Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 26th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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Auction Lots - Page 18
  British Internees in Belgium. 1940 Stampless cover to England from F/O Kempster R.A.F in Fort de Borsbeek with Brussels machine and "DEPOTS D'INTERNMENT / CENSURE MILITAIRE", minor opening tears but very scarce; Kempster's plane was one of just three R.A.F aircraft forced to land in neutral Belgium prior to the German invasion of Belgium on 10th May 1940. Also a 1941 cover to a British P.O.W at Baron Michel Barracks, Malines, Belgium, forwarded to Germany. (2). £100-120
  British Internees in Europe. 1941-43 Covers with cover from a British internee in Copenhagen sent by air mail to Scotland franked 85ore, handstamped "Correspondence d'interne civil". Also 1941 cover from an internee at Bad Neuenahr strangely sent via the Foreign Office, signed by the Foreign Secretary A. Cadogan with Foreign Office cachet, London Paid machine, G.B and German censors; and covers to or from internees at St. Denis (2) or Tost. (5). £80-100
  British Internees in France / Algeria. 1942 Covers from Sgt. Hardy R.A.F interned at Laghouat, Algeria (2); cover from a Mr Natron of the merchant navy in the interment camp at Mecheria near Oran, to Hardy in the camp at Laghouat; and a cover from a soldier in "Detachment W" interned at Chambaran Camp in Vichy France. (4). £80-100
  1943 Stampless covers from Meredith Starr, a British internee in the Italian internment camp at Sospel near Nice, then occupied by Italy, to his wife in Monaco, one bearing a Monaco 3f postage due stamp (4); covers from Monaco franked 1f50 to Starr at Sospel camp (6); a cover from G.B to the camp redirected to Monaco; and a copy of a letter of thanks given to the camp commandant. (12). £100-120
Click to view full image... British P.O.W. in Russia / Germany. 1941 Covers from Pte. L. Howes in Stalag XXB (2), and a 1945 (June 25) cover endorsed from Howes in Hospital 5975 at Kharkov, posted from Kharkov to England franked Russia 70r with Russian censor cachet and seal, minor staining but an exceptional cover sent by a liberated British P.O.W from Russia. (3). Photo on Page 132. £100-120
  Japanese Camps. 1942-44 Stampless covers (2) and 3d P.O.W stationery postcards (2) all from Nottingham to Gunner Thomas Unwin R.A, P.O.W in Java (the first addressed to Malaya but redirected to Java), all with Japanese censor cachets. Also a 1945 (Oct 13) Japanese 2s postcard bearing a 1s stamp, pen cancelled, written by a former internee in Hong Kong (the writer, William Haslett, having been in the Hong Kong Navy Reserve at the time of surrender, but managed to change into civilian clothes and so was held in Stanley Internment Camp), written from R.M S "Empress of Australia" approaching Suez, to Northern Ireland, backstamped "FIELD POST OFFICE / 174" c.d.s. (5). £120-150
Click to view full image... Hong Kong. 1943 Portuguese Red Cross postcard from Macau to William Macauley, a British internee in Stanley Civilian Internment Camp with Macau datestamp and Red Cross cachets, Japanese censor cachet, very fine and unusual. Photo on Page 132. £150-200
  Hong Kong / Thailand. 1940-43 Covers to Pte A. Tucker in Hong Kong, the first from F.P.O 8 in France franked 1/3, the second a stampless cover to Tucker as a P.O.W with Japanese censor cachet, manuscript "K-17 OSK". Also a stampless 1944 card from Dublin to a British P.O.W in Thailand Camp No. 4 with Irish, G.B and Japanese censors. (3). £100-120
Click to view full image... Japanese P.O.W - Philippines. 1945 (Nov 26) 2s Postcard franked 2s, from Japan to "1st Lt Fuchiwaki Masaharu, P.O.W Camp 3, Leyte Detention Centre, A.P.O 72", with U.S army censor, very unusual. Photo on Page 132. £120-140

Post-World War Two Period

  Service Suspended - China. 1948-50 Covers from New Zealand to Manchuria with "Postal Service Suspended / return to sender" label, cover and air letter from G.B to China with boxed "SERVICE SUSPENDED / RETURN TO SENDER" or endorsed "Return to Sender, Service Suspended". (3). £100-120
  Service Suspended. 1946-c.2000 Covers (11) and a front with "NO SERVICE / RETURN TO SENDER" on 1946 wrapper to Austria, "PAS DE SERVICE VIA ISRAEL" on 1948 wrapper front to Israel, "UNABLE TO FORWARD / SERVICE SUSPENDED" on 1954 cover to Indo-China, more recent covers to Cambodia, Iraq/Middle East (6), Yugoslavia or Sao Tome & Principe. (12). £100-120
  1946-c.2000 British forces mail including Forces registration envelopes, F.P.Os in Swaziland, Madagascar, Greece, New Hebrides, Thailand, Trieste, Zaire River Expedition, Japan, Berlin Blockade, British Mission to Soviet forces in Berlin, various exercises, 1971 postal strike, courier mail, Army Signals datestamps, 1949 F.P.O 909 and 912 used on B.A.O.R T.P.Os, rare "holly" cancel used at Christmas 1958, etc., also AV7 forms recording the despatch of air mail from various F.P.Os, and covers to or from the army postal service. (c.290). £250-300
  Singapore / Germany - Delayed Mail. 1953 Cover from Singapore cancelled at F.P.O 965 (Nov 11), reverse with label explaining the letter was delayed abroad, with Home Postal Depot c.d.s (Nov 17); and 1958 cover sent within Germany, from F.PO 976 (Jan 31) with label regretting delay tied by F.P.O 993 c.d.s (Feb 18). The Singapore mails were found under floorboards, hidden by an overworked sorter. (2). £80-100
  London Home Postal Depot. c.1949-92 Covers and cards with Home Postal Depot R.E, London B.A.P.O, B.F.P.O London or F.P.O datestamps used at the Home Depot, also many cachets, R.L.B cachets and envelopes, AV7 forms, bag labels, etc. (270+). £160-200
  Pioneer Corps. 1949-55 Covers from Pioneer Corps troops raised in East Africa (5), Mauritius (17) or Seychelles (6) all sent from Egypt, twelve with cachets, nine registered. (28). £120-150
  Great Britain. 1951-87 Covers and cards with F.P.O cancels used at T.A camps, R.E mobile displays, Royal Tournament, etc., nearly all philatelic. (210+). £100-120
  Great Britain. 1951-69 Covers and cards with F.P.O cancels used at T.A camps, some philatelic though many others appear to be commercial. (96). £100-120
  Great Britain - Camps / R.A.F P.O. 1945-c.1980 Covers and cards with camp or R.A.F P.O datestamps, some registered covers including Locking, Orsett, Affric, Park Hall, Dundonald Camps, etc., also some pieces. (140+). £120-150
  Northern Ireland. 1967-84 British forces mail (79) including free air letters, also cover with "Peace Process Not Commodity" label tied by oval "I.R. P.O.W POST" cachet. (80). £100-120
  Malta & Gibraltar. 1946-85 Forces mail on pages, various F.P.Os from Malta (63) or Gibraltar (34) including registration envelopes, 1955 O.H.M.S Official Paid card from F.P.O 475 showing boxed "TO / PAY" (handstamp first issued to Gibraltar in 1842), etc. £100-120
  Somaliland / Former Italian Colonies. 1945-60 Covers from Libya, Somalia, Eritrea or Somaliland including "F.P.C CYRENAICA / POST PAID" and oval "4 POWER COMMISSION / POSTAGE PAID / TRIPOLITANIA" handstamps, stamps of British Somaliland (8), or overprint issues for Eritrea (10), Somalia (2), E.A.F (4) or M.E.F, various F.P.Os and cachets, also two 1949-50 covers with circular "B.M.M TO ETHIOPIA / POST OFFICE", etc. (49). £120-150
  Jordan. 1951-75 Covers and cards with forces mail sent through British F.P.Os or the civil postal service bearing Jordan stamps, includes mail from the Arab Legion, 1958 F.P.Os following the revolution in Iraq, etc. (25). £80-100
  Kenya. 1946-80 Covers and cards on pages, various F.P.Os, cachets, registered mail, forces rates, etc. (110). £150-180
  Kenya - Mau Mau Operations. 1952-56 Covers and cards all from troops in Kenya due to the Mau Mau emergency, various F.P.Os, forces rate covers franked 20c, many with regimental cachets, also a cover from Manyani Detention Camp with camp skeleton c.d.s. A good lot, most on pages. (62). £300-400
  Rhodesia / Nyasaland. 1947-95 Covers and cards from British forces in Northern or Southern Rhodesia, Nyasaland or Zambia, or Zimbabwe, includes forces rate covers with regimental cachets, 1980 Commonwealth Monitoring Mission, Rhodesia and Zambian forces, also 1947 cover from R.A.F in Bechuanaland, and 1957 covers from Rhodesian African Rifles in Malaya (2), etc. (58). £120-150
  West Indies / British Guiana / British Honduras. 1947-92 Covers and cards from Anguilla (7), British Guiana, British Honduras, Jamaica, Bermuda, various F.P.Os and cachets. (54). £100-120
  Oman / Bahrain / U.A.E. 1950-86 Covers and cards, the extensive lot from British forces, various F.P.Os with mail from R.A.F Bahrain, Muharraq, Masirah, Sharjah or Salalah, also from Kuwait, Muscat, Dubai, 1956 card to Jask Force, 1951 cover from British Military Mission to Saudi Arabia, mainly with G.B stamps but a good number with overprinted issues for the British Postal Agencies or Bahrain, a few more recent covers with Oman or Qatar stamps, some from local forces including Trucial Scouts, Sultan Armed Forces, etc., a few sent out through Aden. (400+). £600-800
  Aden. 1948-86 Covers and cards with British F.P.Os, also "R.A.F / ADEN" c.d.s (2), forces postal rates, a few Yemen items, etc., an extensive lot, mainly on pages. (230+). £250-350
  Malaya & Singapore. 1947-74 Covers and cards with various F.P.Os and cachets, forces rates (some disallowed and charged), mail sent during the 1948-58 Communist Insurgency period, Fiji, Australian or N.Z forces, etc., also four 1948-49 air letters from a planters wife in Kelantan with interesting contents regarding the insurgency. (179). £250-300
  Brunei, Sarawak, North Borneo & Labuan. 1948-90 Covers and cards, various F.P.Os, many sent during the 1963-68 conflict with Indonesia, also 1962 Azahari Rebellion in Brunei, forces rates, AV7 air mail forms, etc. (135). £250-300
  Hong Kong. 1947-97 Forces mail, various F.P.Os and cachets, forces rates, Army Signals datestamps, also a 1991 cover from a Cambodian detainee in White Head Detention Camp. (2). £80-100
  Christmas Island. 1956-63 Covers from troops involved in Operation Grapple, to test atomic weapons near Christmas Island, with "B.F.P.O / CHRISTMAS ISLAND" c.d.s (55), F.P.O 158, 1063 (6), etc., some illustrated covers, registered and official mail. (67). £100-120
  Australia & New Zealand. 1945-99 Covers and cards from Australian or N.Z army or navy forces including Japan, Military Mission to Germany or Berlin, also from British forces in Australia, several covers from atomic bomb tests in South Australia. (101). £120-150
  Pakistan / India / Ceylon. 1947-92 Covers and cards with mail from British forces at concession rates from Pakistan (24), India (2), Nepal (2), Burma (4) or Ceylon (9), covers from Pakistan P.O.Ws in India (2) or a Portuguese internee in Goa, Bhutan army, Indian peacekeepers in Ceylon, etc. (72). £100-120
  Naval Mail. 1946-85 Covers and cards with various British Fleet Mail, Maritime Mail or H.M Ships cancels including c.1946 cover from Shanghai bearing China $200 block, etc. (86). £100-120

Korean War

Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1948-c.1970 Covers comprising 1948 cover bearing South Korea 1w pair with "RELEASED BY CENSORSHIP" cachet; 1950 cover bearing North Korea 1w green; 1953-58 covers to Hungary or Czechoslovakia and a postcard to Sweden all with North Korea stamps, from delegates of the Neutral Nations Truce Supervisation Commission (one cover with 1954 5w on 6w surcharge); 1953 cover from the U.N French Liaison Group posted in Ceylon; 1955 cover from the Swiss delegation of NNSC posted in Japan; 1954 cover with Indian Custodian Force stamps posted at 99 Base P.O; and c.1970 cover to Denmark endorsed "Korean National Peace Committee" with violet "PAR AVION / T.P / PYONGYANG" containing propaganda letter from the "Korean Committee for the Rescue of Unconverted Long-term Prisoners in South Korea". An interesting lot. (9). Photo on Page 136. £250-300
  1950-57 Covers and cards from British forces in Korea (with a few from Japan) or from naval ships in Korean waters, various F.P.O cancels (133) or Maritime Mail (26), four others from British forces with U.S A.P.O cancels. Also covers posted in Japan to forces in Korea (2), 1960-61 covers from the Commonwealth Liaison Mission to the U.N Command with F.P.O 766 (2) or 121, and 1965 AV 7 air mail forms with F.P.O 1044 datestamps used in Seoul (2), a large lot that includes stampless free mail, parcel label franked 5/6, etc. (170). £400-500
  1951-57 Covers from Commonwealth forces in Korea (or Japan) comprising New Zealand forces (9, six with N.Z A.P.O 44, two with G.B F.P.O, one with a U.S A.P.O); Australian forces (8, four incoming with backstamps); Canadian forces (8, Canadian or British F.P.Os); South African Air Force (3, two with British F.P.O 798, one with Australian A.P.O 214); Indian forces (5, British F.P.O 707 on India stamps, Indian F.P.O 740 on G.B stamps (2), Indian Custodial Force stamp, or as an arrival backstamp), a scarce group. (33). £250-300
Click to view full image... 1946-63 Covers (mainly free mail from 1950-56 period) with covers from South Korean forces (13, eleven with South Korean A.P.Os, one with U.S A.P.O, one posted into civil P.O), Colombian Battalion (U.S A.P.O 7), Turkish Contingent (U.S A.P.O) or U.S forces (30, various U.S army, air force or navy cancels, one posted into civil P.O, two incoming covers). (55). Photo on Page 136. £240-280
Click to view full image... P.O.W Mail. c.1952 Stampless covers from Pte D. Kennedy, P.O.W Camp 5 (located at Pyok Dong in North Korea) to his parents in Scotland, one a printed Mothers Day Greetings cover depicting roses, both with Kennedy's address on reverse, a Korean datestamp and British censor label, minor soiling but very scarce. Kennedy served in 4th Co. Kings Own Scottish Borderers; he was captured on November 4/5 when the hill Meryang-San was overrun by Chinese forces (Pte Speakman of the K.O.S.B winning the V.C in this action). (2). Photo on Page 136. £250-300

1956 Suez Campaign

  1956 Covers and cards from British forces with cover from F.P.O 937 in April; covers from troops involved in the build up to the campaign (12, seven using return addressed B.F.P.O 200 or 300); stampless cover from H.M.N.Z.S "Royalist" with Christchurch Packet Boat handstamp; and covers posted at Port Said in December with F.P.O 443 c.d.s (2), also two July 1956 covers from Suez Contractors (who maintained British military installations in the Canal Zone after British troops left in June) both with Egypt censors. (18). £180-220
  1956 (Nov 19-Dec 18) Covers all with F.P.O 443 c.d.s used at Port Said (8), six covers using the B.F.P.O 300 return address, one cover stampless with red I.S inspectors handstamp (return address of Pte Goode R.P.C deleted by the censor though still legible, also another cover from Pte Goode with B.F.P.O 200 return address and Maritime Mail cancel), another stampless cover from a British firm in Port Said allowed free with Port Said British Consulate cachet and the F.P.O 443 c.d.s, also a cover from G.B with F.P.O 443 arrival backstamp of 18 Dec (final day of operations in Port Said) returned to London then forwarded to Cyprus. (9). £180-200
  Censors. 1956 (Nov 3-17) Covers (3) and a front with cover from F.P.O 76 in Malta (B.F.P.O 300 return address) backstamped by an apparently unrecorded crown and thistle censor cachet with manuscript "Censored" and signature; cover from F.P.O 516 at Habbaniya in Iraq with very scarce "R.A.F / CENSOR / 89"; cover from F.P.O 148 in Cyprus with diamond shaped "(Crown) / MILITARY CENSOR / 39"; and a front with scarce naval censor. (4). £140-160
  Army & Navy Censors. 1956 (Nov 2-6) Covers with naval censor cachets (3, one cover from H.M.S "Decoy" with tape stains); or with diamond shaped "(crown) / MILITARY CENSOR" cachets (5, also proof impressions of numbers 989, 994 on plain envelopes), comprising numbers 1007, 1021, 1038 or 1055 (2) all cancelled at F.P.Os in Cyprus, a good group, the navy censors scarce. (10). £250-300

1982 Falklands War

  1982-97 Covers including stampless 1982 war period forces mail (8, all commercial, also other philatelic items), 1982 cover from Admiral Woodward to his wife sent whilst en route to the Falklands, 1982 cover from British Interests section of the Swiss Embassy in Buenos Ayres posted in London, 1983 Downing St. cover posted at Government House in Port Stanley, 1984 cover from Government House to the F.I Co. in London with enclosed letter from Sir Rex Hunt, etc., also five phone cards issued to H.M forces in the Falklands. (50). £100-120

Iraq / Gulf Wars

  1990-2007 Covers and cards from British forces in the first and second gulf wars or operations in Iraq including stampless commercial mail, also French and U.S forces, service suspended covers, U.N Iran-Iraq or Iraq-Kuwait Observation Mission, 1990 (Oct 11) cover from Baghdad to London finally delivered in September 1991 with violet "DELAYED U.N SANCTIONS", Iraqi propaganda stamps and cachets, etc. (79). £150-180

Yugoslavia Conflict

  1992-2001 Covers including British forces in Bosnia or Croatia (20), U.N Protection Force (4, Nepal, France, Belgian & Dutch forces), Ukraine Contingent of U.N Transitional Authority in Eastern Slavonia, stampless refugee cover to Red Cross in Zagreb, cover from France to Slobodan Milosevic in Belgrade with oval censor cachet, etc. An interesting lot, the majority commercial. (30). £100-120

Foreign Forces Mail & Conflicts

  1946-2000 Covers and cards including mail from Chinese forces (13); Taiwan forces (3, F.P.Os from White Dog Island or Tungsha Island); Russian forces (8); 1948 postcard bearing German stamps and Regensburg Ukrainian Camp Post stamp; Belgian, French, Dutch, Norwegian and Canadian forces in Germany; censors, etc. (122). £180-220
  United Nations. 1946-2003 Covers from various U.N missions including Congo, Cambodia, Yemen, 1946 stampless cover from U.N.R.R.A in Shanghai with Maritime Mail machine and violet "Through the British Fleet Post Office", 1949-50 covers (3) and fronts (2) from or to refugee camps in Philippine Islands (three with circular "IRO - UNEC / POST OFFICE") etc. (49) £100-120
  Cyprus. 1952-83 Covers and cards with British forces mail, other U.N forces, 1961 Turkish army posts (5) and later forces mail, Greek F.P.O, 1956 cover from a detainee in the AOKA detention camp at Pyla, etc. (60). £120-150
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 26th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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