G.B. & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 43)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
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Date: 1st March 2019 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for full viewing details
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Auction Lots - Page 3
Click to view full image... 1929 KGV 6d Postal Order, the order and attached counterfoil both with the "ARROWE PK CAMP / WIRRAL CHES" skeleton c.d.s (Aug 12), the first example of this scarce Scout Jamboree datestamp we have seen on a postal order. Photo on Page 18. £600-700
  1929 (Aug 8) Printed "Camp Post Card, Sent from the Daily Mail Marquee", given out during the World Scout Jamboree at Arrowe Park and posted from the Jamboree to South Africa bearing PUC ½d (2) + 1d (4) to pay the 5d air mail rate, arrival datestamps of East London and Port Elizabeth, the stamps all cancelled at Birkenhead. A Post Office was open at the Jamboree from July 25th until August 20th, but only used its own skeleton c.d.s on registered mail, all other items being cancelled at Birkenhead. A scarce card postally used. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1936 (Aug 5) Cover with 1934 1½d tied by "JAMBOREE CAMP / DARLINGTON" skeleton c.d.s. A very scarce cancel used on the first day of the five day Northern Counties Scout Jamboree held at Raby Castle near Staindrop. Photo on Page 20. £800-1,000

Maritime Mail
(Also See Lots 146, 582/3, 928-933, 935/7, 940/1, 999, 1001, 1003, 1181, 1196, 1198)

  1826 "Packet Office, Lisbon" partly printed letter advising of the arrival of H.M Packet "Kent" with the London mails, addressed to Oporto. Also 1892 (Jan 21) cover from New York to London franked 5c, endorsed "Str. Eider", from the final voyage of the "Eider" which stranded near St. Catherine's Point on the Isle of Wight and subsequently sank, the cover undamaged and therefore without the usual explanatory cachet. (2). £80-100
Click to view full image... Hull. Cover from Gothenburg to Sheffield endorsed "via Hull" bearing Sweden 1858-62 12ore blue strip of three each cancelled by "HULL" c.d.s with a further strike alongside, arrival backstamp. An unusual cover, probably posted on the steamer from Gothenburg to Hull. Tear to upper edge (not affecting the stamps), otherwise fine and very attractive. Photo on Page 20. £250-300
Click to view full image... Methil. 1922 (July 8) Cover to Copenhagen with Denmark 20ore tied by Methil, Fife c.d.s and handstamped "PAQUEBOT" (Hosking 320, rated "G" - extremely rare). Ex Roger Hosking collection, the only example he had recorded. Photo on Page 20. £200-250

Ship and Packet Letters

Click to view full image... Isle of Wight. 1818 Entire to London with oval "Ship Letter / (crown) / HALIFAX" applied as a departure mark in Nova Scotia, and boxed step type "SHIP LETTER / ISLE OF WIGHT" probably applied in the London Ship Letter Office. This Ship Letter handstamp was not recorded by Robertson but is shown as type S2 by Tabeart, listed used in 1818 only, probably based upon this single example. A rare and possibly unique ship letter. Photo on Page 20. £400-500
Click to view full image... Plymouth. 1812 Entire believed to be from Curacao, addressed to London "p. Trio Capt. Boon" with oval "SHIP-LETTER / (crown) / PLYMOUTH" overstruck by boxed "PACKET LETTER / PLYMOUTH" (P1). Tabeart states "an example of type P1 on 1812 entire from Curacao is known, presumably carried by a West Indian Packet which could not make Falmouth for some reason so put into nearby Plymouth; alternatively it could have been carried by Royal Naval vessel acting as a packet, whose orders required her to proceed to Plymouth". A remarkable combination of Ship and Packet letter handstamps in two differing types. Photo on Page 20. £700-800
Click to view full image... Plymouth. 1831 Entire letter from Calcutta to London "per James Sibbald" with Calcutta G.P.O Ship Letter datestamp and "SHIP LETTER / PLYMOUTH" (Rob S6) applied in error, overstruck by the correct "INDIA LETTER / PLYMOUTH" (In 1) with a second strike alongside, unusual. Photo on Page 20. £300-350
Click to view full image... Port Glasgow. 1827 Entire letter written on board ship on its way to India (including news of sighting the Island of Tristan da Cunha), addressed to London backstamped oval "SHIP LETTER / G (crown) R / PORT GLASGOW" (Rob. S6) with "India" written above in manuscript, boxed "INDIA LETTER" then applied alongside upon arrival in London, with Glasgow and London datestamps and boxed "½". An exceptional and probably unique combination of manuscript and handstruck India Letter marks, reverse with seal removed, otherwise very fine. Photo on Page 20. £1,500-1,800

England & Wales Steamer Cachets

  Isle of Man. 1912-13 Picture postcards of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co. steamer "Ben-My-Chree" both handstamped violet "BEN-MY-CHREE", with KGV ½d stamps cancelled at Liverpool, the 1912 card with a little light staining, otherwise fine and scarce. (2). £150-180
  1907-11 Picture postcards, the first with KEVII ½d cancelled at Middlesbrough, handstamped violet "PALERMO", the second to France with KEVII 1d cancelled at Goole, handstamped violet "STEAMER / "DUCHESSE de GUICHE"". (2). £100-120
  North Wales / Lancashire Coast. 1907-25 Picture postcards handstamped violet or blue two line "POSTED ON / "LA MARGUERITE"" (2, Llandudno or Menai Bridge cancels), violet circular "POSTED ON / LA MARGUERITE" (2, Llandudno or Liverpool cancels) or oval "POSTED / ON BOARD / ST TUDNO" (2, Menai Bridge or Liverpool datestamps), all franked ½d or 1d, also two unused cards of "La Marguerite", fine. (8). £150-180

Scottish Steamer Cachets

  1894 Cover to Lady Cowell at Buckingham Palace, redirected to Yorkshire, with 1d lilac tied by "IONA / 446" c.d.s (Aug 31), with light violet "S.S -- CASTLE" cachet, the first word of the ship's name unfortunately unclear, but an early cachet and clearly unrecorded in the book "British Pleasure Steamer Cachets". £80-100
Click to view full image... 1907-33 Picture postcards with oval cachets of Caledonian Steam Packet Co. steamers, comprising "Duchess of Rothesay" on 1907 card with KEVII ½d cancelled at Rothesay (also a card of the ship), "Duchess of Argyll" on 1911 card with KGV ½d cancelled at Greenock (also a card of the ship), and "Duchess of Montrose" on 1933 card with KGV 1d cancelled at Glasgow. Also 1908 picture postcard of the T.S.S "Hazel", cancelled at Glasgow, with message "Posted on board steamer" but no cachet. (4). Photo on Page 20. £350-400
Click to view full image... 1907-08 Picture postcards franked ½d, with violet oval dated cachets of Glasgow & South-Western Railway steam vessels comprising P.S "Juno" on card cancelled at Ardrossan, and P.S "Jupiter" on card cancelled at Greenock, also postcards of the two steamers. (4). Photo on Page 22. £300-350
  "Duchess of Hamilton". 1900-1911 Cover and cards comprising 1900 cover with a coloured picture of a steamer on the front, posted at Rothesay franked 1d, with enclosed letter on illustrated notepaper written on the "Duchess of Hamilton"; and 1906-11 picture postcards all with violet oval "CALEDONIAN STEAM PACKET Co / P.S / DUCHESS OF / HAMILTON / LIMITED" cachets with stamps cancelled at Rothesay, Arrochar, Gourock or Girvan (the last two to France or Java franked 1d). (5). £260-300
Click to view full image... "Empress". 1894 Cover to the USA with QV 2½d cancelled at Glasgow (Aug 13), a superb violet oval "POSTED ON BOARD / "Empress" / LOCH LOMOND" and arrival c.d.s of Cottage City both on the front, a little roughly opened at left edge, otherwise fine, the only recorded example of this cachet. Photo on Page 22. £1,000-1,200
  "Fairy Queen". 1902-13 Picture postcards with ½d stamps cancelled at Dunoon, Sandbank, Greenock or Glasgow, all with fine belted "POSTED ON BOARD S.S "FAIRY QUEEN" / LOCH ECK / ARGYLLSHIRE" cachets in violet (3) or blue, very fine. (4). £180-220
Click to view full image... "King Edward". 1905-39 Picture postcards, the first with violet circular "TURBINE / "KING EDWARD" / STEAMER", bearing KEVII ½d cancelled at Greenock; the second with KGVI 1d cancelled at Glasgow and oval "WILLIAMSON BUCHANAN STEAMERS / T.S "KING / 19 JUL 1939 / EDWARD" / (1936) LIMITED", also a postcard of the steamer. Two scarce cachets. (3). Photo on Page 22. £300-350
Click to view full image... "Lord of the Isles". 1879 Mourning cover to USA with 2½d rosy-mauve plate 14 cancelled at Greenock (Sep 3), scarce "POSTED ON BOARD / LORD OF THE ISLES / STEAMER" cachet in magenta on the front, New York arrival backstamp, fine and scarce, especially addressed overseas. Photo on Page 22. £450-550
  "Lord of the Isles". 1880-1909 Cover and postcards, comprising 1880 cover with 1d cancelled at Greenock backstamped with the scarce magenta cachet "POSTED ON BOARD / LORD OF THE ISLES / STEAMER" (closed tear through cachet, otherwise fine); 1907-09 postcards cancelled at Greenock (one franked 1d to USA) with dated belted "R.M.S "LORD OF THE ISLES"" cachets in violet or black; and 1905 postcard cancelled at Greenock written on the steamer but without any cachet, also a postcard of the steamer. (5). £220-260
Click to view full image... "Marchioness of Bute". 1911 Picture postcard with KEVII ½d cancelled at Dundee and very fine "TAY PLEASURE STEAMER / MARCHIONESS OF BUTE" cachet in violet, with flowers in the centre. Photo on Page 22. £160-200
Click to view full image... "Queen Alexandra". 1905 Picture postcard with KEVII ½d cancelled at Greenock, and superb boxed "NEW / TURBINE STEAMER / "QUEEN ALEXANDRA"" cachet in violet. Also a 1923 postcard cancelled at Glasgow, written on board the steamer but without any cachet, and two postcards of the steamer. A scarce cachet (4). Photo on Page 22. £280-320

Greenock & Ardrishaig Packet

Click to view full image... 1883 Covers posted unpaid to the Geological Survey of Canada in Ottawa, with Innellan backstamps and "COLUMBA STEAMER / B / GREENOCK / 163" duplex datestamps on the front, handstamped with differing "T" marks and charged 10c or 20c in Canada, arrival backstamps. One cover with tear at upper edge, otherwise fine and an exceptional pair, one or both "T" handstamps possibly applied on the steamer. (2). Photo on Page 22. £450-550
Click to view full image... 1890 (July 21) Uniform Penny Postage 1d envelope cancelled by "COLUMBA STEAMER / A / GREENOCK / 163" duplex, with enclosed insert card written from "Kyles of Bute" and stating "on Columba en-route to Oban, written and posted on board". A remarkable and probably unique use of this envelope on the Greenock & Ardrishaig Packet. Photo on Page 22. £250-300
Click to view full image... 1900 David MacBrayne coloured picture postcard showing R.M.S "Columba" with QV ½d blue-green cancelled by "COLUMBA STEAMER / B / GREENOCK" single ring c.d.s. This c.d.s was supposed to be used as a transit mark only (with stamps cancelled by the duplex datestamp); the first example we have seen incorrectly used as a cancellation. Minor creasing or staining at lower corners, otherwise fine, unusual and attractive. Photo on Page 24. £200-240
Click to view full image... c.1907 Picture postcard with 1904 KEVII ½d tied by "GK & ARDRISHAIG PACKET / B / CHEVALIER" c.d.s (Rob. GA P7), used on the inward afternoon sailing. The "Chevalier" operated in the winter months only when there were virtually no tourists, and the datestamp is therefore very scarce, recorded by Tabeart used 1902-03 and 1907 only. Photo on Page 24. £450-550

Wreck Mail

Click to view full image... R.M.S "Titanic". 1912 (Apr. 10) Cover franked 1d from Bradford to Nova Scotia endorsed "per S.S Titanic", intended to connect with the ship on October 11th but posted too late to connect with the sailing from Queenstown, carried on the subsequent ship to leave Queenstown with Amherst N.S arrival backstamp (Apr 22). Light horizontal fold, otherwise fine, an interesting cover, that just avoided being lost on the "Titanic". Photo on Page 24. £150-200
  S.S "Lochiel". 1960 Cover from Colonsay to London, the stamp washed off, the reverse with "Found open or damaged and officially sealed" tape tied by violet Lochgilphead rubber c.d.s (Oct 21), with a letter (2 Nov 1960) from the Postmaster of Lochgilphead replying to an enquiry about this cover, stating it was on the steamer S.S "Lochiel" which sank in West Loch Tarbert on October 8th, the mails not salvaged until the week ending October 22nd. Also a news cutting showing the half submerged steamer. Very rare, just two items from this wreck recorded in "Maritime Disaster Mail" by Hoggarth & Gwynn. £150-200


  1d Lettersheet complete sheet of twelve, forme 2, two vertical folds between lettersheets, a far more severe horizontal fold between the second and third rows resulting in splitting which has been professionally repaired, still a rare and attractive complete sheet. S.G. £7,000. £1,000-1,200
Click to view full image... 1849 1d Envelope stereo A175 used from Pitlochry to Edinburgh cancelled by three strikes of the "284" numeral applied on Britannia and the upper corners, minor soiling, otherwise fine, a late use and unusual triple cancel. Photo on Page 24. £450-550

Pictorial Envelopes

Click to view full image... 1845 Lettersheet printed in gold with double border to the address panel and reverse, the two side flaps depicting angels holding the front or reverse of a stone tablet inscribed "Ouvrez S.V.P" (open please), the reverse flaps with two angels holding a shield inscribed "Dieu Seul est tout Puissant" (God alone is all powerful), posted from Ambleside to Liverpool bearing a 1d red (four margins) tied by numeral "13", reverse with small seal hole, otherwise fine. The first example we have seen of this unusual and attractive lettersheet. Photo on Page 24. £200-250
  1883 (Dec 24) Square card folder with flowers printed on both sides, the reverse also with "Aesop's Fables by J.C Dollman" and "With the Seasons Greetings", containing four cards depicting illustrations of the fables, posted from Uckfield to Sydenham Hill franked 1d, small tear at base, otherwise fine. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1888 (Dec 21) Stampless newspaper wrapper addressed to Germany with the senders address "Frank Murray, Bookseller, Moray House, Derby" printed around the picture of an Elizabethan gentleman, alongside a guarantee that the contents comply with Book Post regulations, a Derby 242 duplex applied, apparently posted unpaid but not surcharged. Very unusual. Photo on Page 28. £140-160
  1893 (Dec 23) Front (140x215mm) well illustrated in colour with a burglar about to climb a ladder to a first floor house window, the address written on a "To Let" sign outside, entitled "Santa Claus searching for fresh apartments", very attractive. £100-120

Postal Reform

  "Post Office Reform, Its Importance and Practicability" by Rowland Hill, the 4th edition of this important booklet, 97 pages, an example of Dickinson's London District Post 1d lettersheet essay in yellow-buff (S.G. £950, printed by Whiting, originally included in the 1837 9th report of the "Commission to Inquire into the Management of the Post Office") bound in pages 92/93 which deal with Mr Dickinson's plan for the London District Post. The covers stained with part of front cover torn away (with the loss of four letters in "REFORM" only), a few minor edge faults and binding loose but a complete and rare pamphlet, published by Charles Knight & Co in London. £400-500

Postal Stationery
(Also See Lots 77, 93-96, 126, 131/2, 1071, 1094)

Click to view full image... 1841 Charles Whiting envelope essay, Queen Victoria's head facing right within an engine turned oval and "PAID" above, printed in green in the upper left corner of a white envelope, postally used from Exeter to Chippenham prepaid 1d in cash, the essay cancelled by a black Maltese Cross (the Post Office presumably being unsure as to its status, and whether it needed to be cancelled), the Exeter double arc datestamp on the front, with an arrival backstamp. Regrettably the cover has upper and left edge faults with a piece of the envelope corner (and small part of the essay) missing at the upper left, also a large tear at upper right, nevertheless an exceptionally rare postally used Whiting essay envelope with Maltese Cross cancel, the flap with oval "IMPROVED SAFETY ENVELOPE / REGISTERED / No. 433 / 18 NOVR 1840 / MITCHELL & SON, 39 CHARING CROSS" printed upon it. Photo on Page 28. £500-600
Click to view full image... 1870 Undated ½d newspaper wrapper stamp Die Proofs in black on white glazed card, all stamp size, applied to four pieces cut from the De La Rue day books each with a date written alongside, fine and scarce. (4). Photo on Page 7. £380-450
  QV-QEII Used and unused postal stationery including P.T.P.O postcards and envelopes, QV and KEVII reply cards used with unused reply halves still attached (3), 1925-29 Daily Mail wrappers with London F.S "BUY / BRITISH / MADE / GOODS" handstruck slogans (2), etc. (c.200). £150-180

Registered Mail

Click to view full image... 1939 KGV 4½d size H2 registration envelope bearing 1934-36 9d and 1/-, sent from London to New York endorsed "Given Insured for £400" and bearing a red Insured label. The three stamps and reverse with three strikes of violet boxed "RETURN TO SENDER / Postage is being refunded by / Divisional Controller, L.P.R., E.C / Fresh postage necessary / if reposted", the reverse also handstamped by violet "IRREGULAR ACCEPTANCE OF INSURED / LETTER/BOX., INSURED LETTER/BOX / SERVICE NOT IN OPERATION TO (USA)". Very unusual. Photo on Page 28. £160-180

(Also See Lots 90, 252, 1023, 1112, 1118)

  1901 Royal visit of the Duke & Duchess of York on H.M.S "Ophir" to Australia, New Zealand, Cape Colony and Canada. An exceptional album with "H.M.S Ophir 1901" on the cover containing photos, ephemera and cuttings from the royal tour, kept by The Honorable Gerald Hay, a naval officer on the ship. The album contains 120 real photographs, many very fine quality, including many of the ship, its officers and men, King Edward VII visiting the ship, the departure from Portsmouth, entering Malta, S.S "Britannia" aground in the Suez Canal, views of Aden, Suez, Colombo, Singapore, crossing the line, Melbourne with decorations and illuminations for the royal visit, Sydney, a Maori War Dance, Maoris in gala costume, His Royal Highness and suite, Auckland, Akarori, aborigines, Hobart, Fremantle, sports and theatricals on ship, Mauritius, Cape Town, the royal barge, H.R.H Alexander of Teck, north American Indians, Quebec, Halifax, arrival at Portsmouth and the royal train alongside the ship, etc. Some photos of dignitaries or ship's officers are signed alongside the photos, the autographs include H.R.H Duke of York (3) and Duchess of York (2), their children Albert, Henry, Edward and Victoria, H.R.H Alexander George of Teck, the Governor-Generals of Australia and Canada and their wives, all the ship's officers and most of the royal guests. Also various magazine cuttings, pencil sketches (2) and printed ephemera (17) with concert programmes (2), theatre programmes (3) and a menu from the ship, crossing the line certificate, invitations to the opening of the Commonwealth Parliament at Melbourne (with programme), a reception given by the Duke & Duchess to celebrate the opening and to a reception at Parliament House, to a Grand Exhibition of chopping in Hobart, and to a dinner at the Guildhall, London, upon their return (with menu). Binding broken and the album cover with some water damage, the contents however fine, a unique volume. £600-800
Click to view full image... 1914 (Apr 17) Cover bearing proof impression of seven London E.C cancels or handstamps comprising 1d Paid and Official Paid datestamps in red, 2d charge mark and boxed "Found Loose / at G.P.O E.C" (2 strikes), Krag machine and the rare "LONDON / A / GR" hooded circle datestamp. This datestamp with "GR" code was issued in 1910 for use on mail from the King; it is illustrated in "Royal Household Mail" by G. Morgan (fig 3.5, pages 34/35) who states "No examples recorded". Similar handstamps with V.R are common whilst a few examples are recorded of the rare E.R handstamp, but this is the first example of this "GR" handstamp we have seen. Photo on Page 28. £150-200

Travelling Post Offices
(Also See Lots 636/7, 1002)

  1863 Entire letter from London to Stowmarket franked 1d red pair, with a reasonable strike of the rare "PETERBORO' / DIST S.C" (Wilson 537) on the front, used on the Peterborough & Ely Sorting Carriage. Wilson only recorded two examples of this mark, used in 1858 and 1863 (the latter probably this item). £200-240
Click to view full image... 1893 Cover franked 1d from Port Talbot to Cullompton with superb "CORNWALL R.S.T" c.d.s. (Wilson 322 with code "9A") on the front, used on the Plymouth to Falmouth Sorting Tender, small repair at upper left and light horizontal fold, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 28. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1904 "Royal Mail Steam Packet Co" cover to London, posted at sea and landed at Plymouth as Paquebot mail, with Colombia 1899 5c (2) + 1902 5c pair each cancelled "PLYMOUTH & BRISTOL S.T" c.d.s (Wilson 359). This Sorting Tender had its own Paquebot handstamp for use on Paquebot mail put directly onto the T.P.O for sorting but strangely did not use it on this cover. Very unusual. Photo on Page 28. £180-220

County Postal History

Channel Islands
(Also See Lots 73, 74)

  Uniform 1d Post. 1840-43 Entire letters from Guernsey (6) or Jersey (2) all prepaid 1d in cash; and an 1840 entire letter from Havana to London posted at Guernsey as an inland letter to evade the ship letter charge, unpaid so charged 2d. (9). £100-120
  Mail to & from France. 1839-1932 Entire letters, covers and cards sent directly between the Channel Islands and France with transit or origin handstamps of Carteret (26, two with oval framed "BM"), Granville or Granville A Paris T.P.O (43), St. Malo (38) or Binic (7), six cards sent free of charge to the Guernsey Post Office, six covers bearing surface printed stamps at 3d, 4d, 6d or 8d rates, datestamps include red "OUTRE-MER / GRANVILLE", "ILES - C / GRANVILLE" (10), "ILES - C / ST MALO" (7, one with handstruck "3") or "OUTRE-MER / ST. MALO" (6, one in black), six covers with oval or circular framed "PD" of Guernsey or Jersey. A good lot. (114). £700-800
  Jersey. 1846-57 Entire letters and a cover with enclosed letter all with differing Jersey "2" charge marks, comprising 1846 entire letter franked 1d with S.G. type J23 "2" (vertical file folds); stampless 1850 entire letter to London with type J21 "2" (recipients notes on front); and 1857 stampless cover to Jersey with type J22 "2" (opening tears at upper edge), all fine strikes and very scarce despite the faults. (3). £120-150
  Alderney/Hong Kong. 1892 Cover from Hong Kong to Guernsey franked 2c + 5c, redirected to Alderney, backstamped with a fine "ALDERNEY" single ring c.d.s (Dec. 27), unusual. £100-120
G.B. & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 43)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 1st March 2019 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for full viewing details
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