Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
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Date: 26th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
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Auction Lots - Page 19
  Middle East. 1948-2000 Covers and cards including Israeli forces mail from 1948-49 and later conflicts; 1956 Egypt F.P.Os (3); UNEF in Egypt; 1956 censors from Egypt, Lebanon and Syria; U.N forces in Lebanon; Israel 1956 occupation of Gaza and subsequent re-occupation; Egyptian occupation of Gaza and subsequent re-occupation in 1957; mail from Jordanian controlled West Bank; 1948 covers from British forces sent after the Mandate had ended (3, F.P.O 154); 1948-49 Egypt F.P.O in Palestine (2); 1970 cover to the PLO hijacker Leila Khaled at Ealing Police Station; 1957 Red Cross message form from Egypt to Gaza during the Israeli occupation; 1948 Nabariya Emergency Post cachet on commercial cover to London with Palestine stamps cancelled at Haifa; 2000 Palestine Authority Gaza censor cachet, etc. An interesting lot, many on pages. (116). £250-300
  Nigeria - Biafran War. 1969-70 Covers comprising c.1970 cover from Obosi to USA with 2/- paid in cash, reverse with boxed cachet "Please enclose your reply in a separate envelope / Addressed: c/o SPECIAL REPRESENTATIVE OF THE / REPUBLIC OF BIAFRA / P.O. BOX 276 / GRAND CENTRAL STATION / NEW YORK / N.Y 10017"; Nigerian army mail with On Active Service cachets (4, all to G.B, one stampless, some faults); and 1969 cover from Biafra Team 21 International Red Cross Delegation posted at Cotonou, Dahomey. (6). £150-180
  West Africa. 1946-2010 Covers and cards including stampless O.A.S covers or forces rate air mail covers from British forces in Nigeria (21), Gold Coast/Ghana (24), Sierra Leone (5) or Cameroon (3); 1961 British F.P.O covers from Southern Cameroons (8, F.P.Os 188, 573, 594, 600, also an ingoing cover and local cover bearing Cameroons 3d); also later items from Sierra Leone, refugee mail, etc. (87). £200-250
  Somalia / East Africa. 1976-2003 Covers mostly from Somalia, showing how the postal service disintegrated in the 1990s with Red Cross forms (7) and covers from Somalia bearing stamps of Kenya (13, nine handstamped "VIA ICRC"), Djibouti (6, four with boxed handstamp "HAMA INTERNATIONAL / P&T SECTION / Mogadishu") or UAE (2, cancelled at Dubai or Abu Dhabi) and stampless covers handstamped "PORT PAYE" (13, three types) or violet boxed "P.P" (5, three with date and manuscript "Hargeisa"). Also refugee mail, covers from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti, etc., and covers from U.N forces in Somalia with Indian F.P.O 790 or oval "FREE MILITARY MAIL / MOGADISHU / 13 SEP 1993 / SOMALIA / UNOSOM". (76). £180-220
  Netherlands Indies. 1946-49 Dutch forces mail, various F.P.O cancels including Netherlands Post Office Singapore (2), Australian type datestamps of Balikpapan or Batavia, and boxed provisional datestamp of Koepang. Also 1962 forces mail from Suriname or Dutch New Guinea, a few faults. (24). £100-120
  Indo-China & Vietnam War. 1948-73 Covers and cards including 1948-56 French forces mail (12); 1954-60 International Control Commission, mail sent by personnel from India (6), Canada (6, four from Laos or Cambodia), G.B or Poland (2, one posted in China); 1959-72 Vietnam War mail from North Vietnan forces (2, one with stamp removed), South Vietnam forces (8), U.S forces (25), New Zealand forces (2, one from N.Z air force in Thailand) or Australian forces (7); cover from German hospital ship "Helgoland"; 1973-74 covers from Polish or Canadian delegates of International Control Commission; G.B cover with anti-Vietnam label; and 1970-72 Cambodian covers with censor cachets (5, three types), an interesting lot. (80). £250-300

  USA. 1947-96 Covers and cards on pages, various US army, air force or ship cancels, including Operation Deep Freeze mail from the Antarctic (18), Ascension, G.B, etc. (195). £120-150


The Mac McClaren Collection

This fine collection won a Gold medal at Stampex 2009 with a display entitled "First World War Censorship, Malaya", and has been displayed to The Malaya Study Group. It contains many scarce cachets and seals, with considerable research shown into the types, numbers and dates of usage, and the use of WW2 seals with clipped corners or altered numbers by other censors whilst additional censor marks were being manufactured. The collection also includes WW2 forces mail and clipper rate air mails, with some very short lived postal rates and scarce high frankings.

World War One

  1916 Federated Malay States charity labels, set of four in differing colours inscribed "Belgian Relief" (used, c.d.s cancel), "Red Cross Fund", "Roberts Memorial" or "War Relief"; and Straits Settlements War Fund labels sold by Lord Roberts Memorial Workshops, comprising 3c blue (corner fault) and 10c red. (6). £100-120
  India. 1915-18 Covers (14) and picture postcards (2) from Straits Settlements, Kedah or Federated Malay States to India, all censored in India with labels or cachets applied at Madras, Bombay or Calcutta, one O.H.M.S cover from Singapore to the Commandant of the P.O.W Camp at Ahmednagar, the Kedah cover registered from Alor Star (with boxed Registration datestamp) franked on reverse by fourteen 1c Kedah stamps, a 10c registration envelope uprated 4c from Singapore with very scarce boxed "PASSED / CENSOR / CALCUTTA / 1" (only recorded used in March 1918). A few covers with some toning or the occasional small edge fault, a useful group with some scarce censor cachets. (16). £280-320
  1914-15 Covers (8) and cards (3) from Straits Settlements or Federated Malay States, to Persia (2), Burma (2), Ceylon, USA (2), Malta or Switzerland (3, one registered), the two covers to Burma with Rangoon censor labels, others censored in Ceylon, Malta (early use of "PASSED BY CENSOR" with Malta c.d.s of 6 Sep 1914), USA or in transit in India (7), a few faults though the majority are fine, an interesting selection. (11). £150-180
  1914-22 Covers from the Netherlands Indies to G.B, Switzerland, USA, Holland or Germany (2), or from India to Java, all sent via Singapore, censored in India (2), USA or G.B (3, one 1916 cover detained until after the war with 1919 arrival c.d.s and boxed "RELEASED BY THE / BRITISH MILITARY AUTHORITIES"), also 1922 cover with German currency control label, the cover from India with censor label handstamped "Censor / Calcutta" and tied by N.E.I Postagent Singapore transit c.d.s. (7). £100-120

Penang Censors

Click to view full image... 1914 (Nov 17) Cover franked 8c from Penang to Langsa, Netherlands Indies, censored with two "STRAITS SETTLEMENTS. / E (arms) R / OPENED BY THE / CENSOR AND / OFFICIALLY / SEALED" labels, tied by a Medan c.d.s, also backstamped at N.I Postagent Penang and Langsa. A remarkable use of Edward VII censor labels, apparently produced during the Boer War and sent to the Straits Settlements in anticipation of camps for Boer P.O.Ws being established in Malaya. This never occurred and the labels were put into storage, reappearing in 1914 as a stopgap whilst King George V labels were produced and despatched to the Straits Settlements. Fewer than half a dozen examples recorded, all used at Penang. A highly unusual and rare item. Photo on Page 136. £400-500
  1915 Covers from Penang (3) or Kampar to India all with boxed "PASSED / LETTER CENSOR" (type PH1) applied at Penang in violet (3) or black, some cover toning but a scarce censor cachet, only recorded May-September 1915. (4). £140-160
Click to view full image... 1916 (Aug 23) Covers from Medan, Netherlands Indies, to Switzerland, both handstamped with the scarce boxed "PASSED / LETTER CENSOR / PENANG" in violet (type PH6, only recorded in August 1916), one also bearing the Penang censor seal (type P3) tied by violet "LETTER CENSOR'S OFFICE / G.P.O", both fine. (2). Photo on Page 136. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1917 Cover from Rangoon to Kuala Lumpur franked India 1a, Penang transit c.d.s (Dec 5) and circular "LETTER CENSOR / PASSED / No. 3 / PENANG" in violet (type PH3) also bearing Penang censor seal (type P3) tied by "LETTER CENSORS OFFICE / G.P.O". The only recorded example of this circular No. 8 censor cachet, just one example recorded of one other similar cachet with No.10 in centre. Photo on Page 136. £150-180
  1916-18 Covers from India to Kuala Lumpur, Netherlands Indies to Seremban or Kuala Lumpur to Switzerland franked F.M.S 3c + 5c all with Penang type P3 censor seals tied "LETTER CENSOR'S OFFICE / G.P.O", the 1917 cover to Switzerland also handstamped violet boxed "PASSED / BY CENSOR / PENANG" (type PH5) and the 1918 cover from Medan handstamped violet boxed "PASSED BY / POSTAL CENSOR / PENANG" (type PH7). (3). £150-180
Click to view full image... 1918-19 Covers from Federated Malay States (2) or Penang to Holland or Switzerland (2) all with Penang censor seals (type P3) tied by violet boxed "POSTAL CENSORS' OFFICE" (type PH8), the covers also handstamped violet "PASSED / BY CENSOR / PENANG" (2, PH5, one the latest recorded use) or "PASSED BY / POSTAL CENSOR / PENANG" (type PH7, latest recorded use). Three fine covers. (3). Photo on Page 136. £200-240

Singapore Censors

  1917 Cover from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore with F.M.S 3c on the reverse, the front with two strikes of violet "Saturn" handstamps, some toning and small edge tear at right but rare. £100-120
  1918 Covers from India to Singapore all with circular framed "Eye" cachets in violet, a little toning, otherwise fine and uncommon. (3). £140-160
  1918 Covers from Singapore to Muar franked 4c, or from Ceylon to Singapore franked 6c, both with circular framed "Eye" cachets in violet, a little toning but otherwise fine and uncommon. (2). £100-120
  1915-17 Covers from India to Singapore or Muar handstamped "PASSED CENSOR SINGAPORE" (3, type SH2), "Passed by Censor" type SH3 or SH7 (2) all in violet, two covers unpaid or underpaid with "4" or "8" charge marks of Singapore, some toning, all fine strikes. (6). £200-240
  1916-17 Covers from Indo-China to Malaya handstamped "PASSED CENSOR SINGAPORE" (SH2) or "Passed by Censor" (SH7), both in violet, or bearing Singapore type S3 censor labels (2, one cover stained), some toning. (4). £80-100
  1915 Covers handstamped "Passed by Censor" in violet, type SH3 on a 10c registration envelope franked 4c to England, or tying type S1 censor label on a cover from Switzerland to Singapore; and type SH7 on a cover from Penang to Singapore, the last cover toned, the other two fine. (3). £160-200
  1918-19 Covers from Seremban to Singapore bearing F.M.S 1c + 3c, or from India to Muar, both with circular "PASSED CENSOR / SINGAPORE" in violet or black (type SH5), the last a very late example of censorship in March 1919. A little toning and the India cover with unobtrusive tear at upper edge, an uncommon censor cachet. (2). £120-150
  1914 (Nov 19) Cover from Singapore to Italy franked 3c + 10c, bearing Singapore type S1 label (initialled in crayon), the earliest recorded use of any Malaya censor seal. £100-120
  1915 Covers from India (6) to Malaya, or sent within Malaya (3) all censored with Singapore type S1 labels (8, numbered between "1361" and "18745") or with the scarce type S9 label, most with some toning. (9). £220-260
  1916-18 Covers from Netherlands Indies to Holland (4, one registered) or from the Philippine Islands to Switzerland, all censored in transit, bearing Singapore labels, types S1 (tied by two wax seals impressed "...CENSOR / SINGAPORE"), S2, S4 (2, one from Philippines) or S6 (also with G.B label), all fine, a scarce and unusual group. (5). £300-350
Click to view full image... Sarawak. 1917 (Jan 10) Cover from Miri to Kuala Lumpur franked Sarawak 3c, transit datestamps of Kuching (Jan 15 and Jan 22) and Singapore, with Singapore type S6 censor seal tied by Kuala Lumpur arrival c.d.s. A fine and scarce censored cover from Sarawak. Photo on Page 142. £200-250
  1917 Covers from Penang bearing Singapore type S7 censor labels with "No. 1" or "No. 2" printed upon the labels, both these numbers previously unrecorded on this type of label, a little toning and minor edge faults, very scarce. (2). £140-160

World War Two

Forces Mail

Click to view full image... 1940-41 Covers with triangular British army censors comprising 1940 (Dec 3) cover from Kuala Lumpur bearing ten Selangor stamps paying the 55c Imperial Airways rate to G.B; 1940 (Dec 21) cover from Kota Bharu to India bearing Kelantan 8c; and 1941 (Sep 6) cover from Sungei Patani to India franked at the Imperial Airways rate by Kedah 25c tied by Indian "F.P.O / No. 36" c.d.s, three fine covers. (3). Photo on Page 142. £150-180
  1939-40 O.H.M.S Covers franked 8c from Singapore to India with differing "FORCE EMU" cachets, violet "PASSED / FOR / TRANSMISSION" or boxed "PASSED / 46 / CENSOR". (2). £80-100
  1940-41 Covers with army censors, comprising covers franked 8c from Singapore to G.B or India both with boxed censor No. 1111 or 1123; triangular censors on stampless cover to India with "F.P.O / No 32" c.d.s, covers franked at 25c Imperial Airways rate to India with "BASE POST OFFICE 4" or "F.P.O / No 36" c.d.s, or a cover to G.B franked 8c with "F.P.O / No. 50" c.d.s; and a stampless O.A.S cover with F.P.O SP502 c.d.s and boxed "PASSED BY / ARMY / CENSOR". Also 1941 air mail cover to India with 25c cancelled "INDIAN SECTION BASE OFFICE 3" and triangular "PASSED FOR / TRANSMISSION / 24" civil censor, and a 1942 cover from Scotland to a soldier in Malaya but returned to the sender, with boxed cachet. (9). £200-240
  Royal Navy / R.A.F. 1940-41 Covers with "FROM H.M SHIP" tombstone censors comprising three air mail covers to G.B franked 55c cancelled at Singapore (2) or F.P.O SP501 (also bearing 1c Malayan Patriotic Fund label), and a stampless O.A.S cover with F.P.O SP502 c.d.s; and an airmail cover franked 25c cancelled at F.P.O SP501, unusually addressed to New Zealand, with "RAF / CENSOR / 82". (5). £140-160
  Australian Forces. 1941 Covers franked at the 25c air mail rate to Australia, all with "A.I.F FIELD P.O" datestamps, numbers 17 and 20 bearing Straits stamps, No.18 on Perak 25c, No. 19 on Johore 25c and No. 20 on cover with red "POSTAGE PAID / 25 CENTS / MALAYA", two covers with triangular British army censor No. 2675, the other three with boxed Australian Imperial Force censors, all fine. (5). £200-240

Civilian Mail from Straits Settlements

Click to view full image... 1939 (Sep 1) Cover franked 12c to Batavia, endorsed "Qantas air mail, Singapore - Java", bearing a Singapore censor label (small part removed from front with no loss of wording, to show the Singapore c.d.s) endorsed "10". The earliest recorded censorship from Malaya, the label used two days before war was actually declared. An exceptional cover. Photo on Page 142. £120-150
  1939 (Sep 16) - 1940 (Apr 16) Covers to G.B (3, one franked 55c air mail rate), USA (4), Canada or France all bearing violet boxed "PASSED BY / CENSOR" with a central number, comprising "3" with clipped lower corner and "24" with two clipped corners, also 14, 26, 28, 37, 39, 47 or with similar but smaller No. 3 cachet in black applied at Penang. A good lot, the "clipped corner" cachets done to identify additional censors while new cachets were being made. (9). £180-200
  1939-40 Covers to USA with censor cachets showing numbers altered in manuscript, comprising 1939 (Sep 5) cover with boxed "PASSED BY / 19 / CENSOR" showing manuscript "B" after the number; 1940 (May 15) cover franked 60c for air to Hong Kong then sea to USA with similar type boxed censor, the central number "14" crossed out and altered to "6" and initialled; and 1940 (July 6) cover with "PASSED BY / CENSOR 46 / SINGAPORE" showing manuscript "R" after the number. Very unusual, probably due to a shortage of censor cachets. (3). £100-120
  1939-41 Covers franked 12c or 15c to USA (12) or 8c to Canada (3), six different types of Singapore censor cachets with various numbers, one bearing a Malayan Patriotic Fund 1c label unusually tied by the Singapore c.d.s, one with U.S "Supposed to Contain Matter Subject to the Provisions of Executive Order 8389 as amended" cachet. (15). £160-200
  1939-42 Covers sent by surface mail to India (2), Philippines, Australia (2, one registered), Netherlands Indies (2), G.B (2), Burma, New Zealand (registered) or South Africa, six different types of Singapore or Penang censor cachets with various numbers, the cover to Manila handstamped "ADVERTISED MAIL / MANILA P.I" c.d.s, "NON RECLAME", "RETOUR" and boxed "RETURNED TO SENDER / UNCLAIMED / FEB 7 1940". (12). £150-180
  1939-41 Air Mail covers franked 50c to New Zealand, 55c to G.B (5), India (2) or Iraq, or 60c to Switzerland or USA (for air to Hong Kong then sea to USA), four types of Singapore censors with various numbers, the cover to USA also with triangular "PASSED / CENSOR / 4" of Hong Kong, other covers censored in India or New Zealand, one cover to G.B uncensored. (11). £170-200
Click to view full image... 1939-41 Printed Matter covers franked 2c or 3c to USA (7), G.B, Ireland or Java, a postcard franked 2c to India, and a 2c postal stationery card to England, five differing types of Singapore or Penang censors with various numbers, one cover bearing Malaya Patriotic Fund 1c label unusually tied by the triangular Penang censor, a 1941 (Oct 6) cover with first day use of KGVI 2c orange and also bearing "Arrived Safely thanks to the British Navy and Air Force" patriotic label. (12). Photo on Page 142. £180-200
  1940-41 Covers paid 12c or 15c to USA, or 8c to Egypt, all with Singapore meter marks (machines U8, U32, U34, U43), one with "Enthrust Your Thirst to F.&N." slogan and bearing U.S "Supposed to Contain Matter Subject to the Provisions of Executive Order 8389 as amended" cachet, another with a "V" breaking a Swastika cachet. One uncensored, the others with triangular "PASSED FOR / TRANSMISSION / SINGAPORE / 63" or similar unnamed cachets numbered "63" or "110". (4). £100-120

Civilian Mail from Malayan States

Click to view full image... Johore. 1939 (Sep 4-12) Air Mail cover from Johore Bahru franked 5c (faults) + 50c, and a registered surface mail cover from Kluang franked 5c + 10c + 12c, both to G.B, with violet boxed "PASSED BY / 7 / CENSOR", the registered cover with the censor cachet showing clipped lower left corner, probably indicating use by another censor whilst additional handstamps were being made. Two fine early censor covers, the registered cover to Stanley Gibbons Ltd. (2). Photo on Page 142. £120-150
Click to view full image... Johore. 1939-41 Covers franked at the 2c printed matter rate to Australia, 8c surface rate to G.B, India or New Zealand, 12c surface rate to USA, or 55c Imperial Airways rate to G.B, cancels include Batu Pahat, Mersing and Muar, one cover bearing a Malaya Patriotic Fund 1c label, five types of Singapore censors with various numbers, all fine. (7). Photo on Page 142. £160-200
  Kedah. 1939-41 Covers from Alor Star (6) or Padang Serai, franked 8c to India (3) or Canada, 15c or 32c (overfranked) to USA, or at the 55c air mail rate to Australia, six differing types of Penang or Singapore censors with various numbers, the covers to India a little toned, otherwise fine. (7). £150-180
  Negri Sembilan. 1940-41 Covers sent at the 2c printed matter rate to USA, 8c surface rate to India (2) or 12c to Latvia, or the 55c Imperial Airways rate to G.B or Ireland, cancels include Tampin, Kuala Pilah and Ayer Kuning South, one uncensored until arrival in G.B, the others with three differing types of Singapore censor, various numbers. Also a 1941 (Sep 24) cover from Kuala Lumpur (Selangor) to Perak unusually bearing a Negri Sembilan 8c. (7). £160-180
Click to view full image... Perak. 1939-41 Covers sent by surface mail, franked at the 2c printed matter rate to USA or G.B, 8c rate to India (3), G.B (2, one to Dr F.E Wood) or Hong Kong, 12c to Sweden, USA or Indo-China, or 15c to USA (2), cancels include Telok Anson, Kampar and Sitiawan, the cover to Hong Kong not censored in Malaya but with circular "PASSED BY / 26 / CENSOR" applied upon arrival, the others with seven differing types of Penang or Singapore censors, a fine lot. (13). Photo on Page 142. £250-300
Click to view full image... Perak. 1939-41 Imperial Airways covers franked 50c (2) or 55c (3) to G.B, or $1.10 double rate to India, cancels include Tanjong Malim, Teluk Anson and Batu Gajah, censors include violet boxed "PASSED BY / 7 / CENSOR" with clipped lower left corner and similar but smaller No. "3" or "24" handstamps of Penang, triangular "PASSED FOR / TRANSMISSION / 8" of Singapore, and similar but taller type of Penang with number "41" (2), all fine. (6). Photo on Page 142. £170-200
  Selangor. 1939 (Sep 7-20) Covers franked at the 8c surface rate to Canada or New Zealand, or the 55c air mail rate to G.B (2), cancels include Kajang and Rawang, the first cover with scarce circular "PASSED BY CENSOR / (arms) / PENANG", the others censored in Singapore with violet boxed "PASSED BY / CENSOR" numbered "16" or number "3" with the lower right corner clipped (2, probably indicating use by another censor whilst further handstamps were being made). Four fine early censor covers. (4). £120-150
  Selangor. 1939-41 Covers sent by surface mail, franked 8c to G.B (5), Ireland (2), India or Canada, 12c to USA (4) or Sumatra, or 15c to USA (2), cancels include Sentul, Kajang, Bangi (2), Klang, Semenyih, Kepong and Brickfields Road Kuala Lumpur, seven differing types of Singapore and Penang censor cachets with various numbers, one cover with circular framed "TRAIN / LETTER" handstamp, two covers with US "Supposed to Contain Matter Subject to the Provisions of Executive Order 8389 as amended", all fine. (16). £220-260
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 26th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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