Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 26th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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Auction Lots - Page 17
  Cocos Islands. 1945 (Oct 16-23) Stampless O.A.S covers from an R.A.F Ft/Lt, to his brother in India redirected to 15 Corps SEAC, both with superb Indian F.P.O 46 c.d.s. (2). £240-280
Click to view full image... Cocos Islands. 1945 (Sep 28) Air Mail cover to a soldier in PAI Force bearing nine Ceylon 6c stamps (two on reverse) all tied by Indian F.P.O 46 datestamps, two stamps damaged (one when left edge torn upon opening), otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 132. £120-150
  Hong Kong. 1940-46 Covers with 1940 F.P.O cover to Hong Kong ("E18" postman's handstamp) and 1941 cover from G.B with "No Service" cachet; 1940-41 covers sent through the civil P.O at Victoria with British A.P.O Shanghai return address or 5th A.A Regt. R.A H.Q cachets (2); 1945-46 O.A.S covers with "RAFPOST / HONGKONG", RAFPOST 6 (tiny numbers) or 130, or British F.P.O 366 (2) datestamps. (10). £200-240
Click to view full image... Maldive Islands. 1942 (July - Dec) Air letters from Marine M. Williams, R.M Detachment 350, serving on Addu Atoll as part of Mobile Naval Defence Organisation No. 1, involved in building roads and gun emplacements in connection with the establishment of a fleet anchorage, the final air letter sent when they were constructing an airfield on Gan Island, all to his wife in England. The first two with G.B 1½d pair tied by H.M Ships machine and boxed Ceylon naval censor cachets; the final air letter with Ceylon 5c block tied by dumb machine and boxed "P COY / R.M ENGINEERS", very scarce. (3). Photo on Page 132. £250-300
  Censor Cachets. 1939-44 Covers all with unusual army censor cachets including 1939 cover (stamp unfortunately torn out) from Dieppe to a British soldier in the B.E.F backstamped triangular "FIELD / SECURITY / POLICE / Place / 43 / Date"; 1939 cover from F.P.O 7 at Marseille with boxed "Passed by / CENSOR"; Egypt covers with "CENSORED", boxed "PRIVILEGE LETTER / NOT CENSORED" or circular framed "CENSORED / *" (2); boxed "PASSED BY / UNIT CENSOR" or circular "CENSORED / F.C.S 13" from Iraq; India covers with boxed "PASSED BY UNIT CENSOR" or "PASSED BY CENSOR / 1", etc. (13). £160-200
  Christmas Air Mails. 1940-44 Stampless covers (10) and air letters (6, one a front) all endorsed to go by special Christmas air mail free of charge in 1940 (9), 1941 (2), 1942 (2), 1943 (2) or 1944, including 1943 Christmas greetings air letter with "R.A.F POST / INDIA / POSTAGE / FREE / XMAS 1942" overprinted 1943, 1944 air letter from Gibraltar with a red cross printed across the address panel and bars obliterating "Affix 3d British Stamp here", etc., a few faults. (16). £150-180
  Christmas Greetings Air Letters. 1942-45 Air letters with Christmas greetings printed on the address panel or inside (most illustrated with pictures), including Malta air letter with cross and "BY AIR MAIL / FROM MALTA G.C / CHRISTMAS 1942" printed in red (letter removed), 1945 Air H.Q Burma, R.A.F Ceylon, etc. (15). £140-160
  Forces Stationery. 1940-45 Covers, cards, air letters and parcel tags including tags for deceased men's kit, provisional honour envelope "in lieu of green envelope" made from a French F.M cover, scarce 1940 local type Honour Envelope from Egypt, etc. (44). £100-120
  D-Day Security. 1944 Covers posted in the UK in the days and weeks prior to D-Day, censored and with various security cancels including mutilated machines or datestamps, numerals, triangles, dumb cancels, etc., (80); other censored covers from the same period with standard F.P.O or civil P.O cancels (12, one June 3rd cover from U.S. A.P.O 150 held until after the landings, backstamped on June 7th); and other 1942-44 covers with various types of security machine cancels (18) mostly with town dies replaced by Paid or Postage Paid, also 1942 cover from the time of the Dieppe raid censored and cancelled London F.S. A fine lot, many very unusual cancels. (111). £400-500
  R.E Postal Service. 1939-48 Covers and cards from members of R.E postal units, a few with cachets, also picture postcards, etc. (26). £80-100
  Army Signals / Airgraphs. 1940-47 Covers all with "ARMY / SIGNALS" datestamps, various codes, some covers reused (46); airgraphs, mainly illustrated including original illustrated form from Bournemouth War Service Organisation, airgraph to P.O Box 1000 Mauritius, and original form to Malta handstamped "NO SERVICE / POSTAGE REPAID" with accompanying return envelope and note "Service not available to destination" (28); Microgram Service photographic prints (9); secret cipher message form; piece of V-Mail form; and 1942 cover from Bombay with boxed "NAVAL & MILITARY FORCES IN TRANSIT / AIRMAIL & AIRGRAPH LETTERS / FRANKED BY / H.Q, BASE SUB-AREA, BOMBAY". (86). £180-220
  Australian Forces. 1940-45 Covers and cards, many from Egypt or the Middle East, also mail from Australia, Papua & New Guinea, Timor, Netherlands Indies, R.A.A.F in Great Britain, naval and troopship mail, etc. (104). £200-250
  Canadian Forces. 1940-45 Covers and cards including mail from G.B, ingoing mail, air force and navy, etc. (100). £150-180
  Indian Forces. 1942-47 Covers including 1944-45 Indian Section Base Post Office No. 32 set up in England to service Indian liberated P.O.Ws (6), F.P.Os from Eritrea, Japan, Indo-China, Netherlands Indies, explanatory cachets, etc. (43). £100-120
  New Zealand Forces. 1940-47 Covers and cards from Egypt and the Middle East, Italy, Pacific Islands (two from Fiji forces), G.B with datestamps of N.Z Army Base P.O - UK (8) or "N.Z.F.P.O (U.K)" (3), air force and navy, cover from an N.Z internee in Switzerland and P.O.W lettersheet from Oflag VIIB franked 40pf., etc. (84). £160-180
  Southern Africa. 1940-47 Covers and cards from South African (64), Basutoland (8), Swaziland (5) or Bechuanaland forces, with mail from Egypt, Middle East, East Africa, Italy, etc., includes registered air letter franked KUT 55c, stampless air letter with violet "CONCESSIONAL POSTAGE / PERSONNEL FROM SWAZILAND", P.O.W card from Italy, naval mail, etc. (78). £160-200

Naval Mail

  1940-47 Covers and cards from or to naval or merchant ships with explanatory cachets, redirected mail with "c/o G.P.O London E.C.1" labels or cachets, cover to a ships steward in USA returned endorsed "Deserter", cover to M.V "Cymbula" with "RELEASED BY P.C / T.C.13", cover from New Zealand to H.M.S "Neptune" but returned as the ship had been sunk off Libya, etc. (95). £150-180
  1935-45 Covers and cards, various cancels including "Received From H.M Ships" handstamps, datestamps, skeletons (2 types), machines (3 covers with machine containing "RECEIVED / FROM / H.M SHIPS"), red boxed "FREE POSTAGE / H.M SHIPS", "PAQUEBOT" (of Manchester?), etc. (45). £140-160
  Naval Censors. 1939-45 Covers with non-standard types of naval censors, including Indian ships, East Africa, Egypt, etc. (55). £150-180
  Fleet Mail Offices. 1940-46 Covers including red "POSTAGE PAID" c.d.s or blue boxed "POSTAGE / PAID / F.M.O" of Kilindini, undated double ring "FLEET MAIL OFFICE / PIRAEUS" or "FLEET MAIL OFFICE" of Chittagong, 3d registration envelope with registration label handstamped "F.M.O.N.A.P.", etc. (37). £120-150
  Air Letters / Honour Envelopes. 1940-45 Covers including air letters (2) and army Honour Envelopes (2) handstamped "R.N", air letters overprinted "NAVAL ISSUE" (2), scarce stampless air letter "AIR MAIL / From H.M Ship - Postage Paid" within a blue border, etc. (13). £140-160
  1940-45 Covers (13) and fronts (2) all posted unstamped but with cachets applied to indicate air mail postage had been paid, three with stamps subsequently applied, cachets include boxed "POSTAGE / 5d / PAID" of Malta, "10d PAID", circular "POSTAGE / 1 / PAID", "POST OFFICE. MARITIME MAIL / BY AIR" and "RECEIVED FROM / PAID / H.M SHIPS", triangular "POSTAGE / PAID / G.P.O" (3), "PP" (2 types), etc., also a cover with boxed "POSTAGE / FREE" and "PASSED BY / REGULATING / OFFICE". (15). £180-200
  1946 Covers to merchant ships, (2, one missing flap), redirected with "PLEASE ADVISE / SENDER TO ADDRESS / "c/o SHIP-OWNERS" / NOT "c/o G.P.O"" machine slogan (with London town die) on the reverse; and a cover from London incorrectly cancelled by the same slogan, very scarce. (3). £100-120
  Japan - Tokyo Bay. 1946 Covers posted from ships in Tokyo Bay with special cancels or cachets including H.M.A.S "Shropshire", H.M.N.Z.S "Gambia", H.M.S "Newfoundland" or "Ruler" and U.S ships (5), also a Japanese naval postcard written on H.M.S "Duke of York" in Tokyo Bay with Maritime Mail machine. (10). £100-120

Royal Air Force

  1939-45 Covers including covers to or from R.A.F stations in G.B (25, fifteen with R.A.F P.O datestamps); covers from Aden to R.A.F Azores Force or from the Azores with "R.A.F P.O / 004" c.d.s (4); 1939 (Sep 15) early B.E.F cover flown by R.A.F and posted in London with Paid c.d.s and other B.E.F covers with R.A.F censors; India covers with boxed "CENSOR / 0979 / R.A.F" or "R.A.F / CENSOR / 8", triangular "PASSED / R.A.F / CENSOR" or "ROYAL AIR FORCE / CENSORED" (front), Colley types R16, 22, 31, 41; "No. 6 R.A.F / POSTAL H.Q" c.d.s of Cairo (2), etc. (75). £180-220
  1942-47 Covers and cards with RAFPOST datestamps and cancels used in South East Asia, various numbers with items from India, Japan, Batavia, Indo-China, Siam, etc., also a few ingoing covers. (66). £150-180

Allied Forces Mail

  Belgium. 1939-46 Covers and cards, with 1939-40 Belgian F.P.O covers (11); 1940 covers sent between Belgian solders and redirected to Oflag VIIIC (2); and items from free Belgian forces (18, one from Egypt with Belgian Congo military P.O datestamp); also 1944 (Nov 30) card from the restored civil postal service in Belgium, sent to Bahamas. (32). £140-160
  Czechoslovakia. 1938-46 Covers and cards with 1938 forces mail (26) and censored covers (3); 1939-40 Czech forces in France (7); 1940-45 free Czech forces in G.B or Europe (45, including incoming mail from Brazil, Bermuda, Switzerland, Russia); 1945 covers from Czechoslovakia with provisional postmarks (2) or postage paid in cash (3); also mail from Slovak forces allied to or fighting in the German army (4), etc. (92). £280-350
  France. 1939-47 Covers and cards with 1939-40 forces mail from France or colonies (14) and navy ship cancels (2); 1940 cover from G.B to France and 1942 cover from France to a Vichy soldier in Djibouti both returned to sender; 1940-46 free French forces mail from or to G.B, Europe, North Africa or the Middle East (44, including covers to or from French S.A.S, ingoing covers, explanatory marks); 1946 covers from Indo-China (2), etc. (67). £200-250
  Greece. 1941-47 Covers and cards with 1941 forces covers from Greece or Albania (3) and unused soldiers cards (3); 1942-45 free Greek forces mainly in North Africa or the Middle East (13) with cover to the Greek Sacred Regt in Xios and 1944 cover from a Greek in a P.O.W camp in Egypt (following the mutiny in the 1st Greek Brigade); 1942 cover from the merchant ship "Ekaterini Coumantarou"; and 1946-47 forces mail from Greece (6), various F.P.O cancels. (27). £100-120
  Netherlands. 1935-47 Covers and cards with army manoeuvres datestamps from 1935, 1937 (2) or June 1939 (4); 1939-40 forces mail (4); 1943-45 free Dutch forces in G.B or Europe (9, four with R.A.F or Netherlands Navy censors); 1946 stampless merchant seaman cover from Batavia; also 1944 (Oct 10) cover from Amsterdam to Voorburg sent via the Red Cross, etc. (23). £100-120
  Poland. 1937-48 Covers including 1937-39 forces mail (5); 1940 Polish forces in France (2); 1940-41 cards from Poles interned in Hungary, Roumania (3), Switzerland or prisoners in Germany (4, one to Oflag IVC); 1940 Red Cross cover from Starachowicach hospital sent on P.O.W business; 1941-48 free Polish forces (99), the excellent range with ingoing mails, illustrated airgraphs, undercover addresses, mail from G.B, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe, naval and air force mail; 1945 postal stationery postcard produced in Oflag XC after liberation; 1947 covers from Polish guards at Dachau (2); 1944 covers from the liberated Praga district of Warsaw (3) and provisional cancels of 1946 (2), a fine lot. (124). £500-600
  Yugoslavia. 1941-48 Covers and cards with 1942 cover from the Government in exile in London; 1943-44 merchant navy (2); 1941 cover from an Italian F.P.O in Slovenia with "Co. Ci" Italian occupation overprint stamp; 1945 cover from a refugee in Egypt; stampless cover to USA with Yugoslav and Allied Transadriatic censors; covers from P.O.W in Germany or to P.O.Ws in Italy (2); 1945-47 Yugoslav forces (5, two from communist partisan forces); and 1948 card from a German Jewish P.O.W in Yugoslavia. (15). £100-120
  Scandinavia. 1940-47 Covers and cards including mail from or to free Danish forces (3) or Norwegian forces (8) and a cover to Sweden from Wren Olsson, possibly a Swedish volunteer. Also military mail from Sweden (5) or Finland (8, one card from a Swedish volunteer); 1940 cover from Finland, posted in London, presumably sent by diplomatic bag; a 1937 front with F.P.O No. 3 c.d.s used on army manoeuvres in Finland; 1946 O.A.S cover from Germany with "SWEDISH RED CROSS / SAVE THE CHILDREN FUND" cachet and printed envelope; and 1946 covers with cachets from refugee camps in Denmark (12), a few faults. (40). £120-150
  Brazil. 1944-45 Stampless covers from the Brazilian Expeditionary Force in Italy (12), various F.P.Os and censor cachets; and a correspondence from (9, six stampless) or to (4) a sailor on the Destroyer "Marcilio Dias". Also a souvenir folder containing imperforate coloured proofs on card of the 1945 Victory set of five. (25 covers + proofs). £200-250
  Russia. 1939-47 Covers and cards, mainly forces mail including 1939 invasion of Finland and 1941 occupation of Eastern Poland, 1945 (May) occupation of Prague, 1947 stampless F.P.O cover to Yugoslavia with three Yugoslav postage due stamps applied upon arrival, etc. Also covers and cards with Russia stamps cancelled in Latvia (to Lisbon and redirected to G.B), Estonia, Lithuania or Eastern Poland (3), and Russian censorship on a 1945 card from Italy to Roumania, most written up on pages. (55). £120-150
  USA. 1940-47 Covers and cards including naval mail, Pacific Islands, China, Japan, Philippines, Europe, A.P.O 877 on Ascension Island, one US Navy cancel with "TOJO IS A BUM / HITLER IS A HEEL" slogan (banned as libellous items not allowed on mail!), etc., most on pages. (171). £200-300
  USA - Forces in G.B. 1942-46 Covers and cards with US A.P.O or Navy cancels, many with G.B stamps, a few registered, most on pages. (181). £200-250

Germany & Allied Countries

  Germany. 1937-45 Covers and cards, forces mail including 1937 manoeuvres, invasion of Austria, Sudetenland, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Russian front, Stalingrad, Waffen S.S, Dienstpost mail, Albania, 1938 Survey Ship "Meteor" North Atlantic Expedition c.d.s, cover to FP 07691 on Jersey, 1940 cover with cachet and c.d.s of the Germany-France Armistice Commission, registered mail, air mails, provisional cancels, etc. (68). £120-150
  Germany. 1937-45 Covers and cards including Concentration Camp mail from Auschwitz, Oranienburg or Furstenberg; covers to or from children's camps or labour camps; occupation covers with German stamps from Luxembourg, Lithuania, Poland, Bohemia & Moravia and occupation overprints or stamp issues from Pskov, Latvia, Ostland or Ukraine, Lorraine, Croatia; provisional cancels; covers cancelled on Heligoland on VE day (2), etc. (50). £150-180
  Italy. 1939-45 Covers and cards with forces mail from or to Russia, Yugoslavia, Albania, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Ionian Islands, Somalia, Ethiopia, Rhodes, scarce c.d.s of the Italian Battalion in Tientsin, 1943 (July) forces mail intercepted and censored by the British (3) and later mail from Italian forces allied to G.B, also covers from the occupation of Albania or Slovenia, or from Italy with stamps of the Italian Socialist Republic. (51). £120-150
  Italy - Naval Mail. 1940-43 Covers and cards with named ship datestamps (26, four C.T.O, also a front) including datestamps of the Submarines "Millelire", "Topazio", "Toti" (2), "Avorio" (sunk 1943) and "Bronzo" (captured 1943). Also 1949-54 covers with ship cancels or cachets (8). A scarce group. (35). £150-180
  Hungary / Roumania / Bulgaria. 1938-44 Covers and cards from Hungarian forces (41, one with German Feldpost c.d.s and Organisation Todt cachets), Roumanian forces (29) or Bulgarian forces (9, one from 1938 manoeuvres). Also covers from Hungarian occupation of Transylvania or Slovakia (9), Bulgarian occupation of Southern Dobruja or Roumanian occupation of Ukraine; Hungarian (2) or Roumanian army internees in Hungary; and 1946-47 cards from Hungarian (2) or Roumanian P.O.Ws in Russia. (96). £140-160
Click to view full image... Japan - Australian Invasion Force. c.1942 Stampless army postcard with return address of "147th Infantry Regt., 2nd Army, North Australia Expedition Army", from the forces in New Guinea intended for the invasion of Australia, censored. A little minor staining but very scarce; a similar card in our March 2019 suction sold for £500. Photo on Page 132. £150-200
  Japanese Occupation - Malaya. 1942-44 Covers (3) and a card comprising 1943 Perak 5c postcard with occupation overprint sent within Ipoh, Japanese censor; 1942 Johore Government Service cover from Kota Tinggi to Singapore bearing Japan 8c; 1944 cover from Johore Bahru to Malacca bearing Japanese Occupation Rebirth of Malaya 8c; and a stampless cover from G.B to a British civilian internee in Changi Camp. (4). £100-120
  Japanese Occupation / China. 1943-44 Covers (7) and Savings Bank deposit cards (3) comprising Japanese Occupation stamp issues from Malaya (7) or Philippines, or postal stationery from Netherlands Indies or Burma; and a 1941 cover with China 2s pair tied by c.d.s of Chinese Military P.O 24 sub office 2. (11). £100-120

P.O.W & Internee Mail

  1940-45 Covers and cards from or to allied P.O.Ws in Germany (29) or Italy (12) including cards from Palestinian P.O.Ws (5), airmail cover franked 2/7½ from Antigua to Oflag VIIC and 1940 Oflag VIIC Christmas card franked 55pf for air mail to Canada then forwarded to Barbados franked 10c, covers to Germany returned with "Fell into hands of advancing allies" cachets (2, one from Australia), G.B 2½d lettersheets (5), lettersheet from Oflag VIIIF to India franked 25pf, also photos (3), etc. (46). £140-160
  1940-49 Covers to or from German or Italian prisoners including items from India, Jamaica, Egypt, G.B, USA airmail express message covers to the Red Cross in Geneva (4), Australia, post-war covers from Poland, Russia, Corsica, etc. (52). £120-150
Click to view full image... G.B / Isle of Man. 1940-43 Covers and cards from internees at Huyton, the racecourses at York or Kempton Park, or from the Isle of Man (6) with scarce hexagonal "LETTER SENT WITH / SPECIAL PERMISSION / OF / COMMANDER Y INTERNMENT / CAMP", oval "HEADQUARTERS / PORT ERIN / 2 JAN 1941 / ISLE OF MAN / WOMANS INTERNMENT CAMP" (to Internee, stamps removed by censor), another cover containing a handmade 1941 Christmas card from Douglas. (9). Photo on Page 132. £200-250
  Ireland. 1941 Stampless cover to Dublin, from a British Flying Officer in Curragh, with red boxed "PASSED BY / MILITARY CENSOR / EIRE" and "MILITARY INTERNEE" (in four languages), Curragh c.d.s; and a cover from Germany to a German internee in Curragh with the Military Censor cachet and four different censor seals, the German cover with a few faults, the first cover superb. (2). £100-120
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 26th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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