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Auction Lots - Page 6
Click to view full image... 1935 Zeppelin Mail via Gambia. Registered cover from Daressalaam (Oct 22) to Pernambuco franked Silver Jubilee set of four, endorsed "By Airship Graf Zeppelin via London /overland" and bearing a "PAR / GRAF ZEPPELIN" label with violet boxed "BY AIR MAIL / PAR AVION" and red circular "DEUTSCHE LUFTPOST / EUROPA - SUDAMERIKA", backstamped at Nairobi and Pernambuco (Nov 18). Flown by Imperial Airways to London, Lufthansa to Bathurst and then carried on the first of three Graf Zeppelin "pendulum flights" from Bathurst to Recife. The usual Lufthansa service had to be suspended whilst the depot ships were being overhauled, the service being taken over by the Graf Zeppelin, with mail being raised or lowered to the airship at Bathurst by rope (also see lots 191-193). A rare KUT acceptance on this emergency service by the Graf Zeppelin. Photo on Page 46. £1,000-1,200

Gladstone Airways

Click to view full image... 1927 Sudan 5m postal stationery envelope with a further 5m stamp, both uncancelled, initialled by the sender Ewart Scott Grogan on both sides, addressed to "His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales K.G, St. James Palace, London, England", handstamped violet "Carried by the Airline between / Khartoum and Kisumu, Kenya Colony / Pilots signature" (signed T.A Gladstone) with a Heliopolis c.d.s (Feb 21) on the front, backstamped at Cairo, two postage due marks obliterated. One of just two recorded covers flown on the first flight from Khartoum to Kisumu and on the return flight back to Khartoum, an exceptional cover. Photo on Page 46. £1,300-1,500
Click to view full image... 1927 (Feb 26) Cover from Nairobi to Kampala and forwarded to Mombasa endorsed "By Air Mail Kisumu - Jinja" with red "KENYA - SUDAN / AIR MAIL" skeleton c.d.s (Feb 27) and double ring "AIR MAIL / UGANDA SUDAN" skeleton c.d.s (Feb 28) on reverse, datestamps of Kampala (Mar 2), Kisumu and Mombasa. The only recorded cover flown on the second service from Kisumu to Jinja. Photo on Page 50. £300-350
  1925 G.B. Wembley Exhibition Post Office Exhibit souvenir picture postcard with the "P.O EXHIBIT GOVT PAVILION / WEMBLEY" c.d.s, subsequently posted in 1927 (Sep 28) from Gosport to Jinja franked 6½d with blue Air Mail label and endorsed "per experimental flight from Cairo", carried on the final Gladstone Airways flight from Khartoum to Jinja with red "AIR MAIL / UGANDA SUDAN" skeleton c.d.s and a Jinja arrival c.d.s (Oct 17), unusual £150-180
Click to view full image... 1927 (Oct 23) Registered cover from Manyoni to the USA endorsed "Airmail Kisumu - Khartoum via Mwanza", with manuscript registration label of Manyoni, franked by Tanganyika 30c + 75c and U.S Air Mail 15c all cancelled in transit at Sigida, the U.S stamp further cancelled by blue crayon and again at Chicago with a duplex datestamp. Intended for the Gladstone Airways service but sent by surface mail via Daressalaam due to the crash of the "Pelican" on the 17th, which caused the air service to cease. U.S Air stamps were available in many foreign countries to pay for internal air mail within the USA. A scarce use of U.S Air stamps in Tanganyika, backstamped at Daressalaam, London, Chicago and Little Falls, fine. Photo on Page 50. £180-220
Click to view full image... 1927 (Oct 23) Similar registered cover franked Tanganyika 5c + 1/- and U.S Air Mail 10c (a few perf stains), small stain at upper right corner, otherwise fine and a scarce use of U.S Air stamps in Tanganyika. Photo on Page 50. £180-220

Wilson Airways

Click to view full image... 1931 (July 7) Cover franked 55c from Nairobi to Manyoni via Mwanza bearing an Air Mail label and endorsed "By First Flight, Nairobi - Kisumu". Handstamped violet "LOCAL AIR FEE PAID" and "Owing temporary failure / Air Service Mail (from Kisumu) / forwarded normal route", backstamped at Mwanza (July 20) and Manyoni. Sixty covers were carried on the first flight from Nairobi to Kisumu; there was no connecting Imperial Airways flight from Kisumu due to the southbound "City of Khartoum" making a forced landing at Kabanga Port on July 4th, and the cover was therefore forwarded by lake steamer. A scarce first flight cover with this cachet. Photo on Page 50. £150-180
  1931 (July 7) Cover franked 55c from Nairobi to Butiaba then redirected back to Nairobi, with blue Air Mail label and typed inscription "First direct flight Nairobi - Kisumu - Butiaba by Wilson Airways to Kisumu thence by Imperial Airways". Handstamped violet "LOCAL AIR FEE PAID", backstamped at Kampala (July 8), Masindi, Butiaba and Nairobi. Carried by Wilson Airways to Kisumu (60 flown), Imperial Airways to Port Bell and then by surface mail. £100-120
  1932 (Jan 25) Registered cover franked 65c from Nairobi to Kisumu, inscribed to go on the first Imperial Airways flight but actually carried on a Wilson Airways charter flight due to the "City of Delhi" making a forced landing near Broken Hill; and a cover franked 7d from London (Jan 26) to Tukuyu in Tanganyika, carried by Wilson Airways from Kisumu to Nairobi from where it was carried on the "City of Baghdad", backstamped at Mbeya (Feb 4) and Tukuyu (Feb 5). Two scarce Wilson airways shuttle flights, both due to mishaps on the Imperial Airways service. (2). £180-220
  1932 (Aug 17) 20c Envelope uprated 15c carried on the first flight of the Nairobi to Daressalaam route, on the leg from Nairobi to Tanga with arrival backstamp (Aug 18); and a postcard from London (Aug 3) sent at the 3d rate to Zanzibar, also carried on this first flight, backstamped at Nairobi (Aug 17) and Zanzibar (Aug 18). Both fine and scarce, just 12 postcards carried to Zanzibar. (2). £160-200
  1934 (Feb 14) Cover franked 35c from Mwanza to Daressalaam, bearing a blue Air Mail label, one of just five covers carried on this Wilson Airways Government Charter flight. Rare. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1934 (Feb 12) 15c Envelope uprated 5c + 10c + 50c with a blue Air Mail label, carried on the first flight from Daressalaam to Utete, with arrival backstamp, just six covers supposedly carried, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 50. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1934 (Nov 20) O.H.M.S cover franked 20c pair from Sumbawanga to the Postmaster at Daressalaam inscribed "1st Air Mail Sumbawanga" and signed "A.N Francombe, Pilot Wilson Airways, 22/11/34" with arrival backstamp (Nov 21). Francombe flew the Director of Agriculture Mr Harrison on a round 'safari" via Morogoro, Shinyanga, Mwanza and Sumbawanga, just two flown and pilot signed covers recorded from Sumbawanga, fine and extremely rare. Photo on Page 50. £200-240
  1936 (Apr 2) Registered cover from Egypt to the Governor of Tanganyika franked 80m, inscribed "By Nairobi - Daressalaam air service. Imperial Airways & Wilson Air Line. First Day Service 2nd April 1936", backstamped at Nairobi (Apr 5) and Daressalaam; and 1937 (July 3) cover from Johannesburg to Kisumu franked 1½d, carried on the first South African Airways flight in conjunction with R.A.N.A and Wilson Airways, backstamped at Kisumu (July 6) and signed by the pilot Capt L. Inggs. (2). £100-120

Tanganyika Government Air Services

  1930 (Nov 27) Picture postcard franked 30c, carried on the first flight from Daressalaam to Tanga (but actually landed at Korogwe as the airfield at Tanga was unserviceable) with Tanga arrival c.d.s and violet boxed Air Mail cachet (identical to the adhesive labels, which were not yet ready for this first regular air service); and 1931 (June 11) cover from Daressalaam to the Postmaster General at Nairobi franked 30c, with blue Air Mail label and endorsed "By Air to Mombasa", further endorsed "Certified First Air Mail Daressalaam to Mombasa, W.T Storm, P.M.G Tanganyika Territory", minor opening faults. 164 Items carried on the first 1930 flight but only two postcards recorded; fifty items supposedly carried on the 1931 first flight to Mombasa, this cover probably unique signed by the Tanganyika P.M.G. (2). £150-180
  1931-32 Daressalaam to Mombasa feeder service, registered cover carried on the 1931 (Oct 23) first flight from Tanga to Daressalaam franked 65c, and 1932 (Jan 20) 15c postcard uprated 20c carried on the final flight from Daressalaam to Mombasa, both items to C.R Cota, bearing Air Mail labels with oval "TANGANYIKA TERRITORY / FEEDER / SERVICE" cachets. (2). £100-120
  1931-32 Covers to Germany flown on the feeder service from Tanga to Mombasa, the first franked 95c, the second registered franked 1/25 flown on the final flight on January 22nd, both with Air Mail cachet or label and violet oval "TANGANYIKA TERRITORY / FEEDER / SERVICE", both flown from Mombasa by Imperial Airways and backstamped at Brindisi. The first cover with vertical fold, the final flight cover with minor soiling at upper edge but otherwise fine, both commercial. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1932 (Jan 22) Cover from Mombasa to Daressalaam franked KUT 15c + 20c with blue Air Mail label, arrival backstamp, the only recorded cover carried on the final flight of the Government feeder service from Mombasa, small opening tears at upper edge, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 50. £100-120

East African Airways

This company was formed in November 1934 and was in liquidation by September 1936. Some mail was flown in 1935-36 on the routes Kisumu - Kakamega - Eldoret, Eldoret - Njoro - Nairobi or Nairobi - Musoba; all flown covers are scarce.

  1935 Covers franked 35c, carried on the first flights from Kisumu (Jan 13) to Eldoret, Nairobi (Jan 14) to Njoro, or Eldoret (Jan 15) to Nairobi, all with Air Mail labels and arrival backstamps; and a postcard from London (Feb 9) franked 3d to Njoro, carried on the first U.K acceptance by Imperial Airways to connect with the East African Airways service, arrival backstamp (Feb 18), all fine. Also two large adverts from newspapers for the new East African Airways services. A very scarce group. (6). £300-350
Click to view full image... 1935 (Jan 14) 20c Envelope uprated 5c + 10c from Kisumu to Kakamega, endorsed "By first internal air mail service Kisumu Kakamega, opening of the East African Airways Service", with an Air Mail label and arrival backstamp. The only recorded cover from this first flight. Minor edge staining at right, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 50. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1935 (Apr 24) Long registered O.H.M.S cover (folded in half prior to use) carried on the first return flight from Musoma to Nairobi franked 2/- + 20c pair, with Air Mail and registration labels, arrival backstamps. Fine and scarce, 25 covers reportedly flown, this cover franked at the 3oz rate. Photo on Page 54. £140-160
  1935 Cover from Kakamega (Apr 24) to South Africa flown to Kisumu, marked "T50" with "5d" charge mark, reverse with Kisumu c.d.s and South Africa ½d + 2d postage due pairs cancelled at Simonstown; cover from Kakamega (Nov 8) to USA franked 70c, backstamped at Kisumu; and cover from Lolgorien (Dec 15) to Nairobi franked 35c, all with printed Air Mail vignettes or an applied label, three scarce commercial covers flown on the goldfields route to Nairobi. (3). £160-200

Imperial Airways

  1931-35 Post Office Notices comprising 1931 (Feb 26) new weekly air service, with rates (Nairobi G.P.O); 1934 (Oct 20) Christmas mails, printed and typed notices giving despatch dates (both with Daressalaam c.d.s or Postmaster cachet); 1935 (Jan 18) postal rates (Nairobi G.P.O). Also 1932 (Jan.) British P.O leaflet, extension of East Africa air service to Rhodesia and South Africa; and 1933 (Apr.) Khartoum G.P.O air mail leaflet giving rates. (6). £100-120
  1931 Pages bearing proof impressions of the 25 handstamps prepared by John Davis for use on Imperial Airways first flight covers and sent to the respective Postmasters in Tanganyika, Kenya, Rhodesia, Sudan or Egypt, with a letter from the Deputy Postmaster at Daressalaam to Davis stating "regret that no official use can be made of your rubber stamps which have been destroyed". Also a first flight cover from Kampala to Broken Hill with "FIRST FLIGHT / PORT BELL" cachet clearly adapted from one of the Davis handstamps, proving one Postmaster retained his cachet despite this official letter. The private cachets were also retained and used on mail in various offices outside Kenya and Tanganyika. An interesting lot, six sets of proof handstamps produced. £250-300
  1931 (Mar 10) "The Uganda Herald", special Air Mail souvenir number, four pages, the front page with an advert for Shell Oil and Petrol with a picture of an aeroplane, and the special printed newspaper wrapper, unused, the newspaper folded to fit into the wrapper with a few minor edge tears, the final page with a piece torn from the base and repaired with tape, attractive and scarce. £200-240
  1931 (March) First flight covers from Nairobi to Barbados with 23 stamps paying the 85c rate, Nairobi to Kampala but mis-sorted and flown to London, Mombasa to London franked 60c, also Imperial Airways official First Air Mail cover with enclosed publicity letter posted at Kisumu, and Imperial Airways leaflet giving passenger and freight rates posted from Alexandria (Mar 5) to the pilot A.R Prendergast at Mwanza franked 40m with arrival c.d.s. (5). £100-120
  1931 (May 6) Cover from Kiriella, Ceylon, franked 70c to Mwanza, inscribed via "Karachi - Mwanza", with arrival backstamp (May 26), just five covers flown from Ceylon to Mwanza on the first service by Imperial Airways. £160-180
  1932 (Nov 26) Large cover to the British & Foreign Bible Society in London containing "Translation of Scripture" franked 9/10 (14 times the 65c per ½oz air mail rate) with KGV 10c, 1/-, 3/- and 5/- all cancelled at Arua, a little creasing but an unusual commercial high rate. £80-100
  1934-45 Air Mail covers including covers to USA franked 75c, 9/40 or 5/05 (inscribed "Clipper Air Mail Service"), to Canada franked 5/75 (inscribed "via Leopoldville, Brazil & Miami"), to Australia franked 1/90, etc., some unusual frankings, all commercial. (8). £80-100
  "Atalanta" Crash. 1935 (Oct 26) Air Mail cover from Sweden to Daressalaam with a 65 ore meter mark, backstamped Berlin-Sassnitz T.P.O and at Daressalaam (Nov 5), carried on the "Atalanta" which was totally wrecked on November 3rd when it struck a tree during take off at Kisumu. The mail was flown to Nairobi in "City of Jodhpur" and then taken by Wilson Airways. Repair at lower left corner, otherwise fine and scarce. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1937 First all-up flights, cover from London (June 26) to Nairobi franked 1½d with enclosed note from E.V Dolby at the Airway Terminus at Victoria; and a cover from Kisumu (June 1) carried to Southampton in the first return all-up flight by the flying boat "Centaurus" franked 20c, unusually signed by both pilots, A. Burgess and Ronald F. Stone, scarce. (2). Photo on Page 54. £180-220
  1937 Christmas concession on underpaid "all-up" air mail, cover and a front from Kenya or Uganda only franked 15c, handstamped "T" but with British P.O labels explaining that during the Christmas period only the collection of the surcharge due is waived as an exceptional arrangement; and similar unused labels issued by the Post Offices in G.B, Kenya, Southern Rhodesia, Nyasaland or South Africa (strip of five), some of these very scarce. (11). £120-150
  1935-37 Covers comprising 1935 cover from Kericho to Jamaica franked 65c and large printed pictorial cover from Kilindini to USA franked 2/10 with bilingual violet "BY AIR TO LONDON"; 1936 cover from Japan to Daressalaam endorsed "via Moscow & Irkutsk, Chita - Berlin - Tanganyika" franked 1.10y, backstamps include Hsinking I.N.P.O (Manchukuo); 1937 cover from New York to Nairobi franked 40c inscribed "via Hindenburg" but sent by S.S "Bremen" to Europe and then by Imperial Airways as the airship "Hindenburg" crashed the day after this cover was posted; 1937 covers from G.B to Masindi franked 6d, from Nakuru to USA franked 70c, or from Moshi to Germany franked 4/50 with German Customs examination labels. (7). £200-250

World War Two & Later Services

  1941-48 Covers comprising 1941 (July 26) cover to USA franked 5/80 via Hong Kong; 1943 forces covers from E.A. A.P.O 81 at Port Reitz to Canada franked 6/- "By Air Mail via Leopoldville", or from E.A. A.P.O 53 at Diego Suarez, Madagascar, to Brazil franked 4/35 by Pan Am; 1943 O.H.M.S cover with "Medical Laboratory Kampala" Postal Frank handstamp franked 4/70 to USA; 1945-46 B.O.A.C test letters from G.B to Nairobi franked 1/3 or Nairobi to London franked 1/30 both with enclosed memoranda giving dates of posting and receipt; 1946 registered cover from Mwanza to Uruguay franked 60c with red boxed "O.A.T" and registered cover to USA franked 12/90; 1947 cover to Fiji franked 2/60; 1947-48 covers to G.B franked 15c or 20c both with violet "MERCHANT NAVY MAIL". (11). £250-300
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1942 S.A.A.F Crash at Kisumu. Stampless postcard (Sep 5) from a P.O.W in Italy addressed to South Africa, minor water staining, with accompanying letter from the Army Postal Service H.Q in Durban, "The accompanying Postcard was recovered a few days ago from the aircraft which crashed into Lake Victoria on 19 December 1942. The crash resulted in the unfortunate death of General Pienaar and his companions. I am happy to be able to send this postcard to you in the unusual circumstances". The card with horizontal fold, letter applied to paper, otherwise unusually fine and rare, very little mail recovered from this S.A.A.F crash near Kisumu, this very explanatory note illustrated by Nierinck. (2). Photo on Page 54. £500-600
  1944 (Mar 11) Canadian armed forces air letter from Fort Frances, Ontario, to an R.A.F Officer in 265 Sqn (then at Kipevu in East Africa), stained and the stamp washed off, handstamped violet "SALVAGED FROM / AIR CRASH". Most covers from this crash are from Canada to forces in Italy, where the crash possibly occurred; this cover to Kenya probably a unique destination for mail from the crash. £100-120
Click to view full image... Aden. 1944 (Feb 10/11) Cover flown on the first flight by B.O.A.C from Aden to Nairobi franked 9a, with boxed R.A.F Censor 1; and a cover carried the following day on the first return flight from Nairobi to Aden franked 1/30, censored, with enclosed letter showing 12 such covers were flown on behalf of the collector I. Godfrey, and Godfrey's note indicating the cover from Aden was the sole example he had recorded, found amongst mail sent to his company. A rare pair, the first flight cover from Aden possibly unique. (2). Photo on Page 54. £500-600
  1945 S.A.A.F Crash at Kisumu. Three original telegrams with oval "ADJUTANT-GENERAL / 11-7-1945 / WAR RECORDS" handstamps, sent to "FORTCOM" at Cape Town, Durban or Port Elizabeth, listing the names of 15 servicemen killed on July 11th when a S.A.A.F plane crashed into Lake Victoria after taking off from Kisumu, one form on two pages. 28 Crew and passengers were killed, some mail being recovered. (4). £80-100

This exceptional collection comprises both internal and external flights from 1914 until after World War Two, and includes many rare (and sometimes unique) survey and record breaking flight covers carried on the route to or from England (with covers sent via Egypt, Iraq, Persia, the Persian Gulf, Burma or India), flights to New Zealand, pioneer and later commercial air services within and to Australia. Many famous aviators are represented including Capt. Ross Smith, Alan Cobham, Bert Hinkler, Charles Kingsford Smith, Amy Johnson, James Mollison, Jean Batten, Charles Scott and Francis Chichester, to name but a few. The collection has twice won gold medals at Stampex, for both three and five frame exhibits.
Catalogue numbers and prices (in Australian Dollars) shown at the end of descriptions are taken from "The Australian Air Mail Catalogue" (8th edition, 2008) by Nelson Eustis & T. Frommer. Also see lots 188, 246.

Pioneer, Survey and Record Breaking Flights

  1974 Lufthansa Crash at Nairobi. Covers from Denmark or the Netherlands, a little soiling or water damage, both with red bilingual "RETRIEVED FROM AIR CRASH ON 20 / NOVEMBER 1974 AT NAIROBI"; and an East Africa Posts bag label used on a bag of recovered mail flown from Nairobi to Johannesburg on November 27th with the red cachet applied on both sides, very unusual and scarce. Also a 1954 cover from Tanganyika to USA with violet boxed "SALVAGED MAIL / AIRCRAFT CRASH / PRESTWICK 25-12-54", the stamp unfortunately torn out and crudely replaced with sellotape, but a scarce origin for mail from this crash. (4). £140-160


England - Australia Air Route

Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1918 R.A.F Survey Flight from Cairo to Calcutta by Capt. Ross Smith and Sgts. J.M Bennett and W.H Shiers, with Generals Borton and Salmond as passengers. Stampless cover signed "S.E Borton, Brig. Gen. R.A.F" and addressed in his handwriting to Ambala, inscribed "Bearing", the reverse with superb circular "CARRIED BY FIRST AERIAL MAIL / CAIRO - DELHI / DECR. 1918" and an Ambala arrival c.d.s (Dec 17). The flight surveyed landing grounds en route, and stopped at Damascus, Basra, Bushire, Bandar Abbas, Chahbar and Karachi where a few letters were offloaded, before proceeding to Delhi where the remaining letters received the circular cachet. Kimpton records 15 covers from this flight, ten of which bear the circular cachet. In 1919 Ross Smith, Bennett and Shiers completed the first flight from England to Australia, following the route from Cairo to India surveyed on this 1918 flight. A fine and rare cover from a passenger on the flight, ex Jennings collection. Photo on Page 54. £3,000-3,500
Click to view full image... 1919 England to Australia Air Race & First G.B to India Flight. Stampless India Field Service postcard written by Bruce Clement from Baghdad on January 10th, the message including "just slipping this along per aeroplane today from here .... hang on to this as a novelty & keep, note when you receive it", inscribed "Received 20.3.1920", addressed to Nurse MacMiles, Royal Alexandra Hospital, Camperdown, Sydney. Signed by Clement and upon arrival in Australia with "J. Bennett, Darwin 12.12.19", bearing a fine blue flight vignette tied by oval "FIRST AERIAL MAIL / RECEIVED / 26 FEB 1920 / GREAT BRITAIN TO AUSTRALIA". Thirty covers and cards from Mesopotamia, mostly from members of the Australian Wireless Squadron, were handed to Brigadier General MacEwen in Baghdad and flown in the "Old Carthusian" on the first G.B to India Aerial Post; they were then handed over to Jim Bennett who carried them to England and then on the first flight from England to Australia, signing 25 of them upon arrival in Darwin. Some of these 30 items no longer survive whilst most others are O.A.S covers without any indication of origin. An exceptional card from Baghdad, carried on both the "Old Carthusian" flight to India and the Ross Smith England to Australia flight, number 203 in the Frommer listing, minor creasing, otherwise fine, ex Jennings collection. E27a, from $5,750. Photo on Page 54. £3,200-3,600
Click to view full image... 1919 England to Australia Air Race. Cover carried by Capt. Ross Smith, Lt. Keith Smith, Sgts. J Bennett and W. Shiers on their record breaking flight from Hounslow to Darwin, addressed to G. H Long at Toronto, Lake Macquarie, bearing blue "FIRST AERIAL POST, ENGLAND - AUSTRALIA" vignette tied by oval "FIRST AERIAL MAIL / RECEIVED / 26 FEB 1920 / GREAT BRITAIN TO AUSTRALIA" with a further strike alongside. The Smith brothers arrived in Darwin on December 10th after a flight of just 27 days and 21 hours winning the Australian Government's £10,000 prize for the first flight from England to Australia; they continued on to Melbourne on February 25th 1920, the letters having the vignettes and cancels applied the following day. A fine and scarce cover, number 198 in the Frommer listing. E27, from $5,250. Photo on Page 56. £1,600-2,000
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1919 England to Australia Air Race - Netherlands Indies. Cover addressed to Miss Treatt at Cremorne, Sydney, endorsed "Per Aerial Mail, Vickers Vimy-Rolls", handstamped violet "PER / VICKERS "VIMY" AEROPLANE / TO AUSTRALIA" with the blue flight vignette (small tear to upper left corner) tied by oval "FIRST AERIAL POST / RECEIVED / 26 FEB 1920 / GREAT BRITAIN TO AUSTRALIA", a further strike on the front. The enclosed letter is written on 7th December from Soebang, Java, by Marjory Treatt. The cover has a few small edge tears and faults, with a horizontal fold near the base, nevertheless an exceptionally rare flight acceptance from the Netherlands Indies. Ross Smith landed at the Dutch Air Force Base at Kalidjati on December 6th leaving for Sourabaya the following day; during their short stay they met two Australian girls working as secretaries in Java and agreed to carry letters for them. The two girls sent nine letters from Java, seven written by Marjory Treatt to family members. Number 331 in the Frommer listing. E27a, from $5,750. Photo on Page 56. £1,800-2,200
Click to view full image... 1919 England to Australia Flight. Cover sent by G.A MunGavin, British Consul at Bandar Abbas, addressed to his sister at the Consulate, endorsed "Aerial Post - Captain Ross Smith A.R.A.F flying first Vickers Vimy plane England to Australia" and handstamped violet "PER / VICKERS "VIMY" AEROPLANE / TO AUSTRALIA", franked by India 1a + 1½a tied by Bandar-Abbas c.d.s (Nov. 24), backstamped at Karachi (Nov. 25). Eighteen covers were carried from Bandar-Abbas on the Ross Smith flight; fourteen were flown to Karachi and four to Australia. A fine and rare cover, ex Jennings collection. E27e, from $5,500. Photo on Page 56. £1,800-2,200
Click to view full image... 1919 England to Australia Flight. Real photo of Ross Smith's aircraft and crowds of onlookers taken at Enfield Aerodrome, Adelaide, on March 23rd; and a programme for a gala performance of "The Sleeping Beauty" held at "Her Majestys Theatre" in Melbourne on February 25th 1920 in honour of and in the presence of Ross Smith, Keith Smith, Bennett and Shiers, with pictures of the four airmen. (2). Photo on Page 56. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1919 England - Australia Air Race, flown by Capt. Matthews and T.D Kay. 1919 (June 25) Cover to Bombay endorsed "By Aerial Mail" bearing Iraq ½a + 1a tied by Bagdad H.O c.d.s and circular violet "CIVIL POSTS / AERIAL / IRAQ" with a second strike alongside, backstamped at Bombay (Mar 7). Matthews and Kay were the first crew to leave England for Australia, departing from Hounslow three weeks before Ross Smith, but were delayed many times by bad weather and damage to the aircraft and abandoned the flight after crashing at Bali on 17th April 1920. A small number of covers were carried from Iraq to India, just five such covers recorded by Kimpton, this cover illustrated in the Australian Air Mail Catalogue. Ex Eustis collection. E26a, $3,000. Photo on Page 56 £1,800-2,200
Click to view full image... 1920 R.J Paver and J.C McIntosh, Second England to Australia Flight (and the first in a single engine aeroplane). 1920 (Mar 7) India 1a postcard posted from Chahbar to Manora, cancelled "CHAHBAR / PERSIAN GULF DT" c.d.s with an arrival c.d.s alongside (Mar 8), signed by J.C McIntosh A.F.C, the message reading "Aerial Greetings" and "By the First British Aviator to land at Chahbar en route for Australia as a competitor in the England - Australia Flight". Paver and McIntosh were originally competitors in the England - Australia Air Race but their departure was delayed until January 8th by which time Ross Smith and his crew had won the competition; they arrived at Darwin on August 2nd, the second plane to make the flight. Just two cards are recorded flown by them from Chahbar to Karachi. A rarity of Australian and Indian pioneer air mails. (Ex Argyll Etkin 6 March 2015 Auction of Indian Air Mails, sold for £5,200). E34c, $4,000. Photo on Front Cover. £4,000-5,000
Click to view full image... 1925 Marchese de Pinedo, Italian World Air Flight to Melbourne. Right portion of a cover addressed to Sydney bearing two uncancelled India 1a stamps, with red cachet "Italian Consul General's (Melbourne) letter of 12-11-25 / No. 750 / 11 / Calcutta to Melbourne by Seaplane, 13/5/25", the reverse with red boxed cachet "ITALIAN WORLD AIR FLIGHT INDIA 1925" showing a plane over India. Signed by the President of the Aero Club of India and initialled by Stephen Smith, numbered "5". Pinedo signed the left side of the covers but later cut this portion off after a promised charity donation failed to materialise. Scarce, 93 covers carried. E78, $2,000. Photo on Page 56. £400-500
  1925 Alan Cobham Anglo-Indian Survey Flight. Cover flown from Akyab to Rangoon with India 1a cancelled upon arrival (Feb 7), initialled "AJC". This flight surveyed the route used by Cobham for his England to Australia flight in 1926. Fine, 49 covers flown. £100-120
  1925 Alan Cobham Anglo-Indian Survey Flight. India ½a postcard flown from Calcutta to Delhi, cancelled at Havelock Square (Feb 16) with a 1a due handstamp, signed by Arthur Elliott, the flight engineer. A pink "BY ANGLO-INDIA AIR SURVEY D.H.50" label affixed, the reverse with triangular Calcutta to Delhi flight cachet. Fine, 40 cards flown to Delhi. £120-150
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