G.B. & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 43)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 1st March 2019 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for full viewing details
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Auction Lots - Page 25
  1855-64 Cape triangulars on white paper, Perkins Bacon and De La Rue printings used, space fillers, all cut into or with other faults, comprising 1d (20, including two pairs, one unused), 4d (42 including a pair, two unused or mint), 6d (12) and 1/- (7, also a forgery). (82). £400-500
Click to view full image... 1861 Woodblock issue, 1d (4, one brick-red) and 4d (3) all used, all cut into or repaired, some reasonable space fillers, also three forgeries. S.G. 13/14. (10). Photo on Page 216. £300-400
  1854-68 Covers bearing 4d Cape triangulars including Perkins Bacon 4d on covers from Grahamstown to Mount Coke via Fort Murray (2 margins) or Swellendam to Cape Town (3 margins), De La Rue 4d singles on covers from Aliwal to Mossel Bay (three close margins) or Grahamstown to Bathhurst (steel blue shade, two corner faults), and a pair (one 3 margins, the other cut into) on cover from Hopetown to Murraysburg, some cover faults. (5). £150-180
Click to view full image... 1860 Cover to Victoria, Australia, bearing 4d blue pair (cut into, corner wear at right edge) tied by triangular "CGH" cancel, sent by private ship via Mauritius backstamped at Kalk Bay, Cape Town, Mauritius, Melbourne and Beechnorth. Flap partly missing, opening faults and repairs to right edge, but a scarce destination. Photo on Page 214. £500-600

Other Covers & Postal History

  1867-1915 Covers and cards (90, also a front and piece) with selected cancellations including triangular "C.G.H" obliterators (12, with oval, double arc, or single ring datestamps); double arc datestamps (2, one cancelling a 4d stamp), single ring (29) or double ring (3) c.d.s cancels; railway station or siding datestamps (15); Rondebosch skeleton c.d.s; triangular bulk posting datestamps (3); experimental octagonal Cape Town datestamps (6); Cape Town Poste Restante c.d.s (3) and Private Box Section c.d.s (3); Record Branch c.d.s (2); hooded circles (7), etc. (93). £800-1,000
  1872-84 Covers franked 6d or 1/- to G.B, 7½d to Denmark or 8d to USA, or sent internally franked 4d (4) or 3d (2, with differing "3" on 3d surcharges), one with enclosed letter from F.H Newdigate at the Government Observatory. (10). £200-250
  Paarl. 1822-1914 Covers and cards (23), fronts (2), unused picture postcards (9) and various pieces including 1822 front with scarce Post Office crown handstamp, scarce large "PAARL STN" c.d.s on 1870 cover, "39" barred oval numerals (2 types), etc. Also 1903-11 picture postcards (12) and pieces from Worcester. (46+). £250-3001210 <\i>) <\i>Namaqualand. 1855 (Dec 1) Entire letter from the "Grahams Town Namaqualand Mining Co" offices in Grahams Town, addressed to Robert Moffat Junior at Cape Town franked 4d triangular, redirected to "Springbok, Namaqualand" and endorsed "per overland route" with a further 4d prepaid in cash, backstamped at Cape Town and Grahams Town, the 4d stamp tied by two differing "CGH" obliterators. Robert Moffat Junior (son of the missionary Robert Moffat and brother-in-law of David Livingstone) was hired in 1854 for two years to survey Namaqualand for copper and other possible minerals; in 1855 the price of copper dropped and the company lost interest in Moffat's venture. This letter was written to Moffat accepting his compromise solution to end his contract in return for £125, the larger wagon, 12 oxen and two horses; all reports and papers were to be sent to the company's Cape Town agents and company stock in Namaqualand was to be sold. The company had already paid £76.18.6 on behalf of Moffat Junior including £20 sent to Mr Moffat. The stamp has been cut from the letter and replaced, with some other folds or tears strengthened internally, nevertheless an historic letter. £120-150
  Namaqualand. 1868-1910 Covers and cards with datestamps O'Okiep (11) or Port Nolloth (8) including O'Okiep "200" barred oval numeral (3) and skeleton c.d.s, etc. (19). £220-260
  Official Mail. 1854-1909 Stampless entires and covers (36, some with enclosed letters) including items from the Colonial Secretary's Office, Government House, South African Museum, items sent on Post Office or Money Order business (with five 1855-65 entires to The Postmaster General), Civil Commissioners, Cape Government Railways, Cape Police, an unusual 1871 cover to the Supreme Court endorsed "Not Franked" and "Unstamped", various cachets and cancels including oval town datestamps (13) and Sutterheim double arc datestamp, one cover to Brussels with red "CAPE TOWN / POSTAGE PAID" c.d.s, also a cover to Holland franked 2½d, a few faults, most fine. (37). £500-600
  Registration. 1855-1909 Registered covers or forms including 1855 upper portion of a registered letter wrapper containing the signed Postmasters receipt for a letter from Burghersdorp to Grahamstown; 1870 "Application for Registered Letter Receipt" O.H.M.S wrapper posted from Cape Town to Swellendam; 1897 AR form for a registered letter from Cape Town to New York; Certificates of Posting (3), and various covers (21, also a front) with oval Registered datestamps, hooded circles, etc. (28). £350-400
  Explanatory Handstamps. 1870-1914 Covers and cards, various handstamps include octagonal framed (2) or unframed "TOO LATE", Officially Redirected (4), Not Known or Unknown (3), Missent (2), Gone No Address (2), Unclaimed (2), Insufficiently Addressed (2), etc., a few faults. (23). £300-350
  Postage Due Mail. 1882-1910 Covers and cards (22) and a front sent within, to, or from the Cape all with postage due handstamps or charge marks including a 1d envelope to Germany with a 2d charge mark applied in error in London and crossed out, charged 20pf in Germany; 1900 registration envelope to G.B with boxed "POSTED OUT OF COURSE / TO PAY" but not charged; 1892 cover to G.B with Cape "2½" charge mark obliterated and replaced by a 5d charge in London; "TAX" handstamps of Alfred Docks (2); "2½d" charge marks on postcards from Russia (2); 1894 1d card uprated ½d with both stamps cancelled by the "T" handstamp; 1899 postcard to Germany with octagonal "T/25c" obliterated by a "1" barred numeral handstamp and replaced by octagonal "T/15c", etc. (23). £250-300
  Printed Matter. c.1880-1912 Wrappers and circulars (9), postcards with printed advertising messages (2) and a front, the covers sent internally franked ½d (6), 1d or 2d, one cover to England franked 1d, the two cards and one cover with red datestamps of G.P.O Cape Town (2) or Port Elizabeth, three with Newspaper Branch cancels, also c.1875 wrapper from London to Bloemfontein via Cape franked G.B. 1d red, with red "PER R.M STR / VIA PLYMOUTH" and "FORWARDED BY / WILLIAM DUNN & Co. / LONDON". (13). £120-150
  Advertising Covers. 1888-1906 Printed advertising covers including Aristo Egyptian Cigarettes, Cape Town International Hotel, Collards Pianofortes, Bedford Bicycles, Kamps Cafe, etc., some illustrated with views of ships, buildings, coat-of-arms, bicycles, etc., three sent internally franked at the ½d printed matter rate, one to USA franked 1d, a few faults though most are fine, an attractive lot. (22). £200-250
  Postal Stationery. 1878-1911 Registration envelopes (20, four size H), postcards (54), envelopes (5) and lettercards (2), fourteen cards unused, otherwise all postally used with various rates, destinations, printed adverts, one unused ½d postcard unusually with adverts for four Cape Town retailers printed on the reverse. (81). £250-300
Click to view full image... Postal Stationery. 1898-1909 Picture postcards comprising QV 1d on 1½d card with coloured views of Cape Town, and a similar card used with an O.F.S 2½d stamp, both published by J.C Hubrich of Cape Town; QV 1d cards with pictures of Adderley Street (2, one not posted) or Zulu girls and views of the goldfields on the reverse, or Cape Town G.P.O on the address side; KEVII ½d cards with handpainted views (2) or a photo applied to the reverse; and KEVII 1d cards with Buffalo Harbour, East London shown on the address side (2), all used, the Hubrich cards very scarce. (11). Photo on Page 214. £250-300

Orange Free State
(Also See Lot 1151)

Click to view full image... 1861 Long cover to Holland, endorsed "In dienst", "per Mails via England" and "Zuid Afrika, Oranje Vristaat" and signed as being on official government business, backstamped at Cape Town (Sep 21), London and Arnhem (Nov 2). Marked as a triple weight letter with 4d due to the Cape and 3/- due to G.B, charged "240" cents upon arrival. A filing endorsement on the reverse refers to Fauresmith. A fine and rare official prestamp cover from the Orange Free State. Photo on Page 214. £1,500-1,800

(Also See Lots 600, 821)

  1879 (Sep 29) Mourning cover franked G.B 1d, posted from Chislehurst to Rickmansworth, with an enclosed letter on mourning notepaper of Camden Place, written by the Due de Bussano on behalf of Her Majesty The Empress Eugenie acknowledging a letter of condolence on the death of her son the Prince Imperial, who had been killed in Zululand during the Zulu War. The envelope with a couple of edge tears, the letter fine. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1897 (Feb 16) Switzerland 10c reply card used from Zululand back to Switzerland with datestamps of Eshowe, Durban and Bern. The reverse has a violet "TREASURY / ZULULAND" dated cachet and lists the stamps then available in Zululand. A rare use of a reply card from Zululand. Photo on Page 218. £320-380

(Also See Lots 96, 179, 180, 183/4, 186-190, 252/4, 602/4)

  1898-1932 Camel Postman issues, mint and used collection on pages with 1898 set mint and used, 5m and 2p with white cloud variety and 2m with the variety retouched; 1902-21 set and 5m on 5p surcharge mint and used; 1921-23 set mint and used and plate blocks of the 2m and 10m (both including white cloud variety); 1927-41 set mint and used, 4m inverted watermark mint (3) and used, misplaced centres on 5m (5, with block), 10m (5, with block) or 15m, and plate blocks of eight of the 3m and 5m (both including white cloud variety); 1931-37 Air Mail overprints and 2½p surcharge with minor varieties. S.G. £1,084. (187). £350-400
  1940-41 Surcharges with 5m on 10m mint corner marginal block of twenty (2 x 10, plate number "5") including inserted "5" and missing dot varieties (R.P.S certificate, 1971), other 5m on 10m varieties include broken "mim" (2, one within a block of four, mint), broken "lam" (3, two within blocks of four, all mint), dots omitted mint (2, within blocks of four or six) or used, rudimentary "lam" mint and used, "malmime" mint and used, etc. Also 4½p on 5m mint (4) or used, and 4½p on 8p mint (6, with block of four) or used (2, one on cover). S.G. 78/80, £1,538. (83). £240-280

Air Mail Stamps

Click to view full image... 1931-38 Air Mail stamps, mint and used collection with varieties on pages including 1931-37 perf 14 and perf 11½x12½ sets mint and used, additional 4½p mint block of eight and used (2), and the seven 5m - 4½p values issued in 1931 (just missing the 5p) used on three separate First Day Covers; 1935 local surcharge sets mint and used, surcharges misplaced upwards or sideways (some transposed) on the 15m (9) and 2½p on 5m (10, one pair with C. Hass certificate), various mint multiples including 2½p on 3m missing arabic letter (4, also one used ) and 2½p on 5m missing arabic letter (6, also two used, one on a commercial cover), many small "½" and other minor varieties, three covers bearing four examples of both the 7½p and 10p, etc.; 1938 London surcharge sets mint and used, 5m block of ten and used single with inverted watermark (creased), First Day Covers bearing set of four or six 5m stamps. A fine lot. S.G. £2,200 (approx). (228 + 10 covers). Photo on Page 216. £400-500
Click to view full image... 1931-37 Air perf 14 15m, lower left corner marginal block of nine with inverted watermark, large part imprint, eight stamps unmounted, fine and very scarce. Probably the largest surviving block with this watermark variety, of which just two sheets (100 stamps) were discovered. S.G. 52aw, £2,475. Photo on Page 221. £700-800
Click to view full image... 1935 Air 15m on 10m, variety surcharge double, used, one short perf at base, otherwise very fine and scarce, with Peter Holcombe certificate (1991). S.G. 68a, £1,400. Photo on Page 216. £240-280

Official Stamps

Click to view full image... 1902 1m, "O.S.G.S." Khartoum overprint, varieties overprint inverted and oval "O", a couple of slightly short perforations at lower right, otherwise fine mint and extremely scarce. With B.P.A certificate (1951). S.G. O3d, £4,250. Photo on Page 216. £900-1,200
Click to view full image... 1902 1m, "O.S.G.S." Khartoum overprint, variety overprint double, fine mint, scarce. S.G. O3f, £500. Photo on Page 216. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1951 2p Deep blue and pale blue with "S.G." overprints, variety overprint inverted, in an upper right corner marginal vertical pair with plate number "1", unmounted mint, lower stamp thinned at foot, upper corner stamp superb. A very scarce plate number pair, with B.P.A certificate (1997). S.G. O74a, £2,400. Photo on Page 221. £500-600

Army Official Stamps

Click to view full image... 1905 1m Watermark Star & Crescent, Army Official overprint with Army reading down, variety "!" for "I", fine used, scarce. With B.P.A certificate (1977). S.G. A3a, £1,500. Photo on Page 216. £400-500
Click to view full image... 1905 1m Watermark Star & Crescent, small type A2 Army Official overprint with Army reading down, unused, no gum, a little minor perf soiling, good appearance and scarce. S.G. A3b, £1,300. Photo on Page 216. £120-140
Click to view full image... 1906 1m, Horizontal Army Service overprint, early printing with 14mm between lines of overprint, superb mint, scarce. S.G. A5, £700. Photo on Page 216. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1906 1m, Horizontal Army Service overprint with 12mm between lines of overprint, variety overprint inverted, hinge remainders, fine mint and scarce. S.G. A6b, £800. Photo on Page 216. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1906 1m, Horizontal Army Service overprint with 12mm between lines of overprint, variety overprint inverted, fine used, scarce. With R.P.S certificate (1955). S.G. A6b, £800. Photo on Page 216. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1906 5m Pair with horizontal Army Service overprints, variety triple overprint, the initial horizontal overprint double, a third overprint then applied diagonally, mint, light toning but very scarce. S.G. A9ab, var, £700+. Photo on Page 216. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1906 5m, Horizontal Army Service overprint, variety overprint double one inverted, with additional "Service" overprint in the upper margin, superb mint, very scarce. With R.P.S certificate number 11,183 (certificate no longer present). S.G. A9e, £1,800. Photo on Page 216. £550-650
Click to view full image... 1906 5m, Horizontal Army Service overprint, variety overprint double one inverted, fine used and very scarce. With R.P.S certificate (1960). S.G. A9e, £700. Photo on Page 216. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1906 5m, Horizontal Army Service overprint, variety overprint inverted, very fine used. A rare variety, with Charles Hass certificate (2006). S.G. A9b, £450. Photo on Page 216. £130-150

Covers & Postal History

  1877 Cover addressed in General Gordon's handwriting to "Colonel Graham V.C, C.B, C.R.E, York, Yorkshire" with a G.B. 1d red cancelled at Southampton (June 10). Gordon was Governor of the Sudan from 1873, and was in that country in 1877, the cover presumably being sent from Sudan to his family home in Southampton from where it was posted. Lieut.-General Sir Gerald Graham won the V.C in the Crimea, and served in the expeditions to Eastern Sudan in 1884 and to Suakin in 1885. Closed opening tears at upper edge, otherwise fine and unusual. £80-100
  1897-99 Forces mail including 5m soldiers rate covers from Halfa to England (2, one a stationery envelope), two other 5m stationery envelopes from soldiers at Atbara strangely uprated 2m or 6m to England, covers known to be from British Officers franked 1pi to England or India (2) with cancels of Challal Wadi Halfa T.P.O or Omdurman (2), and a cover franked 5m from Lady Wingate in Khartoum to her husband Colonel Wingate at the War Office in Cairo, a few faults. (8). £220-260
Click to view full image... 1899 (May 26) Cover from Armagh franked G.B 2½d, to "The Commanding Officer, Egyptian Post (Military), Famaka, Soudan", initially sent to Wadi Halfa, then redirected to French Sudan, again redirected to Cairo, sent back to France and finally returned to Egypt, with black boxed "MISSENT" and fifteen transit datestamps comprising (in date order) Alexandria, Cairo, Wadi Halfa Camp, Cairo, Bordeaux, Kayes, Loango a Marseille, Marseille, Bordeaux, Alexandria, Military P.O Cairo and Cairo (Sep 9), opened out to display backstamps, very unusual. Photo on Page 218. £150-200
  1919-45 Forces mail with pre-war covers to G.B franked 10m (13), 2½pi (2) or 6pi all with differing regimental cachets on the front, World War Two censored covers (7), also four airgraphs. (29). £200-240
  1920 Registered 5m stationery envelope uprated with two 5m stamp to England, cancelled by two Khartoum - El Obeid T.P.O No. 2 datestamps and bearing the scarce printed T.P.O registration label, backstamped with a further strike of the T.P.O c.d.s and oval Shellal-Halfa T.P.O No. 2 Registered datestamp. Also 1929 cover with G.B 1½d tied by boxed "PAQUEBOT" of Port Sudan with Shellal - Halfa T.P.O No. 1 c.d.s on reverse. (2). £100-120


  1904 (May 27) Transvaal 1d postal stationery envelope to Lourenco Marques cancelled by superb "EMBABAAN" c.d.s, backstamped at Carolina, Waterval Onder and Lourenco Marques Ambulante. The first c.d.s used at the re-opened Embabaan office, only recorded 1903-04. £100-120

(Also See Lots 339, 1222)

  1899-2002 Mint and used collection in four albums including 1899 25c blue imperf proof block of four, 1923-40 Air stamps, Pro Juventute and Pro Patria issues, some F.D.Cs and flight covers, 2000 St Gallen embroidery miniature sheet mint, etc. (100s) £180-220


  1883-1993 Mint and used collection in two albums including 1947-48 King Bhumibol coming of age set unused, useful 1960s - 1970s unmounted sets with 1966 Fifth Asian Games, 1967 and 1968 Fish sets, etc. S.G. £2,500 (approx). (100s). £140-160


Click to view full image... 1922 Cover to London bearing 1920 (Nov) Jordan overprint issue perf 14 2m pairs (2) + strips of three (2), the ten stamps all tied by violet Amman negative seal cancels, reverse with violet "MINIMUM LETTER POSTAGE / U.K to PALESTINE 3D", vertical fold clear of all the stamps and part flap missing, otherwise fine and a very scarce issue on commercial cover. With R.P.S certificate (2016). Photo on Page 218. £240-280


Click to view full image... 1852-1977 Mint and used collection on pages, Trinidad including 1851-80 Britannia issues (22), useful officials with 1909 1d varieties overprint vertical or inverted both used; Tobago (29) including 1879 1d rose mint, 1880 Crown CC 6d unused without gum and 1/- mint, 1882 Crown CA 4d green used; Trinidad & Tobago issued including 1917 (Mar 29) 1d War Tax overprint inverted used (S.G. 176a, a few short perfs at base), 1935-37 perf 12 and 12½ sets mint, 1938-44 set mint (both 12c shades), 1923-45 postage due set mint, 1947-61 dues used, etc. S.G. £2,400 (approx). (100s). Photo on Page 216. £250-300
  1898-1937 Mainly mint selection including 1898 Landing of Columbus 2d "SPECIMEN" and mint blocks of four and 35, 1935 Silver Jubilee 24c variety "flagstaff on right-hand turret", 1916 Red Cross 1d with the Red Cross overprint misplaced (5), 1935-37 perf 12 set of nine and the six perf 12½ values all in mint imprint pairs, and 2c perf 12½ coil strips of four and 24 showing five coil joins. Also 1935 4c revenue mint and used. S.G. £900+. (127). £120-150
Click to view full image... 1917 ½d Blue-green on thick paper with "OFFICIAL" overprint type O5, variety overprint double, fine mint with lower margin, this variety unlisted by Gibbons. S.G. O13a, var. Photo on Page 150. £100-120
Click to view full image... Tobago. 1886 ½d on 2½d Dull blue, variety surcharge double mint with virtually full original gum, unfortunately rather faded but still a very rare variety. S.G. 26b, £2,750. Photo on Page 216. £150-200


Click to view full image... 1928 Stampless cover to Lourenco Marques with superb red type IVa cachet "ISLAND OF" within circular "TRISTAN DA CUNHA", arrival backstamps (Nov 10 and Dec 10, one probably with incorrect month), light vertical fold, otherwise fine and a rare commercial cover, probably carried on the S.S "Baron Tweedmouth". Ex. Jack Cole collection (sold in 1998 for £2,600). S.G. C5, from £5,500. Photo on Page 218. £2,000-2,400
G.B. & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 43)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 1st March 2019 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for full viewing details
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