G.B. & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 43)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 1st March 2019 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for full viewing details
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Auction Lots - Page 17
  1962 Perth Commonwealth Games. Covers including illustrated First Day and other envelopes, postmarks of the stadium, village, velodrome, aquatic centre, etc., two with special registration label. (18). £100-120
  2000 Sydney Olympics. The extensive collection including special cancels, covers, postal stationery and stamps, Gold Medallists composite sheet from the 2000 Annual Collection Album, IOC Gold Medallists covers set (limited to 500 sets), Torch Relay cancels, Maximum cards, booklets, Olymphilex cancels (including two Royal Mail cancel covers, fewer than 100 sold), booklets and labels, stamps issued by various other countries, also tickets, programmes and various ephemera, Official Souvenir book, and Australian related items from 1960-96 and 2004 Olympics. (100s). £300-400


Click to view full image... 1862 4d Dull rose, perf 13, no watermark, fine used with neat "A05" cancel. With R.P.S certificate (1946). S.G. 18, £375. Photo on Page 146. £80-100
Click to view full image... 1862 Perf 13 no watermark 4d dull rose and 6d lilac both fine used with "A05" cancels. S.G. 18, 19a, £825. (2). Photo on Page 146. £180-200
Click to view full image... 1862-1968 Mint and used collection on pages with Chalon Head issues (19) including Crown CC perf 12½ 6d lilac and 6d deep violet both mint, etc., a few faults though most are fine. S.G. £1,500. (170). Photo on Page 146. £160-200


Click to view full image... 1852-1977 Mint and used collection on pages with 1852-81 Britannia issues (50) including 1873 5/- used, also 1882-86 set used, etc. (100s). Photo on Page 150. £200-250

(Also See Lot 1106)

  Warren Expedition. 1885 (May 4) Cover to Scotland with Cape 6d tied by "BARKLY / G.W" c.d.s, a few minor edge faults, otherwise fine. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1887 1d - £5 Unappropriated die set of twelve each handstamped diagonal "SPECIMEN" (Samuel type BEC 2), 6d and £5 with light creases, paper hinge remainders, otherwise largely fine with large part original gum. S.G. 10/21s, £1,000. (12). Photo on Page 150 £350-400
  1890 Cover from London to Bradleys Hotel, Mafeking, franked 2d pair, a "4d/F.B" charge mark unusually applied in the London Foreign Branch, redirected to Natal where this charge mark was obliterated with a numeral "1", finally returned to England and charged 1/2. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1891 ½d Newspaper wrapper uprated ½d, sent from Vryburg to London cancelled by "555" obliterators, unusually with "N.P.B" arrival datestamps in both black and red, and boxed "Found in N.P.B / without contents", very fine. Photo on Page 156. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1896 Cover from Palachwe addressed to Missionary and Madame Le Zalla in Italy, presumably from another Italian missionary, franked 1887-94 ½d and 1d strip of six all tied by "676" numerals, redirected within Italy backstamped at Torre Pellice and Userna S. Giovanni. Light vertical fold, otherwise a fine and attractive missionary cover, with Palachwe Khamas Town c.d.s on the front. With B.P.A certificate (1975). Photo on Page 156. £300-350
  1948-49 Proof impressions of forty differing handstamps from 35 different Post Offices, the handstamps for each office on a separate piece headed "Authenticated impression of date-stamp used at ...... for cancelling of B.P Silver Wedding stamps", and with signature or handstamp of the Postmaster at Mafeking alongside "verified", several also with the Mafeking Post Office cachet. A unique group, obtained in 1949 on the instructions of the Colonial Office in London as a result of reports of forged datestamps appearing on the 1948 Silver Wedding stamps. £150-200

Revenue Documents

  Stellaland. 1885-87 Power of Attorney documents (5) bearing Stellaland revenue stamps comprising first issue £1 lilac, second issue (with handstamped monogram) 6d pair + 1/- + 1/6 + 5/-, 2 x 6d, 6d pair + 1/6 + 5/-, or a single £1. An interesting group, three documents with the monogram overprint issue dated in June or September 1885 proving Barefoot's quoted issue date of 1886 is incorrect. Barefoot £380 as single stamps. (13 stamps on 5 documents). £400-500
  1888-91 Power of Attorney or mortgage documents all bearing 1887 surcharged Keyplate issue revenues, two documents bearing a combination of issues, comprising a single 6d, 6d in combination with unoverprinted 2d x 3, 1/- strip of three, or 1/- in combination with a Cape 2d. A scarce issue, the Cape revenue exceptional used on Bechuanaland in 1889. (4 documents). £300-400
  1887 Power of Attorney document bearing Cape 1/- revenue with British Bechuanaland handstamped overprint in blue (Barefoot 2, £150, with distinct doubling of overprint), scarce on a document. £80-100
  1890-95 Legal documents (9) including Powers of Attorney, Certificates of Ownership and mortgages, all bearing 1887 Keyplate issue revenues, comprising 6d pair, 1/- x 5, 2/- x 3, 5/- x 3, 10/- x 7, 2/- x 10 + £1, 1/- x 3 + £1 x 5, £1 strip of four, 10/- x 2 + £5 x 2 (one other removed), an attractive group. Barefoot £1,018 as stamps. (47 stamps on 9 documents). £500-600
  Cape Revenues used in Bechuanaland. 1898 Pages (3) headed "Subscriber", with signatures of 138 individuals, numbered from 58 to 195, the first page bearing Cape of Good Hope 1876-85 £5 vertical pair, £1 vertical strip of five and 2/6 block of four, each stamp initialled and cancelled crowned oval "CIVIL COMMISSIONER / 27 MY 98 / VRYBURG", the second page with £1 vertical strip of four on one side and 2/6 (3), 10/-, £1, £2 on the other side all similarly cancelled (28 or 31 MY, or 3 JU), the third page with two 10/- stamps similarly cancelled on 3 JU or 17 JU. Three fine pages with Cape revenues used in British Bechuanaland. (23 revenues on 4 documents). £350-400
  Cape Revenues used in Bechuanaland. 1895-96 Power of Attorney documents, one with a Keyplate 1/- revenue applied in 1895 with Cape 5/- and £1 revenues added and cancelled at Vryburg in 1896; the other an 1896 document from a gentleman living in British Guiana but appointing an attorney in Bechuanaland with an embossed 10/- revenue and bearing British Guiana 20c + $2.40 revenues and a Cape 6d revenue pair each tied by crowned oval "DISTRIBUTOR OF STAMPS / VRYBURG" datestamps, two unusual documents. (2), £180-220
  Cape/Zululand Revenues. 1895 Power of Attorney document issued in Zululand bearing Zululand Keyplate 1/- (14 including strips of five and six, another stamp unfortunately removed) each tied by violet "R.M.O NKANDHLA / ZULULAND" c.d.s, an alteration to the document made at Vryburg in 1896 when Cape 1/- + 2/- revenues were applied and cancelled. The document folded and virtually split in two, still very unusual and attractive. £100-120
  North Borneo/Cape Revenues. 1905 Document issued in North Borneo appointing an attorney living in Mafeking, bearing British North Borneo £2 (S.G. 143) tied by large "GOVERNMENT OF NORTH BORNEO / JESSELTON" arms handstamp, and Cape 1898 1/- + 1903 KEVII 3/- x 3 all cancelled by crowned oval "DEEDS REGISTRY / 11 MR 05 / VRYBURG", a very unusual and attractive document. £120-150

(Also See Lots 173, 567/8, 575, 590, 620, 671/2, 680, 1082)

  1946 Reduction in postal rates, collection of mint and used stamps with locally produced "-10%" overprints, many types with a few pieces and multiples and a postcard from Zottegem, identified by town and mounted alphabetically on pages, from Assche to Zottegem, an unusual and interesting lot. (301 + card). £120-150

Belgian Congo

  1899 10c Postcard with "BOMA CARTE INCOMPLETE" handstamp written from Matadi to Germany, posted from Boma uprated with a 5c stamp; and 1916 5c picture postcard from a Belgian soldier at Tabora to another on the Western Front cancelled blue "B.P.C.V.P.K / No 1" c.d.s. (2). £100-120
  1942-43 Waterlow issue, study on pages with imperforate proofs of the frame only (4) or complete stamps (39) all with punch holes from the printers archives (nine with flaws ringed in red ink), and a further 40 imperforate proofs comprising 10c - 20f with French inscription at top (18, missing 1f75) or Flemish inscription at top (19) and the single inscription 5c, 50f and 100f; perforated sample stamps in unissued colours with "WATERLOW & SONS LTD / SPECIMEN" overprint and a small punch hole (5); also the issued sets (less French inscription 3f.50, 50f) with 50c and 1f.75 blocks of four; and 1932 Red Cross Fund surcharge sets mint and used (with additional 1f.25 + 100f, surcharge misplaced to left). (88 proofs + 58 stamps). £200-250
  Ruanda-Urundi. 1942-43 Waterlow issue, study on pages with imperforate proofs of the 22 values, also 30c pair and 20f frame only block of four all with punch holes, and 20f in unissued colours with punch hole and "WATERLOW & SONS LTD / SPECIMEN" overprint; the issued set of 22 mint and complete sheets of fifty of the nine values from 5c to 75c; 1944 Red Cross Fund surcharge set mint and used. (29 proofs + 30 stamps + 9 sheets). £100-120
  Rwanda & Burundi Postmarks. 1966-89 Covers (51) and registration receipts (10), postmarks arranged alphabetically from Biumba to Vunga, most commercial, many registered, also some pieces and stamps, in an album. (61+). £70-80

(Also See Lot 986)

Click to view full image... Soldiers Letter. 1887 Cover to England inscribed "via New York", headed "From No. 1622 Lce Corpl. Cox, Det 2/ West Riding Regt Bda" and countersigned, bearing 1886 2d blue paying the 1d soldiers rate + 1d charge for transit though the USA, tied by St. Georges duplex, arrival backstamps. Very fine and scarce. Photo on Inside Front Cover. £1,000-1,200
Click to view full image... Soldiers Letter/Malta. 1894 Printed soldiers cover with "1st Batt. THE QUEEN'S (R.W SURREY REGT)" heading crossed through by the sender, franked at the 1d soldiers concession rate from Malta to "2273 Private R. Honeybone, E company, 1/RI Berks Regt, Bermuda, W. Indies", backstamped in London and upon arrival at Hamilton. Presumably from a soldier, his details however unnecessary as it was to another soldier and so could be sent at the 1d rate. Very unusual origin and destination. Photo on Page 156. £350-450


Click to view full image... 1860-1971 Mint and used collection with 1860-76 issues used, 1882 1c magenta without specimen perfin used (S.G. 164a, £550), etc. S.G. £1,100+. (300+). Photo on Page 140. £180-220


  1891 (June 10) Cover from Corozal to Belize bearing 1888 2c on 1d pair, the right stamp diagonally bisected to make the correct 3c rate, a "COROZAL" c.d.s below the stamps which are cancelled upon arrival by "O" obliterator, a Belize arrival c.d.s alongside. Small faults at left and upper left edges but apparently commercial and scarce from Corozal. Also a wrapper sent within Belize bearing a single 2c on 1d bisect. (2). £100-120


  1946 Commercial air mail covers from Kuala Belait all franked at the 55c rate by BMA overprint issues of North Borneo or Sarawak (two covers with a combination of North Borneo and Sarawak stamps). BMA stamps used in Brunei from December 1945 until Brunei stamps were issued in January 1947. (3). £100-120

(Also See Lots 299, 303, 310, 312/3, 322, 334, 338, 341/2, 365, 584, 889)

Click to view full image... 1937 KGV ½a, 9p, 1a, 2a, and 4a all with inverted watermarks, all used, the 2a unlisted by Gibbons. S.G. 1/3w, 9w (£140) + 5w (unlisted). (5). Photo on Page 140. £100-120
  1945-47 Covers and cards with datestamps or handstamps of Rangoon G.P.O (41), Rangoon sub-offices (27) or various other offices (343), mounted in four albums alphabetically from Akyab to Zigon, including registered mail, due handstamps, air mails, etc., mixed quality. (411). £500-600
  Experimental Post Offices. 1945-47 Covers with double ring "BURMA / EXPTL P.O No" datestamps numbered 1 (2), 2 (2), 3 (2), 4 (4, one with registration handstamp), 5 (5), 7 (3), 8 (3, two registered), 9 (3), 10 (5, one registered), 14 (2), 15 (2), 16 (3), 18 (4), 19 (3, one with due handstamp), 23, 24, 29 (3), 35 (4), 36 (4, one registered), 37 due handstamp, 39, 40 (4), 41 (2), 42 (2), 43, 44, 50 (2), also "EXPERIMENTAL P.O" R-9, 63 (2), 70 (2), 98 (2), a few faults, many very scarce. (78). £300-350

India Used in Burma

  1875-1942 Covers and cards (213), stamps and pieces with various datestamps of Insein (25+), Moulmein (154+) or Thayetmyo (34+) including A.R cards, official cards, registered mail, postage due marks, Train Late datestamps, etc., mixed quality. (213+). £400-500
  1889-1903 QV Covers and cards (40) mainly with single ring datestamps, also a few double ring datestamps and diamond of bars obliterator from Yandoon, with covers from 23 different offices. Also a further 45 QV stamps or pieces, including octagonal numeral cancels. Mixed quality with some faults but some covers very fine, a good lot with some scarce cancels. (40+). £180-220
  c.1900-37 Covers and cards (1,366), stamps and pieces, with cancels mounted alphabetically from Ahpyauk to Zingyike in fourteen albums, nearly all KGV period with many registered covers, postage due mail, etc. Very mixed quality though many are fine, a very extensive lot with many rare datestamps. (1,366+). £1,800-2,200
  Double Circle Datestamps. 1900-17 Covers and cards (152), stamps and pieces, in an album, the covers virtually all with KEVII stamps comprising cancels from 62 offices, some faults though many are fine, a good lot. (152+). £450-550
  Single Circle Datestamps. 1898-1915 Covers and cards (280, mainly KEVII postal stationery or stamps) with datestamps from 120 offices, some registered, also a few later covers and some stamps and pieces, mixed quality with some staining and faults, others very fine, a good collection in three albums with many scarce cancels. (280+). £750-900
Click to view full image... Rangoon-Calcutta Steamer Service. 1886-89 ½a Stationery envelopes (6), covers bearing India stamps (2) and a single 3a stamp all with "RANGOON STEAMER / SERVICE" c.d.s, the eight covers all to India having datestamps "A.IN" (4), "B.IN" (2) or "C.IN" (2), two with the stamps cancelled "R.M.S" and the steamer c.d.s on reverse, the others all cancelled by the steamer c.d.s. One cover badly stained, the others with the occasional minor fault but otherwise largely fine. A scarce group. (9). Photo on Page 156. £360-420
  Rangoon - Slogans & Machines. 1909-40 Covers and cards including handstruck slogans comprising "BUY A Rs 10 / POST OFFICE CASH / CERTIFICATE FOR Rs 7-12" in English or Burmese (6, HS1, 1A, 2), "BUY P.O CASH CERTIFICATES / 6% COMPOUND INTEREST" (2) or very scarce boxed "BUY 6½ PER CENT TREASURY BONDS", and various machines with or without slogans, mixed quality. (46). £120-150
  Rangoon - Explanatory Handstamps. 1889-1939 Covers with Late Fee datestamps (6), boxed "TOO LATE" (2) or "TRAIN LATE" (5), Train Late datestamps (24), boxed "TOO LATE FOR AIR MAIL" datestamps (6), Late Fee Not Paid (3), etc., also some stamps and pieces, mixed quality but many fine, a good lot. (52 covers & cards). £180-220
  Rangoon - Postage Due Mail. c.1880-1940 Covers and cards with oval or octagonal Unpaid datestamps, boxed or semi-circular charge handstamps, octagonal framed "T" handstamps with a charge in centimes, unframed or circular framed "T", mixed quality, a useful lot, one with Indo-China postage due stamps. (83). £120-150

(Also See Lots 585/6, 606)

CEYLON(Also See Lots 416, 626)
  1897 Jubilee 1c corner marginal block of 15, and 1908 Quebec Tercentenary ½c blocks of four (2, faults) and nine, 1c, 5c and 20c singles, 2c, 7c and 15c pairs, all unused without gum. (41). £80-100

CAPE OF GOOD HOPE - See lots 1131-1219.

  1829 Free franked letter (first page removed) from Kandy to Sir Charles Colville, Governor of Mauritius, with crowned boxed "KANDY / POST FREE" datestamp (July 15) in red and similar "COLOMBO / FREE" datestamp (Aug 2) in black, endorsed "Too Late for Post 15 July". The part letter mentions fishing as an important source of revenue to the Seychelles, and reports of the murder of the Russian factory head in Persia. Central vertical fold, otherwise fine. £150-180

(Also See Lots 412, 632/3, 700, 881, 1031/2, 1034, 1122)

  1885-1935 Mint and used collection in an album including 1894 5c orange mint (thin), 1923-33 Peking printing 50c - $2 mint, 1928-33 commemoratives mint with Yunnan and Sinkiang overprint issues, postage dues, Chinese P.O in Tibet 4a mint, Manchukuo with 1932-33 sets mint, etc., also Macao with part 1911 postcard bearing 1911 provisional 1a numbered label on laid paper (S.G. 210, number "10", uncancelled but first day c.d.s on piece), and a few other foreign. S.G. £2,000+. £180-220
Click to view full image... 1967 (Apr 20) Thoughts of Mao Tse-tung, the eleven different 8f stamps including the two se-tenant strips of five with outer frames in red or gold respectively, all lightly mounted mint, the strips mounted on the two end stamps only with the three central stamps unmounted, both strips folded along the vertical perforations between stamps two and three, otherwise fine and scarce. S.G. 2343/4a/9a, £6,400. (11). Photo on Page 158. £600-800
  Russian F.P.O. - Combination Cover. 1903 Cover from Tientsin (Mar 22) to England franked on reverse by China 10c, transit c.d.s of Newchang (Mar 24), a pair of Russian P.O 5k stamps then added in transit each cancelled by Russian F.P.O 13 c.d.s (used at the civil P.O at Newchang, January-October 1903), a third strike below, British arrival datestamps. Piece torn from lower right corner (with no loss to any c.d.s or writing) and minor staining but a very unusual use of the Russian F.P.O c.d.s on a combination cover. £120-150
  Postage due covers. 1932 Commercial covers to Shanghai both charged upon arrival, one express delivery from Harbin bearing Manchukuo 1f pair + 4f + 5f pair with 4c + 30c postage dues applied; the other registered from Moukden with Japan 1s + 3s + 10s tied by Moukden I.J.P.O datestamps, handstamped triangular framed "T", 13c collected by 1c + 2c postage dues + 10c postage stamp, the dues on both covers tied by Shanghai datestamps. Both covers opened out with the reverse portions a little reduced in size (with no loss to any stamps or cancels), unusual. (2). £150-180
  Formosa. 1895 (Sep 5) Red band envelope, the revenue bearing imperf 50c vermilion (2) and 100c purple (2), the four stamps each cancelled by violet "TAIWAN REPUBLIC / TAINAN" c.d.s. £100-150


Click to view full image... Aitutaki. 1903-11 1/- Bright red surcharged in blue, variety "Tiringi" without stop, mint, virtually full original gum, very fine, with B.P.A certificate (2003). S.G. 7a, £650. Photo on Page 140. £160-180


G.B. & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 43)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 1st March 2019 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for full viewing details
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