G.B. & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 43)
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Date: 1st March 2019 Time: 11:00AM
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Auction Lots - Page 21
Click to view full image... 1913 (Aug 1) Picture postcard of R.M.S "Princess Maud" with KGV ½d tied by Larne c.d.s and circular violet "LARNE & STRANRAER / MAIL STEAMER / Posted / off / Rathlin / Isle", fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 182. £180-220
  1922 Propaganda handbills in verse, entitled "Sez the P.M.G, Post Office Strike - Sept. 1922" or "For Cheap Houses - Apply to J.J", both produced during the 1922 postal strike in Dublin. (2). £180-220


Click to view full image... 1891 ½d Postcard to Spanish Town endorsed "Per 2nd Train" and cancelled by circular undated "BOG WALK / JAMAICA", the card slightly trimmed at edges, otherwise fine and scarce, this cancel only recorded 1891-92. Photo on Page 182. £220-260
Click to view full image... 1903 Picture postcard from Kingston to Germany, posted on the HAPAG liner "Flandria" with two ½d stamps cancelled by manuscript crosses, handstamped "PAQUEBOT / (N.Y. 2D DIV.)" with violet "FLANDRIA" and "KINGSTON", arrival c.d.s, fine and unusual. Photo on Page 182. £180-220

(Also See Lots 697-701, 798, 850)

  1871-1937 Mint and used collection on pages including 1871 48m used (2), 1872-76 Cherry Blossom issues (25, seven mint or unused, one Specimen), 1899-1907 ½s - 5s, 8s, 10s and 50s mint, 1914-25 perf 13x13½ 1y mint, etc., also covers bearing 1923 imperf issues (3), Japanese Post Offices in China overprint issues (82), and books or catalogues on Japanese stamps or language (9). A useful lot, the 1871-76 stamps not guaranteed but most appear genuine. (100s). £200-300
Click to view full image... 1935 Perf 13x13½ Empress Jingu 10y violet on granite paper mint. S.G. 225a, £550. Photo on Page 140. £80-100

Postmarks and Postal History

  c.1874-1900s Cancellations on covers (77), pieces and stamps, including numerical cancels (with three 1875 covers), various datestamp types with 1890 printed handcoloured cover showing flowers, scenic cancels, New Year pictorial datestamps and machines, commemorative and exhibition cancels, machines, rollers, slogan handstamps, postage paid, etc., mostly written up on pages, also a quantity of loose nineteenth century stamps and pieces, stamps include 1872-76 Cherry Blossom issues (10), 1948 Osaka and Nagoya Philatelic Exhibition miniature sheets on cover, etc. An interesting lot. (100s). £300-400
Click to view full image... 1899 2s Postcard with small printed views on the reverse, to Germany, posted on the German naval ship "Grefion" cancelled superb "KAIS. DEUTSCHE / MARINE / SCHIFFSPOST / No 38" c.d.s with a second strike on the front, unusual. Photo on Page 182. £160-180
  1902-05 Experimental timed cancellations with the time at base changed every ten minutes, the written up collection on covers or cards (16), pieces or stamps (91) with a majority of 144 possible times represented, an unusual lot. (107). £180-220
  1934-74 Covers and cards with paquebot or seapost cancels (8); T.P.Os (22, also 24 proof cancels on three pieces); and airmails, mainly first flights (15), also aerogrammes (12, one with Specimen overprint) and two commercial 1952-54 covers with airmail postage paid by meter marks on card. (62). £100-120
Click to view full image... Explanatory Handstamps. 1874-c.1980 Covers and cards with various explanatory handstamps, cancels used on stamps found uncancelled in transit, registered and express mail, parcel post, undelivered mail, etc., including Japanese chops identifying particular boxes of posting (with 1875 5r postcard uprated with 1875 ½s), official mail, rate or class of post or routing, registration handstamps and labels (including 1926 cover to Cyprus bearing 1921 Return of Crown Prince 3s and 10s pairs), 1948 censored cover to Germany with "AV2" handstamp, explanatory marks on returned mail, bulk posting handstamps, 1918 stampless "Department of Communications of Japan" cover to the Danish P.M.G with official seal and c.d.s, 1892 parcel post form bearing twelve 2s stamps, etc. An interesting collection. (46). Photo on Page 182. £300-400
  Registered Mail. 1895-1909 Covers and cards all redirected with flimsy pieces of paper bearing new address details added by the Post Office, including 1895 cover with seven such address labels and an Officially Sealed label, 1909 cover from Transvaal to London redirected to Japan with G.B stamps added and again redirected to Manila, etc., also a postcard with similar flimsy paper added to reverse by the sender to gain additional writing space. (6). £100-120
Click to view full image... Postage Due Mail. c.1875 1s Postcards addressed to districts not covered by a postal agency, therefore charged 1s postage due, collected by 1872-75 Cherry Blossom issue ½s pair or 1s, minor faults but scarce. (2). Photo on Page 182. £150-180
Click to view full image... Postage Due Mail. c.1875-80 5r Postcards both charged 5r postage due for out of town postage within a postal agency district, collected by 1872-74 Cherry Blossom ½s brown or 1876-82 Koban 5r grey, both cards with light folds, otherwise fine and scarce. (2). Photo on Page 182. £150-180
  1897-1959 Covers and cards sent to or via Japan including 1909 registered cover from Sianctan to USA bearing six China stamps with boxed registration handstamp, 1923 picture postcard from Ethiopia, 1906 picture postcard from Barrow, Alaska with Nome transit c.d.s (25 days from Barrow to Nome), 1905 postcard from Hong Kong with "HONG KONG / K.B" transit c.d.s of Kowloon, etc. (24). £130-160
  Antarctica. 1956-91 Covers from the Antarctic with cancels or cachets of various Japanese bases, ships or expeditions, including International Geophysical Year covers, many pictorial cancels from Prince Harald, Showa Base, etc. (101). £300-350
  Postal Stationery. 1874-1968 Used and unused stationery including complete 1898 4s reply card commercially used from Kobe to Germany with the attached reply half posted back to Japan, cancelled by oval German T.P.O datestamp; also later postcards with Specimen overprints, New Year lottery postcards, etc. (60). £100-120
  Picture Postcards. c.1904-1930s Picture postcards in an album including Russo-Japanese War (15, with Hospital Ship "Hakuai Maru", Red Cross, Peace Conference), 1918 forces in Siberia (7), 1906 Japan-U.S Cable, Red Cross, 1921 return of Crown Prince from Europe, 1934 Manchukuo postal treaty, playing cricket at Kobe, etc., also two c.1945 photographic cards of Hiroshima devastated by the atomic bomb, some used, a few with pictorial or commemorative cancels. (105). £180-220
Click to view full image... French P.O. 1875 Entire to France bearing France 1870-71 40c (a little oxidised) and 1871-76 large numerals 30c pair (one with corner fault) each cancelled by large "5118" in retta, a "YOKOHAMA / BAU FRANCAIS" c.d.s on the front, arrival backstamps, addressees name partly reinstated, an attractive and scarce item. Photo on Page 188. £400-500

Military & P.O.W Mail

  Sino-Japanese War. 1895 (Sep 30) Stampless cover from Manchuria to Niigata with red datestamp of Second Army F.P.O 1, located at Chin-chou; and 1896 cover from Japan (opening faults, 2s stamp torn) to Taiwan with superb red F.P.O 4 arrival c.d.s (Feb 26) used at Houling. Two scarce covers both sent shortly after the war had ended. (2). £150-200
  1902 (June 11) G.B KEVII ½d postcard posted at Greenhithe, addressed in English and Japanese to "Japanese Warship Asama, Plymouth, England", the message in Japanese. Two heavy creases but very unusual; the armoured cruiser "Asama" was in England to participate in the Coronation Naval Review for King Edward VII. £80-100
  Russo-Japanese War. 1904-05 Stampless soldiers letter sheets illustrated inside with pictures of a shinto shrine amongst trees or an eagle sitting on an archers bow in front of the sun, both postally used, probably from Manchuria, with F.P.O datestamps, fine and attractive. (2). £120-140
Click to view full image... Russo-Japanese War - P.O.W. Mail. c.1905 Money letter to Kobe bearing two revenue stamps tied by red chops, with violet "SERVICE / DES / PRISONNIERS DE GUERRE" and oval cachet of Matsuyama Camp, arrival backstamp. Photo on Page 188. £300-350
  c.1930-37 Stampless soldiers postcards or covers from Manchuria, Inner Mongolia or China (45), various censor cachets, nineteen with F.P.O datestamps; also unused soldiers postcards or lettercard (7); and two 1937-38 pieces with three proof impressions of differing F.P.O datestamps of Peking. (54). £500-600
  Pigeon Post. 1931 (Dec 6) Printed "Army Pigeon Post" envelope with enclosed pigeon-gram form (message - "I am sending you my greetings through this lovely pigeon"), the form and cover with pigeon message cachet and two pictorial cachets commemorating Shiragaya's anniversary, addressed to Fukumitsu-Shi with 1919 Peace 3s cancelled at Nakanoku in Tokyo. Very unusual. £80-100
  World War One - P.O.W Mail. 1915 Stampless postcard from a German P.O.W in Kumamoto Camp with c.d.s and censor cachets; and stampless postcard and cover from Germany both to P.O.Ws in Kumamoto Camp, the cover from a soldier with cachet of Reservelazarett X at Altenburg, the postcard with Japanese censor, arrival datestamps. Scarce, Kumamoto Camp was only open for seven months from November 1914 until June 1915, the shortest time of any of the Japanese internment camps. The camp postcard with vertical fold, otherwise fine. (3). £120-150
Click to view full image... World War Two - Australia Invasion Force. 1942 Blue stampless forces postcard with return address of the "7th Air Division, 38th Airfield Battalion, North Australia Military Force", from the forces intended for the invasion of Australia located in the area of the Macassar Strait in West New Guinea. Also an article on this card and one other recorded postcard from the North Australia Force. By late 1942 the Japanese were stopped at Guadalcanal and any idea of invading Australia was abandoned. Very unusual and rare, being the discovery item from this intended invasion force. Photo on Page 188. £150-180
Click to view full image... World War Two Japanese P.O.W - Philippines. 1945 (Dec 19) 2s Postcard franked 3s + 10s, posted from Takaoka to "Naoji Iwata 275, Compound No. 10 Co. No 103, Luzon P.W Camp No. 1, A.P.O No 75", with U.S Army censor, very unusual. Photo on Page 188. £150-180

Post Offices Abroad

  China. 1901-13 Postcards comprising arrival or transit datestamps of Tientsin (2) or Chefoo (2); 1902 cards cancelled to order with "Entry into the U.P.U" datestamps of Tientsin (3); 1906 card to Saigon with Japanese P.O 1s on the picture side cancelled at Shanghaikwan, reverse with five China ½c stamps tied by c.d.s, "T" handstamp, transit datestamps of Shanghai, Hangku, unusual "GENERAL POST OFFICE / HONG KONG" c.d.s (Proud D84) and Saigon; picture postcards with Japanese P.O stamps tied by single ring c.d.s of Tientsin or double ring datestamps of Canton, Nanking, Tientsin or Tangku, the last very scarce. (13). £280-320
  Manchuria. 1907-15 Cover and cards with Dairen datestamps (3), and fronts with datestamps of Dairen (2), Liaoyang or Antung, the last two scarce. Also 1940 censored cover from Harbin to G.B bearing Manchukuo 20f. (8). £100-120
  Korea. 1906-35 Covers and cards including 1906 stampless soldiers postcard with Cheongju c.d.s, 1910-12 covers with 3s military mail stamps (2, one with Yeongsan c.d.s), other cancels of Seoul (4, one 1906 cancel for visit of the British squadron), Hsinking, Fusan (2), Ninsen, Buhobaku scenic type cancel, etc. Also 1901 Korea 1c postcards from Sensan (stamp removed) or Chemulpo sent to or via Japan. A good lot. (15). £250-300
  Taiwan. c.1895-1941 Postcards comprising c.1895-1902 1s postcards to Japan with cancels of Sui Ken (2) or Taihoku (uprated ½s stamp) and 1909 picture postcard to Australia with native and foreign datestamps of Tamsui, also 1937-42 postcards with commemorative cancels of Taihoku 28th Anniversary of Taiwan Government or Tainan sea day. (6). £160-200

Telegraphs, Cinderellas & Revenues

  Postal Savings. 1903-11 Pictorial postal savings booklets each with one printed stationery stamp, unused (9) or used (2, one the second stamp page only), and a used form only with adhesive stamps. Also blocks of 15 or 20 stamps (6) and other smaller multiples or singles with various postal money order or other cancels, all superbly written up on pages. £200-250
  Telegraphs. Collection of telegraph stamps (78) and telegraph cancellations (100s, many on piece) written up on pages and in an album. Also telegraph forms (4), two 1933 forms for change of ownership of a telephone installation, and the reverse portion only of an 1885 cover to the USA bearing a 1s telegraph used alongside three postage stamps and tied by a San Francisco Registered datestamp. An interesting collection. (100s). £300-400
  Revenues. c.1873-1924 Stamps (with a few later issues), the collection written up in an album with issues for medicine, registration tax, tobacco, documents, legal documents, etc., a few used on documents, also express railway stamps and Post Office training stamps, some Specimen overprints, an unusual 1876 permit issued by the British Consul in Kioto allowing the holder to visit Kioto, and a c.1930 travel document issued by the Japanese Consulate General in Tsingtao. Also "Kobayagawa's Catalogue of Japanese Revenue Stamps" printed in Yokohama in 1909. An interesting collection. (100s). £200-300
  Various cinderellas, charity labels, nineteenth century booklet and sheets of stamps made for sale to tourists and collectors, forgeries including page from the Fournier book, perfins (including two covers), declared value stamps (including strip of three on registered front), a strange nineteenth century piece bearing an applied rectangle of red paper, also banknotes (15, some apparently issued to Prisoners of War) and a few stamp booklets. An unusual lot. (150+). £200-250

(Also See Lots 182/4, 245-289, 647-675, 875)

Click to view full image... India used in British East Africa. 1890 (August 20) Long registered cover from the Eastern Telegraph Co in Mombasa with printed address of "The Managing Director, Eastern Telegraph Company Limited, 50 Old Broad Street, London E.C", franked at the 11 x 4½a rate + 2a registration, a total of 51½a, bearing India 1882-90 ½a, 1a (faults), 2a, 8a (4) and 1r, the seven 1a - 1r stamps all with red manuscript "BEA" overprints, each stamp tied by a "MOMBASA" c.d.s with a further strike alongside. Carried on the S.S "Ethiopia" with "ADEN / REG" backstamp (Proud R6, Aug 26), red oval London Registered arrival datestamp (Sep 9) and oval framed "R". At the time of writing the Eastern Telegraph Co. had recently completed the cable line from Zanzibar to Mombasa, and was laying the line from Mombasa to Lamu. In May 1890 G.B stamps surcharged and overprinted for the British East Africa Company were issued, but were all sold by late July (largely due to the large purchases made by the British stamp dealers Whitfield King & Co) and India stamps were then used provisionally in British East Africa until the new definitive set was issued in October. Even single stamps used in this period are rare (S.G. pricing the eight stamps on this cover at £5,200 as single off cover stamps) and just six covers with India stamps are recorded from Mombasa, this being the earliest, highest franked and most spectacular, and one of only two with manuscript "BEA" overprints on the stamps. A couple of light folds clear of the stamps, otherwise fine, a rare and important cover for both British East Africa and India Used Abroad collectors, ex Rose Hutchinson (1949), Hunt (1966) and Reynard (2009, sold for £23,000 + premium). Photo on Back Cover. £16,000-18,000
Click to view full image... 1890-95 ½a Deep brown imperforate horizontal pair used, each with a fine Mombasa squared circle (JA 16 94), good margins, fine and scarce. S.G. 4ba, £375. Photo on Page 216. £160-180
Click to view full image... 1890-95 1a Blue-green imperforate horizontal pair used, each with a Mombasa c.d.s (FE 12 94), good margins, right stamp with flaw on "O" of "Postage", fine and rare. S.G. 5b, £1,300. Photo on Page 216. £650-750
Click to view full image... 1890-95 2½a Black on bright yellow imperforate horizontal pair used, each with a Mombasa squared circle (JA 16 94), good margins, fine and scarce. S.G. 7cb, £500. Photo on Page 216. £240-260
Click to view full image... 1890-95 3a Black on bright red imperforate horizontal pair used with central Mombasa squared circle (OC 21 93), good to huge margins, very fine and scarce. S.G. 8ab, £450. Photo on Page 216. £200-220
Click to view full image... 1890-95 4½a Brown-purple imperforate horizontal pair used, each with a fine Mombasa c.d.s (FE 12 94), good margins, fine and scarce. S.G. 11ab, £450. Photo on Page 216. £200-220
Click to view full image... 1897 (Jan 12) Piece bearing 1897 2½ (type 14) surcharge on British East Africa 1a indigo strip of six tied by three Mombasa squared circles. Two stamps with tone marks just touching a couple of upper perfs, otherwise fine and unusual. S.G. 88, £450+. Photo on Page 150. £150-180
  1919 4c on 6c Scarlet, complete mint sheet of 120 split into two panes of sixty, each with plate number "1", also a photograph of the unique surcharge die proof sheet. S.G. 54, £150+. £80-100
  1922 (May 11) F Size 18c registration envelope to England bearing 6c + 10c pair + 12c tied by large "FARM 40 / UASIN GISHU EAP" skeleton c.d.s, the reverse with a further (and unusually fine) strike and manuscript "Reg P.O F40, No 441". The latest recorded example of this scarce datestamp; the office opened in 1913 but changed its name to Taraka later in 1922. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1948 Silver Wedding 20c and £1 blocks of four, each handstamped "SPECIMEN" (Samuel type K4) in violet, both with a little paper adhering to reverse, the £1 block with very minor creasing and small thin to one stamp. Scarce, just one sheet of each value existed, with photocopies of 1997 B.P.A certificates for the two sheets of sixty stamps, from which these blocks were removed. (2). Photo on Page 150. £500-600
  1963-83 Covers collected for their cancellations, virtually all different offices with a good number of skeleton datestamps, express mail, etc. (120). £70-80
  WW2 Postal Stationery - Askari Letter Scheme. 1944 "EAST AFRICA COMMAND WELFARE FREE LETTER SCHEME" lettersheet with outward half for civilians to write to Askaris, "KENYA UGANDA / & TANGANYIKA / POSTAGE PAID" printed within an oval frame, the attached half intended for the reply from the Askari headed "KARATASI YA ASKARI" and "ON ACTIVE SERVICE", light vertical fold, otherwise fine and very scarce. £300-350
Click to view full image... Forces Postal Stationery - Askari Letter Scheme. 1947 Similar lettersheet but with "KENYA, UGANDA / Postage Paid / TANGANYIKA" printed within a rectangular frame, posted from Kitgum (June 29) to an Askari in D Co. 3 Bn. K.A.R at Hargeisa but handstamped violet "Gone no address", backstamped at Hargeisa (4 times, 15 July - 16 Oct), Mogadiscio (Aug 4) and Nairobi R.L.O (Dec 16), the reply half still attached but unused. Minor soiling, small corner fault to reply half and a little splitting to central perforations, but the only used example of an Askari free letter scheme we have recorded, and very probably unique postally used. Also a 1944 stampless cover from an Askari, posted from E.A. A.P.O 58 in Ceylon. (2). Photo on Page 188. £600-700


Click to view full image... Morogoro. 1919 (Aug 19) Cover to Ireland signed "J. Gibson, PM, Mor." with G.E.A 1c (2) + 6c (torn) tied by three strikes of straight line "MOR" (Proud D1), backstamped at Daressalaam (Aug 20). Roughly opened with edge tears at left but possibly unique, the only example recorded by Proud. Photo on Page 188. £240-280
G.B. & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 43)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 1st March 2019 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for full viewing details
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