Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 26th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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Auction Lots - Page 10

Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... The remainder of the censor cachet collection in six albums, 1900-02 covers and cards (and a few fronts) with cachets or endorsements from 146 offices, written up alphabetically from Adelaide to Zeerust. An excellent collection, some faults but the majority fine, many very scarce with several the only recorded examples and many illustrated in the book on Press Censor Cachets by Peter Prime. (508). Photo on Page 82. £2,500-3,500

Censor Seals
Censor Seal types are taken from the book "The Censor Seals of the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902" by Neil Snowden and Derek Hepworth. The following lots contain several previously unrecorded types.

Click to view full image... 1901 (July 18 - Aug 3) Covers from Cradock all censored by a previously unrecorded seal with "Opened under Martial Law" printed in blue on buff paper, one cover franked 2d to a P.O.W in Bermuda with "T/5c" handstamp crossed out in crayon, one seal partly torn away, otherwise fine and rare. (3). Photo on Page 84. £160-200
  1901 (Dec 18) Cover from Heidelberg to Diyatalawa Camp bearing a previously unrecorded seal with "OPENED UNDER MARTIAL LAW" printed in black within a blue double border, seal partly torn away at the front right side, very rare. £70-100
Click to view full image... 1901 (Nov 12) Cover from Upington bearing a seal with "Opened and passed / by military censor" cyclostyled in imitation handwriting in light blue paper, the reverse of the seal with manuscript initials and 15/11/00 date, handstamped "Passed by Censor / Upington". A rare and previously unrecorded provisional censor seal. Photo on Page 84. £120-150
  1899-1900 Covers from Durban to Lourenco Marques (2), Holland to Transvaal, or Lourenco Marques to Durban or the Cape, bearing "Officially Sealed" censor labels, types 1D (2) or 1E (3, handstamped "DURBAN"), one cover with corner torn away, the other four fine. (5). £100-120
  1900 Covers with type 2 seals on pink paper including cover to a P.O.W on S.S "Manila" with censor seal apparently having "V.R" omitted (seal partly torn away), cover to Lourenco Marques bearing scarce type 2C seal with the coat of arms inverted in error and handstamped violet boxed "STOPPED BY CENSOR / RETURN TO SENDER", etc. (6). £180-220
  1899-1902 Covers bearing type 7 seals including previously unrecorded sub-type with 27mm lettering (2), types 7B (2), 7D (6, one with "PENED" variety), scarce type 7H with a border of diagonal bars (3, all used at Oudtshoorn), a good group. (13). £220-260
  Ceylon. 1900 Covers to Diyatalawa Camp all with white type 9 seals applied in Ceylon. A few small faults but a scarce group, this seal only recorded for November/December 1900. (3). £200-250
  1901-02 Covers with type 18 seals of Paarl printed on orange (3), yellow (5) or white (2), one cover from Rhodesia, another cover from Bermuda (presumably from a P.O.W) with "T 10 / L" of London and a "2d" charge mark received at Paarl on 18 March 1902. A fine group, this seal listed as "recorded but not seen on white paper" by Snowden & Hepworth. (10). £240-280
  1901 Covers all with red type 21 seals used at Fraserburg (3), Beaufort West (4), Richmond (4) or Cape Town, all fine. (12). £150-180
  Ceylon. 1900-02 Covers to Diyatalawa Camp with seal types 22 (3), 25 (3) or 26 (5) all applied in Ceylon, one type 23 seal the rare variety with "Boer Camp 1" printed in the upper right corner, this last cover a little stained but the "Boer Camp" seal fine. (11). £200-250
Click to view full image... 1901 (Jan 23) Cover posted within Willowmore bearing provisional type 24 seal with "WILLOWMORE" handstamp and manuscript "Passed by Censor" and initials, the only recorded example of this seal. Photo on Page 84. £100-120
  1901 Covers bearing violet "Opened by Press Censor and Passed" applied at Modderfontein (2), one applied across (and tying) a white label used as a provisional censor seal (a similar cover but with the cachet entirely on the white label listed as seal type 28 by Snowdon & Hepworth); and two covers with provisional censor seals made from part of a Boer form, one (July 19) handstamped red "On H. Majesty's Service" prior to use, recorded as seal type 37 used at Barberton. Very scarce. (4). £150-200
Click to view full image... 1901 Cover from Uitenhage to Cape Town, the reverse with type 30 seal tied by Cape Town c.d.s (Mar 22), the only recorded example. Photo on Page 84. £120-150
  1901 Covers with green censor seal type 31 used at Uitenhage, one cover sent to Java. (3). £100-120
  1901 (May 13) Cover from Riversdale to Swellendam with pink type 32 censor seal, the only example recorded by Snowden & Hepworth. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1902 Covers with type 34 seal including cover to Dr Plowright (author of the first articles on censor marks) with the seal tied scarce Cape Town censor cachet type 12 and wax seal impressed "PRESS CENSORS / OFFICE / C.T"; cover bearing seal printed twice in error, miscut seals, etc. (7). Photo on Page 84. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1901-02 Covers to Broad Bottom Camp, St. Helena, both with type 38 seals tied by censor cachet of Humansdorp, one seal printed in black, the other in red, the red seal unrecorded by Snowden & Hepworth. (2). Photo on Page 90. £150-180
  1902 Covers with blue type 40 seals used at Beaufort West. Snowden and Hepworth only recorded one example of this scarce seal. (4). £160-180
  1901-02 Covers from Umtala, Cedarville or Kokstad all with the scarce type 46 "Opened by Government Censor" seal, one cover with a few lower edge faults, otherwise fine. (3). £100-120
  1901 Cover from Grootbeyersfontein with red type 47 seal tied by Victoria West squared circle (Mar 5), a little stained but the seal fine. Very scarce, just one other example recorded by Snowden & Hepworth. £70-100
  1900-01 Covers with provisional seals made from plain paper or old forms all with manuscript endorsements including "censored", "passed by censor" and "opened under marshal law" (with a misspelling of "martial"), very scarce. (7). £220-260
  1900-02 Covers censored using plain red paper (listed as seal type 44 but probably just the blank end of a role of censor seals), plain white paper, stamp edging, pieces of old forms, several endorsed or handstamped by the censors. An unusual and scarce group. (17). £300-400
  The remainder of the censor seal collection, 1900-02 covers bearing seal types 5 (2, one with scarce Pretoria cachet type 2), type 8 (2), 10, 11/12 (5), 14 (2), 15 (5), 16 (5), 23 (with fancy Standerton cancel), 27 (2), 33 (9, pink or orange paper, several with varieties), 35 (10), 36 (2), also two covers bearing part seals, a few faults though most are fine. (48). £300-400

Burgher & Refugee Camps

  1900-02 Picture postcards with views of camps and European anti-British propaganda cards (6); identification card; Ladies Refugee Relief Committee invitation card; postcard to Germany from the Vice-President of the Union of the Homeless; registered "Burgher Camps Dept" cover; printed passes (2); telegraph form with "Burgher Camp Dept. Head Office Pretoria" cachet; cover with enclosed letter from Thomas Murray, Superintendent of Natal Burgher Camps; picture postcard posted from Pietermaritzburg with cachet "From / THE MEDICAL INSPECTOR / Burgher Camps / Natal / (DR. HIME)". (15). £180-200
Click to view full image... Poynton Bros. 1901-02 Covers comprising cover from Balmoral with violet "POYNTON BROS / BURGHER REFUGEE CAMP / BALMORAL" on the front and a cover from F.P.O 12 with similar "POYNTON BROS / BURGHER CAMP STORE / POTCHEFSTROOM" on reverse (faults); covers to Poynton's Burgher Camp Dept at Pretoria or store at Middelburg (faults); and two illustrated envelopes from Poynton Bros. in Pretoria both to Thomas Leask in Klerksdorp. (6). Photo on Page 90. £200-240
  Balmoral. 1901-02 Covers from the camp, one with oval "BURGHER CAMP / 16 DEC 1901 / BALMORAL" endorsed "Censored, F.K.S", another with enclosed letter, the third endorsed "From G.P Bletchley, Med Officer, Burgher Camp Staff", all fine. (3). £120-150
  Barberton. 1901 Covers with violet oval "BARBERTON" cachets endorsed "Censored BG", both fine. (2). £100-120
  Irene. 1900-02 Covers from the camp with violet oval "BURGHER CAMP / Censored / IRENE" (2), and a cover from Mafeking to Irene Camp and redirected to India, various endorsements include "Try Saharanpur, Bellary, Satara or Trichinopoly war prison camps", "Parole Topu", etc., a few faults. (3). £100-120
Click to view full image... Klerksdorp. 1901 Covers to P.O.Ws in Ceylon or St. Helena with G.B stamps cancelled at F.P.O 16, with Klerksdorp Press Censor cachets and differing "BURGHER CAMP" handstamps in violet, one with small "maldirige". (2). Photo on Page 90. £150-180
  Kroonstad. 1901-02 Covers (4) and postcards (2) endorsed from the refugee camp (4), or addressed to the camp (2), one of these from Diyatalawa Camp. (6). £140-160
  Ladysmith. 1901-02 Cover with violet triangular "PASSED / CENSOR / BURGHER / CAMP / LADYSMITH"; postcard written from "Concentration Camp, Ladysmith" but posted at Pietermaritzburg; and a postcard to "The Superintendent, Boer Refugee Camp, Ladysmith" concerning the distribution of gospel tracts to refugees. (3). £120-140
  Port Elizabeth. 1901-02 Covers to P.O.Ws in Ceylon or India with differing oval dated "Intelligence Department / PORT ELIZABETH" cachets, one also with a censor cachet of Ahmednagar Camp. Also two fronts with cachets of the 4th Bn Sherwood Foresters. (4). £120-140
  Springfontein. 1901-02 Covers (5) and a postcard sent from the camp (4, three with violet "PASSED CENSOR / REFUGEE CAMP, SPRINGFONTEIN, O.R.C") or to the camp (2, one a local O.H.M.S cover to the camp chaplain). (6). £150-180
Click to view full image... Standerton. 1901 (Oct 26) Cover to a P.O.W in Diyatalawa Camp and redirected to Urugasmanhandiya, handstamped violet "PASSED PRESS / CENSOR / BURGHER CAMP / STANDERTON". Also a pass with cachet of the District Commissioners Office Standerton. A few small cover faults but a scarce censor cachet. (2). Photo on Page 90. £100-120
  Volksrust. 1901 Cover to a P.O.W at Ladysmith and redirected to India with violet oval "BURGHER CAMP / 2 MAY 1901 / VOLKSRUST" and a censor of Ahmednagar Camp; and a cover endorsed from Volksrust Burgher Camp addressed to The Middelburg Ladies Committee in Holland with enclosed letter signed by 13 members of the Moolman family expressing thanks for personal goods and clothes received. (2). £120-150
  1901-02 Covers and cards (18) and fronts (3) with cachets of the camps at Belfast (to S.S Montrose), Howick, Merebank (2), Middelburg, Vereeniging or Vryburg, endorsed from camps at Aliwal North, Bloemfontein, Merebank (to Howick Camp) or Potchefstroom (4), or addressed to camps at Bloemfontein (2), Howick (2), Kimberley, Merebank (redirected from Volksrust Camp) or Waterval Boven (redirected from Middelburg Camp). Also picture postcards of camps at Colenso (3) or Norvals Pont (2) and a pass issued at Bloemfontein. Some faults but an interesting lot. (27). £380-450

Mail from Boer Prisoners of War

  1900-02 Covers and cards (12) and fronts (6) to or from Boer P.O.Ws including 1901 cover to France with St. Helena ½d + 2d tied cork cancels (Proud K101) and censor cachet initialled "EW", 1902 picture postcard (vertical fold) to Denmark with St. Helena 1d tied by cork cross cancel (K109) and violet triangular "PASSED BY / CENSOR / DEADWOOD" also initialled "E.W" by E. Walton, 1902 India cover from Yeravda central prison to a P.O.W at Ahmednager Fort redirected to Amritsar, etc., some faults. (18). £120-150

Prison Ships

  1900-01 Covers to R.J.L Tindall on H.M.S "Penelope" (3, one readdressed from "The Castle", another to P.O.W Camp Simonstown), "The Castle, Cape Town" (2) or St. Helena, all redirected to Stellenbosch (one endorsed "out on parole"), and a cover from Tindall on H.M.S "Penelope" to his wife in Krugersdorp with boxed "CENSOR TO PRISONERS OR WAR". Also other covers to Mrs Tindall in Krugersdorp (2, both censored with white paper tape and manuscript "opened under martial law") or Somerset Strand, and a cover from Diyatalawa Camp to George Tindall. (11). £200-240
  H.M.S "Penelope". 1899-1900 Covers and cards (9) and fronts (2) from P.O.Ws on the "Penelope" (4) or to P.O.Ws on the ship (7, one addressed to "New Military Hospital Docks" and redirected to the ship, another redirected to S.S "Manila"), handstamps include scarce small "CENSOR" in green (4, all signed), or boxed "CENSOR TO PRISONERS OF WAR" (5, one also with violet "CENSOR, PRISONERS OF WAR / L. Heyman / Lt. Col"). Also a real photo taken on the ship of Boers who fought at Majuba in 1881 and were captured at Paardeberg in 1899, and a postcard of Col. Schiel held on the "Penelope". (13). £300-350
  1900-01 Covers and cards to Boer P.O.Ws on ships in Simons Town Bay or Port Natal, comprising items addressed to the Armenian (4), Bavarian (4), Catalonia (4), City of Cambridge (3), Columbian (3), Hawarden Castle (4), Kildonan Castle (2, also a home made Christmas card with ships cachets), Manila (10, one a front), Mongolian (5), Orient (2), Pindara (4), Roslin Castle (5) or Yorkshire (2), and a cover to Simons Town. Some faults, a scarce large group. (54). £1,000-1,200
  1900-01 Covers from a British officer on the "Armenian" to another officer at Green Point Camp with G.B 1d lilacs cancelled at Cape Town or Simons Town (3); stampless cover with S.S "Armenian" crest and a London Paid c.d.s, endorsed "H.M Transport No. 25, no stamps available"; and a ½d postcard posted within Cape Town written by a Boer P.O.W from "S.S Armenian, Table Bay" with "CENSOR / BELLE VUE / PRISONERS OF WAR" cachet, message referring to "retrieving a letter on board the Kildonan", all fine. (5). £140-160

Camps in South Africa

  1901-02 Covers and cards to C.P Schulz, Secretary of the Relief Committee for Boer P.O.Ws, in Cape Town, including items addressed as "Agent van Krygsgevangenen", Secretary of Prisoners of War", "Sec. Relief Comm", "Ons Land Office" or "Kantoor van de Advertentieblad", several to the Friendly Society Hall, three covers to P.O.Ws addressed care of C.P Schulz. (43). £150-180
  1900-02 Covers (12) and fronts (3) all with P.O.W cachets including stampless O.H.M.S cover with boxed "STAFF / PRISONERS OF WAR / OFFICER / 25 MAY 1902 / CAPE TOWN"; cover posted from Simons Town to G.B franked 1d, endorsed "From Sgt Maskell, Staff, Belle Vue Camp" and handstamped "Prisoner of War"; the others all to Boer P.O.Ws handstamped "PRISONER OF WAR" (9) in san-serif capitals measuring 38mm, 39mm 41mm, 43mm or 46mm or seriffed capitals (2, 43mm), or "PR OF WAR" (4), some apparently unrecorded. (15). £150-180
  1900-01 Covers from Boer P.O.Ws in Cape Town (4) or to P.O.Ws in Green Point Camp (2) all with violet boxed "CENSOR, PRISONERS OF WAR / L. Heyman / Lt. Col.", one cover to Kroonstad received at Johannesburg on May 11th (the day before the British captured Kroonstad) endorsed "Held delivered 24/5/00". A few faults though most are fine. (6). £120-150
  Ladysmith/Umbilo. 1901-02 Covers (10), fronts (3) and a picture postcard, sent from (6) or to (5) Tin Town Camp in Ladysmith, or from or to Umbilo Camp, the Ladysmith items handstamped boxed "PASSED / CENSOR / P. of W. / S.O.P NATAL" (2), triangular "PASSED / CENSOR / P. OF W." (3, also handstamp applied by favour to unused postcard), oval dated "STAFF OFFICER PRISONERS-OF-WAR / LADYSMITH" (2, both fronts) or double circle "PRISONERS OF WAR / PASSED / CENSOR / LADYSMITH" (4), the two Umbilo covers with similar double circle "PRISONERS OF WAR / PASSED / CENSOR / NATAL", two covers registered, one cover redirected to "St. Helena, S.S Orient". A few faults, the majority fine. (14). £150-180
  Belle Vue/Green Point. 1900-02 Covers and cards (43) and fronts (3) sent to (28) or from Green Point Camp, or to (13) or from (4) Belle Vue Camp, various camp censors, one cover from Belle Vue to "Militia Ground Green Point", other covers to Green Point addressed to Naval Recreation Ground, No. 3 Athletic Grounds, Green Point Track (4), Proctors Camp, or care of Captain Proctor or "Lt. Col. Heyman, Censor Prisoner of War" (2). Also a telegram to Green Point with arrival c.d.s and "GREEN POINT" cachet, Green Point Track canteen notes for 1/, 2/- or 5/- (2 colours), a picture postcard of prisoners with handicrafts in Green Point Camp and a photo of prisoners in the camp. (53). £160-200
Click to view full image... 1901-03 Cover and cards (2) from Holland to J.W.F Rahder (found guilty of treachery for assisting Boers to escape from Pretoria to join Commandos, and sentenced to two years hard labour in 1901), two addressed to Johannesburg c/o C. Borgsma with differing oval dated "JOHANNESBURG / PRISON" cachets, the other addressed c/o The Dutch Consul in Pretoria with violet oval "DIRECTOR OF PRISONS OFFICE / 1 NOV 1901 / PRETORIA". (3). Photo on Page 90. £160-220
  Gaols. 1900-02 Covers to or from Boers in Gaol, mostly Cape of Natal citizens convicted or suspected of being rebels or traitors, comprising cover to Green Point Camp redirected to Bloemfontein Gaol; cover from Colesberg with scarce "COLESBERG / GAOL" cachet; covers to Kimberley Gaol (2, one with "Resident Magistrates Office Kimberley" cachet); cover to Ceylon with "GOVERNOR / CENTRAL GAOL / PIETERMARITZBURG" cachet; covers to ladies at Paarl Gaol (2, probably relatives of prominent Boers); cover to Pietermaritzburg Central Gaol Hospital redirected to Fort Napier Garrison Hospital and endorsed "not on board S.S Catalonia". A couple with small faults, otherwise fine and scarce. (8). £350-450
  Other Prisons. 1900-02 Covers to Boer P.O.Ws at Castle Barracks Cape Town, New Military Hospital Docks Cape Town (2), Convict Station Cape Town (2), Orange River Station, Barberton (with triangular "PASSED / CENSOR / P. OF W.", usually used on Ladysmith mail), or to Standerton and redirected to 17th General Hospital. Also a cover to a Miss Retief held under house arrest at Wellington; and a stampless cover to Harrismith endorsed "From a Prisoner of War" with manuscript "G", type 2A censor seal and arrival c.d.s. (Nov. 2 1900). A scarce group, one with blue oval "POSTMEESTER GENERAAL / ORANJE-VRY STAAT" censor. (10). £200-240


Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 26th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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