G.B. & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 43)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 1st March 2019 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for full viewing details
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Auction Lots - Page 15
  1945 Covers to or from liberated prisoners comprising cover from USA franked 70c to "G. Lloyd Thomas, Liberated Civilian (Kuching), c/o Australian Base P.O Melbourne, Australia" with violet "NO RECORD / OF Repatriation / OF ADDRESSEE", returned in 1946; air letter from Dutch Red Cross in London to "J. van Dijk, Temodoes Estate, Solo, D.E.I, c/o P.O 164 E.C.1" redirected to "2 Burgerkamp, Bandoeng"; stampless cover from a "Liberated U.K P.O.W, HQ3 Australian Reception Group" with "AUST. ARMY P.O / 243" c.d.s of Manila and "PASSED FREE / OF POSTAGE"; stampless cover endorsed "Ex P.O.W Malaya" from S.S "Monowai" with "EGYPT / 11 / POSTAGE / PREPAID" c.d.s; covers to Pte. A.N Tucker, liberated P.O.W, addressed "c/o Australian Army Base P.O Melbourne" with "Gone Away" and "Return to Sender" cachets, or to "P.O Box 211, London E.C.1" endorsed "Marine Shark" and "Received 14/1/45 Queen Mary". (6). £160-200

1956 Suez Campaign

  1956 Covers and cards with F.P.O cancels, sent from F.P.O 170 at Port Said in May/June prior to the final British evacuation (3, one registered, one posted on the final day of the F.P.O on June 11th); August/November covers from Malta or Cyprus in the build up to the campaign using return addresses B.F.P.O 60, 200 or 300 (7); from F.P.O 443 at Port Said in November/December (4, one posted on the last day for B.F.P.O 300 address on 18th Dec.); and December covers from F.P.O 953 in Malta to support operations (2), an uncommon group. (16). £150-180
  Army Censors. 1956 (Nov 2-7) Covers from F.P.O 76 in Malta, F.P.O 756 in Libya, or F.P.Os in Cyprus (4, including F.P.O 3, 397) all with boxed diamond shape "(crown) / MILITARY CENSOR" with numbers 46, 179, 335, 1030, 1062, 1093, also another cover from F.P.O 164 in Cyprus (Nov 12) with manuscript "censored" endorsement. (7). £140-160
  Naval Mail & Censors. 1956 Covers and cards with Maritime Mail handstamps or machines including stampless Forces air letter from H.M.S "Diamond" endorsed "H.M Ships operating in the Eastern Mediterranean Posted Free", stampless cover with boxed "MAIL OFFICE / NOV. 1956 / H.M.S "SUPERB", covers from H.M.S "Darling" (address partly crossed through) or "Office of F.O.F, c/o F.M.O Malta" both with scarce tombstone type "FROM H.M SHIP / PASSED BY CENSOR" cachets; and a cover from H.M.S "Ocean" with manuscript "Passed by Censor" and plain brown censorship tape. (6). £180-200
Click to view full image... R.A.F Censors. 1956 (Nov 6-9) Covers from Cyprus with F.P.O 3 machine and "R.A.F / CENSOR / 54", or F.P.O 164 c.d.s and "R.A.F / CENSOR / 34", the first with some tape staining at edges, otherwise fine and very scarce. (2). Photo on Page 142. £140-160
Click to view full image... Cyprus - Civil Censorship. 1956 (Oct 31/Nov 1) Covers from Kyrenia with blue circular framed "1" censor, or from Nicosia with blue "OPENED BY EXAMINER" censor seal tied by circular framed "5" censor cachet, extremely scarce. (2). Photo on Page 142. £150-180


  Scandinavia. 1935-90 Mint collections of Greenland and Faroe Islands in a Lighthouse album, the Greenland including 1935 Thule set, 1937 parcel stamps (5), 1945 set (less 2kr), 1950-60 set, 1956 60ore provisional pair. Also a quantity of 1950s-1980s Greenland F.D.Cs and other covers, some Norway and Denmark, booklets, and other foreign with Germany Third Reich postal stationery (48), etc. £150-200
  Scandinavia. Extensive mint and used collections in S.G. Simplex albums comprising Norway 1856-2011 in six volumes with 1852 prestamp entire from Christiania, 1863 2sk used, 1981-2011 apparently complete unmounted including some booklets and self adhesive stamps, and 1988-2010 year books (23); Denmark 1875-2011 with 1981-2011 apparently complete unmounted including booklets and self adhesive stamps, in four volumes; Aland 1984-2001 apparently complete mint and used; Finland 1929-2010 mainly used in two volumes; Greenland 1935-2010; Faroe Islands 1975-2011 virtually complete mint or used; Iceland 1875-2009 with 1930 Millenary 2kr used; Sweden 1858-2013 in seven volumes with U.P.U 50th Anniversary 50ore-1kr and 5kr used, 1974-2005 issues virtually complete mint with some booklets; also eleven stockbooks of duplicates. An extensive collection, well written up. STC £20,000+. (1,000s). £1,200-1,400
  Europe. Extensive mint and used collections in S.G. Simplex albums comprising Germany 1872-2013 in thirteen albums with 1974-2013 issues unmounted, also 1928-31 Air set used, West Berlin with 1948 5m (creased), 1949 U.P.U set, Goethe set, 1950 Philharmonic Orchestra pair, 1951 first Freedom Bell set, 1953 Memorial Church set all used, British & American Zones 1948 (July-Aug) Multiple Posthorn overprint 8pf used (S.G. A88), French Zone and Rhineland, East Germany, Saar with French Occupation issues including 1949 Youth Hostels pair used, National Relief Fund set of five used, Danzig; Italy 1863-2013 in seven volumes with 1910 Southern States Plebiscite pair, 1923 "Dr Propaganda Fide" set, Manzoni 10c-1L, 1924 1L on 5c, 1930 Ferrucci set, Virgil set (missing 5L + 15L), 1932 Garibaldi 1.75L + 25c blue and 5L + 1L lake, 1935 Bellini set of eleven, 1936 Horace set of thirteen, 1937 Child Welfare Air 3L + 2L and 5L + 3L, Augustus the Great set (missing 2.55L + 2L), Famous Italians 2.75L + 2L all used, 1968-2013 virtually complete mint, Fiume, Trieste, also extensive First Day Covers in 17 cover albums; Belgium 1905-2007 in five albums with 1975-99 unmounted; Netherlands 1852-2003 with 1867-69 set, 1894 1g, 1893 2g.50 all used; Luxembourg 1891-2010 in two volumes with 1931, 1932 and 1934 Child Welfare sets, 1935 Intellectual Fund 1f.25, 1939 royal marriage 1f.25 + 75c, 1951 United Europe set, 1952 CENTILUX 8f and 10f all used; Austria 1890-2012 in two volumes with 1908 10k used, 1910 Franz Josef birthday 5k mint, 1930 TB Fund set, 1931 Rotary Congress set and Austrian Writers Fund set, 1932 painters set, 1933 ski set, 1934 and 1935 Welfare Fund sets, 1936 ski set, 1950 Corinthian Plebiscite and 1950-53 Air set (missing 5s) all used; also various duplicates in twelve stockbooks and on pages. An extensive well written up collection. STC £55,000+. (1,000s). £3,000-3,500
  A large quantity of G.B, Commonwealth and foreign stamps on pages and in albums (some faults), also some G.B postal history, picture postcards, etc. (1,000s). £150-250
  A large quantity of mint and used stamps including collections of Canada in two albums (with additional mint sheets and blocks); and Australia in two albums (1972-87 complete mint) with additional mint sheets and blocks, 1981-89 Year Packs and 1988 Bicentennial Collection. Also albums of Austria, Hungary, USA, Yugoslavia, Poland, Czechoslovakia and G.B, and some world on pages. (1,000s). £150-200
  c.1900-2000 Mint and used stamps in six albums and loose including Sweden with 1936 Tercentenary of Swedish Posts set mint and used, Zambia, KUT, France, Israel, etc. (1,000s). £100-120
  World collection in S.G. "Ideal" British Empire and foreign countries albums (7th Edition, c.1919), rather sparsely filled but including reasonable USA, G.B with 1d black (three margins) and KEVII 10/-, Japan 1914-25 set to 1y mint, etc., also duplicates mounted in three notebooks. £150-200
  Duplicated range on pages and stockcards with Hong Kong 1954-58 set mint, Kuwait 1945 set mint, Rhodesia, South Africa, G.B, France, etc. (1,000s). £80-100
  Mint collections of Kuwait for 1976-89 including 1978 Shaikh Jabir set of eight, 1981 Sief Palace set, etc.; Taiwan 1981-91; Italy 1986-92; and Greece 1981-92, all fine unmounted. (4 albums). £100-120
  Cancellations. A large accumulation of Empire and foreign stamps and pieces in a stockbook, all selected for their cancellations including many Hong Kong Treaty Ports, Jamaica ½d with part "Grand Cayman" cancel (S.G. Z1, £600), Cayman Islands rural post (2), Egypt used abroad, India used abroad, Siam used in Kedah (3), Queensland used in New Guinea, Rhodesia "B.S.A.C" c.d.s, Austria and France used abroad, Brunei and Straits used in Labuan (15), Gibraltar used in Morocco, N.S.W used in New Hebrides (2), Zululand, Ottoman Empire, 1898 piece bearing Uganda 1a + 3a and BEA ½a + 2a, etc. (Many 100s). Photo on Page 140. £300-400
  Combination Covers. 1919-39 Covers and cards all bearing a combination of stamps from two postal administrations, comprising 1919 cover from Tabora, Tanganyika with I.E.F + G.E.A overprint issues; 1924 G.B postal stationery postcard or registration envelope both posted in Dublin bearing Irish stamps and a Swiss reply card also from Dublin with an Irish stamp; and air mail covers from Luxembourg bearing stamps of Luxembourg + Belgium (5) or Luxembourg + Germany (3), four registered, two sent by express delivery. (12). £300-350
  c.1900-60 Covers and cards including G.B, South Africa, some military, first flights, 1940 (June 1) O.A.S cover with French F.P.O c.d.s and cachet of "Anglo-Franco-Americaine Ambulance", etc. (245). £100-120


Click to view full image... QV-KGV Mint and used selection including India 1911 KEVII 5r ultramarine and deep lilac mint, Basutoland 1933 set of ten mint, Ceylon 1869 6d brown mint, Natal 1902 10/- mint, etc., also 1886 GB entire bearing 5d green and an Argentina die proof. S.G. £1,600+. (69). Photo on Page 150. £150-180
  Mint selection in three stockbooks including useful Falkland Islands with 1938 and 1948 £1, 1952 and 1960 sets all unmounted; Falkland Islands Dependencies 1954 set; Gibraltar with 1912-24 2/- - £1; 1935 Silver Jubilee issues (205 stamps, Malta ½d with extra flagstaff), etc. S.G. £1,250+. (100s). £100-120
  1947-83 Unmounted mint issues in a stockbook, mainly Independence overprint issues including Malta 1947 Self-Government set of 21 (fifteen values corner marginal including 6d - 10/-), Cyprus 1960 Republic overprint set of fifteen, etc. S.G. £500 (approx). (455). £80-100
  British Europe. 1826-42 Entire letters sent to or via Corfu with Corfu datestamps (3), or with Lisbon handstamps applied by the British Packet Agency (2). Also five copies of "The Saturday Magazine" of 1840 containing articles on the Ionian Islands. (10). £100-120
  British West Indies. 1887-1964 Covers and a postcard comprising 1887 Barbados postcard and 1891 G.B cover both to Grenada with circular "GRENADA / D" arrival datestamps on the front applied at Grenville; and 1932-64 covers with Antigua stamps cancelled at Barbuda (3), the 1932 cover with St. Lucia 1d postage due pair cancelled upon arrival. (5). £100-120

1935 Silver Jubilee Issue - Madame Joseph Forgeries

  1935 Picture Postcards (2) bearing the British Honduras Silver Jubilee set, each tied by 6 MY "Madame Joseph" datestamp, with a cover franked Silver Jubilee 5c tied by a genuine 6 MY Belize c.d.s (the "6" in the date clearly different), the two cards both in the handwriting of Eric Bowie, addressed to Bowie in Jamaica or to his mother in England. Also a 1935 (Nov 12) registered cover bearing the Cayman Islands set tied by genuine Georgetown datestamps, self addressed to London in the handwriting of Gordon Rhodes. Accumulated evidence strongly suggests that Rhodes was the mastermind behind the so-called "Madame Joseph" forgeries on Silver Jubilee and other issues (Madame Joseph being one of several forgers he employed). Eric Bowie, who ran The City Stamp Shop, appears to have been a partner of Rhodes, or to have been employed as a distributor of the forgeries. A scarce group of covers written and used by the dealers directly involved in the forgeries. (4). £300-350
  1935 Covers bearing Silver Jubilee sets of New Zealand, Niue, Samoa and Cook Islands tied by forged "Madame Joseph" cancels of Greytown, Niue, Apia and Rarotonga all dated 6 MY, although these sets were not issued until May 7th, and a N.Z Posts announcement made it clear no stamps were to be cancelled prior to the issue day. Three covers are addressed to The City Stamp Shop in London, two with address labels of the Broadway Stamp Co. in New York applied over the original address. Also a further cover to The City Stamp Shop with SWA Silver Jubilee set tied by 6 MY "Madame Joseph" cancels of Okahandja. Eric Bowie ran The City Stamp Shop in London, and used the Broadway Stamp Co. in New York (run by Max Sage) to sell these items to American collectors. Interestingly some of these forged cancels were described by Robson Lowe in 1936, and are not listed as being part of the "Madame Joseph" set of forged cancels. (5). £240-300

(Also See Lot 287)

Click to view full image... Qu'aiti State of Hadramaut. 1955 De La Rue Die Proof of the horizontal frame design with blank value tablets, in deep maroon on thin unwatermarked paper, 70x45mm, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 158. £350-400

India Used in Aden

Click to view full image...Click to view full image... QV-KGV Stamps (152) and pieces (43) with various Aden or Aden Camp cancels including first type "124" (4), Aden Steamer Point "124" duplex (5, one on piece), Aden "INS" and "DEP" datestamps, rare "POST / OFFICE / ADEN" intaglio seal cancels on QV 8p and 2a (Proud K4, latter thinned but with B.P.A certificate), "125" numeral in blue (3, one on 4a Service stamp on piece) and "A/124" numeral (2), etc., also three covers or cards. (198). Photo on Page 140. £550-650
Click to view full image... 1854 4a, 2nd Printing (Head die II, frame die I) cut to shape, outer frame close or just touched at two places, otherwise clear of the printed stamp, used with fine "124" cancel. S.G. Z9, £1,500. Photo on Page 140. £150-200
Click to view full image... 1854 4a, 4th Printing (Head die III, frame die II) cut square, good to large margins, central arms watermark, used with clear "124" cancel, fine. S.G. Z10, £1,100. Photo on Page 140. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1854 4a Pair, 4th Printing (Head die III, frame die II) cut to shape, close in places but clear of the printed stamp on all sides, each with fine "124" cancels. S.G. Z10, £2,200. Photo on Page 140. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1868 8a Rose and 1883 1r slate each with red "ADEN CANT / MONEY ORDERS" c.d.s, the 8a with a few trimmed perf tips at base, otherwise fine and rare, this c.d.s unlisted by Proud. Photo on Page 140. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1873 (June 11) Cover to London bearing India 8a rose tied by "ADEN STEAMER POINT / 124" duplex datestamp (Proud KD7, only used 1872-74), minor opening faults at upper edge and small part flap missing, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 142 £300-350
  1883 Eastern Telegraph Company Ltd telegram envelope registered from Aden to Mauritius bearing India 2a + 3a each cancelled by "B" in bars (Proud K13) with Aden c.d.s alongside, boxed "REGISTERED / ADEN / N. W. / D. OCT 7" (R3) and circular framed "R" (R5), red oval "REGISTERED / No. 18 OC 83 / MAURITIUS" arrival datestamp. Lower right corner repaired and opening tear at upper edge but still an attractive and scarce item. Also a 1906 Eastern Telegraph Co message form from Tangier, and a picture postcard depicting the route of the company's All-British cable round the world. (3). £180-220
  1888 Cover to London with "98th Prince of Wales Regt" crest on the flap, franked 4a6p tied by "B" in bars cancel with small "ADEN-CANT" c.d.s (Proud D11) alongside; and 1892 1a postcard to London cancelled by the small "ADEN CANTONMENT" squared circle (KD12), both fine, the small c.d.s surprisingly scarce. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1890 9p Soldiers and Seamen's Envelope to Patiala State endorsed from Recruit Natho Singh, 17th Regt. Bombay Infantry, cancelled by small "ADEN - CANT" c.d.s (Proud D11), Sea Post Office and Patiala backstamps, unusual and scarce. Photo on Page 142. £220-260
  1896 1a Soldiers and Seamen's Envelope to London, from a soldier in the 1st Worcestershire Regt, cancelled "ADEN CAMP" c.d.s (Proud KD14), backstamped at Aden and London, very fine. £200-240
  1896-1937 Covers and cards (13, also two 1954 picture postcards) including two 1925 wrappers each with "Aden Brigade Staff Office" cachets and bearing KGV ½a service stamps, 1917 registered cover franked ½a (3) + 3a to the USA with "ADEN / REG." c.d.s, 1933 registered cover bearing nine differing KGV stamps from 3p to 3a with "ADEN CAMP / REG." c.d.s, 1937 (Mar 31) cover bearing six differing KGV stamps from 3p to 2a6p cancelled on the last day India stamps were used in Aden, etc. (15). £220-260
Click to view full image... 1899 Registered cover to Germany with India 2a + 2a6p each cancelled "ADEN CAMP" c.d.s (KD14), boxed "R / ADEN - CAMP", arrival backstamp. Enclosed letter refers to sending lottery tickets. Very fine. Photo on Page 142. £140-160
  1901 Cover to New York with 1892-97 2a6p tied by "ADEN CAMP" c.d.s (Proud KD14), backstamped at Aden and New York, very fine. £70-80
Click to view full image... 1907 (Aug 15) QV 2a6p Postal stationery envelope posted within Aden bearing QV ½a, 1a, 4a, 8a and 1r each with "POSTAL / SERVICE" overprint, all tied by Aden datestamps, the Postal Service stamps serving no postal function, still an unusual and attractive cover. Photo on Page 142. £100-120
  1935 (June 30) Registered cover to Southern Rhodesia bearing KGV Silver Jubilee set of seven each tied by Aden c.d.s, backstamped at Beira and Salisbury, a scarce use of this set in Aden. £100-120
Click to view full image... Perim/Sheik Othman. c.1901 QV ½a tied by large part "SHEIK OTHMAN / ARABIA" c.d.s, very scarce. Also a 1920 registered front to England bearing KGV ½a + 3a, and a 1926 piece with KGV 2a, both cancelled "PERIM" c.d.s, the front with a registration label handstamped boxed "PERIM". (3). Photo on Page 140 £100-120
  Perim. 1917 (July 17) Stampless O.A.S cover to Ireland with violet Aden censor cachet, backstamped at "PERIM", Base Office Aden, and upon arrival, fine and unusual. £150-180
Click to view full image... Dthali. 1903 (Apr 1) Cover from Lt. Col. H. Tempest Hicks, Commanding Officer of the Anglo-Indian Frontier Force sent to Dthali in 1903, to his wife in England, with QV 1a tied "EXPERIMENTAL P.O / B-84" c.d.s, backstamped at Aden and Barnet. Very scarce, this c.d.s only recorded 15th March - 19th April 1903. Photo on Page 142. £700-800
Click to view full image... Dthali. 1903 (May 24) Cover from Lt. Col. H. Tempest Hicks of the 2nd Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers to his wife in England with India QV 1a tied by fine "DTHALI" c.d.s, backstamped at Aden and Barnet. The Dthali Post Office opened 1903-07 whilst British troops were stationed there to prevent intrusions by the Turks and oversee the Aden-Yemeni Boundary Commission. Photo on Page 142 £600-700


Click to view full image... 1837 (June 20) Entire letter written from "Parsonage, Anguilla" by Mary Armstrong, addressed to her sister in London, informing her of their arrival in Anguilla. Privately carried to Basseterre then despatched by private ship, with "BRISTOL / SHIP LETTER" and a London backstamp, charged 1/6. Small edge faults at upper and lower central edges of the address panel, otherwise fine, the earliest recorded letter from Anguilla. Photo on Page 144. £800-1,000
  1851 (June 16) Entire letter from R. Gumbs in Anguilla, concerning the will of Col. Gumbs with regard to the Valley and Road Estates in Anguilla, addressed to "A.P Burt Esquire, Attorney General, St. Christopher", privately carried. Minor staining and horizontal file fold at foot of address panel with some wear (resulting in small hole at right), otherwise fine, early and rare from Anguilla. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1918 Cover and 1921 front to England, the cover franked St. Kitts 1½d War Stamp and the front with St Kitts 1920 1½d, both cancelled by St. Kitts A12 duplex with code "AN", the cover backstamped at St. Kitts, an early and scarce cover from Anguilla. (2). Photo on Page 144. £160-200
  1928-43 Covers with "ANGUILLA / VALLEY" datestamps comprising 1928 St. Kitts 1d envelope and 1929 St. Kitts 2d registration envelope both uprated by KGV Leeward Islands stamps; and 1942-43 censored covers bearing St. Kitts stamps, one with an additional stamp removed explained by the enclosed form "One St. Kitts - Nevis cancelled stamp on cover was found to be missing when the letter was opened by the censor". (4). £180-220
Click to view full image... 1967 (Sept) Independent Anguilla overprint issue ½c, 1c, 3c, 4c pair and 5c unmounted mint, also 3c and 10c used. S.G. 1-8, £810. (8). Photo on Page 140. £180-220

(Also See Lot 1018)

G.B. & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 43)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 1st March 2019 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for full viewing details
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