G.B. & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 43)
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Date: 1st March 2019 Time: 11:00AM
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Auction Lots - Page 24
  1816-25 Entire letters to Major Rogers, Inspector for the Enregisterment of Slaves, all with printed "On His Majestys Service" heading and "Colonial Secretarys Office", all with enclosed partly printed letters from the Secretary's Office or Colonial Office acknowledging accounts have been audited and requesting money be paid to the Receiver General. (14). £280-320
  Similar entires addressed to the Inspector for the Enregisterment of Slaves with printed "On His Majestys Service" heading and "Colonial Secretarys Office", several types, no contents. (19). £200-240
  Enregisterment. 1816-34 Certificates registering adult slaves (2) or infants born to slave women (13), also six letters concerning fines imposed for failing to register slaves within the specified period since their purchase. (21). £280-320
  Enregisterment. 1818-25 Partly printed enregisterment documents giving details of slaves sold, all with embossed "VOC" revenue stamps. (10). £250-300
  Mortgaging of Slaves. 1822-34 Partly printed documents giving details of mortgages raised against named slaves (4), many of the slaves listed from Mozambique or Madagascar, and letters concerning the cancellation of mortgages. (7). £120-150
  1817 Enregisterment form listing 19 slaves belonging to Miss Clara Gous with details of where they were transferred or sold; 1817 letter from the Insolvent Estates Chamber with a list of eleven slaves they have sold; and 1822 list of forty slaves giving details of name, age, place of birth, owner, dates of seizure and sale, auction price and purchaser. Three interesting documents. (3). £120-150
  Manumission. 1824-31 Letters and documents concerning slaves given their freedom, with 1831 certificate bearing wax seal of the Protector of Slaves Office stating that a female slave named Charlotte bought her own freedom and that of her daughter when sold at auction; 1827 letter from the Government Slave Lodge listing eleven slaves who are to be given their freedom in the belief they can support themselves; 1828 letter from the Hospital for Infirm Government Slaves listing four slaves who wish to be freed, with details of three others given their freedom papers but who wish to remain Government slaves; Guardian of Slaves letter concerning the sale of a slave without her children deemed to be legal as the children had been given their freedom; letter granting freedom to three slaves upon their masters death; a letter stating a female slave had been bought at auction on behalf of her husband and is to be given her freedom; and a letter regarding a person detained as a slave, providing proof that they were born free. (7). £200-240
  1826 Letter from the Police Office concerning a slave, Rachel, claiming her freedom under the laws of the British Government as she was brought to the colony by British naval vessel and sold by the Admiralty, with similar petitions from Rachel and five other slaves and a copy of their original 1807 sale notice, showing they were auctioned at the Mount Nelson Garden amongst a group of about 150 slaves from the Coast of Guinea who were part of the cargo of the American ship "Ann" captured by the British navy and brought into Cape Town, the slaves sold on the orders of the British Admiralty. An interesting story. (8). £200-300
  Prison/Breaking the Law. 1824-32 Letters, four from Cape Town Prison, including 1824 letter stating the slaves Thomas, Africa and Samuel have been executed, with an accompanying letter showing their crime to have been the authors of an anonymous placard which was wickedly malicious and cast foul aspersions on the character of His Excellency the Governor; a report of the slave November wounding another slave boy; 1832 letter from a slave, Laurie, found guilty of being an accomplice to robbery, pleading his innocence, etc., four with address panels to the Protector of Slaves. (7). £150-180
  Punishment. 1831-32 Partly printed forms (3) detailing punishments inflicted on four slaves (two stripes with a thin stick for taking meat, 10 strokes with a stick for disobeying orders, 20 stripes with a thin piece of rein for neglect of duty or for ill-treating other slave children) at Grahamstown or Uitenhage; partly printed forms from Grahamstown stating no punishment has been inflicted upon slaves (12); letter stating a slave has been examined by a doctor and no marks of punishment were found, etc. (18). £300-350
  Mistreatment. 1830 Printed notice announcing the verdict of the circuit court of the District of Uitenhage, who found Jacobus Olivier of Baviaans Kloof guilty of unlawfully maltreating a slave, Francina. Olivier had the arms of Francina bound with a rein and fastened to and suspended from a rafter so her feet did not touch the ground; she was kept suspended for seven hours during which he beat her with a bundle of twigs bound together and hardened by fire, and then got Johanna Olivier to also beat her. Also sworn statements from Somerset of a slave, Regiena, who has been kicked and beaten with a rein, or from Beaufort concerning a slave, Sara, beaten with a riding sambock; 1831 letter from Cape Town Prison reporting the arrival of a slave covered in vermin and his clothes in tatters, who had deserted his master and complains of being punished with a cat-o-nine tails; 1829 letter from a slave who served 12 years on Robben island before being given his freedom by General Cradock but was then reclaimed by his former master; and doctors certificates (2) stating slaves examined showed marks of flogging or excessive treatment. (7). £300-350
  Abolition - Compensation for Slaves. 1834-35 Printed "Returns of the number of slaves and estimated value thereof" completed with the number of slaves held at the time slavery was abolished; three forms list a total of 21 slaves for which a total of £1,996.17.6 was claimed in compensation, one of the claimants shown as Lourens of Pondicherry. Three interesting documents. (3). £150-200
Click to view full image... Graaff Reinet. 1818-32 Letters from or to the Slave Office at Graaff Reinet including entire letters (3) or entires (2) addressed to the Military Secretary (2) or Office of Enregistering Slaves (3) in Cape Town all sent as official free letters with fine circular crown handstamps of Graaff Reinett (three also with Cape Town handstamps), two of these endorsed on the front from the Office for Enregisterment of Slaves in Graaff Reinet (one strangely marked "Unpaid" on the reverse). (11). Photo on Page 204. £400-500
  Grahamstown. 1822-30 Letters and documents to or from the Slave Office at Grahamstown, one addressed to the Register of Slaves Office in Cape Town with boxed "POST PAID", usual poor Grahamstown crown handstamp and a Cape Town arrival datestamp. Also documents granting slaves their freedom due to their age and poor health (3), returns of slaves registered in the Albany district (2), etc. (20). £300-350
Click to view full image... Simons Town. 1825-36 Entire letters from the Slave Office at Simons Town prepaid to the Inspector of the Slave Registry Department in Cape Town with circular Simons Town crown handstamps; and an entire letter endorsed by G.J Rogers, Inspector of Slaves, sent as an official letter to the "Register of Slaves at Simons Town" with first type "Free" datestamp of Cape Town. (3). Photo on Page 204. £240-300
  Simons Town. 1824-26 Letters to or from the Slave Registry Office in Simons Town including a statement of the lowest wages paid to slaves for Sunday labour; return of the number of slave children in the district aged 7 years or less and similar return of all slaves; letter appointing C.M Lind a functionary for the enregisterment of slaves at Simons Town upon payment of one Rix-Dollar stamp duty on his commission, etc. (19). £250-300
  Stellenbosch. 1820-35 Letters from the Slave Office at Stellenbosch, six addressed to the Registry of Slaves in Cape Town, no postmarks but three with wax seals of Stellenbosch. (11). £180-220
Click to view full image... Swellendam. 1817-34 Letters to or from the Slave Office at Swellendam, two posted as official free letters to the Inspector of Enregisterment of Slaves in Cape Town both with very fine circular Zwellendam crown handstamps and Cape Town crown handstamp or light "Free" datestamp, also letters reporting slaves sold at auction, etc. (8). Photo on Page 204. £200-250
Click to view full image... Uitenhage. 1816-17 Letters from the Slave Office at Uitenhage, ten addressed to the Inspector of Enregisterment of Slaves in Cape Town, three of these posted as official free mail with light "G.R" arms handstamp or circular Uitenhagen crown handstamp (2, one also with Cape Town arrival datestamp). (11). Photo on Page 214. £280-350

Maritime Mail

  c.1795-1813 Entires from Holland to the Cape, the first with circular "VOC / 6st" handstamp; the second dated "25 Dec. 1813" by the sender, with forwarding agent endorsement "7 April 1814, May Hengol", delayed due to the war in Europe. Also a c.1797 entire addressed to a Dutch ship at the Cape. The first entire with some staining to the address panel. (3). £200-250
  1806-1917 Maritime Mail, the collection of covers and cards written up on 23 pages and loose including prestamp mail with Cape of Good Hope Ship Letter handstamps (2) and other incoming letters by ship (6, with 1815 letter from India backstamped at Calcutta, and two 1850-54 letters from Amsterdam with London forwarding agents cachets), 1837 Portsmouth India Letter, 1862 London G.P.O official wrapper to the Cape Postmaster General, 1866-70 Union Line covers paid 1/- from G.B (3), 1870 ship letter franked Cape 4d, 1873-74 Castle Line covers franked G.B or Cape 4d, 1876 (Aug) "inter-contract" period covers franked G.B or Cape 6d, 1883 cover franked 6d to South Australia endorsed "pr sailing ship" and sent on the "Star of Scotia", mail to ships including 1898 "NOT ON BOARD" cachet of R.M.S "Scot", various named ship endorsements, German Seepost cancels, World War One, 1901 cover sent by ship from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth franked 2d, etc. (66). £750-900
  1813-55 Entire letters (11), an entire and covers (3) from the Cape to G.B or France, carried as ship letters, eleven with Cape Town datestamps (several superb), Ship Letter handstamps of Deal, Portsmouth and London (8), includes items endorsed by the "Guildford" (1813), "Madagascar" (1850), "Natal (1854), one cover with boxed "PREPAID", a few faults though most are fine. (15). £280-320
  c.1822 Entires from Batavia to the Cape endorsed "Per Schip Borneo Capt. Boss" charged "2", or from the Cape to Batavia with a ship endorsement. (2). £100-120
  1822-67 Entire letters (12), entires (7) and a cover from G.B to the Cape, two privately carried on the "Madagascar" (1856) or "Ida Ziegler" (1867), the other eighteen all carried as ship letters with London Ship Letter datestamps (12), Cape Town datestamps (6), boxed "TO PAY" (5), 1826 entire letter to "Graaff Reinet, Interior of Africa, c/o George Paton, Army Agent, Cape Town", 1837 entire letter to "H.M.S Wolf, to await arrival at the Post Office at the Cape of Good Hope", 1838 entire letter to a Colonel in the Bengal Horse Artillery, "Cape of Good Hope, if not there to be forwarded to Bengal care of Calcutta Post Office" but endorsed "Dead", two others to army officers. Five with faults, one other with stamps removed, otherwise largely fine. (20). £250-300
  Shipwrecks. 1830 Entire letter to London with Cape Town c.d.s and red boxed "INDIA LETTER / PORTSMOUTH", the letter reporting the wreck of the "Jessie" east of Simons Bay and listing the dead and missing; and 1840 entire letter from Swellendam to the French Consul in Cape Town with boxed "TO PAY" and Cape Town crown handstamp, reporting the loss of the French ship "Eliza" en route from Reunion to France wrecked near Cape L'Aquillers, just 13 sailors saved. (2). £100-120
  1831-33 Entire letters to Cape Town, the first from Reunion endorsed "p. Arab" with Simons Town crown handstamp and Cape Town c.d.s, charged 1/1; the second from Amsterdam endorsed "p. Jeannethe Philippine Kapt. C. Kent DGG" with Cape Town crown handstamp, charged "4". The 1831 letter with small opening tear at upper edge, otherwise both very fine. (2). £80-100
  1832-39 Entire letters (4) and entires (2) from the Cape to G.B all with India Letter handstamps including 1832 entire letter "pr Aurora" with boxed "INDIA LETTER / DARTMOUTH" and a Dartmouth c.d.s, others with handstamps of Portsmouth (2), Plymouth or Dover (2), all with Cape Town handstamps. One 1839 letter reports passing the "Juliana", which was bound from England to Sydney with emigrants, wrecked on the rocks near Cape Town. A few faults. (7). £120-150
  1842-49 Entire letters from France or Holland (5) to the Cape all posted in London, the first with a London forwarding agent endorsement on the flap, three others with oval "P&C VAN NOTTEN & CO / LONDON" forwarding agents cachets, also an 1838 entire letter from France to Cape Town privately carried. Four covers with London Ship Letter Paid datestamps and two with London Paid datestamps, one 1846 letter "p. Steamship Haddington" with boxed "TO PAY". Two covers with faults, the others (which include the three items with forwarding agent cachets) are all fine. (7). £150-180
  1845-46 Covers to England with Cape Town postmarks, both landed at Portsmouth, the first with fine "PORTSMOUTH / SHIP-LETTER" charged 8d, the second endorsed "Per H.M.S Resistance" so charged the 1/- packet rate with "PACKET-LETTER / PORTSMOUTH" handstamp. The ship letter cover with a few faults, the packet letter cover fine, with an enclosed letter. (2). £120-150
  1846 Large part letter from Andrew Murray to his son John in Utrecht marked "P.Pd" with an "8" charge crossed out and red oval "ZEEBRIEF / DEN HELDER" datestamp. Murray was the Dutch Reformed Church Minister at Graaff Reinet, all his sons becoming Ministers in the Cape or Orange Free State, the letter dated in pencil upon receipt, lower flap torn, otherwise mainly fine. £100-120
  Naval Mail. 1848 (Apr 12) Entire letter written from H.M.S "President" at Simons Bay (reporting their departure to Mauritius to lay down moorings and to Madagascar to settle a dispute with the natives, their departure delayed by the death of Commander Dawes of the "Nimrood", the Admiral's only son, who died of fever up the Mozambique), addressed to Italy, sent to England by naval bag and posted at Fareham prepaid 8d in cash. Handstamped red framed "PF" in error, crossed out and replaced by "PD", with Boulogne transit c.d.s and "FRANCO SARZANA", unusual. £250-300
  1850 Entire letter and a cover to the Cape of Good Hope, the letter from Adelaide with blue "G.P.O / SOUTH / AUSTRALIA" c.d.s and boxed "TO PAY", the cover from India to Mrs Maclear at the Royal Observatory "Per Maidstone" with Calcutta Ship Letter datestamp on the reverse, the South Australia letter with minor soiling, otherwise fine and unusual origins to the Cape. (2). £100-120
  1852-54 Cover to England and entire letter to New York both carried by General Screw Steam Shipping Co. packets to England, the 1852 cover to England carried under the first contract on the "Harbinger"; the 1854 letter under the second contract on the "Argo" with the 1/- charge crossed out and rated 45 cents, a New York Br. Pkt c.d.s on the front. (2). £120-150
Click to view full image... 1853 Entire to London "pr Victoria Steamer" (which departed Cape Town on November 7th), charged 1/4, Cape postage paid by a 4d triangular (S.G. 2, just three margins, small hole near "A" of Postage) tied by "C.G.H" obliterator, London arrival backstamp (Dec 3). A scarce sailing of the short lived Australian Royal Mail Steam Navigation Co. service and one of the earliest recorded entires addressed overseas to bear a Cape triangular adhesive. Photo on Page 214. £150-200
  1855-60 Entire letters (3) and an entire from France or Holland (3) to Cape Town, all sent via England on Union Steam Ship Co. steamers, the letter from France franked 80c, the three stampless Dutch letters prepaid in cash, the first with a little staining at lower edge, otherwise fine. (4). £120-150
  1856-57 Entire letters carried by the Lindsay Packet service to Cape Town all prepaid 1/-, two letters from London prepaid in cash endorsed "p.S.S Scotland" or "p. Steamer W.S Lindsay", the other franked embossed 1/- green (cut to shape) tied by Brighton 132 sideways duplex endorsed "Per Steamer Tynemouth", all with Cape Town backstamps showing voyages of 41 - 59 days. The packet contract with W.S Lindsay & Co. was terminated in September 1857 after just one year because the ships used were unable to meet the contracted time schedule. Three fine and uncommon entires. (3). £140-160
  1864-68 Entires or covers (5) and a front and part cover all sent by Union Steam Ship Co. steamers at the 1/- per ½oz rate with entires from Holland or Hamburg (side flaps removed) sent on the "Athens" or "Cambrian" and a cover from St. Albans franked 1/- sent on the "Roman", covers from the Cape bearing 6d triangular pair (both touched or very close on one side) or 1/- rectangular, both carried on the "Saxon", etc. (7). £150-180
  1864-71 Covers from the Cape sent by private steamer at the 4d ship letter rate, with 1864 cover franked 4d triangular (cut into) backstamped "PLYMOUTH / SHIP LETTER" c.d.s (Rob. S9, MY 20 1864, four years later than recorded); and 1871 cover endorsed "per private steamer "Sprite"" of the Cape & Natal Steam Navigation Co, carried to Gravesend franked 4d with red "PAID / LONDON SHIP LETTER" c.d.s (Rob. S53), two unusual covers. (2). £140-160
  Naval Mail. 1870 (Feb 12) Letter written from H.M.S "Nymidon" at Simons Bay (which includes "my letters as a rule are sent through the Commodores bag"), addressed to another naval officer in Germany, sent by naval bag to London and posted at Lombard Street paid 6d in cash, French and German transit datestamps, unusual. £240-280
Click to view full image... 1871 Cover to Funchal, Madeira, the 1/5 rate paid by 1d + four 4d stamps (two with corner faults) unusually cancelled by both triangular "CGH" obliterators and "18" barred oval numerals, oval Graaff-Reinett datestamp and a Cape Town c.d.s on the front, with "300" charge mark. A very unusual destination and combination of cancels. Photo on Page 214. £150-180
  Ship Wrecks. 1900 (Aug 2) Cover franked 1d from Alfred Docks to England with fine red "RECOVERED FROM / WRECK OF MEXICAN". Also photographs of an artists depiction of the wreck of the "Birkenhead" in 1852, or of John Smith, one of the 184 survivors, taken in 1902, and an extract reprinted from the "Surrey Times" in 1902 about the award of a special pension of 9d a day to Smith. (4). £100-120
  1906-54 Maritime Mail, covers and cards on pages and loose including Paquebots (40, with 1906 postcards of Ascension or St. Helena, 1907 card posted in Queensland with a Cape Town Paquebot handstamp strangely applied upon arrival and 1950 cover from Tristan da Cunha), World War Two covers including bilingual "DAMAGED BY SEAWATER" cachets (2) and boxed "S.A HOSPITAL SHIP / No. 1", covers to ships with various cachets, 1937-39 registered covers with oval datestamps of "SHIPPING POSTMASTER / CAPETOWN" or "ASSISTANT SHIPPING POSTMASTER / CAPETOWN" (2) and 1958-63 registered covers with bilingual "SHIPPING / CAPETOWN" datestamps numbered "1" (2) or "2", 1931 registered Ocean Letter, superb 1912 "UNION OF S. AFRICA / OCEAN P.O / 6" c.d.s, also picture postcards of ships, ephemera, etc. (c. 133). £350-400
  Union Castle Line Picture Postcards. c.1900-50s Picture postcards of ships (c.350) arranged alphabetically from the "Armadale Castle" to "Windsor Castle"; other advertising or related postcards (22); and ephemera including publicity booklets (2), menus (22), passenger lists (5), race or sports programmes (2), etc. (400+). £300-400
  1895-1914 Covers and cards with cancellations of "CAPE COLONY / OCEAN POST OFFICE" (5); 1912-13 double ring "UNION OF S. AFRICA / OCEAN P.O" (8) comprising numbers 1-5 and 7 and small type c.d.s without number, two franked by G.B stamps; or scarce 1913-14 double ring "UNITED KINGDOM & S. AFRICA SEA P.O" (13) comprising "S" code numbers 1 (2), 2, 3, 5, 6 (2), 8, 9 (2) or "N" code numbers 2 (2) or 5, six bearing G.B stamps. (26). £400-500
Click to view full image... 1903 Picture postcard of East London addressed to Austria, with KEVII ½d tied by "KUK KRIEGSMARINE / S.M.S ZENTA" c.d.s. A scarce acceptance of a Cape stamp on an Austrian naval ship, which was then en route from the Boxer Rebellion in China to Trieste via the Cape. Photo on Page 214. £300-350
  1913 Picture postcards to England both charged 1d, one with Transvaal ½d tied by "UNION OF S. AFRICA / OCEAN P.O / 9" c.d.s (May 24) and large "T" handstamp (unrecorded by Cattell but clearly applied on the Sea P.O), the other with G.B ½d tied "UNITED KINGDOM & S. AFRICA SEA P.O / N / 1" c.d.s with light but clear octagonal franked "T / U.K - S.A / SEA POST", scarce. (2). £100-120
  "Kenilworth Castle". 1918 (Apr 22) Picture postcard from Port Elizabeth to France franked 1d on the picture side, a little water stained, both sides handstamped "ACCIDENT DE SERVICE", from the "Kenilworth Castle", damaged in Plymouth Sound on May 2nd when the ship collided with an accompanying Destroyer and two depth charges exploded. £80-100

Cape Triangulars

Click to view full image... 1853 4d Deep blue on deeply blued paper, two superb used examples with large even margins, one with portions of two adjoining stamps. S.G. 2, £550. (2). Photo on Page 216. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1853 1d Brick-red on slightly blue paper, used singles all with three good margins (4), a pair (four margins, crossed by pressed crease) and block of four (two cut into at one side, one very close on one side, one very fine). S.G. 3, £3,500 (10 stamps, including multiples). Photo on Page 216. £300-350
  1855-64 Cape triangulars on white paper, Perkins Bacon and De La Rue printings used, nearly all with three margins, some close but otherwise all fine, various shades, comprising 1d (11, including a pair), 4d (46, including two pairs, two on front or defective cover, three steel blue), 6d (4) and 1/- (5), a useful group. (66). £1,000-1,200
G.B. & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 43)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 1st March 2019 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for full viewing details
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