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Auction Lots - Page 14
  Rhodesia. 1915 (Aug 28) Rhodesia ½d postcard posted from Livingstone to Rev. Fr. Johanny in Bulawayo, the message including "we detrained at Livingstone & have been here ever since. Out left ½ company moved off on Tuesday last & are now on the march, but we are going by a different route which is 90 miles shorter. We are going via Fort Rosebury & Lake Bangwelo & we rejoin the other ½ company at Kasama. We have a good 35 days marching before us". £80-100
  Southern Rhodesia. 1918 (June 21) Stampless O.A.S picture postcard to England with datestamps of Paulington and Umtali, fine. £100-120

Nyasaland Field Force F.P.O Cancels

  Base P.O at Karonga. 1915 (Mar 8) Stampless cover from Ressano Garcia, Lourenco Marques, originally addressed in pencil but the address now rubbed out, with datestamps of Mombasa (Apr 3), Zomba (May 3), "NYASALAND / FF" squared circle (Aug 17), Lourenco Marques "REFUGO" (Oct 21), "RETURNED LETTER BRANCH / ZOMBA" (Aug 27, earliest recorded date of use) and Returned Letter Office Cape Town (?, Nov 10), endorsed "not APO" and "Try Vua" which is altered to "Not Vua or Karonga", very unusual and scarce, one of ten covers recorded by Pennycuick with this datestamp. £200-250
  1917-18 Covers (3) and a front all with double ring "FIELD POST OFFICE" datestamps comprising number 9 of Zomba on a fine 1917 (June 25) O.A.S cover to England from Capt. C. Wigan and number 7 of Regone (?) on 1918 (Feb 1) cover to Lifumlea bearing N.F 1d (5) + 4d, also number 5 of Mpurukasese on 1917 (Nov 3) O.A.S front to Scotland from J.C Rhynas and number 8 of Mbamba Bay on 1918 (Feb 21) O.A.S cover from L.H. Rivers to Rhodesia, bearing a National Philatelic War Fund 1916 label, the last stained, the first two covers fine. (4). £180-220
  1916-17 Stampless O.A.S covers to London, the first signed by a Brigade Major N.F.F with "F.P.O / 4" c.d.s (4 DEC 16) of Mwaya, the other signed by "L.H Rivers, Pte 145 S.R.V" with "F.P.O / 3" c.d.s (20 MAR 17) of Tandala, also cancels on stamps (2). The F.P.O 4 cover with opening tear through the datestamp, the other cover fine. (2). £100-120
  F.P.O 1 at Songea. 1917 (Sep 9) Cover from L.H Rivers of B. Co. B.S.A.P to his father at Umtali, bearing N.F ½d (2) each tied by "F.P.O / 1" c.d.s with a third strike below, censored in manuscript, arrival backstamp. £120-150
  F.P.O 2 at Likuyu. 1917 (May 19) Cover self-addressed to "Cpl L.H Rivers, S. Rhodesia Column, N.F.F" bearing N.F ½d strip of three tied by two strikes of "NYASALAND / FF2" squared circles, a third strike on the front. This FF2 squared circle is recorded used at Likuyu from August 1917, but at least seven covers all self-addressed by L.H Rivers are known with the cancel dated May 19th; Pennycuick suggests these are fakes produced by Rivers using the genuine squared circle, then in use at FF5, with the FF number altered. An interesting cover. £120-150
  F.P.O 7 at Namweras. 1917 (Oct 26) 4d Registration envelope size F to Umtali, cancelled "FIELD POST OFFICE / 7" c.d.s, endorsed "from L.H Rivers, B.S.A.P". £100-120
  F.P.O 8 at Mbamba Bay. 1918 (Mar 13) Stampless O.A.S picture postcard of Likoma Cathedral, to Rev. Fr. Johanny in Bulawayo with "FIELD POST OFFICE / 8" c.d.s, fine. £140-160
Click to view full image... F.P.O 9 at Zomba. 1918 (July 22) Registered O.A.S cover to South Africa bearing NF 1d pair on the front and ½d block of four on the reverse all tied by "FIELD POST OFFICE / 9" datestamps with boxed "A.P.O ZOMBA / No" and very light boxed censor cachet. Ex Pennycuick collection, one of just three examples of this registration handstamp which he recorded, all dating from July 1918. Two small tape mount marks on reverse, otherwise fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 130. £450-550
  Nyasaland ½d - 3d stamps (58) or N.F issues (16, with three 1d blocks of four) all with Nyasaland FF squared circle, F.P.O or Field Post Office datestamps, F.P.O 3 squared circle of 5 May 1916 noted (earlier then recorded by Pennycuick). (74). £140-160
Click to view full image... 1918 Portuguese Nyassa 400r (thinned) with "NYASALAND / FF 2" squared circle (June 4, used at Mtangula) and 500r with "FIELD POST OFFICE / 6" c.d.s (1 Feb, possibly used at Malokotera), this last c.d.s very scarce on Portuguese Nyassa stamps. (2). Photo on Page 150. £80-100

Northern Rhodesia Base Cachets & A.P.O Datestamps

Click to view full image... Base 1 / A.P.O 1. 1915 (Oct 20) Stampless cover to England signed "S.C Latham, 2nd Lieut. N.R.P" with superb violet boxed "POSTAGE FREE / BASE 1. N. RHODESIA, / Passed by CENSOR" and partial "ARMY POST OFFICE / 1 / NORTHERN RHODESIA" c.d.s, backstamped at Broken Hill (Nov 20), Northern Rhodesia Police crest on the flap, tiny nick at upper edge, otherwise fine and scarce. Pennycuick only recorded three covers with this "Base 1" cachet (the first of which was dated six months after this cover, in March 1916). Photo on Page 130. £250-300
Click to view full image... Base 3 / A.P.O 1. 1916 (June 17) Stampless cover endorsed from "L.H Rivers, 145 SRV", to his parents in Umtali with boxed "POSTAGE FREE / BASE 3. N. RHODESIA, / Passed by CENSOR" and a fine "ARMY POST OFFICE / 1 / NORTHERN RHODESIA" c.d.s, arrival backstamp (June 24). Minor staining to lower edge, otherwise fine, one of just two examples of the "Base 3" cachet recorded by Pennycuick, ex Drysdall collection, exceedingly rare. Photo on Page 130. £900-1,200
Click to view full image... Base 4 / A.P.O 1. 1915 (Apr 7) Stampless cover to London signed by "R.R Murray, Surg. Capt", handstamped violet boxed "POSTAGE FREE / BASE 4. N. RHODESIA, / Passed by CENSOR" with a partial "ARMY POST OFFICE / 1 / NORTHERN RHODESIA" c.d.s, minor creasing, otherwise fine. The earliest examples recorded by Pennycuick of the A.P.O. c.d.s., or of any of the Base cachets (and one of five recorded "Base 4" cachets), ex Crabb collection. Photo on Page 130. £250-300
Click to view full image... "Base 4" altered to "Base 1" / A.P.O 2. 1916 (Aug 18) Stampless picture postcard (depicting maps of the German colonies of Togo and Cameroon) addressed to England, written from "No 14 N.R.R, attd N.R.P "D" Co, Army P.O N.R" with violet boxed "POSTAGE FREE / BASE 4. N. RHODESIA, / Passed by CENSOR" altered in manuscript to Base 1, signed by the sender Sgt. Alexander with handstamped Officer's signature "L. Henniker Gotley". Handstamped fine "KASAMA / N.E RHODESIA" squared circle (just dated "SE", the day omitted) and "ARMY POST OFFICE / 2 / NORTHERN RHODESIA" c.d.s (Sep 18, latest recorded date). An exceptional card, one of just two recorded cards (both posted on this day) with the Base 4 cachet altered to Base 1, and one of just seven covers or cards bearing the Army Post Office 2 c.d.s recorded by Pennycuick. Photo on Page 130. £900-1,200
  Base 6 / A.P.O 1. 1916 (June 24) Stampless cover endorsed from "Pte L.H Rivers, 145 S.R.V" to his parents in Umtali, with violet boxed "POSTAGE FREE / BASE 6. N. RHODESIA, / Passed by CENSOR" and partial Army Post Office 1 c.d.s, arrival backstamp (July 1), a little staining, ex Alan Brown collection. £200-250
Click to view full image... Base 7. 1915 Stampless O.A.S cover to Cape Town with violet boxed "POSTAGE FREE / BASE 7. N. RHODESIA, / Passed by CENSOR" and a Broken Hill c.d.s (Oct 11), a further strike (Oct 17) on the reverse, two light vertical folds, otherwise superb and the only recorded example of the Base 7 cachet, ex Alan Brown collection. Photo on Page 130. £1,200-1,500
Click to view full image... Base 9 / A.P.O 1. 1915 (Oct 21) Rhodesia ½d postcard to Rev. Fr. Johanny at St. Georges College, Bulawayo, cancelled by violet boxed "POSTAGE FREE / BASE 9. N. RHODESIA, / Passed by CENSOR" and a superb "ARMY POST OFFICE / 1 / NORTHERN RHODESIA" c.d.s (Nov 13), unusual on a stationery postcard. Photo on Page 130. £250-300
Click to view full image... A.P.O 2 reused at Kasanga. 1920 (Apr 14) Cover to "The Postmaster General, Zomba, Nyasaland" bearing G.E.A 1c (9) tied by seven strikes of "ARMY POST OFFICE / 2 / NORTHERN RHODESIA" c.d.s, backstamped at Abercorn (Apr 15), Fort Jameson (May 4) and Zomba (May 17). This A.P.O 2 c.d.s was used by the civil office at Kasanga (formerly Bismarckburg) in Tanganyika from April 1919 until July 1921. Very unusual and scarce, very few examples recorded. Photo on Page 134. £500-600

Lake Tanganyika Expedition

Click to view full image... 1916 (Nov 20) Long O.H.M.S cover to H.M.S "President" in England with violet crowned oval "ON NAVAL SERVICE / OFFICIAL FREE / ASSISTANT PAYMASTER, AFRICA EXPEDITION" and "ARMY POST OFFICE / 2 / NORTHERN RHODESIA" c.d.s, backstamped at Kasama (Nov 25) and London. Pennycuick only recorded 15 items of mail from this extraordinary naval expedition, which carried two armed motorboats in parts overland from Cape Town to Lake Tanganyika, where they were assembled. Just four of the recorded covers bore this oval cachet, whilst just seven covers were recorded by Pennycuick with the A.P.O 2 Northern Rhodesia c.d.s. A rare cover. Photo on Back Cover. £800-1,000
  1917 Long O.H.M.S cover with the same oval "Africa Expedition" cachet, London 203 c.d.s (Feb. 18) and boxed "Received From H.M Ship" handstamp, water damaged causing wrinkling and staining with a piece torn from the upper edge, probably damaged in transit to England. £80-100

German Forces in East Africa

  Taveta. Piece bearing G.E.A 2r and 3r each cancelled "TAVETA / DEUTSCHE / FELDPOST" c.d.s (1 Oct 1914, first recorded date of use) with a further strike below (some stamp faults); and a stampless Feldpost card to Mombo with a superb strike of the Taveta Feldpost c.d.s (13 May 1915), fine. (2). £140-160
  Taveta. 1914 (Nov 9) Stampless Feldpost cover to G.E.A with "TAVETA / DEUTSCHE / FELDPOST" c.d.s; and 1915 (July 20) long captured O.H.M.S cover to Mkumbara with G.E.A 7½h tied by the Taveta Feldpost c.d.s, backstamped oval Usambara Bahn-Post Zug 6 T.P.O datestamp and at Mkumbara, this cover with vertical fold and some staining mainly to the reverse. Taveta in British East Africa was occupied by the Germans until March 1916; this named F.P.O was used there until July 1915. (2). £180-220
Click to view full image... 1917 (Sep 23) Stampless Feldpost picture postcard to Liwale with "FELDPOSTSTATION / 3 / DEUTSCHE / OSTAFRIKA" c.d.s, small tear at base, otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 134. £130-160

Russia - World War One & Civil War

  Submarine E9. 1915 (Dec 18) Picture postcard posted at Reval franked 10k, written by H. Vaughan-Jones of Submarine E9 (also signed by M. Smirnoff, probably a Russian liaison officer), addressed to H.M.S "Hercules". British submarines operated in the Baltic under the command of the Russian Baltic Fleet Admiral; after Russia's withdrawal from the war the surviving submarines were blown up at Helsingfors in April 1918 to avoid capture by the Germans. Very unusual. £80-100
  1915-16 Stampless card and a card franked 7k, both from Archangel, written by a British person, C. Brown (probably a serviceman, one states "I believe we are leaving here but can't say where we are going"); and 1916 stampless O.H.M.S cover with oval "SENIOR BRITISH NAVAL OFFICER / White Sea" cachet, London 172 c.d.s (July 5) and boxed "Received From H.M Ship". (3). £100-120
  Royal Naval Armoured Car Division. 1916-18 Picture postcards from P/O W. Burnett posted at Odessa franked 4k (2); P/O J. James posted at Tiraspol franked 4k; or from Lt. Cdr Ruston (who commanded No. 3 Squadron) posted at Vladikavkas (4 June 1918) franked 4k, with message, "we are marching the last 120 miles through the Caucasus"; and stampless card endorsed from "P/O. H. Owens No 370, British Armoured Cars, Russia, July 26/17" sent from Proskurov, with London c.d.s (Sep 18) and Paid machine, probably sent by direct bag with a party that left on August 22nd reaching Dundee on September 17th. Unusual and scarce. (5). £300-350
  Royal Naval Armoured Car Division. 1915-17 Correspondence between Pte J.A Munday and his wife in Norfolk, comprising covers posted at East Runton to "Pte Munday, c/o RNAS, Liverpool" and redirected to H.M.S.S "Umoria", or to Pte Munday at the R.N.A.S Armoured Car Section addressed "c/o The Russian English Bank, Petrograd" (5), "c/o 48 Dover St., London" or "c/o Mail Office, Randvoll House, 39 Charing Cross Rd, London", seven with enclosed letters (also five further letters from Eva Munday, without covers), a Russian telegram form with message from Eva to "Alfred Munday, S.B.A Russian Squadron Armoured Cars, Alexandrovsk", and four covers posted by Munday in 1917 franked 10k (2) or registered and franked 20k (2), posted at Tiraspol (2), Kiev - Voronesh T.P.O, or at Kiev. Also a 1915 cover from the Director-General of Recruiting, undated cover and letter to "Pte J.A Munday, c/o P.O Munday" hand delivered, and some associated prewar ephemera and letters. (13+). £600-700
Click to view full image... Belgian Armoured Car Division. 1915 (Nov 26) Stampless O.A.S postcard to London, written by Rene Vanden Brock from Peterhof, with fine Russian cachet of the Belgian Armoured Car Division, censor cachets and Petrograd datestamps, fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 134. £250-300
  British Nurses. 1917 (July 31) Stampless Russian army card with cyrillic Red Cross cachet, written from Proskurov during the retreat on the Galician front, message includes, "We had to leave Cherkhov ....we are now in Proskurov .... Here is the chief base of the British Division & I have met a lot of English soldiers. In Cherkhov I also saw a lot of them and met an English nurse", central fold; and 1918 (Jan 2) postcard from Petrograd to England franked 5k written from "Anglo Russian Hospital, Petrograd" and endorsed "On Active Service", the writer states "I am on my way home" (also a postcard of the hospital), scarce. (2). £150-180
  North Russia. 1919 (Sep 23) Field Service postcard with A.P.O P.B 2 c.d.s and circular "No 35R" censor cachet, and a cover to New Zealand with the A.P.O P.B 2 c.d.s and three differing censor cachets, circular framed "P.C", violet circular "66R" censor and red "70R" censor tying Base Censor No. 16 label. Two unusual items from Archangel, Field Service postcards rare used in Russia. (2). £140-160
  North Russia. 1918-19 Stampless O.A.S covers and cards from North Russia with datestamps of A.P.O P.B 2, F.P.O P.B 14, 44 (2), 55 (with "28R" and "70R" censors and Base Censor 10 label), 77 (to London, redirected to France), 88 (O.H.M.S cover with War Office censor, torn and repaired), or 99 (O.H.M.S cover from Kola to "Officer i/c Base Records, Syren"), all fine strikes. (8). £500-600
Click to view full image... Batum/South Russia - Hospital Ships. 1919 Stampless O.A.S postcards from the same writer (also see lot 621) with circular "HOSPITAL SHIP / P.C / 3 / R.A.M.C" of the "Glengorm Castle", the first written on May 25 with the message "I am now in Russia", octagonal "PASSED / BY / CENSOR / 392" and A.P.O SY4 skeleton c.d.s applied at Constantinople (May 31), the other written from Batoum on July 9th with A.P.O SX22 skeleton c.d.s. Hospital ship mail from Russia is very scarce. (2). Photo on Page 134. £300-350
  Batum. 1919 (Sep 19) 2d Forces registration envelope to London cancelled by Army Post Office SX22 skeleton c.d.s, a further strike on the blank type registration label, octagonal censor No. 41. Also part of a waybill for letters despatched from London to A.P.O SX22 in 1919 with oval "REGISTERED / A.L.O 2 LONDON" datestamp and A.P.O Y c.d.s (Sep 13). (2). £120-150
  Batum/Tiflis. 1919 Postcards with F.P.O D27 datestamps and octagonal censor cachet No 51, the first a Greek 10L postal stationery postcard with c.d.s used at Batum (Jan 8), the second a stampless postcard with the c.d.s used at Tiflis (June 16). Also a 1920 (Nov 19) cover to the stamp dealer W.S Lincoln with French stamps tied by "Tresor et Postes" c.d.s with two stars but no number, backstamped "BRITISH POST OFFICE / CONSTANTINOPLE" c.d.s (Dec 9) with a pencil note (presumably written by Lincoln) "French stamps used in Tiflis", creases. The two cards fine, scarce. (3). £200-240
  Baku. 1918-19 Stampless O.A.S covers backstamped with Indian F.P.O 81 datestamps, one with octagonal No. 540 censor cachet (2). £150-180
Click to view full image... South Russia. 1920 (Mar 8) 2d Forces registration envelope from Capt. C.A Slaughter, R.A.M.C, cancelled "ARMY POST OFFICE B.M.S.R / 1" c.d.s at Novorossisk, with a further strike on the blank type registration label, very fine and scarce on registered mail. Also a 1919 (Nov 20) stampless O.A.S cover endorsed from "89640 Sgt. G. Lee M.G.C, B.M.M, Sth Russia" with octagonal No. 370 censor and "OC POSTS / BMM2" skeleton c.d.s used at Taganrog, flap removed and minor staining, rebacked but very scarce. (2). Photo on Page 134. £160-200

World War Two
(Also See Lots 154, 885-904, 955-963, 1029, 1030, 1050/1, 1081, 1098, 1256/7)

  Service Suspended Mail. 1941-45 Service suspended covers comprising 1941 G.B covers to Japan, Sweden, Hungary or Greece, and 1945 card from Taranto to Batavia with G.B 3d tied by "POST / OFFICE / MARITIME / MAIL" machine, all with boxed "NO SERVICE / RETURN TO SENDER", and 1942 cover from New Zealand to New Guinea with "NOT TRANSMISSIBLE / SERVICE SUSPENDED" and N.Z Dead Letter Office return label. (6). £80-100
  1939-48 G.B covers with explanatory slips from the censor, six returned by the British censor (letters to neutral countries need writers full surname and address, pictorial cards not allowed, gifts of food from overseas cannot be requested, no letters can be sent to enemy territory, re-used envelope with economy labels may not be sent (2 versions)), also 1941 letter from USA (British censor not responsible for missing enclosure of stamps), and 1948 cover from Holland to Austria with Austrian censor enclosure "letter arrived without contents", one cover with "POSTAGE REFUNDED" cachet. (8). £140-160
  Royal Marines. 1941-44 Covers and cards written up on album pages, mostly from Marines in MNBDO1 who took part in the 1942 Operation "Agreement" intended to raise the siege of Tobruk, with covers from or to Capt. Salmons (17, seven sent after capture as a P.O.W in Italy or Germany), to or from Marines Horton or Whittaker as P.O.Ws in Italy; also 1944 cover from Marine Noakes in Stalag IVC (captured at Crete), 1943 Swiss Red Cross card concerning Marine D"Arcy (served in MNBDO1 with Force "Viper" in Burma, wounded and captured by the Japanese), and two press photos of Marines in landing crafts. (24). £100-120
  "Portsdown" Wreck. 1941 (Sep 19) Cover from Ramsgate to Lake, Isle of Wight, the stamp washed off, handstamped "DAMAGED AS A RESULT / OF ENEMY ACTION". Recovered from the "Portsdown" which hit a mine sailing from Portsmouth to Ryde. £150-180
  1946 (Dec 8) Stampless O.A.S cover from Germany with machine cancel and double ring backstamp of 101 Zone Postal Depot at Herford, and a Fleetwood machine applied upon arrival nine days later, with violet cachet "DELAYED IN / A.P.O", unusual. £80-100
  British P.O.W in Ethiopia. 1941 (Apr 30) Cover franked 2½d from Glasgow to "Leslie Holland, Prisoner of War, By P.A.I, Addis Ababa, Africa Orientale Italiano", a London machine of June 6th, British and Italian censor seals and Italian censor cachet. Very scarce, very few British P.O.Ws held in Ethiopia. £80-100
Click to view full image... British R.A.F P.O.W in Eritrea. c.1940 Stampless O.H.M.S cover with violet "DEPUTY CHIEF FIELD / CENSOR" to "P/O H.B Kirk, Prisoner of War, Eritrea", redirected to "Forte Cadorna - Erythree, c/o Red Cross in Geneve", handstamped "FRANC DE PORT" and "Poste d"Internes de Guerre" with circular "COMITE INTERNATIONAL DE LA CROIX-ROUGE A GENEVE / DELEGATION" on both sides. P/O Kirk was flying one of three Gladiators providing air cover for troops attacking Gallabal, Sudan, on November 6th when they were attacked by six Italian aircraft; one British aircraft made a forced landing, another was shot down and the pilot killed, whilst Kirk had to bale out and became a P.O.W. Very scarce, few British P.O.Ws captured by the Italians in Eritrea. Photo on Page 134. £100-120
Click to view full image... Australian Naval P.O.W in Eritrea. 1941 Stampless cover from Western Australia to "Petty Officer Hugh Jones, Australian Prisoner of War, ex HMAS "Hobart", Campo Prigioneri, Posta Militaire 23, Africa Orientale Italiano" with London machine (Feb 21), Italian censor seal and cachet applied in Rome, reverse with British censor seal. At the Battle for the Tug Argan Gap in British Somaliland the British lacked anti-tank guns, and the Captain of H.M.A.S "Hobart" therefore offered a 3-pdr saluting gun which was mounted on an oil drum and manned by Petty Officer Jones and two seamen, who were captured when Observation Hill was over-run on August 11th 1940; these three Australian seamen were released when Asmara was captured on April 1st 1941. An exceptional cover to an Australian P.O.W in Eritrea. Photo on Page 134. £120-150

Japanese P.O.W Mail
(Also see Hong Kong lots 891-901, and lot 1030)

  1942-45 Covers and a card comprising 1942 first type Singapore P.O.W card from 2nd Lt. G. Willsdon in Changi with violet "Malaya" handstamp and censor cachet of Okazaki, received in July 1943; 1944 stampless cover to Cpl. Holman, P.O.W in Thailand No. 2 Camp with Japanese censor; 1945 stampless cover (piece torn from lower right corner) headed "R.A.P.W.I" with Colombo Paquebot c.d.s; and 1945 cover to Lt. Willsdon at Recovered PW Mail Centre Bombay with violet "IT IS REGRETTED THIS LETTER COULD / NOT BE FORWARDED IN TIME TO CONNECT / WITH THE SHIP OR AIRCRAFT ON WHICH / ADDRESSEE WAS REPATRIATED". (4). £90-110
  1942-45 Covers and cards comprising 1942 air mail cover franked 5d from G.B to a British civilian internee at Santo Tomas Internment Camp, Manila; 1943 stampless cover from G.B to an R.A.F prisoner in Java, Japanese censor cachets; 1943 cover franked 3c from USA to a U.S Navy radioman "interned by Japan at Taiwan, formerly of the Philippine Islands" with manuscript "#911, Camp 1(D)" and Japanese censor cachet; 1944 G.B 3d stationery card to a P.O.W in Thailand No. 4 Camp with Japanese censor cachets; and 1945 G.B 1½d postcard to Taiwan No. 1 Camp with violet "RETURNED FROM ABROAD / SERVICE SUSPENDED". (5). £160-180
  1943-45 Covers and cards comprising postcard from a British P.O.W in Singapore (heavy vertical fold), 3d P.O.W postcards to British P.O.Ws in Fukuoka Camp (2, one with Japanese censor), stampless covers from India to "Lt. Col. J.C.S Hadaway, Kapurthala Infantry, Singapore, British Prisoner of War" (2, one with Japanese censor and Tokyo Red Cross cachet), other stampless covers and a postcard to British P.O.Ws in Java (2, one to Camp Y) or Fukuoka 4th Branch all with Japanese censors, 1942 undelivered cover from G.B to an airman who was captured in Java, also a postcard sent between Dutch prisoners in Java (senders and addressees name erased), censored. (10). £240-260
Click to view full image... China/Malaya. 1944 (June 27) Cover from Shanghai franked $1.50 to "Mr G. Norris, British, P1018, Civil Assembly Centre, Pootung", sent by his wife, who was apparently not interned; and c.1944 cover from a British internee at 260 Yu Yuen Road Civil Assembly Centre to "Lieut Nathan Uroe (Australian), 8/Australian Division, Malaya Camps" with pencil "CHA" crossed out and "III GP", reverse bearing a $1 stamp, a further stamp removed, probably by the censor. This last cover with small part flap missing (with loss of senders name) but very unusual from a civilian internee to a P.O.W Camp. (2). Photo on Page 134. £160-200
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