Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 26th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
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Auction Lots - Page 15
  Belgian Refugees in G.B. 1914-17 Covers and cards, virtually all stampless, including single or double ring Elisabethville datestamps (also a naval cover to Elisabethville); covers with letters from a wounded Belgian at Mangotsfield (2, one charged 1d postage due); cover endorsed from the Belgian works at Colnbrook with c.d.s and violet boxed "ARMEE BELGE / DETACHMENT / DE / COLNBROOK (Mdx)", etc. (19). £120-150
  France. 1914-34 Covers and cards including mail from Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria, Salonica and Egypt, from the colonies of Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, Syria or Indo-China, Turkey and 1920 Military Mission to Zagreb, also naval mail with registered cover from Naval P.O C1 at Piraeus, card from Malta and 1918 cover with scarce "ILE ROUAD / POSTES FRANCAISE" c.d.s, also civil cover from Salonica with French army censor cachet and label, etc. (67). £120-150
  France - Gallipoli Campaign. 1915 Covers and cards with Tresor et Postes datestamps, one with cachet of the Italian water tanker "Aniene", two with good letters written from Sudd ul Bahr. (6). £80-100
  French Occupation of Alsace & Lorraine. 1915-17 Covers with French stamps sent from the French occupied villages of Moosch, Massevaux (2), Montreux-Vieux, Dannemarie or Thann (2); and 1918-19 covers posted in the area of Alsace-Lorraine occupied after the war, from Mulhouse (2, French or German stamps), Hayange (German stamps) or Strasbourg (3, French stamps). (13). £100-120
  French Aeronautical Mission to Japan. 1918 (Dec 1) Stampless picture postcard of Port Said, posted from the Suez Canal to Paris by one of the 50 strong French Military Aviation Mission to Japan, with octagonal "MARSEILLE A YOKOHAMA / No. 4" datestamp and superb violet "MISSION Mre FRANCAISE D'AERONAUTIQUE AU JAPON / LE CHEF DE MISSION", scarce. £100-120
  Italy. 1915-21 Covers and cards including Italian forces in France, Italian occupation of Zara, Venezia, Giulia, Trieste and Fiume, Italian military P.O in Sofia, Albania, Libya, Bulgaria, etc. (128). £150-180
  Italy - Naval Mail. 1915-37 Covers and cards with named ship datestamps, cachets (some used as cancels) or censors, mainly World War One but with some post-war, cancels noted include minelaying barge No. 3, cable laying ship "Citta di Milano", transport "Carigiano", water tanker "Ofanto", submarines W2, "Tricheco", "Galileo Ferraris" and "Zoea", also requisition tugs and steamers, gun boats, torpedo boats, cruisers, destroyers, battleships, etc., a few post-war items philatelic, also a few pieces and postcards, a fine collection mainly on pages. (95). £600-800
  Italo-Ethiopian War. 1935-37 Covers and cards with various "Posta Militaire" datestamps, many unstamped, others with stamps of Italy, Eritrea or Somalia, also a 1938 cover with Eritrea stamps posted at Addis Abeba. (54). £150-180
  Portugal. 1916-19 Covers and cards, from Portuguese troops in France (10, seven with "C.E.P / S.P.C" numbered datestamps, two on Portuguese Field Service postcards); card from Spain to a Portuguese soldier in the B.E.F with arrival c.d.s and censor cachets; cover and card with A.P.O S69 c.d.s used by the HQ of the British Mission to Portuguese Expeditionary Force at Roquetoire; and cover from G.B to the British Mission at A.P.O S5, redirected with various backstamps including A.P.O R.A.1. (14). £120-150
  Russian Forces in France / Salonica. 1915-18 Covers and cards comprising 1916 items from France with Tresor et Postes 189 c.d.s and French or Russian unit cachets (2); cards from Russia to soldiers in Salonica (3); and two 1918 cards from an interpreter with the 7/10 Russian Labour Company posted at Virien, or from an officer on the ship "Jerusalem" bound for Vladivostock posted from Ceylon (stamp removed), both to Russia but handstamped "SERVICE SUSPENDED"; also a postcard of Russian troops at Marseille, and a cover to a Czechoslovak solder in France. (9). £180-220
  Russia. 1914-17 Forces mail with various F.P.O datestamps and/or unit cachets, a few civilian covers sent through the field post system, most fully written up on pages, includes items from the military occupation of Lvov (3), 1915 (June 1) card from Przemsyl sent just two days before German and Austrian forces recaptured the city, etc. (73). £280-350
  Russia - Civil War. 1918-22 Covers and cards (5), parcel card, stamps or pieces (3) comprising White Russian army card with Harbin c.d.s and unit cachet; registered covers (2), parcel card (corner fault) and pieces or stamps all with red army F.P.O datestamps; also 1918 cover with Russia stamps posted from Ukraine after independence from Russia; and 1921 registered cover from Moscow to London with April 22nd arrival c.d.s, possibly the first mail from Russia after postal services were re-established between G.B and Soviet Russia. (9). £120-150
  Russia - Wars in Europe. 1918-23 Covers and cards with mail from Estonia forces sent during their war for independence from Russia (9); mail from Czech forces with F.P.O cancels (4); censored mail from Poland (3), Hungary, Latvia or Czechoslovakia; cover from Tiflis with Georgia stamps; American Relief Administration cards posted in Russia or G.B; postcard from Warsaw to London with uncancelled U.S stamp and circular "AMERICAN RED CROSS / OFFICIAL / CENSORED" and "POLISH COMMISSION / A.R.C / OFFICIAL", etc. (25). £130-150
  Serbia. 1916-18 Covers and cards from Serbian forces in Serbia, Greece, Corfu or Bizerta, various F.P.O datestamps, four with French stamps, one card from a soldier in Salonica to Austrian occupied Serbia posted in Switzerland, also a cover (stamp torn out) with enclosed letter from an American lady about to leave for Salonica with the intention of joining the Serbian army, card from occupied Serbia to a Serbian soldier sent via Switzerland with F.P.O arrival c.d.s, a Roumanian army postcard, etc., a few faults. (25). £120-140
  U.S Forces in G.B. 1917-18 Covers and cards, mostly stampless, many from men in U.S Aero Squadrons, a few camp cancels including Morn Hill (4) and Upavon Central Flying School (edge faults), etc. (23). £120-150
  U.S.A. 1917-19 Covers and cards from the Western front with covers posted in the French army or civil postal services (7) or the British army postal service (44), British A.P.Os include 3K, 5K, 6K (2), 8K, 9K, 13K, 15K, 21K, 23K, 24K, HK (3), RK, RK6, RK7, etc., also incoming mail, U.S Field Service postcards (2), Christmas Package coupons (4), various U.S A.P.Os including provisional types, registered mail, A.E.F censorship on P.O.W and civilian mail, cover with French navy cancel and G.B 2½d tied by U.S A.P.O 768 c.d.s at Cherbourg possibly originating at and flown from the French seaplane base at St. Peter Port in Guernsey, etc. (88). £280-350
  U.S Forces in Italy. 1918-19 Covers and cards from U.S soldiers, Marines or airmen (6), two posted through British A.P.O L7, also two cards from the American Y.M.C.A, one from Trento with Venezia Tridentina 10h stamp. (8). £100-120
  USA - Naval Mail. 1915-39 Covers and cards, mainly WWI but with some post-war covers, various censors, U.S Navy or named U.S Ship datestamps, a few sent through the British postal service with dumb cancels. (87). £250-300

Central Powers

  Austria-Hungary. 1915-22 Covers and cards including F.P.Os in Serbia, Bosnia, Albania; cachets of regiments named after various royalty (some from countries opposing Austria) including Alexander II Tzar of Russia (2), King George V of Great Britain (2) and Ferdinand King of Roumania; naval mail with named ship cachets or datestamps (18) including S.M.S Wien, Budapest, Planet, Meteor, Monarch, etc. (90). £120-140
  Germany. 1914-19 Covers and cards mainly on pages including forces mail from Serbia, Roumania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Russia, 1915 card from Sofia probably sent by diplomatic bag to Berlin, 1919 cards from German forces sent after the armistice (5), naval mail with a few post-war covers, picture postcards of Field Post Offices (5), etc. (137). £150-180
  Germany - Occupation Issues. 1915-18 Covers and cards with stamps or stationery overprinted for use in Belgium (18, one a front, one registered to Holland and redirected to London, another with huge 8cm wide circular censor cachet of Gent depicting an eagle); Russian Poland; Roumania (3); Eastern Command Area (2); or France (3, one a card for civil workers). Also covers from occupied France with Bavaria stamps, or from Belgium with German stamps (2), and a cover to Belgium with Brussels censor cachet. (31). £100-120
  German East Africa. 1917 (Sep 23) Stampless Feldpost picture postcard to Liwale with "FELDPOSTSTATION / 3 / DEUTSCHE / OSTAFRIKA" c.d.s, small tear at base, otherwise fine and scarce. £100-120
  German East Africa - Occupation of Taveta, B.E.A. Piece bearing G.E.A 2r and 3r each cancelled "TAVETA / DEUTSCHE / FELDPOST" c.d.s (1 Oct 1914, first recorded date of use) with a further strike below (some stamp faults); and a stampless Feldpost card to Mombo with a superb strike of the Taveta Feldpost c.d.s (13 May 1915), fine. (2). £120-140
Click to view full image... Germany/Turkey - Dardanelles Campaign. 1915 (Aug 9) Stampless picture postcard of Constantinople sent from Turkey to Germany during the Gallipoli campaign period by a German soldier in the Deutsche Sanitats Mission, with superb red "DEUTSCHE SANITATSMISSION DES ROTEN KREUZES IN KONSTANTINOPEL / 1915" containing a Red Cross, and a "KAIS. DEUTSCHE / MARINE / SCHIFFSPOST / No. 14" c.d.s used on the German depot ship S.M.S "Loreley" at Constantinople. A superb card. Photo on Page 118. £140-160
  Turkey / Bulgaria. 1916-18 Covers and cards from German forces in Turkey (14), ten with "FELDPOST / MIL-MISS" datestamps including Gleisspitze Bagdadbahn (faults but rare), Damaskus, Mosul, Jerusalem and A.O.K 6 (2); Austrian forces in Turkey (5); Bulgarian forces (4, also a cover from a Bulgarian P.O.W in France), etc. (26). £160-200
  Ottoman Empire - Syria. 1915-22 Covers including censored covers with Turkish stamps cancelled at Souk ul Habil, Saida or Damascus; later covers with stamps of Palestine, O.M.F overprints on France (3) or Arab Kingdom issues (2), one reduced at left, otherwise fine. (9). £80-100

Other Countries and Wars

  Turkish - Greek War. 1919-23 Covers and cards with Greek F.P.O cancels or cachets, numbers 907, 915 at Smyrna (8) or 920. Also 1920-23 covers and card with Italian F.P.O datestamps from Constantinople or Smyrna; cover from Adrianople bearing stamps of Greece and Thrace; and real photo postcards showing the ruins of Smyrna (2). (16). £80-100
  Japan. 1919-42 Forces cards, mainly from China or Manchuria but including 1920 card from Blagoveschensk in Siberia (faults), 1925 card from Alexandrovsk on Sakhalin Island, etc. (23). £100-120
  Japan. c.1930-37 Stampless soldiers covers or postcards from Manchuria, Inner Mongolia or China with various censor cachets and F.P.O datestamps (45); unused soldiers postcards or lettercards (7); 1931 "Army Pigeon Post" printed envelope from Nakanoku to Tokyo franked 3s with an enclosed form flown by pigeon, the cover and pigeon-gram both with pigeon message cachet and pictorial cachets commemorating the anniversary of Shiragaya; and two 1937-38 pieces bearing proof impressions of three differing Peking F.P.O datestamps. (55). £400-500
  Scandinavia / Holland / Switzerland. 1914-18 Covers and cards with F.P.O datestamps of Norway (3), Holland (22) or Switzerland (15, five with soldier stamps), Danish cover bearing "SF" overprint military frank stamps, and a G.B naval cover to a Danish soldier. Also eight WW2 period Swiss forces covers, seven bearing soldiers stamps. (50). £120-140
  Brazil / Bolivia. 1927-38 Covers (10) and a front, the front sent from Chile to Germany during the 1935 three day revolt with cachet in German, which translates as "Delayed by unrest in Brazil", other Brazil covers censored following the 1930 resolution or 1935 revolt (5); Bolivia covers with Chaco War censor cachets (2), etc., two air mail covers from France franked 9f or 12.25f. (11). £120-140
  Spanish Civil War. 1936-41 Covers and cards with Republican and Nationalist forces mail, censor cachets, Italian forces mail (4), etc. (22). £100-120
Click to view full image... Spanish Civil War. 1937-39 Correspondence to or from Jessie Moorhouse comprising covers endorsed from her at "Campo de Juventud, Puigcerda" (2, one with letter enclosed) and a cover from G.B to her at the camp, wrapper from Valencia to her in England with violet circular "COMITE SUIZO DE AYUDA A LOS NINOS DE ESPANA / SERVICIO / CIVIL / INTERNACIONAL", and covers to her in England from the Spanish refugee camps at St. Cyprien (6, camp postmarks), Barcares (2, one with camp c.d.s) or the hospital at Montmorillon (with eight associated covers to Moorhouse). Also other 1938 covers from the French refugee camps at Vernet (2), Septfonds or Gurs (both with camp c.d.s) or St. Cyprien (with G.B stamps cancelled at Perpignon) or the Spanish internee camp at Sobron; and a French cover with the printed heading "COMMISSION INTERNATIONALE DE NON-INTERVENTION EN ESPAGNE". (28). Photo on Page 118. £200-240

WW1 Peace Conferences

Click to view full image... 1919-22 Covers and cards comprising 1919 covers (2) franked 1d from A.P.O S5 in Paris to the Daily Telegraph in London endorsed "By Press Bag" (probably from a correspondent at the peace talks, possibly flown by air); printed "American Commission to negotiate peace" cover sent within Paris; stampless "Conference de la Paix, Secretaire de la Delegation Francaise" cover with cachet posted in Paris; stampless card from the German delegation at Versailles with "Deutsche / Friedensdelegation" c.d.s; "Congres de la Paix" datestamps of St. Germain-en-Lay or Versailles (3); 1920 Spa Diplomatic Conference c.d.s; 1921 Reparations Commission cachet; also 1922 front with Lausanne "Conference pour la paix en orient" c.d.s and registration label. (12). Photo on Page 118. £200-240

P.O.W & Internee Mail

  1914-19 Covers and cards including cards from Oita or Shidzuoka Camps in Japan (both to China), wrapper to a P.O.W in Trinidad, cover from a British P.O.W in Bulgaria, etc. (76). £200-240
  Great Britain. 1914-18 Covers and cards from various camps or ships including Jersey, S.S "Saxonia" at Southend, S.S "Lake Manitoba" or "Scotian" at Portsmouth, named camp cachets of Queens Ferry, Newbury and Islington, cards from Denmark to a P.O.W at Feltham (2, one with undated "VIVILD" cancel), 1914 (Sep 22) "LONDON E.C / POSTAGE / PAID / POW" datestamps (2, one with boxed "Postal Censor", the other with boxed "P.C / M.O.5 (H)"); cover to Dorchester with boxed "UNDELIVERABLE / released from internment / RETURN TO SENDER / Der Kriegsgefangene ist entlassen", etc. (27). £240-280
  G.B - Isle of Man. 1915-18 Covers including 2d registration envelope and cover franked 1d both cancelled "THE CAMP KNOCKALOE / PEEL" c.d.s, and a cover with 1d tied by Peel squared circle, all three with Knockaloe censor, another stampless cover with Douglas censor. (5). £160-200
Click to view full image... Barbados. 1916 Stampless cover to USA with Barbados c.d.s and two violet circular "POST FREE / P.C / PRISONERS OF WAR" cachets, part flap missing, otherwise superb and scarce. Photo on Page 118. £140-160
  India. 1916 Covers and cards including printed cover of Katapahar Camp; 1916 cover from Ahmednagar to Lamu, British East Africa (arrival c.d.s) from a German missionary captured in East Africa, etc. (5). £100-120
  India/East Africa. 1915 Cover with KUT 6c tied by Ruiro double ring skeleton c.d.s, to a P.O.W at Ahmednagar, India; and a stampless P.O.W cover from Ahmednagar addressed to "Miss Frieda Schmidt, Biological Station, Amani, East Usambara, via Tanga", boxed censor cachet (date inverted), both with East Africa censor labels, a few faults, unusual items to or from internees from East Africa held in India. (2). £80-100
  Netherlands. 1916 Cover to Belgium bearing green "Interneeringskampen" label tied by violet oval "INTERNEERINGSDEPOT / HARDERWIJK" cachet and two datestamps of Harderwijk Camp, four line Portvrij cachet. Very fine and unusually delivered; most covers with these labels were returned as their use was contrary to German regulations. £120-140
  Turkey. 1918 Covers from London with printed address of Kedos Camp, or to a P.O.W at Changri with bilingual "DECEDE / RETOUR" label and returned in May 1919; and covers from Kangheri or Afion Kara Hissar. (4). £150-180

World War Two

  1939-45 Covers and cards including patriotic labels, India air letter to Box 111 Bletchley (Bletchley Park), cachets used on forces mail within G.B, covers to Churchill, British Military Mission cachets, Red Cross forms, red Official Paid skeleton datestamps, aerial propaganda leaflets, etc., an interesting selection. (26). £150-180
  Service Suspended. 1940-42 Covers returned to the sender with various cachets including items from G.B to Switzerland and redirected to Poland, G.B to China, Japan (3), Malaya, Philippines, Java (3, one with India Service Suspended cachet), British Somaliland (2), etc., New Zealand to British Solomon Islands, Chile to Germany, also 1944 (Oct 26) cover from Egypt to Greece detained until February 1945 when a letter service was re-established. (36). £200-240
  1940 Covers from G.B to Estonia or Egypt, Spain or Switzerland to G.B, all with boxed "DETAINED IN FRANCE / DURING GERMAN / OCCUPATION", also another cover from Switzerland detained and delivered in 1945 but without the cachet, the Spain cover with a few faults, otherwise fine and unusual on mail from G.B, the registered cover to Estonia also with "No Service" cachet. (5). £100-120
  USA - Detained Mail. 1941-45 Covers to or from the USA, all detained by the U.S Censors for the duration of the war, including 1941 (Oct 7) covers with U.S.S Algorab first day cancels (6) and other covers (2) all handstamped "RELEASED / BY O.N.J" and "SEP 5 1945" or "SEP 7 1945"; and covers to the USA from Senegal, Sweden, Barbados, Brazil, Belgium, Turkey, Italy, Denmark, Mexico, Spain, USA to Mexico or Sweden, or Alaska to mainland USA, all handstamped "THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN HELD / BY THE OFFICE OF CENSORSHIP" (various types), six with 1945 backstamps. (21). £200-240
  P.O Box 506. 1940-41 Covers and cards from Germany, Poland (2), France, Hungary or Roumania all addressed to P.O. Box 506 in Lisbon, the Thomas Cook undercover address for forwarding mail from occupied Europe to G.B, one registered cover from Warsaw redirected to the Polish Consul General in London, the 1941 card from a Jewish man in Germany to Paul Mayer accompanied by a 1942 Red Cross form sent between the same two people. A few faults. (7). £160-200
  1940-44 Covers damaged by enemy action in G.B comprising 1940 (Oct 19) cover from London N1 to London SE13 repaired on all sides by Officially Sealed tape and endorsed "Delayed by enemy Action", reverse with a label regretting damage/delay with London SE1 c.d.s (16 Jan. 1941); 1944 (Feb 19) cover from Gosport to Fulham, burnt at the left, with violet "DAMAGED BY / ENEMY ACTION"; and stampless naval cover to Cornwall with violet "DAMAGED BY ENEMY ACTION". (3). £180-220
  Wreck Mail. 1940-43 Covers and cards with "Damaged by Sea Water" or "Salved From the Sea", one 1940 cover from Canada to France with two different "Salved" cachets and two differing Service Suspended cachets (from S.S "Eros"), two covers from G.B to soldiers abroad, one cachet on a small blue "Postage Free - Instructions to All Ranks" card giving the new Central Mediterranean Force address for a soldier involved in the Sicily invasion. (5). £120-140
  Crash Mail. 1944 (Mar 20) U.S 3c envelope to Canada, from a Canadian soldier at F.P.O 312 in Italy, handstamped "SALVAGED FROM / AIR CRASH"; and 1945 (Feb 24) cover from Washington D.C to a U.S soldier at A.P.O 772 (Marseille), singed and the stamps washed off, backstamped red "DMG. IN PLANE WRK / FWD. BY APO 111". (2). £100-120
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 26th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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