G.B. & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 43)
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Date: 1st March 2019 Time: 11:00AM
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Auction Lots - Page 18
  1874-1970 Mint and used collection on pages including 1874 and 1877-79 sets used, 1903-07 and 1907-08 sets mint, 1908-20 set mint, etc. S.G. £1,400+. (c.340). £150-180

(Also See Lots 178-182, 185, 290, 375, 383, 502, 535/6, 563, 588/9, 636/7, 702/6, 788, 994/5, 1097)

Click to view full image... Constantinople. 1875 (Nov 10) Cover, with enclosed letter, to Cairo bearing 1874-75 20pa + 1pi each tied by "V.R POSTE EGIZIANE / CONSTANTINOPOLI" c.d.s with a third strike on the front, Alexandria backstamp, flap missing, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 156. £220-260
Click to view full image... 1879 Covers sent by E.J Pollard, Captain of H.M.S "Rupert" whilst the ship was at Alexandria, both franked by a pair of Egypt 1pi stamps, carried by naval bag to London, the stamps cancelled upon arrival by "28" or "FB" obliterators, the first cover written on October 1st very fine, the second written on November 9th with a large piece torn from the upper edge upon opening. Very unusual. (2). Photo on Page 156. £150-180
Click to view full image... c.1904 Cover to Austria with 5m pair tied by "GORICIA / OE. LLOYD" c.d.s, a very unusual acceptance of Egyptian stamps on an Austrian Sea Post Office. Photo on Page 160. £180-220
  1908 (Jan 10) First type International Reply Coupon with "BULKLEY" c.d.s, very fine and scarce, cancelled just three months after International Reply Coupons were first introduced by the U.P.U. £100-120
  1923 5m Chestnut vertical coil strip of ten showing coil join, each overprinted "CANCELLED". This 5m was supplied in rolls by Harrison & Sons for use in a coil machine, which proved to be a complete failure. £200-240


Click to view full image... 1929 (Sep 2) Registered First Day Cover to Buenos Ayres bearing Whale & Penguin issue ½d, 1d, 2d and 2½d each tied by Port Stanley datestamps, arrival backstamps, a few very minor perf tones, otherwise fine. No more than 106 stamps of any one value were sold on the day of issue, with just 53 2d stamps and 49 2½d stamps sold. A fine and scarce First Day Cover. Photo on Page 160. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1931 (Jan 22) Cover to London bearing 1929 Whale & Penguin issue ½d, 1d, 2d, 2½d, 6d and 1/- each tied by Port Stanley c.d.s, with 2007 Heijtz certificate. Also a real photo postcard of Ross Road and the Cathedral at Port Stanley, with a procession of soldiers and civilians. (2). Photo on Page 160. £200-240

(Also See Lot 1081)

Click to view full image... 1877 Long cover to Melbourne bearing 1877 6d rose strip of three on laid paper (small tone mark to central stamp) cancelled and tied by manuscript "P.O / Savu Savu / 1/9/77", a "LEVUKA / FIJI" transit c.d.s (Sep 4) below, backstamped at Melbourne. Recipient's filing notes at left edge, otherwise largely fine, much better than most of the few recorded examples of this rare manuscript cancellation, which was used at the initial Savu Savu Post Office (located at Daku) from 1872 until 1880. Photo on Inside Back Cover. £5,000-6,000

(Also See Lots 65, 97, 148, 501-549, 573, 577, 597/9, 646, 976, 984, 1021, 1087)

  1860 Document appointing Baron Garat to the order of the Legion D'Honneur, signed by Emperor Napoleon III; and 1870 official letter signed by Marshal Le Boeuf, sent to the General Commanding the 3rd Army Corps at Nancy. (2). £100-120
  1860-63 Covers from Versailles to Brigadier General Sir Neville Chamberlain in India, the first bearing two imperf 40c stamps, to Bombay and redirected to Oude, backstamped at Bombay and Lucknow with boxed "PM" and "Bearing 1" datestamp; the other franked perf 80c to Lahore and redirected to Rawalpindi, backstamps include "REDIRECTED / LAHORE P.O" c.d.s. (2). £100-120
  Royalty. 1612-1805 Letters and documents signed by French Kings comprising 1612 warrant signed by Louis XIII; 1749 letter to the Governor of the Bastille ordering him to receive Abbe Bossincourt and hold him until further notice, signed by Louis XV; 1789 warrant signed by Louis XVI; and 1805 note written at Mittau in Latvia approving the financial report of the Bishop of Nancy, signed by Louis XVIII. An interesting group, ex Robson Lowe collection. (4). £500-600
  Siege of Paris - Ballon Montes. 1870 (Nov 2) Printed "Gazette des Absents" No 4 dated 1st Nov with the enclosed supplement, franked 20c (small corner fault), addressed to Gournay-en-Bray, arrival and transit datestamps, flown on the "Ferdinand Flocon"; Dec 5 "Par Ballon Monte" lettersheet franked 20c to Grand Hotel, Arcachon and redirected to Montpellier, transit and arrival backstamps and "ARCACHON / GRAND-HOTEL" cachet, flown on "Armee de Bretagne"; and 1871 (Jan 12) cover to England franked 10c + 20c (corner fault), Margate arrival backstamp, flown on the "General Faidherbe". The last cover with small piece torn away at upper left corner, otherwise fine. (3). £180-220

French Colonies

  Algeria. 1890-1992 Mint and used collection with some covers in an album, including 1926-41 mint corner blocks of four showing perforation errors due to the corners being folded prior to perforating (4 blocks), 1927 10f mint and used, wounded solders charity set mint, 1930 Occupation Centenary set mint (2 sets, also 5f + 5f used), 1939 1f on 90c surcharge inverted block of four mint (S.G. 164a, £400), 1939 N.Y World Fair "Epreuve de Luxe" set, etc. (100s). £120-150


  1760-65 Letters and documents comprising 1760 letter of safe passage signed by Robert Melville, Lt. Governor General of Guadeloupe, allowing M. Antoine and his valet to go to Martinique in the cartel ship "The George" and to return again without let or molestation; 1762 entire letter from Guadeloupe signed by Governor Campbell Dalrymple to General Monkton (Governor of New York) introducing C. Garnier, son of the Procureur General of the colony and an officer in the late garrison of Martinique, asking that he may be sent to France by the first flag of truce; and 1765 leave certificate for a soldier in the Infanterie Regiment de Beauvoisis, a further note showing he died at sea in 1766 on the naval ship "St. Anne". Three interesting items, the first two from the first British occupation of the island which ended in 1763. (3). £200-250
  1867 Entire letter from Pointe-a-Pitre to France backstamped "COR: D'ARMEES / LIG. B - PAQ. No. 1" c.d.s (Feb 26) used on the packet "Nouveau Monde". An unusual use of this army cancel on a civilian letter (the ship having sailed from Vera Cruz with forces mail), fine and rare. £100-120
Click to view full image... British Post Office. 1868 (Feb 25) Entire letter to St. Thomas bearing French Colonies "Eagle" issue 20c single + pair tied by retta of dots cancels, Basse-Terre datestamps on both sides, transferred to the British Post Office with red "4" and blue "PAID / AT / GUADELOUPE" crowned circle, reverse with matching blue "GUADELOUPE" double arc datestamp (Feb 27) and St Thomas arrival c.d.s. Fine and exceptionally scarce, just one other example of the crowned circle handstamp recorded in blue in March 1868. Photo on Page 160. £800-1,000
  Sub-Offices. 1896-1983 Cover and cards from sub-offices (56) or from dependencies of St. Bartholomew (5, including two 1909 postcards to Denmark) or St. Martin (3), includes 25 items from 1896-1945 with 1900 stampless cover from St. Rose paid in cash handstamped boxed "P.P", registered mail, 1902 stampless official military cover from St. Claude, 1936 first flight by hydroplane from Les Saintes to mainland Guadeloupe, etc., a few faults but most fine and some very scarce cancels. (64). £200-250


  1816-75 Entire letter and covers (2) from France to Martinique comprising 1816 letter from Toulouse to Fort Royal handstamped "BORDEAUX" and "FRANCHE"; 1875 stampless cover from Hennebout to the Captain of the frigate "Penelope" with St. Pierre arrival backstamp, redirected back to L'Orient; and 1875 cover from Antibes to the Captain of the "Leonie" of Marseille at St. Pierre franked 25c pair, red "AFFRANCHISSEMENT / INSUFFISANT" and charged, vertical fold. (3). £80-100
  Sub-Offices. 1904-82 Covers and cards (25) with sub-office datestamps (sixteen from 1904-40), also various cancels on stamps or pieces. (25+). £100-120
  Picture Postcards. c.1900-35 Postcards including views of St. Pierre before or after the 1902 volcano, 28 cards postally used or C.T.O in Martinique, several with maritime cancels. Also a 1903 letter describing the St. Pierre volcano. (133). £120-150

(Also See Lots 539/42, 544/5, 591, 597/9, 635, 673/5, 879, 1010, 1088/9)

Click to view full image... Wurttemberg - Registered Mail. 1841-53 Entire letters registered from Stuttgart all with the unusual "STUTTGART / Charge" grid handstamp applied in differing colours, comprising black, blue, rose or vermilion, with a matching Stuttgart c.d.s (3) or two line datestamp, all very fine. (4). Photo on Page 160. £500-600
  German East Africa. 1915-16 Stampless covers (4), newspaper wrappers (2) and a front, comprising provisional 7½h envelopes produced at Morogoro with circular violet "KAISERL - POST DIRECTOR. DEUTSCH-OSTAFRIKA" handstamps posted at Kilimatinde or Mpapua, or with Ssongea c.d.s (not posted), and front of Tanga envelope with oval handstamp; wrapper paid 2½h in cash with boxed "Fr. lt. Einn / Nachw. In / Morogoro" and a cover paid 7½h in cash with light strike of similar boxed cachet of Tabora; wrapper from Daressalaam to Tabora with red "2½H / Frei lt. Einn. Nachw. / in Daressalam". (7). £220-260


  1859 Stampless entire letter to Oran with blue Gibraltar c.d.s on the front, a second strike on the reverse unusually obliterated with the "A26" numeral, also backstamped at San Roque, in France and at Oran. £160-180


  1930-56 Covers (15) including commercial 1930 cover to Fiji with NZ 1d pair tied by Fanning Island datestamps (reduced at left) and covers from Canton Island (12, four registered, one 1947 cover flown to Australia). Also cancels on single KEVII and KGV stamps including first 1911 2d with manuscript "Aeolus 9 IV 12" and second 1911 ½d with large part "DAWN" ship cancels. (15 covers + 11 stamps). £180-220

(Also See Lot 605)

Click to view full image... Postage Due Mail. 1937 (Feb 17) Cover from Thika, Kenya to the Gold Coast franked 50c with manuscript "T25" and 2½d, backstamped at Khartoum and Accra, the 2½d charge collected by Gold Coast ½d postage stamp + 2d postage due tied by Accra datestamps. Accra had presumably run out of ½d postage due stamps by this date. Very unusual. Photo on Page 160. £150-180

(Also See Lots 150, 408, 632/3)

Click to view full image... 1906 Picture postcard of Shanghai, to London, posted on the German Steamer "Prinz Heinrich", with Hong Kong KEVII 2c pair each cancelled by fine "DEUTSCHE SEEPOST / OST. ASIATISCHE / HAUPTLINIE / d" c.d.s, an unusual acceptance of Hong Kong stamps on the German Sea Post Office. Photo on Page 160. £220-260
Click to view full image... 1968 Handpainted essays for a proposed Transport issue, with values of 15c (2), $1, $1.30, $5 and $10, all mounted on thick card, similar in design to the Sea Craft issue which was submitted by De La Rue at the same time as these designs, very well painted and unique. Photo on Page 166. £2,000-2,400

World War One

Click to view full image... 1915 (Sep 19) Field Service postcard from a soldier on the Western Front with F.P.O 158 c.d.s, addressed to "J.D Cush, Chinese Customs, Hoihow, Hainan Island, South China" with fine "HOIHOW" arrival c.d.s code "D" on the front, corner crease at upper right, otherwise fine and very unusual. Photo on Page 160. £120-150
Click to view full image... Prisoner of War Mail. 1914 (Sep 10) Stampless cover to Germany from "W. Stilke, 128, Hong Kong", reverse flap sealed with red sealing wax impressed "TOWN MARSHALS OFFICE / (crown) / HONG KONG", the front with "HONG-KONG / IV" c.d.s, violet triangular "Letter Prisoner of War / Free under / Convention" and oval "PROVOST MARSHAL / HONGKONG" signed "A.E Hurles, APM", and red circular "POST FREE / P.C / PRISONERS OF WAR". An early P.O.W cover just five weeks into the war, the Provost Marshal cachet the scarce first type with four dots (instead of single small circles) at either side, the triangular cachet the first type with "Letter" and "Prisoner". Photo on Page 164. £300-350
Click to view full image... Prisoner of War Mail. c.1915 Stampless cover to Germany inscribed on the reverse from "Carl Mayer No 219, c/o Provost Marshal" with boxed "PASSED BY / HONG (crown) KONG / CENSOR" and circular "POST FREE / P.C. / PRISONERS OF WAR" both in black, and the censor's personal handstamp "E.B / 476" in red, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 164. £200-240
Click to view full image... Prisoner of War Mail. 1915 (Apr 20) Stampless cover "from Leon Weil No. 30" to the agent of the Pacific Mail Steamship Co. in Hong Kong with violet triangular "Letters Prisoners of War / Free under / Convention" and oval "PROVOST MARSHAL / HONGKONG" initialled "APM" and handstamped "A.E Hurle", "HONG-KONG" c.d.s, closed tear at upper right, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 164. £240-280

World War Two

  1940-41 Forces mail franked 20c to England (4), or sent air mail to England (3) or Australia franked $1.15 or to Australia franked $2.30, seven from the army with large triangular "PASSED / BY / CENSOR" numbered 106, 111 (3), 116, 118 or 132, the others from the navy with double oval "PASSED BY CENSOR / 218" (from H.M.S "Tamar"), or straight line "PASSED BY CENSOR". (9). £300-350
Click to view full image... c.1940 Cover from Hong Kong to USA with 25c blue cancelled by triangular "PASSED / CENSOR / 12 / HONGKONG" in green, circular violet "S/S ..... NEWPORT NEWS / PAQUEBOT / United States Lines". An unusual cover, presumably sent as consignees mail. Photo on Page 164. £120-140
  1941 (Nov 1) KGVI 8c Red-brown on First Day Cover to Graca & Co., tied by Victoria c.d.s, with "BUY / BOMBERS" handstruck slogan (final day of use), fine. £80-100
Click to view full image... 1941 (Dec 3) Long cover from the CNAC offices to USA franked 15c pair, handstamped boxed "NOT OPENED / BY / CENSOR" and "NO SERVICE" both in violet, "RETOUR" and "DETAINED IN HONGKONG / BY JAPANESE / FROM DECEMBER 1941 TO SEPTEMBER 1945" both in black, backstamped at Victoria (noon, Dec. 3). Minor creasing at left, otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 164. £400-500
Click to view full image... 1941 (Dec 6) Large cover from Rangoon inscribed "Air - Hong Kong - Sea - UK", the 8r rate paid by Burma KGVI 2r (torn) + six 1r stamps, backstamped at Victoria (Dec 10), handstamped violet boxed "DETAINED IN HONGKONG / BY JAPANESE / FROM DECEMBER 1941 TO SEPTEMBER 1945". A rare use of this cachet on mail in transit through Hong Kong in December 1941 with a very late Hong Kong transit c.d.s. (the last mail from Hong Kong having left on December 5th) and an exceptional high franking, minor creasing, otherwise largely fine. Photo on Page 164. £600-800
  1942 Cover from Macau to Hong Kong franked 8a, reverse with Japanese c.d.s of Hong Kong (Feb 25), horizontal fold, otherwise a fine commercial cover to Hong Kong during the occupation. £80-100

P.O.W & Internee Mail

  1942 (July 2) Stampless cover with enclosed letter from North Shields to "Sub. Lieut. R.D Lamble, R.N.V.R, North Point Camp, Hong Kong, British Prisoner of War, c/o Prisoners of War Information Bureau, Tokyo" with Japanese "Hong Kong P.O.W Camp" cachet and censor cachet of Niimori (Tett 4-11-25), reverse marked as received in Dec. 1944. Naval prisoners were moved from North Point Camp in April 1942, a manuscript "N" indicating the cover went to the Officers Camp in Argyle Street. A virtually identical cover to Lamble is shown by David Tett on page 28 of his book. £80-100
Click to view full image... 1942 (June 27) Cover with return address of "Mrs L.N Winfield, Stanley Internment Camp, Hong Kong, Block 13 Room 2, Indian Quarters", to her husband in India, bearing Japanese 20s tied by Hong Kong Japanese c.d.s, Indian censor cachet, Indian and British censor seals, twice redirected in India with several backstamps of December 1942. A scarce cover from the first mail allowed out of Stanley Internment Camp, written between 19th and 21st May but not cancelled until June 27th, sent on the "Asama Maru" which left Hong Kong on June 30th with exchanged prisoners and mail, transhipped to S.S "Gripsholm" at Lourenco Marques arriving at New York on August 25th. This first internee mail was exceptional in being franked by Japanese stamps, whilst showing no sign of Japanese censorship, just seven similar covers recorded by Tett. Photo on Page 168. £400-500
Click to view full image... c.1942 Printed "Sce des Prisonniers de Guerre" envelope to England, reverse endorsed from C.R Jones, P.O.W Camp N, Hong Kong, with Japanese censor cachet of Hasegawa (Tett type 4-11-14) and British censor label. A fine cover from Camp N at Argyle Street. Photo on Page 168. £140-160
  1942 (Sep 22) Stampless cover from Sutton to "H.W Hammond (Traffic Manager Hong Kong Tramways), Civilian Internee, Stanley Camp, Hong Kong, c/o Japanese Red Cross Tokyo" with blue crayon "A-2 / 25", British censor label and Japanese censor handstamp of Maejima (Tett 4-11-20), received 3rd July 1943, very fine. £80-100
  1943 (Mar 4) Printed Australian Red Cross Prisoners of War Post cover, "c/o Japanese Red Cross Society, Tokyo, Japan", from New South Wales to "R.M Wood, Bungalow E, British Civilian Internment Camp, Stanley, Hong Kong", Hong Kong Military Internment Camp cachet with light Japanese censor, Australian censor label and cachets, received 23 October 1944, minor staining and edge wear, otherwise fine. £100-120
  c.1943 Similar printed Australian Red Cross cover from New South Wales to "Mrs Shewan, Civilian Internee, Hong Kong", Australian censor label and cachets and fine censor handstamp of Maejima (Tett 4-11-20), a little edge wear with tear to upper edge and small part flap missing. £80-100
Click to view full image... 1943 Printed Stanley Civilian Internment Camp cover with red "PRISONERS OF WAR MAIL" heading, code "E14" on the reverse, sent by Andrew Gilmour to his wife in Australia, censor handstamp of "Funyu" (Tett 4-11-11), Australian censor seal and cachet, the cover known to have been received in December 1943. Small tear at upper edge, light fold and a few minor marks, otherwise fine and very scarce. This type of envelope used for the second and third mailings from the camp in April and July 1943; David Tett only records nine examples, this very item being illustrated on page 147 of his book. Photo on Page 168. £200-250
  1944 (Mar 25) Stampless cover from G.B to a naval Lieutenant in Camp N, with Hong Kong P.O.W Camp cachet and censor cachet of Hasegawa (Tett 4-11-14), received 17th February 1945, fine. £80-100
  1944 (Mar 25) Military Internment Camp postcard with red "PRISONERS OF WAR MAIL" heading sent by Mr & Mrs H.H Pegg to England, headed from "Indian Quarters Block 18 Room 15", red censor cachet of Takamatsu (Tett 4-11-28), one line of the message obliterated by the censor, a little creasing, otherwise fine. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1944 (May 15) Military Internment Camp "Prisoners of War Mail" postcard with Japanese cachet reading "Hong Kong Military Internment Camp" applied over the incorrectly printed wording "Stanley Foreigners Internment Camp" and censor cachet of Takamatsu (Tett 4-11-28), from a British female internee to Southern Rhodesia with Salisbury arrival c.d.s (7 NOV 45), half the four line message deleted by the censor, backstamped at Arcturis. Minor creasing, otherwise fine and a very unusual destination. Photo on Page 168. £240-280
Click to view full image... 1944 (Dec 11) Japanese 2s postcard with a 3s stamp tied by Japanese "Yau Mat Ti" c.d.s, from "Dr W. Winterstein, Stateless German, 526 Katori Dori" addressed to "Mrs Poldi and Miss Christl Corra, British Protected, Room 17 Block 5 Stanley Camp", with Hong Kong Military Internment Camp cachet and censor cachet on Kawauchi (Tett 4-11-13), fine and scarce. Photo on Page 168. £200-250

Post-Liberation Covers

  1945 Stampless cover addressed in Chinese, with black octagonal framed "HONG KONG / 1945 / POSTAGE PAID" (used Sept. - December 1945). £100-120
G.B. & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 43)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 1st March 2019 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for full viewing details
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