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Friday 9th October

To be sold at 10.30 a.m

The Peter Jennings Collection of Air Mails
 Iraq 1-101
 Worldwide Pioneer flights, including Australia, Egypt, France, G.B, India, South Africa 102-238
Other Air Mail covers, including East & West Africa 239-262
Forces & P.O.W Mail, featuring the Martin Lynes Collections 263-375
Holy Land, featuring the Martin Lynes Collections 376-434
Worldwide Stamps & Covers, Thematics 435-450
Abu Dhabi, Antarctic, Antigua, Ascension, Australia, Austria, Bahamas 451472
Barbados, Bahrain, Basutoland, British Guiana, British Honduras 473-490
British Solomon Islands, Burma, Canada, Ceylon, China 491-520
Cyprus 521-553
Dominica, Egypt, Ethiopia, Falkland Islands, Fiji, France, Gambia, Germany 554-568
Gibraltar, Gilbert & Ellice Islands, Grenada, Hong Kong, India 569-588
Iraq, Italy, Jamaica 589-615
KUT, featuring KGV Stamps & Postal Stationery, Postage Due Covers, WW2 616-682
Kuwait, Leeward Islands  683-684
Malaya from the Gordon Peters Collection -
 Malacca, Negri Sembilan, Pahang, Penang, Perak, Selangor 685-770
Malta, Mauritius, Montserrat, Morocco Agencies, Nauru, New Hebrides, Nigeria 771-784
Norway, Nyasaland, Papua, Pitcairn Island, Rhodesia, Roumania 785-801
St. Helena, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Sarawak, Seychelles, Sierra Leone 802-824
Somaliland, South Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Switzerland, Thailand 825-843
Trinidad & Tobago, Tristan da Cunha, Turks Islands, UN, Virgin Islands, Zanzibar 844-862
Great Britain
 1841 2d Blues 863-909
 Other Stamps 910-964
 Postcards & Ephemera 965-967
 Postal History - Mixed Lots 968-974
  Early Letters, Cancellations, Exhibitions, Express Mail  975-999
  Maritime Mail, Mulreadys, Parliamentary/Royalty 1000-1016
  Pictorial Envelopes, Postage Due Mail, Postal Reform 1017-1025
  Postal Stationery, featuring the Peter Jennings Collection of Air Letters 1026-1084
  Railways featuring an exceptional collection of Parcel & Newspaper Stamps 1085-1135
  Registered Mail, T.P.Os, Uniform 4d Post 1136-1142
 Cornwall - a fine collection with rare Ship & Packet Letters 1143-1290
 Kent, featuring Early Letters, Uniform 4d/1d Post, Soldiers & Sailors Letters,
  Napoleonic P.O.W Mail, Exhibitions & exceptional Ship & India Letters 1291-1429
 Berkshire, Bristol, Channel Islands, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire 1430-1450
 Herefordshire, Hertfordshire, Ireland, Isle of Man, Lancashire 1451-1461
 London 1462-1479
 Lundy Island, Middlesex, Norfolk, Nottinghamshire, Scotland, Somerset, Suffolk  1480-1489
 Sussex, Wales, Westmorland, Wiltshire, Yorkshire 1490-1507


Peter was well known to many in the philatelic world as a fine writer of interesting and informative articles, and as a collector and exhibitor of aero-philately and air letters. In 1973 he wrote the book "Aerogrammes", based on his own collection of British air letters (see lots 1030-1084), which remains the standard work on the subject. He wrote regular articles for both Gibbons Stamp Monthly, and Linn's Stamp News in the USA, usually based on and illustrating items in his own collections, with many articles on air letters, aero-philately or Tristan da Cunha. Many of his articles are available on the internet, and are well worth reading.

He exhibited nationally and internationally, winning numerous awards, and he showed to many philatelic societies. A member of Birmingham Philatelic Society since 1962, he was also a Companion of the Royal Aeronautical Society, and was made the youngest Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society London in 1974. His interest in air letters, which were first issued by Iraq in 1933, led to his passion for Iraq air mails, and later pioneer air mails of the world with a special interest in G.B, France, Egypt and India. The Iraq air mails offered here are undoubtedly the finest collection ever formed on this subject with rare pioneer flights and exceptional R.A.F air service covers. The worldwide air mails contain a remarkable group of early G.B balloon posts, several rare Allahabad flight postcards of India, and probably the two finest known Marc Pourpe Egypt - Sudan flight covers.


Reference is made to "Airmails across the Middle East 1918-1930" by Laurence Kimpton, privately published in 2015. This book is highly recommended. This fine collection includes ingoing covers to Iraq, and covers to or from Persia and Syria. Also see lot 207.

WW1 - Royal Flying Corps

  1916-17 Stampless covers and cards from the R.F.C in Iraq with cachets comprising red circular "FLYING CORPS" with F.P.O 32, red oval "ROYAL FLYING CORPS / 12 FEB 1917 / I.E.F D" with Base Office Aden arrival backstamp; or oval "AIRCRAFT PARK I.E.F D / ROYAL FLYING CORPS" (2) both with F.P.O 56. (4). £100-120
  1917-18 Covers to Captain Cory Wright R.F.C from England (3, two with faults), one returned to the sender, the other two redirected to Baghdad or Ramadi, and a telegram received at Baghdad (Feb 27) with the cover redirected to Samara (Mar 2, F.P.O 90), Baghdad (Mar 5) and Ramadi (Mar 7, F.P.O 46), the last transit time of just two days suggesting this might have been flown by plane from Baghdad to Ramadi. Also a 1918 postcard from Canada to Captain Stanley Beatty R.F.C with F.P.O 85 arrival c.d.s, redirected to R.A.F H.Q in Egypt. (5). £120-150

1918-20 Pioneer Flights

Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1918 Stampless cover signed "A.E Borton, Brig. Gen., R.A.F" and addressed in his handwriting to Ambala, inscribed "Bearing", the reverse with a superb strike of the circular cachet "CARRIED BY FIRST AERIAL MAIL / CAIRO-DELHI / DECR. 1918" and an Ambala arrival c.d.s. (Dec 17). Carried on the first R.A.F Survey flight from Cairo to India piloted by Borton and Capt. Ross Smith, with Sgts Bennett and Shiers as crew, and General Salmond as a passenger. The plane called at Damascus, Basra, Bushire, Bandar Abbas and Chahbar before arriving at Karachi where a few letters were offloaded; it then proceeded to Delhi where the remaining letters received the circular cachet. Fifteen covers from this flight recorded by Kimpton, ten of which received this Delhi cachet. Ross Smith, Bennett and Shiers became famous in 1919 when they made the first flight from England to Australia. A fine and rare cover from one of the pilots. Photo on Page 6. £1,500-1,800
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1919 (Jan 9) G.B to India first through Aerial Mail flown by R.A.F Handley Page aircraft "Old Carthusian", stampless "On Field Service, By Aeroplane" cover to London signed "A. Miller Lt", with "F.P.O 55" c.d.s and a fair strike of violet boxed "POSTAL SERVICE M.E.F / AERIAL POST - BAGHDAD-DELHI / PER / HANDLEY-PAGE AEROPLANE" backstamped with Delhi (Jan 20) arrival c.d.s and fine circular violet "CARRIED BY AERIAL MAIL / BAGHDAD-DELHI / JANY. 1919". The enclosed letter of Jan. 9th on G.H.Q M.E.F notepaper includes "This is only a scrappy note just to take advantage of the five minutes available to send you a line by the first Aeroplane to carry mails from Mesopotamia, even the privilege is extended to only a few officers. The envelope may be worth saving on that account". Flown from Baghdad (via Ahwaz, Bushire & Bandar Abbas) to Ormara where the plane made a forced landing, then by H.M.S "Britomart" to Karachi, and by rail to Delhi. Also a single ¼a stamp cancelled by a partial strike of the violet Aerial Post cachet and a London machine. A fine and scarce cover. (2). Photo on Page 6. £1,000-1,200
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1919 (Jan 9) Similar stampless cover to Bombay and redirected to Delhi signed W. Leith Ross, Major, with fine strikes of the violet cachet and F.P.O 55 c.d.s on the front and the circular Bagdad-Delhi cachet on the reverse, also backstamped at Delhi (Jan 20/25), Bombay (Jan 22) and Camp Post Office. Small part flap missing, otherwise very fine and scarce. Photo on Page 6. £1,200-1,500
Click to view full image... 1919 (Jan 10) Stampless cover signed C. Bliss, Lt. Col., to his wife in Allahabad backstamped with fine "BASE POST OFFICE / 14TH DESP. / M.E.F" c.d.s and a light but largely readable strike of the violet boxed cachet "POSTAL SERVICE M.E.F / AERIAL POST - BASRAH-DELHI / PER / HANDLEY-PAGE AEROPLANE", Allahabad arrival datestamps (Jan 22/23). Sent by road or rail to Ahwaz and then flown by the "Old Carthusian" to Ormara. Very scarce, just six flown covers from Basrah recorded by Kimpton. Photo on Page 6. £500-600
Click to view full image... 1919 (Jan 12) India ¼a postal stationery postcard to India, written on January 12th when the "Old Carthusian" was at Bandar Abbas, endorsed "on active service", the message reads "by first aeroplane postal service between England (Ipswich) and India. Pilots: Genl. McEwen & Major McLaren, Passengers: 1 B.O and 3 mechanics. H.M.A "Old Carthusian", 12-1-19". Cancelled upon arrival at Karachi (Jan. 17) with the magenta three line cachet "FIRST THROUGH AERIAL MAIL / GREAT BRITAIN TO INDIA / KARACHI 14 1 1919" (altered to 17 1 1919 in manuscript) with circular "PASSED CENSOR / 3 / KARACHI". A fine and rare card flown from Bandar Abbas, the flight cachet probably applied at Karachi, where the card was put into the post. Photo on Page 6. £1,500-1,800
Click to view full image... 1919 (Jan) Stampless cover to Karachi endorsed "On Field Service" and signed A. Thomas with the magenta cachet "FIRST THROUGH AERIAL MAIL / GREAT BRITAIN TO INDIA / KARACHI 14 1 1919" (altered to 17 1 1919 in manuscript) and circular "PASSED CENSOR / 2 / KARACHI", a Karachi c.d.s (Jan. 17) on the reverse. A fine and scarce cover. Photo on Page 9. £1,250-1,500
Click to view full image... "Old Carthusian" and Ross Smith Flights. 1919 (Jan 10) Stampless India Field Service postcard to a nurse at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Sydney, Australia, signed B. Clement and written by Bruce Clement from Baghdad, the message including "just slipping this along per aeroplane today from here ..... hang on to this as a novelty & keep, note when you receive it", inscribed "Received 20.3.1920". The card was flown by the "Old Carthusian" from Baghdad to India, then carried by ship to England by Ross Smith or Jim Bennett, and flown by them on their record breaking 27 day flight from England to Australia. The card is signed upon arrival "J. Bennett, Darwin, 12.12.19" and subsequently had the "FIRST AERIAL POST / ENGLAND-AUSTRALIA" vignette applied, tied by the oval "FIRST AERIAL MAIL / RECEIVED / 26. FEB. 1920 / GREAT BRITAIN TO AUSTRALIA". 30 Covers or cards from Mesopotamia, mostly from members of the Australian Wireless Squadron, were handed to Brigadier General MacEwen and flown on the "Old Carthusian" subsequently being carried on the Ross Smith flight, probably in the care of Sgt. Bennett who signed 25 of them after arrival at Darwin. Some of these 30 items no longer survive, and most show no indication of their origin, simply being stampless O.A.S covers. A little minor creasing, otherwise fine. A rare and important card carried on two famous pioneer flights. Photo on Page 9. £4,500-6,000
Click to view full image... Ross Smith Flight. 1919 (Nov 24) Cover sent by G.A MunGavin, British Consul at Bandar Abbas, addressed to his sister at the Consulate, endorsed "Aerial Post - Captain Ross Smith A.R.A.F Flying first Vickers Vimy Biplane England to Australia", franked India 1a and 1½a tied by "BANDAR-ABAS c.d.s. Handstamped violet "PER / VICKERS "VIMY" AEROPLANE / TO AUSTRALIA", flown as far as Karachi with an arrival backstamp (Nov. 25). Just 18 covers and cards are recorded from Bandar Abbas carried on the Ross Smith flight; 14 were flown to Karachi and four to Australia. A fine and rare Ross Smith flight cover. Photo on Page 9. £2,000-2,500
  Ross Smith Flight. Real photo picture postcards showing the Vickers Vimy aeroplane used for the flight, or the four crew. Also a commemorative postcard produced shortly after the flight reached Australia. (3). £80-100
Click to view full image... 1919 (Feb 24) Stampless O.A.S cover to England signed S.A Winson, Capt., with F.P.O 55 c.d.s and magenta boxed cachet "POSTAL SERVICE, M.E.F / AERIAL MAIL, BAGHDAD-CAIRO / BY. 31ST. WING. R.A.F., MESOPOTAMIA", backstamped at Cairo with Army Post Office SZ10 skeleton c.d.s (Mar 1), inscribed "Received March 12 in Oxford". Flown by two RAF DH4 aircraft which left Baghdad on Feb. 25 piloted by Major O.T Boyd and Capt. F. Nuttall; the flight was delayed by rain at Damascus, whilst both planes were forced down by engine trouble and were finally delivered to Kantara by rail, the journey taking five days. A fine and scarce flight cover. Photo on Page 9. £1,000-1,200
Click to view full image... 1919 (Feb 24) Cover carried on the same R.A.F flight to Cairo, endorsed O.A.S but still franked 1a, the stamps tied by the F.P.O 55 c.d.s and the magenta Aerial Post cachet. Addressed to "Miss Kirwan, Y.M.C.A, Karradal, Baghdad" and signed "O. Boyd", the pilot of one of the two aeroplanes. Backstamped on March 2, endorsed "Base Deposil"(?) in blue crayon. A fine cover, unusually franked and the only recorded pilot signed cover from this scarce flight. Photo on Page 9. £1,200-1,500
Click to view full image... 1919 (Mar 13) Stampless O.A.S cover signed J. Gibson, addressed to his wife at Inquanduli, Tembuland, S. Africa, with F.P.O 55 c.d.s and violet boxed "POSTAL SERVICE, M.E.F / AERIAL MAIL, BAGHDAD-CAIRO / BY. 31ST. WING. R.A.F., MESOPOTAMIA", partial A.P.O arrival datestamp. Flown by two RAF DH9 aircraft piloted by Capt. A. Styran and Lt. J. Mills of 142 Squadron, who left Baghdad on March 14th and arrived in Cairo two days later on March 16th, calling at Ramadi and Damascus en route. Kimpton records just seven covers from this flight. A fine and rare cover to a very unusual destination. Photo on Page 9. £1,200-1,500
Click to view full image... 1919 (May 12) Stampless cover to Scotland inscribed "By aerial mail" and signed "W. Leith Ross, Major" with red circular "CIVIL POSTS / AERIAL / IRAQ" cachet, backstamped at F.P.O 85 and upon arrival at Ellon (June 3). Believed to have been flown from Baghdad to Cairo by two R.A.F DH9 aircraft of 142 Squadron piloted by Lt. Milnes and Lt. Mechan who were returning to their Squadron at Suez, having flown from Suez to Baghdad with Lt. Col. Wilson who was returning from the peace Conference. The "Civil Posts" cachet is only recorded on this flight and on mail carried in January 1920 by Matthews and Kay (see next lot). Also a 12 May 1919 letter on R.A.F GHQ, M.E.F notepaper, "Dear Dolly, Second Aerial mail to leave here, thought you might like the envelope, yours Bob" evidently sent with another flown cover. A rare R.A.F flight, just eight covers recorded from this flight by Kimpton. Photo on Page 9. £1,200-1,500
Click to view full image... 1920 (Jan 25) Cover to Kent bearing ½a and 1a stamps cancelled violet circular "CIVIL POSTS / AERIAL / IRAQ", the ½a also tied by a Baghdad H.O c.d.s, flown from Baghdad to Karachi by Capt. G.C Matthews and Sgt. T.D Kay, contestants in the England to Australia air race (which was won by the Australians Ross and Smith). After many delays and mishaps Matthews and Kay finally crashed at Bali. A rare cover from this famous air race; Kimpton records just five other covers from this flight all with this cachet in violet. Light vertical fold, otherwise superb. Photo on Page 9. £1,200-1,500
Click to view full image... 1920 (Aug 3) Cover addressed "To Major T.N Holman M.C, c/o Colonel Abbot, c/o 17th Division, Hillah" inscribed "By air c/o 30 Sq 3/8/20" by the sender and endorsed "By air" in red crayon, bearing an uncancelled 1½a stamp, central vertical fold, otherwise fine and rare. Also a stampless O.A.S cover to the military hospital at Karind with "M/1244" cachet, inscribed "E.L.S" (Emergency Letter Service? - possibly by air) then crossed out and inscribed "Not ELS". Emergency R.A.F air services operated during the Arab Rebellion to both Hillah (which was besieged in August) and Karind (cut off after the railway was cut from August 10th until Sept. 21st). Though undated it seems likely the cover to Karind was carried or intended to be carried by air, whilst the cover to Hillah was dropped by a DH9A of 30 Squadron to the British forces in the besieged city. Newall states four covers are known to exist, though this is the only one we have seen; illustrated by Kimpton (page 85). A very rare pair. (2). Photo on Page 11. £400-500

R.A.F Official Postal Services, 1923-37

  1923 (Oct 1) Stampless postcard to "F/O Pritchard, No. 84 Squadron R.A.F, Shaibah" endorsed "By Official Mail Air, Baghdad-Shaibah. 1-10-23" and signed by the pilot A.C Harrison P.O, also signed by Pritchard on the same day, with oval cachet "AIR MAIL CENTRE / ROYAL AIR FORCE / 1 OCT 1923 / HANAIDI". The reverse has the pencil note "a solitary official mail for Govt correspondence". A scarce R.A.F flight, very little mail believed to have been carried, the few known cards all sent to Pritchard. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1923 (Oct 1) Similar stampless card to Pritchard at Shaibah with the Hinaidi cachet, pilot signed. Photo on Page 11. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1923 (Oct 16) Stampless O.H.M.S cover to "O.C 55 Squadron, Mosul" inscribed "By air" with oval "AIR MAIL CENTRE / ROYAL AIR FORCE / 16 OCT 1923 / HINAIDI" cachet, flown from Baghdad to Mosul via Kirkuk by 45 Squadron. Only a very small amount of official mail carried on these flights, with few covers surviving. Photo on Page 11. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1923 (Nov 27) Stampless O.H.M.S cover to "Accounting Officer, No. 1 Squadron, R.A.F Hinaidi" endorsed "Mosul to Baghdad" with the oval cachet "AIR MAIL CENTRE / ROYAL AIR FORCE / 27 NOV 1923 / HINAIDI" applied upon arrival fine and scarce. Photo on Page 11. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1925 (Nov 11) Stampless O.H.M.S cover (reduced at left) "To the Chief Engineer, Iraq Railways, Baghdad" endorsed ""By Air Mail" in red crayon with "ARMY / AHQ / SIGNALS" c.d.s of the Army Head Quarters at Mosul, a green bilingual "Poste Aerienne" label applied (possibly at a later date), a scarce official cover flown by the R.A.F from Mosul to Baghdad. Photo on Page 11. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1926 (June 23) Stampless Official cover to "Accountant Officer, No. 4 Flying Training School, Abu-Sueir, Egypt" inscribed "Air Mail", flown by the R.A.F from Baghdad to Heliopolis and then put into the civil post. Handstamped oval "AIR MAIL CENTRE / ROYAL AIR FORCE / 23 JUNE 1926 / HINAIDI" and "HELIOPOLIS DETAILS / 26 JUNE 1926 / ROYAL AIR FORCE" with "ARMY / HND / SIGNALS" and Heliopolis datestamps. Backstamped at Cairo and Abu Suwer (June 26) with oval receipt cachet "ACCOUNTANT OFFICER / 28 JUNE 1926 / 4 F.T.S, R.A.F., ABU SUEIR". A rare and attractive R.A.F flight cover from Iraq to Egypt. Photo on Page 11. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1934 (Apr 16) Cover to Baghdad endorsed "By Air from Dhiban, R.A.F Mail" bearing a blue By Air Mail label and franked 8f tied by Baghdad Cantonment c.d.s, backstamped with a Baghdad Dely c.d.s an hour later, with the boxed cachet "Aerial Mail, from Dhibban, / Per R.A.F Aeroplane K. 1401". Very scarce. Photo on Page 11. £150-250
Click to view full image... 1937 (May 31) Stampless cover to "Squadron Leader G.W Hayes R.A.F, 55 (B) Squadron, Hinaidi" with the Dhibban Headquarters cachet on the front, endorsed "By Air Mail" and signed "A. Blyth Sgt. Pilot, Vincent K6331, 31 May 1937, 55 (B) Squadron". Backstamped with violet oval "No 55 (B) SQUADRON / ORDERLY ROOM / 31 MAY 1937 / ROYAL AIR FORCE" and inscribed "Carried in Vincent of No. 55 (B) Sqdn on first flight of air mail service Hinaidi-Dhibban. 31.5.37 Hinaidi-Dhibban off 06.30 hrs L.T Time 35 mins, Dhibban-Hinaidi off 07.30 hrs L.T Time 35 mins". A unique cover, flown in both directions on the first flights of May 31 and signed by the pilot. Photo on Page 11. £350-450
  1937 (May 31) Similar stampless cover to "Wing Commander S.S Benson A.F.C, Air Headquarters, British Forces in Iraq, Hinaidi" endorsed "By air mail", with black circular "HEADQUARTERS / Ref. No .... / 31 MAY 1937 / AIRCRAFT DEPOT, IRAQ, R.A.F DHIBBAN" and violet oval "CENTRAL REGISTRY / 31 MAY 1937 / A.H.Q HINAIDI". As a result of the Anglo-Iraq Treaty R.A.F units were moved from Mosul and Hinaidi to a new cantonment at Dhibban; the Iraqi Post Office could only offer a limited car service to the new base and as a result the R.A.F operated a daily emergency air service for R.A.F correspondence between Dhibban and Hinaidi. The service lasted from 31 May 1937 until January 8th 1938, when the move from Hinaidi to Dhibban was finally completed. A fine cover from the first flight, just 11 covers carried on this flight. £200-250
  1937 (June 1) Long stampless O.H.M.S cover to "Wing Commander E.J.D Townsend, Aircraft Depot, Dhibban, Iraq" endorsed "By air mail - Hinaidi-Dhibban, No 55 (B) Sqdn aircraft" with the violet 'No. 55 (B) Squadron Orderly Room' cachet on the front and the 'Headquarters Dhibban' cachet on reverse, with an accompanying letter "1.6.37, Dear Wing Commander, Herewith the envelope duly marked as requested. I have asked the ADST to keep any further envelopes for you. I hope to be over fairly soon to view the country home of the future, yours sincerely G.W Hayes". Believed to be the only cover carried on this second flight from Hinadi to Dhibban. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1937 (June 7) Stampless cover to "Wing Commander S.S Benson A.F.C, Air Headquarters, Hinaidi" endorsed "By service air mail Per 30 (B) Sqdn" with the oval 'Hinaidi Central Registry' cachet in violet and black 'Headquarters Dhibba' cachet. Fine and rare, just two covers carried on this flight, the first to be flown by 30 (B) Sqdn. Photo on Page 13. £200-250

1924-37 Pioneer Flights

  1924 (Nov 11) French Military flight from Damascus to Baghdad, two similar army postcards bearing Syria 1924 (July) "Avion" surcharge set of four tied by Damas datestamps, the violet cachet "COURRIER PAR AVION" tying the three lower values, with Lower Baghdad arrival datestamps on both sides, fine and scarce. (2). £150-200
Click to view full image... 1926 (June 25) Picture postcard from Chaville to Basrah bearing France 75c and a red Par Avion label, flown by Ludovic and Paul Arrachart in their record breaking 2675 mile non-stop flight from Villaconblay near Paris to Basrah, with the violet cachet "POSTMASTER POSTS & TELEGRAPHS / RECEIVED / 27 JUNE 1926 / Reg. No..... / BASRAH". Fine and scarce, just 27 covers and cards flown to Basrah. Photo on Page 13. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1926 (June 25) Cover to Bucarest with France 25c and 1f cancelled at Chaville and a red Par Avion label, flown by the Arrachart Brothers on their record breaking flight to Basrah and then flown on the return flight as far as Bucarest, with the oval Basrah Postmaster cachet, a Bucuresti c.d.s (July 8) and violet "Aero-Clubul Regal al Romianiei". Fine and scarce, just 21 covers carried on both flights. Photo on Page 13. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1926 (Dec 23) Cover flown by Capt. Neville Stack and F.O Bernard Leete on the Baghdad to Cairo leg of their London to Delhi flight, to the Postmaster of Karachi bearing Iraq ½a, 1a, 1½a, 2a and 3a stamps cancelled by boxed "IRAQ to INDIA / By Light Aeroplane / with Messrs Stack & Leete" and three Baghdad H.O datestamps with a Karachi (Jan 8) backstamp, signed by both pilots. Also another cover franked 8a tied by the boxed cancel and the Baghdad H.O c.d.s of 21 Dec, backstamped at Colaba, Bombay (Jan 11). 465 Covers were carried but just eight of these were reportedly signed by the two pilots; 408 covers were cancelled on Dec 21 with just 57 covers accepted and cancelled after this date. (2). Photo on Page 13. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1926 (Sep 27) Cover to Kent flown by Alan Cobham from Baghdad to London, the return flight upon completing his survey flight from England to Australia. Franked by Iraq 1½a, 2a and 4a tied by boxed "BY AIR / Iraq to Great Britain / with Alan Cobham" and tied by two Baghdad H.O datestamps, backstamped in London (Oct. 2) Horizontal fold well away from the stamps and cancels, otherwise fine, 110 covers flown. Photo on Page 13. £120-150
  1926 (Sep 27) Similar cover to Surrey franked 8a, tied by the boxed cancel and Baghdad H.O c.d.s, London arrival backstamp, very fine. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1927 (May 20) R.A.F World long distance record attempt, G.B to India flight by F/Lt Carr and Gillman, which ended after 3,420 miles near Bandar Abbas. Cover to Calcutta with G.B 1½d cancelled at Cranwell, endorsed "London-India via Horsely Rolls", with an Iraq 3a cancelled at Lower Baghdad. A very rare cover, just three covers recorded from this flight. Photo on Page 13. £500-700
Click to view full image... 1927 (July 13) Cover from Karachi to Baghdad franked India ½a, 1½a, carried on the Batavia to Amsterdam return flight piloted by Capt. G. Geysendorffer and J. Scholte with the American millionaire W. van Lear Black and J.L Bayline as passengers. Endorsed and signed "Amsterdam to Batavia & Return, H-NADP - K.L.M 14/7/27, J. Leo Bayline" and backstamped at Baghdad (July 20), with boxed bilingual "PLEASE RETURN THIS COVER TO / THE POSTMASTER BAGHDAD FOR / AN OFFICIAL ENQUIRY" (crossed through in pencil). Very scarce, just five covers flown from Karachi to Baghdad. Photo on Page 13. £300-400
Click to view full image... 1928 (Aug 31) "Princess Xenia" return flight from Karachi to Croydon, India 1½a postcard to Magil flown by Capt. C Barnard and F/O Alliott to Bushire with octagonal "KARACHI / 31 AUG 28 / UNPAID", "KARACHI / DUE / TWO ANNAS" and a "Magil" arrival c.d.s (Sep 7), bearing a blue By Air Mail label and signed by the two pilots. Piece missing at lower right corner and a closed tear at lower left but very rare. Just three similar postcards recorded from this return flight to Iraq, all of which have corner faults. Photo on Page 13. £300-400
  1929 (Jan 3) Cover to England bearing Iraq 6a cancelled by boxed "IRAQ TO INDIA / By Light Aeroplane / with Vct, and Vcters. /J. de Sibour", backstamped at Baghdad and Karachi (Feb. 5). Also 1½a and 3a stamps with the boxed cancel and a piece with 1a, 1½a, 2a cancelled by two strikes of the same cancel. 50 covers were flown from Baghdad to Basra and then carried by ship to Karachi; the loose stamps and piece showing at least two of these covers were destroyed. Light horizontal fold, otherwise fine. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1929 (Jan 3) Similar cover to England with 1½a and 3a stamps tied by the boxed cachet and backstamped at Baghdad and Karachi, endorsed "By special light aeroplane via Karachi" and signed by the two pilots. Also a 1932 letter from Alan Robertson at Selfridges & Co Philatelic Dept., stating that only two flown covers were signed by the pilots at his personal request (Violette de Sibour being the daughter of the stores owner H.G Selfridge). A rare pilot signed cover. Photo on Page 16. £240-280
  1930 (Jan 11) Istres to Pondicherry flight by L. Girier and P. Weiss, registered cover flown from Tangier to Basra, undelivered and returned with a Baghdad D.L.O label applied, handstamped bilingual boxed "NOT KNOWN" and "D.L.O BAGHDAD". £80-100
  1934 (Oct 30) Radifan Oil Co. Ltd receipt for 33 gallons of aviation spirit supplied to G-ABJU (DH Moth) flown from England to Baghdad by Lord Semphill. Semphill flew from London to Darwin and then to Papua and back; a few covers were carried on both flights. Also 1937 (May 24) Mrs H.B Bonney solo flight from Brisbane to Cape Town, cover originally posted at Brisbane (Apr 8) with Australia ½d pair and Queensland 1d, reposted at Magil with Iraq 5f, 10f and flown to Bombay. Backstamped at Basra (May 24), Bombay (June 5) and Brisbane with flight cachets on both sides, pilot signed. (2). £100-150

1934 MacRobertson Air Race

Click to view full image... 1934 (Oct 19) Cover to Baghdad, carried by Miss Freda Thompson on the Baghdad to Melbourne leg of her solo flight from England to Australia. Franked by two Iraq 3f stamps cancelled by Baghdad c.d.s or violet oval "21 OCT. 1934 / BAGHDAD AIR PORT POST & TELS OFFICE" datestamp (used at the temporary P.O at Baghdad Air Port during the MacRobertson Air Race), posted registered from South Yarra (Dec 17) to Baghdad with Australia 2d and 4d stamps. Signed on the reverse "Freda Thompson, England-Australia Nov 1934" with a Melbourne (Dec 17) arrival c.d.s from the original flight, South Yarra and Baghdad (19 Jan 1935) datestamps. Very rare, just four covers carried. Photo on Page 16. £250-300
  1934 (Oct 21) Cover to London sent by K.L.M with 5f, 10f and 20f stamps tied by the oval "BAGHDAD AIR PORT POST & TELS OFFICE" datestamp in violet. The enclosed letter includes "I am posting this at the air port - a special post office open for the England-Australia flight. The postmark will be Baghdad air port. Got to bed at 4 this morning, saw the Mollisons, Scott & the Dutch machines arrive". Very fine. £100-120
  1934 (Oct 21) Similar cover to Scotland sent by K.L.M with 5f and 30f tied by the oval Baghdad Air Port cancel in violet, very fine. £100-120
  1934 (Oct 21) Real photo picture postcard of Baghdad Air Port sent to Scotland by K.L.M with 8f and 10f tied by the oval Baghdad Air Port cancel in violet, very fine. £100-120
  1934 (Oct 26) Cover sent locally in Baghdad with 4f tied by the oval Baghdad Air Port cancel in violet, very fine. £80-100

1921-26 R.A.F Baghdad-Cairo Air Service

Click to view full image... 1921 (Oct 13) Cover from Huddersfield to Baghdad inscribed "By Air Cairo-Baghdad" and franked ½d block of four and 2d pair + strip of four paying the 2d postage + 1/- air fee, carried on the first flight from Cairo on October 29th, with 30 Oct arrival backstamp of Baghdad. This 1/- air fee applied to just nine mail despatches from London (and four flights from Cairo) before being reduced to 6d in December. 136 Letters from G.B were carried on the first flight, 64 sent on the first despatch on October 13th and 72 sent a week later. A rare commercial first despatch & flight cover, just 1,094 1/- air fee letters sent from G.B, very few of which survive. Photo on Page 16. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1921 (Dec 14) W.T Wilson cover from Birmingham to Baghdad bearing a blue By Air Mail label and inscribed "Cairo-Baghdad", franked 2d + 6d, intended for the first despatch at the reduced 6d air fee which was sent from London on 15th December, but posted too late and despatched from London on the 22nd, therefore flown from Cairo on the 7th January flight with a 10 Jan. arrival backstamp. Just two despatches of mail totalling 988 covers were sent at the 6d + 2d imperial letter rate from London, before mail to Iraq became liable to the foreign letter rate of 3d. Also a fine real photo card of an R.A.F plane operating on the Cairo-Baghdad route. (2). Photo on Page 16. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1921 (Dec 28) Cover from Richmond to Basra and redirected back to England franked 9d black, bearing a blue By Air Mail label, flown on the 7th January flight from Cairo with a 10 Jan. arrival backstamp. The first London mail despatch and Cairo-Baghdad flight at the foreign letter rate of 3d + 6d air fee, scarce. Photo on Page 16. £150-180
  1922 (Apr 22 - Dec 13) Covers from G.B to Iraq bearing By Air Mail labels in blue-green (4, one with "P.P Ltd" imprint) or dark blue, all franked at the 9d rate by 9d green (2), 3d + 6d, 1d + 8d or 1d + 3d + 5d, all with Baghdad arrival backstamps, one also backstamped at Indian F.P.O No. 41, two with addressees name erased, otherwise all fine and early covers. (5). £150-200
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