G.B. & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 43)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 1st March 2019 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for full viewing details
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Auction Lots - Page 22
Click to view full image... 1927-31 5c - £1 Set (less 30c blue) fine mint. S.G. 93/107, £500. (15). Photo on Page 221. £100-120


Click to view full image... 1899 Uganda Relief Expedition. BEA 2a Registration envelope, size H2, addressed to London, endorsed "From Gerard Carre M.D, 27 Bo. L.I, Masindi, Unyoro C. Af. 10.2.99" and "please stamp at coast", bearing 1898 1a - 5r set of seven each cancelled by Masindi c.d.s (Feb 1), the reverse with the envelope stamp cancelled manuscript "THE UGANDA RELIEF EXPEDITION", and endorsed "Most Urgent. Bound and sealed to avoid being tampered with en route. Should arrive in London on April 15th or 17th, Private and Confidential", London Registered arrival datestamps (Apr. 14/15). The March - May 1899 expedition resulted in the capture of King Mwanga, who had raised a rebellion against British rule, and the town of Nandi; this cover was sent shortly before the expedition began their advance down the Nile. A rare campaign cover, opened out for display and light central fold, otherwise fine and spectacular. Photo on Inside Back Cover. £1,200-1,400
Click to view full image... 1896 (Jan 24) Cover signed and dated by George Wilson, Acting Commissioner of Uganda, addressed by him to "Captain F.D Lugard, C.B D.S.O, 9th Foot, Junior Army & Navy Club, London", probably written at Kampala, posted at Mombasa 42 days later with 1895 British East Africa overprint on India 2a6p tied by Mombasa squared circle (Mar 6), Zanzibar transit c.d.s and London arrival c.d.s (Apr. 1), redirected to Bromley. The cover was then reposted to Lugard "c/o Post Office, Cape Town" franked G.B 2½d tied by Bromley 144 duplex, with Cape Town Poste Restante c.d.s (Apr 23), redirected to Pietermaritzburg then Durban (Apr 27), "Returned Letter Office Natal" c.d.s (Sep 3), handstamped "UNCLAIMED" and boxed "ADVERTISED / AND / UNCLAIMED", redirected back to the Junior Army & Navy Club in London with arrival c.d.s (Oct 9), finally directed back to Bromley. A remarkable cover originating from the interior of Uganda with B.E.A and G.B stamps, 17 datestamps and two explanatory handstamps. Lugard (later Lord Lugard) was sent to Uganda to assist in the pacification of the country in 1889-92; he made terms with King Mwanga which placed the country under British influence. Horizontal fold, otherwise remarkably fine and unique. Photo on Page 192. £400-500
  1910 (Feb 26) 3c Postcard to Cairo cancelled superb "GONDOKORO / UP" c.d.s, this remote office being transferred to the Sudan in 1914. £150-180


Click to view full image... 1894 2c Carmine pink, imperforate plate proof sheet of thirty on ungummed wove paper, with a pre-printing paper wrinkle, a couple of very minor creases, otherwise fine and a scarce proof sheet. Photo on Page 190. £800-1,000
Click to view full image... 1894 12c Pale blue, imperforate plate proof sheet of ten on ungummed wove paper, a couple of very negligible creases, otherwise fine and a scarce proof sheet. Photo on Page 190. £500-600


  1951-1993 Mint collection on pages including 1954 King Sisavang Golden Jubilee set of three, etc. S.G. £1,000. (100s). £80-100

(Also See Lot 749)

Click to view full image... 1890-1951 Mainly mint collection including 1890 set, 1897 Diamond Jubilee ½d - 1/-, all three KEVII sets, 1938-51 KGVI set with all four £1 perfs/shades all mint, also various used including 1928 KGV £1, etc., a few minor faults though most are fine. S.G. £2,650. (171). Photo on Page 150. £300-350


  1906 KEVII Overprint set of six superb mint, the 25c marginal. S.G. 1/6, £300. (6). £100-120

(Also See Lots 574, 829)

Click to view full image... Libya. 1880 Cover from Libya to Italy, put into the post at Malta, with printed heading "EFFRAIM NAHUM - TRIPOLI DI BARBERIA", bearing G.B ½d plate 20 (faults) and 2d plate 15 tied by Malta A25 duplex, unusual. Photo on Page 192. £180-220
Click to view full image... Disinfected Mail. 1883 Registered cover to Hamburg bearing G.B 2d rose and 2½d blue plate 22 each cancelled "A25", red oval "REGISTERED / MALTA" datestamp, disinfected due to the cholera outbreak in Southern Italy with two chisel slits, unusual. Photo on Page 192. £240-280


Click to view full image... 1794 (Jan 6) Long entire letter from Richard McNamara concerning estate matters, to James Neave in London "P. Packet", charged 2/-, with a good strike of the scarce first type "MONTSERRAT" handstamp (recorded 1790-96), London arrival backstamp. Photo on Page 192. £1,000-1,200
  1878-1971 Mint and used collection on pages including 1876 6d mint (3) and used (5), 1884 2½d red-brown used (3), 1932 Tercentenary set mint, 1938 perf 13 1½d - 5/- mint, etc. (171). £100-120


  1786 (Feb 22) Entire letter from the British Consul George Thesiger to "John Raleigh Esq, Gibraltar", privately carried, possibly disinfected. Thesiger is thankful the matter of the brigs cargo has been amicably settled; the Venetian Consul has married the 17 year old daughter of the Portuguese Consul; Thesiger has the ague and fever and is to spend a month recuperating in Gibraltar, the Danish Consul to deal with Bills of health in his absence; he forwards a letter for Capt. Haynes. A scarce early letter from Morocco. £200-250
  1796 (June 18) Entire letter from Mogador to "Thos Murdoch, Madeira", privately carried. The interesting letter includes "Enclosed you will find the regulations to be observed by Masters of British vessels at the Port of Mogador ..... I find the Emperor has six or eight frigates on the coast that take all vessels they meet with. Such as are bound to or from any place at war with the Emperor are sent here and examined by the Governor, if proved to be consigned to any merchant there they are set at liberty & have permission to land Dollars or any kind of merchandise .... If the cruisers discover you have Dollars on board they take care not to send them to whom they are consigned. I hear by Captain Baldock from Gibraltar one of them had captured an American Brig bound for Saffee and beat the Captain in a very evil manner. Captain B had two Moores passengers for Mogador who went on board the frigate to beg for the American Captain, his own bed to sleep upon & some other little indulgences for which they also got a severe beating. Yesterday one of the frigates came to here ..... she captured two Brigs, one English, the other Portuguese loaded with wheat from Saffee, sent them into Sallee". A scarce and interesting early letter. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1800 (Oct 13) Entire letter from "Tetuan Bay, Coast of Africa" to England with superb oval "Ship Lre / (crown) / PORTSMOUTH", charged 1/2. Written by an army Captain, Henry Ford, the letter includes, "Upon our arrival at Gibraltar we were joined by the army of Sir R. Abercromby where everything was accelerated for the execution of some grand expedition, and from the magnitude of our force (being 23,000 men) and the immense appointments in stores we were sanguine of success ...... Cadiz, already visited with a dreadful epidemic disorder, was to have witnessed the most severe measures of war. We appeared off the coast on the 5th and everything was ready for the disembarkation of the troops (they were even in boats) when a signal was made for them to return on board, the fleet got under way next morning desisting from any further attempt .... I think it probable we shall join the Austrian army in Italy under General Milas in the coming spring, and likely winter at Minorca". Small tear at lower edge, otherwise fine and an interesting letter from Morocco. Photo on Page 192. £300-350
  1856 (Mar 8) Entire letter from Lisbon addressed to "Mr A. Roguerbe, Casablanca, A cuidado de Mr H. Cotelle, 1er Drogman de la Mission de Franca a Tanger" with a Lisbon c.d.s and straight line "LISBON" applied at the British Packet Agency, the reverse with oval "PAGOU DE FRANQUIA PELO PAQUETE" rated 180 reis. A scarce early letter to Casablanca, sent via the British Packet Agency in Lisbon, and the French Mission in Tangier. £180-220
Click to view full image... 1874 Cover to France with rare first type "TANGIER" c.d.s on the front (Aug 1, reversed "N"), G.B 1d plate 150, 2d plate 14 and 6d grey plate 13 cancelled the following day by Gibraltar A26 duplex datestamps, red "PD" and London Paid c.d.s with French transit and arrival datestamps. A little unevenly opened at upper edge, otherwise fine and rare, just seven covers recorded by Clough with this first Tangier c.d.s, of which this was the only cover not addressed to Gibraltar or G.B. Photo on Page 192. £3,200-3,800
Click to view full image... 1890 (Oct 19) G.B 1d Postcard commercially used from Tangier to England, tied by Tangier A26 duplex with a Gibraltar transit c.d.s, small fault at lower right corner, otherwise fine and unusual, the card incorrectly accepted as valid at the British Post Office, possibly mistaken for a reply card. Photo on Page 192. £180-220
Click to view full image... 1893 Eastern Telegraph Company envelope to "Mr Wilhelm Marx, Mogador" with Gibraltar 10c tied by Tangier A26 duplex, a second strike on the front, endorsed "courier". Opening tear at upper edge, otherwise fine and unusual. Photo on Page 192. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1898 5c Newspaper wrapper overprinted "Morocco Agencies", variety overprint double, possibly a unique variety. Photo on Page 194. £240-280

(Also See Lots 293, 362, 388, 537/8, 569, 570, 576, 590, 947, 1175, 1182)

  Dutch New Guinea. 1944-63 Stamps and postal history, the well written up collection in an album with 1944-45 U.S A.P.O covers (4); all 1950-62 issues unmounted mint with some used, multiples, F.D.Cs and commercial covers, both 1962-63 UNTEA overprint sets unmounted mint with additional multiples including first printing 1g - 5g and second printing 5g all in blocks of ten and two commercial covers; first flight covers (4); postal stationery; and postmarks with covers or postal stationery postcards bearing cancels of 24 differing Post Offices including two line rubber datestamps of Bosnik, Kameri, Okaba, Waren and Wasior, circular rubber datestamps of Bade, Kokas and Teminaboean, some covers commercial, other covers and cards with proof impressions of all the cancellations from the office of posting applied to the reverse, also a couple of 1963 covers with Irian Barat stamps. An interesting collection from this Dutch colony, which only issued stamps for 13 years. S.G. £1,200 for the stamps. (282 + 65 covers). £400-500


  1873-1970s Stamps including 1873 first issue 25c imperforate colour trials (6) and forgeries (3), etc. Also La Guaira Steamship Co 1868 ½r perf 10 mint block of eight. (c.300). £100-120
  1881-1977 Covers and cards from Curacao (310) or Aruba (126) including air mails, paquebots and maritime mail, postage dues, explanatory marks, registered and official mail, etc., also five Suriname items. (441). £250-300
  Postal Stationery. 1876-1960 Postcards, reply cards, envelopes and aerogrammes, with Specimen overprints (5), unused and used cards, formula cards with or without stamps, 7½ Cent on 12½c or 15c cards, uprated postcards, underpaid cards with "T" handstamps (5, two with French due stamps), Paquebots, etc. Also a 1928 G.B 1d reply card sent back to England franked Curacao 5c. (88). £120-150

(Also See Lots 420/9, 614, 751/3)

Click to view full image... Officials. 1889 (Oct 5) "Printing and Stationery Department, Wellington" cover with "On Public Service Only" heading addressed to The Agent-General for New Zealand in London, bearing perforated "PASD" frank stamp inscribed "Postage Free" tied by a Wellington squared circle, arrival backstamp, the cover partly split along a heavy central vertical fold, otherwise fine and very rare. These stamps were used on official mail from the Printing and Stationery Dept. from 1887 until late 1891 when their use ceased due to New Zealand being admitted to the U.P.U (which stipulated all official correspondence addressed overseas had to be prepaid by postage stamps unless between postal administrations and relating to postal service). An accompanying article by K.J McNaught records this cover and one other similar cover. Yvert & Tellier have listed these as officials from an early date, but they are unlisted by Gibbons, and included amongst "Miscellaneous stamps" by Campbell Paterson. Photo on Page 194. £700-800
Click to view full image... Law Courts Stamp. 1884 Long cover from Invercargill to the Supreme Court Office in Hobart bearing Law Courts 2/-, arrival backstamp. Vertical fold at left and tear at right edge, otherwise fine and very rare. S.G. F4a, unpriced used and the only example we have seen on cover. Photo on Page 194 £800-1,000
Click to view full image... 1926-34 1d Rose-carmine block of four, spectacularly misperforated with the perforations close to the centre of each stamp and sloping downwards, the block therefore cut out with scissors, used at Wellington with two "WN" in circle cancels. A striking variety, a little splitting of lower horizontal perfs. S.G. 468, var. Photo on Page 221. £120-140
  Internee Mail / Fiji. 1942 Stampless Y.M.C.A O.A.S cover to "The Custodian of Enemy Property, Suva, Fiji", the reverse endorsed from "N. Hiramatsu (No. 99), Internment Camp, Somes Island, Wellington, N.Z" with circular censor cachet and violet boxed "Exempt from Postage under / International Convention / regarding Treatment of / Prisoners of War". An accompanying 1926 invoice shows the Hiramatsu family were merchants living and working in Suva. £140-180

(Also See Lots 194, 196/8, 606, 645)

Click to view full image... 1890 Stampless cover to Belgium endorsed "No Stamps on the Niger" with fine first type oval Akassa datestamp (June 29) in violet, a "T" handstamp applied in London, backstamped at Ostende-Verviers T.P.O No 1 and Liege (Aug 1), blue crayon "50" and a final charge (after some confusion) of 1 franc. A little minor edge creasing, otherwise fine and very unusual. Photo on Page 196. £500-600
Click to view full image... 1892 (Jan 19) Stampless cover with "OIL RIVERS PROTECTORATE / VICE CONSULATE, BONNY" printed heading, addressed to London with typed inscription 'stamps not procurable" and endorsed "Per S.S Gaboon 19/1/92", a fine strike of the rare oval "OIL RIVERS PROTECTORATE / 19 JAN 92 / BONNY" datestamp in violet with a 5d charge mark applied in the London Foreign Branch. Two vertical folds (the central one quite heavy) and 15mm edge tear at lower left, otherwise fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 196. £900-1,100
Click to view full image... 1898 (July 26) Niger Coast 1d postal stationery postcard posted from Westgate on Sea to The Niger Coast Brewery Ltd at Bonny River franked on the reverse by a G.B 1d lilac, handstamped upon arrival with boxed "INCONNU / NOT KNOWN", the card then posted back to the sender in England with the stationery stamp cancelled by Bonny River c.d.s. Very unusual and scarce, this "Not Known" cachet presumably applied at Bonny River, unrecorded by Proud or Sacher. Photo on Page 194. £280-320

(Also See Lots 237, 243, 653-662, 1109)

  1897 (Nov 18) 2d External stationery postcard to London, written by J.S Hyland from "In Camp, 325 miles from Lake Nyasa, B.C.A" with "cordial greetings from the interior", cancelled by barred circle with a Blantyre c.d.s (Feb 13) 87 days after the card was written, and a transit c.d.s of Chinde (Feb 28), presumably carried from the interior of B.C.A by native runner, unusual. £80-100
Click to view full image... 1902 Cover from Funchal franked 130r, sent to Cape Town, much redirected around Africa before being sent to London, back to Togo and finally to Germany. Twelve backstamps include Cape Town, Beira, Chinde (Portuguese Nyassa and B.C.A Concession Post Offices), Zanzibar, Freetown and Lome. Very unusual. Photo on Page 194. £350-400

(Also See Lots 637, 643/4)

  French P.O. 1860 Entire letter to Marselle with "JAFFA / SYRIE" c.d.s (Steichele 302) and red boxed "PAQUEBOTS / DE LA / MEDITERRANEE". £250-300
Click to view full image... German P.O. 1908 10pa on 5m Envelope to Germany with boxed "Aus Jaffa / Deutsch - Post" cachets in both red and black, the stamp cancelled at Jerusalem, fine and very unusual. Photo on Page 196. £350-400
Click to view full image... German P.O. 1909 Picture postcard written from Wilhelma to Germany with oval "TEMPEL - KOLONIE / HAMIDIJE / WILHELMA / DEUTSCHE POST / JAFFA", the 10c stamp cancelled at Jaffa, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 196. £300-350
  1917-26 Covers in a folder, selected to illustrate various different postal rates, including stampless forces mail (2, one unusually to Holland with four differing army or civilian censor cachets), 1918 registered cover to Cairo with G.B 2d and blank type registration label tied by A.P.O SZ27 skeleton c.d.s, and covers bearing Palestine stamps (38) with 2m inland printed matter rate, scarce 15m registered inland printed matter rate, 6m, 7m and 8m foreign postcard rates, 3m foreign printed matter rate (2), registered letters from A.P.O SZ44 (2) or 45, cover from Damascus with circular framed "E" censor, etc. (41). £200-240
  Israel. 1948-49 Covers and stamps with 1949 stampless censored cover from India to Jerusalem bearing Doar Ivri postage due 10m + 50m; 1948 (June 9) first flight cover to USA and commercial Doar Ivri covers to Australia (red censor label) or USA; 1948 Doar Ivri stamps unmounted mint comprising perf 11 3m - 5m plate/sheet number corner blocks of four (3m block of six) and singles with tabs, also 1955 Jewish New Year 25pr with missing green unmounted mint (4 covers + 31 stamps). £80-100
  Israel. 1945-88 Covers and cards all undelivered and returned to sender with explanatory handstamps. (40). £80-100

(Also See Lots 430/1)

  1941-68 Covers including WW2 A.P.O and F.P.O datestamps (19), 1946-52 covers bearing Australian stamps (62), "Relief" datestamps, 1967 "H.M.A.S Tarangau, Lombrun N.G" c.d.s, etc. (c.280). £120-150

(Also See Lots 366/7, 375)

  1896 G.B 1d Reply card to London cancelled by "URMIA" c.d.s, light vertical crease at left, otherwise fine, an unusual commercial use from a Missionary in Persia. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1898 1c - 50k Set of sixteen distributed by the U.P.U as Specimen stamps (without any Specimen overprint), handstamped upon arrival with diagonal "SPECIMEN" (believed to be applied by the British Post Office) and applied to an archive page, subsequently soaked off and therefore all without gum, the 2k, 3k and 10k a little stained but a unique set. S.G. 116/131. (16). Photo on Page 150. £280-320
Click to view full image... 1908-09 13ch - 50k Set of eleven (no 4k yellow shade) and an additional 26ch with "Colis Postaux" overprint, distributed as Specimen stamps by the U.P.U, sent to Portugal for forwarding to one of the Portuguese Colonies, all handstamped violet "ULTRAMAR" in Lisbon, applied to a ledger page by the final receiving colony, now on five pieces cut from the archival page. The 1k torn and 5k with rounded corner, otherwise fine and rare. Interestingly Gibbons state these stamps with "Colis Postaux" overprint are merely cancelled stamps and not issued parcel post stamps; this 26ch stamp distributed as a U.P.U Specimen would seem to show this statement by Gibbons is incorrect. (12). Photo on Page 150. £300-350

(Also See Lots 294, 297)

  Abadan/Mohammerah. 1922 Cover from Switzerland franked 20c + 1f (faults) tied by T.P.O datestamps, to "The Anglo Persian Oil Co. Ltd., Abadan, per British Consular Post Office, Mohammerah, Persian Gulf" endorsed "Per air mail, via Cairo Bagdad", flown by Cairo-Bagdad R.A.F air service then by surface route, backstamped at Baghdad, Busra, Mohammerah and Abadan, very unusual. £100-120
Click to view full image... Bahrain. 1944 (July 25) Cover to England with Bahrain 8a tied by violet circular "MAIL OFFICE / R.N BASE, BAHRAIN", with tombstone type "FROM H.M. SHIP / PASSED BY CENSOR" signed and dated, very rare. Photo on Page 200. £200-250
  Chahbar. 1916 (Nov 15) Censored O.A.S cover from the Western Front with F.P.O 88 c.d.s, addressed to "Capt E.B Holson, Indian Army Reserve Officer, Makran Mission, Panjgur" and redirected to Chahbar, with fine "CHAHBAR / B.O / PERSIAN GULF DT" backstamp (Dec 31). At this date the Makran Mission was at Qasrgand, the mail presumably being forwarded from Chahbar by some private arrangement; the Mission was formed in 1916-17 to visit chiefs in Persian Baluchistan and assure them of Britain's friendship, after unrest encouraged by German agents. £150-180
  Jask/Muscat. 1924 Cloth address panel cut from a large parcel addressed to England, endorsed from "J. Haynes 3/19th Hyderabad Regt, Jask P.G" with India KGV 12a (2) + 1r (4) all tied by "MUSCAT" datestamps (Nov 1), several other stamps unfortunately cut out, very unusual. £100-120
  Muscat. 1912 (Feb 16) Picture postcard of the Portuguese fort at Muscat, written from "H.M.S Philomel, Maskat, Arabia", carried by naval bag to England with G.B KEVII 1d tied by London 173 c.d.s (Mar 8), unusual. £120-150
  Muscat. 1920 (Oct 8) Stampless O.A.S cover to India, signed by "D.M McDougall, Lt., 1 Bn 101st Grenadiers" with circular violet "PASSED / M / CENSOR" and a "Muscat" c.d.s on reverse, unusual. £120-150


G.B. & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 43)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 1st March 2019 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for full viewing details
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