Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
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Date: 26th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
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Auction Lots - Page 14
  Aden - Kamaran & Perim Islands. 1917-18 Stampless O.A.S covers with "PASSED CENSOR / No. A6 / KAMARAN" and scarce Indian F.P.O 100, one cover to Holland, the other to India also with large "P" censor containing "B.105"; and Honour Envelope (a little reduced at left) with similar Aden censor (No. A 153) and "PERIM" c.d.s. Also a single I.E.F 1r with F.P.O 100 c.d.s. (4). £200-240
  India. 1915-37 Covers and cards including 1915 Indian F.P.O 57 (Mohmand Field Force) and violet boxed "Field Force / Postage Free"; 1917 card with F.P.O 103 and 367 (Waziristan Field Force); 1919-23 O.A.S covers (6, four with boxed "FIELD SERVICE / POSTAGE FREE") with datestamps of F.P.O 145, 151, 163, Base Post Office C, Camp Post Office 39 (?) or Manzai; 1927 cards with Camp Post Office No. 16 c.d.s (5); 1931 F.P.O 169 used at Karawal Camp; 1937 F.P.O 5; a few picture postcards, etc., a few faults. (25). £180-220


  South Russia / Salonica. 1916-19 Covers from H.M Collard, 16th Corps Cyclist Battalion, written from camps in England (2), A.P.O 57 at Marseille (2), Salonica (14, Jan. 1917 - Sept. 1918, various F.P.Os), A.P.O S100 at Taranto, Italy (2), back in Salonica (10, Dec. 1918 - Jan. 1919), and finally in South Russia with covers bearing F.P.O 80 (2, Batum) or F.P.O T.27 (Tiflis, minor staining) all with octagonal censor No. 356, also a cover from G.B to Collard in the Salonica force but backstamped at F.P.O T27 in Tiflis (May 9) and returned to London. (34). £400-500
Click to view full image... North Russia. 1918-19 Stampless O.A.S covers and cards (12) and fronts (2) including items sent before the arrival of the R.E Postal Service with oval censor cachets and naval censors or cancels (cover + 2 fronts) or red London Paid machine, and items with Army or Field Post Office P.B datestamps comprising numbers 2, 14, 44 (2), 55 (with two differing censors and Base Censor label), 66 (2, one on Tobacco Fund card), 77, 88 (War Office censor, cover repaired) or 99 (O.H.M.S cover to "Officer I/C Base Records, Syren"). Also a cover from Archangel to London franked 50k with boxed "Postal Censor" and "INTELLIGENCE / G.H.Q Northern / Russia Exp. Force / Passed by Censor"; and picture postcards of ships at Vladivostock or Murmansk. (17). Photo on Page 110. £500-600
  1915-19 Covers and cards including 1915 postcard from Tom Martin R.N at Sevastopol; 1916 cards from C. Brown (a British soldier or sailor) at Archangel (2); 1916 O.H.M.S cover with London c.d.s, boxed "Received From H.M Ship" and blue oval "SENIOR BRITISH NAVAL OFFICER / WHITE SEA"; 1917 cards a British nurse at Pskov with Russian stamps tied by Russian F.P.O datestamps (2); 1919 O.A.S card from the British Military Mission in Riga, to Mombasa with London c.d.s and War Office cachet; 1919 cover to USA with Rostov-on-Don senders address bearing G.B 2½d tied by British A.P.O Constantinople c.d.s, etc. (13). £200-240

West, East & Southern Africa

  Cameroon. 1916 (Jan 19) Stampless picture postcard endorsed "On Active Service", sent to India with "DUALA" c.d.s and Amritsar arrival c.d.s. central vertical fold, otherwise fine and an unusual destination from Cameroon. £80-100
  Cameroon. 1915-16 Stampless O.A.S covers to G.B, endorsed from officers in the Gold Coast Regt. or Indian Light Infantry, with "DUALA" datestamps. Also a C.E.F ½d card written from the Transport "Keyingham" but not posted. (3). £100-120
Click to view full image... Sierra Leone. 1919 (Aug 27) Cover to England from Cpl Dix R.A.O.C sent after the letter rate to G.B had increased to 1½d, but allowed at the 1d soldiers rate, with oval "ORDNANCE OFFICE / SIERRA LEONE" cachet. After World War One the 1d soldiers rate was reintroduced in several colonies when letter rates were raised above 1d; as a result this concession rate was officially abolished in September 1920. A few minor faults, scarce. Photo on Page 110. £100-120
  East Africa. 1916-18 Covers, with a stampless O.A.S cover from Kampala to London signed by Lt. Wilkinson (who commanded K.A.R units against the "Mad Mullah" in Somaliland in 1919); and covers from G.B to troops in East Africa (6), one forwarded to South Africa with F.P.O 343 c.d.s, one originally sent within England and readdressed to East Africa with F.P.O 22, 23 and 24 backstamps and cachets of "MUTHAIGA HOSPITAL / 9 MAY 1916" and "NOT S.A HOSPITAL MUTHAIGA", the others forwarded to Port Amelia in Portuguese East Africa and then to the Western front, or returned to England with various cachets (3). Also 1918 (Oct 14) "East Africa Standard" special notice reproducing the German Government telegram to President Wilson. (8). £140-160
  East Africa. 1915-18 Covers and cards including Indian F.P.O datestamps (20) or Base Office c.d.s (3); stampless soldiers covers posted at Mombasa, Nairobi or Kampala; covers to soldiers (5) including cover from Lourenco Marques to 1st K.A.R, Zomba, Nyasaland and a cover from Southern Rhodesia to Pte. Rivers, S.R.V Unit at Broken Hill; also a piece bearing KGV I.E.F ½a with blue Mafia overprint (S.G. M34, £110) cancelled at F.P.O 322, a few faults. (32). £180-220
  East Africa - Jubaland. 1919 (June 17) Stampless O.A.S cover to London with Kismayu c.d.s, backstamped at Mombasa (July 2) and Wandsworth; and a cover from Shorncliffe Camp (Apr 19) to a K.A.R Officer at Garba Harre, Northern Jubaland, redirected to Wajir, with datestamps of Gabwein (July 17), Kismayu, Mombasa, Nairobi and Fort Hall. Two scarce covers from the 1919 campaign in Jubaland against the Tigre and Degodia tribes. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... Nyasaland - Rhodesia Field Force. 1915 (Apr 7) Stampless O.A.S cover to London signed by Surgeon Captain R.R Murray of the Northern Rhodesia Rifles, with violet boxed "POSTAGE FREE / BASE 4. N. RHODESIA, / Passed by CENSOR" and partial "ARMY POST OFFICE / 1 / NORTHERN RHODESIA" c.d.s. The earliest example recorded by Pennycuick of this A.P.O c.d.s or of any of the Base cachets, ex George Crabb collection. A little minor creasing, otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 110. £200-250
  Nyasaland Field Force. 1917 (Sep 9) Cover from L.H Rivers, B. Co. British South Africa Police, to his father in Umtali bearing two ½d N.F stamps each cancelled by "F.P.O / 1" c.d.s, a third strike below, applied at Songea, with arrival backstamp. A fine cover. £100-120
Click to view full image... Tanganyika. 1918 (Feb 10) Stampless O.A.S cover to Wales endorsed "Censored by E.K Walcott 2/Lt" backstamped "MAIL AGENCY / No. 11" c.d.s, unrecorded by Proud who only records a few examples of Mail Agency 1, 3 and 5 datestamps and states "No. 9 is reported". These Mail Agency datestamps were probably intended for civil use but may have been used as emergency datestamps by F.P.Os; all are rare, this No. 11 c.d.s possibly unique. The sender E.K Walcott was from the Barbados Volunteer Force then serving with a composite British West Indies Regt. Photo on Page 110. £200-250
  South West Africa / South Africa. 1914-17 Covers and cards with forces mail from South Africa (9, one to Bechuanaland) or South West Africa (10, eight with A.P.O datestamps), cover from South Africa to a soldier at Upington with blue boxed "16 APR 1915 / 23" A.P.O datestamp, and 1914 (Aug 27) cover to the C.O of Cape Town Docks with enclosed letter signed "Britisher" informing him of German and Austrian boat builders renting buildings within 200 yards of the docks. (21). £120-140

China & Hong Kong

  1929-39 Covers and cards (10) and pieces (45) all cancelled F.P.O 1 at Shanghai or A.P.O 1 at Tientsin, two Shanghai covers posted during the 1927 (Mar 25/26) two day Chinese Post Office strike during which the A.P.O was opened to civilians, both franked at the 2½d civilian rate, a third cover sent by a civilian on March 28th franked 3d. (55). £120-150
  1927-37 Covers with datestamps of Field Post Office 3 (2, used at Shanghai, at Hyams Gardens then at Yo Yuen Road) or 4 (2, used at Shanhaikwen on annual training camps), and a 1927 piece with F.P.O 5 c.d.s (used in Hong Kong). (5). £150-180
  Hong Kong. 1915-27 Covers and cards comprising stampless forces mail from France to Tientsin or from Egypt to Hong Kong both with arrival backstamps; 1919 stampless O.A.S card with red Hong Kong Official Paid c.d.s; 1917 registered cover from Makasser to Hong Kong censored with violet boxed "PBC"; etc. (6). £120-150

Colonial Forces

  Australia. 1915-19 Covers and cards, British or Australian F.P.O datestamps, mainly sent from the Western front, Egypt or Palestine, also two covers from Enoggera Camp in Queensland, noted are A.I.F parcel post labels (2), registered covers bearing pink A.I.F registration labels (3), A.I.F registered letter certificate of posting with A.P.O SZ3 skeleton c.d.s and A.I.F Postal Services form listing parcels despatched from A.P.O S.W.1 with c.d.s, franking handstamps, 1916 cover with A.P.O S17 c.d.s and oval "CENSORED BY / 7TH BATT. A.I.F", card from an A.I.F P.O.W in Germany, postcard from Ceylon to 24th Batt. A.I.F with violet "RC 26 1 18 NOT WITH 24TH BATT", cover from China (stamp removed) to an A.I.F soldier in France, etc., cancels include "MILITARY CAMP / AERODROME HELIOPOLIS", "2 AUST LH BDE FIELD PO" skeleton, etc. (57). £500-600
  Australia & New Zealand - Forces in G.B. 1915-19 Covers and cards including "A.I.F CAMP P.O" datestamps (3), cover from Australia with violet "NOT AT ENGRS TNG / DEPOT A.I.F / BRIGHTLINGSEA", cover from Russia with "N.Z BASE DEPOT P.O" backstamp, cover with "N.Z STA. P.O No. 8" c.d.s and boxed "N.Z RIFLE BDE / RESERVE DEPOT", etc. (17). £120-150
  Australia - Naval / Troopship Mail. 1915-18 Covers with violet boxed "PASSED BY / SHIPS CENSOR / H.M.A.S" on stampless O.A.S cover with "A.I.F FORCES POSTAGE FREE / VIC" backstamp; 1917 cover endorsed "from J. Bain Lt, RAN, Rabaul" with N.W.P.I 1d cancelled at Rabaul, censored (light staining); 1915 O.A.S postcard of Aden with Brisbane censor datestamp; 1918 O.A.S cover with Balboa Paquebot; also a postcard of Australian naval ships at Suva, etc. (6). £100-120
  New Zealand. 1914-18 Covers and cards mainly from the Western front or Egypt, cancels include large "ARMY POST OFFICE / S17 / N.Z" skeleton, also boxed Troopship No 56 cachet on a card with F.P.O D54 c.d.s, 1914 O.A.S cover from Apia bearing Samoa 1d (opening faults), and two fine real photo postcards of the departure of N.Z troops from Timaru in August 1914. (28). £150-180
  ANZAC Forces in Gallipoli. 1915 Covers and cards with Australian, N.Z or British datestamps including "2 AUST LH BDE FIELD PO" skeleton, cover from an Australian at Mudros (with red "A.I.F / Passed by Censor") to a New Zealander at Anzac Beach and redirected to Malta, covers from New Zealand with violet "DECEASED / RETURN TO / SENDER" (cover faults) or "KILLED IN / ACTION", also a Field Service postcard to Ceylon sent by one of the 150 men of the Ceylon Planters Rifle Corps (which joined the ANZAC corps for service in Gallipoli) with 1st Australian Train Field P.O c.d.s. (19). £300-350
  Canada. 1914-15 Covers and a card franked 1d (3) and a stampless official cover all with crowned "CANADIAN OVERSEAS / FIELD / POST OFFICE / EXPEDITIONARY FORCE" datestamps, comprising the rubber datestamps in black (on the official cover, used Oct 5 1914 on troopship) or blue, or the steel datestamp in black (2, one poor), the three stamped covers from Salisbury Plan, three fine strikes. (4). £120-140
  Canada. 1915-18 Covers and cards mainly from the Western front, also three cards from camps in Canada, includes items from the Newfoundland Contingent (4), Honour Envelopes (2) and Field Service postcards franked 1d to USA, registered mail, Canada stamps added upon arrival (14), card from a Canadian P.O.W in Germany unusually sent to Japan, etc. (75). £150-180
  South Africa. 1915-17 Covers and cards from Bordon, Hampshire (4, two stampless) or from the Western front (14) with F.P.O SA, SA1 (skeleton + double ring c.d.s), etc. (18). £100-120
  West Indies / Bermuda. 1915-18 Stampless O.A.S covers from Egypt or the Western front, from the British West Indies Regt. or Bermuda Contingent, destinations comprise Jamaica (2, one torn), Barbados (3), Grenada (with violet boxed "SECOND POSTMAN"), Trinidad or Bermuda. (8). £100-120

Royal Navy & Royal Marines

  1914-20 Covers and cards with "RECEIVED FROM H.M SHIP / NO CHARGE TO BE RAISED" handstamps (15, also machines with inverted town or slogan die, and a manuscript version), "ON ACTIVE SERVICE / NO CHARGED TO BE RAISED" (2) or "On Active Service / No stamps available" handstamps, also pieces from parcels with "FROM H.M SHIP" (4) or boxed Fleet Post Office A datestamp, and a parcel post label with censor and 9d cancelled "H.M SHIPS". An excellent study, many scarce types, one card with a Fiume stamp. (27) £200-250
  1914-20 Covers and cards with Fleet Mail Office or security cancels, all unusual or scarcer selected examples including mutilated Lerwick obliterator (2), scarce "NAVAL POST OFFICE B" c.d.s on registered cover, machines with rubber blocks replacing the town/date dies (2), "FLEET / POST OFFICE A" roller (front), "INVERNESS A.M.O" single or double ring c.d.s (2), similar Inverness A.M.D.O c.d.s, "A.M.O" barred circle (2), "FLEET POST OFFICE / KIRKWALL" c.d.s on 1917 telegram, etc., also a piece with 1d cancelled boxed "ADMIRALTY / MAIL OFFICE / SOUTH QUEENSFERRY" datestamp. (20). £200-250
  H.M Submarine E5. 1916 (Mar 14) Cover franked 1d from Portsmouth to H.M. Submarine E5, redirected to "Dead Letter Office", the reverse endorsed "not on commission" with London and Harwich datestamps and a Return to Sender cachet. Submarine E5 was sunk in the North Sea on March 7th while serving with 9th Submarine Flotilla at Harwich. £100-120
Click to view full image... H.M Submarine L55 - Ceylon / Russia. 1919 (May 22) Picture postcard from Ceylon to H.M Submarine L55, endorsed "addressee reported to have lost his life on naval service", returned with Colombo Returned Letter Office c.d.s (Aug 5). H.M Submarine L55 was serving in the Baltic when sunk by a Russian destroyer in Petrograd Bay on June 4th; in 1928 the submarine was salvaged and repaired, and taken into the Russian fleet. Also a postcard of H.M.S "Champion" returning with the bodies of Submarine L55's victims. (2). Photo on Page 110. £150-180
  Hospital Ships. 1919 (Jan - July) Stampless O.A.S picture postcards from the same correspondence, all with circular "HOSPITAL SHIP / R.A.M.C" cachets, three cards depicting Salonica all with cachet number "P.C 20", the other two cards written from Marseille or Constantinople both with cachet number "P.C 3" used on the "Glengorm Castle". (5). £150-180
  1914-18 Covers and cards with various naval censors and cancels, including registered mail, Navy Honour Envelopes (3), 1916 cover with naval censor bearing G.B 1d and Uruguay 1c pair all cancelled in Montevideo, Brazil 200r envelope with Brazil censor cachet to H.M.S "Amethyst" at Montevideo, a few picture postcards, etc. (173). £350-400
Click to view full image... 1915-18 Covers and cards (15) and fronts (4) mainly from shore establishments, censors on cover or card include triangular "CENSORED / FAIR ISLE / DIVISIONAL OFFICER", circular "SEA DIV. SHOTLEY / CENSORED" (2, one card with faults), oval "CENSORED / HOLM" and "CENSORED / HOXA", "CENSORED" on cover with KGV 1d tied by "ASCENSION" c.d.s, boxed "CENSORED" on cover from Dunkirk (2), oval cachet of Senior Marine Transport Officer I.E.F. 'A' at Marseille, etc. (19). Photo on Page 118. £250-300
  1914-18 Covers and cards (27) and fronts (6) all with named ship censor cachets, complete covers and cards include cachets of H.M.S Laconia, Mixol, Hardinge, Sprightly, Borodino, Mary Rose, Rowan, Maid of Honour, Agadir, Dogoma, etc., also 3d registration envelope and front with manuscript registration endorsements of H.M.S Flying Fish or Osprey. (33+). £300-350
  1917-18 Covers and cards (15) and fronts (4) all with "CEN / SOR" marks with a central circle containing a number, letters or symbol, used by the Dover Command, including 17, 46, 47, 71, G.M, M.S, M, TEB, PM1, DEP, etc. (19). £120-140
  Royal Marines. 1915-19 O.A.S Covers and cards (11) and a front from France with various Royal Marines censor or other cachets including "No. 4 / GUN / R.M.A", also R.M.A Howitzer Brigade, Anti-Aircraft Brigade, Workshops, etc. (12). £100-120
  Aegean. 1916-19 Covers and cards from the 1st Naval Brigade or 2nd Royal Marine Battalion in the Aegean including Field Post Office N.L.1 c.d.s, official covers with Army Telegraphs c.d.s code "MW" of Mudros (4, three with Royal Marine Battn and H.M.S "Europa" cachets), also a correspondence of Field Service cards from Marine G. Hill with A.P.O SX3, F.P.O 85, London or H.M. Ship cancels. (21). £100-120
  East Africa. 1915-19 Stampless picture postcards of Lindi, Kilindini or Mombasa with London "Received From H.M Ship" machines and naval censors (two from H.M.S "Laconia"), 1919 cover posted from Beira to London franked Mozambique 7½c on 75c with enclosed letter from H.M.T "Ipu" referring to transporting troops, etc. (5). £80-100
  1920-39 Covers and cards from or to H.M Ships including H.M Ship datestamps of Plymouth, London or Southampton, 1920 picture postcard of H.M Submarine M2 written from the submarine at Helensburgh, unpaid 1928 postcard from H.M.T "Dorsetshire" charge 1d single rate postage due, also a 1921 cover from Heligoland with cachet of Heligoland Sub-Commission, Naval Inter-Allied Commission of Control. (42). £100-120

R.F.C, R.N.A.S & R.A.F

  1916-19 Covers and cards from or to airmen including 1914 (Nov 20) French army card from "Airship Expeditionary force" with "ARMY POST OFFICE / D" skeleton c.d.s of Dunkirk, other covers from A.P.O S10 at Dunkirk with straight line "CENSORED" (2), covers to R.N.A.S or R.F.C prisoners of war in Germany (2), mail from the R.N.A.S School at Vendome including triangular "PASSED / NAVAL / CENSOR", card from No. 6 Kite Balloon Base at Bizerta with "CEN-6-SOR", etc. (54). £280-350
  H.W Bishop Correspondence. 1916-18 Letters from H.W Bishop (39), twelve with covers, also one picture postcard, five items with A.P.O S10 of Dunkirk, the others with London H.M Ship machines, censor cachets include "Censored by" (2), and "CEN / SOR" with central circle containing "5/W" (7) or "4/SQ" (2). Bishop served in the R.N.A.S then R.A.F, initially in No. 1 Wing, then No. 5 Wing, finally No. 3 Wing, the letters mainly to his mother, two with small photos enclosed, also a 1916 concert programme. (40 letters + 13 covers). £160-200
Click to view full image... 1916-18 Covers and cards all with "CEN-SOR" cachets with a central circle containing letters or Squadron/Wing numbers, comprising RNAS, RN/AS (registered cover), 1/W (2), 5/W, 6/SQ or 215/SQ, the last used by the newly formed RAF Squadron in April 1918, possibly the only recorded example of the first censor mark produced by the RAF. (7). Photo on Page 118. £120-150
Click to view full image... R.N.A.S Shore Bases. 1916-18 Covers and cards with censor cachets from the Isle of Scilly ("CENSORED", also another uncensored card from Tresco), East Fortune and Llangefni (2) airship bases, Mullion air station (2), cover and card with large boxed "CENSORED / REDCAR" (2), and cover with circular "PASSED BY CENSOR / HOUTON BAY". (10). Photo on Page 118. £200-250
  Italy & the Aegean. 1917-18 Covers and cards and cards from the R.N.A.S or R.A.F in Italy (6), two with triangular "PASSED / BY / CENSOR", three with enclosed letters from No. 3 Balloon Base or 67th Wing at Brindisi; postcard from Italy to No. 6 Wing R.N.A.S at Otranto sent via London with dated "NAVAL AIR SERVICE MAIL OFFICE / LONDON" cachet; and covers from the Aegean (3) including boxed "Passed by Censor" on registered cover cancelled A.P.O SX7 at Stavros. (10). £120-140
  R.N.A.S Armoured Car Division. 1915-18 Covers and cards comprising 1915-16 cards from A.P.O S10 at Dunkirk with manuscript (2) or handstruck "Censored by W. Legg Surgeon R.N" or handstruck "Censored by"; four other items from Sergt. Bryant, one posted into a Belgian F.P.O in 1915, the others posted in 1918 in G.B, France or Egypt when the Division was en route to South Russia. (8). £100-120
  1924-39 Covers and cards from or to R.A.F personnel in various parts of the empire including India, Iraq, Hong Kong, Egypt and Sudan; 1938 cover with enclosed letter from H.M.T "Lancashire" with unusual oval "R.A.F TRANSPORT / AT SEA" cachet on reverse, Southampton Paquebot and a 3d charge mark; also a few covers to or from soldiers. (28). £100-120

Allied Forces Mail

  Belgium. 1914-27 Covers and cards including post-war mail from Belgian forces in Germany (30) and Belgian censorship of German civilian mail (2), Belgian occupation of Malmedy (2), provisional postmarks used in early 1919 (3), 1918 cover from Namur paid in cash with "PAYE" handstamp, F.P.Os in East Africa (2), Le Havre and Ste Adresse cancels, etc. (91). £100-120
  Unoccupied Belgium. 1914-17 Covers and cards sent from or to the unoccupied portion of Belgium, both forces and civilian mail with various civil P.O datestamps. (18). £80-100
Click to view full image... Belgian Armoured Car Division in Russia. 1915 (Nov 26) Stampless O.A.S postcard to London, written by Rene Vanden Brock from Peterhof, with fine Russian cachet of the Belgian Armoured Car Division, censor cachets and Petrograd datestamps, fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 118. £150-180
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction 44) Day 1 of 2
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 494 288
Date: 26th September 2019 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact office for viewing details.
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