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Auction Lots - Page 8
Click to view full image... 1934 B. Rubin and K Waller Survey Flight. Aero Club of N.S.W cover to the aerodrome at Mascot, inscribed "England-Australia flight, carried by the courtesy of aviators Messrs B. Rubin and K. Waller", one of twelve covers flown from Darwin to Sydney and posted upon arrival (Apr 19) franked 2d. E365a, $400. Photo on Page 70. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1934 B. Rubin and K. Waller Return Survey Flight. Cover to F.F Hunter, District Postal Inspector at Cairns, inscribed "This letter carried from Camooweal Australia to England by courtesy Pilot B. Ruben surveyor Centenary Air Race Route Aus. Posted in England on return", oval "CAMOOWEAL / 22 APR 1934 / WIRELESS STATION" cachet on reverse, carried on the return survey flight and posted upon arrival in London (May 3) franked 1½d. The enclosed letter from the Postmaster-General's Dept, Camooweal, reads, "When you receive this the envelope may be of use to you. You have heard of pilots Rubin and Waller. Left Camooweal today 22nd April 1934". This return flight landed at Eastbourne on May 1st, after a flight of nine days. Very scarce, few carried. E374, $400. Photo on Page 70. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1934 Jean Batten England - Australia Solo Flights. Cover posted in London (Apr 17) to Lympne Aerodrome, redirected to C.C Wakefield & Co. Ltd in Sydney, handstamped oval "DUTY OFFICE / 21 APR 1934 / LYMPNE AIR PORT" and signed by Jean Batten, inscribed "Per Miss J.G Batten". Subsequent inscribed "Carried on 2nd attempt and delivered on successful completion of 3rd attempt" and "Carried from England to Australia on record breaking flight of 14½ days 1934" on the front, and "carried on 2nd attempt, 21st April 1934, carried on 3rd attempt 8th May 1934" on the reverse. Jean Batten first flew from Lympne for Australia in April 1933 but crashed at Karachi; a second attempt was made in April 1934 but abandoned after a crash at Rome. Her third successful attempt left Lympne on 8th May arriving at Darwin 15 days later on May 23rd, a new record for a solo female flight to Australia. A rare and possibly unique cover carried on both failed attempt in April 1934 and her successful flight the following month; the Australia Air Mail catalogue states "at least two covers are known, one cover also known carried on all three flights". E375/6, $2,500+. Photo on Page 70. £1,200-1,400
Click to view full image... Jean Batten. 1934 (June 20) Aero Club of N.S.W cover to Mascot Aerodrome, inscribed "carried by courtesy of G. Littlejohn Sydney-Canberra and Miss Jean Batten and G. Littlejohn Canberra-Sydney" posted upon arrival at Sydney franked 2d, signed by Jean Batten and G. Littlejohn. Batten flew to Canberra and back on this date to attend special functions; twelve covers were carried. E378, $850. Photo on Page 70. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1934 DH86 Canberra Delivery Flight for Qantas/Imperial Airways. Royal Aero Club cover posted in London (Sep 22) to Hudson Fysh at the club in Piccadilly, redirected to Qantas in Brisbane, carried on the flight and posted upon arrival at Brisbane franked 2d (Oct 13), the reverse endorsed and signed "VH-USC delivery flight London 24 Sep., Brisbane 13 Oct 1934, L.J Brain". Very scarce, few covers carried from England. E410, $450. Photo on Page 70. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1934 C.J Melrose Record Breaking Australia - England Solo Flight in "My Hildegarde". Registered cover to H. N Eustis at Alberton, inscribed "Carried from Adelaide to Darwin by courtesy of Mr C.J Melrose in his Australia - England flight Sept 16th 1934" with blue Air Mail label, posted at Darwin franked ½d + 1½d + 3d, handstamped "TOO LATE" and oval "6 / MORE TO PAY". C.J Melrose flew from Adelaide to England to take part in the MacRobertson Air Race; his 8 days 14 hours 30 minutes from Darwin to Croydon was an unofficial record. Very scarce, just six covers flown from Adelaide to Darwin. E405, $1,500. Photo on Page 70. £300-400
Click to view full image... 1934 Freda Thompson First England - Australia Solo Flight by an Australian Woman. Cover posted in Baghdad bearing two Iraq 3f stamps tied by Baghdad c.d.s (Oct 19) or violet oval "21 OCT 1934 / BAGHDAD AIR PORT POST & TELS OFFICE" (used at the temporary P.O at Baghdad Air Port during the MacRobertson Air Race), reposted upon arrival at South Yarra (Dec 17) as a registered letter to Baghdad franked 2d + 4d, the reverse signed "Freda Thompson England - Australia Nov. 1934". Thompson completed the flight in 39 days after being delayed in Greece for 20 days waiting for spare parts. Fine and rare, just four covers flown from Baghdad to Melbourne. Ex Jennings collection. E415, unpriced. Photo on Page 70. £400-500
Click to view full image... 1934 Freda Thompson Solo Flight. Cover to Seaford, Victoria and redirected to Darwin, inscribed "7/11/34 Carried from Darwin to Melbourne" and signed by Thompson, actually flown from Darwin to Sydney and posted upon arrival (Nov 28) franked 3d. Scarce, very few carried. E416, $650. Photo on Page 72. £180-220
Click to view full image... 1934 S.G White England - Australia Solo Flight in Gipsy Moth "Huia". Cover to Newtown, N.S.W, endorsed "England Australia flight of S.G White Esq. Pilot" and signed "S.G White, G-AAJO", posted upon arrival at Sydney (Nov 4) franked 2d. White flew from Heston to Darwin in 40 days, then continued on to Sydney. Scarce, very few covers carried. E408, $400. Photo on Page 72. £140-160
  1934 MacRobertson Air Race. Covers carried by Roscoe Turner and Clyde Pangborn, M. McGregor and H.C Walker (160 carried), M. Hansen and D. Jensen (110 carried), J.D Hewett and C.E Kay (flown onto New Zealand, 100 carried; also a cover flown to Melbourne and reflown in the 1969 London to Sydney Air Race), C.G Davies and C.N Hill (flown to Cyprus, 53 carried), H.L Brook and Miss E. Lay (50 carried). Also 1935 booklet "England - Australia Race Covers" by A. Goodfellow, commemorative covers, etc. E434/7/8/8a/9a/40/41, $1,950. (7+). £400-500
Click to view full image... 1934 MacRobertson Air Race. Printed cover flown by C.W.A Scott and T. Campbell Black who won the race in a record time of 2 days 23 hours, with G.B ½d cancelled West Kensington (Oct 17), posted back registered from Australia with four Australian stamps cancelled at Melbourne (Oct 24), signed on the reverse by both aviators. Also a postcard of the aviators and their aeroplane. 100 covers flown. E433, $1,250. Photo on Page 72 £150-200
  1934 Mac Robertson Air Race - KLM "Uiver". Flown covers from Holland (2); envelope used to return a flown cover from Sydney to Holland and another cover from Sydney to London both with oval "Uiver" cachet of the Sydney KLM office; cover sent on the Amsterdam to Batavia Christmas flight of the "Uiver" and recovered from the crash at Rutbah Wells in Syria; Australian Broadcasting Corporation postcard showing the aeroplane, two crew and messages of thanks for assistance in aiding the plane's emergency landing at Albury race course; and a fine real photo postcard of the plane at Albury signed by the four crew members. (7). £160-200
Click to view full image... 1934 MacRobertson Air Race. Cover carried by C.E Pangborn and Roscoe Turner in the air race from Mildenhall Aerodrome to Melbourne and then flown around the world, starting and ending in New York with G.B, Australian and U.S.A stamps cancelled at Mildenhall Aerodrome (skeleton c.d.s, Oct 20), Melbourne (Oct 29) and New York (Sep 26 and Dec 4). E434a, $450. Photo on Page 72. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1934 MacRobertson Air Race. Cover flown by Ken Waller and O. Cathcart-Jones, signed by both pilots, franked 1½d cancelled at Cambridge (Oct 16?) and Australia 3d cancelled at Melbourne (Oct 25), also carried on the return flight with oval "DUTY OFFICE / 2 NOV 1934 / LYMPNE AIRPORT" cachet. Fine and scarce, 24 covers carried on the outward flight of which just 13 were also flown on the return flight. E435/456, $1,600. Photo on Page 72. £300-400
Click to view full image... 1934 MacRobertson Air Race. Cover to Calcutta carried by Jimmy Melrose in "My Hildegarde" on the leg from Calcutta to Rangoon with flight vignette and cachets, an India 9p cancelled at Mingaladon Cantonment, backstamped at Calcutta. Melrose was the seventh entrant to reach Melbourne, winning second prize in the handicap class. 32 Covers carried from Calcutta to Rangoon. E436a, $550. Photo on Page 72. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1934 MacRobertson Air Race. Cover to England inscribed "Mildenhall Suffolk to Melbourne Australia Centenary Air Race, Oct. 20th 1934 by Flt Lt. Shaw's "Klemm Eagle", Pilot - Flt. Lt. Shaw", signed by Shaw and endorsed "Damaged under carriage at Bushire had to retire", bearing Persia 75d pair cancelled at Bushire (Oct 27). Fine and very rare, just two covers believed to exist, very under catalogued in the AAMC. E452, $900. Photo on Page 72. £1,000-1,200
Click to view full image... 1934 MacRobertson Air Race. Cover flown by J.H Wright and J. Polando from Mildenhall to Abadan with large cachet signed by Wright, G.B 1½d cancelled at Mildenhall Aerodrome (skeleton c.d.s, Oct. 20) and Persia 30d cancelled at Abadan, posted to Utica New York with arrival backstamp. 179 Covers flown to Abadan, but 110 of these were destroyed. Wright and Polando withdrew from the race at Calcutta due to engine trouble. E451a, $550. Photo on Page 72. £160-200
Click to view full image... 1935 H.L Brook Australia - England Record Breaking Solo Flight. Cover posted in Darwin (Mar 21), carried on Brook's record breaking flight to England, signed and endorsed "Carried by the Miles Falcon G-ACTM Australia - England in 7 days 19 hours 50 mins Piloted by H.L Brook", posted upon arrival at Croydon (Apr 1) franked 1½d to Harrogate. Brook flew to Australia in the MacRobertson Air Race but was unplaced, but established a record time for a solo flight on his return from Darwin to London, 85 covers flown. E493, $400. Photo on Page 74. £140-160
Click to view full image... 1935 London - Brindisi - London Kingsford Smith Flight in "Lady Southern Cross". Cover franked Australia 2d cancelled at Darwin (Oct 3), carried to England by B. Sheil and posted in London (Oct 18) franked 1½d. Addressed to Kingsford Smith and carried on his record attempt flight to Australia which only reached Brindisi when it was abandoned due to storm damage, the plane flown back to Croydon after reapirs. The cover was reposted from London (Nov 5) to Hythe franked 1½d, intended to be carried on Kingsford Smith's subsequent England - Australia record attempt, but received too late for that flight. Kingsford Smith's aircraft and its crew disappeared off the coast of Burma; these 49 covers flown from Croydon to Italy and back are therefore the final covers flown by this famous aviator. Reverse with explanatory cachet signed by Sheil, personal assistant to Kingsford Smith, numbered "35". E545, $650. Photo on Page 74. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1935 H.F Broadbent Darwin - Basra and England - Australia Record Breaking Solo Flights. Cover to Ernest Crome at Stanmore, N.S.W, inscribed "Australia - England Flight per aeroplane DABS 111 VH-UQD, H.F Broadbent Pilot" and "England - Australia Flight per Percival Gull Monoplane VH-UVA", signed by Broadbent with Australia 1d cancelled at Enmore (Oct 5), a Darwin c.d.s (Nov 13) and oval "2d / MORE TO PAY", bearing an indistinctly cancelled G.B ½d and pencil cancelled Australia 2d postage due stamp. Broadbent flew from Darwin for England but crashed at Basra where he sold his aircraft and proceeded to England by Imperial Airways; he then flew back from Croydon to Darwin in a record solo flight time of 6 days 21 hours 14 minutes in a Percival Gull aircraft which needed to be delivered to Australia. 18 Covers carried on the flight to Basra, a few of which were also carried on the return England - Australia flight. E556, $750. Photo on Page 74. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1935 Jimmy Melrose England - Australia Solo Record Attempt. Cover to Ernest Crome at Stanmore, N.S.W, inscribed "England - Australia Flight per courtesy of C.J Melrose, Percival Gull VH-UVH" and signed by Melrose, posted upon arrival with Silver Jubilee 2d cancelled at Darwin (Nov 29). Melrose flew from Croydon on November 2nd in an attempt to break the solo flight record to Australia but learnt of the disappearance of Kingsford Smith's aircraft when he reached Bangkok on November 6th, and abandoned his record attempt to join the search for the missing airmen; he finally reached Darwin on 29th November. Very scarce, just 12 covers carried. E564, $800. Photo on Page 74. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1935-36 Roy Gropler England - Australia Solo Flight. Cover to Newtown, N.S.W, inscribed "England - Australia Flight, Darwin - Adelaide, Roy W. Gropler, Pilot" and signed "From Roy W. Gropler Eng - Aus flight 10.12.35 - 20.1.36", posted at Adelaide (Feb 6) franked 2d. Gropler became the youngest pilot to fly solo from England to Australia at just 19 years old; he completed the flight to Darwin in 40 days, then flew to Adelaide, six covers carried from Darwin to Adelaide. E569, $400. Photo on Page 74. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1936 Lord Sempill England - Australia Flight. Cover to Ernest Crome at Stanmore, N.S.W, bearing G.B 1½d cancelled at Avonmouth (July 8) and Australia Air Mail 3d cancelled at Melbourne (Sep 23), backstamped at Enmore, signed by Lord Sempill at Karachi and initialled "FFC" by F. Crocombe (designer of the aircraft and one of the crew) at Melbourne. Sempill, Crocombe, C. Gilroy and L. Davies flew from Hanworth in a Monospar Croydon on July 10th; Sempill left the flight at Karachi but the plane continued to Darwin, arriving on September 21st. The plane flew to Melbourne then set off for England, but crashed in the Indian Ocean, the crew being rescued. Rare, just three covers flown from England. E614b, unpriced. Photo on Page 74. £200-250
  1936 J. Fairbairn and O. Yeo Thomas England - Australia flight. Cover to Ernest Crome at Stanmore, N.S.W, inscribed "England Australia Flight by courtesy Hon. J.V Fairbairn per his Dragonfly plane "Spirit of Flinders" G-AEDG and by Mr O.F.Y Thomas, Darwin - Canberra", franked 2d cancelled by Parliament House, Canberra c.d.s (Oct 8). Fairbairn and Thomas flew from Lympne to Darwin in 19 days; they then few on to Canberra, 12 covers being carried on this final leg from Darwin. E630, $350. £100-120
  1936 Francis Chichester and F. Herrick Sydney - London Flight. Large cover (35x12cm) with stamps applied at 13 stops en route comprising Australia (Sydney June 26), Netherlands Indies (Denpasar July 15), Straits Settlements (Singapore July 22), Siam (Don Muang July 24), Indo-China (Thokhek, Laos, July 26), Hong Kong (Kowloon Aug 3), China (Shanghai Aug 7 and Peking Aug 28), India (Simla Sep 11), Persia (Bushire Sep 26), Iraq (Baghdad Oct 3), Egypt (Cairo Oct 6) and G.B (London Oct 14). Chichester intended to fly by the North Pole route but was refused permission at Peking so returned to Hong Kong and proceeded via India and the Middle East. Horizontal fold and light creasing as is usual on these oversize covers. E612, $1,200. £250-300
  1936 Ernie Clark England - Australia - New Zealand Solo Flight. Cover to Ernest Crome at Stanmore, N.S.W, inscribed "England - Australia - NZ flight per Percival Gull Monoplane ZK-AES, L.E Clark, Pilot, Darwin - Longreach" posted upon arrival at Longreach (Nov 7) franked 2d, backstamped at Enmore and signed by Clark. One of eight covers carried by Clark from Darwin to Longreach. E6445, $375. £100-120
  1937 Jim Broadbent Record Breaking Australia - England Solo Flight. Cover to Ernest Crome at Stanmore, N.S.W, inscribed "Australia - England Flight per D.H Leopard Moth 85 "Windella" VH-AHB, H.F Broadbent, Pilot" and signed by Broadbent, posted upon arrival at Folkestone (May 4) franked 1½d. Broadbent competed his Darwin to Lympne solo flight in a record 6 day, 8 hours 25 minutes. E729, $300. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1937 Jean Batten Record Breaking Australia - England Solo Flight. Air Mail cover franked 2d tied by Darwin c.d.s (Oct 18) with Croydon arrival c.d.s (Oct 24) alongside, signed by Jean Batten. Batten flew from Darwin to Lympne in a new solo record time of 5 days 18 hours 15 minutes. Horizontal fold and a little staining but an exceptionally rare cover from this historic flight, just two covers known. E771, $1,000. Photo on Page 74. £250-300
  1937 Jean Batten Solo Flight. Menu, seating plan and guest list for a luncheon to meet Miss Jean Batten given by the City Livery Club at Merchant Taylors Hall on November 29th 1937, boldly signed on the front by Jean Batten. £120-150
  1938 A.E Clouston and V. Ricketts England - Australia - New Zealand - Australia - England Flight in DH88 Comet "Australia Anniversary". Cover to C.C Wakefield & Co in London inscribed "Per Flying Officer A.E Clouston A.F.C" bearing Australia 2d stamps cancelled at Sydney (Mar 19) and New Zealand ½d pair cancelled at Blenheim (Mar 20), posted registered in London (Mar 26) franked KGV 2d + KGVI 2½d, one of twelve covers carried on the Australia - New Zealand - Australia - London flights. E800, $200. £100-120
  1938 Jim Broadbent England - Australia Solo Flight Attempt. Cover posted in London (Mar 9) franked 1½d, then carried on his attempted solo flight to Australia, abandoned after he crash landed at Flores on March 9th, endorsed "left Lympne 3a.m 12th March 1938, Force landed near Waingarjaii, Dutch East Indies 16th March 1938" and signed by Broadbent. 48 Covers flown. Also a postcard of Broadbent in his plane. E798, $325. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1938 Jim Broadbent Australia - England Record Breaking Solo Flight. Cover with Australia 2d cancelled at Darwin (Apr 18), inscribed "Australia to England 5 days, 4 hrs, 21 mins Record Solo Flight by Jim Broadbent", handstamped violet oval "H.M CUSTOMS / 22 APR 1938 / LYMPNE AIRPORT, HYTHE, KENT", posted in London (Apr 23) franked 1½d. Forty covers carried on the final record breaking flight from Australia to England prior to World War Two. Also a postcard of Broadbent in his aeroplane. E804, $450. Photo on Page 74. £120-140
Click to view full image... 1938 British Long Distance Development Flight. Cover to Victoria inscribed "British Long Distance Development Flight England - Egypt - Australia, November 1938", bearing an Air Mail label and franked Egypt 15m tied by M.P.O Moascar c.d.s (Nov 5), posted at Darwin (Nov 7) franked 2d + 3d, backstamped at Melbourne. Two R.A.F Vickers Wellesley long-range bombers flew from Ismailia to Darwin establishing a long distance record of 7,350 miles in less than 48 hours. Also three contemporary news cuttings and an O.H.M.S tag inscribed "O.C Long Range Development Unit R.A.F, c/o R.A.A.F Darwin, Singapore to Darwin via Qantas". Light vertical fold, otherwise fine and scarce, just ten covers flown from Egypt to Darwin. E831, $525. (2). Photo on Page 78. £150-180

England-Australia Route - Commercial Air Mail Flights

  1928-29 Covers sent between Australia and England by sea and flown by air mail within Australia, two covers carried on the first acceptance by the British Post Office in May 1929 for mail carried by air from Perth to Adelaide, all with an additional fee of 3d for the internal Australia air service. Also a 1927 cover from Sydney sent entirely by sea, paid 1½d postage + 2d late fee + 3d registration, a year before registered letters supposedly came within the late fee system. (7). £100-120
  1929-34 Covers flown on the Imperial Airways London to Karachi route including March 1929 first flight covers from G.B to Karachi and Karachi to G.B, December 1929 first flight from Australia (2), August 1932 first reduced postcard rate from G.B to Australia (2), 1930 registered express air mail cover from Germany to Australia, various commercial covers sent in both directions between Australia and G.B many of which have also paid for internal Australian air mail, December 1929 G.B to Delhi first flights (2, one to Ceylon), July 1933 first flights from G.B to Calcutta or Calcutta to G.B, October 1933 first flights from G.B to Rangoon or Rangoon to G.B, December 1933 first flights from G.B to Singapore or Singapore to G.B, also unused envelopes for the Calcutta, Rangoon and Singapore extensions. E146. (38). £250-300
  1931 (April) Imperial Airways First Experimental Air Mail to Australia. Covers from G.B to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Singapore; Calcutta to Darwin; Singapore to Sydney (2); Darwin to Athens or G.B (4, one to Dublin); Brisbane to G.B (signed C. Kingsford Smith, Pt. Darwin - Akyab); Sydney to Singapore (signed G.U Allan) or G.B. Also a printed Imperial Airways letter sent with a first flight cover and printed Australian postal notice concerning the flight. E187/8. (18). £200-250
  1931 (April/May) Second Imperial Airways Experimental Air Mail to Australia. Covers from G.B to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane (addressed to Fiji) or Singapore; Calcutta to Rangoon, Brisbane, Sydney (2) or Melbourne (2); Rangoon to Calcutta, also an unused Imperial Airways envelope. E192/203. (12). <\i> £160-200
  1931 (April/May) KLM Holland - Australia Experimental Flight. Covers from Holland or Batavia (2) to Sydney, or from Australia to G.B (3), Switzerland, Holland or Java, and an unused KLM envelope. Also 1938 covers from Holland or Batavia (2) carried on regular KLM flight to Sydney. E194/6, 204/6, 814/5. (13). £160-180
  1931 (Nov 19) First "All Australian" Air Mail. Covers flown from Hobart (2), Melbourne (7), Adelaide, Sydney (2) or Brisbane, addressed to G.B (10), India, USA or Germany; a cover from Sydney to the Postmaster at Darwin inscribed to go by the flight and franked 1/2 but endorsed "Received by ordinary air mail, special plane did not carry mails to Darwin"; and cover flown from New Zealand to connect with the Australian flight at Sydney signed by Kingsford Smith and G.U Allan. Also contemporary news cuttings (5) and an unused envelope, thirteen of the covers bearing singles or pairs of the 1931 Air Mail stamp (one pair with OS overprints). E222/a. (16+). £150-180
  1932 (Jan 7) First "All Australian" Air Mail. Covers from England flown to Sydney (2, one signed by Kingsford Smith, Allan and Ulm), Melbourne (4, one to Tasmania, one signed by G.U Allan) or Adelaide, and a registered cover from Germany carried on the flight to Melbourne. E245. (8). £200-250
Click to view full image... 1934 (Dec 8) First Regular U.K - Australia Air Service. Stampless H.M Postmaster General envelope to "The Postmaster General of the Commonwealth of Australia, Secretariat, Canberra, F.C.T" with the special small 23mm "CROYDON AERODROME / CROYDON SY" c.d.s struck from a handstamp made of silver with an ivory handle, backstamped at Melbourne (Dec 22), with enclosed letter from the British Postmaster General Kingsley Wood which includes the postscript "I am sending under separate cover the silver die with which I obliterated the stamp on the envelope of this letter". Also a cover bearing six different G.B stamps to the 5d value each tied by the usual 26mm Croydon Aerodrome c.d.s., signed by Kingsley Wood in January 1935. This silver Croydon Aerodrome die (copies of which are included) was used on just eight items of V.I.P mail; it was sent to Australia but was later returned and is in the Post Office archives. These eight V.I.P letters were flown in a special silk bag. A unique cover and letter. (2). Photo on Page 78. £400-500
  1934 First U.K - Australia Air Service. Wooden mail bag tag from the first flight, a printed label pinned to one side, reading "IMPERIAL AIRWAYS TO KARACHI FREIGHT" and endorsed "Bag 89, weight 12.244 Kilos, in Transit to Australia, to be opened at Karachi"; the reverse bearing a printed "ATHENES" label endorsed "First Air Mail to Australia, Removed from bag in Brisbane, Dec. 1934, Hudson Fysh". Probably a unique survivor from this first flight. £250-300
  1934 (Dec 8) First U.K - Australia Air Service. Covers from G.B to Brisbane (2), Sydney, Melbourne or Perth and a postcard to Melbourne, and covers posted en route from Laboeanhadot to Longreach or Cloncurry, Kota Bharu to Winton or Sydney, Bangkok to Brisbane (actually carried on the second flight) or Windhoek to Adelaide. Also British Post Office notice advertising the new service, 1935 leaflet "The Air Mail Grows", and contemporary news cuttings. E469. (14). £200-240
  1934 (Dec 9) First Australia - U.K Air Service. Covers from Brisbane (4), Sydney (2), Darwin or Melbourne and postcards from Melbourne (2) all flown to England, one Brisbane cover addressed to Canada; covers from Melbourne (2) or Sydney all addressed to South Africa flown via Cairo; and covers flown from Melbourne to Florence, Baghdad or Rangoon, Brisbane to Athens, or Darwin to Singapore, Baghdad, Bahrain, Gaza or Cairo. Also a cover flown from Rambang to Palembang, an unused envelope, and a photo of mail being loaded at Brisbane on the Qantas plane for Darwin which connected with the Imperial Airways plane to England. E470. (25). £300-350
  1934 (Dec 8) First U.K - Australia Air Service. Covers from Germany flown from London to Melbourne or Sydney, or from Italy to Sydney, two registered. Three scarce acceptances from Europe. E469. (3). £100-120
  1936-38 Empire Rate. Covers Flown from Australia to England (12) or Malaya, or England to Australia (6) including 1936 (May) first twice weekly service covers flown in both directions and covers from England sent on the 1937 (May 2) first accelerated service, 1938 (April 10) accelerated service or June 25th first all the way flying boat service (2). (19). £150-180
  1936-39 Covers flown to or from foreign countries, various rates and routes, comprising Australia to Switzerland (3), Finland (2), Germany (4), France (2), Austria, Sweden, Denmark or USA (2), or from Belgium, Switzerland or Denmark to Australia. (19). £150-180
  Imperial Airways Crashes. 1935-39 Covers from Australia to Great Britain, most with all or some of the stamps washed off, all recovered from air crashes comprising 1935 (Dec 1) "City of Khartoum" cover and Sydney G.P.O explanatory slip (both torn in half and repaired, explanatory slip stained); 1936 (Aug 22) "Scipio" cover with British Officially Sealed tape and boxed "DAMAGED BY SEA / WATER" on both sides; 1937 (Nov 22) "Cygnus" crash, two covers both with one stamp remaining and others washed off, one with Officially Sealed tape and boxed "DAMAGED BY SEA / WATER", the other with violet bilingual boxed "Postage Stamp lost / in transit"; 1939 (June 8) "Centurion" crash, two covers with red "SALVAGED MAIL / EX CENTURION" (one from Lindisfarne, Tasmania, franked 5d with fine cachet, the other with stamps washed off and very poor cachet. (6). £180-200
  "Calpurnia" Crash. 1938 (Nov 22) Cover from Oxford to Sydney franked 1½d with Sydney Dead Letter Office ambulance envelope and enclosed letter explaining that it was damaged when the flying boat "Calpurnia" was forced down on water while crossing Iraq, the ambulance envelope and explanatory letter both with red Dead Letter Office Sydney c.d.s (Dec 17). E834. £80-100
  1938 Covers and letters to Hudson Fysh, Managing Director of Qantas, comprising July 4th cover from Sydney to London carried on the first all the way flying boat service from Sydney to Southampton, and August first all-up flight covers from Australia to England, Singapore to Australia (with enclosed letter from Fergus McMaster, Qantas Chairman of Directors) or London to Sydney (2, both signed by H.B Hussey, enclosed letters from H. Burchall of Imperial Airways or A.T Penman, Managing Director of Reuters). Also a printed Imperial Airways letter sent within an all-up first flight cover. (5 covers + 4 letters). £180-220
G.B. & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 43)
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