G.B. & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 43)
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Date: 1st March 2019 Time: 11:00AM
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Auction Lots - Page 23
  1831 Printed sheet with a poem supporting the Poles at the time of the 1830-31 Insurrection, entitled "Liberty" and commencing "Glory to the brave Poles", written at Honfleur in Normandy, posted from Southampton to Cheltenham, a few edge faults, very unusual. £100-120
  1919 Stampless cover to Liverpool, carried by diplomatic bag from Poland to London where it was posted, with circular red "MISSION FOR SUPPLY & RELIEF OF POLAND / British / Section", oval "WAR TRADE INTELLIGENCE DEPT. / RECEIVED / 4 NOV 1919" and a red London Paid c.d.s, unusual. £100-120

(Also See Lots 209, 234-244, 612/3, 648, 651/2, 663-671, 900)

  Literature. "The Story of the Cape to Cairo Railway & River Route 1887" by Leo Weinthal, volumes one (727 pages) and two (510 pages), hardbound, half leather, numerous illustrations and maps, a little minor damp staining to edges and the occasional page, otherwise fine, a sumptuous work. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1891 (Oct 8) Cover bearing G.B 4d tied by Enfield squared circle, addressed to "Mr George Stannard, Post Office, Fort Salisbury, Bechuanaland, Africa" endorsed "Sealed Enc.", backstamped Cape Town (Oct 29), Mafeking (Nov 3), Macloutsi (Nov 9), Returned Letter Office Vryburg (Sep 1) and Returned Letter Office Cape Town (Sep 13), the front with violet boxed bilingual "Returned to England without / a reason for non-delivery". A scarce early cover to Rhodesia (just one year after the colony was established), returned via Bechuanaland, the Vryburg Returned Letter Office c.d.s very scarce. Photo on Page 200. £250-300
  1897 G.B 2d Registration envelope uprated 1½d + 6d, from Ipswich to Bulawayo and redirected to Johannesburg with a Bulawayo c.d.s on the front, backstamped at Cape Town, Mafeking, Johannesburg and with R.P.K Terug T.P.O datestamp, light vertical fold. £80-100
  1899-1978 Covers and cards from Rhodesia, Northern or Southern Rhodesia or Nyasaland with commercial mail, cancels, postal stationery, F.D.Cs, etc. (169). £150-180
Click to view full image... Mail via Nyasaland. 1900 (Feb 22) Cover from Abercorn to England, 6d postage paid by six 1896-97 ½d stamps (in two strips of three) + three 1898 1d stamps, backstamped at Fife, B.C.A (Feb 28), Chinde, B.C.A (Apr 2) and upon arrival at Chatteris (May 12). A very unusual routing, the usual route south closed due to the war with the Boers then besieging the town of Mafeking. Photo on Page 200. £150-200
  1909-80s Covers and cards (27), stamps and pieces with Plumtree datestamps, including 1909 postcard from Bulawayo Station to the Headmaster of Plumtree School franked ½d with arrival c.d.s, etc. (27+). £70-80
  Cross-Border Mail. c.1922-77 Covers (10), front and a piece including 1922-35 covers from Kavungo in Angola posted at Mwinilunga (the second with Angola stamps on reverse), 1977 Zaire cover from Mitwaba to Mutshatsha sent via Ikelenge in Zambia due to the rebellion in Katanga, 1961 cover from Jadotville in Belgian Congo to Belgium carried by runner to Northern Rhodesia with red Postage Paid c.d.s of Kitwe, etc. (12). £160-200
  Royal Visits. 1934-1960 Covers and cards with 1934 official cancel of Northern Rhodesia and unauthorised two line cancel of Elisabethville, Belgian Congo; Southern Rhodesia cancels of 1947 or 1953 (2) all registered from the Royal Train; Rhodesia & Nyasaland cancels of 1957 (55) or 1960 (63) nearly all with town handstamps alongside. (123). £140-160
  Railways. 1941-74 Covers, cards and railway stamps with 1941 covers from the South African War Train posted whilst at Mafeking, Lusaka, Salisbury or Plumtree with "1st Inf. Battalion Railways & Harbours Brigade" cachets (3, one with War Train and Oorlogstrein skeleton datestamps) or Official Free cachet of the Officer Commanding War Train; 1954 (Dec 30) window envelope with Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1d tied scarce "R.R / SHABANI" c.d.s (used as a postal cancel for two days only after the P.O burnt down); 1965 railway letter with Que Que cancels; Rhodesia Railways parcel stamps (62, eleven used); thematic issues, with F.D.Cs and maximum cards, etc. £240-280
  1965-75 Mint and used collection in two albums with some covers, including 1966-68 3d missing branches flaw, control blocks, commercial covers, booklets, etc. (100s). £200-250

Northern Rhodesia

Click to view full image... 1938-52 KGVI 1½d carmine-red used, 1½d yellow-brown mint and used, all three with the "Tick-bird" flaw. S.G. 29b, 30b, £720. (3). Photo on Page 140. £150-180
  1937-52 KGVI mint and used collection on pages with 1937 Coronation Specimen set; 1938-52 definitives including Specimen set (14 values, missing 2d yellow-brown), sets mint and used (2), extensive study of flaws (some plated) and shades, multiples including ½d sheet of 120 and part sheet of 100, 1d block of 70, imprint and plate number blocks, coil and coil join strips, first day and other covers; 1946 Victory with Specimen pair, plate blocks and 1½d sheet of 60; 1948 Silver Wedding with 1½d sheet of 60, 20/- mint and used (2, one forged c.d.s); 1949 U.P.U. S.G. £1,800+. (100s). £300-350
  Postal Stationery. 1925-54 Mint and used collection on pages including registration envelopes (11, seven used), also Southern Rhodesia registration envelopes used in 1955-56 with Rhodesia & Nyasaland stamps, and two Rhodesia & Nyasaland formula registration envelopes. (34). £200-240

Southern Rhodesia

Click to view full image... Prince of Wales Royal Visit. 1925 Stampless cover with "E" crest of Edward, Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII), typed address of "Field-Marshal Sir William Birdwood" with "India, Commander in Chiefs Camp" and the initials "EP" all added in Edward's own handwriting, two strikes of oval bilingual "SOUTH AFRICA / ROYAL TOUR / 30 JUN 25" datestamps with the South Africa arms above, actually posted whilst Edward was in Southern Rhodesia, backstamped at Salisbury (July 3) and Simla (Aug 10). Birdwood had arrived in India on August 6th to be sworn in as Commander in Chief. An exceptional cover from the Prince. Photo on Page 200. £250-350
Click to view full image... 1924-65 Mint and used collection with covers well written up on pages, including 1924-29 set mint (with additional 5/- showing offset impression on the surface), additional shades and blocks to the 8d value, 1d coil strips with coil joins, imperf between stamp and margin varieties on the ½d (5), 1d (4) and 1½d, set used with shades, covers with marginal 6d on registered cover to Kenya, 1d pair on 4d registration envelope; 1931-37 perf 12 set mint with additional 1½d pair, 2d - 2/- and 5/- blocks of four and set used, perf 11½ set mint (with additional 8d and 10d blocks, 10d and 2/6 imprint strips) and used, covers with cancels of Zaka and Wedza, 8d + 1d (2) on airmail cover to G.B, Mozambique air mail cover via Salisbury with blue "Par Avion - Affrachissement percu Frs 1.37 label", etc.; 1932 Victoria Falls pair in unmounted blocks; 1935-41 Victoria Falls blocks and covers; 1935 Silver Jubilee covers with Legion Mine c.d.s to Canada; 1937 Coronation F.D.C from Wanderer Mine; 1937 set mint and used, 2/6 exploded booklet and covers; postal stationery; all 1940-65 issues mint and used with multiples, covers and varieties; 1947 Royal Visit colour trial pair with punch holes and "WATERLOW & SONS LTD / SPECIMEN" overprints; postage due set mint including 4d green. S.G. £5,500+. (100s). Photo on Page 140. £700-1,000

Rhodesia & Nyasaland

  1954-63 Rhodesia & Nyasaland mint and used collection on pages including a few varieties, 1959-62 sets mint and used to £1, also Northern Rhodesia with 1963 set mint, 1963 postage dues mint and used, and 1989-92 Zambia issues with local surcharges mint and used. (100s). £180-220

(Also See Lots 676-688, 849)

  1909 Picture postcard of Smyrna bearing Russian Levant 20p tied by Odessa c.d.s and handstamped violet "PAQUEBOT" (Hosking 1237, first recorded year of use), scarce. £100-120
Click to view full image... Russian P.O in China. 1903 Red band cover from Shanghai to USA bearing Russian P.O in China 1k vertical pair, 2k and 3k vertical pair all cancelled at the Russian P.O, backstamped at Nagasaki, Yokohama and Chicago. Three light vertical folds clear of the stamps and minor edge repairs at left, an attractive cover. Photo on Page 200. £120-150


  1922-37 ½d Corner marginal pair with plate number "1", left stamp with cleft rock variety, and 8d with torn flag variety, the ½d pair with gum toning, otherwise both fine mounted mint. S.G. 97/c, 105b, £279. (2). £70-80

(Also See Lot 550)

Click to view full image... 1805 Entire to London backstamped "NEVIS / DEC 29 1805" in red, London arrival datestamps, charged 2/-, very fine. Photo on Page 200. £140-160
Click to view full image... 1882 Crown CA 4d blue superb mint. A very scarce stamp; the only example in the auction of the Brian Brookes St. Kitts collection sold for £450. S.G. 17, £550. Photo on Page 216. £150-180


  1879 Cover with "H.M.S Fawn" on the flap, addressed to England via Brindisi, carried by naval bag with G.B 2½d rosy-mauve plate 4 cancelled by "6" numeral in the London Foreign Branch, Norwich arrival backstamp (Dec 29). H.M.S "Fawn" was at Jeddah from November 19th until December 15th, and then sailed to Massawah arriving on December 22nd. This cover was carried on the "Cathay" leaving Suez on December 23rd, so must have been sent when the "Fawn" was at Jeddah to connect with the sailing from Suez. Unusual. £150-200
  1918 Cover to a soldier at Bombay, redirected to Calcutta and again to Fort Chingir Khal, with "DJEDDA" c.d.s, six Indian backstamps including "FORT CHINGIR KHAL / 24 PARGANAS", the Hejaz stamp lost in transit prior to redirection from Bombay (the Calcutta address written where the stamp had been), unusual. £80-100


Click to view full image... 1903-12 KEVII Issues, the three issued sets and the two "SPECIMEN" sets, also additional 1904-05 3d and 4d with inverted watermark, 1907-12 1d in both shades, and an imperforate 6d "IMPERIUM" proof in green and red on yellow paper (the colours used for the 1907-12 5/-), the final Specimen set 2d and 3d with faults and 5/- with minor discoloration, otherwise all superb mint, well written up on nine pages. S.G. 73/111, £2,150+. (69). Photo on Page 216. £500-600

(Also See Lots 181, 203-233, 600/1, 608-616, 1245)

  1874-1913 Covers and cards from Natal (2), Orange River Colony (20) or Transvaal including 1874 cover bearing Natal 1/-, 1899 registered cover bearing Transvaal ½d on 2d, ½d on 1/- pair and 1d on 6d, etc. Also O.F.S 1877 Land Grant signed by President Brand (faults) and 1896 receipt both bearing revenue stamps. (25). £200-240
  1878-1914 Covers and cards including 1893 cover from Smithfield bearing four O.F.S 1d stamps, 1900-01 cover and card from a soldier in the 67th Co. Imperial Yeomanry (part of the Rhodesia Field Force), 1902 censored cover with boxed "OFFICIALLY RE-ADDRESSED", 1904 violet "POSTED LATE" of Kroonstad, 1906 cover to France franked Transvaal 2½d + 6d late fee tied by "TRANSVAAL T.P.O / EUROPEAN MAIL" c.d.s etc., also 1907 cover with "Union Castle Line" crest on flap bearing two G.B KEVII 1d stamps each tied by "ASCENSION" c.d.s. (29). £150-200

Cape of Good Hope
(Also See Lots 57, 571, 816, 819/22)

  Revenue Documents - VOC Seals. 1679-1849 Revenue documents (19), the initial 1679 document without any revenue stamp, eight 1723-1821 documents with embossed "VOC" revenue stamps and five other documents bearing wax seals impressed with a ship and "CDGHOOP" (4) or the royal arms and "MAY BRITAIN FLOURISH". Also an 1802 document concerning a ship bound for the Cape with an embossed Dutch revenue stamp, 1830 document with embossed Cape 3d + 2/- stamps, 1803 documents signed by Earl Grey (2), 1821 "Bataviasche Courant" newspaper, and cut-out wax seals. An interesting lot with an 1808 licence to keep a retail shop, etc. (20+) £350-450
  c.1760-1830 Entires addressed within the Cape, mostly to Cape Town, one entire (with a message on the inside flap) possibly a Briefstok letter, one endorsed "Sito", a c.1766 entire to the Sovereign Council, etc. (54). £500-600
  c.1760 Front with lower flap, which bears an impressed wax seal, addressed to "Monsieur Tulback Gouverneur et Commandant de la Colonie du Cap de Bonne Experance du Cap". Ryk Tulbagh was Governor from 1751 until 1771. Attractive and scarce. £100-120
  c.1760-1840 Entires sent to (15) or from (5) the Orphan Chamber (Weeskamer), the post 1816 ingoing letters all prepaid or charged, the letters from the Orphan Chamber prepaid 2d, charged 7d to pay or allowed free as official mail (3), one 1799 entire strangely with a "2" charge. Handstamps include boxed "POST PAID", circular crown handstamps of Cape Town (2, both superb), Caledon, George, Uitenhagen, Clanwilliam and Zwellendam, oval Cape Town datestamps (4) and circular crowned Cape Town datestamps (3, all superb). Also 1841 entire letter from London and 1868-1903 entire or fronts (2) with Cape stamps to the Chamber, and a c.1890 cover with "General Estate and Orphan Chamber" printed heading franked 1d to the House of Assembly. An interesting lot, the Orphan Chamber officially abolished in 1834, though its business was clearly still being sorted out 70 years later. (25). £500-600
  c.1780 Entire addressed in Dutch and endorsed "P. Expresse", fine and very unusual. £100-120
  1784-1853 Entire letters (8) and entires (4) including 1784 entire "to a Burgher residing in the veldt", 1795 entire letter to the Consul General of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, entire letters to the Consul of France (2), Thomas Maclear at the Royal Observatory, or to "The Church Wardens of Clan William, If Mr Steinberg away any Church Warden be present, then Sexton Foster will please without delay bring this letter to the nearest Church Warden in order that he may answer it". One letter sent free to Beaufort has a superb double oval Cape Town crown handstamp, four others with crowned oval Cape Town datestamps. (12). £300-350
  1793-1858 Entire letter and entires endorsed from Field-Cornets (3) or sent from the Landdrost of Clan William to a Field-Cornet at Onder Bokkeveld all sent as official free mail, one with Clanwilliam crown handstamp, the 1858 entire backstamped with oval Victoria datestamp. (4). £120-150
Click to view full image... c.1810 Entire to "His Excellency The Earl of Caledon, Governor & Commander in Chief at the Cape of Good Hope" with a good strike of oval "G.R" Cape of Good Hope arms handstamp. The Earl Caledon was Governor 1807-11. Photo on Page 200. £180-220
  c.1810 Entire prepaid 1sk to the Secretary of the Estates Office Cape Town with oval "G.R" Cape of Good Hope handstamp, a little overinked in places but finer then usual. £120-150
Click to view full image... c.1810-45 Entires to Cape Town, addressed to Colonial Secretary C. Bird (2) or H. Alexander, or to the Secretary to the Government (3, two to Sir R. Plasket), and an entire to the Secretary to the Lt Governor, the last paid 4d, one hand delivered, the other five delivered free of charge as official mail. The first with oval "G.R" Cape of Good Hope arms handstamp and endorsed "free", two with first type Cape Town "Free" crowned datestamp, also circular crown handstamps of Simons Town (2), Worcester and Cape Town, all fine. (7). Photo on Page 200. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1818 Entire letter endorsed from the Secretary's Office in Stellenbosch, addressed to the Officer for the Enregisterment of Slaves in Cape Town endorsed "On Service", the reverse with red wax official seal of Stellenbosch, with superb circular crown handstamps of Stellenbosch and Cape Town, the first in red. Exceptional quality, the Stellenbosch handstamp rare in red ink. Photo on Page 204. £300-400
  c.1820-40 Entires (10, also one part entire) all to the Postmaster General in Cape Town, ten sent free as official mail (one charged 8d), four endorsed from the Post Office or Postmaster of Uitenhage, Caledon, Worcester or Graaff Reinet, the last with boxed "POST PAID" (but no rate indicated and marked "On Service"), the others all with circular crown handstamps of Simons Town (2), Grahams Town, Zwellendam, Cradock (2), Clanwilliam, Worcester, Caledon or Uitenhagen, one also with first type Cape Town "Free" crowned datestamp. (11). £300-400
  c.1820-47 Entire letters (2) and entires (10) all to the Master of the Supreme Court in Cape Town, one apparently allowed free as official mail, the others prepaid (7, five with boxed "POST PAID") or unpaid and charged upon arrival (4, one charged 3/3, two with boxed "TO PAY"), five with circular crown handstamps of Worcester, George, Uitenhagen, Caledon or Port Elizabeth, three with Cape Town datestamps. Also two 1834 printed letters from the Master of the Supreme Court regarding insolvency matters, the address panels with printed O.H.M.S headings, addressed within Cape Town, probably hand delivered. (14). £300-350
  c.1820-40 Entire letter and entires (7) all to Cape Town, addressed to the Sequestrator (4, two free as official mail, two charged 4d), H.M Fiscal (probably hand delivered) or the Registry Office (entire letter paid 3d from Stellenbosch), also an entire paid 4d from George to the Bank van Leening in Cape Town, and an entire to Uitenhagen with printed address panel "In Dienst, Bank van Leening" (no handstamp, possibly hand delivered). Six have circular crown handstamps of George, Uitenhagen, Beaufort, Port Elizabeth, Stellenbosch or Grahamstown, one with a Cape Town datestamp. (8). £160-200
  c.1820-40 Entire letters (2) and entires (3) with circular crown handstamps of Simons Town (2), Port Elizabeth, Tulbagh, Grahamstown or Cape Town, two also with Cape Town datestamps, the Tulbagh entire apparently sent free, the Tulbagh and Grahamstown handstamps unusually fine strikes. (5). £140-160
  c.1820-51 Entire letter (4) and entires (11) addressed to the Landdrost of Swellendam, Cradock, Albany or Beaufort, the Resident Magistrate of Stellenbosch, the Secretary of Stellenbosch or Worcester, the Commissioner of Cape Town, Civil Commissioner at Worcester (2), Beaufort or Briefontein, or the Distributor of Stamps at Simons Town, also two entires sent locally in Graaff Reinet endorsed from the "Town Office", seven sent as official letters free of charge, the others prepaid or charged upon arrival, two of these endorsed as official mail but disallowed as such. Handstamps include boxed "TO PAY" (2), "POST PAID" (2) and "PREPAID", circular crown handstamps of Beaufort, Bathurst and Grahamstown, and Cape Town datestamps comprising first oval type (2), crowned oval (3, all with date errors) and crowned circle. (15). £350-400
Click to view full image... 1828 O.H.M.S Entire to the Acting Secretary to Government in Cape Town with light crown handstamp of George and a fine second type crowned circle "Free" datestamp of Cape Town, scarce in this quality. Photo on Page 204. £120-150
  1828-52 Entire letters (9), entires (5) and a cover with boxed "POST PAID" (8), "PREPAID" (3) or "TO PAY" (4), two with circular crown handstamps of Caledon or Swellendam, four with Cape Town datestamps, three with faults, otherwise largely fine. (15). £280-350
Click to view full image... 1834-42 Entires (2) from the Office of Compensation to the Notary Public at Stellenbosch, or to the Resident Magistrate of Worcester, both handstamped "John Bell / Secy to Govt" and scarce third type oval crowned "Free" datestamps of Cape Town. Also 1842 entire letter from the Stamp Office, Cape Town to the Clerks of the Peace in Graaff Reinet informing them that fifty £3.15 stamps have been forwarded to the Distributor of Stamps at Graaff Reinet, with official signature handstamp. Three fine official covers. (3). Photo on Page 204. £200-240
  1852-75 Letters from A.K Murray (15) sent to his parents or his cousin Maggie Turner in Scotland (also one letter to Murray), the first three letters with address panels bearing Cape Town handstamps and an 1855 letter from Tygerberg Convict Station with the postally used envelope. Murray moved to the Cape in 1852 and joined the police becoming a Constable and then an Acting Overseer, looking after convicts mainly employed making roads; he left the Police at some time after 1859 and by 1870 was employed as a road contractor. An interesting correspondence written from Cape Town (3, 1852-53), Bains Kloof (1853), Lichtenburg Convict Station (2, 1855), Tygerberg Convict Station (1855), Zuurberg Convict Station (1858) or Knysna (1859), with later 1870-75 letters from Graaff Reinet (2), Witte Klip (3) or Uitenhage (2), all with typed transcriptions, the letters referring to the Kaffir wars, emigration to the diggings in Australia, overseeing the road gangs of convicts, 1870 Franco-Prussian War, etc. (16 letters + 4 covers). £300-400
Click to view full image... Orange Free State. 1851 (Mar 3) Entire letter written by Maria Murray from Graaff Reinet, addressed to "The Revd A. Murray, Bloem Fontein" and endorsed "Paid", with manuscript "4PP" and octagonal framed "55" handstamp of Graaff Reinet. The interesting letter includes "The news from the Frontier was of the most exciting kind. On Wednesday Mr Hans Meintjes arrived from the Commando bringing the intelligence that our Burghers had had a most desperate engagement with the Rebels at Blink Water, one colored man from this place killed and two severely wounded, one was his brother in law Gut Nickerk who was shot through his face, the ball entering one cheek and coming out at the other. It seems they were surrounded by the Hottentot and when Mr N. was shot he was lying down so that the enemys shots might pass over him when lifting up his head to reload he received the shot which there seems much reason to expect will prove fatal. He has not spoken since nor could he take any nourishment - a wagon has left this place to fetch him if he should be alive and able to be removed ..... the other man who was wounded is one Reitz, but not dangerously. He travelled slowly and arrived yesterday. From the different accounts we have received it is marvellous so few were wounded when the balls were flying thick around them wounding their horses and passing close to their sides and yet their lives spared. One man from Sneuberg - Meinwehuysen was killed". A fine letter from the Cape to the O.F.S with the scarce "55" handstamp. Photo on Page 204. £450-550

Slavery Letters & Documents

<\i>The following 20 lots were all sent to or from the Office for the Enregisterment or Protection of Slaves at Cape Town, or similar offices at Grahamstown, Graaff Reinet, Simons Town, Stellenbosch, Swellendam or Uitenhage, between about 1816 and 1836.

  Various letters including 1833 letter signed by a slave, Rachel, promising to keep the peace or forfeit ten pounds; 1825 certificate from the Collector of Customs certifying that a slave on the Brig "Venus" arrived from Mauritius as the domestic servant of a passenger on board; 1830 letter concerning a slave imported into the colony in 1807 on the Portuguese vessel "Nostra Synhora"; birth certificates for children born to slaves (3); letter reporting the death of a slave; many letters concerning the purchase, sale or transfer of ownership of slaves, etc., many address panels mainly to Major G.J Rogers, Protector of Slaves at Cape Town (no postal markings), an interesting lot. (44). £350-450
G.B. & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 43)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
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Date: 1st March 2019 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for full viewing details
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