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Auction Lots - Page 4
  Local Stamps. British locals, mainly Herm, Alderney, Jethou or Sark, a large accumulation in three stockbooks and loose with many covers, also some Channel Islands World War Two covers, first flights, other signed covers, etc. (100s). £250-350
Click to view full image... Sark - Picture Postcards. c.1902-30 Picture postcards of Sark (526) including real photos, LL cards (125), the Post Office, harbour, horse-drawn carts, shipping, prison, mill, lighthouse, etc., some duplication, 68 pre-war cards posted on the island with single ring c.d.s (58, seven 1902-04 cards with the c.d.s applied away from the stamp which is cancelled in Guernsey) or double ring c.d.s (10, also three post-war cancels). Also picture postcards of Herm (23), Guernsey and Jersey (49) or Alderney (9, two with Alderney datestamps), and a few modern cards. An unusually large lot of Sark postcards. (657). Photo on Page 28. £500-600

Isle of Man
(Also See Lot 111)

  1891-1951 Covers and cards (6) including 1891 1d postcard to USA cancelled at Liverpool with "KIRKMICHAEL / ISLE OF MAN" c.d.s alongside the stamp, 1937 and 1951 flight covers, also 1908 piece with KEVII ½d tied by "DOUGLAS / X" Christmas Cross cancel, a mint QV 4d revenue stamp, c.1750 coloured print of Peel Castle, 1766 Act establishing a Packet from Whitehaven to Douglas and Post Offices and post roads within the island, and scarce 1843 One Pound note issued by the Douglas & Isle of Man Bank, a few faults. (11). £150-180

Isle of Wight
(Also See Lots 107, 692)

  World War Two. 1942-45 Covers comprising internal censored covers from the island posted in July 1942 prior to the Dieppe raid (3, one cancelled in London F.S) or in November 1942; 1942 2½d P.O.W air letter from Brightstone to a P.O.W in Italy; 1943-45 P.O.W postcards or lettersheets from Sgt R. Cass in Stalag VIIA or XIB all to St. Helens (41, three missent to St. Helens in Lancashire) and a 1945 official cover from the Scots Guards sent to Cass at Ryde after his release. (47). £100-120
  Maps and Ephemera. c.1700 Hand coloured map of the island (approx 160x130mm) and later Victorian maps (3); various prints, some coloured; booklets of Isle of Wight views published by Thomas Beecham (vols. 1-3); KEVII Osborne House notepaper; unused pictorial notepaper illustrating Osborne House; Victorian guide book + coloured prints (12) all contained within an envelope with printed label by T. Nelson & Sons; Victorian tradesmen's bills, some illustrated; also "Island Air Express" booklet containing twenty London to Isle of Wight air service stamps, etc. £120-150


Click to view full image... 1708 Letters from W. Brockman at Beechborough House, posted from Hythe to "Mr Nott, Attorney at Law in Cliffords Inne in Fleet Street, London", both backstamped with rare straight line "HITHE" (KT 574) and a Bishop Mark, charged 2d. The first letter of July 31st with an unusually fine strike, the second letter of September 24th with a slightly doubled but readable strike. Hythe was one of just four towns in Kent to have handstamps in the first decade of the Eighteenth Century. Possibly the only recorded examples of this rare and early town handstamp. (2). Photo on Page 30. £300-350

(Also See Lots 84/5, 143, 546, 582/3, 811)

Click to view full image... 1801 (Jan 3) Entire letter prepaid 6d to Coventry with superb triple ring "PAID" datestamp with circles between "Paid" and "1801", a variant of Jay type 99, unlisted by him and probably only used for a few days in early January before the side circles were removed. Photo on Page 30. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1820 Entire prepaid 11d from Burnley with red crowned "To be / delivered / Free" (Jay 715) applied in error and deleted by a black erasure handstamp, replaced by a Paid datestamp. Very unusual, this Free handstamp supposed to be used on official mail, soldiers letters or letters to or from high ranking postal officials to secure free delivery within the London local post. Photo on Page 30. £200-240
  1829 Entire letter from Leicester to the General Post Office in London, with "Not" written on front of the address and handstamped red "NOT CALLED FOR" (Jay 258), fine and scarce. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1832 Entire letter sent within the London local post handstamped "2", deleted by an erasure mark and replaced by "4" and "In All", both of these then also deleted by erasure marks and again handstamped "2", small ink stain on address panel, otherwise fine and very unusual. Photo on Page 30. £140-160
Click to view full image... 1845 Entire letter from Dover to London prepaid 1d in cash, handstamped upon arrival with red tombstone shaped handstamp simply containing the word "PAID", the date omitted, very unusual. Photo on Page 30. £180-220


Click to view full image... Tramway Mail. 1942 and 1953 (2) Covers carried as parcels within Northampton by the Corporation Tramways, the first to a chemist at Kingsthorpe bearing "Official Communication via Parcel Service" stamp tied by circular violet "NORTHAMPTON CORPORATION / PARCEL SERVICE / THANK YOU" with "HEALTH CLINIC / 14 APR 1942 / NORTHAMPTON" senders cachet on reverse; the two 1953 covers to Boots Ltd bearing 6d parcel service "bus ticket" type stamps cancelled by violet circular "N.C.T / PARCEL SERVICE" datestamps. Three rare tram covers. (3). Photo on Page 30. £160-200

(Also See Lots 76, 79, 80, 106, 110, 114-128, 130, 132, 567, 577, 928/9, 931/3, 935)

  Aberdeen - 4d Post. 1839 (Dec 26) Entire letter from Aberdeen to Chesterfield with handstruck "4", Aberdeen backstamp, fine. £180-220
  Dundee - 4d Post. 1839 (Dec 21) Entire letter from Dundee to Charlestown with two strikes of black handstruck "4", Dundee backstamp, light file fold, otherwise fine. £220-260
  Haddington - 4d Post. 1839 (Dec 30) Entire letter from Haddington to London with handstruck "4", Haddington backstamp, fine. £200-240
  Edinburgh Duplexs. 1858-74 Covers (72) and pieces (19), the collection written up in an album showing the two part codes used in the date portion to identify the time and the individual applying the canceller, the individuals initially using a capital letter in the code, altered to a number in about 1861, 23 covers with dotted circle duplexs. (91). £300-350


  Halifax. 1782 Entire letters both from the same correspondence, written at Ripponden but posted from Halifax to Clockhouse near Bradford both charged 1d, one backstamped "HALIFAX" (YK 1171), the other with manuscript "Halifax" clearly written by the Post Office. A scarce Post Office town endorsement. (2). £180-220

(Also See Lots 61-72, 634/5, 865, 942-954, 988/9, 994/8, 1097)

  c.1922-87 Worldwide first flight covers, picture postcards and ephemera including luggage labels, timetables, tickets, advertising labels and postcards for Sabena, Air France, Lufthansa, KLM and various other airlines in Europe, Central and South America, USA, etc. (128). £200-240
  1931-82 covers and cards including 1931 DO-X cover flown from Germany to Rio de Janeiro and postcards of the flying boat; 1936 cover from Rotterdam to New York carried on the LZ192 "Hindenburg" (also a postcard of the airship); 1932 Imperial Airways England to South Africa first flight covers to Mpika or Kimberley cancelled at Croydon Aerodrome; Concorde covers (20) with 1974 Concorde 210 delivery flight signed by Brian Trubshaw, 1976 first flights from London to Washington and return flight or London to Bahrain and return flight all pilot signed, 1980 Concorde 214 delivery flight pilot signed, etc. (37). £150-200
  Aviation ephemera, including 1919 (Oct) Air Ministry "Report of American Aviation Mission" (H.M.S.O, 21 pages), 1930 I.A.T.A Aerial time-table, 1934 Railway Air Service air mail notices (2), various post war route maps, magazines, 1949 Handley Page Ltd 96 page hardbound book for the 40th anniversary of the company, etc. (55). £150-180
  Aviation ephemera, mainly timetables including Italy 1934 Navigazione Aerea S.A, 1936 Sweden Aerotransport and Imperial Airways Europe, 1939 American Airlines and TWA, etc., also Imperial Airways "Visit Switzerland" leaflet, tickets, etc. (34). £150-180
  Aviation ephemera, including 1930 I.A.T.A Aerial time-table, 1930 Short Bros aircraft publicity photo, c.1932 AA Libya flying maps, 1933 Amsterdam to Java "Pelican" flight leaflet, c.1935 G.P.O Anglo-Palestine Air Mail leaflet, other 1946-1970s G.P.O air mail leaflets, also F.J. Field pamphlets, etc. (113). £150-180

Crash Covers
(Also See Lots 61, 195/8, 216, 223, 233, 236, 243/4, 280, 285, 288/9, 398/9)

  1937 (Jan 15) Cover from Elisabethville to Antwerp franked Belgian Congo 5f, soiled, endorsed "courrier d'accidente Sabena". The Sabena plane crashed near Oran on January 26th killing 12 people. £70-80
  Argentina/France. 1937-38 Covers from Argentina, the first to Belgium franked 1p40 handstamped "Courrier Sinistre / reconstitue par les soins du / Bureau de Casablanca", from the Dakar to France service which disappeared off Cap Blanc, two mailbags subsequently found; and burnt 1938 cover to Paris franked 1p40 with violet "CORRESPONDANCE AVION / retardee et deterioree / par suite l'accident aerien / survenu le 23 Mars 1938", from the Air France plane which crashed in the Pyrenees. (2). £120-150
  1951 (Dec 20) Cover from New York to Germany franked 15c, reverse with signs of singeing and violet "Aus dem Unfall des Flugzeuges / New York - Mailand von 23. Dez. 1951 / geborgene geschadigte Korrespondenz", from the New York - Shannon - Milan flight which crashed 8km short of Milan airport; and 1952 (Mar 17) cover from Brazil to Holland, water and fire damaged, recovered from the KLM Johannesburg - Frankfurt - Rome - Amsterdam flight which crashed near Frankfurt, with explanatory label "Amsterdam C.S / Het bijgevoegde stuk is / beschadigol in verband met / vliegtuigongeluk bij / Frankfurtmain". Two uncommon crash covers. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... Canada / North Borneo. 1954-70 Covers to Canada, the first from Amsterdam (5 Apr. 1954) franked 45c, handstamped "SALVAGED FROM / T.C.A WRECK"; the second from Sabah (29 June 1970) franked Sabah 10c strip of three handstamped "SALVAGED FROM / AIR CRASH JULY 5", the last a very unusual origin. (2). £100-120
  1968 (Apr 18) Cover from Swakopmund to Germany franked 15c, a little singed, with explanatory slip from the Windhoek Postmaster "The accompanying postal article/s was/were included in the mail despatches which were despatched with flight SA 228 (BOEING : "PRETORIA") and accordingly damaged in the crash in which the forementioned aircraft was destroyed near J.G Strijdom Airport on April 20, 1968"; and 1974 (Nov 18) cover from Holland to Pretoria franked 90c, soiled, with bilingual red cachet "RETRIEVED FROM AIR CRASH ON 20 / NOVEMBER 1974 AT NAIROBI". (2). £80-100


Egypt, Sudan & British Somaliland
(Also See Lots 252/4, 290, 375, 383, 994/5, 1097)

Click to view full image... 1925 Cairo-Kano-Cairo R.A.F Flight. Cover carried on the return flight endorsed "By Special air mail, Kano-Cairo", addressed to "S/L Cunningham, R.A.F, Helwan" bearing Chad 75c with manuscript overprint "By Air Tchad Cairo" tied by Fort Lamy c.d.s (Nov 3), backstamped at Hilwan (Nov 20). Fine and very scarce, only about five covers recorded. Photo on Page 30. £220-260
Click to view full image... 1925 Cairo-Kano-Cairo R.A.F Flight. Long O.H.M.S cover (left side folded over) bearing datestamps of post offices visited by the R.A.F ground party led by F/Lt Greenham, who constructed landing strips along the route. Bearing Chad 45c cancelled at Abecher (Nov 14) and Sudan 10m cancelled at Geneina (Nov 21), with datestamps of Adre (Nov 19) and El Fasher (Dec 22), very unusual and rare. Photo on Page 30. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1926 Cairo-Khartoum R.A.F Test Flight. Cover with Egypt 5m cancelled at Abu Suwer (Jan 9), addressed to Khartoum endorsed "By kind permission of OC flight" and initialled by V.E Stoner, with violet "Special Flight / Cairo to Khartoum" and "Khartoum 11/1/26", very fine. 65 Private letters and five official letters were carried on this R.A.F test flight. Photo on Page 30. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1926 Cairo to Cape Town R.A.F Survey Flight. Cover inscribed "By Aeroplane", flown from Heliopolis to Cape Town, then redirected to London and posted at Muizenberg (Apr 13) franked 2d coil stamp. Handstamped oval "HELIOPOLIS DETAILS / 1 MAR 1926 / ROYAL AIR FORCE" and signed "C. Pulford, Wing Cdr, 1.3.26, o/c Cape Flight, to be carried by machine S1104". Fine and very rare, just two other flown covers with this Heliopolis cachet recorded. Photo on Page 34. £900-1,200
Click to view full image... 1928 Lord Carberry Holland-Egypt-Kenya Flight. Picture postcard posted within Cairo (Dec 6) franked 5m, then readdressed to London, carried on Lord Carberry's flight and posted upon arrival at Nairobi (Dec 11) franked KUT 5c + 10c. Very scarce, just six cards flown from Cairo. Photo on Page 34. £150-200
  1929-30 Walter Mittelholzer African Safari Flight. Registered cover and card flown from Zurich, franked 4.40f to Khartoum or 6.40f to Nairobi both with arrival datestamps and boxed flight cachets; and a cover to J.S Davis in Nairobi bearing uncancelled Sudan 5m + 10m, endorsed "By Swiss Aeroplane to Nairobi" and "Carried by aeroplane from Khartoum by kind permission of Capt. Mittelholzer", one of fifty letters carried from Khartoum to Nairobi. (3). £150-180
  1930 Walter Mittelholzer African Safari Flight. 1930 Cover to J.S Davis at Nairobi bearing uncancelled Sudan 5m + 10m, handstamped "FIRST FLIGHT", endorsed "By Swiss Aeroplane to Nairobi" and "carried by aeroplane from Khartoum to Nairobi by kind permission of Capt. Mittelholzer", the reverse with "F.J Field" handstamp and "Guaranteed Flown, John S. Davis 5/2/30". Walter Mittelholzer flew in a Fokker monoplane from Zurich to Nairobi, picking up Baron Rothschild as a passenger at Alexandria. Letters were picked up at some stops including fifty letters at Khartoum, which were handed over to the Nairobi Postmaster upon landing. £80-100
Click to view full image... Egypt 1931 Zeppelin. Picture postcard of the Graf Zeppelin bearing lower right corner marginal Zeppelin 50m with surcharge error "1951" for "1931" and plate number "A29" cancelled by "Caire" Graf Zeppelin c.d.s (Apr 11) with a further strike alongside, and proof impressions of the three 10th April Graf Zeppelin datestamps for "Suez", "Alexandrie" and "Port Said", probably a souvenir card presented to one of the Zeppelin's officers or passengers. The Suez Zeppelin c.d.s is one of the great rarities of Egypt aerophilately, just a handful of examples recorded. Photo on Inside Front Cover. £1,800-2,200
  British Somaliland. 1935 (Dec 18) Cover from Berbera to Khartoum bearing Somaliland 6a + Silver Jubilee 1a, backstamped by Khartoum c.d.s (Dec 21) and scarce boxed "UNCLAIMED". A scarce Ala Littoria flight, only about 15 covers flown. £170-200
Click to view full image... British Somaliland. 1935 (Dec 18) Cover from Berbera to Asmara bearing Somaliland 6a + Silver Jubilee 1a, with Asmara arrival c.d.s on the front (Dec 21), strangely then flown to Italy with Rome backstamp (Jan 2), presumably returned to Asmara. A scarce Ala Littoria flight, only about 15 covers flown. Photo on Page 34. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1937 Mrs H.B Bonney Brisbane to Cape Town Solo Flight. Three covers flown on the Sudan legs of her flight, bearing Australia stamps cancelled at Brisbane (Apr 8) and Sudan stamps cancelled at Wadi Halfa on June 10th (2, one returned by air mail to Australia with four Sudan air stamps) or at Khartoum on June 13th, all with flight cachets and signed by Mrs Bonney. (3). Photo on Page 34. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1937 A.E Clouston and Betty Kirby-Green Cape Town - London Return Flight. Picture postcard of a plane in flight, written from Khartoum on November 19th, "just a card brought by F/O Clouston, it should reach you by tomorrow", addressed to London with a Sudan 15m air mail stamp cancelled in manuscript, posted upon arrival in London (Nov 22) franked KEVIII 1d. Clouston and Kirby-Green flew from London to Cape Town in a record time of 45 hours, 2 minutes (see lots 230, 238); this card was carried on their return flight from Sudan to Croydon. No official mail was carried on this flight, and this card is probably unique. Photo on Page 34. £400-500
  Sudan. 1936 (Feb 17 Cover from Geneina Fort to G.B franked 10m + 15m bearing a pair of "By Air Mail" labels, the upper label with the error "BY AIR MIAL", scarce on cover. £100-120

Nigeria, Gold Coast & Gambia
(Also See Lots 69, 251)

Click to view full image... Gambia - Graf Zeppelin Pendulum Flights. 1935 (Nov 18) Brazil 100r postcard uprated 4100r and bearing a "Por Zeppelin / RECIFE-BATHURST" label, posted from Pernambuco to Bathurst with circular "SERVICIO AEREO TRANSOCEANICO / CONDOR / ZEPPELIN / LUFTHANSA / BRASIL - EUROPA" and a Bathurst (Dec 2) arrival c.d.s. Also a 1935 (July 3) picture postcard depicting the Graf Zeppelin over Brazil, flown on the Zeppelin from Brazil to Germany (S.5309A). In November the seaplane tenders "Westfalen" and "Schwabenland" were withdrawn for repairs, the service being maintained by the "Graf Zeppelin" with mail dropped and picked up by rope at Bathurst. This occurred on three flights of the Zeppelin, special labels being used on these flights on mail to Bathurst. (Also see lot 251). (2). Photo on Page 34. £150-180
Click to view full image... Gambia - Graf Zeppelin Pendulum Flights. 1935 (Nov 21) Cover from Recife to Bathurst franked Brazil 200r + 2000r pair inscribed "Graf Zeppelin" and bearing a "VIA / CONDOR - ZEPPELIN" label with red "DEUTSCHE LUFTPOST / EUROPA - SUDAMERIKA" cachet, backstamped at Stuttgart (Nov 25) and Bathurst (Nov 29), then reposted from Bathurst (Nov 30) to Pernambuco franked Silver Jubilee 6d (2), with Recife arrival c.d.s (Dec 2). The Graf Zeppelin flew three pendulum flights between Brazil and Gambia in November when the usual Deutsche Lufthansa service was suspended whilst the service ships in the Atlantic were being repaired. This cover carried on the second Zeppelin flight to Bathurst, then strangely flown from Bathurst to Stuttgart by Deutsche Lufthansa, returned by DLH then flown back on the third return flight by Graf Zeppelin. A little light staining but an exceptionally scarce double pendulum flight cover. Photo on Page 34. £1,400-1,600
Click to view full image... Gambia - Graf Zeppelin Pendulum Flights. 1935 (Nov 28) Cover from Pernambuco to Bathurst franked Brazil 500r + 700r, inscribed "Mit Graf Zeppelin", carried on the final Graf Zeppelin pendulum flight with circular "SERVICIO AEREO TRANSOCEANICO / CONDOR / ZEPPELIN / LUFTHANSA / BRASIL - EUROPA" cachet and a Bathurst arrival c.d.s (Dec 2), then reposted from Bathurst (Dec 6) to Pernambuco franked ½d + 2d + Silver Jubilee 1/-, carried on the first resumed DLH airmail service with Pernambuco arrival c.d.s (Dec 8). A little light staining but extremely scarce. Photo on Page 34. £1,400-1,600
  1936 (Feb 9) Registered cover carried on the first flight from Croydon to Kano with G.B 2d strip of three + 3d tied by "AERODROME B.O CROYDON, SURREY / AIR MAIL" datestamps, carried on the "Daedalus", with a fine photo of the aircraft; February 18th G.P.O Lagos Post Office notice giving the latest posting times for air mail to the UK from Lagos, Ebute Metta and Apapa; and March 7th cover franked 6d from London to Accra carried on the "Daedalus" which was damaged upon landing at Geneina, transferred to the "Achiles" to Kano, then carried by train to Lagos and sea to Accra. Also a 1946 (Jan 29) cover from Accra to London franked 1/3, endorsed Test Letter No. 4" with British Airways Post Section handstamp (Feb 4) on reverse. (5). £120-140
  Gambia Crash Mail. 1937 (Mar 9) Covers from Germany to Brazil with red "DEUTSCHE LUFTPOST / EUROPA-SUDAMERIKA / C" cachets, both with the stamps washed off, one handstamped "ACCIDENT D'AVIATION", the other with manuscript "Flugzeug i.a. Gambia ....." with arrival backstamps (Mar 15). The Deutsch Lufthansa "D-ALIX" crashed into a swamp in Gambia seven miles from Jeshawang Airport killing four crew. (2). £150-180
  1956 (June 22) Long registered cover from Onitscha to England bearing five Nigerian stamps, a little fire damage at both ends, bearing a label regretting damage or delay with manuscript "Salvaged from B.O.A.C Argonaut Crash. L.B680 refers" and bearing an Inland Section London Postal Region c.d.s (June 3), with the ambulance envelope bearing a London Registered datestamp and Letter Branch Mount Pleasant handstamp and wax seal. The Kano to London B.O.A.C plane hit a tree upon take-off and crashed killing 26 people; a small part of the mail was recovered in damaged condition, this item being illustrated by Nierinck. £130-160
Click to view full image... 1956 (June 23) Badly burnt air letter to London with a 6d meter mark, enclosed in an O.H.M.S ambulance envelope handstamped violet "BY AIR", "3 JUL 1956" and "ENCLOSED LETTER SALVAGED FROM / AIR CRASH AT KANO (24-6-56)". Also two contemporary news cuttings reporting the crash. Photo on Page 38. £150-180
  1956 (June 21) 6d Air letter from Onitscha to England, minor fire damage at left edge, handstamped violet "SALVAGED MAIL EX. / B.O.A.C. ARGONAUT" with matching "LONDON / 110" rubber c.d.s (July 3) on the reverse. £130-160

South West Africa

  1932 Registered covers carried on the January 26th feeder service first flight from Windhoek, one a 4d size H2 registration envelope to London addressed to and signed by the pilot A.O Wright; the other unusually to Chile (with certificate of posting) carried by Imperial Airways to London then by French air service from Paris via Toulouse and Dakar, signed by the pilots of three of the Imperial Airways stages, H. Alger on "City of Basra" from Johannesburg to Salisbury, J.S Sheppard on "City of Baghdad" from Broken Hill to Kisumu and D. Travers on "Heracles" from Paris to London. Also 1931 S.W.A Posts & Telegraphs letter announcing the inauguration of three inland air services to operate until Imperial Airways commence their Windhoek to Kimberley service to connect with the Trans-Africa service in January 1932. (3). £150-180
Click to view full image... 1933 G.B - Southern Africa Record Breaking R.A.F Flight. 1933 (Feb 6) Cover bearing G.B 1½d cancelled at Cranwell, addressed to Walvis Bay with arrival c.d.s (Feb 8) on the front, carried on the record breaking 57 hours 25 minutes 5341 mile non-stop R.A.F flight piloted by Sqn-Ldr Gayford and Flt-Lt. Nicholetts. Just 20 covers carried on this remarkable flight, very fine. Photo on Page 38. £450-550
G.B. & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 43)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 1st March 2019 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for full viewing details
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