adelaide - Sydney Route and Link Routes to Melbourne & Broken Hill

Click to view full image... 1924 (June 2) Australian Aerial Services Adelaide to Sydney first flight cover franked 4½d, signed by the pilot Frank Roberts who flew the mail to Hay where an overnight stop was made. Also three contemporary news cuttings. E71, $550. Photo on Page 92. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1924 (June 6) Registered cover franked 1/4, carried on the Australian Aerial Services first return flight from Sydney to Adelaide, arrival backstamp (June 9) and boxed "CARD TO CALL / DATE". E72, $550. Photo on Page 92. £140-160
Click to view full image... 1924 (June 4) Cover from Newtown to Hay, carried on the first Australian Aerial Services Sydney to Melbourne flight on June 7th as far as Hay, where the plane stopped for the night. Covers to intermediate stops are scarce. E72a, from $550. Photo on Page 96. £150-180
  1925 (July 21) Cover from Melbourne to Sydney carried by Australian Aerial Services on the first flight of the Melbourne to Hay link and then from Hay to Sydney, and a cover from Broken Hill to Sydney carried on the first flight from Broken Hill to Mildura and then from Mildura to Sydney, both franked 4½d. E86/7, $600. (2). £150-180
Click to view full image... 1925 (July 21) Covers franked 4½d carried in both directions between Sydney and Broken Hill via the first flight on the link route from Mildura to Broken Hill, or from Denliquin to Broken Hill flown on the first flight from Denliquin to Hay, on the regular route from Hay to Mildura and then the first flight of the Mildura to Broken Hill link. E83, 88, 89a, $900+. (3). Photo on Page 96. £240-260
  1925-29 Covers flown on the Melbourne to Hay route (9) or Adelaide to Sydney route, franked 4½d or 6d, including two 1929 (May 20) First Day Covers of the 3d Air Mail stamp, the others mainly commercial, five bearing blue A.A.S "Angel" Aerial Mail labels, four with "FORWARDED / BY AIR MAIL" cachets of Adelaide (2), Echuca or Denliquin. (10). £160-180
  1930 (Feb 1) Cover franked 4½d from Bendigo to England endorsed "First Melbourne - Adelaide Air Mail 3rd February 1930", the reverse with explanatory label "The attached letter has been held here since 17/2/30, but as there is still no prospect of an Air Mail between Melbourne and Adelaide, the letter is now forwarded by ordinary mail. Ship Section, G.P.O Melbourne 11/9/31", tied by Melbourne Ship Mail Room c.d.s, unusual. £80-100
  1930-43 Covers including 1930 (Feb 3-13) Echuca to Cootamundra and return first flight covers flown by Australian Aerial Services; 1936 (Mar 28) WASP Airlines Wilcannia to Sydney first flight; 1936 (Sep 14) Victorian and Interstate Airways Melbourne to Hay first flight; 1941 (Sep 29) ANA Brisbane to Melbourne first night flight; 1942 (June 29) ANA Mildura to Narranderra and Sydney to Adelaide first flights; 1943 (Oct 25) ANA first flight covers from Sydney to Kerang or Broken Hill, Broken Hill to Sydney or Kerang to Melbourne, Sydney, Mildura or Broken Hill, etc. E149b/c, 596a, 625, 923a, 946, 964, $1,045+. (18). £250-300

Perth to Adelaide Route

  1929-40 Covers including 1929 (June 4-9) first flight covers flown by Western Australia Airlines from Perth to Adelaide (5, one to Bermuda), Kalgoorlie (2, one pilot signed) or Ceduna; Kalgoorlie to Forrest, Adelaide or Perth; Ceduna to Forrest; Forrest to Perth; Adelaide to Perth (7, one pilot signed), Forrest or Kalgoorlie; also 1938 (Aug 1) Perth to Ceduna first subsidised service, etc. A good lot, some intermediate flights very scarce, two with "Earliest Delivery" vignettes (Frommer 22) on reverse. E136/7, $800++. (26). £300-350
  1935 (Aug 19-26) Australian Transcontinental Airways first flight covers flown in "Faith in Australia" from Adelaide to Darwin (5, three pilot signed) or Tennant Creek (pilot signed), Darwin to Adelaide (3, two pilot signed), Alice Springs or Tennant Creek (both pilot signed) or Alice Springs to Adelaide; and a cover carried on the July 30th Sydney to Darwin via Adelaide survey flight and back in the same Monospar aircraft then privately carried on the inaugural Adelaide to Darwin service and the return flight as far as Daly Waters where "Faith in Australia" was forced to land and this cover was posted franked 2d, signed by both pilots. A good group, some intermediate flights scarce, just 21 covers carried on the survey flight and the cover possibly unique reflown on the first regular service. E520, 522/3a, $980++. (13). £240-280
  1935-43 Covers with 1935 (Oct 25) "Southern Star" relief flight from Sydney to "Faith in Australia" stranded at Daly Waters signed by all seven crew, posted upon arrival (Nov 7); 1935 (June 29) postcard flown by Commercial Aviation Co from Adelaide to Tennant Creek, posted upon arrival (July 2) franked 1½d, pilot signed; 1937 (Mar 5) Guinea Airways first flight covers from Adelaide to Oodnadatta and Darwin or Darwin to Adelaide; 1938 (Aug) first subsidised service covers from Darwin to Alice Springs or Fitzroy Crossing, etc. E508, 546, 708/a, $550+. (7). £120-140
  1939 (Jan 5) Cover from England to Perth, the stamp washed off, the reverse bearing Perth Post Office label explaining that it was salvaged from the mail plane which crashed at Katherine River on January 18th whilst en route with mails from England to Australia. Light vertical fold, otherwise fine. E843, $400. £100-120

Melbourne to Tasmania Route

  1931-33 First flight covers comprising 1931 (May 1-2) ANA flight covers from Hobart to Melbourne (2), Launceston to Melbourne (2), Melbourne to Hobart (5) or Launceston; 1932 (June 7) Flinders Island to Launceston service flown by L. Johnston, covers from Launceston to Whitemark (2, one pilot signed) or Whitemark to Launceston (pilot signed); 1933 (Aug 22/23) Hart Aviation Co. Melbourne to Launceston or Whitemark, Launceston to Whitemark or Melbourne, Whitemark to Melbourne (2); 1933 (Aug 25) Matthews Aviation Co. Melbourne to Launceston (2, one pilot signed) or Launceston to Melbourne (pilot signed); also 1937 (Oct 13) ANA Melbourne to Hobart at 2d rate. A good lot. E197/8a, 267/8, 318/23, 324/5, 772, $1,420. (23). £250-300
  1933 (Oct 13) Matthews Aviation Co. King Island service, first flight covers from Melbourne to Currie (2, pilot signed, 30 flown), Launceston to Currie (50 flown), Currie to Melbourne (30 flown) or to Launceston (pilot signed, 40 flown). E338/41, $700. (5). £100-120
  1934-35 Holyman Airways first flight covers comprising 1934 (Oct 1) Melbourne to Launceston (2, one pilot signed), Hobart to Launceston (2) or Launceston to Hobart; 1934 (Dec 17) resumed service from Whitemark to Hobart, Melbourne to Whitemark or Hobart to Whitemark; 1935 (Feb 4) Melbourne or Hobart to Currie or Currie to Hobart; 1935 (Oct 1) Hobart to Melbourne. E424/6, 477a, 488/91, 530, $740. (12). £160-200
  1935 (Sep 30) Cover with enclosed letter from Korumburra to Hobart, a little water damaged and the stamp washed off, with enclosed explanatory slip "Recovered from Air Liner "Loina" in saturated condition", backstamped at Hobart (Oct 6). The October 2nd Holyman Airways Melbourne to Whitemark flight in airliner "Loina" crashed into the sea killing all five people on board; the three mailbags containing 301 letters were recovered on October 4th and taken to Hobart where the letters were dried and backstamped. E535, $400. £140-160

Other Flights

Click to view full image... 1935 (July 18) Last flight of the "Southern Cross" under the command of Charles Kingsford Smith, cover flown from Mascot to Richmond and posted upon arrival franked 2d, bearing the flight cachet and vignette, signed by Charles and Mary Kingsford Smith and five other crew, numbered "71". Also a c.1933 photo of "Southern Cross", later photos and commemorative covers. E515, $1,000. Photo on Page 96. £300-350
  1937-2003 Covers and cards including (May 12) Coronation Motor Show postcard of the oldest plane in Australia flown over Port Melbourne and signed by the pilot R. Graham Carey (E732, $250), also various postcards or photos of aeroplanes (6), 1937 Airpost Exhibition souvenir covers (2), and 2003 ephemera, cancels and covers from "Aeropex 03", 2001-03 flown covers, etc. £100-120

Air Mail Vignettes

  Unused vignettes comprising Australian Aerial Services "Angel" vignette sheet of fifteen (Frommer 14) with inscription in lower margin; ANA 1948 booklet; Western Australian Airways mint multiples comprising Frommer type 21 strip of seven, type 22 strip of three, type 23 strip of five, type 24 strips of five and seven; QANTAS vignettes including type 18 booklet pane of eight, type 36 strip of six, type 38 booklet (small cover faults, 13 labels remaining) and pane of eight, type 39 strip of six, type 57 strip of five, etc. Also two covers and four ANA luggage labels. Frommer $2,000+. £250-300
Click to view full image... 1925 Australian Aerial Services Ltd booklet containing three panes of nine of the blue "Angel" vignette and an order form for further booklets, the covers with postal information, booking agents for parcels and passengers, and educational notes on aerial transport, fine and scarce. Frommer 14c, E90b, $600. Photo on Page 96. £160-200
  1931 (March) QANTAS booklet containing three panes of eight "North Queensland" vignettes, covers with details of the routes flown and how to use the air mails, also a mint pane. Frommer 36b/c, $1,050. (2). £160-200
Click to view full image... 1931 QANTAS booklet containing three panes of eight "Western Queensland" vignettes, covers with details of routes flown, also a mint pane. Frommer 38b/c, $1,150. (2). Photo on Page 96. £180-220


  Various books on Australian and other air mails including "Catalogue des etiquettes aeropostales" by Frank Muller (2nd Edition 1947, usual binding faults but contents fine, scarce); "Qantas Aeriana 1920-54" by E.A Crome, "Airmails of New Zealand, Volume Two" by D. Walker; "Extracts from the Air Ministry Civil Aviation Intelligence Report Summaries, August 1939-May 1945" by Peter Wingent; "Overseas Mail Branch Weekly Reports 1939-44, Censorship & Air Mail Services" by J. Daynes, etc. Also British Post Office 1934-38 Air Mail leaflets (5) and photocopies of other G.B or Australian notices. (19+). £100-120
  Books on the history of Australian aviation (37) including "Scotts Book" by C.W.A Scott, 1934, "Flypast" by N. Parnell and T. Boughton, "Flying the Royal Mail" by S. Brimson, etc; also philatelic books (14) including "Postal History of the Australian Army during World War II" by P. Collas; and "North Star to Southern Cross, the story of Australian seaways" by J. Maber. (52+). £80-100


Napoleon Bonaparte Signed Letters & Documents

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