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Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
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Date: 26th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
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Auction Lots - Page 3
  1932 Covers comprising cover franked 2½d from London (July 14) to Ottawa inscribed "Bradore Bay - Ottawa per S.S Empress of Britain" signed by the three crew (with a photo of the ship) and cover from Montreal (July 20) to England carried on the return flight to the "Empress of Britain" off the Straits of Belle Isle; stampless O.H.M.S Official Paid cover (Aug 1) from the Dept. of Overseas Trade sent air mail to a U.K delegate at the Imperial Economic Conference in Ottawa; and a postcard with the Conference cachet and meter mark. (4). £80-100
  1932 New York to Oslo flight by Thor Solberg and Carl Petersen, abandoned after they crashed in Newfoundland, three cards posted at New York on August 18th (signed by Solberg), or at St. Johns or Deer Lake on August 31st after the flight was abandoned both franked Newfoundland 3c. (3). £140-160
Click to view full image... 1938 (July 10) Cover from New York carried on the record breaking round the world flight by Howard Hughes, completed in 91 hours 8 minutes, with flight cachets, France 50c cancelled at Le Bourget Airport (July 11) and a U.S 6c cancelled upon arrival back at New York (July 14). Fine and scarce, covers only given to people connected with the flight. Photo on Page 22. £320-380

Egypt & Sudan

  1925 Cairo-Kano-Cairo R.A.F Flight. Long O.H.M.S cover (left side folded over) bearing datestamps of post offices visited by the R.A.F ground party led by F/Lt Greenham, who constructed landing strips along the route. Bearing Chad 45c cancelled at Abecher (Nov 14) and Sudan 10m cancelled at Geneina (Nov 21), with datestamps of Adre (Nov 19) and El Fasher (Dec 22), very unusual and rare. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1937 A.E Clouston and Betty Kirby-Green Cape Town - London Return Flight. Picture postcard of a plane in flight, written from Khartoum on November 19th, "just a card brought by F/O Clouston, it should reach you by tomorrow", addressed to London with a Sudan 15m air mail stamp cancelled in manuscript, posted upon arrival in London (Nov 22) franked KEVIII 1d. Clouston and Kirby-Green flew from London to Cape Town in a record time of 45 hours, 2 minutes; this card was carried on their return flight from Sudan to Croydon. No official mail was carried on this flight, and this card is probably unique. Photo on Page 22. £300-350
Click to view full image... Sudan - Mrs Bonney. 1937 (Apr 8) Cover with Australia stamps cancelled at Brisbane, carried by Mrs Bonney on her Australia to Cape Town solo flight as far as Malakal where her plane crashed upon landing, posted back from Malakal (June 13) to Brisbane with Sudan Air Mail 15m, 2p, 2½p and 5p. Reverse endorsed and signed "Tail skid unit damaged, Mrs H.B Bonney", with flight cachet in violet and Brisbane arrival c.d.s. Photo on Page 22. £100-120

West Africa

  Nigeria. 1925 (Nov 3) Cover carried on the R.A.F flight from Kano to Cairo piloted by Sqn. Ldr A. Coningham, franked 2d to London, inscribed "Experimental Flight, Cairo to Kano" and initialled by Coningham. Very fine, 65 official covers carried. £120-140
  1927-29 Covers franked 1/1½ or 1/4 from Freetown to England flown by French air service from Dakar to Toulouse. Also 1937-38 covers from the Gold Coast franked 1/3 to England or 1/9 to Switzerland via French air mail. (4). £70-80
Click to view full image... Nigeria. 1931 (Nov 4) Cover to Port Harcourt with "BY SEAPLANE G-AAGU" cachet, KGV 6d tied by "INTERNAL AIRMAIL / LAGOS" skeleton c.d.s with a further strike on the front, backstamped at Port Harcourt (Nov 6). Flown by Lieut. Bembridge on the first leg of this trial flight from Lagos to Port Harcourt, a couple of minor edge marks, otherwise fine and scarce, very few covers carried. Photo on Page 22. £180-220
Click to view full image... Nigeria. 1931 (Nov 5) Cover to Buea "via Tiko" with KGV 6d cancelled at Port Harcourt and "INTERNAL AIRMAIL / PHARCOURT" skeleton alongside, backstamped at Buea and Victoria (Nov 8). A fine and scarce cover flown by Lieut Bembridge from Port Harcourt to Warri where the flight was abandoned. Photo on Page 22. £250-300
Click to view full image... Nigeria. 1931 (Nov 7) 1½d Envelope to England franked ½d and 4d cancelled by "INTERNAL AIRMAIL / PHARCOURT" skeleton datestamps. Carried by Lieut. Bembridge on the return flight, very scarce, virtually no mail carried on this return flight from Warri to Lagos via Port Harcourt, very fine. Photo on Page 22. £300-350
  1936-37 Covers from South Africa carried on first flights of Elders Colonial Airways within West Africa, comprising 1936 (Feb 7) cover franked 1/- from Cape Town to Kano flown from Khartoum to Kano (37 carried from South Africa); and 1937 (Oct 12) registered 4d envelope franked 1/- from Johannesburg to Accra, flown from Lagos to Accra (just ten carried from South Africa), both fine and scarce. (2) £80-100
Click to view full image... Gambia/Sierra Leone - Crash Mail. 1937 Covers recovered from Deutsch Lufthansa "D-ALIX" which crashed into a swamp seven miles from Jeshawang Airport in Gambia on March 12th killing the four crew, one cover from Germany to Argentina, the stamps washed off, red Deutsche Luftpost cachet and arrival backstamp (Mar 15); the other from G.B (Mar 4) to Sierra Leone, stamps washed off, endorsed "Damaged in Plane Crash" with backstamps of Bathurst (Mar 13) and Freetown (Mar 15). Most mail recovered from this crash was from Germany to South America, the cover to Sierra Leone being exceptionally unusual, this very cover illustrated by Nierinck. (2). Photo on Page 24. £200-250
  1938-45 Covers comprising 1938 (June 23) registered cover franked 1/7 from Freetown to the Imperial Airways office at Victoria Station, London, carried on the first flight to Bathurst, pilot signed; 1939 (Apr 4) cover from Lagos to Takoradi franked 3d, carried on the first flight by Elders Colonial Airways (approximately 30 flown); 1942 (Oct 29) registered cover franked 1/6 from Freetown to England carried by the flying boat "Guba" via Bathurst and Lisbon to Poole; and 1945 (Nov 28) test letter from London to Accra franked 1/3 with enclosed letter showing the date of posting and receipt. (4). £180-220

South Africa & South West Africa

  1918 Red Cross "Make Your Sixpence fly" cards addressed to England comprising first type card with large arms in blue carried on the second Cape Town flight bearing ½d coil pair tied by 26 Oct Aerial Post c.d.s, and second type card with small arms in light blue carried on the Johannesburg to Benoni flight bearing 1d tied by the 1 Dec Aerial Post c.d.s. Minor creasing, otherwise largely fine, the first card with a greetings poem written from Salt River Station. (2). £160-180
  1918 (Dec 16) Red Cross "Make You Sixpence Fly" first type card with large arms in blue, written from Cape Town to Woodstock and carried on the Dingaan's Day Cape Town flight, with KGV ½d unusually cancelled upon arrival at Woodstock (and not with the usual Aerial Post c.d.s), presumably having missed being cancelled in error. Also a fine real photo of Lt. A.H Geering, Capt. Streeter and Sgt. Way in front of their aircraft, signed by Geering. (2). £200-240
  1925 Experimental air service, February 28th cover franked 2d + air 3d carried on the first flight from Cape Town to Durban signed by the pilot R.F Caspareuthus; and March 7th cover unusually franked by three 2d postage stamps, carried on the first flight from Oudtshoorn, signed by the pilot Lt. Burgher. Two scarce pilot signed covers, the first to The Postmaster, G.P.O Durban. (2). £130-150
  Alan Cobham. 1926 (Feb 13) Letter sent from the Carlton Hotel in Johannesburg to Lewis Gillen in Pretoria, "Dear Mr Gillen, I shall be pleased to carry your letter as you request", signed Alan J. Cobham. Cobham arrived in Cape Town four days later, the letter referred to presumably being carried from Johannesburg to Cape Town, the final leg of his survey flight from London. Also a 1927 cover with enclosed letter (Nov 15) from the G.P.O London refusing a request for a letter to be carried on Alan Cobham's forthcoming survey flight. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... Alan Cobham. 1925-26 Alan Cobham London - Cape Town Survey flight, complete mint sheet of twelve vignettes in red, produced by "Flight" magazine for use on cards posted en route; and a red vignette applied to a plain envelope which is endorsed "Given to me by Alan Cobham at Tabora on his flight to Cape Town, C.C. Eccles". (2). Photo on Page 24. £400-500
Click to view full image... Alan Cobham. 1926 (Feb 19) Alan Cobham London - Cape Town Survey flight, souvenir postcard produced by "Flight" magazine with their red vignette unusually applied to the front (instead of the reverse as was usual) tied by the oval "BY SPECIAL AIR MAIL / 16-1-25 / LONDON / CAPE TOWN" cachet, signed on the reverse by Cobham, posted from Cape Town to the Editor of "Flight" magazine in London franked South Africa 2d. A fine postcard posted two days after Cobham arrived in Cape Town. Photo on Page 24. £350-450
Click to view full image... Alan Cobham. 1925-26 Alan Cobham London - Cape Town - London Survey flight, cover carried by Cobham on the round trip from London to Cape Town and back to London, addressed to Brig-General Ridgway in London, posted on March 15, two days after his arrival back in London, franked G.B. 1½d, with typed inscriptions "By air from London to Cape Town Cape Town to London", "Round Trip" and "Alan J. Cobhams Demonstration Flight", signed Alan J. Cobham. A fine and rare cover, just 20 covers carried on the entire round trip by Cobham. Photo on Page 28. £800-1,000
Click to view full image... Alan Cobham / Arthur Elliott. 1926 Alan Cobham Cape Town - London Survey flight, cover carried on the return flight from Khartoum to London by Arthur Elliott (Cobham's flight engineer, killed in July when shot whilst over Iraq on Cobham's flight to Australia). Addressed to Mrs Elwell at Corby, Northants, endorsed "By air from Khartoum, Sudan with Alan J. Cobham on his return from Cape Town to London" and "Landed Croydon Aerodrome 13.3.26", signed "Arthur B. Elliott (Engineer)", the reverse further endorsed "Carried by air by:- A.B Elliott, 1 Strathaven House, Brent Street, Hendon NW4", posted at Hendon (Mar 14) franked G.B. 1½d. A unique cover carried by Elliot from Khartoum on the return trip of this famous flight. Photo on Page 28. £1,000-1,200
  1929-32 Union Airways first flight covers to L.A Wyndham comprising 1929 (Aug. 28) registered cover flown from Johannesburg to Cape Town franked 1d + Air 1/- pair, signed by the pilots G.W Bellin and Allister M. Miller; and 1932 (Jan 25) registered cover to England franked Air 4d block of six flown from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg to connect with the first Imperial Airways service from South Africa to GB, signed by the pilot G.W Bellin. Two fine and scarce pilot signed covers. (2). £100-120
  Crash Mail. 1931 (Nov 12) Cover from Durban to London franked 1d (2) + Air 4d and bearing an air mail label, severely fire damaged, forwarded within a bilingual O.H.M.S ambulance envelope which bears Cape Town c.d.s (Nov 19), Official Free cachet and two Postmaster-General cachets, also with enclosed explanatory letter "The Department of Posts & Telegraphs / of the Union of South Africa / tenders regret for the damage to the enclosed letter caused / through the crash and destruction by fire of the aeroplane / conveying the Air Mail between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town / on Friday November 13th 1931". The envelope folded at the end to fit into the ambulance envelope (which has the typed note on reverse "This is as it arrived for me in London, with the stamp turned over in order to fit the letter into the Government envelope"), the explanatory letter with some foxing and a little splitting at fold, otherwise fine and scarce, about 600 items recovered, all badly burnt. £140-160
  South West Africa. 1931 Windhoek G.P.O letter announcing a provisional internal air service, and covers (Aug 3/5) carried on the first flights, from Grootfontein to Windhoek and Windhoek to Keetmanshoop (registered, C.O.P), or from Rehoboth to Keetmanshoop, both covers signed by the two pilots, F.C.J Fry and A.O Wright, fine and scarce. (3). £120-150
Click to view full image... South West Africa. 1931-32 First flight covers, all pilot signed comprising 1931 (Dec 19) Windhoek to Kimberley special flight to connect with the Imperial Airways Christmas flight to Cape Town, registered cover signed by F.C.J Fry and H.W.C Alger; 1932 (Jan 26) Windhoek to Kimberley first feeder service to join the Imperial Airways flight from Kimberley (A.N 47, which made a forced landing near Broken Hill), registered cover signed by A.O Wright and addressed to Wright in London; another registered cover (with C.O.P) to Chile also carried on these flights, then sent by French air service from Toulouse, signed by the Imperial Airways pilots H.W Alger ("City of Basra"), J.S Sheppard ("City of Baghdad") and D. Travers ("Heracles"); also a letter originally enclosed in a first flight cover (Jan 26) from Windhoek. (4). Photo on Page 28. £150-180
  1931 (Dec 9) Imperial Airways London to Cape Town special Christmas flight, covers from London to Cape Town (IA Christmas card enclosed), Kimberley or Salisbury, and covers from Ireland, Belgium, Italy or Czechoslovakia all to Cape Town, the Italy cover incorrectly routed to Mwanza and forwarded on from there by surface mail, the Czech cover received in London too late to catch the flight so sent surface mail. (7). £140-160
  1931-41 Imperial Airways covers and cards comprising 1931 (Dec 6) first acceptance from Czechoslovakia by Imperial Airways from London to Cape Town; 1932 (Jan 24) postcard carried from Cape Town to Broken Hill (arrival c.d.s) on the return flight of "Helena", which had flown to South Africa with the Imperial Airways Chairman and Managing Director on a courtesy visit; 1934 (Apr 10) Cape Town to England first flight registered cover at the reduced time of nine days, signed by the pilot of "Atalanta" R.F Caspareuthus; 1935 (Dec 6) cover from London to H.M.S "Carlisle" at Simonstown diverted to surface mail due to the Italian invasion of Ethiopia, with violet boxed cachet; and 1941 letter (cover with stamp torn off) written on Imperial Airways notepaper on the "Corsair" en route from Durban to Beira. (5). £130-150
Click to view full image... 1932 (Jan) Imperial Airways first regular London to Cape Town service, south bound covers from India (just 40 covers carried), Belgium, Sweden (only 10 covers carried) and Greece, and north bound covers from Victoria West to Athens or from Cape Town to Kisumu, Kenya, the last cover signed by the pilots R.F Caspareuthus, H.W Alger, J.M Gittins and J.S Sheppard. A good lot with some scarce foreign acceptances. (6). Photo on Page 28. £280-320
  1932-35 Covers and cards with 1932 first flight from New Zealand to South Africa; 1934 cover from Cape Town to Fiji carried on the first weekly flight between South Africa and Australia, and covers from Johannesburg to Madagascar or Mozambique flown by French air service from Broken Hill; 1935 Radio Exhibition flight card and cover from Johannesburg to Durban diverted to surface mail due to flooding with scarce violet "AIR MAIL CANCELLED" cachet. (6). £150-180
Click to view full image... Amy Mollison. 1932 (Dec 11) Cape Times Ltd cover bearing an uncancelled South Africa 1d stamp, addressed to "Capt. Sir Malcolm Campbell, 6-10 Old Bond Street, London W., England" and endorsed "By air - per favour of Mrs Amy Mollison on record breaking flight from Cape Town", handstamped violet oval "CAPE TIMES LTD / 11 DEC. 1932 / SECRETARY'S OFFICE" and signed A. Mollison. The enclosed letter is written by Scottie on Cape Times notepaper, "My dear Malcolm, a supplementary message of good will from Stella and I by the world's fastest airmail - Amy! I hope you receive this safely as it will indicate another successful British effort". Amy Mollison flew from Lympne to Cape Town in 4 days 6 hours 54 minutes then flew the return flight in 7 days 7 hours 5 minutes, both record times, just a few covers carried on these flights for personal friends. An exceptional cover carried by this famous aviator on this record breaking flight, to Sir Malcolm Campbell, who set several world speed records on both land and water, presumably hand delivered in London by Mollison. Photo on Inside Front Cover. £1,800-2,200
  Jim Mollison. 1933 (Jan 26) Cover with enclosed sent by Mollison's secretary written from the Grosvenor House Hotel, refusing a request to carry a letter on his forthcoming record breaking flight to Chile as he could only carry a few letters for personal friends, and contemporary news cutting regarding Mollison's flight to the Cape in 1936. £70-80
Click to view full image... 1933 G.B - Southern Africa Record Breaking R.A.F Flight. 1933 (Feb 6) Cover bearing G.B 1½d cancelled at Cranwell, addressed to Walvis Bay with arrival c.d.s (Feb 8) on the front, carried on the record breaking 57 hours 25 minutes 5341 mile non-stop R.A.F flight piloted by Sqn-Ldr Gayford and Flt-Lt. Nicholetts. Just 20 covers carried on this remarkable flight, very fine. Also a large press photo of the aircraft. (2). Photo on Page 28. £400-500
  1935-36 South African Airways covers, carried on the first Rand-Cape shuttle service from Beaufort West to Cape Town (Aug 6, registered with C.O.P) or from Beaufort West to Johannesburg (Aug 9), both signed by the pilot L. Inggs (just five covers signed on each flight); and a 1936 (June 1) cover from Johannesburg to England franked by four 2d stamps, the 8d rate including 2d late fee for posting at the aerodrome within ten minutes of the aircrafts departure. (3). £120-140
  1934 R.A.F South African Cruise, log sheets of the flight from Heliopolis to Pretoria and the return flight piloted by Sqn. Leader Saunders, the 30 pages detailing the flight via Assiut, Wadi Halfa, Atbara, Khartoum, Kosti, Malakal, Juba, Kisumu, Nairobi, Moshi, Dodoma, Iringa, Mbeya, Mpika, Broken Hill, Salisbury, Bulawayo, Pietersburg to Pretoria and the return flight, with full details of times and places visited, also three pages giving local times and the times for sunrise and sunset on the route, and a note handed to Saunders during the flight, "Here is the railway, we had better follow it to Balatras L.G". A unique original document of this important flight, with a full transcription. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1934 Royal Visit of H.R.H Prince George to South Africa, Basutoland, Bechuanaland, Southern Rhodesia and Belgian Congo, the fine group of covers with Royal Tour cancels all despatched by Air Mail, nine registered (five with Certificates of Posting), many addressed to L.A Wyndham. The covers comprise 13 Feb. (George) to England (2), Australia, Athens, India or Limbe; 27 Feb (Bloemfontein) to Limbe; 1 March (Maseru, Basutoland) to Limbe, Athens or England; 7 March (Durban) to Blantyre (signed by the pilots G.W Bellin, E.H Attwood, M.H Phillip) or Port Elizabeth; 8 March (Ladysmith) to Cape Town (2); 13 March (Johannesburg) to Limbe; 16 March (Klerksdorp) to Cape Town; 20 March (Gaberones, Bechuanaland) to Cape Town; 21 March (Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia) to Cape Town, England (with South Africa stamps) or Athens; and April 5th cover from Elisabethville with Belgian Congo stamps additionally cancelled by two line "Train Royal S.A.R. Prince George d'Angleterre / SAKANIA - ELISABETHVILLE 5-4-1934". Also 1947 royal tour covers from South Africa and Swaziland, and registered 1953 royal tour cover from Southern Rhodesia. (24). Photo on Page 28. £1,000-1,200
Click to view full image... 1934 Royal Visit of H.R.H Prince George, registered covers with the Royal Tour cancel and Royal Train registration handstamp all to L.A Wyndham in Cape Town, three pilot signed, comprising 1st March cover from Maseru (with Certificate of Posting) bearing Basutoland stamps, carried on the first R.A.N.A service between Salisbury and Blantyre, signed by M.H Phillip; 7th March cover from Durban, also carried on the first R.A.N.A flight, signed by G.W Bellin, E.H Attwood and M.H Phillip; 8th March cover from Ladysmith pilot signed; also 16th March cover from Klerksdorp with Certificate of Posting. (4). Photo on Page 28. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1934 Royal Visit of H.R.H Prince George, stampless O.H.M.S cover from Durban (Mar 7) to Blantyre with the Royal Tour datestamp and scarce violet oval bilingual "ROYAL TOUR H.R.H PRINCE GEORGE / 1934 / OFFICIAL FREE / SOUTH AFRICA", an Air Mail label applied, carried on the first R.A.N.A service between Salisbury and Blantyre and by Imperial Airways and S.A Airways, signed by the pilots M.H Phillip, E.H Attwood and G.W Bellin. Special instructions were issued stating all official correspondence from the royal tour was to go by air mail where possible. A fine and very scarce pilot signed official cover. Photo on Page 28. £200-240
  South West Africa. 1935 (Aug 7) Cover franked 1½d from Windhoek to Ondonga (arrival c.d.s), bearing an Air Mail label and endorsed "special official flight Windhoek - Ondonga, Ovamboland", signed by the pilot J.N Cooke. A small mail was carried on this special flight conveying Justice van Zyl, Chairman of the South West Africa Constitutional Commission. £80-100
  1937 (June 26) Empire Air Mail Scheme 13 page booklet issued by the Air Ministry and G.P.O, posted from Rowlands Castle to Johannesburg franked 3d, arrival c.d.s, one of just six examples carried on the first flight to South Africa without an air surcharge. Also 1938 South Africa Post Office notice announcing additional countries joining the Empire air mail scheme, small corner faults. (2). £80-100
Click to view full image... 1937 A.E. Clouston & Mrs Kirby-Green London - Cape Town Record Flight. Covers carried on the outward flight from London to Cape Town, the return flight from Cape Town to London or on both flights, all bearing an explanatory label and circular "CAPETOWN MUNICIPAL AIR-PORT / 16 NOV 1937 / WINGFIELD", the outward flight covers with G.B 1½d cancelled in London (Nov 13) and a Cape Town arrival c.d.s (Nov 16), the return flight cover from Cape Town franked South Africa 1d, the two covers carried on this flight both also with a G.B 1½d cancelled upon arrival in London (Nov 21), the cover flown in both directions signed by both pilots. Also contemporary news cutting. Clouston and Kirby-Green completed the flight to Cape Town in a record 45 hours 2 minutes, the return flight taking 57 hours 23 minutes. (3). Photo on Page 30. £200-240
  1939 (Nov 11) Covers franked 1d flown by emergency flood air service from Johannesburg to Barberton, or on the return flight on November 13th, both with arrival backstamps, fine and scarce. (2). £150-180
  Angola / South Africa. 1939 (Aug 20) Cover flown by South African Airways first flight from Johannesburg to Loanda signed by the pilot K.P Jones, and a cover carried on the first return flight from Loanda (Aug 21) to Port Elizabeth franked 320c, signed by Jones and J. Rademan, this return flight cover with a little creasing and tear at lower edge. Scarce pilot signed covers; this service was abandoned after just three flights due to a lack of support. (2). £100-120
  1948-65 Covers and air letters with 1948 Qantas Australia to South Africa and return survey flight covers both signed by the pilot L.R Ambrose; 1964 B.O.A.C Johannesburg to London and return first VC10 flight air letters; 1965 Boeing 727 demonstration flight over Cape Town (2, pilot signed), Boeing 727 first official flight from Cape Town to Durban or Johannesburg or return from Johannesburg to Cape Town, and Lisbon - Luanda - Johannesburg first flight by TAP, pilot signed cover posted upon arrival. Very few covers carried on these 1964-65 flights. (10). £100-120
Click to view full image... Crash Mail. 1951 (Oct 15) Cover franked 1d pair from Cape Town to Durban handstamped violet "SALVAGED CRASHED PLANE 15/10/51", recovered from the S.A.A Dakota "Paardeberg" which crashed into Mount Ingeli near Kokstad whilst en route from Cape Town to Durban via Port Elizabeth. A small amount of mail was recovered about a week later, strewn across the mountain side. A fine and scarce crash cover. Photo on Page 30. £150-180
Click to view full image... Crash Mail. 1951 (Oct 15) Cover franked 1d pair from Cape Town to Durban handstamped violet "SALVAGED CRASHED PLANE 15/10/51", recovered from the S.A.A Dakota "Paardeberg" which crashed into Mount Ingeli near Kokstad whilst en route from Cape Town to Durban via Port Elizabeth. A small amount of mail was recovered about a week later, strewn across the mountain side. A fine and scarce crash cover. Photo on Page 30. £150-180

Rhodesia & Nyasaland

  1933 (May 24) Picture postcard to Cape Town posted at the temporary post office opened for Nyasaland Air Week with 1d strip of three tied by two strikes of "CHILEKA NYASALAND" double ring skeleton datestamps (recorded 23/24 May), blue Air Mail label and a Cape Town (June 3) arrival c.d.s, carried by Imperial Airways from Salisbury. A scarce cancel, very little flown mail posted at the temporary P.O. Also 1934 (Dec 1) Imperial Airways first flight cover from Blantyre to Australia franked 1/10, signed by the pilot W. Kay, backstamped at Cairo and Melbourne. (2). £180-220
Click to view full image... 1938 (Dec 30) Cover from Johannesburg to Mumbwa franked 1½d, carried on the joint R.A.N.A/S.A.A Johannesburg to Lusaka service and then on the first flight by Rhodesia & Nyasaland Airways from Lusaka to Mumbwa on January 2nd, backstamped at both places, signed by the pilot H.R Kirkman. 20 Covers carried this flight, just four of which were from South Africa. A fine and rare cover. Photo on Page 30. £160-200
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1939 (Jan 2/4) Covers carried on first flights of the R.A.N.A Barotseland air service comprising covers franked 1½d flown from Fort Jameson to Mongu-Lealui (just two covers carried) or to Lusaka (36 carried), Lusaka to Fort Jameson (40 carried) or to Mumbwa (20 carried), Mankoya to Lusaka (2, fifteen carried), Mongu-Lealui to Mankoya (20 carried) or to England franked 2d flown from Mongu-Lealui to Lusaka (20 carried). Also covers from Lusaka (2) or England carried on the second flight from Lusaka to Mongu-Lealui on January 9th (26 carried), the G.B cover missing the first flight due to a six day delay by Imperial Airways. A fine and scarce group, nine signed by the pilots A.H Downing or H.R Kirkman. (11). Photo on Page 30. £900-1,200

Kenya, Uganda & Tanganyika, East Africa

Click to view full image... Madagascar. 1926 Cover carried by the French pilots Bernard and Guilbaud on their return flight from Madagascar to France and posted upon arrival from Berre (17 Jan. 1927) to England franked 1.50f, with violet boxed "VOYAGE AERIEN / FRANCE - MADAGASCAR". Very scarce, few covers carried. Photo on Page 30. £120-140
Auction Details
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 26th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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